Part 1: Casey Anthony 31 days of parties, sex, drugs, lies and murder

With probation coming to an end [still NO JOB, claims no drugs, no therapy, no LE contact, no school and no money] in about 10 days for fraud charges [stealing Amy’s money], it’s time to look back and see exactly what this murderer had done the 31 days, Caylee was so-called-missing, when in all reality Caylee was murdered by Casey and thrown away like trash less than a ½ miles from Casa de Anthony in Cindy Anthony’s laundry bag and some trash bags.


Notorious check
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Tuesday July 15, 2008 started out as a typical day for Casey.  She was texting and stealing just like any other day.  At 12 noon she received a call from Caylee stating that she hadn’t heard her voice in 4 weeks [now mind you Caylee had been murdered 4 weeks prior].  She went to the Bank of America wrote a check from Amy Huizenga’s account for $250.00, and they CASHED it.  Later she paid her overdue cell phone bill from Amy’s account for $574.60.  At 8:08 pm all hell started to break loose!  The first call to LE from Cindy was to arrest the thief/stealer, this happened in the car.  At 8:44 pm the next 911 call goes out.  Cindy wants Casey arrested for theft, stealing and possible missing child.  At 9:47 the 911 call goes out again!  Brother Lee got the information out of Casey!  911: What’s your emergency?  Cindy: I called a little bit ago, the deputy sheriff’s not here. I found out my granddaughters been taken……‘There’s something wrong, I found my daughters car today it smells LIKE THERE’S BEEN A DEAD BODY in the car.…….’
911: And you last saw her a month ago?

911: And you last saw her a month ago?
Casey as calm as can be: 31 days. It’s been 31 days.
911: Who had her? Do you have a name?
Casey: Her name is Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez . . .
911: Why are you calling now? Why didn’t you call 31 days ago?
Casey: I’ve been looking for her and have gone through other resources to try to find her, which was stupid . . .

Here is the audio and transcript of that 911 call.

And in her written statement to police she wrote this:  On Monday, 9 June 2008, between 9am and 1pm, I took Caylee to the Sawgrass Apartments, located on Conway Road. Caylee’s nanny Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez has watched her for the past year and a half, to two years.

Those 31 days were the murderer’s way of living the beautiful life!  How do I know this, she got it tattooed on her shoulder.  Caylee was murdered 16 June 2008, a date that was unknown to everyone except the murderer.  We did speculate on the date, but we were never really sure! Remember Baez and his opening statement?  “Caylee died on 16 June 2008 by drowning in the family swimming pool.” A date given to the defense attorney by no other than the murderer herself.  I do not believe that Caylee drowned in the pool and the moving of the ladder and the gate open was the beginning of the cover-up.

The flurry of phone calls started happening around 4:00 on Monday 16 June 2008:

  • 4:10:41 p.m. – Casey’s cell call to George’s work ph
  • 4:11:25 p.m. – Casey’s cell call to Cindy’s cell ph
  • 4:11:49 p.m. – Casey’s cell call to Cindy’s cell ph
  • 4:13:04 p.m. – Casey’s cell ph call to Cindy’s cell ph
  • 4:13:29 p.m. – Casey’s cell ph call to Cindy’s cell ph
  • 4:14:48 p.m. – Casey’s cell ph call to George’s work ph

These 6 phone calls all went unanswered, and I suspect it was to make sure that they weren’t on their way home so they would catch the murderer in the act.  Four minutes after the phone calls and murder, murderer was on her way to her new-found boyfriend’s apartment Tony Lazzaro’s.  [Remember the cadaver dogs hit in the play house that Caylee had, the possible place the murderer placed her after the murder]  Cell phone pings from the murderer’s phone were hitting by or around Tony’s apartment around 5:57 pm.  More flurries of phone calls went out:

  • 6:31:47 p.m. – Casey’s cell ph call to Cindy’s cell ph
  • 6:32:10 p.m. – Casey’s cell ph call to Cindy’s cell ph
  • 6:32:54 p.m. – Casey’s cell ph call to Anthony hm ph
  • 7:06:24 p.m. – Casey’s cell ph call to Anthony hm ph
  • 6:31:47 p.m. – Casey’s cell ph call to Cindy’s cell ph
  • 6:32:10 p.m. – Casey’s cell ph call to Cindy’s cell ph
  • 6:32:54 p.m. – Casey’s cell ph call to Anthony hm ph
  • 7:06:24 p.m. – Casey’s cell ph call to Anthony hm ph
  • 7:20:00 p.m. – Casey’s cell ph call to Amy H.’s cell ph

At 7:58 p.m. Casey and Tony rented two movies [“Untraceable” & “Jumper“] from the Blockbuster store located at 7702 University Blvd Winter Park.

On Tuesday, 17 June 2008 Tony skipped school and the murderer slept in. This is the day that Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez when to the Sawgrass Apartments filled out a guest card and inquired about an apartment. She was shown Apartment #110, [later we find out it uses the same stairwell as apartment #210 vacant 142 days at the time, the apartment murderer claims she dropped Caylee off at!]

Around 2:18 on Tuesday the murderer’s phone pings off the towers near the Anthony home. This is one of the days that Brian Burner saw Casey’s car backed up to the garage of the Anthony house. He noticed because she never backed up to the garage before. Around 2:29 a phone call goes out to Ricardo Morales phone.

On Wednesday, 18 June 2008 there were numerous calls from the murderers phone, but around 12:30 she started up calls.  She arrived at the Anthony house about 1:30.

  • 12:33:17 p.m. – Casey’s cell ph call to George’s work (Lexus) ph
  • 12:34:49 p.m. – Casey’s cell ph call to Cindy’s cell ph
  • 12:35:01 p.m. – Casey’s cell ph call to Anthony hm ph
  • 12:36:08 p.m. – Casey’s cell ph call to George’s cell ph = 0 secs.
  • 12:36:31 p.m. – Casey’s cell ph call to George’s cell ph = 3 secs.
  •   1:09:51 p.m. – Casey’s cell ph call to Cindy’s cell ph = 88 secs.
  •   1:11:49 p.m. – Casey’s cell ph call to Anthony hm ph

She was at the house from about 1:30-2:42 pm this day. This is the day that she borrowed the shovel from the neighbor Brian Burner. She had the shovel for 45 minutes to 1 hour.  Again the car was backed into the driveway up to the garage!

  • 3:00 p.m. – Casey’s phone goes into a remote area, or it is turned off [is this the time she drove down the street and threw Caylee away like trash in the woods?]
  • at 6:57 she talked to the Anthony house for 157 seconds, her phone went silent until 8:32 am the next morning. [13 hours it was off]

On Thursday 19 June 2008, she helped Tony looking for a new place to live.

This is one of the days she im’ed with doorknob.  Read the im’s [starts middle of page 1]  Now remember Caylee died in this so-called pool on Monday 16 June 2008.  She is worried about getting people out to the best Sushi place Fusion with cute shot girls.

At 2:10 she and Tony met with Mr. Crisp at Cranes Landing Apartments, 3440 N Goldenrod Rd, Winter Park, FL.  No lease agreement was made, and Casey never saw the model apartment because she didn’t provide her ID.  No lease was signed, but Mr. Crisp contacted her later, and she invited him to Fusion, he declined the invite.

On Friday 20 June 2008,  she im’ed with doorknob.  Read the im’s [starts middle of page 2]  Again iming with the Fusion information, and the hard body contest, sushi etc.
Around noon or so, Brian Burner the neighbor saw Casey car at the house backed up to the garage, one last time.  She partied at Fusion and invited all her friends to come out. She was busy being a ‘head’ shot girl who successfully ran up Tony’s bar tab $60, he was mad.  All night she was texting with:  Christopher Stutz, Jeffrey Dale Hopkins, Rob at Arden Villa’s, Troy Brown, Maria Kishh, Iassen Donov, and Alex Green!

Photo’s from the 20th and the 21st at Fusion: [you can click each pic to enlarge]

On Saturday 21 June 2008, Casey slept in.  She had finally gone to sleep about 3 am. Tony said that she was babbling and just wanted her to shut up!  Read his deposition…[pg 52 line 23]… Tony stated:  How she wants to, it was like how she said that she was going to, like really drunk conversations like how she’s going to be a singer. How she could be a singer. Or the, (inaudible), but she said she was going to, she’s like, “You don’t even know I can sing. I can sing so good.” And I’m like, “What are you talking about?” It was more of just like me trying to get her to go to sleep and shut her up…

It could also be the day she entered this into her journal:

Click to enlarge

The grandmother’s story [from the stand during the trial and interviews with LE]:

The last time Cindy talked to Caylee was Sunday 15 June 2008.  Cindy took Caylee to see Great-grandpa at Mount Dora Nursing Home.  Photos and video’s were taken.  This is the first of the evidence that changed the date Caylee went missing from 9 June to 16 June 2008.

On 16 June 2008, Casey told Cindy that she and Caylee were going to spend the night at Zanny’s because she had a long day of negotiations for work. It made sense to Cindy, she had seen the email about negotiation with Hard Rock Hotel and that is why Casey worked Father’s day!

On 17 June, Cindy did not see Caylee. Casey was working long hours and that Caylee was staying with the babysitter for the day and night. Cindy was told that Universal was still in negotiations and they were going to be lengthy, Casey didn’t know when they would be done, and kept Caylee with Zanny. Of course that explanation was good enough.

On 18 June, Cindy thought they would return. Casey said they were headed to Tampa, and said it would be fun to take Caylee to go to the Gardens with Zanny, who was free and could go take care of the kids. Juliette Lewis had a child named Annabelle and she too was going.

On 21 June, Casey didn’t see Caylee. Casey had meeting until 5 pm. They were supposed to come back to Orlando but the negotiations were taking longer than suspected. She thought she would see Caylee on Sunday, but that didn’t happen either.

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16 Responses to Part 1: Casey Anthony 31 days of parties, sex, drugs, lies and murder

  1. Scrama says:

    this page here alone would have or should have convicted her!! we had all the info & knew her guilt so what happened that no one on that stupid jury didn’t get!!

  2. Hi Scrama! Good question! And what did she really do to Caylee, she didn’t drown in the pool, no way! I think she tried to cover up with the pool thingy, but knew it wouldn’t work to call 911 and say she drowned!

  3. artgal says:

    Have you read Baez book? I wish you would send your summations to him – his book should be sold in the fiction section!

  4. Hi Artgal, good to see you! I have not read his book and won’t waste my money. The way he was in the trial and his lies that flew right out his mouth from the moment it opened, I figured it would be the same, lies!

  5. chrissybk says:

    All proceeds are going towards Little League Baseball in my community. Thanks!

  6. jnetk0828 says:

    It doesn’t matter when she gets off probation or where she goes, she will never enjoy the flashy and flambouant life she knew before the trial. Tough Do Do.

  7. maxineme says:

    Thanks for the rehash , Humble… She killed her child . there is NO doubt.. and she went and lived the good life… Who the heck were these jurors????? They will suffer for their selfishness.. wanting to get out of this court and go home…… They were derelict in their duty to serve…….
    I also blame the judge for promising that they would be out by June!!!!! This judge was overly confident in his ability… he called a sword ,, a saword@!!!! was he really as bright and knowledgeable as he thought himself?

  8. maze says:

    Casey Anthony doesn’t want anyone to know how much money she’s earned and received from various sources.

    Lawyers for Zenaida Gonzales have demanded that information through their lawsuit against Anthony.

    Gonzales is suing Anthony, who claimed a babysitter with the same name as Gonzales’ kidnapped her daughter Caylee, who was found dead.

    Anthony has reportedly received “something” from her parents, as well as the charity they started in Caylee’s name. She has also reportedly received money from “The Dr. Phil Show” and ABC

  9. lynda says:

    Hi Humble and Friends, Thanks Humble for the reminders that a murderess will be totally free in a few days. cma will pay for her crime of murdering Caylee. We just have to be patient, because as we’ve always said, a leopard doesn’t change his spots. She is a sociopatic murderer and will always be. Just wait till the notoriety dies down, and nobody remembers her. Istill will remember Caylee. She touched so many hearts. The a clan will also pay. They are a guilty as their evil spawn.
    A belated Happy birthday to Caylee. We all love you. You’ll be in our heats forever.
    Caylee will get justice. I know it.

  10. Lost In NJ says:

    GREAT article, as always – Thank You!!

  11. misslazy says:

    Humble the prosecution did not bring up the flurry of phone calls that Casey made to George and Cindy on June 16th, those phone calls might have helped convict Casey.

  12. Lost In NJ says:

    Thanks for the videos, Humble!
    Notice how Casey was stringing Sindy along, every day, saying she and Caylee were here, then there, couldn’t get home, busy, etc.
    And Sindy just went along with that, she believed her psycho daughter, knowing what a liar and thief she is, and knowing she had absolutely no job???
    Any normal grandmother would have picked up the phone and contacted LE IMMEDIATELY, Caylee would have been found in Crazy’s trunk, and she’d be on Death Row right now!
    But no, Sindy had to let this idiot go for one month, and even then didn’t do anything UNTIL THE CAR CAME HOME & STUNK OF DEATH.
    That’s the only reason she called LE. Then she took it all back – it suddenly became ‘rotting pizza’. LOL

  13. Baked Bread says:

    Hi, Humble, been away for awhile. Buried my BFF today. It’s been a devastating week. Trying to get my mind off of things, so I can sleep. Death really makes you see how fragile life is. I know we all know that here, but when I go through something like this I realize more and more these ppl did not act like normal ppl do when they lose a loved one.
    I think George knew what happened with the smell of the trunk. So did Sindy. MAJOR damage control before calling LE, obviously. They both have worked the system for years and KC was a fast learner. It’s not really about being smart, it’s about cunning and manipulation. That’s not smart, it’s stupid and sinful.
    I think once our worldly laws release her, it won’t be long before God’s law kicks in–every body better hang on–God’s Mercy is great, but so is His Justice. Just b/c they forget Caylee doesn’te mean God did…

  14. Janet says:

    ZG got arrested last night

    Cops: Zenaida Gonzalez arrested for selling Four Loko to 18-year-old

  15. amethystme says:

    Great Review of the facts Humble

  16. blessedknox says:

    Great compilation, Humble… I am going to read the rest of the articles as well. Thank you again for all you do for us and Caylee’s memory!

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