Casey Anthony: Baez where did the money go?

It's about ME & money!

As we know better, we will never get the “TRUTH” from the defense team as to where all there money had gone before the Budget hearing. I bet Casey will never know where her blood money, that she paid the Baez with, went. There is money, I assume they received that we don’t even know about. REMEMBER Baez had pictures for sale…….makes you go hummmm!     

If we take a little look at who was paid in this case it comes to this:     

  • Baez – $89,454.83
    Lyon – $22,500.00
    Mackenzie – $10,000.00
    Total = $121,954.83

We know he never paid the PI Dom Casey his $90,000.00, he filed complaint with the FL Bar April 2009. I guess had Baez paid him then he could have kept his house and not had to file bankruptcy!  He needs to sue Baez for the $90K and then have Baez pay ALL his attorney fees, court costs, etc.     

Let’s look into who is and who was pro bono: Dorothy Clay Sims, Ann Elizabeth Finnell [wants $20,000+ for her travels and extra unnecessary work], Charles Michael Greene, James Cheney Mason, Todd Edward Macaluso [donated $70,000], Andrea D. Lyon [donated $70,000, $22,500 paid for travel and other costs], DePaul College Students (14) [received grade], Linda Kenney-Baden, Dr. Henry Chung-Yu Lee [was pro bozo, now paid by the tax payers of FL], Terence Michael Lenamon, Michael Walsh.     

Did these people really work for free: Edward Phlegar, Jonathan B. Kasen, Larry Daniel, Dr. Lawrence Kobilinsky, Dennis Fahey, Dr. Kathy Reichs, Dr. Scott Fairgrieve, Dr. Werner Spitz, Liz Brown?     

Dr. Lee,  Barrett, Smith and J. Lyons are all getting paid by the JAC.  They were pro bono until the JAC took over.     

Here is where the money came from:
Money accumulated:  

  • $200,000.00  American Broadcasting Co. (ABC)    
  • $  70,000.00  Todd Macaluso
  • $  70,000.00  Andrea Lyon
  • $   5,000.00  Anonymous donor

Total Amount Contributed to CMA Trust: $345,000.00     

Outstanding Balance Unaccounted for:     $223,045.17     

Makes you really wonder where that money could be hiding? It isn’t paying house payments, we know that. And it didn’t pay Dom Casey.  It didn’t pay the court costs from the Felon case. Many questions and wonder what the answers will be. I guess they would be better off saying they lost it, instead of making up a story!     

6 May 2010 Budget Hearing :     

Part 1 ¦ Part 2 ¦   Part 3 ¦   Part 4 ¦   Part 5 ¦ Part 6     

And here is a file that has all the past and present players on the defense team:  Document     

Chit Chat while the Motion Hearing is on Friday, 29 October 2010 at 1:30 p.m. EDT (Florida time)!


  • mikka

    gm friends,
    you remember river(geos lova)she say she gave george 5000 dollar,i bet the anonym donar wassssssssssssssssssss
    the anthonys!

  • mikka

    muesli,hope you are o.k,hurry up,the countdown is on! :lol:

  • GM Mikka…good call, but I bet George kept that cash and used it to feed the snacks and makeup for the princess murderer~! :lol:

  • Mikka, I’m fine. I’m still in Switzerland. As I said on last post, I will be ohne internet for the hearing, and Saturday we fly back to Fl. Don’t forget to leave lots of links for me.

  • mikka

    muesli,dont worry,we will be on top of the hearing! :lol:

  • Does anyone know why Mr. Biaz didn’t have to give a detailed accounting for all that money? I would think the IRS would be interested in that large amount of cash flowing out there.

  • mikka

    humble yep for pony tail holders and beefsticks! :lol:

  • mikka

    muesli,soon or later he must,guess he will cheat on taxes next year and he want a lawyer! HAHAHAHAHHAHH

  • mikka

    and i believe this 70000 from todd malasco is a joke too,he stole money from his clients!i think this 70000 comes from selling caylees photos ………

  • Hi Muesli,

    The Judge said that some of the money would be confidential, but how can it be if the murderer plead GUILTY to the felony charges? They wasted money on her case, and it should be all public knowledge.
    She is sure not having any problems asking tax payers for more money!

  • I am not sure how the Todd thing works, but he was found guilty of using his clients money! Of course another low life attorney!

  • bbl…………………
    have fun, be safe, be FLAB! :winkt:

  • Wonder what is the reason Mr. Biaz gave to his bank for not paying his mortgage for a year. He certainly had money to do so. Just because the housing market is down, is not a reason not to pay one’s mortgage. Didn’t see that happening when the market was sky rocketing a few years ago. No one complained then. I recall that he didn’t have Bank of America, so he can’t blame them for poor banking procedures. Plus, I firmly believe when you sign on the bottom line of a contract to pay a loan (mortgage), it is your responsibility to fulfill your obligation. The same if the loan is for a car or furniture, etc..

  • Speaking about Baez’s accounting of where the mass amount of money went. I seem to remember that it was while Stan S was still Judge and Baez was court ordered to bring a detailed accounting of where the money went. Well, in typical Baez fashion. Judge, well no, Judge, I didn’t bring it”. And Stan let him get way with it. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  • mikka

    jnetk,i think bozo had a meeting with stricky behind close doors about this,of course!

  • smoke&mirrors

    Good Morning Humble Friends,

    Jjnetk & Mikka ~ When ASA, Frank George started to question Baez in the Indigency Hearing Part II start @ 11:50 min. mark, he was highly effective in asking pinpointed questions designed to cut through the ‘smoke & mirrors’ accounting report out that was being done.

    Baez did agree to provide more detailed information about the amount of money that was paid to Expert Witnesses and Private Investigators. It is unclear if that information was submitted to the court after 18 March 2010 (Indigency Hearing).

    Now that Baez is requesting more money for the Due Process Phase of this case, he may have opened up Pandora’s Box! Hopefully, the Prosecution (ASA, Frank George) will pick up where he left off… Baez offered to provide more payment information to the court. DID HE? What amounts were paid to Experts, Consultants, Private Investigators, etc? As Judge Perry would say, we don’t need to know their names… just how much they were paid.

    IMO, this accounting of how the money from CMA’s Trust Fund was expensed should be revisited. It appears that some Defense Team’s commitment related to providing the court with more information fell through the cracks between 18 March 2010 (Indigency Hearing with Judge Stan Strickland presiding) and 6 May 2010 (Budget Hearing with Judge Belvin Perry presiding).

  • mikka

    s&m thanks,i am dissapoint prosecution dont file more motions about this!my guess will be perry give bozo not 300 hours,may 150 hours more! :whistle:

  • Thanks S & M. You are always spot on. I know they are bending over backwards to prevent an appeal. Baez knows this and pushes it to the limit. I know Judge P is sharp, but in my pea brain, I just wish he would stomp down on him, but always ends up compromising with Baez. I dread even listing to the hearing tomorrow because I’ve just about reached my limit hearing Baez whining. I can just as well read the highlights from WFTV and the brilliant bloggers here.

  • I think Baez probably cancelled the Grunds depos because they needed to get ready these new motions to present at the hearing tomorrow. They don’t care whether they caused anyone any hardship or cost. :mad:

  • smoke&mirrors

    :lol: Yeah Jnetk, most of us would like to see Judge Perry give Baez a good smackdown! Of course, we realize that in his position Judge Perry has to rule within the law and with an even hand.

    Having said that though, all we need to do is watch his facial expressions and the chair shaking, as Mikka has pointed out, to get a sense of how he must be feeling.

    As annoying as Baez is, I’m sure that if he has done anything to violate the rules, there will be consequences. In the meantime, the Judge continues to manage this pre-trial process in a way that will prep this case for trial.

  • mikka

    s&m i agree with you!perry know what sick game the defense play,bozo will regret the day ,when strickland was pushed from his chair!

  • Venice

    This should be good tommorrow. Hey Mikka….I’ll have a full pitcher of “Baez Bananna Margaritas” chilling for you :) Baez needs more $$$$$? Has he ever considered selling flowers on a freeway offramp?

  • mikka

    jnetk,its now 2 or 3 times he cancel them!guess perry will make an appoitment for this depos,because bozo dont cant do it! :lol:

  • mikka

    venice :lol: bring on the margaritas :lol: i agree ,and it will be a long hearing and for sure the only who is prepared is perry and prosecution!

  • Venice

    Where will Baez look for an answer this time? On the ceiling again? Or, perhaps, under his rock-and-swivel play chair?

  • smoke&mirrors


    You are correct. Baez canceled Jesse & Richard Grund’s Depos 2 times. And if you count the time Baez forgot to ‘notice’ Jesse, that would make 3 times for NO DEPOS for the Grunds. I don’t understand why they had to be scheduled at the same time anyway. Richard is local (Orlando, FL). Didn’t Jesse move to GA?

    It’s also interesting to note Jesse & Richard Grund are listed as potential witnesses on the Defense Witness List! It’s understandable why they would be on the Prosecution’s Witness List (and they are), but for the Defense to do that without deposing them is a bit risky, IMO.

    Well, it’s almost “PUMPKIN TIME!” They still have SATURDAY to get ‘er done! :lol:


  • maze

    as far as the money ..I think it was stupid for Perry to say we do not need their names.baez could make up anything .I want to see accounting for everything ,I think Perry lets things slide a little to often..with baez.especially not being prepared.The taz payers of florida should demand the information!

  • hvf

    I was listening to Part 6 and Bozo ACTUALLY referred to Judge Perry as “Your Honor”………….wow CAN learn.

  • hvf

    I spoke to quickly…….he just went back to his old ways. Old clowns maybe can not learn new tricks.

  • mikka


  • mikka

    Former meter reader Roy Kronk’s son was to be deposed Thursday as well, but court records show Brandon Sparks is not cooperating. Sparks claims Kronk, who found Caylee’s remains, appeared to have inside information.


  • mikka

    this brandon sparks was it the defense or prosecution,who deposed him per skype???

  • mikka

    thanks i find it!

    The state will be deposing John Samples today via skype, and on Thursday Brandon Sparks, Kronks son via skype.

  • mikka

    guess brandon told prosecutors,yep daddy ducttape my mummi because she was eating to much! :lol:

  • Venice

    I don’t blame Kronk’s son for not cooperating! He, or his father, have done NOTHING WRONG!

  • Sharma (WA)

    Does anyone else think the money was the purpose of the cruise, to hide in an offshore account?

  • smoke&mirrors

    Hi Everyone, I just popped in for a minute. Saw Maze’s comment and only have time to leave a reply.

    maze says:
    28 October 2010 at 08:11

    as far as the money ..I think it was stupid for Perry to say we do not need their names.baez could make up anything .I want to see accounting for everything ,I think Perry lets things slide a little to often..with baez.especially not being prepared.The taz payers of florida should demand the information!

    The detailed testimony regarding the CMA Trust Fund was giving in the 18 March 2010 Indigency Hearing with Judge Stan Strickland presiding. He was willing to accept the amounts paid to the Experts without names. Every time issues regarding the Experts come up Baez becomes very defensive.

    Both Judges Strickland and Perry have made the comment to Baez about not having to name names for the Experts based on Baez’s argument that it may reveal defense strategy. Well, that didn’t last long. During the 6 May 2010 Budget Hearing, even though Perry want Baez to give estimates of time and money required to complete their work, Baez ended up disclosing about 12 of the 19 Experts’ names in open court anyway. I apologize if I confuse you.


  • watchestrainwreck

    What was the cruise ship itinerary?

  • ss

    Casey Anthony: Jail answers defense on release of records

    What does the Orange County Jail have to say about Casey Anthony’s attorneys trying to get her jail records sealed?

    Television stations quickly summed up the latest in the case tonight.

    WESH-Ch. 2 anchor Martha Sugalski said: “Her defense team cites a new court ruling that banned a South Florida newspaper from getting access to inmates’ recorded personal phone calls. In their response, attorneys for the Orange County Jail argued that ruling does not apply to other public jail records like visitor logs and commissary records that by law they’re required to release.”

    WFTV-Ch. 9 anchor Martie Salt said: “The county runs the jail and says a new appeals court ruling only applies to recorded personal calls of inmates, not the other records, like her jail account. She [Anthony] will be in court when Chief Judge Belvin Perry takes up the issue this Friday.”

    WFTV also noted that Anthony’s attorneys spent today questioning Detective Yuri Melich, the lead Orange County investigator in the case, and will talk to the son of former meter reader Roy Kronk on Thursday. “The son claims Roy Kronk appeared to have inside information,” Salt said.

  • Good Afternoon everybody. That is my guess Sharma!! I believe a lot of $$$ is definately stashed somewhere and they are all playing poor now! Geese Louise I wish they would investigate this more. I am all ready for tomorrow’s hearing. Ought to be a circus, moreso than usual!

  • What happens if Brandon refuses to cooperate ??? Think he will?

  • mikka

    diedra good to see ya!guess judge perry makes brandon sparks talk! :lol:

  • mikka

    diedra,when brandon have nothing to hide,he will talk,looks like he have something to hide and thats his lies!

  • Hello Humble and All. Wow, that is a big chunk of change to fritter away and hide. Yes, let’s ask Senor Clown Man where and what he did with that money. Paris, ring any bells?
    This reminds me of that movie with Tom Cruise – “Show me the money”!!
    Not to flog a dead horse here, but did you all catch my 20:39 post last night with George Marie’s resume that I got from the C D? His middle initial is ‘A’, but I won’t go there. :smile:

  • Yes, we shall see. I just smoked myself:) Theyhave soooo much to diguss concerning this pos tomorrow. Too bad she has such a pos lawyer too.

  • batwoman

    Hey all! Can somebody say Swiss bank account. Hhmmmm?

  • I usually watch the hearing at wftv. Hope the sound is working!!! Sometimes it is really bad.

  • Swiss Bank Account!!!! LOL

  • batwoman

    Deidra. Bumbles has that unaccounted $ stashed somewhere. Oh maybe on Weirdoldos boat :lol:

  • Yeah, that’s the ticket!! The boat has a sectry compartment in it for buckaroo’s. Remember wacko Milstead gave Georgie the boat? HMMMMM Good detective work batwoman! Do you have a batmobile to go check this out. Knowing them, they want the $$$ close to home LOL

  • mikka

    diedra,save this,here will be the hearing live!only fox live works for me when hearings are!

  • Thanks Mikka, will give it a try . Thanks gotta run. Check back this eve.

  • georgetta

    Good afternoon….This is a interesting article written by Ritanita………
    Trials & Tribulations: Casey Anthony Pre-Trial Hearing Tomorrow. The Motions.

  • Brad 'shopping cart' Conway

    What’s going on with brandon sparks? Is he trying to claim something bad about kronk?

    I love how the defense tried every which way possible to make the grunds out to be bad guys (Cindy even speculated they may have sacrificed Caylee in a ritual sacrifice) BUT now they’re like – “Meh. Nevermind” Gee, I guess they have no problem in trying to destroy 2 peoples’ lives and then moving on when they think they have a better scapegoat. Unbelievably evil and disgusting.

    I hate Mason.

  • Hi Brad, they don’t care how they wreck a person’s life or put it on hold and cancel their work days. They suck as human beings.
    Today, bozo is probably getting out his new box of crayons for a new graph chart for court. Goody.
    I just hope that Mumbles takes plenty of Geritol tonight and spits out all that dentist wadding he has in his mouth.
    Can’t wait to see Sindy and Rancid Rapunzel! :smile:

  • Brad 'shopping cart' Conway

    -LOL Will Crasey be washing her hair in bean dip like last time?

    -Will Fleabag bother to show up to support his precious, “I believe everything my sister has said” CMA?

    -I wish the JAC would show up in person instead of skype or whatever they’re doing. It’s a real letdown that they don’t get someone in person to object to Baez’ criminal nonsense in a case this big.

    – Last week – Bozo’s PI is accused of witness tampering…this week – Bozo asks for 12k and 300 hours for what? MORE PI investigation! Love it! Stay classy Bozo. Whatever demon you sold your soul to in order to make it through law school and the bar exam really pulled a fast one on you! You’ll be famous – but not for the reasons you want!!

  • Brad, the same demon bozo sold his soul to also sold him that ugly suit, tie and shirt combo in the photo above! HA! :lol:

  • georgetta

    10/26/2010 State Motion To Extend Depo Deadline For Specific Non-Expert Defence Witnesses Listed After May 2010.

  • mikka

    its off topic,after 7 days the jury is back in the anna nicole smith trial,will watch the verdict bbl!

  • ss

    Thanks georgetta!

    So this is Laura B.’s new lawyer?

  • ss

    Mikka, thanks! :brb:

  • mikka

    ss :lol: guess bozo got her this lawyer for FREE! :lol:

    he looks like a gecko! :lol:

  • Just enjoying my last few hours with internet connection until Sunday, reading your comments and comments around the other blogs. As for Humble’s title above, “Where did the money go?”, where else, but in the pocket of Mr. Biaz. Casey certainly doesn’t have it. It is out there somewhere. IRS are you watching? Cindy, remember the email I sent to you over a year ago regarding declaring monies earned? Remember how nasty your reply was? Someone, on some blog, made a comment perhaps Mr. Biaz had a secret Swiss bank account. By the way, there are many treaties between the U.S. and Switzerland, so there is no more of that “secret” bank accounting in Switzerland. Every U.S. citizen must declare earnings anywhere in the world to the USA IRS. The U.S. is the only country which demands its citizens declare earning outside of its borders. It’s very complicated, but very controlled. Used to be fun to say someone had a Swiss bank account. Anyone can have one. You can open one with very little money (let’s say $100). But, you must declare any interest earned to the IRS. This will be the first hearing in this case which I will be missing. I already am having symptoms of withdrawal. Guess it is time for a glass or two and a calming puff or two I am sure as soon as I finish typing this comment, Humble will declare a new link It works every time. Hi Humble. Can’t believe I’ve been gone for almost five weeks. No one, I mean no one, even Americans, know anything about this case, and don’t even recall ever hearing about it. I have spoken to people from here in Switzerland, people in Italy, France, Austria and Germany. Nada, nichts, nothing. This case is important to us, but to the rest of the world, they have their own problems. And, the problems are as gruesome as ours, sometimes even worse. I still wonder why this case is so high profile, and the other innocents who have been abused and murdered are just sidelined. They also suffered the pain and fear of death, without understanding (enfants don’t understand death) in their last few seconds. I just want to cry for these poor babies.

  • Hello Everyone

    Muesli…I believe the reason this case grabbed so much attention, first hearing the 31 days it took to report Caylee missing. Which ever scenario a person believed that may have happened to Caylee…I think many of us wanted to be wrong and they find her. So we all tuned in to find out the latest and if Caylee had been found.
    Next thing we know we have a grandma that went from asking for help finding Caylee..right into just talking about Casey and what a wonderful mother she is…how it was a maggot filled pizza and so on. We have George talking about watching the people that have Caylee, his ingredients for decomp and more lies. I believe this case has had more strange and very self absorbed people involved than any case I have ever seen….All of them taking advantage of a murdered innocent child for their 15 mins of shame.

  • batwoman

    Steph. Hi ya! Totally spot on. Unfortunately I live in FL! But if I wasn’t I follow all the cases. These people who kill their children, those that have any inkling of suspect are just as guilty of the crime.

  • Hi Steph and bat!! I’m ready for tomorrow!

  • Hi Batwoman and Carol

    Batwoman…I agree

  • batwoman

    Muesli that is just the way it is abroad. They have their own probs.

  • batwoman

    He he! Carol I will have the squirrel top on!

  • Muesli, we’ll miss your classic comments! Have fun, we’ll keep you posted. :smile:

  • Carol…I hope I will be ready. I will try and paint early so I can sit and watch. I have only been able to see a few of the hearings this Summer into Fall

  • I’ll have on my squirell slippers on! :grin:

  • Here’s the live feed link in case you misssed that from mikka.

  • Thank you Carol…I will be in and out. The Big game is getting ready to start

  • batwoman

    Well I will be watchin! Hope Baez has to be held accountible for something!!! And ya know I might be able to wear the squirell like slippers. Cold front coming thru :lol:

  • I hope Sindy buys Rancid Rapunzel some other crappy looking blouse to wear. And some pants that are too long to trip over. :grin:

  • Bat, what is cold for you, 65 degrees! HA!

  • I’ll catch you all later – din. :brb: :fl:

  • Good evening all…. Tomorrow is going to be a big day for us FLABs and NLBs that cindy has so craftily defined us all. I am sorry that it comes just a day before Muesli returns…. A 5 week holiday!!!! wow,, you are one lady that has it made… :cake: :star: have a safe trip back to sunny paradise.

  • batwoman

    Yep 58 tonight. Carol can’t wait to see Sindy. More than WF. The demented one is like the old mafia dude that they called the “odd father” cause he used to go outside the apartment in a bathrobe. Alas, he was convicted :lol:

  • batwoman

    Maxi hi! Will be back in a bit too

  • Hi Maxi…This morning when I was looking at the blog…I thought you were Mikka because your kitty.
    So you will be here for the hearing tomorrow?

  • Maxi…I will be in and out, can’t watch the game in here with my laptop. It is really good to see you!!!

  • hey Stephanie,, My kitty does look like clyde, except not near as big and heavy!!!!! This is my wild one that I alone can hold and pet and take care of….
    I will be here tomorrow.. Are you going to be able to be here too???? I hope so.
    Hey batwoman,, hurry back.. We are getting ready to have a low tonight of 33 degrees,, you people in Florida are sooooo lucky… except for having to pay for casey anthony, the indigent felon’s defense on murder charges!!!!!

  • My husband is watching the game, I hear him in there talking to himself and grumbling!!!! Good to see you too Stephanie.. :heart:

  • i read your site every day frist time leaving comment i know where the money is . bozo hid it thinking he is going to get his little princess off and when he he does they are going to run off together and this dummy is going to leave his family high asnd dry what a dummy he is

  • mikka

    idiots,looks like after the 300 hours tomorrow she want to more get paid!

    We need more investigation and they have to get paid,” defense attorney Cheney Mason told WOFL-Ch. 35’s Holly Bristow. “The state can send all the investigators they want, from any agency they want, with no budget.”

    Bristow interviewed Mason and defense attorney Jose Baez as they walked outside the courthouse. Mason did all the talking. Baez, wearing sunglasses, walked along silently.

    Chief Judge Belvin Perry had budgeted 300 hours for the defense’s private investigator. The defense is asking for an additional 300 hours for its investigator.

    Bristow wanted to know if that will be the end. “No,” Mason said. “It’s going to take a lot more than that.”

    Anthony is charged with first-degree murder in the death of her daughter, Caylee Marie. Anthony will be back in court on Friday for a status hearing. Her trial is scheduled to begin in May.

    Bristow asked why the defense is doing so much investigation late in the game. “They [the state] are late in the game at disclosing evidence to us,” Mason said.

  • mikka

    must cook now,see ya!

    steph good to see ya! :wink:

  • mikka

    mason want a piece of the cake too!

    Bristow wanted to know if that will be the end. “No,” Mason said. “It’s going to take a lot more than that.”$$$$$$$

  • I do not know about baez, but cheney mason KNOWS, that when you have a client with NO money, no job, no savings, no education,etc….. that you do not hire investigators or specialist beyond what a public defender could get… They are really trying to milk the system here.. for themselves …. Not for inmate anthony. cheney mason is a shyster, too bad, it was only found out NOW….
    Even Richard hornsby said,, most attorneys do NOt have investigators … these people are beyond the pale… Cheney mason KNOWS this… I think he may be in the throes of dementia… Poor guy

  • baez, is a fool but cheney mason KNOWS, that when you have a client with NO money, no job, no savings, no education,etc….. that you do not hire investigators or specialist beyond what a public defender could get… They are really trying to milk the system here.. for themselves …. Not for inmate anthony.
    cheney mason is a shyster, too bad, it was only found out NOW….
    I also think he is into dementia.. He couldnt remember what he said about this case in the beginning???? It was happening then.. He said , they can plead out and get LWOP , or have a circus and she will get LWOP, or DP…. I am paraphrasing.. but the guy had his wits about him then ….

  • Welcome Carolyn

    Hi Mikka…It is good to see you. Thank you for the links. I guess they should have used some of that blood money they had gotten long ago…too bad so sad!

  • Carolyn…Baez is a complete dumb arse and a big one at that.

  • Hi max. I can see you just fine. Maybe Sindy is putting a hex on all of us. :evil: HA! She can kiss my widening butt after these two years.
    Now, can someone run this by me as to why WF gets to wear street clothes and it isn’t even a trial yet? I don’t comprehend that at all. :nerd: Maybe they could give her a Caylee is missing T shirt to wear, they must have boxes of them left over.
    Maybe Sindy will be wearing one tomorrow! HA! :lol:

  • Hi steph and carolyn. :smile:

  • Carol…I am not sure, but it could be the media that is in there for future jurors. Not all attorneys ask for this and not all defendants ask for this either.

  • maxineme

    Hey stephanie, and carol… No,, My comment about cheney mason is being dissed… It is scary, because it is not bad, unless you are cheney mason… :lol:

  • Hi Carol…where is east coast

  • Max, no worries. I just hope that old LegHorn spits that dentist wadding out of his mouth before he comes to court.
    Steph, you have to yell louder (((((EAAASSSTTTTTT)))))!!!!
    She must have heard that! :lol:

  • Carolyn…Are you still here? If so, what was it about this case that grabbed your attention?

  • Well, I am going to wrap this up and see you all tomorrow. You all take care! :fl:

  • Did you hear that EAST)))))))))))))

  • Night Carol…I am still in and out with the game on

  • mikka

    prosecution want ONLY 42000 dollar,so sh@t the hell up bozo! makes me so angry!

    Prosecution costs:

    $42,200.16 The prosecution would not itemize the expenses because it would reveal work product. This total does not include salaries of the prosecutors working on the Casey Anthony case. Two of those salaries exceed $100,000 per year.

    Before being declared indigent, Anthony’s private funding totaled:

    $275,00, including $200,000 paid by ABC News

    Of that, $121,954.83 went to attorneys and a media consultant.

  • mikka

    and this,a letter somebody complaint about marmelade to the court!

  • mikka

    guess dr.lee dont work for FREE either!i am so in rage now!

    8,118.92 Expert witness Dr. Henry Lee – made famous by the O.J. Simpson murder case – in September billed JAC for travel and services. He said that fee included a 50 percent discount

  • Good Morning Mikka…Thank you. I wonder if there is anything they can do. I totally agree with the motion. He has totally inserted himself in this case for his 15 of shame. I am just not sure there is anything they can do about it. Maybe if you start harassing a witness, but the way things are on the internet…he will claim to be part of the media and doing this for his readers. I am proud to say I am NOT one of those readers…I don’t have a problem with a debate on difference of opinion. But, you can’t have an intelligent debate with him…When you try he becomes angry, throws out a bunch of ignorant statements and blocks you so you can’t reply.

    I am on my way out the door. I will be back later.

  • Before I go…Dr. Lee knew Casey didn’t have money when he jumped on this band wagon with LKB. They all wanted the media attention that came with it. However, it has not turned out like they thought it would and it looks like they all want off that bandwagon now, jmo.


  • mikka

    steph gm i still had this feeling marmelade work with the defense!when this lyons standing on my door,i slapp the door in his face!

  • mikka

    steph bye see ya!

  • mikka

    i make a morning prayer!

  • mikka

    the letter to teh court 5.09,klick on the left top!

  • mikka

    want a :smoke: & :coff: :brb:

  • ss

    Mikka, your so cute! :love:

    Stephanie, 5:21 I totally agree!!

    Mikka, I think he’s in with the defense also! Where are you talking about clicking on that Correspondence?

  • ss

    Mikka, loved your prayer, hahaha

    BBL for the hearing! :heart:

  • Steph,Mikka,et al I haven’t watched Marmalade since he got Stan the man to withdraw. In my opinion, he is so low that he could stand up to walk under a tree root. He’s just a wasted space and takes up air that some sick person could use.

  • mikka

    4 hours,and my leg is alreday shaking! :lol: :lol:

  • I have 10 minutes left and then I’m internetless until I can hook up to wifi at the airport tomorrow morning. Just wanted to wish you all a nice afternoon watching the hearing. Take lots of notes and leave lots of good links for me. I know what I’ll be doing Saturday evening, in the comfort of my own home, connected to the rest of you.

  • mikka

    jnetk,i agree!our judge stricky,i miss him! but how would stricky say
    “indeed the irony is rich”! :lol:

    stricky made 1 mistake in the case,he DONT give cma the max for her check fraud!

  • mikka

    muesli,dont worry,we will save all! be save,see ya soon! :fl:

  • mikka

    so i take a shower now,want to look good for the hearing! :lol: :lol:

  • clem

    Me too Mikka!!!!!!!!!! Is it gonna be on INsession? All I have is dial-up & can’t watch anything like a TV station online with it.

  • mikka

    clem of course ,in session the azz :kissing: bozo chanel!

  • mikka

    azz :kiss: chanel!

  • mikka

    i have a terrible thought,may baden is there today,and will be screaming,its an outrage i dont get paid my 5 stars hotel and my first class hotels! :sick:

  • clem

    Amen to THAT!!!!! There’s a couple on there I CAN’T STAND. That Jean woman & Midwin. Midwin looks like shes from OUTER SPACE!!!

  • mikka

    clem :lol: :lol: ,i ahte in session for them its all about the killers and NOT the victims!

  • mikka

    brb…….. :brb:

  • clem

    And that nancy grace has gotten on my LAST NERVE!!!

  • maxineme

    good morning, happy Friday, happy court day.. I am expecting alot from judge Perry. I hope we see the tough guy everyone claimed he was, because the defense is out of control.. Cheney mason must be into diminished capacity
    in his brain.. If he used to be a hot shot atty, he isn’t any longer!!!!!


  • GM. I hope JP finally steps up to the plate and says enough is enough already!!! This whole thing is so blown out of control. I am ready to go . Cant wait to see what wrinkled messy shirt they give “it” to wear today. Bring on the show!!!

  • maxineme

    Clem, I have totally quit watching nancy grace,, she is awful.. I wonder was she ever any good? I mean, when she was a prosecutor, was she good at it??? I doubt it after seeing how she acts now..

  • clem

    I can’t WAIT to see that GREASY HAIRED TOOFLESS SKANK!!!!!!!!!!

  • maxineme

    maze :grin: hello, Dierdra

  • mikka

    75 min ,the countdown is on,tick,tack,tick……

    HUMBLE WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nannab

    :ninja: would really like to know what happened to Joy Wray.. also, saw Bozo on Fox thin morning when I was leaving for work.. I don’t know why he was there..

  • mikka

    nannab ,because he is a media clown! :lol:

  • chachi

    It a great day for some of bozo’s bs!!! Hahaha~~~
    What will cma be wearing???

  • chachi

    mikka, my leg is shaking too, lol!!!

  • mikka

    chachi coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooki! :lol:

  • chachi

    Hey cookie! I think my tooth is loose from my leg shaking so much, lol! I bet cma is wearing those ugly grey pants and puffy sleaves, hahaha

  • chachi

    i hope she’s big, fat and greasy!!!

  • glen

    i hope she falls and breaks another tooth, she will have a matching smile that way

  • Whowhere

    What live sites online can we watch this trial at