Chit chat Happy Thanksgiving 2010!

I want to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving! I am very thankful for my family and all of you! There are so many wonderful people who post here and have added so much to the site and to my life!! Without all of you, I would have been done long ago!  I am very thankful for Smoke & Mirrors who has put numerous hours into the timelines, the people in this case and many other page, and helps me with the site! Thanks S&M!

If you are traveling, please be safe!

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  1. indianadiane says:


  2. indianadiane says:

    I found this picture of what Casey’s thanksgiving meal might look like on another site:

    Yuck :sick:

  3. indianadiane says:

    I’m thankful for my husband, kids, other family members, friends and good health!

    What are you Humblettes thankful this Thanksgiving??

  4. GM Diane! Oh that plate of food looks :sick: I hope she gets sick off of it!

  5. This is my first Thanksgiving without my kids, so it is going to be very hard, but will be with my brothers and sister! I am very happy as my son will be here for Christmas!

  6. indianadiane says:

    Humble, when is your grandchild due? Next year your will have a wonderful Thanksgiving blessing!!! :grin:

  7. Sharon in FL says:

    I’m thankful for many things (the 24 people who will be at our Thanksgiving dinner}, the famiily who won’t be here, the fact that we have food and are able to prepare a great feast and not have to go out to eat and of course, Humble, Smoke and all they do for this site and the wonderful people who post here.

    When anyone asks me what I am thankful for, I always remember when my son-in-law was stationed at Camp LeJeune, NC, there was a silgn on the gate that saild “Pardon our noise, it’s the sound of freedom”.

  8. Diane in January 2011! I am very excited…hopefully they will come out here next year!

    GM Sharon! :) I am thankful for so many things, people, etc… We usually have the single military at our house, but this year it will be different. Can hardly wait to see my siblings!

  9. Sharon in FL says:

    Humble, do you have a link to the very first post on this blog? I sure would love to read it. I’ve been lurking since back when Aunt Sooz, Stef and that great bunch were posting. Also, where is Half Spot — post girl, so we know that you are OK.

  10. indianadiane says:

    Humble, that is fantastic! I can’t wait til I have grandbabies! Or at least one! :grin:

    Sharon, that is a good thing to be thankful for – freedom and the courageous service folks that continue to fight, have fought, and have died for our great country!

    Have to go and make my Thanksgiving food!

  11. mikka says:

    she got 26 years in prison,BUT
    Prosecutors also appealed her sentencing today, asking that it be increased to life in prison! :lol:

  12. mikka says:


    In a poem included in a letter to Italian MP Rocco Girlanda, Knox writes that her life “has a rainbow running through it” and talks about a “winding road home through the wind and rain.”

    “I’m singing through the blues and the violet/ Until the day when I’ll be home again,” she writes.

  13. indianadiane says:

    Mikka – :woot: Thinks that’s what Casey is thinking???? :woot:

  14. indianadiane says:

    They are nut cases!!!!!! :woot: :woot: :woot: Hope they like their prison food – especially their Thansgiving meal!!!!

  15. maxineme says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.. indianadiane, you are right they are both nut cases.,. Her parents or stepparents keep saying “wrongfully convicted”, as if by saying it enough , they can convince others.
    Off to bowling… bbl. :heart: and thanks humble.

  16. mikka says:

    diana :lol: foxy-knoxy is the same sociopath like cma!

  17. mikka says:

    maxi have fun! :heart:

  18. batwoman says:

    Happy and safe Thanksgiving to all! Hope WF gets good and constipated from that lovely meal :sick:!

  19. maxineme says:

    mikka, I always heard her called foxy knoxy… but, today, I heard that in Italy she is called angel face!! She does have an angelic and pretty face.. But, angel face????? I couldn’t call her that after what I believe she is guilty of…. (sorry for ending on a preposition)

  20. indianadiane says:

    Mikka, those two twenty-somethings sure had a evil sense of entitlement! “I have power over you and I can take your life and enjoy it!”

    Punishment is a _itch, girls! :grin:

  21. indianadiane says:

    Hi Maxi! She’s a :devil:

  22. maxineme says:

    That meal doesn’t look all that savory to me!!!! Thanks for the picture of the jail meal indianadiane.. It looks like a generic swansons :sick: :sick: :w00t:

  23. indianadiane says:

    Maxi, is that turkey meat or turkey poo in the plastic wrap??!!!! :woot:

  24. mikka says:

    maxiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii,foxys face looks evil! :devil:

  25. mikka says:

    battttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt :lol: :lol:

  26. mikka says:

    diana,foxy after her “friend” was murdered,she was LAUGHING!
    her p[arents are grazy like the anthonys!

  27. batwoman says:

    Angel faces parents were on the morning professing her innocence! Hmmm who does that remind ya of! What’s wrong with these parents?

  28. mikka says:

    guess when i sitt in jail on thanksgiving,i eat this cookie,the vegetables and drink the milk!the meat looks like s@it :sick:

  29. batwoman says:

    Mikka Cookie! :heart: how’s the snow? My daughter is here in FL from Denver!

  30. mikka says:

    her parents are charged in italy too,for slander the cops there!i :heart: italy!

  31. mikka says:

    batttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt cupcake :heart:
    nooooooooooooooo snow by me! :angry:
    flush a ronnie! :lol:

  32. batwoman says:

    Mikka :lol: hope you have a great Thanksgiving! No turkey poo at your house for sure :lol:

  33. indianadiane says:

    I am watching “In Session” and they have the Richard Fortner case on TV. In Florida, Richard, age 72, killed his “friend” over a card game. Such an irrogant, stupid, creepy old man! Too bad he can’t be in the same prison with Casey. What fun they would have together – justifying their evil deeds!

  34. mikka says:

    batttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt :lol: i dont like turkey,i eat every year CHICKEN!! :lol:

  35. mikka says:

    diana,saw this case,the jury find him guilty!

  36. mikka says:

    want :smoke: brb

  37. indianadiane says:

    Hi Bat! Happy Thanskgiving!

  38. indianadiane says:

    Yes indeedy, Mikka! He’s a CREEP!

  39. batwoman says:

    Happy Thansgiving Indiana! That guy should have Mason as atty :lol: same age

  40. Big Ben says:

    I am thankful for my 3 healthy boys, and thankful that my house is almost finished!!!!

    Hopefully this year my Grandmother won’t make a comment again like “Why is Ben even married” when she sees me doing the cooking for the family thanksgiving.. :)

    I can almost smell the turkey on the smoker.

  41. batwoman says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Ben :lol:

  42. indianadiane says:

    Ben, :woot: on your Grandma’s comment!

  43. indianadiane says:

    Bye everyone!

  44. batwoman says:

    There’s always one in the family :lol: Can you imagine the torture of sitting through an Ant Thansgiving :w00t:

  45. batwoman says:

    What not to be thankful for :lol:

  46. mikka says:

    bat ,i am thankfull i have everyday food on the table,heat in the winter,aircondition in the summer! :smile:

    i am not thankful,the anthonys take my life away!i want my life back! :angry:

  47. batwoman says:

    Mikka! Will be sooooo thankful when we finally get justice for Caylee and all those involved and who have profited from her murder get what’s coming! Bbl too all stay safe.

  48. mikka says:

    batttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt,i will pray for this!

  49. Big Ben says:

    There is always one in the family!! My grandma always makes crass remarks like that without thinking.. Thats fine though.. thats just how she is I guess.. My grandpa makes up for it by being a big sweetheart..

    And omg I cannot imagine an ANT thanksgiving, can you imagine if someone criticized Cindys food?

    I wonder if they play games during the holidays like “Pin the red flag on the suspect”

  50. Big Ben says:

    I also wonder if the ANTS will be drinking toilet wine and play charades in leg irons so they can “be closer to casey”

  51. Suzie Jane says:

    OMG Ben – you’re killin me here, I can barely see! :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Toilet wine!!! “Pin the Red Flag on the Suspect”??????? Oh, hahahahahahahahaha!!

    Mikkaaaaaaaaa! :heart: Baaatttttttt! :fl:

    Happy Thanksgiving every one! I’m thankful for my happy healthy family and for all my good friends here at Humble’s. You guys make waiting for Justice for Caylee a fun time in spite of a horrid situation. May 2011 will be here before we know it. Thank you for all the laughs! :love: BBL

  52. mikka says:

    suziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :heart:
    HAPPY TURKEY DAY for you too! :smile:

  53. Molly says:

    Thanks to Humble for all she does & S&M. Also Mikka & others who are always there with links & all the latest info. this site & the humblettes here make following this case easier to take, we even get to laugh a lot. Thanks to all.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  54. batwoman says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Suzie. Wakeup Carol.

  55. batwoman says:

    Hope the Ants don’t have their eye on Zam! Ya know squirrels and such :lol: thanks Ben hope their turkeys burn to a crisp :lol: and the defense that is!

  56. batwoman says:

    Oh and Humble, Smoke a very Happy Thanksgiving to both. I am very thankful for all that you do. Blessings :heart:

  57. mikka says:

    molly ,good to see ya!

  58. batwoman says:

    Mikka. From WESH. The ever repulsive evil one will be in court Mon at 1pm. Let the greeze fly :lol:

  59. nannab says:

    Happy Thanksgiving.. This is our 3rd Thanksgiving together.. :w00t:

  60. batwoman says:

    Nanna. Happy Thanksgiving :ninja:

  61. nannab says:

    hey Bat.. I am not at work lurking today…at home lurking.. lol :ninja:

  62. batwoman says:

    Yeah :ninja:

  63. batwoman says:

    Bbl friends. They are back! The kids :lol:

  64. maze says:

    I am greatful that humble has a great website and bunch of bloggers with great sense of humor.I am also thankful for my family,friends,animals…and all the humblettes that keep me laughing on a daily basis

    Have agreat day everyone..don’t eat to much!

  65. Carol says:

    I want to wish all my friends that I have made here on Humbles’ a very Happy Thanksgiving! I don’t know how I would have survived without you all to talk to and listen.
    I love you all! :heart:
    Mikka, Happy Chicken day! :grin:

  66. Carol says:

    I’m going to call Sindy and ask her how does she stuff a squirell and is it one a piece for adults or what? Do I add the nuts in the dressing or just one in it’s mouth when serving?
    I’ll let you know what she says. :smile:

  67. Big Ben says:

    Maybe instead of turduken they have ass-irrel-za

    A buch of squirrels stuffed with pizza and then wrapped inside an ass and baked in the florida hot sun..

    Just a thought. Would be fitting…

  68. Carol says:

    Ben! Spoken like a true chef! Pardon me if I don’t eat at your house. :sick: :lol:
    Humble, I did include you and Smoke in my well wishes! :smile:

  69. Big Ben says:

    Ohh well we are having a smoked turkey… Its sitting in the brine right now getting ready for tomorrow :)

  70. glen says:

    i was wondering what you all thought of the post made earlier some great readings

  71. Carol says:

    Hi glen. I meant to thank you for that link. Wow! Very factual, fascinating comments and articles. It’s hard to draw away from. I thought I read everything from the beginning, but there are some new facts I learned there. Good reading. :smile:

  72. mikka says:

    carollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll :lol:

    happy turkey for you ! :fl:

  73. mikka says:

    battttttttttttttttttttttt thanks,i copy here from wesh!

  74. batwoman says:

    Carollll! Squirell rolls :w00t: whatever those Ants eat may it be putrid! I am so thankful for you my friend :heart: and where is Brad?

  75. batwoman says:

    Mikka my bestest news bud. I am sooooo thankful for you. Even though you put the Christmas tree up early :lol:

  76. batwoman says:

    Back in a bit

  77. indianadiane says:

    Glen, just read the site you left for us to read. Thanks!

    Is Ciindy ever living in LaLa land or what???!!! She is one big liar!!!

    “It wasn’t Casey’s child. It was our child. She belonged to all of us,” said Cindy.

    “Did you ever get the sense she was jealous of your relationship?” asked Maggie Rodriguez.

    “Not really,” Cindy replied.

    “Do you feel she resented you at all?”

    “No… I don’t think that there was ever resentment there.”

    Others who know Casey told investigators that Cindy thought she was irresponsible, called her an “unfit mother” and even threatened to seek custody of her granddaughter.

    “I never said she was an unfit mother. I never said that,” Cindy told Rodriguez. “She was my best friend.”

    When asked why Casey’s friends would say the two didn’t get along, Cindy answered, “I don’t know. I don’t know.”

    “So everyone who says that was a contentious relationship is lying?” asked Rodriguez.

    “They’re not telling the truth,” she said.


  78. indianadiane says:

    Glad to hear Casey will be at the heaing on Monday. Should be a good one to watch! :wink:

  79. Hi everyone!
    Oh goody, Casey will be able to walk off that awful Thanksgiving dinner she will get! :lol:

  80. Christmas tree O’ Christmas tree, Mikka put you up before Thanksgiving.
    Will Santa still go to her house this year? :lol: :lol:

    I guess I get to put my tree up with my man this year! We usually do it the day after Thanksgiving, and the kids aren’t here this year! :(

  81. maxineme says:

    The thing about casey’s predictament is.. before she was caught and arrested, she could put Caylee completely out of her mind….and did…. NOW, from jail, every waking moment she is acutely aware of Caylee and what she did.. even for a sociopath/psychopath… that must be taxing on her mind…
    I wonder how they got her to quit poking, pulling , tugging, primping and grinning in the courtroom????? :ovrslept:

  82. Hi Maxi….I’ll bet she hardly ever thinks of Caylee if she does she thinks about Caylee putting her behind bars.

  83. Carol says:

    Mikka, you put up your Christmas tree already?? :w00t: Wow!

    Ok, Sindy called me back about the stuffed squirrel recipe. After you scrape off the road dirt, marinade in chloroform over night with wine. The nuts do go in the stuffing. She said she had extra if I needed them. :winkt: I didn’t ask who’s nuts. One squirrel per person unless big eaters.
    She is expecting WF to come home for dinner along with Tube, Pig Face and Zam. Zam just loves her stuffing. He told her. George was out fishing, after he buys some gas, but she didn’t know what for.

  84. I believe Casey believes she will ‘walk’ after the trial.

  85. Hi Carol……..! :lol: Mikka is fast with the holiday decos! :wink: Cindy would love for murderer to come home! Will never happen in Cindy’s life! EVER!

  86. I wonder if Casey will be able to attend any of the holiday fun stuff the jail has? :lol:

  87. OK bbl……….painting the dining room now! :w00t:

  88. maxineme says:

    you could be right humble, except, I can picture her waking up the AM and seeing the bars and to herself saying.. Oh #%$^ , If I just hadn’t killed snotnose.. and I can almost see her saying some variation of that all through the day….

  89. DJR says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Humble & Friends.Been a busy day,finishing shopping for tomorrow.There will only be 3 of us home this year.Slow on my christmas tree and decor this year.Ugh,I dread hauling all that stuff in.I would love to see Crazy choke on the wish bone.She doesn’t deserve to celebrate Thanksgiving.

  90. maxineme says:

    I agree, I think the trial is as far ahead as casey can let herself think.. and I bet, she believes she will walk.. but, so did foxy knoxy! Remember, she was all smiles too during her hearings..?

  91. mikka says:

    you are all so funny!i was late this year to take my christmas tree up,last year ,i did it beginning of november!the neighbours thought i am grazy,but who cares,i will enjoy my tree for months! :lol: :lol:

  92. mikka says:

    djr ,how is trixi :dog: doing??give her a piece of turkey,and happy turkey day for you and your family! :smile:

  93. maxineme says:

    mikka :grin: :heart: I usually put our tree up Thanksgiving week end.. BUt, last year I also bought a bunch of tall skinny trees that are very unique,, and I am not ashamed to admit they have been up since last Christmas,, not lit or anything.. But, I am sure people have questioned my notions… :lol:

  94. Carol says:

    Well,,, it was just a small fire…. Some beautiful two foot flames from the back of the oven. Turkey grease.
    Oh, yes honey, let’s get an 18 pound turkey this year. And, he’s not home to help lift the dam thing. Great. Well, I’m not recleaning. Just opened up all the windows and doors. :angry:
    Gee, I hope I can have the same fun tomorrow with the other turkey. :straight:
    Happy Holidays

  95. Sharon in FL says:

    Mikka, I am with you! Get the Christmas tree up early so it can be enjoyed for a long time. Just wish it was a REAL Frazier Fir instead of artilficial, but it’s pretty too. I was typing a post about my 20 y/o niece from Orlando and her not knowing or caring about Casey Anthony and my oven timer went off and I had to go get pies out and when I got back my post was gone!!!

    I decorate for every holiday and love to pull it all out, but hate to pack it up. My sister and I try to outdo one another, but trust me, mine looks better. Glad she isn’t interested in Casey Anthony either.

    Suzie Jane, hurry up and get down here so I can talk to a real live person who knows about our favorite criminal. We can go to Applebee’s or Chili’s and chit chat for hours. Bring your laptop so we can check in on our favorite blog. I’m gonna ask Santa for a laptop this year.

  96. Carol says:

    Good, the smoke has cleared enough for me to find the bar cabinet. It is cocktail time! :grin:

  97. Sharon in FL says:

    Big Ben, thanks for your comment about crass old grandmas. It’s good to be reminded that we oldies should keep some of our crass comments to ourselves. I’m quick to criticize and I appreciate your comment.

  98. Brad 'shopping cart' Conway says:

    I’m thankful for the following:

    -The awesome duo of Linda Burdick and Mr. Ashton
    -Family and my cat
    -the internet, without which we would be in the dark and never hear of Caylee
    -Knowing that the Anthony Crime Family will NEVER be out of the watchful eye of people like us.
    -May 2011.

    I Laura Buchanan.

  99. Brad 'shopping cart' Conway says:


  100. Toasty says:

    Happy Thanksgiving All!
    Earlier today I read about Death Row at Lowell Prison. The inmates HAVE NO AIR CONDITIONING! In the Fla. summer that will be horrible….

    Plus, they can only have 13inch television, with NO CABLE….

    I can’t imagine life with no a/c…especially in Florida!

  101. Sharon in FL says:

    Toasty, you would be toasty at Lowell.

  102. Carol says:

    I love you Brad. :heart: You are my most favorite commentter.
    Give your cat some turkey tomorrow from me!
    The fire and smoke didn’t leave too much soot in the kitchen. Smells like a barbeque though. Tough. I’m just glad the hub didn’t come home with a Teradactyle! :grin:

  103. Sharon in FL says:

    Carol, were you deep-frying the turkey? How did you start a fire?

  104. batwoman says:

    Brad ;lol; I am thankful for the prosecution going after Baez’s $ accountability. I am ever so thankful that WF is behind bars this Thanksgiving. And ever so grateful for friends that have a common sense in this fiasco :heart:

  105. batwoman says:

    :lol: thumbs

  106. batwoman says:

    Toasty that would be toasty :lol: it will come

  107. batwoman says:

    Hey Carol! You have a great Thanksgiving! :heart:

  108. ss says:

    Casey Anthony Defense Asks For Privacy…

  109. ss says:

    :w00t: sorry for the double :lol:

  110. ss says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

    Thanks for all you do Humble and Smoke, your the best!! :heart::heart:

  111. Sharon in FL says:

    Brad, I am thankful for you and Mikka too. My favorite two things on this blog are when you type at the bottom “I hate Lee, or Mallory or somebody” and when Mikka says “when I am so and so”. You both bring me a good chuckle.

  112. maxineme says:

    Oh my goodness, you all are sooo great reading….. Sorry carol about your fire… enjoy the cocktail….Big ben.. I enjoyed your telling us a little about your lilfe.. and glad you understand grandma… she is old school for sure… I mean we all get married so the woman can cook for us!!!! :lol:

    toasty,, that is good to know,, a 13 inch tv and NO cable… I can live with that..
    brad, sharon, mikka,, I love,, love , love your alls comments.!!!!!

  113. maxineme says:

    ss and batwoman,, I did not see you two… I love you too… and ALL of your comments..

  114. maxineme says:

    I am shoc no, I am SHOCKED…. the defense team is already arguing the penalty phase.. Has she been found guilty????? This is stupid,, and Ann Finnel is a moron too…. We haven’t even had the trial,, and Ms FInnell is wanting the info from penalty phase kept private!!!!! i want to say WTF?????

  115. ss says:

    Maxi, thanks…you are so sweet and I love reading your comments, you always put a smile on my face!

    Thanks to all here for making this such a great blog! I LOVE it here!! :love:

    See you all Friday! :heart:

  116. Sharon in FL says:

    Well, Maxi, I love you too! I’m sure we all do. Tonight (for some reason) I love everyone. I think the Florida heat has gotten to me. Baked 4 pumpkin and two pecan pies, made a pan of chocolate and a pan butterscotch fudge and still have to do chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies. I just want some turkey and dressing right now. Tomorrow I will do ham, mashed potatoes, candied yams and deviled eggs and that’s all I have to do. Thank Goodness, we only do this once a year. Christmas dinner is a lot easier.

  117. maxineme says:

    thanks to all of you… I love it here too…. :heart: My dogs are begging for dinner… thanks ss and sharon in Fl….. :brb:

  118. mikka says:

    sharon,happy turkey day! :smile:

  119. mikka says:

    ss thanks,it will be DENIED!
    happy turkey! :fl:

  120. OhioSheryl says:

    So the defense has filed another motion prior to trial that will require another hearing. I understand the need for the motion but I take exception to the defense waiting until the last moment to file the thing. They knew weeks ago that the defense witness list was due by Nov 30th. I have not decided for myself if the defense missed/forgot to file, or this is a calculated ploy.

  121. mikka says:

    toasty happy turkey for you! :smile:

  122. mikka says:

    ohioooooooooooooooooooooo guess she find NOBODY for the death phase ,who have anything good to say about cma! :lol:

    happy turkey! :smile:

  123. mikka says:

    must cook now bbl

  124. Sharon in FL says:

    Mikka, Happy Chicken Day to you! IMHO chicken beats turkey anyday, but the house smells soooo good with a biig bird in the oven. By dinner time I am too tired to eat.

  125. OhioSheryl says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Humble and friends.
    I pray that you each have a blessed day with family, friends, and much food.

  126. Brad 'shopping cart' Conway says:

    You are all so nice! Best wishes for a fun thanksgiving to everyone!!

    Meanwhile, I’ve been punishing myself and just got done watching the depo of that droning turd of a law professor who Lyon brought in from New Mexico. One of the all time great WTF’s of courtroom happenings in this case. I loved it when Ashton said “Just because she talked to a couple of prosecutors and read some articles” she’s not an expert or something to that effect.

    Lyon was particularly vile there. The funniest thing was that the witness was making the point that prosecutors are biased against party girls/girls who appear sl*tty BUT she also (accidentally?) implies that “good mothers” don’t do those things…oops! She also made some comments about people being good mothers and casey, of course, fits NONE of the criteria.

    I really can’t believe some of the nonsense that’s come out of this case! I guess prosecutors wake up every day wanting to send party girls to their death. No mention of the victims or crimes or anything.

    It’s neither here nor there, but it sure inflames my anger at the defense for trying to free casey with these pointless, stupid gimmicks.

    Now we’re hearing about “taphonomy”. Good lord will it ever end? Is there an area of study that explains 31 day periods of time when moms don’t report their kids missing? Is there a subgenre of that discipline that addresses hot-body contests and tattoos during that time??

  127. maxineme says:

    Ohiosheryl,, I wonder too…. why are they doing what they do???

    Mikka, it’s weird , isn’t it?? Maybe , you are right, and finnel found NOBODY to say anything good about the killer during the penalty phase…. But, why are they in the penalty phase already??? there hasn’t even been the trial yet?????

    This makes me think … They KNOW she is guilty and will be found guilty… so , they have already moved forward to the penalty phase!!!!! :lol:

  128. OhioSheryl says:

    Sharon – lol. My sentiments exactly. I am already tired and still have much to do. Back to the kitchen, BBL

  129. Brad 'shopping cart' Conway says:

    Will Baez request the JAC to pay for casey’s Thanksgiving dinner??

    $1200 for turkey
    $250 for gravy
    $500 for stuffing
    $150 for cranberry sauce

    *note – these will all be brought in respectively from Holland, New Mexico, New York and Ohio.

  130. OhioSheryl says:

    This is what I get from reading the motion. If I am wrong someone please correct me.
    The defense witness list is due by Nov 30th.
    They are requesting to omit the names of the witnesses who are slated to testify during the penalty phase from that list. Their reason is they do not want those witnesses harassed by the media.

  131. indianadiane says:

    Wow Sharon! :woot: Have you been in the kitchen 24/7 the last two days with all your cooking and baking? Everything sounds delicious! Yum!!!

  132. maxineme says:

    Brad NOOOO she only gets jail food.. jail thanksgiving dinner… and it looks like a generic swanson frozen food dish. PRICE $1.00

  133. indianadiane says:

    #3 on the motion states defense witnesses are being subject to harassment. Wonder if that is true or Baez and Mason are dreaming that up to get sympathy.

    The media is interested in this case because the crazy people and crazy stories coming from the Anthonys and their entourage. Ugh!

  134. maxineme says:

    I stay away from the kitchen , any chance I get…. My husband tells people that he is taking me to a place I have never been!!!!! the kitchen…. :lol:

  135. Sharon in FL says:

    No Diane, did it all today, AND, never missed a post on here. Mix it, stick it in the oven, time it, flop at computer, listen for buzzer, yank it out, flop it on a rack to cool, flop back in computer chair. My body is trained to work 5 or 10 minutes, flop in chair for 30 minutes and so it goes. If I had a lap top I could put it on a kitchen counter and cook and lurk at the same time. To hell with Santa, I’m going to buy myself a laptop. I have decided that the fudge I made today will be the last I ever make. Too much standing over the stove. Am too old for all this baking. I’m two years older than Mumbles Mason and he’s old as dirt. I don’t mumble, I’m loud and “crass”.

  136. indianadiane says:

    And funny, Sharon!!! :grin: You desire a laptop! Play Santa yourself!

    Good night!

  137. Toasty says:

    Oh, it was a depressing article. It showed the electric chair,and chair where the “shot” is given. They have arms, legs and head restrained. Maybe if more people saw that they wouldd BAHAVE! (Just going without a/c will make me
    behave! haha)

    I think they have 18 females on death row at this time. Several young ones. All of their crimes were murder…some more than one. One buried two people while they were still alive.

  138. Toasty says:

    Sharon: YOU ARE FUNNY TOO! Tks. for the laugh! (Beats death row!lol)

  139. Toasty says:

    Sharon, I think most of America (those cooking) can relate to you!! It just “ain’t fun” anymore… year, eat out.

  140. Toasty says:

    So many young people today don’t know HOW to cook! haha They think everything is nuked.

  141. Sharon in FL says:

    Yeah, Toasty, I’d rather be in the kitchen than on death row. Really, I would.

  142. Sharon in FL says:

    Everyone have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving Day!

  143. DJR says:

    Mikka,thanks for asking.Trixie is lot better.She still having a time trying to get on the bed.I told hubby I’m going to look for those doggie steps. Oh she will get turkey,she loves it.Right now she loving all the attention.We are so thankful she is a part of our lives.You wouldn’t be believe how smart she is.I sometimes wonder if she thinks she a human being LOL.Happy Thanksgiving!

  144. mikka says:

    djr,walgreen had this dog steps for 20 bucks,its a good idea! :dog:

  145. mikka says:

    so go to bed,thanks for the laughter friends,stay save and to everybody again HAPPY TURKEY! :smile:

    good night
    friends :sleep:

  146. DJR says:

    Ty Mikka,I will look at those places.

  147. Molly says:

    thanks ss for all the info you provide too!
    I don’t think judge Perry will approve this motion. it’s not going to matter one way or the other if names are released now or later.
    my, my, they really have a “thing” about the internet & the blogs! Not everyone that’s a potential juror is on these blogs, very few really. (they is scared of us!)

    what defense witnesses? they don’t really have any, no friends of hers, etc.

    Mikka – I cant believe you have your tree up already!!! You beat out anyone i know! Enjoy it! Happy chicken day! lol
    I may be having left over stew! lol no, my girlfriend is bringing me a half of her turkey & all the sides too! she insists.

    Enjoy everyone!

  148. Colhere says:

    Hey ppl.. and good evening..

    So what are ppl’s thoughts on the request to suppress the penalty phase witnesses? Are these the ones that will throw the Anthony clan under the bus? I believe it was Finnell who wanted to travel to Ohio to interview ppl and that this was likely directed to the penalty phase. She is digging up dirt on Casey’s upbringing and will paint a portrait of family dysfunction, mental and sexual abuse by one or more family members. If she is (and I believe she is) mentally fit to stand trial, then all these meetings with the shrink were in anticipation of a penalty phase. Whatever came out of that is what was leading Finnell there. I can imagine that the A’s are aware of this and it is probably causing some stress. The motion is likely more to keep their dirty laundry out of the news so that they can continue their charade of standing behind their daughter in the event she is actually found NG.. following a guilty verdict, all kinds of stuff will come out about the family (which, by the mechanics of law, Casey will almost certainly be found guilty).. I wonder if the scamthonys are prepared for it? heck, if Perry denies their request, we might see those documents sooner than later!

  149. lynda says:

    Hi everyone, have no time to blog anymore, but I do peek from time to time.Just want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, and give thanks for the little things in life. Thanks Humble for always keeping it real.

  150. Brad 'shopping cart' Conway says:

    Well Colhere, Finnell is a devious expert at twisting things around and manipulating people. She has been told NO by the Ohio family members (They must be smart enough to see the “bus” headed their way). However, she wants to harass them to find mitigating factors.

    I think the defense believes the motion will prevent people from knowing they are potential witnesses maybe? It’s probably more effective to sandbag/ambush people than to tell them what’s really going on when you’re trying to get info out of them.

  151. Toasty says:


    I’m thankful for that, and knowing we all will see JUSTICE FOR OUR PRECIOUS LITTLE CAYLEE!

  152. Mimi of 2 says:

    I’m so thankful for so many things, I don’t know where to start – I’ll be bfrief, I promise.

    1.My 45 y/0 son is still here w/me after his triple bypass ll mon ago.
    2.My two beautiful granddaughters. Kate and Haley.
    3.My handsome, well mannered grown sons

    Humble, Smoke & Mirrors, Mikka, Brad Glen, EastcoastDeb. MeeMaw,
    Carol the list just goes on and on. :lol: All of you guys are my kine or people! Let’a all stay strong for each other……God bless every one of you. :grin:

  153. Mimi of 2 says:

    Ooops – I meant you all are my KIND of people! :ovrslept:

    Good nite all = love you guys – have a beautiful Thanksgiving!


  154. Mimi of 2 says:

    JUSTICE FOR OUR LITTLE CAYLEE – Soon, baby girl – you will have your well deserved justice! :heart:

  155. eastcoastdeb says:

    You took the words right out of my mouth, Colhere. I totally agree. This is about the Anthony family protecting their perceived image and also about no one being willing to face the wrath of the wicked witch known as Cindy. I’ll bet she’s popping those Xanax like candy about now (Ok, she was popping them a lot before, but more so with this shadow over her shoulder)

  156. MeMa52 says:


    I will eternally be thankful to Humble, for in my darkest hours this year she graciously made a space for me to come to for love and support… my soul was always so uplifted after reading your posts…something I will cherish for the rest of my days…what kind, caring people I have encountered thru her…much love to you all :heart: dont mean to single out anyone else, but I have to also say how thankful I was Mikka was right there with me every step of my battle…Mikka, you are a shining light for us all…you rock sister

    Smoke…thanks for all the hard work you do too…it is greatly appreciated here

  157. muesli says:

    A very Happy Thanksgiving day to all of you. Have fun, eat a lot, and don’t forget to put extra butter on everything today. Can you old timers believe it? This is our 3rd Thanksgiving together. Have a great day, enjoy your families and friends, and don’t forget to take the best nap of the year (they should bottle that tryptophan).

  158. Valhall says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, Humble, and to all here!

  159. Kathie says:

    And a very Happy Thanksgiving to you too!! I am thankful for my family, my friends (many of whom are online) and the health I have and I’m working on that. And to all here and across the net for the friendship, caring and happiness they have given to me.

  160. mikka says:

    HAPPY TURKEY FRIENDS!have a beautiful day!

    MEMA :heart: you are my sista! :smile: hope jered is allright ,tell jered hi and enjoy the moment!happy turkey! :lol:

  161. mikka says:

    valhall ,happy turkey to you,by the way love your blog! :smile:

  162. mikka says:

    kathie happy turkey to you!have a beautiful day! :smile:

  163. Happy Thanksgiving! You are all so wonderful! I hope you have a great day!

  164. Carol says:

    GOBBLE, GOBBLE!! Everyone have a happy, great day, we will! I love you all! :grin:
    Mikka, CLUCK, CLUCK to you and your fam too! :heart:
    Thank you Humble and Smoke for everything you do.

  165. mikka says:

    muesli,happy turkey!i make chicken HAHAHHAHAHHAH
    for me is happy chicken day! :lol:

  166. mikka says:

    humble happy turkey!have a beautiful day ,and enjoy your food of course,we all know your treatmill wait tomorrow of you!!! :lol: :lol:

  167. mikka says:

    carollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll :lol: :fl:

    happy turkey cookie! :smile:

    have to go,see ya later!

  168. Mystymis says:

    Happy thansgiving Day everyone!

  169. mikka says:

    mystymis ,happy turkey for you! :fl:

  170. mikka says:

    i am on my wat to my neighbours have a little party!see ya later! :smile:

  171. Derryland says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, Humble and friends. Haven’t posted recently but read everyday and feel close to all of you. Thank you wonderful people for being here.

  172. nannab says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!! :ninja: :smile:

  173. maze says:

    HAPPY TURKEY DAY>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  174. eastcoastdeb says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends. :smile:

  175. mikka says:

    derry :fl: ,nannab :fl: ,maze :fl: deb :fl:

    happy turkey friends!

  176. mikka says:

    wftv have news on cma on thanksgiving! :lol:

  177. mikka says:

    pack of oranges!NOT :angry:

    Defense expert Dr. Henry Lee has billed state taxpayers more than $8,000 for three days worth of work and travel from Connecticut. He claimed to be giving taxpayers a 50 percent discount and months ago, defense attorney Cheney Mason told a judge that Lee would be willing to work for oranges.

    “He told me at a conference that Dr. Lee said he’d been willing to work for boxes of oranges,” Mason said.

    WFTV legal analyst Bill Sheaffer said the defense is playing fast and loose with taxpayer money.

    “They’re not spending tax money wisely and using it for fishing expedition,” Sheaffer said.

  178. mikka says:

    The defense also hired a court reporter service, which charges almost $1 more a page for transcripts than the state allows. That could’ve cost taxpayers hundreds more than it should have, but the Justice Administrative Commission, which monitors defense spending, caught it and turned down reimbursement at that rate

  179. mikka says:

    In the documents, the defense spent thousands of tax money on talking to EquuSearch volunteers, many of whom they’ve apparently admitted behind the scenes that they didn’t need to talk to.

    Casey Anthony’s defense team claims to have found 150 new EquuSearch witnesses who searched the exact area where Caylee Anthony’s remains were found, months before that, and sent its private investigator, Jeremy Lyons, to talk to them.

    He billed taxpayers almost $8,000 in September and October. After all that tax money was spent, prosecutor Linda Drane Brudick told the judge the number of new possible witnesses was greatly exaggerated publicly by the defense.

    “When I asked Mr. Mason about that he told me he believed there would be 6 to10 individuals that may qualify as having relevant information,”

  180. mikka says:


  181. mikka says:

    VENICE,STEPH,GAP,TANLOVES when you read this
    HAPPY TURKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :fl: and i miss you!

  182. mikka says:

    i forget,SOUTHER JUSTICE and CT!happy TURKEY! :fl:

  183. mikka says:

    bbl ,,,

  184. OhioSheryl says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Humble and friends.
    I am officially worn out from all the cooking. I am one of those old fashioned people that think Thanksgiving food has to be home cooked. Now I am too tired to eat !

  185. mikka says:

    ohio :lol: :lol: i am stuffed like a turkey! :lol:

  186. Niecey says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Humble & Friends! I hope you all had a great day!

  187. mikka says:

    NIECEY ,good to see ya,was thinking of you today!

  188. mikka says:

    wftv video report about taxpayers money!$$$$$$$$ LOL

  189. mikka says:

    i forget ,SS and S&M happy turkey! :fl:

  190. maxineme says:

    hey niecey,, hello, and thanks mikka , you keep the home fires burning!!! i love this place and all the posters, and humble, and everyone here…. :heart: :heart: we are going to see this case go to the place it needs to go… GUILTY AS CHARGED…… you are toast casey.

  191. mikka says:

    maxiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :heart: happy turkey!she will be toastet on the electric chair! :lol:


  192. chachi says:

    Just wanted to wish all my friends here a very Happy Thanksgiving!!! I can’t believe I missed Cindy Anthony license plate day…I love that game, well I’m sure it will come around again before the trial. Be safe.

  193. maxineme says:

    mikka :heart: girl.. how was the neighborhood party???? see you all tomorrow… Love and :love: to all humblers,, happy Thanksgiving.

  194. maxineme says:

    Colhere, I missed it too,, I wanted to add misdemeanor … misdemeanor.

    Cindy is ms demeanor!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

  195. maxineme says:

    I meant chachi …. wow, I am sorry.. chachi.. is the one I was addressing…

  196. maxineme says:

    happy Thanksgiving Chachi !!!!!! I saw the yellow avatar and just assumed,, which is a dangerous thing to do…. assume….

  197. Niecey says:

    Thinking of you too Mikka! It’s always good to see you. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

    Hey Maxi! (Amen Sister!)

  198. mikka says:

    chachi happy turkey! :fl: good to see ya!

  199. mikka says:

    niecey, hope you have a good day too!my christmas tree is up and i am ready for christmas! :lol:

  200. mikka says:

    maxiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii,it was good,i have the best neighbours in the world! :smile: see ya tomorrow! :smile:

  201. mikka says:

    so i go to bed,
    good night
    friends! :sleep:
    i eat all day,i dont cant see food no more! :lol:

  202. mikka says:

    gm friends! happy black friday!are you all shopping?? :lol: :lol:

  203. mikka says:

    the defense makes me sick,what a waste of money!!!
    new from wesh

  204. mikka says:

    the motion will be denied,this new expert for the bones,he dont cant look at them no more!cindy was in a hurry to get rid of caylees bones!

  205. batwoman says:

    Mikkkkkaaaaa! My daughter is on her way back to Denver! Take care of her! Did you see WFTV news on defense? I love our Kathy B!

  206. Big Ben says:

    Well Cindy got rid of bones yes, but if you ask here these days about it those weren’t caylees bones she had made into jewlery.

    Thanksgiving number 1 was a success… Working today and leaving tonight for thanksgiving number 2..

    Gobble gobble, eat till you wobble.

  207. batwoman says:

    Oh Mikka I see you did. Up to the news friend that you are :heart:

  208. batwoman says:

    Ben :lol: hope grandma was civil. Who’s bones does creepy Sindy wear? Hope they had an awful day yesterday! Things are closing in on them. Have good day at work and 2nd helpings. :lol:

  209. Big Ben says:

    She was… The only thing this year was she was going on and on and on about how lazy all government workers are and how we don’t need any of them and my mom was sitting right there.. My mom delivers mail for USPS so that was kind of awkward..

    Ohh and I almost forgot, she also told my mom that she wasn’t holding little lucas (my baby) right… we all kind of just ignored that one :)

    The second Thanksgiving is the really fun one. I convinced my wife to let me dress baby Lucas in some of the funny shirts I bought for him. So after work we all smash in the truck and head south!! Tomorrow will be lots of story telling, lots of laughs, some people playing guitar, some in the hot tub, some playing darts and most drinking a few beers, brandy or home mail irish cream after dinner.. Then its pick names out of a hat for christmas gifts :)

    And as to cindy.. we all know who’se bones those are.. I don’t know how anyone can be so delusional as to say the things she says. Every time she puts pen to paper and writes that Caylee is alive and that Casey is being framed she diminishes Caylees memory that much more. This family never deserved a baby like her.. They all deserve each other, but Caylee deserved much more.

  210. maxineme says:

    Good morning,, I left last night and missed Neicey!!! Happy Thanksgiving Niecey!! :heart:

  211. CaseyCantWin says:

    Ola……..All Happy Belated Thanksgiving to all……..SO now whats the little CRAZEY done???? Fill me in please…im sure ill have something even though it will be evil to say…….mind you it will not be anything we havent heard about already im sure………SHOOT????

    Justice for Caylee in 2011!!!! :)

  212. CaseyCantWin says:

    Aileen Wuornos OMG I love it!….True Crazey has gotten that wide-eyed look many times before……”EWWWWW…Wont anyone let me talk….” “I’m not in control of anything” “No one will listen to me” WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…and from this we go to chuckling and smiling……truly psychopathic behaviors…..always trying to makesomeone beleive what they are saying………Great Smooth Talking Crazey…..its gonna land you on Death Row…waiting on the needle….that doesnt contain chloroform…….UNLESS….they had a change of heart and gave you one last hit for the road!!!!! LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO Nasty Evil Less than Human…….but on thing is for sure….YOU KNEW SHE WAS CLOSE TO HOLT……you told FLEA TUBEY THAT!

    Justice for Caylee in 2011 <3

  213. Sharon in FL says:

    Big Ben, thanks to you I kept good control of my snide and sarcastic tongue during our Thanksgiving, didn’t tell anyone they were dressed inappropriately or that their hair looked like crap, or that they should have left their cake in the oven longer, and, even though my granddaughter showed up with her girls looking like rag pickers. I didn’t say a word to her, but I guess my face showed it because she said “Grandma, this is Florida”. I didn’t say “I know, dear”, but mumbled something not unkind.

    Then, it seemed they all turned on me and they way I talk. I say “over yonder”, “down yonder”, “dish rags”, “wash rags” and a word I don’t even know how to spell, what it means, or where I got it from, “side-awgley”. Have any of you “out yonder” ever heard of this word? I use it to mean not hanging right.

    Well, thanks to BB, I just smiled and thought of all my many blessings and the two little rag pickers are tied for first place in my heart.

  214. CaseyCantWin says:

    ok guess i am alone :(

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