When will Jerice Hunter be charged with Jhessye Shockley’s murder?

At the end of June, Arizona Police ended the search for Jhessye Shockley in the Butterfield landfill in Arizona.  After $750,000 and 9,500 tons of trash worth of searching, police do not feel they missed her, but they may have pinpointed the wrong area!?  Assistant Police Chief Rick St. John says they have ‘irrefutable evidence’ that she is there’, but there are 691 acres of trash in the landfill!

Police believe they have enough evidence to arrest Jerice Hunter, who by the way is PREGNANT again.  Anyone surprised?  [hello Arizona, you need to get her fixed]  Hunter was arrested last year on 21 November 2011 for child abuse, abuse directly related to the disappearance of Jhessye.  According to the report, police had interview the other children of Hunter, after they were removed from the apartment by CPS and put in foster care.  The report noted that Jhessye was reported missing on 11 September 2011.  The children were told by Hunter to clean the leaves up in the rear yard by the patio, Jhessye never went out to help clean up leaves and she was never seen again.  Hunter claims that she left the house and locked the door, and when she returned Jhessye was gone.

One child said that when she had come home one day and Jhessye was home with a t-shirt on and sitting with a neighbor boy watching tv.  Hunter called Jhessye a ‘ho’ and took her to a bedroom and she heard Jhessye screaming and crying.

It was also said that Hunter kept Jhessye in her bedroom closet and [Jhessye’s sibling] would give her food and water to keep her from being dehydrated.  She was also seen in the closet asleep with black eyes and cuts on her face.  All the children reported seeing either the black eyes or bruises on Jhessye.  One child reported to have seen Jhessye with her hair pulled out and looking like a ‘zombie’ and the closet looked like a grave and smelled like dead people.  The child also stated that Hunter had put incense in the closet.

A few days BEFORE Hunter reported Jhessye missing, the mother spent a day cleaning the apartment. She even cleaned her shoes with soap and bleach, which she had purchased on 9 October 2011 from Walgreens.

Jhessye’s last day of school was 22 September 2011, according to school records. Hunter had claimed she had ringworm [body bruises?], and then later pink eye [black eyes?] but there is no proof she had either of them, she wasn’t seen by a doctor.  Hunter was released from jail on 28 November 2011, stating that they were waiting for results from evidence and would not file child abuse charges at that time.

Hunter who is not new to prison or jail, needs to be arrested already and pay for the crime. She has a history of child abuse, even if she has said: ‘Do I look like someone who would hurt my children‘, sorry to say but actions speak louder than words!  Hunter had spent time in prison for cruel and inhuman corporal punishment and injury to a child.  Her family members took care of the children when she was in jail, and turned them over to her after she was let loose.  Mahogany Hightower, Hunter’s cousin, had made numerous reports to CPS of her suspicions that Jhessye and her older sister were being abused by Hunter.  Hightower said that in April 2011 at a family bbq,  Jhessye wanted to go home with her, and not back to the house with her mother.  Hightower stated that she couldn’t take her now, but could take her later, Jhessye wanted to go now, not later!

Police are still saying that Hunter is the prime suspect, but have not arrested the child abuser as of yet.  They are continuing with the Justice for Jhessye!

Here is the search warrant and the items seized [starts page 8] at the mother’s apartment:
Jerice Hunter search warrant and items seized

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9 Responses to When will Jerice Hunter be charged with Jhessye Shockley’s murder?

  1. Melissa the Cat says:

    Humble, this just breaks my heart. I hope they find that poor, little girl’s body, even if it is in the garbage dump. What a despicable woman her mother is. And pregnant again to boot! Lord help that baby when it’s born.

  2. GM Melissa! I have a feeling they won’t ever find her. Just a sad case. I think the monster thinks if she keeps populating the world, she has a chance of staying out of prison. Little does she know, woman go to jail pregnant a lot. It is just a very sad case.

  3. Melissa the Cat says:

    When I see Jhessye in her yellow dress, I’m reminded of spring with its promise of hope and growth, such as a flower budding and blooming, but this delicate flower was crushed. So, so sad.

  4. Baked Bread says:

    Hi, Humble! Trying to recover from the loss of life….and freedom to not be in fear at the movies…my head’s still reeling (didn’t mean the pun). Just can’t believe all of this. Aren’t things worse than they used to be or is it just me, or is it just per capita? Just remembering this little girl and Aliyah’s faces brings back all those other ugly memories of how Caylee baby never got her justice. I can’t help but think others think they can get away with murder too since IT did.
    Thanks for reminding me to pray about this. I agree that her little body will not be found. Just a disgusting excuse of a person who uses and abuses God’s life of a child for their own selfish means.

  5. GM Melissa! I have a feeling that dress and picture were from the family and not the mother’s pile. I don’t think she cared much for Jhessye, especially since she was raised by other family members. She sure looked so cute all dressed up! My favorite is the one with the sunglasses on! :)

    GM Baked! I’m shocked this mother is still running the streets and pregnant again. Gesh, she calls her 5 year old daughter an ‘ho’ and she is the worlds largest sl%t! I can’t believe they haven’t made her get herself fixed. The last thing she needs to do is bring another child into this world to abuse!

  6. Peggy Grant says:

    I am very close to this story and have followed it every single day from day one, Like many of you have!
    ……………………I am also a member of Team Jhessye and I think I speak for a lot of us when I say “The day couldn’t come soon enough, for Jerice to have to face what she has done to Jhessye!”
    ……………………Jerice tortured and murdered Jhessye and feels no remorse..! ( there is a misprint in the above because Jerice did NOT give Jhessye food or water to keep her hydrated, Jerice did not care!! It was Jhessye’s older sister who gave food and water to Jhessye But then she would have to hurry and put Jhessye back into the closet before Jerice returned home, ( this was later told to authorities by Jhessye’s sibling )
    …………… Jerice tortured and murdered this beautiful little girl all out of Jealousy!! She was full of Jealousy and hate for Jhessye Because Jhessye did not know her and wasn’t wanting to remain in her custody. Jerice had no right to be mad or jealous…. she has no one to blame but herself, she was the one who beat her other child with an extension cord and almost killed that child .. which sent her to prison… shortly after giving birth to Jhessye….. so “Of course” Jerice was a total stranger in Jhessye’s innocent eyes…
    …………… Jhessye had been raised from the time she was born until almost 5 yrs old by her cousins , They are Beautiful souls, who took Jhessye from the beginning and loved her with all they had. Jhessye was their child in every sense of the word….. Jhessye was always dressed in the prettiest of outfits, dancing, singing, smiling and happy, she had Big parties, she had an over abundance of hugs and kisses, she was treated and known as the princess of this family..and most important she had the Love that she so much deserved and wanted……( there are so many pictures and videos where you can see their overflowing of love for Jhessye.) so we can only imagine how It crushed their hearts and souls to be FORCED to give Jhessye to this monster…. They had to hand “their” little princess over to a stranger, and despite their desperate plea to authorities Jhessye was given to Jerice… However, Jerice didn’t have Jhessye long before the family that raised her, seen Jhessye at a reunion and noticed something was very very wrong….They felt Jhessye was being abused, and so they immediately reported it…… However for some reason Jhessye remained in Jerice’s care , even after authorities investigated …………….. Then Sadly the horrible day came when Jhessye was gone….
    ……..Please listen to the 911 call Jerice made and you will be assured this no good monster killed this baby.. she shows no feelings on the call and it is obvious that she is lying!!……( and the grandmother Shirley Johnson is heard on the tape and plays a part in Jerice’s horrible act ) ….Shirley claims to love these Grandchildren but yet she not once got to know Jhessye…. and now this grand-monster says the siblings are lying about Jhessye being tortured and killed…despite her knowing that Jerice has a history of beating her children almost to death.. She even went as far to campaign and collect donations , saying Jhessye had been kidnapped. (she should have to account for the donations she collected and she should have to hand over the money to authorities…)
    ……… The reason we know Jhessye was not kidnapped is because ( once the siblings were out of Jerice’s care and felt safe) They confided in the foster family and Authorities what really happened to Jhessye, and sadly they had to witness what no child should ever go through or see and that is their little sister being beaten, tortured and killed by the mother who is suppose to love them the most ……sadly they could not stop the abuse, out of fear they would be beaten and killed by Jerice..
    …………Jerice IS a monster and if you search reports from her first arrest you will see she admits to beating her children with extension cords until they bled and seeing blood didn’t even stop her, she would have killed her older child had someone not been there to restrain her. … Her excuse is that her mother ( Shirley) is the one who taught her to be that kind of monster ( and i don’t doubt that Shirley beat Jerice like that….HOWEVER that is No excuse for Jerice torturing and killing her children)…. Both Jerice and Shirley need to be dealt with in the worst way! They both are the monsters who are behind Jhessye being gone!! ……………………. This little Princess Deserves Justice, one way or another !!!!!!!!!……… “Please Demand Justice For Jhessye”

  7. Londi says:

    The evil that happened to Jhessye is heartbreaking. The fact that family members (not the ones that raised Jhessye) the family members that stood by & did nothing while this evil woman was beating ALL her kids, they did nothing while this went on for years. & Then they support her after Jhessye was reported missing, defending her with absolutely no regard to Jhessye or any of the other kids that lived in pain & terror every day. That entire family are sick & they should also bear responsibility for what had happened. But it does sound like that family thinks it is acceptable to beat & abuse children. I fail to understand how cold hearted people can be, only caring about them self & having not one ounce of compassion for even children, their own flesh & blood. the only thing they care about is protecting their own ass, without any care of the evil they have done.

    The evil woman got pregnant almost immediately after the last baby was taken away, what mother with a missing child would get pregnant very soon after her child went missing? I agree she needs her uterus ripped right out of her & the nasty men she has slept with should be tested for STDs.

    Jhessye was in a loving home, surrounded by people that loved her, raised her as their own & treated her with love & respect that every child deserves. Having Jhessye taken from them was extremely cruel.

    The family that loved Jhessye & raised her will rejoice the day justice is served for Jhessye.

    Very sorry for writing a novel, I had no intention of this being this long.

  8. Hi Peggy, Welcome! Thank you so much! Hunter really needs to be charged already, and along with a good fixing so she can stop populating the world. When I found out that she was found guilty to cruel and inhuman corporal punishment and injury to a child, I knew that she had murdered Jhessye. Then her comments about Do I look like I would hurt my daughter? Did she not realize that we would find out her history of child abuse? Then is her anger issues. Mahogany Hightower had contacted CPS numerous times, and she wouldn’t turn over Jhessye to Hunter after her prison time, Hunter had to get police to go and get her. Not sure why Hunter wanted Jhessye so bad, I guess it was to take out her frustration on her.

    Not only is the mother guilty here, but CPS should be held accountable. Clarence Carter claims the system is flawed, but there is no room for flaws in any child abuse/neglect reports or cases. They had to have known this monster mother’s history of abuse, if they didn’t then they aren’t doing their jobs [yea they aren’t doing their jobs]. Here is a great article: Did Arizona CPS Aid Jerice Hunter in Murdering Jhessye? Absolutely

    Then there is the grandma, Shirley pulling out her race card on tv, saying that police are botching the investigation, no national attention for her granddaughter because she is black. When news broke that Hunter is a child abuser, she looked like a total fool!
    I do feel sorry for the family they are very loving of Hunters children!

  9. Hi Londi, Welcome! I do know that Hunter had moved out of her apartment and is staying with family. Mahogany Hightower is the one of four that raised Jhessye until Hunter got out of prison, she is also on that had contacted CPS numerous times, and CPS seemed to believe things were ok, so they said.

    I feel for Hightower. She said that at a bbq Jhessye wanted to go home with her, and not her mother. Hightower told her she couldn’t take her right then, but said she would later, but Jhessye wanted to go right then. I am sure that is haunting Hightower.

    As for Hunter, seems odd to me that a so called ‘mother’ would call her young child a ‘ho’, and then have child after child, we know who the ‘ho’ is, and until she’s stopped she will keep producing children.

    It truly is just a sad, sad case! Justice for Jhessye!

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