Nancy Grace Power hour chit chat 22 June 2011

Chit chat is on…………

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  1. CaseyCantWin says:

    1 i am #1

  2. CaseyCantWin says:

    wohoooooooooooooooooooo i think Bozo was a hostile attorney yesterday LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO B*TCHSLAP!

  3. CaseyCantWin says:

    Bozo got fooled by his witness’s seems likt hey are all for the PROS LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I love it :) :D :D :evil:

  4. CaseyCantWin says:

    woot woot

  5. CaseyCantWin says:

    what did nancy just say flea is caylees father??????????? OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG LMAO

  6. CaseyCantWin says:

    Ketamine??? Special K?????? and GHB?????? OMG

  7. CaseyCantWin says:


  8. CaseyCantWin says:


  9. Martha says:


    Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury…..

    Listen Well…as I explain to you idiots how George Anthony ….

    Orange County law enforcement….

    the State Bureau of Investigation…

    numerous FBI personnel….

    the Oak Ridge Boys….

    that damned woman medical examiner…

    all the state’s “paid” experts….

    Prosecutor Jeff Ashton…

    Judge Belvin Perry…

    Tim Miller and all his searchers…

    all of Casey’s so-called friends…

    Roy Kronk…

    and a dog (not a coyote)….

    got together to conspire to frame poor Casey for her child’s murder…ooops…accidental drowning…

    Just take my word for it….please hurry up…TV cameras are waiting …I need to make all the “paid” appearances I can BEFORE the Bar ASSociation yanks my license….

  10. CaseyCantWin says:


  11. Martha says:

    Sorry…I don’t watch Nancy Dis-Grace any more….have seen too many things that she was “factually challenged ” on….and she never comes back and corrects them….reminds me too much of a certain defense attorney we are all familiar with….

  12. alizabeth says:


  13. alizabeth says:


  14. Penny says:

    I’m here, just got on :lol: Having a problem with my air conditioner and the thingy that is supposed to circulate the water out of the house :sad: I’ve been emptying a bucket all day. Hubby and son just went outside and found a kink in the hose, cross your fingers that was the problem otherwise no air conditioner for me tonight because I’m not waking up every couple of hours to empty a bucket :lol:

  15. Martha says:

    alizabeth….ever get charged with murder…just let me know…I work for food…(especially chocolate chip cookies)….and a place to sleep….LOL

  16. Penny says:

    NG gets on my nerves to, Martha, but she’s been tearing up the defense and their “defense” and she makes me laugh when she does it :lol:

  17. Penny says:

    So how credible is this Tracey Conroy anybody know?

  18. CaseyCantWin says:

    Tracy Conroy????
    Tracy Mc Laughlin maybe i dont know who Tracy Conroy is????HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP

  19. Ronnie says:

    Hi all….ng makes me ill….. Why does she keep harping on what they tested Caylee for?? All the tests were neg. Right???? She is making like it true!

  20. CaseyCantWin says:

    Tracy was the one who worked with LP and ROB DICK.. she was the one who stayed with Crazey she ate slept and Breathed Crazey she was the one who Crazey put the Heart shape sticker on her or her computer

  21. CaseyCantWin says:


  22. Ronnie says:

    Tracy is the one who stayed with kc after Leonard got her out. I think she is credible.

  23. CaseyCantWin says:

    i dont know

  24. casey is a liar says:

    ccw — only can stay for a minute (sorry) but who is flea?

    I’m watching jvm on hln (have my dvr rewound cause I missed it when it was on earlier) & LP is saying some great stuff @ Kronk and what a vengeful little beeyatch Casey is.

    Krystal (aka River Cruz) sounds crazier than Casey — !! — if that’s possible! I hope the defense calls her. JA should have a field day w/her.

    BTW, I changed my name from nancy to casey is a liar b/c I noticed someone else is posting comments with the same name (nancy) :)

  25. Ronnie says:

    Didn’t she end up on a drug charge or something????

  26. stephanie says:

    Ms Teal…Don’t know if I copied and pasted this on the other post or not, but it does sound like during the process it is not showing the jury is finding any aggravating circumstances. Or at least it is not showing on the record when the higher courts get it. One of the things when deciding the dp they jury does have to find aggravating circumstances. Sounds like they really need to change that part where it shows on the record the aggravating circumstances.

    “More troubling is that there is nothing in the record to show that Mr. Evans’s jury found the existence of a single aggravating factor,” Judge Martinez wrote. “It cannot be that Mr. Evans’s death sentence is constitutional when there is no evidence to suggest that even a simple majority found the existence of any one aggravating circumstance.”

  27. Ronnie says:

    Very sick kc

  28. CaseyCantWin says:

    sorry Humble i wish they had open day on Crazey………like they do deer and duck hunting

  29. casey is a liar says:

    penny — I’m w/Martha on NG. I wish she would give up the Tot Mom-thing. It drives my husband (and me) crazy!

  30. CaseyCantWin says:


  31. Penny says:

    CCW maybe I got the wrong last name :sad:

  32. CaseyCantWin says:

    OH OK NANCY CASEY LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I thought for a minute i had a twin with a different Middle name LMAOooooooooooooo

  33. CaseyCantWin says:

    No they said CONRY on Nancy but it is Mc Laughlin

  34. CaseyCantWin says:


  35. Penny says:

    Okay, thanks CCW so THEY got the last name wrong :lol: I read the article that somebody here posted a link to, I don’t remember who it was, sorry to whoever it was :fl: and it was very interesting.

  36. CaseyCantWin says:


  37. SantaFeWay says:

    Good Evening Friends…

    Tracy MacLaughlin got married and her name is now Conroy…same person.

  38. CaseyCantWin says:


  39. stephanie says:

    I thought victim’s/Caylee’s age was an aggravating circumstance, but I am not seeing it here?

    Here are the other 2 aggravating circumstances when the jury considers the dp.

    (h) The capital felony was especially heinous, atrocious, or cruel.

    (i) The capital felony was a homicide and was committed in a cold, calculated, and premeditated manner without any pretense of moral or legal justification.

  40. CaseyCantWin says:


  41. CaseyCantWin says:

    OMG was reading the Archive page for Orlando click or sentinel…… theres a chick in FLA who put her baby in the Microwave…………DP for sure OMG whats the world coming to

  42. Penny says:

    WTH is this on NG they have up URGENT BREAKING NEWS “State suspects Caylee given cat tranquilizer and Date Rape Drugs”. That’s just something they tested I believe on their own I don’t think the State really thought that, they were just doing a thorough examine. Geesh! Those who aren’t following the trial and just watch NG for the updates aren’t getting the full story.

  43. CaseyCantWin says:

    I havent even listened to today’s stuff yet but that DR yesterday ………BOY OH BOY did BOZO get his red BABOON A&& KICKED!

  44. CaseyCantWin says:

    well this is the first time i have heard NG in two weeks MY DVR wont record but one minute and its the minute before you delete I really dont put to much faith on the beginning i did but not anymore i think she blows stuff out of porportion

  45. lynda says:


  46. Penny says:

    Santa~~thanks for clearing that up! Damn how do you know and retain so much information, you’re great, not the first time you were able to straighten us all out. Glad you’re here :smile:

  47. CaseyCantWin says:


  48. stephanie says:

    Penny…many don’t pay attention to NG. I personally can’t stand her myself!

  49. CaseyCantWin says:

    Step i might be pretty dayum aggrivated if my kid killed my grand daughter………..those might be the circumstances imight be lookin for a shotgun :) :D:D

  50. CaseyCantWin says:

    <~~~~~ shes gonna behave

  51. SantaFeWay says:

    NG is making a big deal about nothing here and she’s confusing the testimony of 2 different witnesses.

    1 – the female toxicologist tested the hair from the hair matte found on Suburban Drive. She was asked to test for Xanax and Klopopin (whatever that is). There was a new lab instrument in the lab that was more sensitive so, since the hair was at the lab already, she took it upon herself to test for 9 other chemicals, downers, like roofies, Special K cat tranquilizer, etc. All tests were negative. None of the 11 chemicals were in Caylee’s hair left at the scene with the remains.
    2 – FBI chemist cute Dr. Rickenbach tested the Gatorade bottle that had a syringe with a needle inside. The Gatorade bottle had minute levels of testosterone and chloroform at the bottom and he recognized the smell as cleaning fluid. The syringe had testosterone in it. The level of chloroform in the bottle was so low he didn’t even mention it except to say it was part of the cleaning solution, not put there independently.

    Sometimes NG thrives solely on being sensational. I get it. It was a slow news day. But, c’mon Nancy, we expect more from you!

  52. amethystme says:

    NG seems to make up imaginary bombshells sometimes

  53. CaseyCantWin says:

    I think BOZO was tryin to exploit himself LMAOOOOOOOOO

  54. SantaFeWay says:

    Penny – you’re so right about making much ado about nothing! TY for the compliment! :)

  55. lynda says:

    Youmay not love NG, but you have to admit that whoever puts those clips together is so dang funny! They make me laugh out loud by myself.

  56. Penny says:

    stepanie~~I believe that goes towards the charge of Aggravated manslaughter of a child

    (3) A person who causes the death of any person under the age of 18 by culpable negligence under s. 827.03(3) commits aggravated manslaughter of a child, a felony of the first degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084.

  57. stephanie says:

    Well I am not a fan of the Anthonys and I could never see them going after Casey. Not because they love her unconditionally, but how would it look. After all the state went after Casey because there was an election going on. The state attorney is so good he was able to get the fbi and le involved in his conspiracy. In the end Casey threw George under the bus and CIndy had to make a big decision…where would I fair better, behind George or Casey. I think maybe George…We will get a lot of sympathy and tv time…Dam* I (Cindy) can’t wait to be in front of the camera again. This also should help us keep our house a little longer…maybe even longer then the 3 yrs it already has!

  58. Martha says:

    I stopped watching Dis-Grace after the Duke LaCrosse fiasco…

    Crystal Mangum…the accuser….has cost the state of North Carolina…the city of Durham…Duke University….and these boys’ families untold millions and more to come….the prosecutor lost his job, his reputation, and his law licesne because that woman LIED….

    She has since been charged with serious assault against a boy friend and child abuse…since then she has set a fire in her apartment with her children in it… she is currently charged with murder of another boy friend…not sure…but believe she is still in jail…unable to post bond…

    Miss Dis-Grace played her out to be this poor…hard working mother who was attending college and working two jobs to feed her kids….and was taken advantage of by these rich white boys…. one part of that is true…she does have two or three kids…

    Has Dis-Grace ever aknowledged that she was wrong….not a word….

  59. SantaFeWay says:

    What does it mean when Humble says “Your comment is awaiting moderation” That never happened to me before. Did my post @ 20:43 post? Can you see it?

  60. lynda says:

    Stephanie :lol:

  61. glen says:

    hello all been lurking

    when opening this post that mikka kindly gave on the last post
    what is wf so up set about..
    also if you look at the special recap part 2 about 5 and 1/2 mins in you will see wf getting very upset…wnder why ..i did not hear of this today in the court room..

    look at it and see if you all see the same thing

  62. stephanie says:

    Lynda…I am not sure about the clips, I seldom have NG on. If she or JVM are on it is normally only because I am doing something else and haven’t changed the channel. LIke right now I have Gibbs on…Much better looking than Nancy and I love to hear him talk, lol.

    Penny..>Thank you. I don’t understand why that isn’t in the other guidelines for the dp. I swore it was before. I wonder if maybe there is a new statue since 1993

  63. Penny says:

    Dr. Saunders said the defense is not coherent and she thinks Bozo has taken on WF chaotic life and personality :lol: . Dr. Saunders says she is a narcissistic psychopath! Ya think!

  64. stephanie says:

    Martha…NG should have been ashamed and apologized to the Duke Lacrosse team, but of course that never and will never happen.

  65. SantaFeWay says:

    Can anyone see me? Please…give me a sign…

  66. alizabeth says:

    know where we can find the article on tracy conroy. Sounds like it is interesting and to the point?

  67. alizabeth says:

    hello santa, I SEE YOU DO YOU SEE ME???

  68. Martha says:


  69. SantaFeWay says:

    alizabeth – it’s on the last post, I believe.

    Can anyone read this? Does this mean I can’t post here anymore?

  70. stephanie says:

    Penny…Here is another from a forum, but no link given or at least i am not seeing one.

    (1)The murder was especially heinous, atrocious, cruel, or depraved (or involved torture)
    (2) The capital offense was committed during the commission of, attempt of, or escape from a specified felony (such as robbery, kidnapping, rape, sodomy, arson, oral copulation, train wrecking, carjacking, criminal gang activity, drug dealing, or aircraft piracy)
    (3) The defendant knowingly created a grave risk of death for one or more persons in addition to the victim of the offense
    (4) The defendant committed the murder after substantial planning and premeditation
    (5) The murder was committed for pecuniary gain or pursuant to an agreement that the defendant would receive something of value
    (6) The murder was committed to avoid or prevent arrest, to effect an escape, or to conceal the commission of a crime
    (7) The capital offense was committed to interfere with the lawful exercise of any government function or the enforcement of the laws
    (8) The defendant has been convicted of, or committed, a prior murder, a felony involving violence, or other serious felony
    (9) The capital offense was committed by a person who is incarcerated, has escaped, is on probation, is in jail, or is under a sentence of imprisonment
    (10)The defendant was a criminal street gang member
    (11)The victim of the capital felony was a person less than 12 years of age
    (12)The victim of the capital felony was particularly vulnerable due to disability, or because the defendant stood in a position of familial or custodial authority over the victim
    (13) The victim was an elected or appointed official or former official of the federal government, or local or state government, and the killing intentionally prevented the victim’s official duties
    (14)The defendant engaged in drug trafficking
    (15)The defendant raped a child
    (16)The capital felony was a homicide and was committed in a cold, calculated, and premeditated manner without any pretense of moral or legal justification
    (17)The capital felony was committed by a person designated as a sexual predator or a person previously designated as a sexual predator who had the sexual predator designation removed


    n The defendant has no significant history of prior criminal activity.

    n The capital felony was committed while the defendant was under the influence of extreme mental or emotional disturbance.

    n The victim was a participant in the defendant’s conduct or consented to the act. — The defendant was an accomplice in the capital felony committed by another person and his or her participation was relatively minor.

    n The defendant acted under extreme duress or under the substantial domination of another person.

    n The capacity of the defendant to appreciate the criminality of his or her conduct or to conform his or her conduct to the requirements of law was substantially impaired.

    n The age of the defendant at the time of the crime.

    n The existence of any other factors in the defendant’s background that would mitigate against imposition of the death penalty.

    — Source: Florida Statute 921.141.

  71. stephanie says:

    Hey Santa…

  72. kaylyn says:

    Santa I see you!

  73. SantaFeWay says:


    Whew! Thanks!

    What does awaiting moderation mean??? Did I say too much?

  74. Holly says:

    the only reason I watch Nancy is cause y’all do this power chit chat thingy….I didn’t want to be left out of the conversation :(

    but in truth, Nancy sorta scares me. I’m really very easily frightened and must say that I was stalked by a seriel killer when I was fifteen years old. Which insighted my first panic attack and so I try to stay around very gentle people mostly. Aggressive people frighten me. Or else just make me have a panic attack.

    That’s why I make people laugh too…because it eases tensions.

    oops..there’s a holly calling in on nancy…it aint me…lololol

  75. Holly says:

    hi there SanteFe ~waving atcha~

    did you say a bad word???

  76. SantaFeWay says:

    No, I don’t think so…I’ve said worse here. LOL

    That never happened to me before.

  77. stephanie says:

    Penny…Here we go. It has the aggravating you have up above, but the full list. This is the list of aggravating and mitigating circumstances I looked at long ago.

  78. lynda says:

    Goodnight all, see you all tomorrow. JUSTICE FOR CAYLEE, THE ONLY VICTIM!!!

  79. SantaFeWay says:

    Here’s what I posted:

    NG is making a big deal about nothing here and she’s confusing the testimony of 2 different witnesses.

    1 – the female toxicologist tested the hair from the hair matte found on Suburban Drive. She was asked to test for Xanax and Klopopin (whatever that is). There was a new lab instrument in the lab that was more sensitive so, since the hair was at the lab already, she took it upon herself to test for 9 other chemicals, downers, like roofies, Special K cat tranquilizer, etc. All tests were negative. None of the 11 chemicals were in Caylee’s hair left at the scene with the remains.
    2 – FBI chemist cute Dr. Rickenbach tested the Gatorade bottle that had a syringe with a needle inside. The Gatorade bottle had minute levels of testosterone and chloroform at the bottom and he recognized the smell as cleaning fluid. The syringe had testosterone in it. The level of chloroform in the bottle was so low he didn’t even mention it except to say it was part of the cleaning solution, not put there independently.

    Sometimes NG thrives solely on being sensational. I get it. It was a slow news day. But, c’mon Nancy, we expect more from you!

  80. stephanie says:

    Santa…have you been using bad language? :)

  81. CaseyCantWin says:


  82. Holly says:

    good nite miss lynda…we will ‘see’ you tomorrowwwww.

  83. SantaFeWay says:

    Did my long post just post? I mean, it’s not that long really. It said it again and I didn’t say a bad word. Just testosterone, roofies, I don’t know…???

  84. glen says:


    santa,,,moderation may mean you had a bad word in the context

    penny wow too

    aggravated child abuse

  85. Martha says:

    If I called in to NG and asked why she never apologised to the Duke LaCrosse players….do you think I would get on the air..?Forgot for a sec…Dyuke LaCrosse coach was forced to resign as well….before they straightened out the mess….

    How many lives did this woman’s lies affect…. (not talking abpout Casey Anthony this time)….

  86. SantaFeWay says:

    Steph! I don’t think so. I reposted a minute ago. Can you see it? It said that awaiting moderation again. I’m bothered because I thought it was a very informative post. LOL :9

  87. stephanie says:

    Night Lynda

    Aggravating circumstances

    (h) The capital felony was especially heinous, atrocious, or cruel.

    (i) The capital felony was a homicide and was committed in a cold, calculated, and premeditated manner without any pretense of moral or legal justification.

    (l) The victim of the capital felony was a person less than 12 years of age.

    (m) The victim of the capital felony was particularly vulnerable due to advanced age or disability, or because the defendant stood in a position of familial or custodial authority over the victim.

  88. SantaFeWay says:

    OK…I’ll be more careful but I wish I knew what I said so I could avoid it.

  89. Penny says:

    Santa I see your post to me at 20:44 but nothing for 20:43. I got a couple of them and I didn’t even use bad language, never did find out what I did wrong, but I guess I’ve been good because it hasn’t happened since :lol:

    I get a “slow down you’re posting too fast” sometimes :lol:

  90. stephanie says:

    Matha…just pretend you have this really stupid question to ask Nancy and also pretend you are her biggest fan, then when you get through…Hit her with it!

  91. Holly says:

    Stephanie is all things aggravating..


    that sounded funny.

    You’re not aggravating at all steph. :)

    You’re just the stephapedia.

  92. Martha says:

    stephanie….good idea…they probably have a time delay so they can bleep things out…LOL

  93. SantaFeWay says:

    Thanks, Penny. Glad it’s not only me not knowing what it was. I’ll behave! :))

  94. amethystme says:

    Holly, wow, what an experience to go through at 15! need not worry, everyone here is gentle! Maybe not to kc/baez… :)

  95. Holly says:

    That guy, Mark, on Dr. Drew, he yells instead of talking, but he does make sense.

  96. CaseyCantWin says:


  97. Penny says:

    Dr. Drew is talking about a new death penalty law :eek:

    Evans vs. McNeil

  98. SantaFeWay says:

    Have to go now. Maybe I’ll be bbl…

    Goodnight for now everyone!

    Thanks for the stimulating conversation and thanks Humble for all you do!

  99. stephanie says:

    Holly :)

    Mitigating circumstances

    I do think the jury will use this…Even though Casey is a convicted felony, don’t know the check fraud will be strong enough
    The defendant has no significant history of prior criminal activity.

    Here is what the defense and maybe judge was asking about…I don’t think Casey’s age will play a part in anyway of mitigating circumstances.
    The age of the defendant at the time of the crime

    This is the circumstance I think the defense is going to try and use which is stupid. They messed it all up by throwing George under the bus. How is the jury going to believe or even see how dysfunctional this family is? I know they will put on their dr, but I am real curious how long the dr met with Casey…It is always easy to lie to the dr and get away with it unless you have enough of a long term relationship. I don’t mean yeas, but I also don’t mean a day or two.
    The existence of any other factors in the defendant’s background that would mitigate against imposition of the death penalty.

  100. Holly says:

    Thank you amethyst. Yes, y’all are all very nice to each other and to me…and I’m soooooo happy about that…because you know people on the internet can be really mean!!! sometimes.

    But this is a very good group of friends here. I think it’s the name of the site that brought us together ‘humble’ ….and humble is nice too.

    Yes, luckily the seriel killer, who had already killed two of my school mates and was stalking me, he stole five purses from our band room while I was hiding in the girl’s bathroom and he was waiting on me to come out…so he took the purses and put them in his locker at school and I escaped the bathroom and then told on him and they found the purses and the murder weapon and pictures of the dead girls in the locker….the police came to get him at school and they took him to the city jail…and there is where he hanged himself after three or four days…i can’t remember exactly now how many days it was.

  101. glen says:

    ccw,,,why do you think you are aggravating?

  102. stephanie says:

    Martha…I was thinking about that time delay as I was writing the post, lol.

    Penny…I think this might be it. Ms Teal brought it earlier. If I understand it correctly by the time the higher courts get the cases…there is no record of aggravating circumstances. There has to be aggravating circumstances to find for the dp…This is why I was looking them up.

  103. Holly says:

    lol CCW….you areeee not…you sweet!

  104. Holly says:

    ugh..SanteFe you just got here! lol

    ok nite to you


  105. Penny says:

    Interesting Stephanie. They might use some of the mitigating circumstances when it comes to sentencing and the death penalty.

    The capital felony was committed while the defendant was under the influence of extreme mental or emotional disturbance SHE DEFINITELY IS MENTALLY DISTURBED

  106. glen says:

    did i do ormsaynsomething to up set some one?

  107. Molly says:

    this from the daily beast. a first interview with Tracy (McLaughlin) Conroy who lived with casey while out on bail.

  108. stephanie says:

    AC 360 tonight 10:00 pm…Gary Tuchman doing a report on Cindy and George…This is off Vinnie Politan’s twitter.

  109. glen says:

    meant to so did i do something to up set some one?

  110. Holly says:

    glen, why on earth would you say that silly?

  111. Holly says:

    ohhh are you saying that Glen because we didn’t say howdy or something?

    if so….. H……O……W…..D…..Y….. ~giggles~

  112. stephanie says:

    Penny…I was thinking they would try to use that one, but as mental as she is, the defense will have a very hard time proving at the time she murdered Caylee she was under mental disturbance…Did it only last long enough to murder Caylee and then get all of her stuff to get movies and move in with her bf. That is where they will have a hard time proving this particular mitigating, but I am sure they will try.

  113. Holly says:

    hey Stephy is that 10central or eastern?

  114. glen says:

    been posting for two days and not one reply,,thought maybe i said or did something to up set some one,,and if i did it was not attentinal(sp)

  115. stephanie says:

    Night Santa

    Glen…Sorry, I got all into this aggravating and mitigating thing. Early I was talking to myself for a long while. It was okay…kept my mind off other things. :)

  116. Hi everyone!

    So was NG good or not? Just got home from the dentist!

  117. Holly says:

    Glennnnnn…bless your little heart!! I didn’t know or I woulda hugged you are something!!!



    stop waving your arms around and asked for it!!!

  118. stephanie says:

    Glen…Not even sure why I got so into it, seeing how I don’t believe in the dp anymore. I think because of the findings of this judge that the dp is unconstitutional because of the aggravating or lack of aggravating circumstances. Of course then I have to move onto how many aggravating circumstances Casey will have against her…And in the end I don’t even believe in it, so why am I even looking, lol.

  119. Holly says:

    oooooh, the dentist…YIKES….closing my eyes..did it hurt humble!!?

  120. stephanie says:

    Hey Humble…I changed the channel. I changed it when LP was on JVM and brought up his daisy chain.

  121. Penny says:

    OMG Holly~~did they catch the guy!

  122. glen says:

    i do not believe that wf is crazy ,,,just a very spitful biatch,,,,,she hates her mother,, and if she ever gets out i do not think her or george would be safe…and if lee gets in the way and has turned he will also not be safe at all…i would not beable to sleep at night if she walks

    i do not think she will but that would scare me to much

  123. Penny says:

    Thanks for the link Stephanie :smile:

  124. Thanks Steph! I don’t watch JVM! She steals my shoe polish! ;)

    Holly, no the dentist doesn’t hurt! :lol:

  125. amethystme says:

    Holly, no wonder you get panic attacks!

    Glen, hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Humble, would you prefer going to the dentist or listen to baez try to ask a question that isn’t leading?

    ccw!, you are not agravating!! Love reading your posts!

  126. Holly says:

    yes Penny they did catch him…his name was Billy Allen…I can say that cause he’s long dead now.

    My mother and daddy both cried because I was so close to death but was spared.

    I didn’t cry, I was just really scared. I was glad it was over. He’d been stalking me for weeks at school waiting on the day to kill me. ~shivers~ he was skanky too.

  127. Glen, she is a spiteful biotch, and nothing else. This is why she is sitting there acting like nothing happened and she cna beat the charge!

  128. glen says:

    holly,,,, what did i miss…

    good evening humble

    steph,,, when i read your post,,, i hope i dot it right this will take the final rulings and it all will fall on the jury,.,,that might make jurours afraid of making a dp call….aftaid of the after mat
    hope that made sence

  129. Hi Ame, I will take the dentist! They are wonderful there and know I am a big baby when they put me in the chair! :lol:

    Oh Holly, I am sorry!

  130. Penny says:

    Santa, I see your long post. Doesn’t look like anything bad in it and it was informative and spot on.

  131. amethystme says:

    the more I watch kc, the more I think she premeditated it, or at least thought about it and then got pizzed off and killed Caylee. The more I hear about the chloroform levels the more I believe it was used in someway to put Caylee to sleep.

  132. CaseyCantWin says:

    WELL GLEN AND Hollyi m happy that you all dont think im aggravating but somepeople associated with the criminal justice system soon may not agree with you all :)

  133. CaseyCantWin says:


  134. Hi Penny and CCW!

  135. Thanks CCW :* back at ya!

  136. stephanie says:

    Glen…I thought about that, with the jury’s decision being on the record. But, it sounds like that is what they are going to have to do…or just leave it up to the judge where as most won’t find a problem deciding on the aggravating and mitigating circumstances. But, also, I believe it is just a recommendation from the jury, in the end it is still the judge with the final ruling. I think FL is much like TX and if they believe in the dp they will do it no matter even if it is on some record. I know the people in TX would be okay with it.

  137. Holly says:

    yeh, but now they have medicine for panic attacks..and I’m mighty thankful for it!!!

    oh yeh… couch was the bra-napper…here’s what would happen…i’d be sitting here posting to y’all and reading away all the posts and my bra would be irritating the crap outta I’d take it off without taking my shirt off.. you ladies know how we do that!! hahaha..and then I’d throw it on the couch across the room. Well then later I’d be stretched out on the couch watching the talking heads and the two bras worked their way into the couch between the cushions…so there ya go…the couch is the bra napper and I don’t have to be scared of seeing my bra on some freakydoddle’s head on youtube somewhere.

    :) and this concludes the bra napping update for June 22. . .

  138. CaseyCantWin says:

    Humble i view WF as a piece a SH*T…………HUGE WASTE……and NG was so dumb tonight

  139. stephanie says:

    Need to get busy on some more taxes…Then get ready for work tomorrow. Hope it is a very boring day, but I will not be able to watch at all, Sorry.

    You all have a good evening!

  140. glen says:

    i still think caylee died in the trunk and maybe a accident
    the duct tape was placed so no one could hear caylee cry , but i think the
    chloroform was put on the inside of the tape and not on a cloth
    i do not thinkshe meant to kill her but staing in bed all day on the
    17 and not checking on her until the 18th. and when she found her
    dead in the trunk she did panick,,,how ever 31 days not reporting her dead and
    then dumping her in to the woods ,made her look more guilty then if she had
    reported the accident…so yes she should get found guilty and weather it is
    lwop or dp it was her choice…..if i was on the jury i would vote dp and this why
    she is spitful biatch she cared more about her own skin ,,then her daughters

    so yes it was and is still about me me me and no one else and she doesn’t care
    who gets in her way

  141. CaseyCantWin says:

    soon i will get my office and then maybe i can listen during the day I just wont be able to come out and play with you all till night time :) YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  142. Penny says:

    Stephanie, so this is goes to the “appeal”. So now at the time of sentencing or conviction they have to list the aggravating circumstances to “back up” the conviction….in simple terms :lol: ? So then it’s easier for the higher courts to rule on?

  143. mikka says:

    love it,
    by dr.drew is a woman ,her dad is a serielkiller,she says cma is like her dad! :lol: she says cma is similar to her dad,she says her father had TONS of LIES,is a narcisst,cry only for himself,like cma!she says her dad killed her pets :sad: and of course she say,cma killed caylee!

    would be interessting does cma killed her pets when she was a child!

  144. CaseyCantWin says:

    Holly Your couch ate your bras??????????

  145. mikka says:

    ccwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :kiss:

  146. CaseyCantWin says:


  147. CaseyCantWin says:

    Dayumit woman get outta my head LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :* :* :* I miss all of you

  148. amethystme says:

    ccw!! lol

  149. mikka says:

    ccwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :lol: :lol: :kiss: how is your job????????????????????????????????

  150. CaseyCantWin says:


  151. amethystme says:

    CCW, you are on a roll tonight! lmao

  152. Holly says:

    Thank you Humble.. It’s all okay now.. It made me really appreciate my parents and I turned out to be a very happy person. Even though I had trauma, or maybe because of the trauma, I’m very close to God. I talk to him every day and through the night and I’m not a bit scared to die. I am looking forward to it. I tell God to hurry it up already and come get me. Cuz I miss him and I want to come home already!!! And my son, he says….oh noooo you don’t..and I say well youi can come too if you want to….he says he wants to stick around here for a while longer and find the love of a good woman..lmaooo..anyway, he says God will make me live til I’m 99 for complaining …lololol

    I say fine!!! then….I’ll just spoil all YOUR kids with grandma luv then. LOL

  153. alizabeth says:

    Holly I had a stalker for 2 years. He would come to my teaching job, When I was babysitting students over night he showed up late when walking the dog. When I moved he drove 40 minutes and found me. I called the police in my new town. They went and had a chat with him and he never ever came around since!!! My cat would alert me that he had climbed my 20 steps to my apt and was at the door. I was really scared. Her alos wrote letters to my boss. I took him to court and that didn’t help. Only the police got him out of my life!!!

  154. CaseyCantWin says:

    great I love it i dont know that these inmates will love me very very soon but i love my job and im very happy :) my boss is 27 years old and hes awesome so laid back…….I pray i fit there for a longggggggggggggggg time :)

  155. bbl……..I have to go and watch NG at Sierra’s youtube house! :)

  156. CaseyCantWin says:

    YES AME………. i have had this bottled up for a few days its like shakin a full bottle of dr pepper………………FIZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ POP! LMAOOOOOOOOOOOO :)

  157. CaseyCantWin says:

    ok Humble be safe friend

  158. CaseyCantWin says:

    A Kaiser or ONION ROLL AME??

  159. glen says:

    ccw,,,how is your job and what did you mean about the crimnal system not aggreeing with us

    holly found my best bra in the couch that has been missing for 5 mths again my couch ate it too

    mikka ,,,dr drew a woman or did i read that wronge

  160. mikka says:

    i go to
    ccwwwwwwwwwwww be brave! :kiss:

    good night
    friends :sleep:

  161. CaseyCantWin says:

    Yanno Mumbles pronounces words better than Bozo…maybe its because Mumbles momma wasnt Puerto Rican…………i hope i got that funny right LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO might that almost be like ebonics?

  162. Penny says:

    Hi Glen! Please don’t get insulted if I don’t say Hi when you come in, I usually do a blanket Good Morning because sometimes I come in and out and don’t know exactly when people come on or when watching the trial get so engrossed that I just post, kind of like a talking out loud kind of thing, :lol:

  163. amethystme says:

    CCW, a kaiser roll of course! they are the best!

  164. alizabeth says:

    fla has the jury make recommendations. If they recommed death then the Judge will set up hearing for mitigating and aggravating statement and make his decision to uphold it or give a different sentence.

  165. Holly says:

    ~whew~ alizabeth!!!!!

    I’m SOOO thankful that the police got him to stop!! a lot of times they don’t listen to the police. But that musta been enough for him in your case.

    Thank you God, thank you thank you thank you for keeping alizabeth safe!!!!!

    And whoever he is stalking now, may he get hit by a truck before he hurts anyone.

    Just sayin!

  166. CaseyCantWin says:

    Night sweety be safe Mikka :) :*

  167. Holly says:

    Ok, sorry to God, may he get the mental help he needs to quit stalking. amen.


  168. CaseyCantWin says:

    IF I ever get in trouble i want Mikka for an attorney…..and her hubby for co – counsel

  169. CaseyCantWin says:

    ME TWO HOLLY …..Thats scarey and AWFUL OMG i would have been terrified

  170. alizabeth says:

    MIKKA, I have read alot about serial killer and he women I have read about Didn’t kill animals, as a matter of fact I can’t recall a single female seroal killer who killed animals. There may be one but not that I remember. I have seen it in men often though!

  171. CaseyCantWin says:

    yep Ame…….i agree….OH GLENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN where are you hiding?????? 8-)

  172. Penny says:

    glen I don’t think she is crazy either but I do believe she is a narcissistic psychopath and I wouldn’t trust her if she got out either.

  173. Penny says:

    Oh, Dr. Drew has somebody on that doesn’t believe the prosecution who has been in the court room :eek:

  174. CaseyCantWin says:

    Aileen Worhnos killed truckers…………..she hated Truckers……..because some truckers are whoredogs…….they misuse women……NOT ALL just some………..but i do hafta admitt woman shouldnt be around truckstops either

  175. Holly says:

    hahaha..I’m laughin at CCW….you’re a mess!

    and yeh…glen is hiding behind the door cuz we didn’t say howdy for two days.

    I try to say Hi and By to folks as much as I can but I miss some…..cuz I’m running my

    Now Mikka has left…bye bye till tomorrow Mikka!!!

  176. CaseyCantWin says:

    Penny Dr Drew is on ZANNY POPS

  177. Holly says:

    and humble is gone too..pout…in, out, in out…

    what??? we gotta swingin door around there folks?

  178. Penny says:

    OMG he said that if he was on the jury he would acquit WF. Oh, yeah, he has some experience in the area of searching on the computer, come back and talk when you’ve got your forensic degree :lol:

  179. CaseyCantWin says:

    yes its revolving

  180. Holly says:

    gimme a lick of that zanny pop Dr. Drew…lmaoooooooooooooo

    Casey makes me crazyyyyyyyy.

  181. CaseyCantWin says:

    thats why i talk to myself most times and play Farmville while i wait for them to talk back to me LOL

  182. Penny says:

    Hi Humble :smile: And anybody else that I missed :fl: I read slow and sometimes I miss people who come on.

  183. CaseyCantWin says:

    by time this case is over we will all have a degree in forensics

  184. Holly says:

    I know CC…I do too..except I play hearts!

  185. glen says:

    holly,,,i am so sorry…your are a very strong woman to come threw everything you have…god was your co pilot and he still is….think god they caught him and he is dead…god be with and your family

    need to go ,,, my 2 dogs are sitting at my feet to go out…will see you all in the am




  186. Holly says:

    Howdy Penny….I don’t know why I felt like saying I’ve been talking to you already.


  187. amethystme says:

    glen I don’t think she is crazy either. but she is a vampire. an emotional vampire.

  188. Holly says:

    Thank you Glen, hugs to you and your two doggies.

    I will see you in the morning.

    Good Nite!

  189. Holly says:

    did yall see the little cartoon drawing of judge perry reaching down from his big desk and pounding baez on the head with the big gavel…it’s on the Statement Analysis website…It was sooooo funny.

    It looked like hose was doing a mexican cha cha under that gavel..lololol

  190. CaseyCantWin says:


  191. CaseyCantWin says:

    ahahahahahahh thats to cuite i saw one on Linda Drane burdicks facebook…of i think it was HHJP spankin BOZO’s Butt

  192. Penny says:

    Holly~~ branatcher :lol: Well, I’m glad you solved that little mystery :lol: Would hate to see you have to go braless. I was thinking maybe you have a cat burglar in the neighborhood, did you see a while ago about the cat who would go and steal peoples clothes and stuff and bring them back to his house :lol: they caught him on a night vision camera, it was hilarious :lol:

  193. CaseyCantWin says:

    heck i want that picture for my avatar

  194. Holly says:

    penny…hahaha..I saw that little skillful sneaky cat….too funny…it would be hilarious if bras started showing up at the neighbor’s house….

    and you know cats…they can keep a secret…

    dogs…they just blurt out everything like slobbering fools…lmao

  195. Holly says:

    thanks CC, I didn’t even know about the LDB fans facebook site. thanks!

  196. Penny says:

    alizabeth, wow, what scarey stuff! I don’t know what I would do if I had a stalker! I hate guns but I think I would have definitely gotten one and learned how to use it!

  197. gigwails says:

    Hi folks! I think Baez and Co. may have to settle for going back to basics….trying to refute the evidence and distance themselves from the wild theory Baez offered in opening statements. The state is itching for Baez to make any reference to their claim that Caylee drowned…they have evidence on the home computer that contradicts his timeline. I’m sure they also hope Baez is fool enough to put Casey on the stand. She can act plenty confident when she feels she’s in control, but she would wither under Ashton’s cross. So far, the defense hasn’t done a good enough job to raise reasonable doubt.

  198. Penny says:

    CCW what kind of work do you do, I asked when you first got the job but don’t remember seeing an answer :lol:

  199. CaseyCantWin says:

    i cant figure out how to change my avitar or i would change it

  200. CaseyCantWin says:

    HEY GIG how you be???

  201. CaseyCantWin says:

    I work as a counselor assistant for the Texas Criminal Justice system ….at a halfway house

  202. Penny says:

    CCW~~Zanny pops! :lol:

  203. MsTeal says:

    Stephanie…. I just got home… Thank you for looking that stuff up…. I got the text this morning at 7:26am I think… And when I logged on to Humbles to see what you all were saying about it, I saw nothing about it. Below is the txt I got on my cell phone from “”

    FWD: BREAKING NEWS: Federal Judge rules FL death penalty unconstitutional & could impact the Casey trial. Msg&data rates may apply. Text STOP to quit.

    I sent it to my email so I could post it on here tonight..

  204. Holly says:

    Well, I will say this and mark my ever lovin words sistas,

    I don’t know if Casey was psycho or mean BEFORE she killed Caylee,

    But you don’t kill somebody and not be PSYCHO afterwards!!!

    She is now a psycho killer and should we not be protected from a psycho killer????

    Helloooooo, psycho killers are gonna kill again because why???


  205. CaseyCantWin says:

    HAHAHAHAH HOLLY you better install a security light that goes on when the cat walks by so you can keep an eye on that bra LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO The nakid Truth ( * )Y( * )

  206. CaseyCantWin says:

    Hi Mrs Teal

  207. Ronnie says:

    Wow are you all listening to joy?

  208. CaseyCantWin says:

    <~~~~~~ Agrees with Holly………….. you got that right.,….The BK killer stated he was so happy he got caught because he knew he would continue his killing if not caught THAT SUCKAS PSYCHO!

  209. Penny says:

    Well Howdy back Holly :lol: I don’t always say individual hello’s, don’t mean it to be ignorant or anything I just jump in :lol: It doesn’t bother me if people don’t say hello because I know if I don’t do it it’s not because of anything really except I get wrapped up in the conversation :lol:

  210. Holly says:

    work at least six hours a day

    interaction with other inmates

    recreation for a couple hours

    if in protective custody, only one hour out of her cell a day.
    inducing psychological punishment.

    in prison, there will be no empathy and no compassion for her..

    that’s all on Joy Behar tonight.

  211. Ronnie says:

    Kc better be careful in prison!

  212. MsTeal says:

    Hi CCW! I can’t stay long, just got home from work and need to make dinner….

  213. Holly says:

    CC I couldn’t do your job at all..I’d be scared outta my gourd.

    I work with furniture, refinishing it.


    cause furniture don’t kill people, people kill people


  214. gigwails says:

    Hi CCW! I’m fine…hope you are too

  215. CaseyCantWin says:

    im listening to the trial from today

  216. Mystymis says:

    Hey Holly.I’ve heard of people putting bras on their cars but putting it on a sofa is new to me. Are you tring to keep the bugs off you sofa???

  217. CaseyCantWin says:

    well i got thru part 3 and cant get the rest to come up

  218. Holly says:

    hi msteal….I read that site and the way I understood it was this..I might be wrong but here goes…

    The Miami judge is saying that the Death Penalty in Florida is unconstitutional because the Jury does not express the reasons for the aggrevating factors that they chose to use in deciding for the DP.

    You see, I think, the Judge gives them a list of aggravating and mitigating factors. They use that list to make the weighing in the balance of life or death.

    BUT, they never have to tell anyone what factors they used and also, the judge gives them the list rather than them making up their own minds about agg. and mit. factors.

    I think that Miami judge wants to put more duty on the jurors than on the judge since they are the ones making the final decision of life or death.

  219. Holly says:

    ROFL….Mystemis……haha..I imagined one of those ‘black bras’ on the sporty cars on my sofa…

    you know florida has a lot of those bras because of LOVE BUGS…

    ugh…I used to live in Temple Terrace down the street from Bush Gardens and I remember the attack of the love bugs!!

  220. Penny says:

    So you counsel those who have gotten out and trying to get back into society? Must be interesting work!

  221. Ronnie says:

    Holly do you live in fl?

  222. Penny says:

    Hi Ms. Teal! I’m glad Stephanie found something on it, I tried googling it when you came on and posted that but I guess it was so breaking that it wasn’t showing up!

  223. Penny says:

    Up next on AC 360 George and Cindy don’t think she is innocent and they are going to have their lawyer on!

  224. Penny says:

    Hi gigs didn’t see you come on :smile:

  225. Holly says:

    hi Ronnie…you snuck in on me!!!


    not anymore, I live in Auburn, Alabama now.

  226. Ronnie says:

    Anderson Cooper? Penny?

  227. Holly says:

    oh oh oh..where’s that dang remote control…I want to watch 360

  228. Penny says:

    Hi Misty, did I say Hi to you Ronnie, I’m trying to be good and catch everybody.

  229. Penny says:

    bbl going to listen to AC!

  230. Ronnie says:

    Ok got it

  231. Penny says:

    CASEY’S FAMILY BELIEVES SHE’S NOT INNOCENT. Came from attorney for parents

  232. Ronnie says:

    Cindy looks like she has put on weight

  233. Penny says:

    They want to see justice done and the truth come out. They love her, support her and do not want her to get the DP and will do all they can for her not to get the DP.

  234. Holly says:

    whew…thanks for reminding me penny!

  235. Ronnie says:

    Of course and that is how they should feel

  236. CaseyCantWin says:

    ok im back i had to reboot

  237. Ronnie says:

    My heart has always gone out to them!

  238. Mystymis says:

    Hi Penny, Humble. Humblers and Humbletts. Thank you all for keeping me updated on this case!! Love reading hear.

  239. Penny says:

    On AC the attorney for G & C said Crystal Holloway is disturbed and very unhappy she came forward saying this.

  240. CaseyCantWin says:

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHH if you let them scare ya they gotcha……..they dont scare me……these peopel are drug abusers and alcohol abusers……..knuckleheads as i refer to them

  241. Ronnie says:

    Cindy will be called to the stand tomorrow.

  242. Penny says:

    Cindy is supposed to be called to the stand tomorrow according to JC. She thinks the defense is going to go through her deposition from years ago and see if they can get her to say somebody else did the searches for the chloroform.

  243. gigwails says:

    Hi Penny….watching AC 360 now….pretty bold stuff from the rest of the Anthonys to say Casey is not innocent. Looks like they are trying to save their own skins…can’t blame them, since Casey threw all of them under the bus.

  244. Holly says:

    Ok, lets say that Cindy is to blame for turning Casey into a psycho killer, by lying as an example and being a control freak to the nth degree in the family and casting disparaging remarks onto George to the children, and blah blah…OK..i’ll go for that..but now she has paid the ultimate price…

    She’s lost her grandaughter and daughter really.

    She’s lost her job. Her career, her retirement, and almost lost her house, but then who will live there and who will buy it? maybe nobody.

    She and George will eventually get divorced probably.

    She’s lost the last few years with her elderly parents and prolly has no clue what is going on in Lee’s personal life anymore. Which is prolly a good thing for him…lol..but still…

    So I guess, even if she was the most horrible mother in the whole wide world, I still feel sorry for her if she gets on the stand and Baez makes her look like she used to believe in Casey’s innocent but changed to protect her husband.

    what a mess.

  245. Ronnie says:

    Gig I don’t think they are trying to save themselves. I think they are being honest and realistic.

  246. Ronnie says:

    I think Cindy was as good as any other mother. No mother is perfect.

  247. Holly says:

    My dad, who as y’all know is a month away from 80, he says he feels sorry for her parents. And I told him I mostly felt sorry for George because he was sooooo emasculated by Cindy and Casey.

    Which, he could have been a stronger man and not let them do that, but I know he was just trying to keep the peace.

    Alot of men will appear ‘weak’ because the women in the family will be overbearing on them….but really they are just trying to keep the lid from exploding off the pot and keep the family together.

  248. Ronnie says:

    We all make mistakes with our kids and they don’t turn out like kc.

  249. precisely says:

    I agree Ronnie, I think it took them years to do it

  250. Holly says:

    lol, Anderson Cooper

    Does he kiss his mirror with that mouth???

  251. Penny says:

    I’m glad they have finally admitted the fact that their daughter killed their granddaughter and aren’t living in WF imaginary world! WF claiming George took control of Caylee after she drowned and accusing him of sexual assault is what I think pushed them over the edge and shocked them into reality. WF made a big mistake with that one, but that is how wrapped up in herself she is that she actually would think George would take the fall for her! I can’t blame them for not wanting the DP now matter what she is still their daughter and sister.

  252. gigwails says:

    Hi Ronnie….I just think the timing of such a statement from the Anthonys is dubious. Yes, I believe the statement is designed to let everybody know they are being honest and realistic, but they have to know the possibility of them being targeted for obstruction is still there. I’m sure this attorney had strongly encouraged them to be honest.

  253. Ronnie says:

    Holly you are right. Some men let a woman take over because she is the stronger personality.

  254. Penny says:

    Good night All~~time to hit the sack so I can be nice and fresh for tomorrow. If Cindy does take the stand it should be a very interesting day :smile:

  255. Holly says:

    Good nite sweet penny.

    We will see you tomorrow!

  256. Holly says:

    Hey gigwails…what does your name mean? If I might ask :)

  257. Ronnie says:

    I’ve always had faith in g & c. I knew in the end they would be there for their sweet Caylee . They always knew in their heart there was something not right w/ kc. I don’t think they ever thought she was capable of doing what she did. They will live the rest of their lives in regret.

  258. Ronnie says:

    Gig their lawyer just revealed that info…. It was not a statement from the Anthony’s.

  259. Holly says:

    I agree Ronnie, and my dad is very wise. He was born on Caylee’s birthday August 9th, and he he was born in the Great Depression. He served in the Korean War, and went to the University of Tennessee on a G.I. Bill, and graduated no. 6 in his class of Pharmacy, he was asked to attend medical school by U.T. on a grant, but turned it down because it would take too much time away from his family. He and my mother went on to have and to raise six kids, we were the brady bunch with three and three boys/girls. They were married thirty one years and then my mother died of leukemia.

    But over the years it’s a saying around our house that Daddy is always right LOL..which we all say with a frustrating air!….cuz usually it means one of us kids is wrong..LOL

  260. Holly says:

    don’t worry gig, you don’t have to answer, I just thought gigwails might be the name of a favorite fish or something :)

  261. Mystymis says:

    CCW you are so correct. If people know they can scare you -They will harass you.

    My expirence was with a neighbor who would let their dog out without a leash (my stste has a leash law)and when I would come home late at night the dog would come after me. The final straw for me was when the dog came after my 3yr old son when he and I were on my property. I went to this persons house and let them know that I would report them to animal control if I ever see their dog off their property again without them holding on to it’s leash. Of course they did not heed my warning so I did keep my word and reported it. Well after that they found out where I worked and threaten to blow up my house and my response to that was go ahead blow up my house but make sure when you do it kills me because if it doesn’t you better watch your back cause I’ll make your life living hell. They never bothered me after that. I guess they thought I was crazy!!!

  262. gigwails says:

    Hey Holly….I don’t mind answering at all. My nickname is Gig and the rock band I was in is Joesy Wails….so it’s a combination of the two

  263. Holly says:


    YOU DID IT!!!!!

    You took care of those bullies!!!!!!

    oh I hate bullies..I hate em with everything in me@@@####@@@!!!!!!!!!

    You know a person can take a lot, but when somebody does something that puts your child in danger…oh my goodness!!!! That’s when the superhero mom and dad come out!!!!

  264. precisely says:

    Does anyone have a link for the AC 360 george and cindy attorney’s statement from tonight?

  265. Holly says:

    ohhhh ok gig….It is a fascinating name.. thanks for clearing up that

  266. Holly says:

    i reckon I can look it up Precisely…now that’s a cute name too..


  267. Martha says:

    humble…thank you for maintaining this site in such a well mannered, pleasant , classy way….

    I apparently don’t get AC 360….If there is a link to see in on the net….would really like to have it….I love AC….

  268. Holly says:

    it’s not uploaded to the site yet ….i guess cuz it just aired.

    tomorrow for sure youtube will have it.

    Plus on the AC 360 tonight that rediculist thing anderson does was good. About a pilot running off at the mouth about women. and didn’t know he was on the air.haha

  269. Mystymis says:

    Thank’s Holly, between you and me I was scared to death of them but I knew I couldn’t show fear because of my family. I really don’t bother anyone. I have two large dogs my self but you would never find them running free because I love them. Wouldn;t want them killed by cars!

  270. Holly says:

    Martha, don’t you have CNN on your cable channels?

    That is where AC 360 is on mine.

  271. Holly says:

    mystymis…I was reading on yahoo just the other day where two pit bull mixes jumped the neigbor’s fence and ripped off the arm and face of a seventy plus year old man.

    he’s recovering in the hospital now.

    you did the right thing. You used ‘bravodo’ as your weapon of choice. That is exactly what you do with people that act like animals. Just like if a bear came up on your child. You get the CRAZY MAD out of your mouth somehow no matter how scared you are inside!!

  272. Holly says:

    plus down the road a ways from Auburn is a place called phenix city, and there was a little boy of five who was killed by dogs a few months back.

    His mother worked here in Auburn with my friend from church and that’s how I knew about it.

  273. dogshowkris says:

    I have cleared the boards for tomorrow….CMA1….it will mean all the difference
    if she tells the truth….even doing things like cleaning the car to save CMA2….
    and finally take responsibility for her contribution in this mess…..
    the facts show CMA2 hurts everyone that gets near her….in very real ways….
    she is that dangerous…..and evil….you are looking at the devil when you look at
    her……like the Devils Advocate(movie) in real life….that should scare all of us….
    killing your own is the final bad act….and we have viewed it first hand….
    it will truly be good vs evil tomorrow when CMA1 takes the stand-WHO WILL WIN?

  274. Mystymis says:

    That poor man hope he fully recovers from his ordeal!!

    Pit Bulls naturally have agressive tendences breeding. Ny dogs are muts adobted from the pound. I think one is a pit bull lab mix but she has a great disposition. I took time training my dogs.

  275. Holly says:

    u musta socialized your dogs well Mystymis…I had a chow chow once, I socialized her, had her around little kids from the time she was a puppy. She was gentle and precious but parents were scared of…i always kept her on a leash tho..and didn’t let her jump on people..cuz she could easily knock a three year old over and lick the kid silly!!

  276. Mystymis says:

    I hope to see justice for Caylee!! I’m sure the Florida jurors will make the right decision on this case….

  277. Holly says:

    Hey there Kris.

    I’m laughing at bill oreilly and dennis miller about gold fish in San Fran.

    omy goodness.

  278. dogshowkris says:

    As a dog person there are some people who just should not have dogs…..just
    like some people should not have children and some people are not marriage
    material….no one should ever be attacked by a dog…and children should be protected
    at all times from any animal attack….and from human abuse too.
    I appreciate all the help The Dog WHisperer has done to help dog owners with their dogs…
    often helping the people first and the dogs benefit too…very wise man.
    Just like I appreciate all that Humble does here for all of us….thank you.

  279. Holly says:

    i’ll tell you one thing for sure….if baez crosses the line with Cindy on the stand and tries to blame her in any way for anything in order to try and make his client look better…he might as well go ahead and donate the rope for Casey’s hanging.

    Because the jury view Cindy as a grieving grandmother who has also lost her stupid evil daughter…such as she is….they view Cindy as having suffered ENOUGH.

    Baez could easily put the last nail in Casey’s coffin tomorrow by mistreating Cindy.

  280. Holly says:

    Baez, you’re STUPID…shut up and sit down.

    I just thought I’d get that in there early.

  281. Mystymis says:

    Holly, you must have done a good job of training because a chow chow is also a hard breed. They usually done like children. I use to instruct dog obedience classes and saw a lot of owners afraid of their own dogs.
    I could take the dogs and work them with no problem but it was harder to teach the owner to be the master.

  282. Holly says:

    my chow was funny…her name was Leera…

    I say….Leera…get on your blanket! and she would run around and find anything on the floor, a towel or a shirt, or a little rug…and spread it out and get on it.

    Then I’d say…now you lay down. She’d lay down.

    Then I’d say, ohhhhhh, you stinker!! put your little head down too…and she’d put her head down between her front paws…

    Then I’d bust out laughing and she’d run over to me and lick me to death!

  283. Mystymis says:

    Funny! hahaha.

  284. Holly says:

    and my son was a newborn then…and I put him in the middle of the floor and I would say,

    now Leera, Guard Caleb, and Leera would go and sit right next to him, look at him once and then sit up straight like a gaurd and act all serious. and then I’d go about the house doing this and that and she never left my son’s side. Not until I let her go from her ‘duty’

  285. Holly says:

    oh darn I miss Leera…she was just like a human. She loved us so much. She was what you call a blue chow. but she was solid black with a solid start white curled up tail. And people asked me if I dipped her tail in Clorox…lmaoooo

  286. Holly says:

    the best part about Leera was she looked at me before she did something to see if it was ok to go ahead and do it….

    I never did teach my son to do that!!!

    doggon kids…LOL

  287. Mystymis says:

    Guess if I ever get a chow chow in the future I’ll have to look you up to give me pointers!

    Well got to go to bed now. Keep me updated on tomorrows court event.

  288. Holly says:

    Good Nite Mystymis…I will I promise…

  289. Jennifer says:

    Attorney: Casey Anthony’s family believes ‘she’s not innocent’
    June 22nd, 2011
    11:43 PM ET
    Share this on:Facebook Twitter Digg reddit MySpace StumbleUpon

    Comments (24 comments)
    An attorney for Casey Anthony’s parents told CNN Wednesday that the Anthonys do not believe their daughter is innocent.

    The parents, however, do not want their daughter to receive the death penalty for the killing, said lawyer Mark Lippman.

    Casey Anthony, 25, is charged with seven counts in her daughter’s death, including first-degree murder. If convicted, she could face the death penalty.

    Didn’t know if I could link it, but this is big news if true.

  290. Jennifer says:

    CASEY ANTHONY FAMILY BELIEVES “SHE’S NOT INNOCENT” yaseechannel92 3,252 videos Subscribe

  291. Holly says:

    hi Jennifer…wow, they got that up on youtube fast. Thanks..was looking earlier for it.

  292. Holly says:

    This is a good quote and summation of today’s court session…..

    Tuesday’s ceaseless round of humiliation, scared the defense into taking no chances on Wednesday. They called a series of witnesses to the stand to tell the jury what they didn’t find and where they didn’t find it.

    That’s from this website. . .

  293. Indianadiane says:

    Good Early Morning! :sun:

    Holly, thanks for the above article. Here’s another great quoe from the article:

    ‘The only stunning thing all morning long was when Baez asked Madelyn Montgomery, FBI forensic toxicologist: “What other kind of meaningless work do you do at the FBI?” She responded: “I don’t feel any of my work is meaningless.” Why would you ask that question of your own witness?’

    Baez is such an arrogant idiot!!!!!

  294. Jayl says:

    Thanks for all the updates pples :-) Hoping the jury sees ARD (all reasonable doubt) flitting out the window like butterflies. The juror with the conscience (who doesn’t like to judge) must surely, by now, have developed her yay/nay ability…
    Looking forward to more filtering of the BS

  295. Indianadiane says:

    Per Bill S, the defense team is sliding up a greased pole. Bill makes this statement towards the end of this interview:

  296. Perry says:

    Good Morning All :sun: Up way too early, I’m probably going to crash later on but I couldn’t sleep!

    Thanks Indiana for the link to Bill S. They talked about Dr. Rodriguez and how Kathy B actually talked to Dr. Vass who stated he started the body farm in 1971 and Rodriguez was a grad student among others who worked with him about 1983. Bill said Rodgriguez should be glad he got out of this with his skin and didn’t render an opinion and then be charged with perjury. Doesn’t think he will be called back.

    I can’t believe that one, Dr. Rodriguez would try to pass himself off as an expert and basically LIE on the stand and say he was part of the inception of the body farm just to get his fifteen minutes of fame and two how incompetent Bozo is that he wouldn’t make sure he checked that out (well that I can believe) and three that he thought that the State wouldn’t have checked it out and think he could sneak it through :eek:

    I would think that is just lawyering 101. He has an experienced lawyer on his team do they not communicate? Did Mason just assume Bozo did the job he was supposed to do by making sure he vetted his experts? Does he not care or realize that while Mason may have been a great lawyer at one time, I don’t know if he really was or not, but his association with Bozo now makes him look just as incompetent? Is it because Mason just wanted his fifteen minutes of fame so he can say he was on the WF defense team? Maybe that’s another reason so many attorneys left, they knew Bozo wasn’t doing the job he was supposed to be doing?

  297. pam says:

    morning all

  298. eyespy says:

    Morning All
    Perry..same here, up way to early! I agree about Rodriquez, I thought he was a pompus azz when he got up to the stand and insisted adding “The Third” at the end of his name…pfft…we shoulda known then.

  299. GM everyone!!!

    Well another day! What will we be in-stored for? Will they have someone who will say they know what happened on 16 June 2008, beside Casey??

  300. MeMa52 says:

    morning everyone
    eyes…early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and crapped out by the end of this trial… :smile:
    perry…I believe it was Dr. Bass…not Dr. Vass that started the body farm in l971…there names are so similar its easy to confuse..

    Humble….heard maybe Sindy is on deck for today

  301. Oh on AC360 it is second hand, it isn’t Mark Lippman saying that they do not believe Casey is innocent.

  302. eyespy says:

    Morning Humble!!
    Prolly since Bozo got an “atta boy” from yesterday, he will continue to bring in more witnesses to show lack of evidence.Winner!! I understand this to be a good defense move, and so cannot show inefective councel.

  303. Victoria says:

    ~Good Morning HUMBLE and all Humblers~ :sun: Will the defense get done with their or should I say the States expert witnesses today? I hope so before my eyes become permanetly glaced and crossed. Thanks everyone for the great links.

  304. stephanie says:

    Good Morning Everyone

    Penny…This is the way I read the article, by the time the higher courts look at the cases, often there is no aggravating circumstances for them to see. I also could be reading it wrong.

    Have a good day everyone…Talk to you later

  305. GM Mema! Last time we had Cindy on deck, she wasn’t up next!

  306. eyespy says:

    I will take a nap at lunch break!

  307. It would be wonderful if Cindy got on the stand and said that Casey is guilty!

  308. Hi Steph, by Steph! :)

  309. At lunch I have to go back to the dentist! :grin: < - my new smile :w00t: :lol:

  310. GM Victoria! I hope they wrap it up soon, this is getting old. I want the rebuttal to start already!

  311. MeMa52 says:

    Humble….I agree…its hard to say who will be next or anything about what the defense is doing since it seems they make it up as the go….should be interesting whatever happens

  312. Mema it should be interesting! What is interesting is that the state comes back and gets what is really needed! :)

  313. eyespy says:

    It should be time for Bozo to start slamming the “Lay” witnesses…the pro’s are starting to repeat themselves. Im not sure I am ready for Cindy though, between WF and Cindys fashion statements, I will puke.

  314. clean up in isle Eye! ;)

  315. eyespy says:

    OMG Humble, you are hilarious! Seriously, folding sweaters and cheap jewlery,bare arms a flappin and and horse tail

  316. MeMa52 says:

    Humble…so right about that….hard to come up against Jeff/Linda….they are ready for anything

    eyes…dont like the 70’s sheek look yeh..or Bargain Betty’s basement boutique

  317. eyespy says:

    Mema yeah the 70s, Twiggy Cindy is not…

  318. MeMa52 says:

    brb…dogs eyes are becoming glazed and crossed….and she isnt even watching this trial, Victoria…. :smile:

  319. MeMa52 says:

    eyes…from the looks of Crazey s collar bones…she’s trying for Twiggy look

  320. Victoria says:

    ~HUMBLE~ I hope that the Defense wraps it up soon too but Baez will have to put something forward to marry his case in chief to his opening statement and he hasn’t touched on it as yet. Bill Shaffer said that an attorney’s opening is like a covenant you make with the jury and they expect you to deliver on it. Baez delivered some shock and awe in his opening and I think it would be suicide to just leave it out there hanging. On the other hand if he tries to prove what he alleged in his opening, I think Baez will be the one handing with this jury. What a conundrum he has placed himself in.
    My computer is sluggish this AM. POO!!

  321. Carol says:

    G M Humble and All. :sun: We have been without power here for a day and a half. Small tornado ripped through, many big trees down, houses wrecked. Very scary. We’re Ok. The other side of the lake looks like Gettysburg.
    Catching up reading. :brb:

  322. Victoria says:

    ~MeMa52~ :lol:

  323. Holly says:

    Good Morning everybody. yawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwn….stretchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……ouch I think I hurt sompin’

  324. eyespy says:

    Morning Holly…Could it have been your wrist? LOL

  325. Muesli says:

    Morning all. Did you all see this:

    Hope it works.

  326. Muesli says:

    Oops. That didn’t work. Go to page 13 of the comments to view.

  327. Holly says:

    Yes, eyespy, I have swollen ankles too from sitten at this computer so much

  328. casey is a liar says:

    top o the morning all

    Woke up thinking about Joy’s show last nite — she had an ex-con on who killed her dad b/c he molested her & she was talking @ what Casey’s life is going to be like in prison. It was GREAT!!! Basically, CMA’s gonna get the you-know-what beat out of her w/in 24 hours of being there and will have no peace as long as she’s in the Big House. Loving it!!! Talk @ Justice for Caylee!!!!

    Joy (who usually annoys the h*ll outta me) was so excited @ Casey going to prison she said she was stuttering — !! — too funny :)

  329. Muesli says:

    It is so funny here in our neighborhood. So many of my friends have become addicted to this case now. We are all planning our days around lunch recess to do our errands. They have all heard me discuss it for the past 3 years, and are now getting so involved, and bombarding me with questions. There is so much they don’t know of what happened during these past years, which is not coming out in trial. They are really shocked, as I try to explain and pass on links from the past. I told them all they are about 20,000 pages, videos, deposition, etc., behind. They find this incredulous. We are even planning a champagne verdict party. If convicted, we’ll celebrate. Otherwise, we’ll drown our sorrows.

  330. lee says:

    i can only hope and pray that george does not lie on the stand about river cruz…bc that would just bolster reasonable doubt…this inmate could walk! well, right into a lynch mob, but she could walk

  331. Muesli says:

    Holly, I have some edema pills for you.

  332. eyespy says:

    Well it would stand to reason Cindy will be up on the stand today. History tells us their lawyers allways blurt out something before a conforntation. Hope Bozo told WF how her parents REALLY feel…..

  333. Muesli says:

    I’m off to the courtroom. See you all later.

  334. eyespy says:


  335. mikka says:

    casey is a liar,welcome :smile: she will meet big bertha in prison! :smile:

  336. mikka says:

    muesli bye see ya later!

  337. Holly says:

    thank ya Muesli…and see you later gator!

  338. Perry says:

    Humble~~it’s my understanding that the guy on 360 interviewed Lippman and Lippman told him this. I would think if that wasn’t true Lippman would have put out a statement, not to mention I don’t think they would have reported that. I’m thinking they released that because of what Cindy and maybe George if he gets on the stand again, are going to say and they wanted the public to know that they know WF is guilty but they are still going to fight, (testify) in a way to keep her from the death penalty?????

  339. alizabeth says:


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