Mariha Trenice Smith 5, missing, could be child found in burning house

Mariha Trenice Smith 5, Detroit Michigan went missing early Sunday morning from her house.  she was put to bed about 3:30 am in the livingroom on the floor. When the mother woke up still drunk, she passed out on the couch.

Fireman were called to a fire in a house on Sunday morning around 8:30 am. Inside the house they found a charred remains of a child.  At this time Mariha was not reported missing.  The child in the house is homicide due to asphyxiation.  The childs head was crushed, and then set on fire.  The police are looking into a person of interest who purchased 41¢ worth of gas at a near by gas station at 7:44 am.

DNA on the burnt child are being conducted and results should take a few days.  They said the the body found does resemble Mariha.

UPDATE:  The mother spent most the day yesterday being questioned by LE, and also took a lie detector test.  The autopsy report says that the child was dead before the fire. A male, approximately 5 feet 8 inches,  purchased gas from BP station two blocks from the burned, two-family flat. Detroit police took the store’s surveillance videos for its investigation.

UPDATE: The Aunt where Mariha was living with her mom, FAILED the lie detector test.  Well isn’t that interesting!  Did she do this? Or DOES she know who did it?  Makes for interesting family members.

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  1. NO POST HERE about the Caylee case!!! If you want to post about the Caylee Case, PLEASE post it here: Caylee

  2. pam says:

    morninng humble i am hopin that this little girl is safe sumwhere

  3. GM Pam, me too! But it sounds like she was the child in the house. Sad!!

  4. PamaGram says:

    GM Humble & All Humblers, I hope its not this child in that house, what a horrible horrible death! I heard a lady in Ga. was crossing a 4 lane highway with her 4 children 1 was hit and killed, the driver fled, to be caught later had substances in his system, but the mother is being charged with man slaughter!Nothing was noted about the driver…

  5. mary in michigan says:

    OMG, what is wrong with people these days? This poor poor child. May she fly with Caylee & the other little angels.

  6. Indianadiane says:

    Another precious baby dies because of a mother who was supposed to protect and love them! What the h3ll is wrong with our world??? May this mother pay for this murder of her beautiful baby girl!

  7. dogshowkris says:

    Good move on your part….we are moving on.
    What is this world coming to harming all
    these innocent,harmless,helpless children?

  8. OhioSheryl says:

    According to the article:
    The mother states that LE has ask her “how someone can go over your head and take your daughter” This makes me believe that the couch the mother was sleeping on was situated in a way that someone had to climb over it to gain access to the child. Possibly under the window with the fan in it.

    LE has requested the mother take a die detector test, hmmm.

  9. bakedbread says:

    Let me just say that I work in an inner city area where children raise themselves practically from day one. No one encouraging them to thrive. They grow up maybe w/older siblings maybe watching over them. As soon as they learn to get around–they do. Kids depend on each other at a young age w/out much parental involvement. They are on the streets the rest of their lives. Now, it’s not true in all cases, but most. I’ve noticed the sweetest girls grow up used and abused. I don’t judge the parents b/c not ll are at fault. some just got in a bad situation and the moms have to work and raise their kids alone. You the know the rest. It’s a miracle more don’t end up like this little baby Mariha. That’s why I got so frustrated w/ the other case b/c there was no excuse for the negligence at all. Well, there never is, but , well, those that don’t survive down here w/ us I believe God has them w/ Him where they deserve and have a better life. I just feel badly about what that says about us and what we can do about it.

  10. OhioSheryl says:

    bakedbread – it is not just the inner city that children are practically raising themselves. I see it in my neighborhood and sadly in my own family. Parents today are more interested in themselves and the “now” factor.

  11. Hi everyone! It is time to move on. If you have a missing child in your state or area and you want it posted on, let me know. I will gladly post on it! I am going to be changing the site theme tonight sometime as I want to add an AMBER alert to the site, and this theme is very hard!

    Like everyone, I hope that they charred body in the house isn’t Mariha. How sad an cruel for her!

  12. I just added an update to the top..


  13. bakedbread says:

    Humble, I will pray for you on the theme b/c it is very hard. And Ohio, that is sad to hear. I just don’t get it. the pleasures of the world will never compare to the joy of loving and sacrificing for our children. the rewards are the most gratifying. How do ppl not see this?

  14. hvf says:

    So horrible. What a beautiful little girl! She did not have a chance. Yes, there is something wrong with people, Indianadiane. Really wrong! But it is even more sickening when they can murder their children and get away with it because of stupid jurors and low life defense tactics.

  15. Victoria says:

    Detroit Free Press
    The mother of a 5 year old who ‘disappeared’ from her Detroit home this weekend said that she was going to Sinai- Grace Hospital this morning for an oral swab so authorities can compare her DNA to that of a small charred body found in an abandoned home. Kanesha said she is ‘holding out hope’ that the body discovered on Waverly is not that of her daughter, Mariha Trenice Smith. Mariha was discovered missing Sunday morning. Her mother said that she believed that someone crawled through a window and kidnapped her daughter between 3 am and noon as the child SLEPT ON THE FLOOR. Kanesha said she was drunk and passed out on the couch after a party at the home she shared with her sister in the 3800 block of Burlingame. Detroit police spokesperson, Sgt. Erin Stevens did not comment on the investigation this morning.
    Anyone else stomach churning?

  16. TanLovesCaylee says:

    Hello All,
    OMG! This poor little girl. This is just the tip of the iceberg!
    If this guy spotted at the gas station had something to do with this; he must have had a lot of information about this woman and Mariha beforehand.
    These monsters need to be put away along with anyone aiding and abetting them. Unfortunately, it does not always happen, as we have learned.
    It is unbelievable to me that someone could do this to an innocent child. What an atrocity!

  17. Victoria says:

    ~TanLovesCaylee~ I am reminded of an expression that my southern baptist grandmother often quoted when heinous acts occured that she could not process. “Gods love, how long will the Lord tarry and the world stand?”

  18. Indianadiane says:

    Mother should be charged with child abuse and neglect causing the death of her sweet baby girl! She’s drunk and passed out on the sofa. Dumbsh!t mother! Sorry for the strong language, but I am so sick of hearing these deaths of children!

    Charge her with murder too! Obivously this is her daughter!

  19. Indianadiane says:

    Also, why is this poor sweet little girl put to bed at 3:30 am in the morning?

  20. Victoria says:

    Detroit Free Press Update….45 minuets ago.
    An official familar with the investigation told the Free Press that Kanesha Smith has said she couldn’t remember anything because she had been drunk and passed out on the couch after a gathering at her home she shared with her sister – and a polygraph on Monday indicates she was being truthful.

  21. Halfspot says:

    Hi all, Thank you Humble for all you do!! I think its great we will be looking to help other little ones that come up missing!! However I think as we look into these lttle ones, and their familys that really want them back!! You are going to find out how much they are out there and have your hands full. How very sad and then it makes one think what is happening to our world that they are so many nuts out there that hurt these poor kids!!!

  22. Halfspot says:

    How sad if this mother just had to have her drink and put that frist and not her little girl!! If we find this is the case, mommy just being to drunk to care for her!! While, when and if mommy stops drinking no matter what the law does to her?! She will forever have to live with what she did not do for her little girl.

  23. Halfspot says:


  24. chachi says:

    i hate alcoholic’s!!! :devil: So sad.

  25. Spencer says:


  26. eyespy says:

    Hi Everyone…Good call Humble.Time to put our disappointments behind us.

    Another sad case, unbelievable in fact.

  27. eyespy says:

    My link above is in moderation.Ill try again.

  28. PamaGram says:

    Country- Those A’s will NEVER scrap that car if theres any $$$ to be made , their far too greedy….

  29. PamaGram says:

    SO Sorry- Humble hit wrong Link.. eekkk

  30. UPDATE: The Aunt where Mariha was living with her mom, FAILED the lie detector test.

  31. eyespy says:

    Humble…I have two comments in moderation.Its a link for a murdered child.Can you unlock it?

    Maze…I was looking back at old posts…I found this one from you lol…

    maze – 17 November 2009 16:32

    check your hospital for deaths

  32. maze says:

    I remember that eye

  33. eyespy says:

    Maze…I remember thinking then “where do you find this stuff” I posted that back to you.Geesh…how long ago!

  34. maze says:

    A 13-year-old girl from Alamance County who got into a car with a West Virginia man she met online has now been reported missing.

    Alexandria Brooke Cagle, of Mountain Valley Road, Snow Camp, was last seen by a family member around 8 a.m. Monday. Cagle’s parents reported her missing later in the day, deputies said.

    Deputies said the family member saw Cagle, who goes by Alex, get into a white car with Tyler Ross Cole, 18, of Morgantown, W. Va.

    Cagle met Cole online within the last few weeks, deputies said. Cagle’s family, however, said they don’t know who Cole is.

    Several thousand dollars was also stolen from Cagle’s home, deputies said. Cagle also has a serious medical condition that requires daily medication, deputies said.

    Cagle is 5’2″, 107 pounds and has brown hair, green eyes and was last seen wearing a purple tank top and jean shorts. Besides Alex, she also goes by the nickname “Ali.”

    Cole is described as a 5’2″ white male and was last seen driving a 1998 Ford Escort with West Virginia license plate 7UL793.

    Investigators said Cole has family in Myrtle Beach, as well as West Virginia. Investigators are searching both areas and are being aided by U.S. Marshals.

    Cole is wanted on charges of kidnapping, contributing to the delinquency of a minor and other charges. Authorities have contacted the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to report Cagle missing.

    Anyone with information about the incident or their whereabouts is asked to contact their local law enforcement agency.

  35. gigwails says:

    Hello friends. Very disturbing news from Detroit. Unfortunately, we seem to be hearing news like this more and more. I have said for years that there should be an extra stiff penalty for crimes against children and the elderly. I lived in North Carolina for 28 years and went to college in Alamance County. I truly hope Alexandria Cagle is found unharmed.

  36. blessedknox says:

    Mariha Smith: Aunt fails lie detector test
    The aunt of the missing 5-year-old whose remains were likely found in an abandoned burned house, has not passed the lie detector test that the family was asked to take.

    Konesha Smith, 24, the mother of Mariha Trenice Smith, (see story) who was last seen sleeping on the floor of her aunt’s home, has told the media that her sister, Virginia Smith is still in custody of the police, because she failed the lie detector test.

    Although she does not know the specific, she does know she failed and has not returned home, and has been at the police station since Monday.

    The Medical Examiner’s office has ruled that he body that the police believe belongs to Mariha, died from Asphyxia before the fire was set.

    New news is that a male was seen purchasing a small amount of gas around 7:45 a.m. on Sunday morning from a BP station that is two blocks from the burned house.

    The police are going over the store surveillance videos.

    If you have any information on this case, please call the Detroit police at 313-596-5900.

  37. PamaGram says:

    GM All-What a sad sad world, How can anyone be SO brutal to one so small? Its very upsetting,every time you turn around its another abused child! Sickening..

  38. eyespy says:

    Humble….Please watch this.I dont know how we missed this other than than same time frame as Caylee.Now this is really injustice.

  39. jbnsa says:

    so the house that was burned down ,, with the child’s body inside,, was not the aunts house ?? sounds like the aunt knows exactly what happened….the mother,, should do time,, for not protecting her child….who knows,, this could have been planned by the aunt and a guy.. the guy could have paid the aunt,, so he could do whatever he wanted to the little girl… could be drug related.. the mother getting drunk might have been part of the plan….

    wasn’t it last year,, when a mother gave her child to a sex offender in payment of drugs….and he killed the little girl,, after taking her to a motel.

  40. UPDATE:

    Body burnt in the house fire, WAS that of Mariha Trenice Smith. How sad!

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