Casey Anthony week round up 17-23 April 2011

The best news we received this week is that the Stain is in the trial! The Judge released on Thursday that he Denied the Defense motion because the defense did not provide factual evidence.  Judges order Here is the motion from the defense: Exclude Stain Motion We should receive the other Frye hearing orders this next week!

The defense let out another whooper this week, Response to the States Motion in Limine.  The defense wants someone else to tell the tales of the murderer other than the murderer herself.  If you ask me, this is what you would call ‘hearsay’ and we know the defense isn’t BIG on any hearsay!  Didn’t they just get some hearsay removed from the trial?

After reading the depositions released today, I figure out that the PI Lyons is the one who is making all the accusations that these people searched the area where Caylee was found.

Released this week also were deposition from the defense:

Tony Lazzaro transcript Tony’s transcript was alot of hearsay. Yes Casey told Tony George hit her, but she never told Amy that he hit her.  Seems like Tony has moved on, and he should!

Amy Huizenga transcript Casey was so upset the night of the “no clothes party” about a miscarriage she claimed happened!  See how upset Casey was at the “No clothes party”:

Baez asked Amy as to why she prosecuted Casey on the stealing money.  According to Baez Casey apologized, guess he thought that was enough, but someone had to hold Casey responsible, Cindy and George never do.  Guess Baez was upset that someone held her accountable.  Baez also asked if Amy saw Casey apology on tv and in one of the visits she had with C&G…guess Casey was again to good to maybe write Amy a letter and apologize.  Amy isn’t into watching everything in this case…

Baez asked Amy if she had ever dated Jesse, she said no they were friends, Sorry what does this have to do with this case, none of Baez business.

Funniest part of this whole deposition is when Amy was talking, Mason cut her off and Amy’s attorney said  Let her finish her statement, Mr. Lawyer;  MASON: okay

Melinda White, she was asked about markings a photo. She said the marking was not her writing, but she had seen these photo’s when she met with the PI Lyons back in October 2010.  Read her deposition

Here is what she said when she was asked if she searched the area:

q. What do you recall saying?
a. I said we could barely go into the woods.
q. Why was it that you could barely go into the woods?
a. It was flooded. It was wet. It was not walkable.

Janice Smith received a visit from Detective Lyons, yes he was a detective this day!  She can’t remember who made the circle on the photo and told Detective Lyons she thought there was a fence there.  Read her deposition

She didn’t get out of her car, after she did a drive by of the Anthony mansion!

Ramona Maldonado she signed the photograph she was shown, but did not write her name at the top.  Here is the question and answer to about the water:

q. Well what you were communicating was that, at the least what is written here, “entered woods and walked left, didn’t see water until pretty deep into the woods.”  is that some information you provided?
a. uh-huh Read her deposition

William Breiling parked his vehicle and got out with other searchers. He stated that he searched but it was under water.  He said it was all submerged in water. Read his deposition

Billie ‘Todd’ Webster said he is familiar with Suburban Drive because he built the school there.  He searched on a 4 wheeler and never on foot.  The handwriting was not his that stated “7 to 8:30 pm, water 40 to 50 feet in, stated”  He stated that he never got out of his car, but it was swamp there!  He spoke with Lyons and Pat McKennan, he said that Lyons did all the talking.  Read his deposition

Also released was the Defendants Notice of Supplemental Discovery
1. American Media, Inc. Contract
2. Statements of Chris Gibson, David Dean, David Lahr, Gale St. John, Linda Tinelli, Lynn Gibson and William Breiling
3. Suburban Drive Maps of Timothy Fleming, William Breiling, Daniel Ibison, Ramona Maldonado, June Samples, Janice Smith, Vickie Tullos, Todd Webster, Melinda White, David Dean, Bret Reilly and Robert Young
4. Photographs of Wedding, Amscot & Anthony Lazarro’s Apartment
5. Written Statement from Waste Management
6. Email from Thomas P. Breaud, Manager of Mosquito Control Division
7. Orlando Police Department Suspicious Incident/Person 10/09/2008
8. Orange County Sheriff’s Office Calls-For-Service Inquiry Response 10/09/200%
9. Correspondence between Investigator Lyons and Assistant General Counsel, Ann Marie Delahhunty.
10. Daily Mission / Flight Activities Logs
11. Emails between Sergeant Mike Deeb and Jennifer Albrecht
12. Captain Tina Gordon Sector 2 October 2008
13. Golden Hill Landscaping Inc., documents
14. Word Orders Prom June 15, 2008 through December 15, 2008
15. Hidden Oaks Elementary School documents
16. 911 tapes Ref 08-436754
17. WKMG Channel 6 — Report of Duct Tape — Command Center

Also  Lee Anthony investigative Binder and Shimara Harris interview with Lyons were turned over. Document

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58 Responses to Casey Anthony week round up 17-23 April 2011

  1. Don’t forget to vote for Yuri!

  2. indianadiane says:

    Good Morning! :sun:

    Thanks for reminding me, Humble. Just voted. Boy, is he ever handsome! :smile:

  3. midget48 says:

    GM! i voted thanks for the roundup, humble ! seems as if tony L changed his story just a wee teeny bit. initally, he stated that kc poured the gs in the gas tank. mason was vey rude in tony’s depo, but then mumbles is a very rude man.

  4. nannab says:

    Mumbles thinks he is a prominent attorney.. he has sunk way below prominence.. he treats witnesses like they are dumbbells.. He will make a fool of himself in front of the jury, just like his clown partner.

  5. Mystymis says:

    Did Simms quit the defense team? I haven’t noticed her name on any of the montions that are submitted by the defense lately! Can someone advise?

  6. Carol says:

    Hello Humble and All.
    Hi Mysti, I think they were only using Sims to question the plant experts. ???? Maybe she lost her pen in her hair. :lol:
    Boy, bozo has everything and everyone on that list to waste more time except the weatherman for June 16th week. Who cares about the mosquitos? He is just an a**.
    Clem, did you get your avatar starightened out yet?

  7. batwoman says:

    Hey Carol :heart: isn’t Baez the stupidest thing on earth!!! He speaks outta both sides of his mouth!! And since when is WF considered attractive!!! My gosh look at it! Pastey, baggy, just plain gross and let’s not forget those cold black eyes! Hope JP slaps Baez big time when he brings up the fair jury whine again!

  8. Carol says:

    I have a question… WF told Amy that something got plastered to the bottom of her car or George ran over something and it stunk. Then, WF goes on to say to Amy that her car was towed at Amscot.
    How did she know that?
    Did she call Amscot and ask them?
    Did WF call the tow yard and ask them?
    Why did G bring the gas cans?
    I think WF told G about the car being towed and G just sat there not saying anything, waiting for the notice in the mail since he had to get the money from Sindy anyway.
    There were alot of phone calls from WF to G. She didn’t like him just to chat with.
    Why was she calling him?
    I think this case is making me mental. :ovrslept:

  9. Carol says:

    Bat! :heart: I hope Perry knocks bozo over the head with his gavel! Knock some sense into his thin brain. XD

  10. batwoman says:

    Carol :lol: the poor squirrels have no voice! Also this thingy with Amy and the hearsay plumbing prob at Hopless Drive?

  11. batwoman says:

    Ya know I feel for Amy and anyone that came in contact with WF. But WTH?

  12. Carol says:

    Bat, I’m glad that Amy wasn’t the total push over taht I thought she was when she said she was going to drive by the Ant house and check for all the workers there. She knew what was coming out of WF’s mouth. :wink:

  13. Carol says:

    Well, I think Amy got over WF real quick. She said she wanted to forget about her and move on. Good for her! :smile:

  14. batwoman says:

    YW Carol. That sciopath sure dragged her in. I am glad she is getting on with her life. Cruise ship work is the way to go. No one really knows ya and plus they are not all from FL. Her life will be turned upside down again shortly. When are we going to see the grusome twosome (C&G) get their true justice?

  15. Carol says:

    Hey, where can I get a transcript from the NG show last night? I missed that.
    The hub was busy pouring hot oil over his hand from his fish fry. But, he did give me a box of dark chocolates though! :kiss:

  16. knight owl says:

    Hi Humble, you have mail.

  17. batwoman says:

    Ah Carol your asking the wrong one. But I think if you go to her website ya may be able to get it. She’s been pretty good on the Fri shows. Lots of WF bashing and stands up for ZG. Love J Morgan. Don’t like it when she goes soft on C&G

  18. knight owl says:

    Hi nanna, carol, mikka, bat, midge, indiana diane, mystismiss. hope i didn’t miss anyone.

  19. batwoman says:

    Hi Knight. NG always has the remember Caylee theme which I like. She does get on the nerves with Bomshell Tonight and Hey Sheeba what’s your question dear :lol:

  20. knight owl says:

    I tell you guys, i can hardly talk about this case anymore until the trial at least starts as it is too aggravating , I have to say i didn’t agree with how Mason acted about walking out on Tony Lazarro’s depo, but i have to agree as to why. I couldn’t finish reading his depo. That boy cannot even remember the questions asked and his memory is terrible for a young person. Maybe it is just me but he literally made me nuts. I was thinking no wonder he dated Casey two dingies together.

  21. knight owl says:

    Hi Bat, yea i watch NG and i do like her how she slams Casey when she says she threw Caylee in the woods like trash. right on~~

  22. knight owl says:

    I read a little of Baez/Bozo, in session and i was furious afterwards. He is pulling that race card crap . Says Casey is young, Pretty, white, from a middle class family. Please~~ Casey is none of those things. she is an ugly baby killer/thief. I sure wish Judge Strickland had listened to Ashton and put a gag on this bunch in the beginning but he didn’t.

  23. batwoman says:

    Yea Knight! When I looked at Humbles pic of the dude it remined me of those mindless Jersey Shore dudes :lol: you can bet he was usin and abusin WF. But WF was usin and abusin him too. He does’nt come off too smart at all! Interesting to see him at trial. And why is he on DT list??? Is he on both?

  24. batwoman says:

    Knight. WF. Well ya know what it stands for!! Baez :sick: he will get what’s coming. What ever happened to the losers forclosure crap? Where has Smoke been?? Hope all is well with her

  25. Carol says:

    Hi Louie and of course knight! :grin: Can’t stay, just to say hi!

  26. Carol says:

    I found it, thanks Bat! :grin:
    Nancy Grace show transcript from Friday April 22, 2011

  27. batwoman says:

    Carol. Happy Easter to you and family. Ned and Hub :heart:

  28. midget48 says:

    imho, i think tony may have fried his brains. either that, or he is trying to give duhfense a hard time. tony does not seem to be the sharpest knife in the drawer. maybe it’s a combo of all 3. if i were amy, when asked by bozo if she had slept with jessie, i would have asked the idiot “have you slept with the skank” he and mason are so arrogrant and oh so stupid. yewww, can you imagine that scene????

  29. midget48 says:

    oh, hello knight! hope everyone is having a great day!

  30. batwoman says:

    Yiiiiikkkkkeeess! My eyes, my EYES!!! Midget :lol:

  31. knight owl says:

    Bat, yea i know what WF means alright. lmao. it sure fits her to a tea.

  32. batwoman says:

    Happy Easter All! Just like yourselves I will be busy too. :heart:

  33. knight owl says:

    I wish Baez would have to wear a brown paper bag on his head during trial as i cannot stand to look at him. Same for Mason. LkB i cannot stand either. She tries to make the killing of precious Caylee seem so light and insufficent. I wish she would keep that Miss.Piggy head of hers where it belongs, off this case for good. We all know where she is coming from when she says now. of course casey was lieing with the nanny story. I can hardly wait for trial.

  34. midget48 says:

    Happy Passover to all of you!!

  35. knight owl says:

    must go for now guys. Happy Easter everyone.

  36. batwoman says:

    YW Midget! :heart: Knight some blogger wrote he would’nt watch Insession because he did’nt want to see his malignant growth on his cheek! :lol:

  37. batwoman says:

    I shouldn’t be so mean but ya know when it comes to the DT and Ants! Let’s celebrate with our famililies tomorrow and enjoy the day. Take a little time to remember Caylee.

  38. Carol says:

    I want to wish all my friends here a Happy Easter and/ or Passover! :grin:
    Thank you Humble for all of your work! JFC! :heart:

  39. lynda says:

    Hi Humble and Friends. Just want to wish everyone a Happy Holiday. Let this be a time when we can all say a little prayer and hope that Caylee finally gets the Justice she deserves. Hugs to all, L.

  40. gigwails says:

    Happy Easter Everyone! Hard to believe the trial is only a few weeks away. Baez and Co. better hurry up and get it together. They spent so much time stalling with a bunch of ridiculous motions, now their backs are against the wall. Even if they get a jury from the moon, they won’t ignore the 31 days, all the lies, the partying, the smell of death in the car, the duct tape around the skull. They can say what they want about it being an accident and Casey being afraid to tell George, but the duct tape wrapped tightly around the mouth and nose suggests murder. Plain and simple.

  41. BB'sMom says:

    I just keep thinking of that pic of Caylee with her Easter Bunny ears and Easter basket. That was probably her last Easter! She was so sweet in that pic!

  42. Carol says:

    For the Ninth Judicial Circuit, the Courtroom of the future is here today.
    The virtual tour link didn’t work for me.

  43. clem says:

    Hi Carol!! Happy Easter!!! I gave up on my avatar. That’s not the same courtroom that JP is in now is it? He’s got a solid wall behind him now.

  44. Carol says:

    Clem, Buddy! Why give up the avatar? Come on, I’ll help you – Monday on Off Topic. You ask me questions and I’ll try an answer them for you. That’s what friends are for, especially a fun guy like you! :grin:
    No, this is a brand new court room, I don’t know if they even used it yet. Voice activated monitors! How cool is that? I just wonder how there’re going to decifer old bast*rds mumbling.
    WF is going to be seated across from the jury so they can see her goofing around and smiling. They will hate her and bozo. It’s gonna be great! Can’t wait – three more weeks!! :w00t:

  45. Kandy says:

    Still lingmao @Maggie last night. That not only stuck with me but nailed ca’S PERSONALITY! That is who she was! she’s just another inmate (soon to be) now. Thank goodness cause she’d do it again to anyones child!

  46. Ceci says:


  47. Ceci says:

    Are they able to use the jailhouse videos in the trial?

  48. Ceci says:

    I need to find those videos and re-watch them!! You can see where Baez is going with Amy H’s depo!!

  49. Carol says:

    From the CD:

    Just to add a little humor to an otherwise sad and tragic case:

    A Lawyer’s Dictionary of Medical Terminology:

    Artery – Places for paintings and sculptures
    Bacteria – Rear entrance to the cafeteria
    Barium – What doctors do to patients who die
    Bowel – Key letters sounding like a, e, i, o and u
    Cat Scan – Feline survey followed by midnight yowling
    Cauterize – Made eye contact at the cocktail party
    Dilate – Live inordinately long
    Ear – Where you now are
    Enema – Not a friend
    Fester – Quicker
    GI Series – Military ball games
    Impotent – Person worthy of attention
    Kidney – Part of a child’s leg
    Labor pain – Work injury generating Workmen S Comp
    Morbid – A higher offer
    Nitrates – Cheaper than day rates
    Node – Finally realized it
    Outpatient – Inpatient who has fainted
    Postoperative – Letter carrier
    Rectum – Dang near killed ‘em
    Terminal illness – Barfing at the airport
    Tumor – Right after “one for the road”
    Urine – Opposite of “You’re out”
    Varicose – Quite nearby
    Vein – Conceited

  50. clem says:

    @Carol: Maybe they have a MUMBLE CARD for them fancy computers so they will be able to understand that OLD A-HOLE!!! Oh yeah, I can just see it now. WF with her long sleeves, WF picking at her WF, WF touching on BOZO & MUMBLES, WF playing with her shirt trying to show more NASTY SKANK BOOB, & last but not least, WF playing with her hair!!!!. I BET it takes the jury about 17 minutes to CONVICT her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We’ll get together Monday so you can guide me through the avatar deal. Yer gonna LOVE the pic I use!!!!!!!!!

  51. clem says:

    LMAO @ CAROL!!!!!! Those sound like RED NECK WORDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. gigwails says:

    Casey didn’t seem to have any fear of George at all when she said…”Here are your F*in cans.” You would think if there were ever a time to slap the taste outta her mouth, that would have been the time for George to hit her. Casey had no fear of George or Cindy if you listen to the way she talked to them.

  53. Ceci says:

    exactly gigwails!!

  54. Carol says:

    Clem, I thought you’d get a kick out that! :lol: Happy Easter to you too! I’ll catch you Monday. Later, gator. :wink:
    Hi gig, G & C should have slapped her years ago.
    You all take care now! Have a good night! :wink:

  55. Colhere says:

    Gig, you make an awesome point.. Hello folks! I would post more, but I am enjoying NHL playoffs..

  56. Ceci says:

    refresh of george’s visit!! I love you dad!

  57. Ceci says:

    will/can the state use the jailhouse videos as evidence and/ or is it already on the list?

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