The Defense PI’s misrepresenting themselves!

After reading the emails, and the complaints about the defense private investigator harassing people who searched with TES, stating they work for Orange County Courthouse, but really working for the defense, I have to laugh!  What is obnoxious is that some of these people the defense team PI’s had contacted did not search at all, or some didn’t search on Suburban Drive.  They even had the gull to try and contact a 16 year old!

One of the people who helped TES, I’ll call her AP had spoke with Lyons.  She was asked these questions: Q: When she had searched Suburban Dr.  A:  She had NOT searched Suburban Dr.  Q: Had she ever been on suburban Dr.  A:  She and her husband drove to the A’s house in 2008 when Caylee first went missing.  Q:  Did you get out of your car  A:  “NO”  Q:  Did you see or notice anything on Suburban Dr.  A:  We didn’t get out  Q:  What is your husbands name and information  A:  My husband doesn’t know anything and in no way involved and she wasn’t going to give him anything.  She had met with Mort Smith already and they need to go and check their notes.  Note, she gave the voice mails to Yuri Melich for further investigation.

Lyons again contacts her on November 13, and asked again about searching Suburban Dr.  She told him she had never searched Suburban Dr and asked why he keeps calling her and asking the same questions.  He let her go.

Prior to the call from Lyons, she had received 2 other calls from PI’s while they were at the court house searching the records.

Another volunteer for TES, I’ll call her LL, received a call from Katie Delaney stating she was working for the Orange County Courthouse and wanted to speak with LL briefly about the time she volunteer with TES and will try her again at another time.

Of course we know that Katie Delaney misrepresented herself to LL in the voice mail, which LE has, but for the defense to stoop so low and lie, is just ridiculous!  LL never searched on suburban Dr and her TES records should prove it.

Searcher, I’ll call him EA, was called and was told he needed to tell the truth that they searched on Suburban Dr, and that there was no water in the area.  They did search for TES, but never on Suburban Dr.  The ‘PI’ never told him his name, but said he worked for the state attorney’s office.  When EA called the number later it was for Lyons.

Need a good PI to help you and lie to who they are working for?  Gil Colon (786)256-0688; Katie Delaney (407)761-0104; Both work for Intelli Investigations, which is family owned and operated. Jennifer Colon is the ring leader: Website Funny found this on their site:

Seems their site claims “Truth and nothing but” too bad they are lying to the people of TES who they work for.  Now that makes them a wonderful company.  Of course the truth they want and the “REAL” truth are enemies!

Jeremy Lyons:  At least he pays his Business tax:  Link Note he started his business in October 2009.


On 1/7/2011 He applied for a marriage license in St. Lucie FL.  I assume he is now married as it expired 3/10/2011.  From what I have found, he runs his business out of his “New Wifes” house which she bought for $80,000 with her other husband!

To date  Here is the break down of what Lyons has been paid:  Link

And what Intelli ‘lying” investigations has been paid:  Link

But if you need a babysitter, laundry done,shopping done: Call Jeremiah Lyons:  Link PERSONAL SERVICES AND LAUNDRIES~Established: 09/2009; Personal Services and Laundries, Personal services including babysitting, shopping, personal assistants, and laundry services.


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41 Responses to The Defense PI’s misrepresenting themselves!

  1. DAR N MS says:

    This is the saddest thing i have ever seen in my life,Omg why these people want to lie and do the things they do ,and for what?,this skank and her lying family,its like Caylee was nothing but a toy that was tossed aside,i am sitting her with a heavy heart for Caylee,but i am almost certain that justice is going to prevail for this precious baby girl who has a name you bunch of scumbags and her name is Caylee Marie Anthony.

  2. GM Dar, seems the only way to prove 100% innocent is to lie about it! How sad these people had to deal with any of it! What a pizz poor company this Jennifer Colon is running! I am sure there will be no Company of the year award for her!

  3. mojo says:

    …LE found NO causes for filing any charges against these low-life-so-called-PI’s!! Very sneaky, they are…because they said calling FROM!! What some people won’t do for $$$$…

  4. Mojo, the people can file a complaint against these nuts. I am sure Mark NeJames can help them out, since they have broken the Judges order!

  5. Victoria says:

    ~Good Morning Humble and All Ye Seekers of Truth and Justice~ :sun: I guess before I followed a case so doggedly as I have this one, I had no idea that such questionable tactics and sleazy behavior went on behind the scenes. This is what the taxpayers are paying for??? Trickery and misrepresentation. It makes the bill they present rather hard to digest especially knowing that even employing such tactis have netted them nothing. Great piece Humble and I have a feeling that we have not heard the last of this.

  6. Hi Victoria! Sleazy is the word for these creeps! Why lie who you work for, especially if your client is 100% innocent. What is crazy is that the defense thinks if they can get one person to say they searched there and Caylee wasn’t there, that they can prove what? Not that she didn’t kill Caylee, but that she had help! I bet we hear more about these PI’s claims. My question is why have they NOT checked out what Mort Smith, another PI that worked for them, wrote in his documents?
    The FL taxpayers should be hoping mad these loser are liars and spending money on stuff already investigated. NOT to mention the d-team now needing more money!

  7. indianadiane says:

    Good morning! :sun:

    I am really disappointed in Judge Perry if he knows of the trickery of the defense/PI’s and continuously gives them tax payers money. I sure hope Judge Perry does some of his own investigative work in checking out the PI’s actions.

  8. precisely says:

    Morning! Just a thought. In light of yesterday’s news that Casey spoke of Lee knowing, if this is indeed true. I always thought it was odd in his conversation with her in jail when he stated my first concern is Caylee, my second is you, then mom, then dad, then me. There had to b a message in that. Maybe that he was going to lie to save all these people AND wanted to know where Casey put Caylee’s remains so no one else could find them. What do you think?

  9. GM Diane! I think the Judge has something up his sleeve, or the JAC will investigate the money going out. Remember the Judge said there are attorney’s that will investigate in one of the hearings~!

    GM precisely! I am not sure there is a message in it, but he has always been about Caylee. Casey said her main concern was Caylee also, but we know that was a lie, she would have reported her ‘missing’ immediately, had she really been missing. Casey seemed to think that many people were stupid and would believe her!

  10. CASEYCANTWIN says:

    Well hello Humble and Humblettes. I guess what I gather from this is that Crazey did bury things that were near and dear to her at HOLT. Birds, kitties,puppies and well she followed suit by dumping her daughter off in the same place. It’s hard to believe that a mother can just dump her child like it’s nothing but trash out in the elements to become prey to what ever wildlife that inhabits the area……. but Crazey did. And oh yes I believe Judge Perry has a few tricks left up his sleeve

  11. CASEYCANTWIN says:

    I think Bozo is on the verge of being audited by the JAC.

  12. shyloh says:

    Wouldn’t it be grand if all this came into the trial some way? I would totally love it.

  13. mojo says:

    Humble…they did file a complaint and there was not enough evidence.

    or am I reading this wrong? :D (last report) not enough probable cause with these statements that a crime was committed.

  14. CASEYCANTWIN says:

    Wouldn’t we all. I know. I’m waiting to see if the dump Mallory’s depo in a doc dump soon. I would love to read what Ole Loud Mouth has to say about what Crazey said. Curiosity I guess! :). Justice for Caylee Marie <3

  15. J.H. says:


  16. Hi CaseyCW, I hope the JAC goes after them! The money they are spending is outrageous. When they claimed Casey indigent, they knew how much money they would be alotted. Every motion they put out,they make a point to let it be known the state has a plither of $$$$…

    Hi Shyloh, to show how obnoxious the d-team is, it would be nice!

    Mojo, they can file a Civil Harassment Suit, against them. Of course they would have to hire an attorney.

    JH! LEONA HELMSEY! :lol:

  17. mikka says:

    from yesterday,of course that boy know nothing! :angry:

    Tom Luka, Lee’s attorney, told WESH that Lee had “no inside knowledge of what happened to Caylee,

  18. mikka says:

    lunchtime bbl :smile:

  19. mojo says:

    thanks for that answer Humble…I didn’t think of that :) I really can’t see them doing that.

    Come on Judge Perry…WE WANT YOUR DECISION…NOW!

  20. mojo says:

    Just read this little tib bit:
    But if you need a babysitter, laundry done,shopping done: Call Jeremiah Lyons: Link PERSONAL SERVICES AND LAUNDRIES~Established: 09/2009; Personal Services and Laundries, Personal services including babysitting, shopping, personal assistants, and laundry services.

    ROFL!!! who in their right mind would allow this?? does he do windows???

    GOOD ONE HUMBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Hi Mikka, of course Lee didn’t know anything about the inside scoop on Caylee! She wouldn’t have told him anything!

    Hi Mojo…well if there were enough people coming forward, I am sure they could do something about it. BUT I am sure we won’t see the “intelli investies” receive any awards in the near future! Lies never win, no matter how hard they try! :grin:

  22. As for windows, I bet if you ask him he will lie about it! :)

  23. It is a shame, a few BAD lying PI’s ruin it for the many! I guess if I ever received a call from someone claiming to be a PI, I surely will do some research on them before anything else!

    I am curious as to why they aren’t reading the “Mort Smith” files! ;)

  24. mojo says:

    about BAD PI’s…they were hired by BAD LAWYERS! haha

  25. frogfoot says:

    I was just surfing around and I found this blog with videos about Caylee and this case.

  26. Mojo! :lol: :w00t: :whistle: so true!

    Hi Frog, thanks, I lost that page in all my bookmarks! Here is a post we want the defense to see:

  27. How many would have called back had they really told them they work for Casey Anthony and are wasting your tax dollars trying to get you to change your story and come out with “you searched suburban Dr and there was no water there? :w00t:

  28. frogfoot says:

    Hi Humble,
    I bookmarked it too. These videos I hadn’t seen before. I’ve usually watched the ones on YouTube about the case.

  29. watchestrainwreck says:

    I was just watching some old videos and news clips and I’m noticing that Casey used to cry/fake cry far more often in the past then she does in her more recent hearings.

  30. frogfoot says:

    Hi watches,
    Did Casey in any of those videos stick her finger in her eye to get her fake tears? I’ve seen her on videos/news clips doing that.

  31. maxineme says:

    Humble and mojo,, I just stumbled onto a great place for videos too.. I got the link from Bullstopper… Thanks Bullstopper.

    Bullstopper has a new article up too about why Bozo made George so emotional on the stand…

    A comment…. In the hearing on Monday, closing arguments,, I noticed that , gone is the big rubber mouth horsey happy face!!!! Something must be starting to sink in to that thick skull…. No more smiling and flirting, etc.. Now, she looks angry and snarly toward the prosecution and even to Mason, while he was describing how the LE was big and bad aa@@es for trying to get her to tell them where this little girl could be found. :sick:

  32. countrybump says:

    I thought Dr. Spitz’s report was due 3/11 by 4pm. I see now that it is 3/21 at 4pm. Did he get a continuence? again?

  33. Brad 'shopping cart' Conway says:

    Lyons is another disgusting bully. Although the defense wants to paint OCSO as bullies…their guy is the one intimidating and lying to people. I love that the person’s last name is Colon. God the names in this case are too much. Has anyone left a message on their website? LOL. Hope Jeremiah Lyons goes to jail.

  34. lynda says:

    Goodevening Humble and everyone, if this so called p.i. was representing himself as someone who was associated with LE or SA, isn’t that illegal?

  35. nannab says:

    everything the defense does is illegal.. they all think they can beat the law.. Sure hope they all have to pay in some way or another..

  36. frogfoot says:

    Here’s a list of some of the lies Casey told law enforcment. Scroll down a little bit.

    The only thing she’d tell the truth about is her name.

  37. OhioSheryl says:

    Unfortunately many people operate within one thin thread of the law and the best ones are persons knowledgeable of the laws.

  38. karol says:

    Lyons would only be good for a sitter if your kids were super bad, he is scary looking. I don’t think Judge Perry got where he is for being outsmarted by twits like these people, I bet he and JAC will get payback.

  39. Mazie says:

    Surely, Judge Perry will NOT approve this new request for PI funds of 12K.

  40. char says:

    I as a tax paying Floridian am going to be really upset if our tax dollars have gone to try to defend this guilty person and she offers up a plea at the last minute. Than I think whatever sentence she gets should include a re-payment of all the funds she got from the state along with the stipulation she cannot make money off of this crime.. It would not surprise me if they are denied these rulings that they will offer up a plea deal.

    I also hope that Cindy & George are charged after the fact as than they won’t be able to collect anymore Caylee $$$$.

  41. mary in michigan says:

    All I can say is “what a bunch of slimeballs”.

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