Pierre Collins another search warrant




Investigators have found another laptop computer in the Collins home. They had already received a first search warrant and received numerous electronics to include: T-Mobile cell phone, iPad, Dell laptop and a Alcatel cell phone.


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Todd Macaluso, Casey Anthony attorney, guilty of Defrauding clients



Well, well!  Todd Macaluso, remember him?  He is one of the many attorney’s who came out to help Casey Anthony in the Caylee murder trial. He is also one that gave Bozo’s team $70,000.00 for the Caylee murder trial!


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Pierre Collins false insurance claim and fire in Brooklyn Center

barway edwin collins

Just when you thought that murder wasn’t enough, you wonder if a fire started in an apartment complex where Collins lived with his now wife and children, had been his doing?

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Jessica McCarty calls 911, killed children




Here we go again…Florida!  This is Jessica McCarty. She called 911 on Friday 20 March 2015 and said she killed her 3 children.  Laci McCarty, 7 years old was drowned and strangled, Philip McCarty, 6 years old, was strangled and 5 month old Christopher Swist was strangled.


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Tierra Morgan murdered by father!

I have been going through the posts on the site and decided I would update some of them.  I didn’t watch the murder trial of Tierra Morgan, but her case is just unforgettable.

tierra gloverTierra was a 2 year old, whose mother broke off the engagement to now convicted murderer thug Arthur Morgan III.  Morgan took Tierra, strapped her into her car seat and weighed the seat down with a tire jack before throwing her into a creek in November 2011.  After the big boy murdered Tierra, he fled to California where he was staying with a friend and arrested later.


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Sky Metalwala still missing 3 ½ years later

sky metalwalaRemember this handsome guy? Sky Metalwala went missing from his mother’s car when she claims she ran out of gas.  Julia Biryukova, the mother, left him in the car and walked with her 4 year old daughter Maile for help and when she returned [about an hour later] Sky was gone.  Julia Biryukova stated the car was NOT locked, but that the child was left in the car, but was [not really] cooperating with Bellevue police.

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