How many lies will you get out of the murderer Casey Anthony for $750,000?

As you all know, I don’t post on this case anymore, but after reading that the murderer is trying to get a whooping $500-$750,000 to sit down and feed the world more of her lies, I just had to.  Seems Bozo and Company need a few bucks, I guess she can’t get her ‘Events Coordinator‘ job back!  :lol:

If she can’t sit down and answer questions in a deposition, what makes anyone think that she will answer on tv, or even truthfully?  She will lie until the day she dies.  She is known for her lying, as her attorney.

So far the murder has to flip her bills in Florida:  $217,499.23.  She owes the IRS:  $68,000, who WILL get their money, probably first.   Oh my bad, she will be taxed first, then have to pay her dues.  She needs to save up because she will owe ZFG and TES.

Scott Sternberg could be the one looking to give the little murderer a hefty profit.  Contact Sternberg  According to Sternbergs site:  Based at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood, Scott Sternberg Productions is a full service multi-media production company specializing in unscripted program content. The company provides series and specials to the domestic marketplace networks as well selling to foreign markets and bringing their formats to the US. The company also produces and develops content for online distribution with the goal to cross content from web to other media outlets.

Remember this:  LOSER Al Taylor is offering the murderer and her attorney $1 million for her first interview [he even had the check already written out and signed ready for the skank], guess she can’t get $1 million anymore!

It sickens me that you can commit murder, lie in a court of law, get off and make money wit an interview.  The USA media needs to have their faces slap!

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57 Responses to How many lies will you get out of the murderer Casey Anthony for $750,000?

  1. OJ KARMA says:

    Humble – Events Coordinator! That was funny! Bozo and IT need money but won’t get what they want! Zero dollars is what IT is worth! :)-

  2. HI OJ! I agree worth nothing.

  3. I’ll bet Caylee Fraudation owners are giving her money. They get a monthly salary for all their hard work from the fraudation!
    Why would any grandparent go to a bunch of nincompoops who lied and perjured on the stand?

  4. maze says:

    just heard that on jvm…..someone someday is going to get her interview…lies I tell you,nothing but LIES!!!!!!!!

  5. maze says:

    I just wish that the father had come out in the open..he could have sued her also…

  6. Hi Maze, I wish too! I guess the one who thought her son was the father turned out to be not!

  7. TickTock says:

    Awwww Humble… Love that you always post the most flattering pictures of IT!!!
    Hahahahahahaha she must break a mirror everytime she passes one!!! :0

  8. maze says:

    sternberg is denying it,hollywood reporter stands by their story

  9. OJ KARMA says:

    Hello Humble and Gang!

    I just heard JVM talking about IT and Bozo with excitement in her voice. Maybe CNN is in the lead to get IT to talk more lies! I will never watch CNN or whatever network pays! I stick to my guns! Even if my favorite shows are on there they will loose a viewer! Totally boycott network forever! I got a big mouth! Hopefully I never see BOZO at any events that unfortunately invites lawyers in Osceola and Orange County to speak. I don’t think I can hold my tongue.

  10. Nicole says:

    The nerve of that creature! She pleads the 5th in her Civil case, but she talk for $750G. give me a break. The only thing I want to hear or read about regarding Skanky is she is back in jail or better yet, read her obituary!

  11. meme says:

    Jvm had a lady author on her show that has done a book, interviewing law enforcement in Orange county, book title is beautiful life. Jvm asked if she knew where casy was and the lady said she was in Orange Co. Her lawyers must be hiding her. I can’t believe anyone else would. Maybe parents or Lee?

  12. TinyAngels says:

    Casey Anthony wants to SELL her lies?

    She is a infamous liar.

    Worth nothing.

  13. maze says:

    that lady who wrote the book beautiful life is donating her proceeds to orange county,she said caylee was a missing child..quess she doesnt have her facts right!!!

  14. Toasty says:

    Not only is this monster a baby killer, she is a SADIST! The horrifying way that little Caylee was murdered is EVIL AND SICK! She should be on death row, not trying to drum up almost a million dollars to Live the Good Life!

    A “missing child” does not have duct tape placed over it’s mouth and nose so it couldn’t breath! Something will bring this monster to her knees before this is over!

  15. gigwails says:

    I’m guessing Mr. Sternberg is operating under the assumption that there is some sort of demand to hear what Casey Anthony has to say. She’s a pathological liar that was the beneficiary of a gross miscarriage of justice. Why would any reputable network risk the backlash as a result of an interview with her? Nobody want’s to hear what she has to say…..NOBODY. She could peddle her lies for free and no one would take her up on it. I’m sure we all have a common Christmas wish….Go Away Casey Anthony and take George and Cindy With You!

  16. blessedknox says:

    Good evening friends….

    The ONLY interest I have in “IT”, Mother “IT” and Father “IT” is to see Justice served for Caylee for her murder and for the cover-up/tampering/perjury. I have heard more than enough lies to last my lifetime….I WILL NOT LISTEN TO ANY MORE.

    They (Anthony’s and Defense) all make me nauseous EVERY TIME they come to mind.

  17. Hi everyone!

    Of course the Hollywood reporter [they would loose many readers if they lied] will stand by their story, probably out of the mouth of Bozo, just like the National ragmag, they got that story about Roy Kronk from Bozo too, now they are going to pay for Bozo’s lies. I bet Sternberg got enough nasty emails and he has to deny it now.
    I can hardly wait to read the murderers obit! I can see it now! Loving mother, sister and daughter, good friend to your money. Loves to be creative with stories, but has a few mistruths out there. Never really had a job, but was an events coordinator.
    I bet Cindy will plant her in the back yard.

    I am curious, what has cindy done with all her junk? 100’s of pairs of sun glasses, the fugly shoes? etc….bet she had bozo come and get them…….maybe she can sell them on Ebay like bozo tried to sell that shirt! :lol:

  18. Hi Blessed! I agree…had to throw this out there. thought it was appropriate, seems like so bozo clown and company

  19. blessedknox says:

    Yes, Humble…it is appropriate. News-worthy on your web page is not the same as the lies thrown out by the media to the general public.

    I am glad you keep us up on tidbits like this one, so that we know what is still going on ‘behind the scenes’ with “It” and the “It Family” and the “it Defense Team”.

    Yes, it does sound like Bozo and Company ~ BOZO and Casey are two-peas-in-a-pod! (liars, disregard for life, unlawful skunks, etc. ~ ANYTHING for a buck or “my way’ or “what ‘I’ want”)

    Hope you have a fabulous CHRISTmas, Humble…

  20. MsTeal says:

    Just wanted to let you all know, (in case you did’nt) Jeff Ashton will be live this sunday evening on Web Slueth radio..


  21. MsTeal says:

    Former Assistant State Attorney Jeff Ashton, prosecutor for the Casey Anthony trial, answers questions about the trial and his new book, “Imperfect Justice,” at the Orlando Public Library on November 21, 2011.

  22. kiki19 says:

    I had to leave this case alone, because it was driving me insane and raised my blood pressure. When the judge gave the jury charge, I knew she was free…Reasonable doubt is hard to describe correctly. Because there was NO reasonable doubt…a reasonable person would have found no doubt…there is a huge difference between reasonable doubt and all doubt, and some judges explain it better than others. As a reasonable person, reasonably, you could find her guilty…I think the state did prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. You can never find a case beyond all doubt, unless the person admits to the crime, but then there would be no need for a jury. But, back to the blog at hand, no amount of money will ever fix Casey…it’s like adding fuel to the fire.

  23. kiki19 says:

    Oh, yeah, the fire of H3LL.

  24. kiki19 says:

    Does anyone know what day Dr. G’s show about Caylee will be on?

  25. Melissa the Cat says:

    Good Morning All!

    Humble, what shirt did Baezo try to sell on e-bay? I missed that story.

  26. lynda says:

    GM Humble and Friends, this whole story is making me ill. How can this happen. Oh, that’s right, the media, IMHO of course, is running the world and anything for money is all right with them. Ratings, rating, ratings. This is a miscarriage of justice. A beautful innocent child Caylee was MURDERED by her pos mother who has now elevated to celebrity status all for ratings by the perverted networks and media. cma needs to pay for her crime, not get paid for her crime. The whole a clan needs to pay for lieing, ie: perjury, obstruction of justice, and defaming innocent people who were sucked into this dirty, web that they live in. Why hasn’t ga been investigated for his supposed incest crime, which BTW has no statute of limitations in Fla.? Why hasn’t he been charged with improper disposal of a corpse? The list goes on and on. There was no consequences paid in this case at all. This child was MURDERED, and no one paid for it. The a clan are all guilty.

  27. Gm everyone!

    Melissa here is the post on the shirt forsale on Ebay:

    Lynda, just sad isn’t it? It’s all about money! Sad a sweet little girl lived a miserable life in that nut house, and paid for it with her life!

  28. Toasty says:

    I just wish that one of the Orlando newspapers had the guts to write about HOW little Caylee was murdered…the terror, pain and fear she felt when her little mouth and nose were covered in duct tape and then thrown in a snake infested swamp! THAT might get someone’s attention!

    What an insult to little Caylee’s memory to ask $750,000 for an interview
    with her evil, monster murderer! It’s sick!

  29. GM Toasty…oh heck write to Hal he loves to post about this story and he won’t end it. He will write about anything…..!

  30. If an interview ever happens, i will post about boycotting the murderer. Sad thing is many will watch her. she is a waste and a disgrace to the USA!

  31. Toasty says:

    I wish ALL here would write to Hal! lol I will try to find his address.

    Can’t help but wonder if Baez is paying for Killer’s bodyguards…I think she prolly goes out in a short blond wig and big sunglasses. Baggy
    clothes. Just hope some mean a. dude gets her, and stomps her a.!

  32. Toasty says:

    Wish someone would use a roll of duct tape, and tape her to a tree in the same spot she dumped Caylee’s little body…on a cold, wet night, of

  33. Toasty says:

    I just went to the Sentinal, and a MOVIE FOR TELEVISION IS GOING TO BE
    MADE OF ASHTON’S BOOK! Did u know that??

    (I can’t find Hal…bring it over here…we can all write him that way!)

  34. Toasty says:

    Surely they won’t pay the KILLER!!

  35. Toasty says:

    haha Don’t you KNOW ‘ol money hungry Cindy is twirling in circles trying to find a way to get part of the money from Jeff’s media show!! This will make her mad as a hornet!! She will prolly start giving interviews
    about how “unfair” it is!! She’s prolly calling The Enquirer now! hee hee

  36. Lost In NJ says:

    Thank you for the link to Jeff Ashton’s interview!
    And I don’t believe anyone will pay anything for the lying babykiller to talk,
    they won’t be able to get sponsors. I’m sure Bozo is trying his best to make
    anything he can off her, but it won’t work.

  37. Lost In NJ says:

    Lynda @ 8:57,
    You have a definite point there – why HASN’T George been charged with a crime, he’s been accused of molesting Casey, was tested to see if he’s Caylee’s father, was accused of dumping Caylee’s body in the woods, and what about Lee who was also accused of molesting Casey? What is going on in the state of Florida that Casey could murder her baby and lie about it all, Bozo lied throughout his opening statements, Sindy lied, covered up, cleaned & scrubbed, so did George, and nothing happens. And no one’s liable for the death of a little girl……..

  38. paljoey says:

    Thanks, Humble, for keeping us up todate with this sad, sad, sad, saga…..I,too, can’t wait till I see the day that IT gets what is coming to HER! I keep thinking about all the lies!!!!! ….and no one was ever charged with anything………SHAME!!!!!

  39. DAR N MS says:

    Give it time all,they are all going to pay BIG TIME,for some reason i honestly dont think it is over,i know Fla cant retry hr,but i have a feeling Bozo is done,they think they got away with all their BULL…..not going to fly,lets get through the holidays guys,2912 WE ARE GOING TO SEE THEM ALL BACK IN THE NEWS AND IT IS GOING TO BIG,i im willing to bet JURY TAMPERING HAPPENED,watch and see what i say.Caylee will get justice,sit back and watch,do they honestly think they got by with all this crap,NOTTA!!!!

  40. DAR N MS says:

    i MEAN 2012,MY BAD,LOL!!!!

  41. Nicole says:

    This case is one of the most frustrating cases I have ever read about. A little toddler is dead and NOBODY is held accountable. NOBODY!!
    Everyone in that family went into cover up mode. IMO, they are all responsible for that little angel’s death. The Monster, Spindy, George and Lee. It infuriates me that she literally got away with murder, with the help of her family.
    I still can’t believe the jury couldn’t find anything other than 4 counts of lying to LE to charge her with?! What kind of people are these?? What does this say about our Justice system…if we can’t protect our children and punish their murderers? What does this say about us?

  42. Hi everyone! Searching the web, I found this interesting thingy on Fox:

    Is Dr. Keith Ablow blaming Cindy for Casey murdering Caylee, or for Casey’s actions of murdering Caylee? Pretty interesting read, but he can’t get into the mind of someone he has never dealt with. Sad that he is selling a book: “Inside the Mind of Casey Anthony
    Not sure if he has let his book loose or not, but I won’t be buying it! I know what Casey is all about, and getting into her mind is just nuts!

  43. So now Spindal Anthony wants a cut of the money Jeff is making off his book? Wasn’t she at the trial, at the jail, lying to the media? Can’t she find a way to get her own money? she won’t get any part of his cash!

  44. Mike lv/nv says:

    Loose means ill fitting, not tight.

    Lose means you lost something.


  45. Lost In NJ says:

    Good Morning Everyone!
    Humble, Thank You for that link on the Anthony family, very enlightening!
    We all know that Casey is demented (maybe that’s not the right word, but I
    just get so angry thinking about her) and now we know why. Isn’t it odd
    that Lee doesn’t seem to be so mentally handicapped, although it’s the first
    time I’ve ever seen a man crying over not being invited to his sister’s
    baby shower! That still puzzles me, most men would be happy to watch the
    game & let the ladies get on with it.
    Humble, what’s this about Sindy wanting part of Jeff’s proceeds from his book?
    I hadn’t heard about this!

  46. Melissa the Cat says:

    Humble, thanks for the link to your article on Baezo’s shirt for sale on e-bay. He’s such a disgusting, lying swine. Disgusting.

  47. Lost In NJ says:

    Humble, just FYI – on ebay bidders are snapping up copies of
    Jeff Ashton’s book, especially when they are signed!
    Bet the psycho is screaming bloody murder, she can’t
    sell her interview (what a laugh!) and Ashton’s book made a pile of money!

  48. gigwails says:

    Hi Folks! I’m glad none of this is working out like the Anthony’s planned. I’m sure they all (by all, I mean Casey, Cindy and George….Lee doesn’t seem to want anything to do with this circus) thought they would be raking in major bucks after Casey got away with murder. In their minds, the public is clamoring to hear what they have to say and every network and publication from here to the moon will pay a ton for the privilege of having their stories. Sometimes a dose of reality has a very bitter taste…except for a few nuts here and there….NOBODY wants to see or hear from these criminal deadbeats EVER AGAIN! They have absolutely nothing to offer society and should crawl under the same rocks they came from.

  49. Hi gig, I so agree! They think they are some sort of celebrity with a status. They are really deadbeats. What they have to offer anyone is how to make BLOOD MONEY!

  50. Lost In NJ, thanks! went and checked it out. They sure are selling up the books. Gosh for all we know the Spindal has her fingers in there too. It’s very sad when people are making a living, they are trying to get a cut in their work. Her butt has been involved in everything, she needs to write her own and make her own made for tv movie….well, ok that won’t work since everyone knows she is a liar too! ;)

  51. Lost In NJ says:

    I remember reading months ago that Sindy was already bragging about her book coming out early in 2012, more bs and excuses, I suppose! I don’t believe she will ever admit the truth after seeing part of that Dr Phil interview, excuse after excuse for Casey. At least George came right out and said he believes Casey drugged Caylee, and that’s how she died.

  52. indianadiane says:

    I hope people protest if Cindy does a book signing. Wish I lived in Florida to participate. Evil selfish woman!

  53. gigwails says:

    These people just refuse to go away. Work is out of the question for them….they think they are celebrities and that work is beneath them. Of course, being a bunch of lying, scamming, mooching deadbeats isn’t beneath them at all. Cindy is a perjurer….pure and simple. NOBODY wants to hear what that liar has to say. What the heck is she gonna call the book…..”If Casey Did It?”

  54. Lost In NJ says:

    If I lived in Florida, I would definitely be one of the protesters
    outside any book signing done by Sindy. Here’s hoping NO ONE publishes
    anything by her or psycho!

  55. blessedknox says:

    Hello Friends…

    YES, they have all had their “CLAIM TO SHAME” and NO ONE wants to hear from or see them again. EVERYONE is disgusted with them ~ even those who claim not to be are only wanting to continue to make money off of them and the bygone media hype that they caused by their detestable lies and behavior. THOSE DAYS ARE GONE FOREVER; THANK GOD!

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