UPDATE: Trayvon Martin murder case, Judge sets bail

George Zimmerman was in court this morning. His attorney asked for bond for Zimmerman so he could get out of jail for safety reasons. Zimmerman turned over his passport to the court.  Shellie Zimmerman testified via phone saying that her husband is not a violent man and is scared for his safety.  The prosecutors asked her about 2 incidents where he attacked a police officer and took anger management classes and an old girlfriend accused him of assault.  Ms. Zimmerman said she would make sure her husband would attend the trial.  Robert Zimmerman said that his son’s face was swollen the next day.  He said his nose had a protective cover over it, and cuts and gashes on the back of his head. PHOTO
His mother Glady’s said that “George did everything possible so the city of Sanford will organize and go to the council and ask for justice for this homeless man who was beaten up. He was recognized by the Mayor.”  A private investigator for the prosecutors office said there was no additional evidence that Zimmerman was the one who confronted Martin.
Zimmerman took the stand and said he was sorry for the loss of Martin.
THE Judge sets bail at $150K!
It has been said that Zimmerman at some point asked to speak with the family of Trayvon Martin, they declined.

Apr 19, 2012 @ 10:02
I have received many emails asking to post about the Trayvon Martin murder case.  As many of you know that the State of Florida is on my list of the worst of the worst in court cases, trials and Justice!

I am not a big fan of the race card, which seems to have been played in this story.  Remember the Jhessye Shockley story?  The grandmother Shirley Johnson played that race card, all over the media, come to find out the mother of Jhessye, Shirley’s own daughter Jerice Hunter is the possible murderer.

From what I have read on sites, is that Trayvon had been suspended from school for having marijuana reside in a baggie and fighting.  The parents have blamed the police for leaking the marijuana information.  Note to self is that the parents failed to mention this little information in their media shows.  I also believe this story was blown out of the water by the media, especially NBC who edited the 911 call from George Zimmerman and then FIRED the Miami based producer. The original call was:  Zimmerman This guy looks like he’s up to no good. Or he’s on drugs or something. It’s raining and he’s just walking around, looking about.” The dispatcher then asks: “OK, and this guy – is he white, black or Hispanic?”
“He looks black,” Zimmerman responds.
The producer edited the 911 call to his liking:  “This guy looks like he’s up to no good. He looks black,” according to the producers version.

According to neighbors who live next to Zimmerman, said that he did have bandages on the back of his head and his nose was swollen.   They have come forward after Zimmerman was charged in the murder.  Zimmerman did receive medical attention, and I am sure that the outcome will be submitted in this trial.  I am unsure what to think of this case. The family has made Martin out to be a good kid, and ok I’ll go along with it, but I am not sure how many ‘good’ kids get suspended from school 3 times!  According to Tracy Martin “Trayvon was a very good individual. … He lived a decent life … was a God-fearing child … he had morals, he had principles, he had standards.”  I assume he did have a decent life, kind of a life where he got whatever he wanted. He wore brand names and had gold teeth.  How many kids have gold teeth and no job?  What the parents don’t understand is that Martins life and suspensions will be put under a microscope by the defense team.  When they hide information, makes you really wonder.  Sybrina Fulton said one day on the ‘Today’ show that the killing was an accident, now she has retraced that statement stating that “Zimmerman STALKED her son and murdered him in cold blood.”  Wonder why she changed her story?

This case is on their 3rd Judge with Judge Kenneth Lester, Jr. presiding over the case now.  It reminds me of another media hounded case in Florida!  I just hope this case gets a jury that will look at evidence and listen in the trial and make an honest decision and not just want to go home!

I am still not sure what to think of this case.  I would like to read the autopsy report and other files in this case.  I do not feel that guns are the answer.
Rest in Peace Trayvon!

[disclaimer] I am not sure what picture of Trayvon are recent and which are not. I have read on a site that the one in the football jersey is an old photo.

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14 Responses to UPDATE: Trayvon Martin murder case, Judge sets bail

  1. I guess I shouldn’t have titled this post Trayvon Martin MURDER case. I have no idea if it is a murder case or not. I believe it went to a murder case after the media got involved, and the family started calling it racial.

  2. OJ KARMA says:

    Humble! :) I read that Zimmermans family members are going to call in court tomorrow and plea to have Zimmerman free on bail. They are scared to show up to court would not blame them. Zimmermans testosterone got the best of him and now he finds himself in big fat trouble!

    Glad your back by the way!

  3. OJKarma! Good to see you! I would be scared if I was them too! I really am tired of the FL residents running to the media to get their story out, especially when they weren’t there when it went down!

  4. Mystymiss says:

    I still wonder if Zimmerman had a gun permt and why would he have it during his neighbor watch time? Something doesn’t seem right! I stil have to get some of my other questions answered before I come to my own opinion of this situation.

  5. Hi Mystymiss! I haven’t read anything about the permit or why he was carrying.

  6. OJ KARMA (AKA) Curious in Orlando says:

    Hello Y’all! I have met a few Zimmermans in my 38 years here on earth and they are all scary. Wanna be cops! There has be a reason why he isn’t a cop. Has anyone read that he tried to go to academy and failed? I thought I read that somewhere but I don’t want to start anything. If he did his mental exam would be a big fat F! has anyone called the cops 46 times? I have called 5 times. Neighbor was trying to kill himself, neighbor had a break in, car accident, my dad fell off of roof, people kept speeding on my neighborhood (there are kids walking from school) and lastly the ultimate 911 call was the air balloon incident that fly over closely through my subdivision. So there my five calls! OJ Karma 5 calls vs. Zimmermans 46 calls

    Sanford Florida does have it’s crime but not for one individual to call 46 times.
    Paranoid a little? Delusional after watching Cops? Big man on campus with a gun in your hands?

  7. maxineme says:

    I agree OJ Karma, I have met a few Zimmerman’s myself… They sure did clean him up for court, didn’t they? If he had not threatened Treyvon with the gun,, How would Treyvon know he had one, to be trying to take it off him(zimmerman)? I think it was Zimmerman that was maybe high on something…. He better get 20 years or there is going to be complete INJUSTICE….. The boy had committed NO crime.. Just walking home from the store.. I think His father began calling in favors that first night…

  8. OJ KARMA says:

    Hello Maxineme ! I have been sayimg to a few friends that maybe Zimmerman was off his meds! He seems off something! Oh boy I thought I was the only one who thought that Zimmerman showed his gun and Trayvon went to take away the gun from Zimmerman because the psycho who was following him has a gun, Zimmerman knows this. He lives it everyday, his thoughts awake or asleep is what happened to Trayvon. Does anyone think Zimmermans comment as to where he didn’t know Trayvons age when he shot him. “I thought he was my age” Excuse me would that make it better to shoot someone over 18 close to 30? WTH!

  9. maxineme says:

    He DOES seem off, OJ Karma… I think Trayvon started going through the neighborhood verses the sidewalk to escape this stalking Zimmerman.. and that is when Zimmerman got out of his truck to follow him , even though the police dispatcher said… do not follow this guy…
    I agree, what difference did his age have to do with shooting someone who had not committed a crime, or even looked like he was committing one…. And, on the 911 tapes, he was asked the age of this guying walking home, and Zimmerman said “late teens”….. I think he was looking for a fight that night..

  10. jbnsa says:

    did zimmerman identify himself as a neighbor hood watch person,, to this kid???

  11. OJ KARMA says:

    Hello Maxineme and jbnsa!

    Zimmerman’s EGO & TESTASTERONE got in him in TROUBLE! Big Fat TROUBLE! And he forever and a day will always remember what he did to TRAYVON. No matter what he says or doesn’t say, he killed a innocent person, an UNARMED person, never mind being 17 or near 30 years an innocent unarmed person died from his hands!

    jbnsa – Zimmerman statements are the only ones which state he identified as a Neighborhood Watch person. I am pretty sure he said it in an official way – all superior and like….. Ego and Testasterone!

    I don’t want him on the electrocution chair but manslaughter is what he should get. Max 20 years. 20 years probation. He should not have an easy life he should ALWAYS REMEMBER TRAYVON!

  12. maxineme says:

    I think Trayvon’s mother meant ,, it was an accidental meeting .. as in, they should have never met.. and if Zimmerman had not stalked and confronted and threatened Trayvon, they never would have met… IMO Zimmerman has been excused too many times and now thinks he is above the rules the rest of us follow… Poor kid to die like that… I bet he was scared for his life. He got off for domestic violence against a girlfriend, he got off for assaulting a police officer, and something else which I have forgotten….
    It ‘s like the egg tree news writer said after the casey anthony trial… “note to self, don’t get murdered in Florida”

  13. OJ KARMA says:

    Good Morning!

    Did anyone see the footage of Zimmerman walking in to jail with an officer holding a bag of medications? I always have said Zimmerman looks like he can’t live without some type of pill. Perhaps pills that start with a P? Or X? Heck the way he conducts himself inside and outside of court with the all high and mighty attitude he has to have something to stabilize him.

    He should of never got out of his SUV. If he just went to Homedepot like he was supposed to Trayvon would be alive and we would of never heard of him. Or would we? Was Zimmerman a ticking time bomb?

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