Cindy & George Anthony foreclosure recap info

Well, it looks like the A’s have successful gotten their hearing cancelled for this morning.  Wonder if they are having a lack of money and decided to just give it up, or if they finally SOLD enough photos of Caylee to earn some blood money.

Looking back at when this all broke, here is just some information:

The Anthony’s have NOT made a payment since June 2009 at the amount of $785.82 a month. OF course they blame the notoriety that the Casey killing Caylee has caused! And when at fault, they STILL are blaming everyone but themselves and their BRAT kid!   BofA slaps Cindy document

Their Attorney: [wonder who is paying]

The Anthony’s have HIRED a real estate attorney, Mark Lippman!  WebSite

Mr. Lippman has experience as an Assistant State Attorney, an instructor for the Florida Prosecutors Attorney Association (the FPAA), a former police academy instructor, and a trainer for the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. As a State Attorney he received specialized training for sex crimes, child abuse, domestic violence, and all types of DUI cases including DUI manslaughters. Mr. Lippman was the recipient of a “Commendation Award” for services rendered.

Mr. Lippman also has represented various homeowner associations and condominium associations in the area of collections, foreclosure, covenant enforcement, and preparation of rules, regulations and covenants for associations.

Mr. Lippman was admitted to the Florida Bar in 2000.

And lets not forget the Cindy BLAMED Bank Of America for not letting her know that “SHE” was NOT making her house payments. I guess when you have so much BLOOD money in your account, you wouldn’t know if you were making your house payment or you were just gaining interest! NOT!
I wish these people would just grow up already and stop acting like little kids. Pretty sad when you ALWAYS have to BLAME others for your own stupidity!

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36 Responses to Cindy & George Anthony foreclosure recap info

  1. Niecey says:

    Hey Humble! I’m still trying to figure out how one doesn’t know if they are paying their house payment or not for 9 months myself. I agree they need to grow up and stop playing the blame game.

  2. Hi Niecey, Good to see you! I can’t figure it out either, and I can’t believe any Judge or attorney would believe it, except maybe Conway. I think it is just ridiculous how they are!

  3. It would be funny if ZFG got that house… :lol:

  4. Niecey says:

    Good to see you too!
    Now that would be funny!

  5. jon says:

    I think they’re hateful. the only one of the Anthony family i have any sympathy for is Lee.

  6. muesli says:

    Jon, every time I have a bit of sympathy or Lee Marie, I just go back and watch his performance at the memorial service for Caylee. Remember the wrist sucking (kissing), and the obnoxious comments about missing hugging, promises made, etc., etc.? “You teach me what life is about” This was supposed to be about a 2 year old? Lee Marie was going to keep promises made. He was obviously speaking to Casey via the laptop. I would love to have the detailed information of what Casey was doing at the exact time Lee Marie was making verbal love to her on the laptop. Remember, there has to be a reason someone seeks immunity. Have you noticed that I do not like Lee very much. He is as wimpy as his father. Well, maybe not quite as much, but he is young, and will probably develop to be like dear old dad. Okay, I’m going to go back to being nice, as I promised earlier.

  7. Hi Jon, Welcome! I feel for him, but I think alot of his own issues in this case were brought on himself. I believe he KNEW where Caylee was, but she couldn’t be found due to water. Had he fessed up immediately, instead of years later, I might have some empathy for him. CAYLEE is the one to feel for, she is the one who was brought into that crazy nut family!

    Muesli, I do also think that most of Lee’s issues were brought on by what kind of mother he had. AND I am not sure that Cindy can be called a mother!

  8. muesli says:

    Humble, I also believe George’s non-influence had a great effect on Lee. How many times do we find ourselves making statements or acting as our parents did. It always shocks me when I realize I sometimes say things just the way I hated it when my mother said those same things. By the way, Humble, you didn’t tell me what to do with the gas change. I asked earlier if I should keep it for you, or just put it in a jar somewhere. (I’m bad)

  9. Muesli, keep the change! :lol:
    I hear you on the statements and acting like our parents. I don’t like it either, so I try not to do it!

    BTW, Smoke left a link on the off topic.

  10. bbl………………..

  11. muesli says:

    I have to go grocery shopping now. I know one thing. When we finally find out what the situation is with the Anthony’s foreclosure issue, I just know that we will once again be infuriated. There is something fishy going on there, and we will know about it soon enough. See you all later.

  12. ss says:

    The defense team for Casey Anthony went on the offense Thursday as they demand more information and evidence.

    Prosecutors and Anthony’s attorneys had a disagreement during court hearings last week over how much detail the state should provide regarding their reasons for seeking the death penalty.

    In a motion filed Thursday morning, the defense said the state failed to provide any indication of the evidence it intends to rely on to prove the existence of the aggravating factors.

    Prosecutors listed as many as five aggravating factors they may rely on last week, but the defense said that’s not good enough.

    The defense also demanded more discovery evidence from Oak Ridge Laboratory concerning the so-called sniff tests done on the air in Anthony’s car.

    Based on what the defense called “experimental research,” scientists at Oak Ridge Laboratory came to the conclusion the air had signs of a decomposition event having taken place in the car.

    The defense is asking Judge Belvin Perry to decide on the issues.

    The state attorney’s office is also preparing to release as much as 500 more pages of evidence in the case as early as Friday.

  13. ss says:

    The foreclosure case involving Casey Anthony’s parents is headed toward mediation.

    Orange Circuit Judge Julie O’Kane signed paperwork this morning, ordering George and Cindy Anthony into mediation with Bank of America.

    Both sides agreed to the mediation.

    The State Attorney’s Office is expected to release more than 500 pages of documents, including law enforcement reports and inventory logs, on Friday. The information is being released in response to public records requests.,0,4696619.story

  14. mikka says:

    ss thanks MEDIATION??BS ,through him out of this house! :angry:

  15. mikka says:

    i have bozos answers,he is an stupid ……
    3.grave wax

  16. Boo Bossy Baby says:

    I tried asking questions and I didn’t understand why it is saying my comment is waiting moderation? What does this mean?

  17. Boo Bossy Baby says:

    Hey Humble Opinion I tried sending Bill Sheaffer a question but didn’t get anywhere and I am really wanting to ask a question and see that you are very up to date on the Casey Anthony Case (Thank you by the way) – anyway here is my questions:

    1. How come noone ever investigated that backward state information when Casey was speaking and then the reversal was put out there too? One thing that she says is “Be sure noone’s been with Mark Meschino”

    2. She also says “Boy or Boys did this” and “When I give you my proof, they’ll do sh*t”
    3. What about a composite drawing of the so called nanny that doesn’t exist did they ever put one out there or have they totally ended the zanny search I never hear of her anymore but it doesn’t surprise me since she doesn’t exist but in that *&^’d up head of Casey’s.
    4. Maybe Casey has alter personalities like sybil that did this to Caylee?

  18. mikka says:

    boo bossy baby,love your name,
    i think humble just make sure,does no trouble makers come to her blog!

  19. knight owl says:

    Hi Humble & Humblettes, the Anthony’s excuse for their house foreclosure is pure horse puckey just like everything else they say and do. Cindy and George are in their fifties not in the teens like they act, so would anyone with a brain in their heads believe their horse puckey excuses. Everyone’s bills come due once a month and helloooooooo that means house payments too and they know it. They take advantage of any situation they can with their lies as usual. I find that very interesting these jackasses hire an attorney now for the foreclosure for NOT PAYING THEIR PAYMENTS. I have also found it very ridiculous to hire and continue hiring Conway as if they had kept their noses clean in this case they would have had no need for an attorney. You didn’t see Scott Peterson’s parents hiring an attorney did you? Even Lee hired one too. The whole bunch is lawyered up because they, as we humblettes all know are crooked liars.

  20. knight owl says:

    Boo Bossy Baby, i too like your name. Don’t worry about moderation as we were all moderated at one time due to what mikka said. It is nothing personal.

  21. knight owl says:

    Humble, i am high fiving your post on wouldn’t it be funny if Zenaida got the A’s house. YES INDEEDY IT WOULD AND IT WOULD JUST MAKE MY DAY~~

  22. SS, thanks! of course they are above and beyond. guess the doc release will be interesting? As for Bozo, yes they want what the state is using against Casey, they want the STATES facts, not what the defense thinks they will use. I think the defense wants their words. I hope the judge SLAPS the d-team again!

    Mikka, then being out of the house was a rumor started by someone who wanted to think they knew everything!

    Hi ya Boo Bossy Baby! Welcome. It would have gone right through, but I like to keep the site clean and * in the swear words!
    1. What do you mean backward state?
    2. Boy, Boys she has slept with both and will use anyone to point the finger at.
    3. There was never a drawing. I believe there wasn’t one as LE knew there wasn’t a nanny.
    4. Nah, Casey has Casey’s own personality. She has no excuses for what she has done!

  23. Hi ya Knight! The Anthony’s are just the scum of Florida. Maybe they should get off their butts and get jobs! :wink:

  24. Knight, it would be a hoot [no pun intended] if she got the house. Gosh, with the celebrity status they think they have, you would think they would try to sell for a mil or more! :lol:

  25. SS, might I add, the d-team hasn’t been very good on following the law up until now!

  26. bbl…………………….

  27. jojo21 says:

    I soooo hope that Judge Perry will please put a STOP to this defense dragging this on………….sooooooo sad………please don’t let them do this.

  28. Boo Bossy Baby says:

    Thanks for getting back to me Humble. If you go on the internet and google backward state and the website comes up then go to examples scroll down to Casey and Caylee and there is this reversal speech that is recorded. Pretty freaky let me know when you have a moment to do this. I have been listening and viewing it and still am not a believer of it but it is very scarey freaky.

    I thought so about the sybil personality thing too but just was wondering that since I viewed the backward state thing.

    I just wish that it was already the trial. When she says I feel it in my gut well I feel it in mine that she is very guilty.
    My daughter is Boo Bossy Baby and I use her nick name for justice for Caylee as Kelsey is almost three as well. VERY SAD and UNIMAGINABLE that someone could hurt a little baby boo ! :(

  29. Debwv says:

    Oh please,Cindy knew what she was doing! BOA sends out payments every month,and they keep records of dates when send out! SO Cindy you can’t tell me they didn’t notified you! We had BOA when we bought our home,before another compamy bought them out here in my State.Beleive me they will call if a payment is late! I want to see them lose that house,they are not celebrity! If that was one of us we would be looking for another home!!!

  30. janele says:

    Does this mean all the money they made off all those phots and appearences went to Casey’s defense also??

    Lord knows they made enough to pay that house off a long time ago.

  31. willowsmom says:

    How does someone not know that they haven’t made a mtg pmt for many, many months???? Those idiots are part retarded! There is NO reason why they cannot be working. They prolly haven’t put one application for employment in anywhere. I suffer with fibromyalgia, and I work. I cant get disability. What is her disability, other than diarhea of the mouth? Those ozarks as far as I am concerned, are just as bad as their whore dtr. They are takers….gimme,gimme,gimme. They have no shame at all. If that were my grdtr that was murdered, you can bet that I would not be selling her pic’s for my financial gain. I love my grson with all my heart and no amount of money could ever replace him.

  32. Hi ya willowsmom! Welcome! I totally agree! Guess is this is where the word stupidity comes into play. They knew they weren’t paying the mortgage, and still seem to get their blame on others in there!

  33. Hi ya BooBossy! I went and listened to the site. Kind of strange, but I am thinking the backwards stuff is just that backwards playing of the tape. It really doesn’t say anything that will help out.

  34. Boo Bossy Baby says:

    Hi Humble! Thanks for listening to that freaky site I didn’t know what it was all about either. I just hope and pray that the judge does not side with the defense about the State not having proven the aggravating circumstances. I really hope that she still gets the death penalty. My almost 3 year old daughter is amazing and I just couldn’t picture anything that gruesome happening to any child. Justice for Caylee baby boo girl.

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