Casey Anthony timeline 16 & 17 June 2008

Just looking at the timeline for 16 June 2008 and Casey life!  Checkout more of Casey’s life in a timeline.

MON, June 16, 2008 – Between 12 midnight and 1 a.m. there was high user activity on the HP Desktop computer. Between 12 midnight and 11 a.m. there was NO activity on Casey’s Laptop. Casey and Tony spent most of the night (12:40 a.m. – 3:22 a.m.) talking and texting. Tony said the conversations were about “boyfriend/girlfriend stuff.”

7:30 a.m. Cindy leaves home to go to work.  Prior to leaving the house, Cindy said she did not actually look into their [Casey’s and Caylee’s] rooms; however she knew they were there in Casey’s bedroom.

  • 7:45:51 a.m. – Anthony Hm ph call to Casey’s cell ph
  • 7:45:51 a.m. – Casey’s cell ph (voice-mail retrieval)
  • 7:56:34 a.m. – 8:06:00 a.m. (IM Time Log) AIM betw. caseyomarie & WitePlayboi
  • 8:46:34 a.m. – Casey’s cell ph to Tony L. cell ph
  • 10:18:42 a.m. – Mark H. cell ph call to Casey’s cell ph
  • 11:43:12 a.m. – Casey’s cell ph receives a MySpace Alert
  • 11:47:30 a.m. – Tony L. cell ph call to Casey’s cell ph
  • 11:52:51 a.m. – Casey’s cell ph receives a MySpace Alert
  • 11:53:24 a.m. – Casey’s cell ph to Mark H. cell ph
  • 12:41:51 p.m. – Mark H. cell ph call to Casey’s cell ph

12:50 p.m. George claims he saw Casey and Caylee on their way out the door, just like a normal day. [LIE] George stated he was watching his favorite food channel between 12 noon and 1 p.m. prior to getting ready to leave for work.

George claims Casey said she was on her way to work and she and Caylee will be staying with the Nanny overnight. Casey claimed she had an event that would keep her out until after 11 p.m. – 12 midnight and she didn’t want to disturb her Mom and Dad. [LIE]

  • 12:53 p.m. – Casey’s cell ph to Tony L. cell ph
  • 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. High user activity on the HP Desktop
  • 2:30 p.m. – George leaves home to go to work @ Lexus, Winter Park, FL
  • 2:31 p.m. – Zenaida MySpace page was set up. The profile includes a picture of Dora the Explorer; Birth sign: Pisces; Location: Miami, FL.
  • 2:52 p.m. – Jesse G. call Casey’s cell ph = 660 secs.

Casey tells Jesse G. that her mom was no longer moving out and that her parents were getting a divorce.  [LIE] Casey also told him she had to find a place to live because she couldn’t stay at home. Jesse said he heard Caylee in the background. [discovery doc p. 1517]

  • 3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. No user activity on Casey’s Laptop
  • 3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. No user activity on the HP Desktop

Casey’s computer & cell phone calls activity between 3:04 p.m. and 7:20 p.m.

  • 3:04:00 p.m. – George’s cell ph call to Casey’s cell ph = 26 secs.
  • 4:00:00 p.m. – 11 p.m. No user activity on the HP Desktop

4:00 p.m.  Mr. Thompson, owner of Tech Bay computer store believes he saw Casey and Caylee at the Casselberry Wal-Mart Super Center (12.8 miles from the Anthony home). [Note: There is a Wal-Mart Super Center (3.5 miles from the Anthony home), which is where Cindy typically shopped. It is store ##3782 located at 5991 New Goldenrod RD]

Mr. Thompson stated Caylee was walking about 10’ behind Casey and Caylee struggled with trying to push open a heavy door to exit the store.  In an interview with a WESH Reporter, Mr. Thompson clarified his written statement filed with the Maitland Police Dept. (MPD) about seeing Casey and Caylee at lunchtime. He is a small business owner whose lunch time schedule varies, but on this date it was approx. 4:00 p.m.

  • 4:10:41 p.m. – Casey’s cell ph call to George’s work ph
  • 4:11:25 p.m. – Casey’s cell ph call to Cindy’s cell ph
  • 4:11:49 p.m. – Casey’s cell ph call to Cindy’s cell ph
  • 4:13:04 p.m. – Casey’s cell ph call to Cindy’s cell ph
  • 4:13:29 p.m. – Casey’s cell ph call to Cindy’s cell ph
  • 4:14:48 p.m. – Casey’s cell ph call to George’s work ph

Note:  The “flurry of calls” made during the period between 3:04 p.m. and 4:14 p.m. were less than 60 seconds in duration.

Casey appears to be leaving the Anthony home @ 4:18 p.m. en route to Tony L.’s apt.

  • 4:18:51 p.m. – Casey’s cell ph call to Tony L.’s cell ph
  • 4:19:18 p.m. – Tony L.’s cell ph call to Casey’s cell ph
  • 4:19:47 p.m. – Casey’s cell ph call to Tony L.’s cell ph
  • 4:21:32 p.m. – Casey’s cell ph call to Cindy’s cell ph
  • 4:21:56 p.m. – Casey’s cell ph call to Jesse G.’s cell ph
  • 4:25:24 p.m. – Casey’s cell ph call to Cindy’s cell ph

4:26 p.m. – Casey’s cell phone pings show her tracking westward near ROYAL packing company in the 6700 block of Cheney HWY and Linden LN, Orlando, FL.

  • 5:06:23 p.m. – Casey’s cell ph call to Anthony hm ph

5:57 pm Casey’s cell phone pings at or near Tony L.’s apartment – Sutton Place, Winter Park, FL.

  • 6:31:47 p.m. – Casey’s cell ph call to Cindy’s cell ph
  • 6:32:10 p.m. – Casey’s cell ph call to Cindy’s cell ph
  • 6:32:54 p.m. – Casey’s cell ph call to Anthony hm ph
  • 7:06:24 p.m. – Casey’s cell ph call to Anthony hm ph
  • 6:31:47 p.m. – Casey’s cell ph call to Cindy’s cell ph
  • 6:32:10 p.m. – Casey’s cell ph call to Cindy’s cell ph
  • 6:32:54 p.m. – Casey’s cell ph call to Anthony hm ph
  • 7:06:24 p.m. – Casey’s cell ph call to Anthony hm ph
  • 7:20:00 p.m. – Casey’s cell ph call to Amy H.’s cell ph

Note: Amy H. said Casey called her and mentioned that she needed to find a place to live.

Cindy claims she returned home from work and notices the pool ladder was in the pool and the gate to the pool had been left open.

George recalled Cindy “b*tching” at him about possibly leaving the side gate open and the pool ladder down sometime during the time Caylee was last seen. He was NOT SURE of the date.  [discovery doc p. 2296]

7:58 p.m. – Casey and Tony L. rented two movies {“Untraceable.” & “Jumper“} from a Blockbuster store located @ 7702 University Blvd, Winter Park, FL. VIDEO

TUE, June 17, 2008 – Tony played hooky from school today. Casey slept in late.

Mr. Garcia, Leasing Consultant at Sawgrass Apartments filled out a guest card for Zenaida Gonzalez when she came in to inquire about renting an apartment. Zenaida was shown the Leasing Model apt. in Bldg 2863 S. Conway RD – Apt #110. Apartment #210 shares a stairwell with the model unit. [Note: According to Sawgrass management, apt. #210 has been vacant since 2/29/08  – 142 days].

  • 2:12:56 p.m. Casey’s cell ph call to George’s work (Lexus Dealership) ph = 150 secs.
  • 2:18 p.m. Cell phone towers detect pinging in remote area near the Anthony home
  • 2:29:19 Casey cell ph call to Ricardo cell ph (73 secs)
  • 2:30 p.m. Casey is at the Anthony home. She backs her car in the garage. No calls to family.
  • 2:30:59 Ricardo work phone @Don Reid Ford call to Casey’s cell ph (7.6 mins)
  • 2:45 p.m. Cell phone towers detect pinging in remote area near the Orlando International Airport

3:15 p.m. Casey Anthony wrote MySpace message, “cheer up me lady! i love you and can’t wait to finally get you moved in

3:28 p.m. the picture taken on Father’s Day of Caylee being held by her Great Grandfather, Alex P. at the Mt. Dora Nursing Home was moved to the Caylee/Family Photos Folder on the Laptop computer.

  • 5:23 p.m. – 8:23 p.m. Casey’s cell phone ping records show 3 hrs. of no  cell phone activity!
  • 8:23 p.m. – 9:37 p.m. Casey phone is back on and it appears she is in the area of Tony L.’s apartment
  • 9:22:10 p.m. File named 1337.emlx (e-mail) created on Ricardo M.’s computer – MAC  [discovery doc p. 12501]
  • 9:41:45 p.m. File named 1342.emlx (e-mail) created on Ricardo M.’s computer – MAC.  [discovery doc p. 12501]

The .emlx files referenced above are related to .jpg files of Casey and Caylee found on Ricardo M.’s MAC.  A pic of Casey holding Caylee while sitting on Ricardo M.’s bed was taken with a digital camera on 1/28/08 @11:03 p.m.  A pic Casey and Caylee sitting on a couch and Casey is playing the pseudo guitar for the ROCK BAND GAME was taken on 3/19/08 @ 6:15 a.m.  Caylee is wearing the pink BIG TROUBLE T-Shirt.

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128 Responses to Casey Anthony timeline 16 & 17 June 2008

  1. mikka says:

    gm friends,
    humble thanks for the timeline,
    this is very suspicios,i believe from the beginning ,she try to dump caylee in the airport area!

    2:45 p.m. Cell phone towers detect pinging in remote area near the Orlando International Airport

  2. mikka says:

    and to the pool ladder,cma setting this up,does everybody think it was an accident,and of course we know it was not!

  3. mikka says:

    the 2 movies what cma and toni was renting,its interessting,my hubby watched all 2 movies,and in the one movie its a decomp body in a car trunk!and i agree with the video,cma get her idea from the kidnapping story from both 2 movies

  4. paranormal_rabbit says:

    Geez that girl lived on her phone. I’m surprised that it didn’t have to be surgically removed from her ear. We all know what was going on during those three hours of no phone activity. I do have a question. Do we know if the IP address that was used to set up the Zenida myspace is the same as the Ant’s? I wonder if Casey used someone else’s computer to set it up. Anyone who knows anything about computers knows that your IP is on everything you set up. Wait, it’s Casey Anthony…there’s no surplus of brain cells there.

  5. mikka says:

    i ask my hubby on the phone what he think about cma he say,SHE IS SO DONE,SOOOOOOOOOOOO DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNEEE!and i ask him,why she dont take a plea??he say cma will NEVER take a plea,she will say forever she dont did it! :angry:

  6. mikka says:

    paranormal ,good to see ya!i remember when cma was saying “all is taken away from me” AHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH she was talking about her phone,internet!

  7. mikka says:

    paranormal i know only her password, “timer55” :lol: :lol:

  8. mikka says:

    paranormal,what i read,she had messages from her chief from universal on her computer,BUT fbi found out,she was setting this up!

  9. mikka says:

    and i believe ,cma never imagen ,L.E follow up on her lies,she was thinking the cops believe her all ,like cindy and jojo did!

  10. mikka says:

    and i hear LEE cancel stuff out of the computer!thats tampering with evidence!!!!!!!!

  11. paranormal_rabbit says:

    How are ya? You’re right!! Wonder how she’s doing with no myspace and facebook? I thought about sending her screen shots from both just to torture her but shes not worth the .15 of paper! You’re hubby’s right… stick a fork in her cuz she’s done!

  12. mikka says:

    and of course,she make a big bombshell of this news today! :angry:

  13. paranormal_rabbit says:

    I remember her faking the work docs and sending them to herself…what a basket case! I think I have a hard time accepting that someone would be so stupid that they would set up a myspace for a make believe person from their own pc with their IP stamped on it. But, this is Casey so anything and everything within the stupid spectrum is completely possible…

  14. mikka says:

    paranormal,she is stupid,why she just say in the beginning,a stranger take caylee,the odds are better the jury w MAY believe her,but nooooo zanny-nanny come on,nobody believe this crap!

  15. mikka says:

    breakfast brb :smile:

  16. paranormal_rabbit says:

    Thanks for the link. Interesting that the Doofus Team is still going for TES volunteers. Bozo must have gotten his license from a crackerjack box and courtroom decorum from tv. Doesn’t he realize that eyewitness testimony is easy to discredit? Especially if you don’t have evidence to back it up. He’s seen My Cousin Vinny one time too many.

  17. GM everyone!

    Here is Casey BOGUS work schedule and the email she wrote to herself:

  18. Maggie says:

    TUE, June 17, 2008 2:45 p.m. Cell phone towers detect pinging in remote area near the Orlando International Airport
    3:15 p.m. Casey Anthony wrote MySpace message, “cheer up me lady! i love you and can’t wait to finally get you moved in”

    This 30 minutes is where Casey was searching for a dump site, I believe Caylee at this time was in the trunk taped up already, probably only one garbage bag….she chickens out by the airport dumping, middle of the day, afraid she will be detected by someone. Goes back home…..put’s the pool ladder out, goes back to her trunk to get the baby, however, too late she’s already pretty slimmy (sorry about the visual there) decides, she can’t set up a drowning. Closes the trunk “I deal with this later” goes in and My Spaces Amy, (Well yeah! someone needs to cheer Casey up she’s got a dead body in her car)…..

  19. Carol says:

    G M Humble and All. :sun:
    Hi rabbit. I do know that the laptop belonged to Sindy and WF took it for herself. I don’t know enough about the IP addresses if they are the same from the same household and owner.
    Humble or Brad would be our answer people there. :smile:
    Hi mikka! :fl:

  20. I liked how in one of WESH articles they said NEW witnesses. How can they call them that when they haven’t even deposed them at that time. And what would searchers have to do with the murder. Like I have said many, many times “If Casey didn’t put Caylee in the woods, doesn’t mean she didn’t kill her, means she had help”!

  21. GM Carol, IP’s are different on each computer. I use my computer and have one ip and I use my husbands and it is another IP.

  22. indianadiane says:

    Carol, each individual can have their own IP address or more than one.

  23. GM Maggie, I agree. Casey WAS at that airport looking for a place to dump Caylee like trash! I guess it was easier to do on Suburban Dr.

  24. paranormal_rabbit says:

    I laugh everytime I see Casey’s “work” email/documents! She worked alright! Worked at getting out of having to work. The lunicy is astounding.

  25. Maggie says:

    GM Humble, I agree I think WESH does some stupid reporting sometimes…..trying to keep up with WFTV….lol……..No one helped Casey….she did this one all by herself………..the reason I say that, is Cindy goes round and round trying to make up excuses for her, like the excuse she gives for the shovel, well, testimony states it wasn’t even dirty when she returned it, so NO CINDY…….she wasn’t digging bamboo roots up…….Cindy was so used to spinning stories to make Casey look better than what she really was, I really don’t think Cindy could come to the reality that her daughter really did kill her granddaughter. Cindy’s lies could also be Cindy’s pain, just trying to hang onto any hope that this is just a bad dream and Caylee will be coming home.

  26. indianadiane says:

    Rabbit, what’s too funny to it that Casey continued her story on working after Yuri caught her in her lie at Universal when he questioning her. Casey just kept on lieing.

  27. GM rabbit, oh the work she put into not going to work, but to the bank and stealing money.

  28. paranormal_rabbit says:

    Should be lunacy, using a PS3, which has prediction dictionary…stupid dictionary.

  29. Maggie! :lol: Bamboo roots being dug by a brat child who murdered her child not long before. Cindy lies bit time!

    GM Diane, Casey thought that LE would forget the first lies, like Cindy did! Little to her surprise she ended up in jail! :)

  30. Maggie says:

    Yes, Casey dumped on Suburban, and I bet you it was weeeee early hours of the morning like between 2-3 a.m. when she had the best opportunity to dump without being seen. Can you imagine, this is why the baby was so close to the road, how many people do you know would walk back there with all the creatures……snakes, etc. And it was a local dumping area, perhaps she thought no one would walk thru there. I’m pretty sure by her reaction when the body was found, she knew this is gonna be a hard one to lie myself out of. She reacted the way she did, not for her loss of her daughter, for the loss of her life.

  31. paranormal_rabbit says:

    I know! Casey’s a couple french fries short of a happy meal. Some of the stuff she comes up with defies all logic. Like “Timer 55”. She lies just to lie. Poor Caylee didn’t have a chance in that nut hut.

  32. Maggie says:

    indianadiane, Great comment, it’s amazing Casey actually believes her made up stories (i.e. LIES), it’s like she lies so much, that she actually believes herself, and expects everyone else to. This is where, I’m wondering, if she has a mentle issue. It seems her mother Cindy, has the same problem, like they talk themselves into the lies, so much, until they believe it as truth, then, defend their lies, like theres something wrong with everyone else. I’m just wonder what those doctors are finding is all.

  33. What is sad about this whole thing, is Cindy STILL believes the brat murderer child she raised. Cindy needs to get a clue and some smarts. She is one of the WORST mothers/grandma I have ever seen.

  34. Carol says:

    Hi indi and Humble. I just thought that the same owner of two PC’s- home and laptop, would still have two different IP addresses, correct?
    Oh, her work schedule is a hoot!! :lol: 12 and 13 hours a day, EVERY DAY, NO DAY OFF!!! HAHAHA!!! What is she, a truck driver?! You just can’t make this chit up! :p
    So, she was getting movies with Caylee in the trunk?!! :sad: :evil:

  35. Carol, yes 2 different computers have 2 different ips at the same location. Is that what you are saying?

  36. bbl…………………………………………………….

  37. paranormal_rabbit says:

    I agree. She has to know the truth by now, and yet, instead of demanding justice for her innocent granddaughter she’s backing the murderer. And keeping the murderer in hot peanuts and bean dip.

  38. Carol says:

    Yes, thank you Humble!
    She was doing her gardening two or three days after Caylee went ‘missing’. WTH?! I don’t think so!

  39. paranormal_rabbit says:

    Yup, different pc’s will have different IP’s in the same place. The IP can be traced to that specific pc.

  40. Carol says:

    Rabbit, yes, the 24/7 phone, WOW! Don’t you think her friends would just get sick to death of hearing her dribble and the irritating calls all the fricking time? Ugh! No wonder her cell bill was hundreds of dollars a month.

  41. paranormal_rabbit says:

    Nice catch on the work schedule. Anyone working those hours wouldn’t have any time or energy for partying, tattoos, or relationships with the opposite sex. Maybe Casey should’ve done some research on labor laws…it’s illegal to work a person seven days a week.

  42. paranormal_rabbit says:

    I can imagine her friends either turning their phones off or letting most of her calls go to voicemail. I’ve never seen someone so attached to their phone. Bet she’s one of those text and drive people too.

  43. Suzie Jane says:

    Good morning everyone!

    Oh that work schedule is hysterical! Starts out in May as 9 AM-7 PM and by the time July rolls around, it’s 9 AM – 10 PM!!!! Thirteen hours a day, 7 days a week! Puleeze.

    Notice on the special thank you e-mailed from boss Cheryl, the first name on the list is “trusciano..”

    WHAT? Now Tony Rusciano worked at the bogus job too? Oh, hahahahahahaha :lol:

  44. midget48 says:

    hey all! kc can not walk and chew bubble gum at the same time, so, how can she work those hours and still be on the phone??!! that is one stupid &@&@! g &c did not have enough sense to know that it is against the law to work those hours. they knew how lazy she was, so why the blinders??? what a dysfunctional group of people. it is impossible to call them a family.

  45. paranormal_rabbit says:

    What gets me is all the trouble she went through faking a job! How many people bring a printout of their schedule home? We print out our monthly location schedule for our team and all, but not a daily schedule. How hard is it to remember your hours? The ridiculousness of it!

  46. paranormal_rabbit says:

    No, they’re a family….in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre kinda way.

  47. mikka says:

    i bet cindy and jojo let cma stole money and use cindys credit card,because both though she would use the money for caylee!but cma use it for her own good!

  48. mikka says:

    i find this,

    March 17, 2008 Casey Googled Chloroform ingredients between 1:43 and 1:55pm.
    March 19, 2008 Casey celebrated her 22nd birthday.
    March 19, 2008 Casey downloaded the child/nanny/kidnapping episode of One Tree Hill.
    April/May 2008 Casey also paid her AT&T bill of $354 with her grandparents bank account. She allegedly stole a check from Grandpa’s checkbook, unaware that that account was closed because of her first theft. No one but the nursing home could issue checks on his current account. Cindy paid the money back and persuaded the establishment to not press charges.
    March 21, 2008 Casey searched the internet for various subjects:
    1:16pm Chloroform, 1:20 self-defense, 1:21 household-weapons, 1:26 neck-breaking and at 1:28pm shovel.

  49. mikka says:

    June 9 – June 15 Casey was holed up at Tony Lazzaro’s apartment. Casey gave Cindy a whole story about going to Tampa and Zani and Raquel being injured in a wreck just ahead of her and Juliet. Totally false story. I’m not clear on where Caylee was at this time, the 9th thru the 13th, then Caylee was with Cindy that weekend, the 14th and 15th

  50. mikka says:

    july 8 she say her parents go it out?? :lol:

    July 8, 2008, Tuesday before 9:00am Amy asked Casey about the gas can and whether or not she had her car back, Casey told her that her car was towed, but her parents got it out and it was in the shop. Casey took Amy to airport where Amy left for Puerto Rico. Casey drove Amy’s car through July 15. Note: this is the same car that Amy went to Jacksonville to get on June 13, when Casey blew her off and said she couldn’t take Amy there because George had suffered a stroke.

  51. paranormal_rabbit says:

    I think Casey was originally going to kill her parents and try to make it look like self defense, hence the self defense and household weapons searches. She was telling all that garbage to Amy about getting the house and risking her lies being exposed to all her friends. I don’t know, MO, but I wouldn’t put it past her.

  52. mikka says:

    june 13 caylee was in the fusion club!!!!!!!!!

    June 13, 2008, Friday Casey lies to Amy, making up the story about George having a stroke and being at the hospital with him. Casey was supposed to take Amy to Jacksonville trip to pick up Amy’s new car. Calls Rico and tells him the same story. Roy House, Tony Lazzaro’s roommate, says he saw Casey AND Caylee on June 13 at the Fusion bar when Casey attended a party thrown by House and Lazzaro. It was noted because several people noticed and commented that it was inappropriate to have Caylee there. I think this is important, that Casey was told by her friends that Caylee shouldn’t be at a night club on Friday night, three days before Caylee goes missing and one day after the big Fathers day argument

  53. paranormal_rabbit says:

    I didn’t know Casey had Caylee with her at Fusion. Why did they even let her in the door with a toddler?

  54. mikka says:

    diary of the day

    On the worst of worst days, remember the words spoken
    Trust no one, Only yourself.
    With great power, comes great consequence.
    What is given, Can be taken away.
    Everyone Lies. Everyone Dies.”

  55. mikka says:

    paranormal,i agree,caylee was sleeping in the another room at fusion,i will know what she give caylee does she sleeps deep when all is loud and noise around!

  56. Kathy says:

    I looked at Casey’s pseudo work schedule and she was so stupid to schedule herself to work everyday of the week.

  57. mikka says:


  58. mikka says:

    July 15 abt 12 noon, time when Casey says she received a phone call from “personal call” and spoke to Caylee herself, but was then disconnected. Phone records later show no call was made in or out at any time around noon.
    July 15, Casey returned to Cast Iron Tattoos about 2:00pm and made an appointment for herself and a friend at the tattoo parlor for July 19, 2008, the next Saturday

  59. mikka says:

    i love this, :lol:

    June 23 on or about, Cindy Anthony calls Ryan Pasley, while he was in class, and warns him of Casey’s erratic behavior, her having stolen money from Cindy and Cindy’s mother, and she tells him she thinks Casey is a sociopath

  60. mikka says:

    bbl ………………………..

  61. paranormal_rabbit says:

    I would bet benedryl. I take it for allergies and it knocks me out. It’s also inexpensive and can be given to very small children. It’s also easier to carry around, they make those single dose covenience packs for kids. Easier to carry than a bottle and dosing cup. I don’t know much about kids, but I don’t see any child sleeping through a party without “help”.

  62. mikka says:

    July 29, 2008 Lee e-mailed another detailed account of the previous day’s meeting to Yuri(L.E) and e-mailed him copies of e-mails that Casey had apparently created and copied and scanned that made it appear that she was actually employed. This is interesting in that later, in e-mail records there are entries that there was mail To Casey From Casey. A ruse to simulate employment communications

  63. mikka says:

    paranormal,what is with xana@???makes this tired???

  64. mikka says:

    thats new for me!

    August 25, 2008 DCF investigator William Procknow met with Casey at the Anthony house. When asked why she needed a babysitter when she didn’t have a job, she said the police “had it wrong”. He closed file with “verified findings of inadequate supervision and threatened harm.”

  65. watchestrainwreck says:

    * 7:20:00 p.m. – Casey’s cell ph call to Amy H.’s cell ph

    Note: Amy H. said Casey called her and mentioned that she needed to find a place to live.


    Was this call talk about in a prior deposition?

  66. paranormal_rabbit says:

    Xanex knocks you out too, but she would have needed to find a supplier. Benedryl would be easier since it’s readily available. Xanex could possibly kill a two year old, I would think.

  67. mikka says:


    “The story she gave him was she went to Jay Blanchard Park, Zenaida and her older sister, Samantha, and Samantha’s three young children were there and they were driving a silver Ford Focus and one of them jumped her and the other one took the baby and said, ‘Hey, this is the script. For the next 30 days, you say this to law enforcement and tell them this is what happened’ and they zoomed off.”

  68. mikka says:

    paranormal thanks!

  69. mikka says:

    watches,yes in the very beginning!

  70. paranormal_rabbit says:

    How did they fit 6 people in a focus? They’re small cars. Four kids in the back and no car seats….that’s asking to get pulled over.

  71. paranormal_rabbit says:

    Welcome Mikka. ¦)

  72. mikka says:

    and that

    June 15, 2008 Unknown Anthony neighbor report loud argument at the Anthony’s house over the fathers day weekend.

    :dog: time bbl

  73. mikka says:

    paranormal :lol: ,love when zanny pushed her down,guess zanny= cindy! :lol:

  74. paranormal_rabbit says:

    And if you plan to kidnap someone’s child, why bring 3 other children with you and why do it in a public park for patrons to see? I would think that if someone’s being held down and struggling someone would come to their aid! Or at least heard screaming.

  75. paranormal_rabbit says:

    Zanny=Cindy, Jesse, Amy, Ricardo, Roy Kronk, the Puerto Rican Mafia….everyone but the civil suit Zanny and Casey!

  76. mikka says:

    JAB want more 12000 dollar from taxpayer again!ENOUGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  77. mikka says:

    Defense attorneys note that prosecutors continue to submit new witness names and turn over discovery, both of which must be looked into.HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAH new witnesses,yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  78. mikka says:

    what means this????

    In a new motion, defense attorneys ask for approval of an additional 300 hours in the interest of “judicial economy.”

    JUDICAL ECINOMY???????????????????????????????????//

  79. Molly says:

    Her work schedule is really something!! gotta laugh – lol
    she working 10 – 12 hours a day!! yeah right. yet many of those days she told cindy she was working nights (like June 16)

    i noticed that on june 17 she was at the house at 2:30, then 15 minutes later she was already by the airport.. then by 3:15 she was doing stuff on the computer. she sure seems to have traveled fast here.

    the bogus email from “work” was from a yahoo account, not from any official business address.

  80. mikka says:

    the staate have 9200 pages of NEW evidence! :eek:

  81. mikka says:

    molly good to see ya,thats makes me laugh too! :smile:

  82. Molly says:

    Hi Mikka! thanks for all those updates! i knew they were too quiet.

    looks like the investigator had lots of “attempts” on interviews with cma penalty phase witnesses but they were “failed”. lol a little problem there.

    i don’t know what “judical economy” is either.

  83. Molly says:

    so who are all of these new state witnesses?

  84. mikka says:

    molly of course,nobody will say something good about cma,because of teh MEDIA attention! :lol: :lol:

  85. mikka says:

    molly ,guess the staate dont will use all of the 40 witnesses,she want keep JAB busy! :lol:

  86. mikka says:

    lunch time bbl :smile:

  87. Molly says:

    here, like he’s trying to save money .
    from wikopedia:

    •Judicial economy refers broadly to the principle that the limited resources of the legal system or a given court should be conserved.

  88. chachi says:

    That schedule!!! SINdy is so stupid, if that was really KC schedule..she would never have time to go to target, walgreens, michaels, and wouldn’t have to steal money either. Sindy says she thought WF was saving her $$$, yeah right!!!

  89. Victoria says:

    ~Afternoon All~ Where was JAB’s judicial economy when he went through all the monies which he recieved from hawking all those pic’s and vid’s? He went through that rather quickly and we still have not seen an accounting on what that large wad was used for. When will they make an end????? A WASTE! A HUGE WASTE!!!!!!!

  90. chachi says:

    i think she let caylee drown in the pool…and was going to say it was an accident but chicken’d out then came out with the duck tape and kidnapping story.

  91. Rachael says:

    couldn’t they determine if she drowned in the pool at the autopsy? or maybe not since she was so decomposed? I still think chloroform has something to do with this

  92. chachi says:

    Rachael, I do think KC used chloroform lots of other times too! But I don’t believe they could determine if she drowned or not.

  93. chachi says:

    I think she was going to say it was an accident for she could receive lots of attention!!!

  94. Rachael says:

    The mentioning of the pool is also noteworthy. My take on it is that she tried to bury caylee in the yard somewhere, possibly near the pool or wherever george poured all that concrete, and had moved the latter and the gate while she attempted to dig the hole.

  95. Victoria says:

    Can anyone tell me how long it has been since the prosecution turned over the 50 or so pages from the FBI to the defense and why we have not seen what is contained in it? Been waiting a long time to see it. Thanks!

  96. eastcoastdeb says:

    Great comments above. I just wanted to respond to the shovel information. Cindy ABSOLUTELY knew Casey was lying about digging up bamboo roots. Why would Casey need to dig them up on June 17th when Caylee was kidnapped on June 16? Did the kidnapper provide her with ‘day passes?’
    I’m also wondering if the shovel was clean (we know she’s lazy) because she was digging bark mulch or sand?

  97. chachi says:

    I think KC was going to call 911 say Caylee drowned but she just couldn’t go through with it. so, she just procrastinates and throws her in the laundry bag/trash bags and sticks her in the trunk.

  98. chachi says:

    12:50 p.m. George claims he saw Casey and Caylee on their way out the door, just like a normal day. [LIE}

    why is is a lie?

  99. caroly says:

    Hi everyone – I think this is the complete poem.

    “On the worst of worst days,
    Remember the words spoken.

    Trust no one,
    Only yourself.

    With great power,
    Comes great consequence.

    What is given,
    Can be taken away.

    Everyone lies.

    Everyone dies.

    Life will never be easy.

    On the worst of worst days,
    Remember the words spoken.

    Hold your head high.



    Love unconditionally.

    Tomorrow is a brand new day.”

    It’s on page 27 of the documents. First part.

  100. chachi says:

    12:50 p.m. George claims he saw Casey and Caylee on their way out the door, just like a normal day. [LIE}

    why is is a lie?

    Oops! I know why, but I think even tho they had a fight, I think she might’ve still stayed the night.

  101. caroly says:

    Hi ECD – Hope Walter is doing well now. Has he had his reversal?

    On topic – Another thing about the shovel. Did Casey’s car remain there for the entire time she had the shovel?

  102. caroly says:

    Humble – thanks for the timeline. It is really a helpful reminder of relevant information. We love you you know.

  103. caroly says:

    Shirley Plesea (page 2312) says she has been hearing about Zanny for over a year. How does that fit with the Sawgrass applicant Zenaida whose name was unknown to Casey until June 17th? Shirley doesn’t seem to cover for Casey.

  104. chachi says:

    i love this video when George rejects SINdy, hahaha!!!

  105. chachi says:

    I don’t think Shirley is covering for KC either. Is that a common name in Orlando???

  106. Hi Everyone!

    Victoria, you will have to ask the state…I think it is because Baez can’t read…well actually the longer he keeps stuff private, the better chance he has at not getting the states info out!

    Caroly, they had been hearing the name Zanny, it is not clear if they had heard Zenaida Fernandez Gonzales.

  107. Chachi, Georges little lies. I think he is messed up with dates. If you remember he also said that he carried Caylee to the car, put her in her car seat and waved goodbye. George is just messed up!

    ECDeb, good question. Wonder if she was out in her 2 piece trying to dig up those roots? I wonder if that shovel was washed off in the pool and that is the reason for the ladder being messed up?

  108. Thanks Chachi, love it when Baez says protect the potential jury pool! He is the one polluting them!


    Page 275 really 388! The email that Lee sent LE, about what Casey had said. ZFG had a silver car, her step dad bought it for her….blah, blah, bhal

  110. LisaNYC says:

    Judge Belvin Perry at a Jan. 14, 2011 in the case against Casey Anthony. More

    ORLANDO, Fla. — Judge Belvin Perry said Thursday he won’t reconsider his decision to sanction Casey Anthony defense attorney Jose Baez.

    Perry filed an order on Thursday, denying a defense request that he wipe clean a finding of contempt.

    READ: Perry Won’t Reconsider
    Perry said Thursday he never in fact held the defense in civil contempt. Perry said at a December hearing that he would consider contempt in future instances if the defense failed to comply with court orders.

    The defense argued that the sanctions were not necessary for attorneys to comply with the order and that attorneys had tried very hard to meet deadlines set by the court

  111. LisaNYC says:

    Score one for team Caylee.

  112. LisaNYC says:

    This is over at

  113. Thanks Lisa! I added the link to your comment! :)

    Thank goodness! Teh Judge is getting clues that the d-team is bad! :w00t:

  114. mikka says:

    judge perry rocks and JAB is an ar@e!thanks lisaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  115. LisaNYC says:

    Your more than welcome Humble. Today is a good day.

  116. mikka says:

    humble good to see ya,hope you are o.k!

  117. mikka says:

    astonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn run to the bank and check the check! :lol:

  118. LisaNYC says:

    Anything to make you smile Mikka. lol

  119. Mikka ALL is good…now better! :w00t:

    Lisa, anything that shots the d-team down makes for good stuff!

  120. mikka says:

    I LOVE IN JUDGE PERRYS ORDER,THE WORD ORDER is in big letters! :lol:

  121. mikka says:

    humble hope JAB give ashton a bad check! :lol:

  122. mikka says:

    guess sitting in the traffic and the big letters who dont fit in the copy machine dont do it for judge perry! :lol: :lol:

  123. mikka says:

    you read all in JAB money motion ,the staate give him 9200 pages of evidence and must be investigatet?????? this means JAB is 2 years behind his job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  124. mikka says:

    now i want my 800 pages new eevidence and the new D.P list!

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