Casey Anthony update 19May2010! RECAP: What Cindy says and what she really means

ONLY update: The A’s will NOT have a hearing tomorrow on the foreclosure of their so called house that they have not paid since last June 2009. It is unknown what is up right now, but I would assume they have lied again to get the hearing canceled.


I found my daughters car today and it smells like there’s been a dead body in the damn car.

She meant: Pizza smells like decomp after 12 days in the trunk.

Well, over the last several weeks we have gotten probably our best sightings. We had one in the middle of November, right in Orlando. Two women, very credible, were within 10 feet of her, watched her for 20 minutes, took photographs of her. This last couple that we met last night saw her a week after that point, were within four feet of her.

She meant: Please send money, we need to pay our bills!

Get off your asses and look for my granddaughter. I don’t care if this is on the news or what. She’s out there.

She meant: I am in celebrity status right now, you work for me, for free.  Send me the money!

People don’t know my daughter. Anybody that knows Casey knows that she is a loving mother and she would do anything, including sit in the jail cell to protect her daughter.

She meant: Casey has no friends!

Again, we want the truth, but again, we have to wait for everything to come out at trial.

She meant: we have to wait for the trial to see who Baez will be point the finger at.

I wrote suicide notes back in July and August. No one knows that. Casey kept her from going through with suicide the first time she came home from jail.

She meant: I am in desperate need of attention just like George got when he claimed it!

I believe in Casey

She meant: I will lie, lie and tell more lies, and even cover up evidence to get her off!

No, I don’t regret anything I did. How can I? I don’t know how I would react any differently. I know, after I made the first 911 call, Casey thanked me in the car, because she said I did something that she couldn’t do, (which) was to go to the police.

She meant: Casey biotched her out in the car!

You know, the defense is going to do their job. We’re confident that they’re going to do their job

She meant: We are making TV appearances because Baez can’t do his job correctly.

I’m giving Mr. Morgan what he wants. He wants a friggin’ TV show.

She meant:  I am of celebrity status, I do not have to act accordingly.  I acted like a big arse.

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51 Responses to Casey Anthony update 19May2010! RECAP: What Cindy says and what she really means

  1. chlry says:

    hi humble , hope you’re doing well . love the post , all so true and dead on ! time will come and that loser of a grandmother will be in jail right along with her monster daughter , best friends and all …paleeze , the worlds sickest family ever .

  2. Hi ha Chlry! Good to see you! your right, she will be in jail soon, it is all just a matter of time!

  3. glen says:

    hi humble and chly, Hope all is well .couldn’t agree more

  4. chlry says:

    hi glen

    yep humble , only a matter of time ….. please time hurry . caylee will get her justice in the end , i just know she will .

  5. Phyllis says:

    How about these words, extracted from Casey’s initial police statement … (after I wrung the crap out… these are Casey’s actual words.) “I have lied…I avoided police out of fear…I am afraid what happen to Caylee…my daughter…I can find her…I have gone, taking Caylee…I heard her voice…I’m afraid…Caylee is through… Caylee is no more…”

    Also, her interview with Melich…(sounds to me like she’s describing the time of the killing)… “I sit down, wait a bit. It was a fluke. Something happened…time passed…I didn’t hear anyone (no sound from Caylee?)…They gone…I hadn’t heard anything (breathing?)…I was upset…frantic…I went neutral…home…I was where Caylee was…hoping Caylee was coming back (to life?)… get her.”

    Want more? I’ve wrung the crap out of Casey’s jail letters too! Regards!

  6. J.H. says:


  7. chlry says:

    hi phyllis , she says that , but then she also tells le that caylee had called her from a number not known and said ” hi mommy ” and talked about her shoes an d a book . she is one sick girl and is all over the place with her stories , i think you could be right reading into how she was putting her story together

  8. chlry says:

    hi jh , cancelled for tomorrow . maybe they made money off the new pics that are out and can pay back what they owe on the mortgage … a$$holes !

  9. eastcoastdeb says:

    They are a disgrace. How can they live with themselves. They would have lost that house long ago if Caylee hadn’t been killed. It just sickens me that she was worth so much more to them dead than alive.

  10. Phyllis says:

    Yes Casey lies like a rug. And that is the crap that has to be eliminated. I’ve read two books by Andrew Hodges about the Ramsey and Holloway cases, where he attempts to uncover the hidden confessions of the unconscious mind (Patsy Ramsey and Deepak Kalpoe). I don’t claim to be up to Hodges at extracting the truth from Casey’s writings… but her choice of words do seem curious. I think Casey cannot help but confess. Her confessions are among her denials, just drop out the word “not” as in, “I do (not) know where Caylee is.” Just my opinion… for what it’s worth.

  11. chlry says:

    hi ecd , i agree 100 % . i wonder if they cancelled b/c they’re too fragile and grieving still , give me a break . liars and con artists all of them !

  12. chlry says:

    those books sound very interesting phyllis , and i always thought and still to this day that patsy ramsey killed jon benet and covered up w/ her husband . maybe an accident but that lady acted strange and was very fake to me .

  13. eastcoastdeb says:

    Phyliss, I guess that’s as close as we’ll get to a confession or the truth from Casey.

  14. eastcoastdeb says:

    Chlry, they either cancelled because they want to save face or have come up with the money. I’m betting they have the money. If they let that house go, you can bet there’s more money to be made elsewhere and they have a more lucrative offer. I hate them. (I think I may have mentioned that before, lol)

  15. chlry says:

    ecd , lmao , yeah you have just a couple times …btw , i hate them too . cindy is # 1 public enemy in my mind , i think i hate her more then i do casey

  16. eastcoastdeb says:

    Yeah, Chlry, where is J Edgar Hoover when you really need him. Maybe someone will take a shot at her like they did with Dillinger. I can always hope.
    Phyllis, I can see Casey making a subconscious confession. I”ve thought she did when she made comments like ‘close to home’ and several other things that escape my mind at the moment

  17. Phyllis says:

    Hodges analyzes Patsy’s bogus ransom letter, and a long email by Kalpoe, and their hidden confessions within. I believe it. I recommend them highly. In looking at Casey’s interviews, statements, and jail letters, I’ve come to believe she saw Caylee’s body twice, via these two statements direct from Casey’s mouth… “seeing my daughter…petrified (in rigor?) I dropped her off…” and “Petrified I see Caylee again…I don’t want to” (These are from pages 55 and 64 of Fanning’s book on Casey.) And what confession could be clearer than in her jail letters where she says “Witnessing the things I have (done), it’s damn well terrifying.” At least I have found a little comfort in her letters too, via her references to her “fear of being put to /rest/death”.

  18. chlry says:

    ecd , a lot of the public liked dillinger and he was a good looking guy from what i hear … cindy has none of that going for her at all , maybe something will fall from the sky and shove her to hell where she belongs

  19. eastcoastdeb says:

    I liked Dillinger too, Chlry (I didn’t know him very well, I was only two, LMAO) I didn’t like Hoover.

  20. chlry says:

    wow phyllis , next time i’m out i’ll be picking up hodges book , ty . i’m sure she did see the body again , most killers check on the body again from what i have read . i did read fanning’s book as soon as it came out , i thought it was pretty good but filled w/ a lot we already knew , i’m sure she will write another one after trial

  21. chlry says:

    ecd :lol: , hoover i heard was a little light in the loafers like georgie and lee , he liked to wear red dresses and lived with his mamma :wink:

  22. eastcoastdeb says:

    Yeah, Chlry, he also sounds like a ‘journalist’ we all know. LMAO

  23. chlry says:

    sure does ecd !! that’s why i gave you that :wink: lmao

  24. chlry says:

    time for bed , good night everyone

  25. eastcoastdeb says:

    Good night Chlry. :smile:

  26. Phyllis says:

    I agree… most criminals return to the scene.. crazy, but they must be drawn like a magnet. Here are a few more phrases I extracted from Casey’s letters…”I grabbed Cays… taped it… instant relief.” She refers to the choke-down with Cindy this way… “Big battle with my mom…contact… my mom ON me… my mom battling… consider my feelings”. And finally, (I promise I’ll quit now) Cindy very well knew Caylee was dead shortly after the choke-down. Among other references, Casey, after Caylee’s body was found, uses these words… “Bags… still hanging around…little bones… facts… very sad.. my mom is an incredible witness.. encourage her.” Too bad Cindy will probably never tell the truth, after all, she doesn’t even admit (to some people) that the fight with Casey even happened! Even Cindy confesses in her 7/3 MySpace to knowing. She says “Little angel… she’s gone… I know why… mother controlling ‘life’ … for the little angel”.

  27. eastcoastdeb says:

    Phyllis, for Cindy to tell the truth, she’d have to admit her part in the monstrosity known as Casey.

  28. Phyllis says:

    That’s funny, Eastcoastdeb. Cindy dove into deep denial and dragged George in with her, just after she heard the struggle going on in Casey’s bedroom. From Casey’s jail letters, she says “home, there everything happened, (Caylee) struggling …in my own hands…”. So there was a struggle and Cindy heard it. Cindy won’t admit the fight, so she will never admit what she heard after. She created a monster. By choking Casey that night, she pushed the monster too far. Casey took her rage out on Caylee because her mother was too much of a match. Cindy is a monster too.

  29. eastcoastdeb says:

    Phyllis, I don’t think Cindy will admit to the fight because it’s likely what precipitated the events that followed, and she CAN’T be guilty of anything. NEVER.
    I agree, Cindy is a monster also, and Casey was cowardly in taking out her anger and control on someone smaller. I imagine it’s what Cindy did to her in one way or another.

  30. Derryland says:

    Phyllis, I would love to get those books you mentioned by Andrew Hodges, but I checked my library and they don’t have them. Can you tell me where to buy them? I have always been so interested in the Ramsey case. It still remains unsolved, I believe. Anyway, thanks.

  31. Hi Phyllis! Welcome! I think it was a matter of time before all this happened. I think the fight was just enough to show Cindy who was boss.

    Hi ya ECDeb…I agree! Cindy will never admit to it, even if Lee or George or even if the lying brat said it happened.

  32. Hi ya Derry, good to see you!

    ECDeb, she wouldn’t admit it if it was caught on tape either!

  33. Phyllis says:

    Cindy is nuttier than squirrel poop, as they say. I agree that the fight precipitated the murder. Immediately prior. I think Cindy forced George to lie (no problem there) in saying he saw Caylee the following morning because Cindy wanted to distance herself and her house from the murder she ear-witnessed. She wanted to separate the cause from the effect and separate the crime from the crime scene. Cindy doesn’t want to be seen as the catalyst for murder, which she was. If George saw anything that next morning, it was Casey lugging a heavy, weighted laundry bag to her car trunk because Caylee had been dead all night. Cindy and George decided it was best to distance their house and themselves, and leave Casey to proceed on her own. Can anyone with one living brain cell believe Cindy “heard Casey and Caylee breathing through the door” the next morning? It must be getting late there on the east coast… I’m in Calif.

  34. eastcoastdeb says:

    Hi Humble :smile: To admit it, Humble, she has to be imperfect. IF she would only look in a mirror. LOLOLOL

  35. eastcoastdeb says:

    I agree, Phyllis, that Cindy forced George to lie, but you can lead a horse to water but can’t make him drink. George was only too willing to jump in with both feet. If he wasn’t such a lazy bum and had some ‘manhood’ left, he could practise the word, ‘no’. I think it’s a foreign concept to him.

  36. I am not sure that Geo did lie, or just couldn’t remember the month before. I think Geo was pretty truthful in the beginning of all of this, then turned stupid because of the Cindy!

    ECDeb…the mirror would break! To tell a truth would be sinful for her too! :wink:

  37. Phyllis says:

    Hello Dairyland,
    I think you can find Andrew G. Hodges books at Amazon. The Ramsey one is “Mom Gone Bad”, and the Holloway one is “Into the Deep”. He has a very believable and secific theory on exactly what happened when Jon Benet died. As for Natalie Holloway, Deepak confesses via his lengthy email, to her horrible last night, and what was done with her body. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. He has other analysis of folks like Scott Peterson, OJ, etc. at his website. Google Andrew G. Hodges. Regards!

  38. eastcoastdeb says:

    Yeah, it would Humble. She think she’s just something. I guess it’s an Anthony ‘sin’ to tell the truth or take the blame for anything. LOL
    Phyllis, your above post was very well said. You nailed it.

  39. Marsha says:

    I wonder if the body found in the SF Bay is Zanny the Nanny? 30’ish light skinned latino women. Didn’t say if she was a 10 or if she was rich tho.

  40. Halfspot says:

    Hello everyone, as always everyones post is right on the money. My hubby thinks we all should write a book together. Then with the money take it and put it to use on getting laws changed to when a mom or family member kills a child they never see light of day outside a jail. As for the Ant. I’m sure they got the money to save their house from the blood money they make off poor little Caylee!! They should never open their mouth and say her name the way they treat her in death :sick: family!! Just how did they treat her in life? Wait we know how! fighting around her about her, fighting and yelling I’m sure at each other about her, calling her a mistake, no freinds for her, to have play dates with, not letting her be a kid! So lets see what they did do, took all photos they could of her just to be on save side should she be killed ( come up missing is what the Ant. say) by her loving mother, buy all and any toy ( because she had no freinds) and I almost forgot she did have pups to play with!! Cindy says thats freinds right!? To me if you go back and look at some of the photos they have of them and Caylee they do not have photos of Caylee all over the rooms, or even all the toys for her in the house :sideways: it go’s to show how :sick: Cindys mind works!! You all did see I did not call the place a home but a house, Cindy should know what makes a home is not things, toys, you could live any place but with out freinds, family and lots of love you have nothing but a house!! I’ve seen homeless familys have more love and honesty and respect for each other then the so called Ant. family how :sick: is that! and at times makes me cry for poor little Caylee :sad: I think what we do here is a good thing but it also makes me think that we fall right into Cindys games on her selling Caylee photos? By us posting them, please don’t yell at me!! But I’m sure Cindys all over the web. Then tells the news or whoever will buy them, that just look everyone loves seeing her. Then she has her money!! I also think we should tell the news stop buying them!! It only helps them get rich and we all know thats all Caylee is to them now blood money$$$

  41. Halfspot says:

    Yeah almost forgot one thing on what they did for her, they did say this theirself, think it may have been G let her sit and watch TV. movies for hrs. At this age my daughter was being read to and learning her Abc. We had those magnets you but on the fridge she loved it and her freinds too. Sure they would see the movies they all liked at that age but I would never use it has a babysitter and it sounds like thats what the Ant. did, if you ask me. :lol: I still have those magnets on my fridge and my daughter is 21!! I tell her there waiting for her kids! :lol:

  42. Halfspot says:

    As always its late and I hope I can get some sleep. Hope to see all you good peeps tomor. I will have to run my hubby off comp. so I can talk with you good peeps I do miss everyone. Great place to be is here Humble!! Hope everyones day is a :happy: one. night all.

  43. lynda says:

    Goodmorning everyone, Just finished reading Phyliss’ interesting theories on what went down on june 15 and how cma confesses in her cryptic words. It makes perfect sence to me. I’m sure in her sick and twisted way, she feels she is absolved of her guilt because she confessed. In her sick mind, that’s all she needs to do. Well I’m leaving to babysit my little darlins, I’ll try to lurk, if they take naps :lol: Have a great day, God bless, and Justice for Caylee. I feel that something’s gonna give in this case real soon. Just a hunch. thanks Humble for keeping this site respectful, and a place where we can all state our views without fear. bye, LK

  44. muesli says:

    Anyone know what is happening regarding the foreclosure situation. I just knew it on May 18, when I couldn’t find it scheduled any longer on the court docket. How on earth do these people get around so many things. I mean, they are not brilliant, by any means. How can they be so savvy when it comes to beating the system at every turn? I guess they must have been doing this their whole lives. They have no shame, nor dignity. I just can’t imagine that they are not embarrassed to even show their faces in public for all the stupid things they have done. What especially sticks out in my mind is the time George had the nerve to interrupt Tim Miller and Mr. Nejame’s presentation. Can you imagine if anyone had tried to pull something like that on the Anthonys when they were doing one of their cameos? What he did was so humiliating. I bet all the lawyers were laughing their heads off. Did George think that the Anthonys are the only ones who have the right to free speech? The nerve to try to stop others from expressing free speech. Just another example of their sense of entitlement. I wish Mr. Nejame would have made more of a public spectacle of George in front of the cameras, and just kicked him off of the premises. Mr. Nejame is just too classy to do that. I’ll bet George gave Mr. Biaz an ear full after that disaster.

  45. muesli says:

    Humble, where are you? I have your change from the gas the other day. Should I just hold on to it, or just drop it off in a jar somewhere? Muesli, do nice, today.

  46. muesli says:

    Oops, didn’t say good morning. How rude of me.

  47. lynda says:

    GM Muesli, I think the foreclosure hearing has been cancelled.

  48. mikka says:

    OLA,have the painters here,be back tomorrow friends,must watch does she make their job right! bbl :lol:

  49. Phyllis says:

    Hello everyone, and thanks for welcoming my opinions on Casey’s “hidden confessions”, Lynda. I like the idea of writing a book, Halfspot, and I’d be glad to include a long chapter on Casey’s tell-tale words. I think Casey’s subconscious mind (mainly via her jail letters) describe how she really feels with these words, which Casey repeats over and over: “careless, heartless, selfish, guilty, b*tch, sick, drowning, devils within, evil, devil, weakness, fear, grieving, b*tch/mother/sinner, demon, frustration, disgust”. Consciously, she wants to be a cool cucumber, but inside it’s a different story. She tries hard to (as she says) “move on and move past it”, but she asks on page 13735 “How do you escape your own thoughts? You can’t..” She can’t escape her dreams either.

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