Jeremiah Wright indicted on murder of his 7 year old son Jori Lirette

Jeremiah Wright is charged with murder in the killing of his 7 year old son, Jori Lirette 2 weeks ago.

It is a very gruesome case.  Wright bludgeoned, decapitated Jori and dismembered him.  He put the head of Jori on the street for his mother to see after she returned from getting her truck fixed, but a passer by saw it and called authorities.  The dismembered body was found nearby in trash bags.

Wright who stated that he killed Jori because he was a dummy, and not his son.  He also did it out of anger towards his girlfriend and Jori’s mother.

Wright has been arrested four times.  In 2007 for misdemeanor possession of marijuana.  Twice charged with contempt of court. He was also arrested on a simple burglary charge in 2004 and later pleaded guilty to a downgraded charge of theft. He was placed on unsupervised probation and was later ordered to serve 10 days in jail after he failed to meet a 96-hour community service stipulation.

Wright had waived his right to an attorney and confessed to killing Jori. He has been indicted on murder and is being held in lieu of $5 million bond and charged on first degree murder.  Wright’s attorney on Friday filed paperwork stating that Wright does NOT comprehend the charges against him and cannot properly assist his appointed attorney. In the paperwork it states that he lacks mental capacity required by law to proceed.  [thanks s_c]

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12 Responses to Jeremiah Wright indicted on murder of his 7 year old son Jori Lirette

  1. jbnsa says:

    kill him the same way….i’m sure he showed signs of violence before he killed his son…so that little guy should never have been left in his care.

  2. Indianadiane says:

    Good Morning! :sun:

    Let’s just put Mr. Wright in the street and have cars run over him! Evil man!

    Go to He!! for what you did to your poor little son, Mr. Wright!

  3. lynda says:

    This is a horrible story. This evil man should be thrown into a cage with hungry grizzly bears. He needs to suffer. thank God he was apprehended. What’s going on in this world.

  4. nannab says:

    He’ll prolly get off because he doesn’t know right from wrong…

  5. glen says:

    hello all,

    boy oh boy talking about being stupid…

    is this considered 3 strikes ,,,if so he will go away for along time if not death row..

    what is this world coming too???

  6. DJR says:

    This man needs death the same way his son died! How can anyone hurt a disable child is beyond me.When are the laws going to change???? RIP Jori!!!!

  7. Halfspot says:

    Hello all, just don’t know what to say about this sick world that we now live in? How very :sad: and crying for this poor baby!! Hope and pray he did not hurt before he was killed. RIP in Gods arms now sleep with the :angel: you poor little guy. God help our little ones!! When will this ever stop? It won’t as long as there is jurys like the ones that let skank go. God help us all. BBL crying to much to stay right now.

  8. Toasty says:

    You are a special lady, your goodness and caring just shines through. God bless you.

  9. Melissa says:

    This is horrifying. He cut the boy’s head off over the kitchen sink. I don’t understand this world anymore.

  10. Desiree says:

    Look at the picture of Jori, that is not a usual place for a bruise on a wheelchair bound child. I may be wrong, but I believe that the bruise shown was from abuse.

  11. Hi Melissa! It is horrifying. I just can’t believe this guy did this to this little boy. He needs death the same way!

    Hi Desiree, It is just so sad! I agree, that bruise is from abuse. I wonder how often he went to this guys house?

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