Zinah Jennings appears in court

Zinah Jennings had an appearance in court yesterday for several motions. The defense attorney asked that the tv camera’s not be allowed in the trial, and argued that several search warrants [14 to be exact] be thrown out, including the one that has the blood stained blanket from the car [Cadaver dogs also hit on the car], and suppress the statements she made to police.

Many witnesses took the stand in the hearing.  Jennings is due in court for more hearings today.

The attorney for Jennings said that the blanket would prejudice a jury, claiming that a jury would think that Jennings killed Amir Jennings, her son.  Judge Knox McMahon stated he needed more information on the blanket and will have a private hearing at a later date.

Judge McMahon also denied the search warrant and statement requests.   He was unwilling to ban the tv camera’s.  The judge asked the attorney’s for a list of questions for the jurors.

Hemphill Pride, the attorney for Jennings, thought the City of Columbia and the business community should offer up an reward of $50,000 to $100,000 for information in this case; he was not happy with the Judges decision to keep her bail high; I guess he also thinks that she shouldn’t be held accountable for the well-being of her child.  Better yet, he just wants all the evidence thrown out.  [who does that sound like?]

Jennings is charged with unlawful conduct toward a child, and her trial is set to start 27 August 2012, and is due in September.

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