JUSTICE for Caylee day 3 part 5, 26 May 2011

Watch the TRIAL!:



Orlando Sentinel

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211 Responses to JUSTICE for Caylee day 3 part 5, 26 May 2011

  1. Carol says:

    WTH is always so funny at the side bar?!!!

  2. Carol, Baez is a clown!

  3. Disregard the truth, jury!

  4. Carol says:

    Nope, sorry Perry , we heard it! :wink:

  5. amethystme says:

    so Caylee slept over at his house as well?

  6. he didn’t read his transcript

  7. Ame, shhh that is secret,the jury can’t hear that~!

  8. amethystme says:

    Humble, Oppps I will shhhhhhhhhhhhhh :)

  9. Carol says:

    So, she was always doing two guys at one time. Skank!

  10. hootie says:


    6/16/2008 Caylee accidentally drowns.

    george, with baby in arms chews Casey out
    they decide to cover up the accident and make it look like a kidnapping.

    they have to act quickly as george has to get to work and casey has a date with tony L. that night to rent some kidnapping flicks at the same place you can RENT guns, dynamte and whatever.

    at this point they call Kronk, but he can’t help because he doesn’t have a shovel.
    casey borrows shovel and then decides to bring it back because she’s not sure what she is supposed to do with it.

    Since Kronk can’t help (yet) they call morales to take possesion of caylee.
    Morales then holds onto the baby until he puts the baby in the trunk and then they call Kronk back.

    Kronk is then instructed to take possession of caylee and wait for further instructions. Kronk is told that he will find caylee in the trunk of casey’s car.

    Most important is that kronk is told to take caylee and replace her with a squirrel wearing a chlorine laden bathing suit…………


  11. Molly says:

    i missed it, she dated this guy too?????

  12. may we approach? NO

  13. Countrybump says:

    LMBO at hootie!

  14. Ame :lol:

    Carol, she was a h*ser

  15. Molly says:

    carol – pretty much! she always had a backup lovva

  16. Victoria says:

    SIDEBAR SHOT!!!!!!!!! :woot:

  17. Carol says:

    Simms has dark banding roots! Is she dead? :lol:

  18. eyespy says:

    State is really doing a good job throwing the scarlett letter on WF…lovin it! Ho Ho Ho

  19. Carol says:

    Why isn’t Ashton asking questions so we can move this along?!

  20. Molly says:

    we’re gonna be here until september

  21. Countrybump says:

    Casey was a busy girl with all her boy toys and her clientel at Fusion. I get the willies just looking at her!

  22. beth says:

    Bozo will ask if Casey ever water boarded Caylee next

  23. CaseyCantWin says:

    Who did miss you all??

  24. eyespy says:

    Simms isnt dead, but her hairdresser should be….

  25. CaseyCantWin says:

    I couldnt wait to get back home

  26. mason getting pizzy?

  27. Victoria says:

    Looks like Casey spread like peanut butter at a boys camp!

  28. CaseyCantWin says:

    when i left Melissa England was on the stand?? HELPPPPPPPPPPPP oh i hope i didnt misss SPINDY

  29. Countrybump says:

    I don’t think we’ll get any action from Gramps until the penalty phase. We have to put up with this imbecile.

  30. hvf says:

    Perry had a side bar because it was being revealed that WF was a WF

  31. eyespy says:

    CCW you were gone to? Just got back myself.

  32. Carol says:

    Oh, Lord!……. :side:

  33. CaseyCantWin says:

    whose this guy?

  34. CaseyCantWin says:

    Yeah dang it i went to job interview…….

  35. Carol says:

    CCW, no Sindy wasn’t on yet. I will shoot bozo before this trial is over with!

  36. What does this prove? Caylee loved the one who was going to kill her?

  37. eyespy says:

    She must have had her cell phone number written in the boys room at Fusian.

  38. Countrybump says:

    I hope Chris didn’t travel far for that.

  39. CaseyCantWin says:

    <~~~ is handing Carol a gun…..I got the blindfold if you need..and his joint so he dont feel a thing :smoke: :winkt:

  40. Molly says:

    there must be crowds of friends out in the hall!

  41. Carol says:

    Gawd, all these guys are so Grade C looking except Cameron.

  42. CaseyCantWin says:

    This dude looks like s :nerd:

  43. Molly says:

    prosecution showing these friends are responsible working peers of cma

  44. Carol says:

    CCW, I’m ready! :wink: Did you get the job?

  45. hootie says:

    I’m sure Jaynie Weintraub will be on TV tonight saying the usual:

    no confession
    no eye witness
    no cause of death
    not one shred of reliable evidence
    blah, blah, blah

  46. GreyhoundMom says:

    I fell asleep lol

    Did I miss anything?

  47. Carol says:

    Hootie, I just hate that biatch! She sucks more than JVM! :p

  48. Molly says:

    why is he objecting to these questions?? sheesh

  49. mikka says:

    a GOOD mother DONT bring teh child to boyfriend and the next man and the next man ……………………………. cma makes me :sick:

  50. mikka says:

    ccw how was your job interview?

  51. chlry says:

    i had to go to the store, who is this guy?

  52. mikka says:

    carol cameron was cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  53. Carol says:

    Grey, no unless you saw me throwing rotted fruit at bozo. :lol:

  54. I wonder what the A’s are thinking with all these excuses as to where Caylee was?

  55. JusMe says:

    In the pet cemetery on a play-date with dirt

  56. Kandy says:

    cma feeling out the boyfriends associate for the next guy?

  57. mikka says:

    caylee had no stabile life with cma!cindy must slapp herself today,to trust cmma with caylee!

  58. mikka says:

    humble cindy know cma was an unfit mother!both are shocked!

  59. Molly says:

    cindy must be pizzed about caylee being dragged to all these boyfiends houses & then overnight. you know cma lied to cindy about where they were.

  60. mikka says:

    the train is coming you haer it?? :lol:

  61. chachi says:

    Sorry WF, no more foot long spicy itailians for you! she really loved subway :lol:

  62. mikka says:

    molly thats not a life for a child,cma was NOT a good mother,when cma would be a good mother she would sleep at home with caylee!

  63. Molly says:

    mikka – ibet cindy wishes she had got custody. sad

  64. GreyhoundMom says:


  65. CaseyCantWin says:


  66. glen says:

    Cindy should have taken Caylee far far away form this wh**e,sleeping with a baby in the bed and bed hopping just like bar hopping …she looks bad

    Mason is coming up where is bozo?

  67. mikka says:

    masonnnnnnnnnnnnnnn :sick: :sick:

  68. Molly says:

    mason gonna bark at the witness now!

  69. Victoria says:

    OH LORD NO!!!! Not Mason.

  70. mikka says:

    molly,cindy never forgive herself!

  71. Carol says:

    Molly, Sindy should have checked more.
    Listen to this old fart! The nerd is laughing!

  72. GreyhoundMom says:

    He laughed at Mason…lol

  73. Molly says:

    he laughing at the old fool! hahhahahaahahahahahahahhahahah :lol:

  74. JusMe says:

    Ayye say Ayye say!!!….Here comes Foghorn Leghorn….Arse extraordinare for the Deff

  75. Vic I had the same thought!

  76. glen says:

    characiter witnesses if that what mason is trying to get to the jury,,,not going to well are they…

  77. GreyhoundMom says:

    Is Mason drunk?.

  78. Countrybump says:

    This guy wasn’t taking any crap. Wish they had more questions for him.

  79. Victoria says:

    LOOOOOOOVE it that this guy started to giggle after Mumbles questioning!!!!!!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

  80. mikka says:

    sidebar again,we lost 2 hours today,because of teh damm sidebar!

  81. Molly says:

    the prosecution got it across to the jury about cma sleeping around & with caylee there too. that does not look good.

  82. Carol says:

    Let’s open all those evidence boxes and bags and hand them out like Xmas gifts to the jurors! :lol:

  83. Countrybump says:

    I’ll bet JP ends it here for the day.

  84. Carol says:

    What did WF steal now?

  85. mikka says:


  86. JusMe says:

    Holy chips or something…..ahhh Bozo diggiing files from the storage room 300 miles away?

  87. Kandy says:

    Okay double shot already!

  88. mikka says:

    molly i agree!a good mother dont do that!

  89. alizabeth says:


  90. Countrybump says:

    Vinnie just said that if it’s proven that George molested Casey, he could get life in prison for child rape!

  91. Molly says:

    carol :lol: christmans gifts :lol:

  92. CaseyCantWin says:

    AHAHAHAH CAROL! Bad girl :)

  93. eyespy says:

    Im a loser baby…so why dont ‘cha kill me…

  94. Victoria says:

    I’d love to know the jurys thoughts right about now; good lord!

  95. mikka says:

    eye :lol: :lol:

  96. Carol says:

    Aliz, my object here is to drink so much his face is blurred! XD

  97. CaseyCantWin says:

    17 years later isnt there like a statue of limitations?

  98. chlry says:

    done for the day. who was that guy w the glasses?

  99. mikka says:

    country bozo never can proof it because,
    1. its a lie

  100. GBinOKC says:

    The witness schooled Mr. Cheney about how to conduct an appropriate line of questioning. Well, someone needed to.

  101. hootie says:

    That was not a good idea for that witness to laugh at Mumbles.

    Mumbles, you see, is a senior citizen.

    Laughing at a senior citizen is a FELONY in the state of florida…….

    no biggie, the guy can hire bozo to represent him at trial……

  102. Matthew Crisp Chlry

  103. glen says:


  104. CaseyCantWin says:

    I need to send WF some magic markers so she can put some makeup on

  105. Molly says:

    what are we doing now?

  106. chlry says:

    ah , ty humble.

  107. eyespy says:

    I bet WF hand smells like baloney…

  108. Carol says:

    Why does she have to fix her greasy hair? Is it windy in there? Ugh!!

  109. Countrybump says:

    Dimwit have another motion they have to deal with?

  110. chlry says:

    ewwwwww eyes :lol:

  111. mikka says:

    hootie :lol: :lol:

  112. GreyhoundMom says:



  113. Carol says:

    Look at her smiling away! GRRR!!!! I hate her! :evil:

  114. hootie says:

    LOL – eyespy

  115. Molly says:

    the jury must be thinking what a bunch of bumbling fools. a mockery

  116. Carol says:

    Eye! :lol:; Prefect song for her! :lol:

  117. chlry says:

    camera is on cindy and george , they look tired and miserable

  118. hootie says:

    Time to start casting the movie folks………………..

    pee wee herman as mr. baez

    who do we have for Old mason jar?
    judge perry?

    come on gang……….. chime in………..

  119. Janet says:

    Alleged Baby Killer Casey Anthony — The $68,000 Bill
    Accused child murderer Casey Anthony is in more hot water with the feds — the I.R.S. believes she failed to pay $68k in taxes back in 2008 … the same year she allegedly killed her 2-year-old daughter.

    Is the bombshell news that TMZ was to report?

  120. Molly says:

    seems cindy & george have been behaving themselves

  121. Carol says:

    WTH can she be yakking about? Idid’t do that guy….. :sick:

  122. Janet says:

    TMZ obtained a tax lien filed against Anthony in Florida last week — and according to the document, Casey never forked over $68,520 in federal taxes in 2008.

    Casey was charged with first-degree murder the same year — and is currently on trial in Orlando, FL … facing the death penalty if convicted.

    Calls to Casey’s attorney were not immediately returned.

  123. GBinOKC says:

    Wasn’t it noble of Casey to cover for her dad all this time? She even concocted the Zanny story to save dear ol’ Dad. Wait, what? She’s trying to bring him down, you say? What happened to Casey the martyr? I’m thinkin’ that the jury will find this tactic the least plausible of all. She covered for him for three years, and suddenly she cheerfully pushes him off of a cliff?

  124. amethystme says:

    am I on the right chat?

  125. Carol says:

    Janet! Great news!! I love it!! :grin: WF better start scrubbing those toilets! :lol:

  126. mikka says:

    was cma ever cooking a warm meal for caylee,i think not!

  127. amethystme says:

    omg, what is THIS side bar about now?? Lord have mercy on the jury

  128. GBinOKC says:

    Pee Wee Herman? How about Homer Simpson?

  129. Carol says:

    Ame, Yes! :grin:

  130. Janet says:

    From Blink on Crime
    In the latest developments in the life of the accused murderer ToT- Mom Casey Anthony, The Federal Government wants in on the action. According To TMZ, The Internal Revenue Service has filed a Tax Lien against Casey Anthony for failing to pay $68,000 in taxes for the year 2008.

  131. eyespy says:

    Is Debbie does Dallas on that list?

  132. glen says:


  133. Carol says:

    Eye, no but WF does Orlando, is. :lol:

  134. Janet says:

    Someone who blogs here Carol and has a friend at TMZ said some news would be coming out, this could be it.

  135. GBinOKC says:

    I’m agog to hear why Casey owes the IRS 68K. I don’t think she made 68 cents in 2008, unless you consider embezzlement an occupation.

  136. Carol says:

    Janet :cool: Thanks for that!

  137. Janet says:

    YW Carol!

  138. hootie says:

    if she sold those pics for $200,000 then perhaps it is tax on that income?

  139. Carol says:

    GB, it’s from income tax on the $250,000.00 from ABC for the photos.

  140. mikka says:

    :sun: ,,

  141. Molly says:

    GB – she made 250,000.00 from the sale of Caylee pictures! she owes tax on that $$$ !

  142. Carol says:

    He’s moving for a mistrial on all the friends! XD

  143. All the happy Casey stuff is kicking their butts

  144. alizabeth says:


  145. mikka says:

    the defense wants a mistrial!

  146. alizabeth says:

    my screen cut out where can I see what is happening

  147. chachi says:

    Well, i hope they take her snack money away! let it go to the IRS.

  148. he has multiple excuses! 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 hahahaha

  149. Carol says:

    Aliz, Leghorn is up and wants a mistrial.

  150. No Mikka, they want to get the happy casey out of all this after the 16 June!

  151. mikka says:

    noooooooooooooooooooo come on perry

  152. Carol says:

    Yeah!!! Perry!!!!

  153. mikka says:

    good thanks perrry!

  154. mikka says:

    denied!mason go homeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  155. amethystme says:

    whew, was a little worried on that one

  156. Carol says:

    Cool!! bring that in too!! :grin:

  157. GBinOKC says:

    NOW I’ve heard it all. The D is threatening to move for a mistrial because their POS client failed to exhibit any emotion except happiness after Caylee “drowned.”

  158. Molly says:

    gt it in writing ashton.
    is baez kidding!!!

  159. Oh the dork needs to shut up…

  160. Carol says:

    The state is objecting to bozo questioning and reasons why.

  161. Justme66 says:

    Okay peeps.. Help a lady out here will ya??? Please??? I just got back from picking my son up and going to the grocery… Loaded wftv, watched for about 2 minutes and everything just froze up… The advertisements played fine, just not the court video… What happened… *sigh*

  162. Carol says:

    Oh, STHU Leghorn you old fool! We don’t care!

  163. Carol says:

    Isn’t she an idiot too?!

  164. GBinOKC says:

    Did you guys play Pick up Sticks or Pick up Straws when you were kids. Grasping at straws, my friends. Grasping at straws. They are going to continue to object to the State’s strategies for the remainder of the trial, so we may as well get used to it. They’re trying to find ANY little loophole to base an appeal upon. It’s already backfiring, though, because they will eventually inflame the jury, if they haven’t already.

  165. Carol says:

    Thank you Humble for all your work! :fl: Thanks all for the good time today! Love you guys! :heart:

  166. Kandy says:

    OMG.. now no press! I gotta go come on bozo.. quit messin around!

  167. Molly says:

    you too carol. thanks for the laughs. :fl:

  168. Dianne says:

    Tony’s back !!

  169. Carol says:

    OMG! Is the jory still in there?

  170. Justin's Mommy says:

    Why isn’t the jury hearing that the secret wasn’t about George?

  171. chachi says:

    mr. lazzario :lol:

  172. Jayl says:

    justme – sometimes just a clear of the cache helps – and a refresh

  173. Molly says:

    she’s go tthe upset look on now

  174. Molly says:

    carol – no jury!
    i think hearsay on the allegation of sex abuse

  175. Carol says:

    Tubes could get arrested! How could she say that?! :angry:

  176. Justin's Mommy says:

    I think the jury should be hearing this!!!

  177. GreyhoundMom says:


    JP is so cute

  178. lee says:

    why isnt the jury hearing this????

  179. Carol says:

    So do I! This isn’t right!

  180. Seashelly says:

    To Hootie: That is hysterical. keep up the good work. You need to do the recaps on InSession instead of those boring people who can’t see the bizarreness of it all!

  181. Molly says:

    it’s hearsay. Casey has to get on the stand & state the abuse first!

  182. Jayl says:

    Why is this part without jury?

  183. Carol says:

    Wow! Unreal!! XD

  184. nannab says:

    OMG …you all too funny today.. :lol: :lol: :ninja:

  185. CaseyCantWin says:

    lost my feed

  186. Carol says:

    Yea, look at your parents biatch!!

  187. lee says:


  188. Molly says:

    cma looks pizzed

  189. chachi says:


  190. CaseyCantWin says:

    OMG where did the court go to??

  191. Jayl says:

    oops Molly – thanks – u answered then i asked!

  192. alizabeth says:

    did yopu hear thyat what Tony just said. George did not sexually abuse her.

  193. Dianne says:

    Tony will be back in the morning….do you suppose that the Jury will hear it then ?

  194. Carol says:

    She’s gonna have to take the stand to say those charges are true. Tubes could get arrested.

  195. Justin's Mommy says:

    Thanks for clearing that up Molly~ I was getting heated!

    I never thought I’d say this, but I am starting to feel badly for George.

  196. Carol says:

    Gotta go! Sad state of affairs. See you tomorrow.

  197. CaseyCantWin says:

    do you all have court feed??

  198. Molly says:

    casey told tony & jesse about some attemtpt at sex abuse by Lee. NOT George. there is no previous record of any abuse by george, only after her arrest.

  199. alizabeth says:

    The jury will hear it tomarrow. Loved the questions the judge asked. His is the last word. Bozo tried to get it turned around but JP sSTOPPED HIM. LOVE THAT PERRY> STATE HAS TO BE THRILLED WITH THIS! See How PISSED CASEY WAS. Bet her FISTS were balled up!!!!!!

  200. purrwannamama says:

    I would think that the IRS wants their share of the $200,000 WF made off of selling Caylees pictures..KARMA??

  201. Jayl says:

    my posts seem to come in a minute or two after yours – i suppose they have a long way to travel.

  202. Molly says:

    YW Justinsmom! this is very upsetting.

  203. alizabeth says:

    Even the dates tony gave her telling him was AFTER CAYLEE WENT MISSING!!!!

  204. Victoria says:

    I can almost feel Casey’s vile evil come through the screen as she is willing to sacrifice any and all. She will be able to convince none because all we have is her word and we all know what that’s worth.

  205. glen says:

    wf was up set because she got cought in another lie…she is doing everything she can to get her brother and father arrested and out of the court,,,it will not work.

    as far as a mistrial loghorn doesn’t have a chance as of right now, but if the state doesn’t follow thru they may…

    the look on cindy and george’s face at the time that tony said it was hitting and not sexual was a sigh of releif. she has hung herself out to dry and bozo has helped her because of his opening statement they have to prove it by putting her on the stand,,,I WISH THEY WOULD

  206. Justme66 says:

    Okay… I’m lost… So Mumbles questioned the last witness?? The last one I saw before having to go get my son was Donov, (sp), and I didn’t get to see all of his testimony… Then I come back to JP talking, and I lost my feed… I refreshed, Tony was on the stand, but it kept stopping… Then I lost it altogether… So I have no idea what the heck went on… Did Tony say that Lee molested CaseY??

  207. alizabeth says:

    The no changes in caseys behaivore or demeaner is going to crusify her!!!!! All these witnesses are going to help sink her ship!!!! BOZO NEVER WILL BE ABLE TO SELL THE ABUSE EXCUSE!!!!!!!

  208. CaseyCantWin says:

    The bruise under the eye thing was said by ( taken fromn Web Slueth)
    IIRC RM(?) said he had been there when Caylee hit herself on the edge of a table or something. Nothing suspect apparently.

    Its on page 1284 . He says that it happened around Jan 23rd 2008. Pic taken in his apt, probably by KC and he’s not sure if she posted it on MS or PB

    I knew i heard it said before Ricardo Morales???

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