Lyric Cook and Elizabeth Collins update

Lyric Cook and Elizabeth Collins have been missing for 17 days . Cooks’ father, Daniel Morrissey is charged with drug and domestic abuse, and the Judge in the case decided to delay his trial.

Sheriff Tony Thompson said they are ruling nothing out, especially the criminal history Morrissey has.

Grandma Wylma Cook said that Morrissey gave investigators names to knock time off his sentence, from 45 years to 10 years with a mandatory 5 years in prison.  She also believes that Morrissey gained some enemies when narcing on the druggies to police.  I am assuming she believes that these enemies have the girls.

The Judge in the case, Judge Andrea Dryer told Morrissey that he has very serious charges against him and he needs to be ready for trial in a month. The trial is set to start on 28 August 2012.

A news station was subpoenaed for footage of the interview they had last week with Wylma and Misty Cook.  KWWL was subpoenaed and posted the subpoena on their website.  Dan Schillinger, the news director said they will submit the full video to the Black Hawk County Attorney office.  View the subpoena

While Uncle Danny is into the drug and abuse scene, Elizabeth Collins family is still wondering why Elizabeth and Lyric Cook had be taken.  They have faith in God and holding on to the memories they have with Elizabeth.  Elizabeth’s father Drew is the owner of his own business and making an honest living, remembers the hugs, the prayers and talking with Elizabeth nightly.  Watch the Video

My heart goes out to these girls and the families.

UPDATE: Heather and Drew Collins say they have faith God will bring the girls home safe
Station to submit video in Iowa missing girls case

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6 Responses to Lyric Cook and Elizabeth Collins update

  1. cecelia says:

    This just breaks my heart. I’m praying they find both girls safe but i have a bad feeling as more time slips by.
    When are parents going to realize what they do affects their babies too?
    Thanks for the update Humble

  2. Hi Cecelia! It is very heart breaking! I have a bad feeling too, and daddy his narcing and bad company he kept, i think it is related to him. He may not be involved, but he is the reason the girls are missing!

  3. Baked Bread says:

    He is the reason the girls are missing. I am almost afraid to say it, but what if he sold them or something drug-related like that? I hate to think of it, but it seems that people are doing the worst things for their addictions. I pray not. I’m glad someone in the family is praying for them. Some people have no one to pray for them!! If they’re alive, they’ll turn up.

  4. lynda says:

    Hi Humble and Friends, this case is just another horror story in this unsettling time we live in. I would hate to beleive that the father knowingly allowed this to happen to these innocent girls, but I do beleive that somehow his lifestyle and criminal past, as well as the moms, could be the a factor in this tradgic crime. As we all know, people involved in the world of illegal drugs are psycho, especially when someone rats them out to lesson their own jail time. I wouldn’t put it past any of these people abducting and harming the children of someone who talks to LE.
    I really hope that these beautiful girls are found safe. I hope they are safe and unharmed.

  5. Baked Bread says:

    I think you’re right Lynda, maybe they were witness to something that they shouldn’t have seen.

  6. Hi Baked! I don’t think he is directly involved, but I do believe that someone he has dealt with may know something or taken these girls. I just don’t know!

    Hi Lynda! Its just so sad. And poor Elizabeth Collins! I feel so bad for both these families, but more so for her family. Her dad is a legit business man with his own company, and trying to make an honest living.

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