One year ago, George made a big fool of himself..of course not the first time

falseinfoMark NeJame held a news conference. While the conference was going on, low and behold, George comes in demanding to talk to the attorney representing TES. George said:  “I NEED TO SEE YOU NOW!” Mark NeJame says OK!   Apparently, Baez called George and said they were doing a news conference. So the Baez told George that the news conference has photos they are showing and are improper, which is now said to be faulty information, in other words, Baez  lied. My question is, why send in George, why not go yourself. If Baez were so worried about it, he would have been there.

Mark NeJame said they had at least 700 photos to go through. Tim Miller did turn several photo’s over to the defense team. They are also willing to turn over 32 people’s names that searched in the area back in August. If the judges says they have to.   I hope that the Casey will have to pay for it as TES does only work off of donations. TES’s donations don’t need to be spent on this case. It also does give you a different look at helping search for any charity, especially since the d-team is out for blood, and pointing a finger at anyone they can.

The photos are said to prove that the area was FLOODED out when TES was out there. Unlike the rumor that it was dry in that area.  The defense is trying to say that the body was put there AFTER Casey went to jail.

Mark NeJames letter
Response to defendants motion
Photos Video

Also today, Casey Anthony’s defense team filed a new 91-page motion in court. The attorneys are demanding records of communication between Orange County investigators, the FBI and the University of Tennessee’s Body Farm.    91 page motion

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87 Responses to One year ago, George made a big fool of himself..of course not the first time

  1. Carol says:

    G M All. Numero Uno!!

  2. Hi Carol! Oh George…you can always expect a sweet little fool out of him! :w00t:

  3. Carol says:

    Hi Humble. For George to go barging in a closed meeting – really?! Boy, I bet Judge Strickland is just thrilled to death (pun) that he is off this case. Dog time – bbl.

  4. Carol, I agree! I think George has alot of nerve. Of course this info came from no other than the dork teams head leading want to be cool attorney! If Blowzo isn’t making a fool of himself…he helps others to make a fool of themself….

  5. bbl………………
    Have a few things to do and will bbl….
    be safe, be FLAB!

  6. muesli says:

    Can you imagine if someone barged into one of the Anthony’s press conferences? George Marie is even too stupid to be embarrassed that he made such an A$$ of himself, once again. Bet he had a lot to say to Mr. Biaz after that fiasco. Mr. NeJame, as usual, handled it all with class. I still haven’t had a chance to view yesterday’s videos. Just back with the dog and talking to neighbors. Oh, the gaul. Just thinking of him barging in like that makes my blood boil.

    Mood today: agressive

    I even left a short comment over at BS’s site. Bet that will get the wilted tulip in an uproar. (the devil made me do it) :devil:

  7. muesli says:

    Just re-watched the video of George barging in. I just Kathi Belich’s opening report saying that every time the Anthonys don’t like what is being done, they create some drama. Kathi has, and has had, this group of low lifers pegged from day one. Way to go Kathi Belich. Keep up the good work.

  8. DJR says:

    Georgie Boy is nothing but a big fool.I wonder how his parents feels about him now.Are they proud of him? How do they feel about Spindy?

  9. muesli says:

    DJR, if you review the recently released letters from Cindy to Casey, you will see that George’s parents must be totally supporting him. They have stayed overnight with the Anthonys, enjoyed meals together, etc., etc.. It’s in the letters. They live in the Ft. Meyers area. George stayed with them for many months, when he left Cindy, and filed for divorce. That was shortly after Casey was born. What a happy home that is.

  10. Venice says:

    What a bunch of horsesh*t this Baez guy is!! I hope Mark NeJame sticks it up the the DT a$$!!

  11. DJR says:

    I know muesli,I read the letters. But is it true?? Spindy knows these letters will get out.I guess we will see when trial comes,if the famlies are there.

  12. muesli says:

    DJR, the person I am most interested in seeing on the stand is Rick Plesea, Cindy’s brother. Remember the email exchanges between those two? Rick had it all figured out at the very beginning. He knew exactly what George Marie & Cindy were doing, and had always done concerning Casey.

  13. muesli says:

    I don’t think Cindy actually believed the letter would come under Sunshine laws. Otherwise, I don’t think she would have tried to send that card under the guise of it coming from Mr. Biaz’s law office, and was confidential, legal material. I also don’t think that George thought they would be released. If they did, I don’t think they would want the world to know and see how they begged Casey to let them visit. There went their excuse that they couldn’t visit because of it being videoed and released to the public. They lie so easily, and with a straight face. Amazing.

    Is videoed a word? It doesn’t work on my spell check.

  14. paminny says:

    Good Morning all! I thought more docs were going to be released this week.

  15. Sharma (WA) says:

    Someone else mentioned, and I totally agree, that CA sending that card w/Biaz return was a “dry run.” As in “Here’s something we can try, and if it works, that’s how I’ll get privacy.” Yes CA is that conniving. CA’s poetic motto, which can apply to any and all of her actions for the past 2 years:
    I’m sure she thought it would fly,
    but if not, deny, deny.

  16. Diana says:

    I’m just wondering WHEN Cindy Anthony will be held accountable for obstructing justice, habitually lying, starting a bogus foundation and now mail fraud?

    Why won’t they arrest her? Unless….no jail will take her. :)

  17. muesli says:

    Diana, if they arrest Cindy for anything in this case before the trial, she can take the 5th on the stand, and we will never get a chance to see her purger herself. I don’t want to miss that.

  18. Carol says:

    Hello again all. Well, I guess SINdy gave Geroge Marie his balls back that day he barged in. Unreal!
    I couldn’t see the water in the pics but we all the truth. Kathi Belich is great and Rick P.
    Venice, now what is your new avatar? Garlic roped together? bbl

  19. muesli says:

    Well, it seems that Judge Perry officially signed the order allowing the defense to review all 4,000 pages, tab and take notes. I’d like an explanation from Judge Perry why he went back on his original order. Is this the way it is going to go. I thought he was going to be the tough judge. Bet ya something gets released from the defense team. They can’t keep their traps shut. Hope so, anyway.

  20. muesli says:

    Well, my biscotti are out of the oven. I’ve been procrastinating, avoiding viewing those videos from yesterday. While they are cooling, waiting for the second baking, I’ll force myself to finish yesterday’s homework assignment.

  21. Brad 'shopping cart' Conway says:

    I’m surprised Cindy wasn’t the one trying to commandeer the press conference, given her pathological need to control everyone and everything…Also, I hope Perry isn’t going soft on us. I can never get the registering to work right or I would have been commenting the past few days. It never sends anything to my email… Oh well.

  22. ss says:

    ORLANDO, Fla. — Judge Belvin Perry made public his order on Friday to allow Casey Anthony’s defense access to Texas Equusearch records.

    The order included restrictions that any relevant information identified by the defense will not be made public or released to the media.

    Any release of information to the defense which is disputed by Equusearch will be decided by Perry.
    The location where this review will take place has not yet been determined.

    The defense hopes the information could help them cast further doubt over who left Caylee Anthony’s remains in a wooded area off Suburban Drive and when.

  23. jnetk says:

    I am so disgusted with Judge Perry. Never have I seen such a spoiled brat as Baez that kicks and screams until he gets his ways. You know without a doubt the defense will let something leak. What’s to stop them, they have done it continously and haven’t gotten in trouble yet. I have never seen such a miscarriage of justice in my life. Ugh!!!!

  24. jnetk says:

    Sorry, I’m still on my rant. I think they should just let her loose and let the Florida Taxpayers take care of her. And Baez and company while you all are at it. Geesh!!!!

  25. Diana says:


    I’m at the point of not caring what Cindy says on the stand anyway. She is such a habitual liar (like her daughter) it just burns me up to listen to her.

    I would like her to be her arrested NOW. Maybe then she would learn to shut that big lying mouth up and STOP.

    ps. Who am I kidding? I will be glued to the TV, CNN, and my pc for that whole day! Wouldn’t that just bite if they won’t allow cameras? Tons of bloggers have followed this case from day 1.

  26. caroly says:

    Goood afternoon everyone. I am starting to get really worried about this trial. First Baez broke the rules by delivering mail between Casey and her Mum thus bypassing the rules for inmate mail. Then he lied about knowing that the call from Lynceford was recorded since the transcript indicates he answered it himself and got the jail message and then the inmate reminded him the call was recorded. Now, Conway indicates Baez lied in a document regarding the TES documents which is why Conway has resigned as counsel for the Anthony’s. If an attorney himself will misspeak so many times at risk of being charged with perjury, what will he ask a witness to do? If he gets access to all the TES searchers surely there will be at least one he can get to lie. And the fact is that some lies will provide reasonable doubt. How does an officer of the court get away with this kind if behaviour in court.

  27. muesli says:

    Diana, I know how you feel. Love your comment, “Who am I kidding?”. I also sometimes rant, just to make myself feel better.

  28. Hi everyone on for a minute!

    Here is what is said in the article from WESH…of course they don’t POST the motion:

    Any release of information to the defense which is disputed by Equusearch will be decided by Perry.
    The location where this review will take place has not yet been determined.

    I assume this will be a 4 day court hearing, as I am sure that Blowzo will want it all!

  29. hvf says:

    I am so sick to death of the shananagans of the defense team. I am so sad for the families that could have been help but the selfish As were into it all the time. I hope they spend time in jail when this is all over with.

  30. muesli says:

    Done. Finally have completed yesterday’s video assignment. I’ll write my book report later. Took a few notes. Still can use my Gregg.

  31. hvf says:

    I mean the families that TES needed help at the time.

  32. I also think, that anyone they contact and did NOT search the area where Caylee was found, should file a complaint against the Blowzo team!

  33. :lol: Muesli…we wait it’s arrival!

    Goes to show you what an in-experienced attorney can do, HVF!

  34. hvf says:

    I think this is why everyone is chomping at the bit to get the trial going cuz everyone wants to see the A’s verbally B-slapped by the Prosecution…..which I think will happen and I will be tickled when it does.

  35. hvf says:

    Well humble, I hope that Bozo has to live on Tums daily for the rest of his life for his tactics.

  36. Carol says:

    Hi All! Glad to see you made it Brad! :smile:
    Well, I hope Perry is not caving in to any more of bozo’s requests. ERRR. I’m about ready to tell the defense to kiss my a**. Maybe Nejame needs a little ‘fire sale’ in his office and be done with the stinking docs. :angry:

  37. HVF, he thinks he is a good attorney and doing the right thing. Just like his bills, he isn’t paying them, and not caring!

    Hi Carol,
    I think Mark NeJames is a good attorney, and the Judge will rely on TES and him to cause havoc on the information.

  38. hvf says:

    I am a firm believer in What goes around, comes around……whether he cares or not………….it will come back on him in some form.

  39. stephanie says:

    Hello Everyone…I only have a few minutes, but I will be back tonight for sure.

    I remember George rushing to the press conference. George has made a fool out of himself so many times…The first thing that popped into my mind this morning when reading Humble’s caption…George’s essay, lmbo.

  40. knight owl says:

    Hi Humble and everyone, what is wrong with this picture? Tim Miller had to hire an attorney. All due to bozo and his cheating theatrics. Judge Perry should have told this clown i have already ruled on this so shut up and start figuring out your new line of defense as this subject is void now. I actually think Baez should be disbarred NOW, throw out old man Mason and his bad hearing aid, and give Casey a death qualified public defender.

  41. knight owl says:

    Hi steph, good to see you.

  42. smoke&mirrors says:


    08/20/2010 Order on Motion to Quash the Court’s Order on Defendant’s Application for Subpoena Duces Tecum for the Documents in Possession of Texas Equusearch for Bad Faith

    08/20/2010 Order for Motion for Transcription Services

    08/30/2010 Status Hearing (1:30 PM) (Judicial Officer Perry, Belvin, JR)

    08/30/2010 Hearing (2:00 PM) (Judicial Officer Perry, Belvin, JR)
    Scheduling Conference

  43. knight owl says:

    The idiot Baez should be on the airwaves continually trying to find Zenaida Fernandez- Gonzales and shoving that down our throats as does he not claim to believe his client? How many times does mama Casey have to tell him what happened to Caylee and who took her? If nothing else maybe he could at least be able to find Zanny’s little dog Cindy says she has and maybe they can get the dog whisperer to teach it to talk and tell us all the truth. lmao.

  44. knight owl says:

    Hi Diana, i want muffin head and Georgette to be arrested too but not until after trial. I want all the heat on Casey right now and all the focus.

  45. knight owl says:

    Thanks for that info Smokes.

  46. smoke&mirrors says:

    YW Knight Owl,

    Now here it is… what we have all been waiting to see for ourselves… THE ORDER from Judge Belvin Perry regarding EquuSearch docs.

    Order on Motion to Quash The Court’s Order on Defendant’s Application For Subpoena Duce Tecum For The Documents In Possession of Texas EquuSearch For Bad Faith

  47. stephanie says:

    Hey Knight…It is good to see you too. What does bfng mean?

    Hi Smoke…Thank you. Did I read this correctly and it was a win for TES…Everything is still pretty much the same?

  48. smoke&mirrors says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    Good to see you! :smile:

    Yes, you read it correctly. The Order stands with a few additional cautionary measures designed to protect the privacy of the volunteer searchers.

  49. stephanie says:

    It is really good to see you too…Been missing everyone!

    That is what I thought…Even with the new judge things are not going their way like they hoped. Even more so they seem to be going against them even more, lol

  50. smoke&mirrors says:

    And here’s the best part… after the year long delay of not going to view the TES records, Baez still has to GET IT DONE by next Wednesday, 25 AUG 2010. Ha, ha, ha!

    So, I honestly don’t see what Baez and Mason were gloating about at that little presser they held Monday. What did I miss?

  51. stephanie says:

    I didn’t see the little presser, but they really haven’t had anything to gloat about this whole time, right? Yet they seem to gloat at all the press conferences…or at least spin their loss

  52. smoke&mirrors says:

    Just an FYI….

    Defense Requested TES Records

    07/16/2009 Memorandum of Law in Support of Defendant’s Motion for Certification of Timothy Miller as a Material Witness in the Instant Prosecution, or in the Alternative Application for Subpoena for Documents in the Possession of Texas Equusearch

    07/16/2009 Motion Defendant’s; to Certify Timothy Miller as a Material Witness in the Instant Prosecution, or in the Alternative Application for Subpoena Duces Tecum for Documents in the Possession of Texas Equusearch


  53. stephanie says:

    Thank you again Smoke…Talk to you later

  54. Diana says:

    You guys are really funny on this blog. I find myself laughing everytime I come here. And you all seem to say what everyone is thinking already, but too afraid to say it!

    I’m not anticipating Cindy as much as I was before this last court appearance. I wanted the abusive, wild eyed nutcase from the depositions, but she was actually well rehearsed and almost human acting this last time. Probably though…….when LDB starts questioning her in that accusatory tone she uses, it will set Cindy off, like the time she referred to Casey as a baby, and Cindy was LIVID, and gave Linda a look from hell. Wished I could find that video, but I can only find the first half with Baez (boring and leading).

  55. maxineme says:

    I agree Diane,, and hey , Hello Stephanie,, and all the humble blogger s……..
    I have been gone tooo long.. I miss all of you, and am back…. :lol:

  56. stephanie says:

    Hi Diana…I also agree. I believe the video is the bond hearing…For some reason it had seemed to be removed long ago. Nobody has been able to get their hands on it. If it is the same. There was a part in there when LKB was questioning Cindy and I think it was the word insinuated that came up…Cindy thought she was being so smart. But, LKB showed just what a dumb arse Cindy is.
    I do think Cindy will start out okay on the stand, but it will take a toll on her…She will be up there for a long time with no control over anything. I really think she will eventually lose it, who knows!
    After some of the last documents that were released…I am pretty excited to see the SNAKE DC on the stand…I think that will be good too.

    Hi Maxi…Missed you!!

  57. Diana says:

    Hi *Steph

    Yeah that’s the one I want. The word was alluded, and Cindy got all pissy thinking it meant insinuated, and Linda made an idiot out of her.

  58. maxineme says:

    :sleeping: be back tomorrow…. thanks

  59. smoke&mirrors says:

    Hi Diana, Steph and anyone else who may be lurking. Good night Max.

    Cindy called for Zany (aka: Zanny the Nanny) at least two times in July 2008. :ninja:

  60. stephanie says:

    Diana…That was it. It showed what an idiot Cindy really is. I really would like to know why this part of the video has been removed from everyone…That is very strange

    Night Maxi…Sorry I am in and out

  61. stephanie says:

    Hi Smoke…It is so funny how Cindy likes to walk around like she is so smart. She has made it through life lying about things and teaching her family…If it makes you look bad just lie. We are perfect intelligent American family…that is all anyone is to ever know about our self absorbed lying arses…That we are perfect…All because of me.

    Why do you think they removed the half of the video with Cindy at the bond hearing?

  62. smoke&mirrors says:


    That half of the video contained a lot of sensitive information regarding the Ants finances (market value of home, refinancing, etc.).

    You will also find there are about 200 pages missing from Cindy’s Depo by the Prosecution 29 July 2009… the parts when she talks about her short-term disability, long-term disability, etc.

    When she made a stink about this information going public, someone (I don’t remember if it was LDB or not) told her there was a legal remedy to deal with that sort of thing.

  63. stephanie says:

    That makes sense, but then again isn’t most of that public if someone really wants to find out?

  64. smoke&mirrors says:

    Cindy claimed she had no “red flags” about Caylee & Casey before 15 July 2008. She also stated there was no reason for her to contact Zany or Casey’s friend Juliet. Funny thing is, Cindy DID attempt to contact them!

    Here’s when I believe Cindy attempted to contact Zanny:

    THU, July 3, 2008

    11:52:44 Anthony (Cindy) Home phone call to phone # (321) 331-2291.… call duration = 13 sec. [discovery doc p. 2592] In Casey’s cell phone address book, there is a listing for “B Coop” – phone # (845) 321-2291.

    TUE, July 15, 2008

    9:25 p.m. Cindy called (321) 331-2291 AGAIN! This is the same phone number she called on 7/3/2008. Perhaps she forgot, while in a panic-stricken state of mind, that there was no Zany at this number.

  65. Brad 'shopping cart' Conway says:

    …And let the harrassment BEGIN!!

    Go for it Bozo! Show those worthless, powerless saps who’s boss. We know ya can do it. Look up their entire history! Destroy them!! Those bumpkins were dumb enough to walk through woods, fields, brush, get bitten by bugs and risk heatstroke to search for a girl they never met- they deserve to be harassed and impugned and accused, right?? RIGHT??

    After all, they weren’t smart like you and the Antony Crime Family, sitting in air conditioning, doing myspace searches and asking for unpaid assistants, right? You now have Perry’s permission to add the ultimate insult to injury – make good use of it. Secure your place in the hottest part of hell. Get your suits and kerchiefs ready – make up some snappy insults for Kathi Belich – and especially – don’t forget to petition the JAC to let you have some assistants come in and look through the files!

    God folks I’ve done the impossible – I’ve reached an entirely NEW level of disgust! I didn’t think I could but here I am.

    Keep one thing in mind – Bozo claimed emphatically that he only wanted access to TES records to find out if anyone searched the area. He stated on camera he did NOT want to harass people.

    NOW remember my words – here is what will happen: Someone in the bunch will have a shady record, or a checkered past. Then, Bozo will claim he “has no choice” but to investigate this person (think Jill Kerley) and viola – the newest person to be Kronked. I guarantee this will happen. The search for reasonable doubt has begun – with 4000 potential ‘golden tickets’ casey’s freedom – Bozo only needs one. Evil, evil, EVIL.

  66. stephanie says:

    That is just non-sense she NEVER would have had a need to call the Nanny. Which by the way a nanny comes to your home not the other way around. My daughter brings the kids over that she nannies. I have also met the family that my other daughter was a nanny for this summer. They both had met the families including grandparents of the kids they nanny. Not only that my youngest only worked there for 2 months in the summer. Grandparents lived out of town and made a point to meet the girl taking care of their grandchildren.
    When ever I listen to Cindy go on about no need to contact the nanny and never meeting her…She is full of sh*t. She knows there was no nanny…She took care of Caylee not a nanny

  67. stephanie says:

    Hi Brad…But, he doesn’t get the 4000 searches does he. I thought it was still just the 35(somewhere around that number) that was in the area?

  68. smoke&mirrors says:


    Before Cindy finally got Lee involved with trying to find Casey and Caylee, she did attempt to call the Nanny. That is what I was demonstrating in the comment above. Casey simply used variations of different ppl’s phone numbers to make Cindy believe they were real. Why else would Cindy call this number just a few minutes before she placed the 911 call heard around the world about “smells like a dead body in the damn car?”

    Lee also figured it out when he attempted to contact Juliet. Casey was using Brittany’s phone number for her. Lee called the number twice before it sunk in that that was a FAKE number for Juliet Lewis.

  69. stephanie says:

    I know she might have tried to call a nanny, but I believe Cindy knew there wasn’t an actual nanny…that it was maybe a friend or someone like this. There is just no way you could never meet the nanny especially after all the time the supposed nanny was taking care.

    I will go read it again. I thought when I read it earlier, it was small changes to the order. But, nothing about them being able to look at all the searches?

  70. stephanie says:

    Okay…Am I reading it wrong or am I remember wrong? I thought Strickland only allowed a certain number of searches…the searches that were right there in that area which was somewhere around 30…which I am thinking was total for both times in the area.

  71. smoke&mirrors says:

    Yeah Steph,

    Logic would dictate most Grandparents would have met the Nanny and had “real” contact information… but this is Cindy we’re talking about. As long as it gave her a break from baby sitting and Cindy chose to believe her “princess” daughter until things spiraled out of control around the May 2008 timeframe, she was fine believing Casey was handling her business. JMO

    The first rendition of Judge Perry’s Order allowed for inspection of all 4,000 searchers with a Spc. Magistrate present. That did not change. However, he did stipulate that the Defense is not allowed to release any info about these searchers to the public or the media, etc.

    Of course, as slow as I’m typing right now you may have already read it. :lol:

  72. smoke&mirrors says:


    Atty. NeJame mailed copies of the 32 or so searcher’s info who were assigned to the area to Baez a while back after Baez failed to come to his office and pick them up.

    There has been so much back and forth on this issue since the original Order by Judge Strickland in August 2009 that it would prolly only make since if you read each doc to figure out exactly what changed and why.

    I am no legal eagle so I do not understand which issues if not resolved properly could lead to a legitimate appeal. However, Atty. Richard Hornsby stated this issue, in his opinion, could have done just that because it is one that is central to the Defense’s case.

    All I know is, this is not Judge Perry’s first dance.

  73. stephanie says:

    I sure hope Nejame goes back inside and states that it should only be the searches in the area…After all Baez is saying it was someone else and Caylee wasn’t there when the searches where there. How would the 3970 other searches know if they weren’t in the area.

    Plus one of these people the defense has saying she searched with TES and Caylee wasn’t there. Didn’t they show she didn’t search with them?

  74. stephanie says:

    Or maybe I am crazy…maybe she did search with them and the other searches are saying she is wrong. I have to refresh my memory on somethings after being away so long.

    Thank you Smoke for the info

  75. stephanie says:

    I also understand what Hornsby is saying, but again this one I would have to go with TES…there is no reason to look over people that were not in the area searching.

  76. smoke&mirrors says:

    Are you referring to Laura Buchannan? Atty. NeJame made a statement to the effect of being satisfied with the resolution. I doubt he will submit any further motions to fight this Order.

    I don’t know what Baez hopes to gain by this little exercise, because he does not have the time nor the resources (JAC is not going to pay for a fishing expedition). The budget for in-state P.I. work was 300 hrs. and 100 hrs. for out-of-state. There are also deadlines for other activities, such as, Depos that need to be conducted. He better jump to it!

  77. stephanie says:

    Okay…But, did you say this is something they are to have done by Wed, the 25th?
    I am really sorry for being so far behind. I tried to read and keep up as much as I could while all was going on, but I missed a LOT!

  78. smoke&mirrors says:


    I respect your opinion and I’m sure from reading comments on other blogs that there are others who would agree. However, the Order is Done! Only Judge Perry can change it. And somehow I don’t think that’s about to happen. So, I guess we’ll have to see how it plays out.

  79. stephanie says:

    I agree Smoke…I am just wondering if Nejame will go back and file like he did when Strickland was there. I would like to see that, but I really doubt it if they had a meeting and they all agreed upon the order. I just feel for the people that in the future want to help with things like this…It makes it hard.

  80. smoke&mirrors says:

    Absolutely! 25 August 2010 is the deadline. I did not read anything in the latest Order that suggested this date would change.

    Can you say, O/T = Overtime work this weekend?! Oh no, JAC is not going to pay the Spc. Magistrate O/T. Oh well, there’s still Mon & Tues of next week. Drop everything! :lol:

  81. smoke&mirrors says:

    One of the things I have to keep reminding myself of is, not everyone is following this case as closely as us FLABs (Fat Lazy Arse Bloggers) & NLB (No Life Bloggers) affectionately named by Cindy.

    A reality check for me that this is not the case is when I speak with friends and family who live in and very close to Orlando, FL.

    I believe there will always be some ppl. who will do the right thing no matter what! Others will look for excuses to say why they won’t. That’s just the way it is.

    Have a good night. :sleeping:

  82. stephanie says:

    It is just amazing when you think about all the characters in this case on the defense and helping the defense. I was thinking about it earlier when thinking about DC taking the stand. I can’t think of one every day normal kind of person the defense has to call to the stand. Not that any of us are really normal…I realize we all have issues, but you know what I mean. Not a snake or plane out crazy.

  83. stephanie says:

    Can’t wait for Wed!

    You are right not everyone is following this case. I knew more people in the beginning that were following it from the different states…friends not on the blog, but they quit following long ago. Every once in a while one might ask whatever happened with the case in Fl.
    But, I do have some friends that follows along here also and they just don’t post anything…none of them are in FL.

    Have a good night Smoke…Hope to see you this weekend

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