Casey Anthony, driver’s license expired and more info released

Due to some unpaid court costs, say it isn’t so, the Orange county clerk of courts has asked to suspend Casey’s drivers license. Well little do they know, her license has NOT been renewed from last year when it expired on her birthday!

According to they said the the Clerk turned over a $381 bill to collections. This is for $348 in court costs, which were to be paid in full by the end of April, and more than $30 in late fees. Also in addition to court costs, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office submitted a $5517.75 bill for “investigative costs” associated with the check fraud case, which proudly now Casey can wear the convicted felon name. To date the judge has not ordered Casey to pay the investigative costs.

Did a post on this back in April 2009 about her drivers license.  Casey’s drivers license was expired then and it still is today.  So maybe they need to start deducting from her snack fund!

As of Aug 11, 2010, at 12:02 AM, driver license number A535-113-86-599-0 is EXPIRED.
This license is a Class E. Restrictions are (NONE ON RECORD). Endorsements are (NONE ON RECORD). Motorcycle endorsements are (NONE ON RECORD).
Expiration Date was Mar 19, 2009. Please contact your local driver license office to renew your license.

So the paper work George was so worried about Casey signing, looks like she didn’t sign. PLUS I guess it doesn’t matter much to Casey, she knows she isn’t going to walk drive free after the trial! 

State Supplemental witness list ¤ Defense interview with writer ¤ Mason Affidavit ¤ Lyon Affidavit ¤ Defense Tim Miller witness

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168 Responses to Casey Anthony, driver’s license expired and more info released

  1. Brad 'shopping cart' Conway says:

    Hahahah. Hmmm… Can we find out if her snack fund will be confiscated to pay her $5000 fee for stealing from Amy? Who gets stuck with that little beaut? Guess the taxpayers. Even if Casey moves back home, her super responsible parents have told her she won’t have to work!

    That Casey always does the right thing, huh? Just another F-you to George. She couldn’t be bothered to take 1 second to scribble her cursed name on a document.

    Ugh and that picture. Dead eyes and fake, sickening smile. Looks like Lee’s never going to be reimbursed for his car.

    Of course, this is undoubtedly a conspiracy, brought about by OCSD, Mark Nejame and Kronk is probably involved. Cindy needs to be sending her PI’s out to find why Casey had to let her license expire, as she must have had to let it expire to “protect the family”.

    I don’t respect Jose Baez.

  2. muesli says:

    Good morning all. I can’t imagine that George Marie was so concerned about Casey’s driver’s license while this horror show is going on around him. Does this stupid man truly believe that Casey will ever drive a vehicle (car or RV) in her lifetime? He gave the form to Mr. Biaz to give to Casey for her signature. Any bets on whether Mr. Biaz actually gave it to Casey? Casey has spent over $2,000 in articles from the jail commisary. She owes over $5,000 in investigative costs, and over $300 in court costs. Why don’t they just deduct in a sort of payment plan from her account, which Cindy so faithfully refills from her “disability?” income. Does anyone know where George is getting any money? Does he have to ask Cindy for gas money? There is money somewhere in that house. You cannot live in a house, drive two cars, pay bills, eat, etc., for two people with only a disability check coming in. We all know what it costs to survive from month to month. They seem to think that everyone is stupid, and can’t figure this out. It makes me so angry. I feel a bash coming on. Here goes. They are the ultimate white trash. Well, maybe just one point below the Cummings & Croslins, and that is just because their house has a foundation and they speak a better version of the English language.

  3. muesli says:

    Actually, the last ride Casey will be taking in any moving vehicle will be in a hearse from the prison to the graveyard. What a scary thought. Wonder how scared baby Caylee was on her last ride. I’ll just think of that, in order to keep things in perspective, if I ever start feeling any compassion for this group of losers.

  4. muesli says:

    Okay, so if no one wants to join me for coffee, I’m going to go walk the dog.

  5. GM Brad, yea she always does the right thing…. :sick:

    GM Muesli, well it looks like the bill will never get paid. We know how she rolls, but I guess I could send her a check to forge and maybe she can call and add her cell phone to my account also! :w00t:

  6. What really is sad about this whole thing, Bozo made sure he had his pay before the bills were paid. I would love for someone to investigate that money and how it was spent. Bet we would find out some of it mysteriously is gone!

  7. muesli says:

    Hi Humble. Don’t forget, all the money was not accounted for. There is still a lot more of it out there somewhere, between Mr. Biaz and C&G. Guaranteed!!!!!

  8. Muesli, yea I know. But it will be the responsibility of the tax payer to flip this bill…I bet Bozo will call for an emergency hearing…NOT! He doesn’t care!

  9. muesli says:

    And, isn’t is a “coincidence” that both the Biaz’s and the Anthony’s stopped paying their mortgages around the same time. Always an angle with this type of people. Oh, well, I’d rather sleep peacefully with a clear conscience, knowing that we work for our money, and all our bills and commitments are paid.

  10. It’s sad that the people of FL are the ones who have to suck this up. I am sure when asked about it in court, Bozo will lie and say that she has no money. Bozo was the worst one to take control of that money. He can’t pay his own bills what makes them think he can pay Casey’s!

  11. I agree! I can sleep at night! Cindy she can’t, she has nightmare of comings. She can’t flip a bill either! Bozo, as long as Casey had money, seems he had money to pay. Now it is a tax payers responsibility. Very sad for FL.

  12. Big deal if they try to take hr license. They need to go after Cindy and George and Baez to get this money. If not paid, they ALL need to stay off the road. I believe Bozo knew they would take her license and figured why pay the money, you won’t be out anyways!

  13. muesli says:

    This case is only one of many “indigent” cases which are being charged to the people of Florida. I think a lot of people tend to forget that. Most often, the defendants involved are truly indigent. This case is taking it to the ridiculous. As much as I liked Judge Strickland, I believe he made a big mistake in the beginning by allowing Casey to have private attorneys, knowing that she did not have any money. Public defenders should have been handling this case from the beginning. I also believe that Judge Strickland didn’t investigate where, when all this money appeared, the money was coming from, and where it was going. There was never a detailed accounting for these hundreds of thousands of dollars. Can you imagine any other business where they would be able to just estimate their financial records. By the way, how does the IRS handle all this money? It is income. Who is paying the taxes on the approximately $300,000?

  14. nannab says:

    Wow.. I am impressed.. they got tuff and took away her expired license.. Maybe now she will talk and say *george did it*…

  15. Muesli, the court coast for a couple hours was 300+ bucks, wait until she gets the bill for the trial!

    GM Nanna, yea impressive isn’t it! Guess they needed to see if it was still good.

  16. I am sure when Casey got the news about them suspending her DL, she was pretty shock up! Bet she was thinking, thats why I didn’t renew it! :w00t:

  17. mikka says:

    gm friends!
    guess cma have another driver lisence ,with name on itZANNY-NANNY! :lol:

  18. muesli says:

    I really don’t think Mr. Biaz ever gave her the from he got from George for her to sign. Mr. Biaz knows she is not ever going to need a license again in her lifetime.

  19. muesli says:

    make that “form”

  20. muesli says:

    Good morning, mikka. Did you sleep in this morning?

  21. mikka says:

    from a blogger :lol: :lol:

    Who cares if she has a driver’s license? She isn’t going anywhere, anyway. Besides the expression is “dead woman walking”, not dead woman driving – to death row!

  22. mikka says:

    muesli gm,i stand up,its already 7am ! :w00t:

  23. muesli says:

    mikka, that’s a good one.

  24. mikka says:

    muesli,it is! :lol:

  25. mikka says:

    guess cindy will pay this fine,i bet the ants hiding money somewhere!

  26. Muesli, Goerge wrote to her about it. So if she wanted to take care of it, she would have. Now she will have to take the tests…gosh darn it! :lol:

    GM Mikka! All of this is too funny! I think they should start holding C&G responsible for her bills…they have no problem lying for her!

  27. mikka says:

    from wesh,look what mason say! :lol::lol:

    In his response Monday, Anthony defense attorney Cheney Mason said getting testimony from searchers like Lohr and those who were with him could help create “reasonable doubt” about who put Caylee’s remains in the woods and when.

  28. Funny how NOW lohr comes out of the dark! He causes no reasonable doubt!

  29. mikka says:

    humble i agree,this lohr crime or ghost writer,bozo privat eye ask him stupid questions!he say he was by the school searching and then he ask him saw birds?? smell decomp????

  30. muesli says:

    I was just reading over at WESH site. Boy, they do some rotten reporting. It reads like this:



    “Newly released testimony from a journalist who searched the area where the remains of Caylee Anthony were found, reveals Casey Anthony may have been offered a plea deal.”

    Now, really. Either she “was” or she “may have been” are two different things.

    Also, Mr. Rohr’s interview with PI Lyons (there we go again with same type names in this case), he stated that he was not searching into the underbrush, but was more observing the searchers.

  31. mikka says:

    muesli,wesh twisting stuff!

  32. muesli says:

    By the time the searchers were on Suburban Drive, there would be nothing left of Caylee for the buzzards. I watch them here when there is something dead, and they come in by the dozens and clean it up in a very short time. Wasn’t that the PI who helped the defense through ykw to have Judge Strickland recuse himself? Wonder who is paying this PI. Did Dominic Casey (another same name) ever get paid by either Mr. Biaz or C&G? Anyone know?

  33. mikka says:

    looks like wesh have a faulty memory too! :lol:

  34. muesli says:

    Has anyone ever heard anything else on the new lawyer, Anthony Ross (another same name)? Gosh, even if this were a fictional book, the author would never use so many same/similar names.

    Does anyone have an updated list of Casey’s jail visits. I’d like to see if Mr. Ross is visiting her on a regular basis.

  35. mikka says:

    muesli,the pi get paid from teh florida taxpayers!

  36. mikka says:

    here is it,pi and lohr,will read it again ,brb

  37. muesli says:

    mikka, right. But, there must be some limit on how many wild goose chases he is allowed to go on. Can you imagine if they want him to interview 4,000 searchers?

  38. mikka says:

    the one searcher from tim say,SHE DONT CANT SEARCH THERE,BECAUSE IT WAS WET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. mikka says:

    muesli bozo grasping on straws!

  40. muesli says:

    Lohr stated that he didn’t go into the underbrush, and that is was so thick you couldn’t see into it. Big help he is. I live here, I know that underbrush. You cannot see beyond a couple of inches, if that. And, even in the dry season, it is wet all over Florida in these places. Remember, Florida is basically built upon a swamp. That’s just the way it is. That is the reason we don’t have cellars in Florida. You don’t have to dig very deep before you come upon water.

  41. muesli says:

    P.S. I miss my cellar back home.

  42. mikka says:

    muesli ,i must go,go horseback riding!yipeeeeeeeeeeee

    see ya!

  43. muesli says:

    Also, if there is water, there are water moccasins and, depending upon how much water, add in alligators. My dog and I scared off a small (about 4-5 ft.) gator this morning at the edge of our pond. They are still immature at that size/age and just plunge back into the water when you get too close. I can’t believe that I have gone my whole life without ever having had to make comments about water moccasins and alligators. I’m thinking I want to go back to Switzerland, my safety zone.

  44. Muesli, Lohr needs a little publicity after the big pink slip. His attitude sucks and he isn’t any help. Guess when you feel that you are so “BIG” [in his own eye] you feel you can help.

  45. muesli says:

    Humble, I’m not up to date on Lohr. I did read in the transcript that he was working for Investigation Discovery channel. Is that where he got fired from and, if so, for what reason?

  46. It was ID channel, and I am not sure, but I think he was a cut back, so he said. I know many that had complained about him for not letting their comments on the site through.
    I don’t read anything he writes anymore since I found out that he wasn’t letting comments through he didn’t like. Plus the response I got the other night from him, he needs an attitude adjustment!
    Honestly, never heard of him until this case.

  47. I thought I read somewhere that he was out there December 2008…now I re-read and it says August 2008…so the d-teams point is what?

  48. muesli says:

    I don’t know how someone who didn’t want to get his feet dirty by going in and searching could possibly put out any reasonable doubt about a body being there. Wasting time and money is all this is about. Also, he was sent out there to observe and report, not as a searcher, or am I wrong about that. Did he just go out of the goodness of his heart? I doubt that. I see nothing reasonable about that doubt. Remember, it must be reasonable, meaning using reason, as in logical thinking.

  49. That is what I read in the so called “reasonable doubt” transcript. He was there for ID channel as a reporter, not a searcher. But you never know, he can twist a word if he needs to!

  50. Muesli, what I find funny, he is a reporter, can’t really remember much. Date there, if he saw a dog…etc…. doesn’t help as much as the d-team would like. The state will go after these answers, and make sure it is known he can’t remember.

  51. muesli says:

    Humble, he probably won’t even be used. The defense should be concentrating on George Marie. As far as I remember, he was the last one aside from Casey to have seen Caylee alive (according to him, that is). Also, he is the only “reasonable” person who would have had access to the laundry bag, masking tape, Winnie The Poo blanket, Casey’s car keys, etc. Yep, my reasoning tells me it must have been George Marie. Beyond a reasonable doubt. Put me on the jury. I am ready. In answer to the question they will ask about blogging, I can truthfully say, under oath, that I do not blog. I only comment.

  52. batwoman says:

    GM Humble and all! Our Nejame responded to loser Baez’s accusations calling them all false. He absolutely denies ever calling media to his office when defense was there and suggest if anybody did it was them! Suggests to look at how the case has been handled by defense from the beginning is all you have to look at. And if he ever did write a book all money would go to charity! Hope he sues the dunce!

  53. muesli says:

    Hi batwoman. What about good ole Cindy calling John Morgan a drunk. Mr. Morgan will have his chance again with Cindy, and I don’t think he will do “Mr. nice” with her again. She has literally declared war with that statement, and she is no match for Mr. Morgan. He didn’t become as successful as he is by being stupid. Cindy, on the other hand, is who she is just because she is stupid.

  54. muesli says:

    I love reading anything by Mr. NeJame. He is the only one that I can truly understand, without have to reread it numerous times.

  55. batwoman says:

    Hi muesli! I like Mr. Morgan and his wife. Nejame is the bomb! Chomps better be afraid…..very afraid :lol:

  56. Muesli, yes you are a commentor. So really you are not FLAB like me! :lol:

    GM Bat, Baez always seems to come back as the real LEAKER, so I assume it was him…

  57. Muesli, I am just a luster after Mark NeJames. He is so smart, and get angry and tells it like it is, he is the bomb!

    Bat, Morgan is the man to have on your side. Not this Bozo~Clown team.

  58. muesli says:

    batwoman, don’t forget, the civil case involving Zaneida is scheduled for after Casey’s trial. If I remember correctly, it was Judge Rodriguez who came up with that date. Judge Rodriguez has to be the most boring judge to listen to. He tries to sound philosophical when he speaks, and just puts us to sleep. I believe that Zaneida was given a raw deal in this, as she was denied her right to a speedy trial. Why is Casey Anthony any more important that Zaneida Gonzalez?

  59. muesli says:

    Humble, is FLAB your new, official nickname? Would that make us FLACs?

  60. batwoman says:

    Yup media whore like the Ants :sick: bbl. Erands. All stay safe!

  61. Rodriquez is a big bore, and is all about the media. ZFG did the the short end of the stick. Her case should have been resolved already.

    Yes, I am a FLAB=Fat Lazy Arse Blogger, you are a FLAC=Fat Lazy arse commentor……I am going to change my name!

  62. muesli says:

    It’s been raining quite heavily this morning. All the streams, gullies, depressions are filled with water. Perfect day to hide a body. It doesn’t take much to create flooding here. I just cannot fathom how any human could dispose of a body the way Caylee was disposed. How on earth can Casey live with herself, knowing what she did?

  63. There we go, I fixed my name!

    Bat, anyone connected to this case is starting to be a media whooper!

  64. Muesli, I can’t believe she threw that precious little girl in the woods the way she did. Casey needs the same respect.

  65. In the end, when she is found guilty, much will be said about her no remorse.

  66. muesli says:

    FLAB, your post has reminded me to check my driver’s license. I’m good till 9/14. Suggest you all check your licenses. Regards, FLAC

  67. muesli says:

    By the way, how did you get that picture of Casey posted above. Is that really from her driver’s license?

  68. muesli says:

    Is Smoke&Mirrors AWOL? I need the most recent list of jail visitors. I would like to see if the new lawyer is visiting Casey on a regular basis. Anybody know how Biaz is doing with his foreclosure issues? Did he also just forget to pay his mortgage, or didn’t receive any correspondence from BOA, as the Anthonys claimed? Perhaps BOA just left the correspondence on the windshield of his BMW. I’m going to go check the automated calendar system to see if there is anything on there between Mr. Biaz and BOA. BBL

  69. muesli says:

    Well, that was a wasted effort. Didn’t find a thing new. Anyway, time to get some things done. BBL Call if something new happens, i.e., Casey fires Biaz, Biaz fires Mason, Biaz fires Biaz, etc..

  70. Mrs. FLAC, mine is good for a long time….2019 guess I am with the right state! :lol:
    The pic above is from the evidence released. Had to do some searching but I found it!
    I haven’t seen the latest of visitors…Muzik man on docstoc usually posts it.

  71. knight owl says:

    Humble, good job giving us all this info on snothead. Hahahahahahaha. Will snothead ever learn. Her Dadda tried to tell her, now she will have to take the test over again says Dadda. Should she get out dummy would fail the test . She was probably given her first license due to cozying up to a guy that was giving the written test and driving test. So in short, cheating as ususal. Hahahahaha, i just cannot contain myself today.

  72. knight owl says:

    Hi Nanna, yea thats’ it George did it. lmho.

  73. knight owl says:

    Hi Mikka, Muesli, bat, Brad, anad if i missed anyone this means you too~~

  74. knight owl says:

    Oh Humble, your last post, i am soooooooooooo sick of Cindy Grinch too. I am sick of them all including laughing boy Lee. They have grinded down my last nerve.

  75. muesli says:

    Just checked back quickly, and such a nice surprise to see you knight owl. I remember chatting with you last year in the middle of the night. Now, I’m too lazy to balance my laptop on my lap to comment during the wide awake night time hours. Isn’t this case just a mess. Who knows, maybe this goes on in all murder cases, and we just don’t know about it.

  76. knight owl says:

    Too much to do today so must go for now. hopefully back tonite. Thanks humble i needed this laugh today.

  77. muesli says:

    I was just leaving for a while. I’ll check in later before I have to go out. Wonder what goodies are going to be served up to us today.

  78. knight owl says:

    Hi Muesli, soooooooooo good to see you. Yes we had some great times for sure. I misss so many that are not here anymore like Joann for one. Yes this case is the biggest mess i have ever seen. It was a HUGE mistake for Judge Strickland to have sided with bozo to not have a gag order. Love Judge Strickland but not a good decision on that one. Bozo fights dirty pool as that is all he knows how to do as he is slime. He was fighting dirty pool in my opinion trying to get the State discredited with that farce of a call from Robin Lunsford. Venice said it perfectly, that was a set up. I agree fully.

  79. batwoman says:

    Humble :w00t: !!! Count me in as FLAB Bat! :lol: !

  80. knight owl says:

    Muesli, i will also be checking back in when my hubby gives me a break today. We have one room left to paint, and were finally done. This has been an on going off again project since 2008 lol.

  81. knight owl says:

    We can be the flabhumblettes. lol. bbl.

  82. knight owl says:

    oh Nanna, see ya later too i hope, ooh or maybe not, my Prince is getting grumpy at me. lol

  83. batwoman says:

    Knightowl. Just take it slow with the hubby. Ya know how the can be. No match for us FLABs. We can kick a## when needed! Nothing about the depos of Jesse G yet on news here in FL.

  84. batwoman says:

    CAAAARRRRRROOOOOOLLLLLLL! All squirrells should be safe on the roads now since WFs driving previleges are gone!

  85. batwoman says:

    Bbl :heart: !

  86. Sharma says:

    Regarding hidden money: does anyone know if they went ashore anywhere “whilst” (OE on OS), on the cruise? I was on a Caribbean cruise, and when we docked on Grand Caymen, there was quite a crowd heading straight to a bank.
    I’m thinking back a just a few years ago, in the middle of our Economic slide, that the IRS was going to start checking on offshore accounts to find tax-evaders. Does anyone from IRS follow this case, and can they verify that that is even possible?

  87. Brad 'shopping cart' Conway says:

    Hey beautifuls! Yeah it’s so irritating that they’re going from ZFG to the grunds, to Kronk and now the searchers. It’s obvious they have nothing to go on, and no actual defense. They’re just blindly, stupidly grasping at anything they possibly can. Is that really how it’s supposed to work?

    Even IF someone moved the body…so what? Casey killed Caylee then someone moved the body. Csey still needs the death penalty imo. Also, IF someone did move the body, it was someone in the Anthony Crime Family, not a TES searcher for god’s sake. What are they even THINKING?

  88. Suzie Jane says:

    Hi all you gorgeous people!

    In regard to who-moved-the-body – if Caylee was indeed placed within not one garbage bag but two and then placed within the Whitney laundry bag, would she still “leak” like she did in the trunk? (Sorry, hope no one is trying to enjoy their lunch here :sick: )

    My thoughts are that she ruptured early on in the trunk due to the extreme FL heat in July previously to being bagged up. (Think exploding road kill – what a mess). WF failed to think that far in advance. After all, there were movies to rent, boyfriends to screw.

    I don’t feel WF would have the guts to package her rotting daughter up before disposal. Sounds like a job for the Crime Family or possibly Tony? Yikes.

  89. Hi ya Knight! Good to see you again! flabhumblettes :lol:

    Hi ya Sharma, I am unsure if any of it is researchable. I am also not sure they have money hidden away. Casey did leave them with some bills, quite a bit of money needed to pay out to cover themselves…again their OWN fault.

    Brad, so true. They have no defense and WILL make up anything and blame anyone. Seems to me, all of the people they have and will try, were not jealous of Caylee like the brat child is!

    Suzie, I think the laundry bag kept the plastic bags in tact, not really sure, and all the trash [pizza and chili seems to leave a decomp smell, ask Cindy nurse impersonator of decomp] I don’t think that the decomp could have been detected unless she was just placed there. Does that make any sense??

  90. batwoman says:

    Hey Brad, Lisa! And what was MoFo doing when she asked for the shovel from the guy across the street? Oopps she backed the car into the garage? Gave it back after she washed Caylee’s body in the pool and then put her in the bags. That’s why the dogs hit on it!

  91. FLsoccermom says:

    Hi Brad and Suzie. . .have to say IMHO I agree with you that Casey must have had an accomplice somewhere along the line. Casey killed Caylee and more Floridians should start complaining that we want this trial started already! What a waste of my tax dollars! This is dragging on waaay too long!

    The prosecution team has been extremely patient and I pray it pays off in the long run. Then, SINdy will be charged and she can bunk next to her murderess offspring for the rest of their miserable lives.

    Too bad we don’t have a commentor from Hopespring. Would love to be updatedon the Scamthony’s daily activities. Someone should also do a “where are they now” segment on Tony, Amy, and the rest of the gand affected by Casey’s crime sprees.

  92. FLsoccermom says:

    Hi Humble and Bat! Yes, what was she doing with that shovel?!?! Poor Caylee’s dead body had to have been in that backyard at some point. Was that the same day there were a flurry of phone calls made by Casey to her parents that went unanswered?

  93. batwoman says:

    Fl soccer. Judge Perry is making sure of it! I am paying for WF too! Just wish the Ants could pay for their so called disability. They have a long line of it from state to state!

  94. Carol says:

    Hello FLAB all you FLACers; Suz, bat, muesli.
    Thanks Brad for the compliment. :blush: :lol:
    I am so happy that the squirells will be safe crossing the street now. :smile:
    The license thing is just ridiculous. What did George Marie think she was going to be able to drive herself to the court hearings?! Or to run out to taco bell for snacks for herself and the jail mates? :tongue: Ha!!!

  95. muesli says:

    Back for just a few. Did I read correctly at WFTV that the Grund’s deposition by the defense were cancelled again. If so, that is such an imposition on them. I know, as my husband and I are being deposed in a civil suit between some neighbors here. He is subpoenaed by the defendant’s lawyer, and I am subpoenaed by the plantiff’s lawyer. It is on the same day, but one at 9 a.m. and one at 12.30. This screws up our whole day, and I am not happy about it. We have to reserve this time, as there is no choice. So, the Grund’s have to keep on disrupting their lives every time the Biaz team decides they want to depose them. That’s disgusting.

  96. muesli says:

    I was just wondering how many here on this blog are from Florida, and if any of us live near each other. I’m in Sarasota. Any neighbors here?

  97. Carol says:

    Hi muesli. Bozo is also deposing Dr. G and wasting her valuable time! What an a**!

  98. FLsoccermom says:

    Too funny, Carol! I always think of WF when one of our crazy squirrels run in front of my car! Now I’ll get a giggle out of it!

    The poor Grunds have been through he!! and back because of this murderer who was once going to be their daughter-in-law!

  99. batwoman says:

    Carol :w00t: Squirells we love ya! You are vindicated today! Oopps! Beaz is still out there!

  100. FLsoccermom says:

    Muesli, we are in the Ft. Lauderdale area.

    Why does Baez insist on deposing Dr. G.? She is extremely detail oriented and anything he has a question on is in her notes. He is definitely the biggest waste of air I have seen in a long time! I hope he looses his bar privledges when this is over.

  101. Carol says:

    Hi FLmom. What if the Grunds pull a Cindy and just refuse to come to next depo? What happens to them?
    Just think, Jesse would have SINdy for a mother-in-law!! :w00t:

  102. muesli says:

    i have to leave for an appointment. See ya all this evening.

  103. Carol says:

    Bat, I am going to start a new champain; Save the Squirells, Shank the Skank! :biggrin:

  104. batwoman says:

    Muesli. I am 2 hrs north. But after blogging I won’t be picked for jury. They may well pick from here. When I talk to coworkers most have no clue!

  105. Carol says:

    Brad, where to you hail from? Come on, you can tell us.

  106. batwoman says:

    Carol :w00t: Skank the Dunce! What an extreme excuse for any living matter! :lol:

  107. batwoman says:

    And how many times does poor J Grund have to take off from work because Dunce doesn’t have it together again! Unbelevible what this excuse thinks he can get away with!

  108. Carol says:

    She wouldn’t pass that drivers test without Cliff notes.
    I wonder if she ever got her GED sitting on her fat a** all day long? She is studying law books to become a lawyer though. :w00t: Think bozo would hire her? :lol: Perfect!

  109. batwoman says:

    Just before I go. Work Ugh! Always wondered why WF borrowed the shavel and car was backed into garage? Poor Caylee was dead by then. She must have tried to bury her under the play house, but then couldn’t. She washed her off in the pool then placed her back in the trunk. She then gave the shovel back to the neighbors! Chomps says she eas doing yard work :sick:

  110. Carol says:

    Bat, I guess we shall have to wait to find that out. Have fun at work. Catch you later. :smile:

  111. batwoman says:

    All stay safe and loved!

  112. Carol says:

    Yes, Brad, brilliant idea! Let’s start a petition to have the State take all of their money due out of WF’s commissary account. I love it!
    I always wondered if she (bozo) let that slide and apparently, they did. Oh, the conveinant memory losses of that man so far. I’m going to sign him up for a subscription to Alzhiemer’s monthly. bbl

  113. FLsoccermom says:

    Carol, you are on a roll today! Shank the skank = rotflmao!!!!!!!1

  114. mikka says:

    you saw this,i am pissed!STOP EATING BI@TCH!

  115. mikka says:

    she order a lot of ponytail holders???may she will strangle herself!HAHAHHHAHHAHHAAHH

  116. mikka says:

    in 12 days 140 dollars,cma dont spend money,thats for sure!

  117. Hi Mikka! She had to pay the amount she was over drawn. So that left her with very little money. Plus she has to pay her daily stay of 1.50 or what ever it is.

  118. Poor MarK NeJames…the only ones who want fame:
    Bozo, Perry Mason wanna be, Cindy George, Conwheels

    Casey team accuses NeJame of wanting fame

  119. nannab says:

    defense is skum.. real true dirty pool skum… really do feel sorry for Nejame.. sheeesh… next one accused of wanting fame will be our Humble.. :lol:

  120. If anyone else gets attention, they are looking for fame and fortune. Too bad,. Mark is one of the best involved in this game of Casey’s life. At least he will never call a “NEWS” conference and talk about himself the whole time…

  121. Carol says:

    Thank you FLAB Humble for that link.
    Hi FLACer mikka! How was the horsey ride? Yes, what the heck does she do with all those pony tail holders? Is she macrameing a bungy cord ride for her cell or a noose? Why doesn’t she use the damn things in court so we don’t have to see that pork rind grease hair?! Yuck! :sick:

  122. :lol: Nanna! i was thinking, my dog would be next wanting fame.

  123. nannab says:

    I think the skum defense is getting ideas from FLABs.. Humble I’m with you.. once a FLAB, always a FLAB…

  124. Hi Carol! I might change it to FLABS=Fat Lazy arse blogger scum. That sounds more like a Cindy comment…. :w00t:

  125. Nanna…I must :lol: We are all Flabs’ers is that a word?

  126. nannab says:

    Bozo wants her out real baaad.. doesn’ t he.. ??

  127. nannab says:

    It is a word..yep..

  128. nannab says:

    back to :ninja: .. until I get riled by the FLABS again… :lol:

  129. And why does Bozo want her out real bad! Because he wants to go down in history as the world biggest jackarse who got the murdering mother off of the murder charges! :ninja:
    Yep its a word I use!

  130. I think this whole thing with Mark is so funny. Baez will never be the attorney Mark is and that is what it is coming down to. He is trying very hard to bring Mark down to his low life level. Never happen. Next he will go after Kronks attorney, David Evans. Both are awesome, something you will never hear in the same sentence with Baez, of course unless he is arrested!

  131. Carol says:

    Nannab, you’re on a roll today! HA!! :lol:
    I’ll tell ya, in the past two years, my arse did get wider sitting here. Now, isn’t that a pleasant picture? :pinch:

  132. When we all get a real life like Cindy, guess she will start to like us. but we just will never get there! :wink:

  133. mikka says:

    FLAB :lol: thanks
    love this

    If I wanted the fame, I surely wouldn’t have fired the client,” NeJame said. “They’re just wrong. It’s a typical ploy. If you don’t have the facts then you go after the lawyer or you go after another individual. It’s just nonsense. Just nonsense.”

  134. Mikka, your welcome! :lol:

    Baez and his dork team are just that, typical!

  135. mikka says:

    carol,she dont cant shave at jail,this she have all this pony holders :lol: :lol:

  136. It is just so sad that they stoop to such a low level. When they have nothing, they start this crap. The Judge needs to put Bozo in his place already. this childish crap is for children…of course we know Baez is a child!

  137. mikka says:

    this means,nejame fired cindy,like oprah fired cindy and marc class fired cindy! :lol: :lol:

  138. Carol says:

    Bozo is so jealous of the real good attorneys, that he could spit. He will always be just an ambulance chaser at best.
    Humble FLAB, do you know if anything happened with Dom Casey with his foreclosure the other day or did the slime bucket slither out of that one too?

  139. mikka says:

    FLABLETTE! :loL :lol: …….

  140. Mikka, Cindy has been fired more times in the past 2 years it is comical. Wonder if her job awaits her…she could get fired there for impersonating a Nurse!

  141. mikka says:

    for months bozo grasping on straws,no he grasping on air!

  142. Carol I’ll look to see what I can find…hang on don’t leave! :w00t:


    Looks like it is 13 August 2010 at 9 am

  144. Mikka, he grasps for air when he sees “My Girl”

  145. mikka says:

    FLAB :lol: i like just humble better! :sad:

  146. mikka says:

    bozo cancel the depo for today for jessie and richard grund for the second time!

  147. You can call me humble! :w00t:

    Mikka, they need to make a complaint about it! I am sure there will be something done. Maybe they will cancel at the last minute next time! :lol:

  148. mikka says:

    humble :lol: :biggrin:

  149. Found this about Baez foreclosure attorney:

    UM Law alumna Cindy G. Duque, JD ’02, named president of the Hispanic Bar Association of Central Florida

    The Hispanic Bar Association of Central Florida installed UM Law alumna Cindy G. Duque, JD ’02, as its new president during the 2009 Annual Installation Dinner. Joining Duque at the event was fellow UM Law alum and former Florida Bar President Frank R. Angones, JD ’76, who was the event’s featured speaker.

    Duque is the founder of Duque Law Firm LLC, a boutique full service law firm in Orlando, Florida. After earning her law degree, Duque worked for Greenberg Traurig, LLP, representing large national general contractors, custom home builders, state entities, national commercial landlords, and other major business entities on commercial and construction litigation matters. Duque later joined the law firm of Wooten Honeywell Kimbrough Gibson Doherty & Normand, P.A, where she represented personal injury victims in automobile accident cases, premises liability cases, nursing home abuse litigation, and products liability cases, among others.

  150. Makes you wonder what the Hispanic Bar President had to say about the Baez when the judge Stricky made that complaint about him. NOW with him losing his house and is his attorney, I see conflict of interest!

  151. mikka says:

    humble thanks, :wink:


  152. mikka says:

    humble i ask me is bozo legal or illegal here??? :cool:

  153. mikka says:

    look hahahahhaha cma will be so lonley in PRISON! :lol:

  154. Carol says:

    Thanks Humble! So, Friday, hey? That gives him two more days to get out of the country! :lol:
    Mikka, bozo is an illegal alien. :alien:

  155. Well Mikka, he claims to have been in the military, I assume he might be legal…he needs to go to Arizona! :w00t:

    Friday it is Carol! I bet he loses it all!

  156. Carol says:

    Well, good, they should have passed that years ago. Prisoners are supposed to sit there and think about what they did wrong. Or in WF’s case, think about how she could have covered her a** better and not get caught! :lol:
    Mikka, WF doesn’t have to shave anymore – no more boyfriends to see her hairy legs and pits. Yuck! :sick:

  157. mikka says:

    humble :lol: call sheriff joe from ariz.! :lol::lol:

  158. mikka says:

    carol :lol::lol:

  159. Arizona is exactly where these kid killers need to go until death row is ready for them.

  160. jojo21 says:

    Muesli…I am in Fort Myers, FL…….
    This case in sooo convoluted……….makes your head hurt……

  161. carol says:

    Don’t worry,Casey doesen’t need her licenses. Becaus she is in jail and will be getting the death penalty.

  162. glen says:

    He licenses is no big deal,she will never be able to drive again.

    However I say TES give the info and call their bluff…

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