Part 3: Casey Anthony 31 days of parties, sex, drugs, lies and murder

To view the cell phone records from 29 June to 5 July 2008 click here:  Cell records   She was very busy on her cell while Tony was in New York.

Sunday 29 June 2008, at 10:25 Casey texts Amy about borrowing her and her gas can.  Amy’s can is in storage and she hasn’t gotten her stuff out yet.  Tony is busy packing this day and Casey is busy playing house with him.  She does call the Anthony home a few times and talks for 13 minutes total.  [Tony interview page 25]  He also states on page 25 that there was no talk about Caylee from Casey.

Monday 30 June 2008  Tony leaves for New York [returns 5 July], and Cindy starts her vacation [ends 4 July].  Casey talks to him all week while he is gone. At one time she talked about her and Caylee going to NY, but not staying with him.  [Tony interview page 26]  Casey spent 30 June-4 July at Ricardo’s house.

Catherine Sanchez  [Incident report] of Amscot calls Johnson Wrecker to have the White Pontiac towed from the parking lot.  Gary Ridgeway [interview] towed the car.   According to Cindy’s interview [page 10] Casey claimed to have put a note on the car.

According to Amy, Caylee was supposed to be at the beach the past weekend.  She told LE that the story was that Zannie was taking Caylee and the other kids she watched to the beach. Grandma was also suppose to be there.  [Amy interview page 18]

Casey calls Amy at around 9:45 am, waking Amy up, saying “this is Casey come open the door.”  She asks if Amy is inside, Amy says “yes”.   They were together all day until Amy went to work.  Amy said, “why don’t we, we’ll just  go to Target.  We’ll buy a gas can.”  Amy said that Casey was driving Tony’s Jeep all week, and when Amy offered to drive, Casey would say “No, no I’ll take Tony’s car.”

  Target starts at 3:15. Casey also went shopping at JCPenney’s on 30 June, starts at 7:15 on this video.

Casey talks to Cindy and says that Jennifer is watching Caylee for the week at Universal, Zanny can’t.  Jennifer and Caylee were doing character breakfasts and Jennifer was taking her around the park.  [Cindy transcript page 14] Cindy said she would watch Caylee since she was on vacation this week.

This day she had over 50+ test messages. She texted with Andy France, Iassen Donov, Stephanie Kostakis [Special k], Ryan Pasley, Tony Lazzaro, Ricardo Morales, Troy Brown,  Amy, Matthew Crisp, Shot girl Jenna, Clint House, Enjoli, Christopher Stutz, and Clint House.

From Lee’s shopping receipts:  6/30 Target 836pm cash $7.49; 6/30 JCPenney’s 610pm credit card $73.40

Tuesday 1 July 2008  She was up all night texting with her buds.  At 1:43, 1:51, 1:52, 2:02 am, the Anthony house called Casey. Of course she was ignoring the calls and immediately checking her voice mail.  Again the calls start at 6:56, 7:33, 7:50 and 9:33.  She once again immediately checked her voice mail.  At 7:54 am she did call Casa Da Anthony.

This is the morning that she called Jesse Grund to take a shower at his place.  She told Jesse that she was at Tony’s apartment without a key.  She arrived about 10:39 and left about noon.  Jesse expected to see Caylee, but there was no Caylee with her. He said that she didn’t look like someone who needed a shower.    Jesse’s interview:   at 10:15 I received a phone call, I was still alseep, from Casey’s cell phone, she shows up as CMA in my phone. I was still asleep. Uhm, Casey called me and asked me uhm, “Please, I need a favor.”  And I, I uhm, asked her what the favor was. She said, “Well I need to take a shower before I go to work. I was staying at Tony’s but I don’t have the key to get back into his place and uhm, I can’t go to my parents’ place to take a  shower.” I expecting to see Caylee with her when she came by. I said, “Okay, fine. You can come over and take a shower.”  Uhm, she arrives at 10:39.  [Jesse’s interview]

Casey went shopping with Amy at JCPenney’s.  The video above starts at 10:00.

Jeff Hopkins saw Casey at Waterford Ale House. She was with Sean Daly, Brandon Snow and someone named Layla.  Jeff Hopkins [interview page 3]

From Lee’s shopping receipts:  7/01 447pm credit card $31.93

Wednesday 2 July 2008 this is the day that Casey ‘STOLE’ Amy’s $400.00.  ‘Yeah she told me that I had put, was putting the money aside. That I was talking to her. She had no idea I was asleep until the morning when I said I didn’t remember it. Uhm, and really the only reason I bought it is the week before I had changed pants in my sleep from this pair of pants, which are really comfy, to a different pair of pants. I don’t remember doing it. I don’t know why I did it but I woke up in a different pair of pants, which is why I kind of bought this story. I didn’t remember ever telling her that story but I must have which is why she used that to tell me the story about me putting this money away in my sleep.  Looked up high and low, up and down, everywhere, through the entire house.’  [Amy interview page 32]

[Amy Huizenga wrote on her facebook wall on July 15 2008 at 11:38 pm
A person who I thought was my friend stole money one night while I was sleeping and made up a story about how I got up in my sleep and put money away for the trip I was going on (I got back today, it was a great trip!). I bought that, she's my friend, but after today I know it was her. I let her use my car while I was gone and my check book was in there. Account cleared out. Hopefully I'll be able to get that back... but yeah... overall... about a grand. Which isn't even the worst (for me it is...) apparently her kid has been missing for a month. She claims the nanny stole her and was too afraid to tell her mom. So, as bad as all this is, there is a little girl out there (hopefully) that I'm way worried about.]

At 12:00 noon she is at the Cast Iron Tattoo getting  ‘Bella Vista’ put on her left shoulder, no Caylee in site.  She is a regular customer at the tattoo parlor.  Guess she used Amy’s money to pay for this tat. [Danny Calomarino interview]

Amy  and Casey go to a couple of clubs. They went to the Voyage Night Club (Blue Room); Mako then back to the Voyage.

From Lee’s shopping receipts:  7/02 Ross 806pm cash $37.23

Thursday 3 July 2008 Casey spent about 5 hours with Melissa English, Troy Browns girlfriend at the time.  From Melissa England on the stand:  Melissa England is 26 and from Boston. She dated Troy Brown and had flown down to see him in July.  On 2 July she met Casey and Casey was all happy, outgoing and Friendly.  She never mentioned Caylee was missing or she needed help, or Caylee was kidnapped.  Casey asked what their plans were, and they had plans but those got changed when Troy had to go to work on the 3rd of July.  But on the 3rd they had planned to go shopping and Casey took Melissa.  They went to Target where Casey got a phone call and it made her angry. She told Melissa it was her mother.  They went to the mall and Casey bought some things.  Then went over to Troy’s sisters’ house where Melissa changed and got ready for dinner at the restaurant where Amy worked. Troy’s sister asked Casey about Caylee and Casey said she wanted to move out of Orlando because the schools were not good.  They sat in Amy’s section in the restaurant.  Then went and picked up Troy from work, and went to JP’s house all got ready to go out, and went to a club.  Casey got a call from Lee and it upset her and they all left. Casey went her way.  [Lee was coming out to the bar to see Casey]

Casey texted Jesse:  “There’s something going on with my family right now. If my, if my mom tries to call you don’t say anything. Stay out of it. I’ll take care of it.”  Jesse tried to call her, but eventually she left a message on his cell:  “Something going on. If my family tries to call you don’t say anything to them.   You have anything to say but don’t say anything to them.  I’ll tell you about it later”  Jesse Grund Interview [page 21 & 22]

Jesse’s cell phone records show Casey’s phone number on 3 July at 3:14, 3:19, 3:43 and 6:51 pm.  JG phone records [page 16 & 17]

At 5:25 pm Lee Anthony sent Annie Downing [transcript page 42] a message via myspace “Hey, have you heard from Casey?  Do you know where Caylee is?  My parents haven’t heard from her.”  They’re getting worried.”  Downing immediately texted Casey about Lee saying that Caylee was missing and Casey said that Lee was crazy and Caylee was NOT MISSING!  She talks to her mom every day.

Lee contacted Michelle Murphy [interview] via MySpace. He told her no one had talked to Caylee in weeks and no one has seen Casey in quite a while. Lee asked if she had seen Casey or Caylee. Michelle found it odd since Casey had been posting new photos to her facebook page. Lee found out that Casey was going to be at the Dragon Room. Brian Lufkin asked Michelle to go with him to help find Casey, but she declined.  Mallory Parker went with Brian to the Dragon Room to see Casey [Michelle Murphy Interview page 20Mallory’s interview states that she went with Lee and Danny Alvarez to the club.  [Interview page 14]

From Lee’s shopping receipts:  7/03 Team Choice 609pm cash $10.64, 7/03 Anchor blue 643pm cash $21.42, 7/03 Target 715pm cash $15.98

Friday 4 July 2008  She spent some of the night texting Amy about the money.  Amy was going mad looking for it.

Casey deleted her MySpace comments for the period of 4/24/08 thru 7/4/08. There was a very large gap of comments that have been deleted for this period, according to Lee.  Some of the comments deleted

Amy’s friend Will Water’s [ in her cell phone] invited her to his 4th of July party and she brought Casey as her guest, they arrived at 3:00 pm and helped with putting up the decorations, then went out to get beer and food.

At 3:17 pm Casey called Jesse Grund to inquire about his plans for the 4th. Jesse asked Casey about what was going on between her and the parents. She said, “I’ll probably talk to you about it later once I get drunk.”

Will, Amy and Casey go to a liquor store Total Wine & More to purchase a bucket for the keg.  Casey did not have her Id, so they would not sell to her. Casey and Amy go back to Wills place, and Will has a friend purchase the bucket. [William Waters interview page 3]

Casey cleaned and kept the friends in line for Will’s party. She also told Will she had a daughter.  Nothing more was said.  Casey spends the evening partying and hanging out with friends at Will’s house party. Then they watched the fireworks at Lake Eola.  Afterwards, they returned to Will’s house and remained there until 1:30 a.m.

Tony called around 9:10 pmCasey stating that he might stay in New York.  He said his dad wanted him to stay and might send for his car and his stuff.  Casey said it wasn’t a good time to talk about it.  [WW interview page 5]

Casey told Amy Caylee at amusement parks all week then at was at Sea World on the 4th, told Jesse Grund that Caylee was at SeaWorld with the Nanny.

Cindy talked to Casey a few times this day. She wanted to take Caylee to see fireworks, Casey said they had been in Jacksonville all week and would be back on Saturday. Jeff Hopkins would follow her back.  [Cindy’s interview page 17-18]

Lee’s shopping receipts 7/04 Target 1219pm cash $12.71

Saturday 5 July 2008 Around 9:30 she shows up at Will’s place.  They leave about 11:30 for Ikea.  Ikea shopping.    Begins at 12:39

They went out to eat lunch at Zaxby’s, after ran into Target Will wanted gum, then to Ikea until about 4 pm.  [Will Waters interview page 3]

Tony arrives back in Orlando from New York.  Before picking him up, she runs his Jeep through the car wash.  She also purchased a CD for him as a welcome home gift.

Casey and Tony  joined a group of about 12 of Casey’s friends, Sean Daly, Annie Downing, Iassen Donov, and  a few others at the Buffalo Wild Wings in Waterford Lakes. The event: UFC Fight Night.

Casey started playing house at Tony’s apartment full time.  He told LE that she woke up with cold sweats.  “she uh, would wake up and, or wake me either in the middle of the night, or I would just wake up in the middle of the night.  and see that she was sweaty in bed, And I would ask her uh, why and she said that she would have nightmare … she was having a nightmare or something and then would bring up the nightmare pertaining to our relationship.” [From Tony’s interview page 3]

Lee’s shopping receipts: 7/05 Best Buy 513pm cash $14.90; 7/05 Citco car wash 541pm cash $4.00

Part 1: Casey Anthony 31 days of parties, sex, drugs, lies and murder
Part 2: Casey Anthony 31 days of parties, sex, drugs, lies and murder
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32 Responses to Part 3: Casey Anthony 31 days of parties, sex, drugs, lies and murder

  1. amethystme says:

    ugh. after reading this (Thank you Humble again!) I can’t believe she was found not guilty of even something! Take away murder 1 there were lesser charges.
    Baez threw the the jury the drowning story, that wasn’t even substantiated with any proof. But it didn’t matter. They were willing to believe that George had something to do with Caylee than believe that a mom of a dead baby would act the way that she did.
    We probably won’t ever find out what happened in the jury room. 2 people started out with guilty of murder 1. That is correct right? There were people who did originally find her guilty of something.
    *sigh* this still bothers me
    Caylee and all the babies lost, we won’t forget

  2. Hi Ame! Yes 2 people had found her guilty, but you have the nuts that believed the lies out of the mouth of the biggest LIAR attorney there was. I still hope they sleep with one eye open.
    Did you notice how quick she was to start going after Will Waters as soon as Tony said his dad wanted him to stay in NY? She always needed a guy….I have a word for her! :lol:

  3. maze says:

    casey spotted at apt complex…

  4. Baked Bread says:

    My stomach tightens in a knot remembering all her shenanigans after she destroyed that child. What a liar and thief. I checked out that clip, Maze, that’s definitely her dumb little walk. I just remember how she walked around like she was the bomb. I don’t know how she stands herself. She’s surely lost everything. If I lost my child like that, I wouldn’t want to live. If she’s not guilty, then who is? Anyone out looking for the “real” killer? No! We know why.

  5. This cracks me up:

    Judge: Casey Anthony must turn in finance info to attorneys

    An Orange County judge ruled that Casey Anthony must turn over information about her finances. Attorneys for both Zenaida Gonzalez and Anthony were in court Tuesday morning.

    [Of course we will hear she has NO money, even if momma passed along some Caylee Fraud Funds]

  6. GM Maze, too funny. The comments are good there! :lol:

    GM Baked! Just remember Jennifer Ford said she is NOT guilty, but she isn’t innocent…maybe Casey can be the zanny-nanny for one of the jurors! :)

  7. Vicki says:

    Even after all this time, this outcome still depresses me. I can’t believe 12 “jurors” found her not guilty. Unbelievable

  8. maxineme says:

    These jurors KNeW she was guilty…. They only wanted to GO HOME…. judge perry , ,,promised them that they would be home by July 1st……. I only hope that people see perry as he is….

  9. maze says:

    With a January trial looming in the defamation lawsuit brought by Zenaida Gonzalez, attorneys for Casey Anthony want a judge to block any testimony or evidence related to the last time their client was in court — for her murder trial.

    In a motion filed late last week, Anthony’s attorneys ask Circuit Judge Lisa Munyon to block “any evidence, comment, or other reference by counsel of any witness in this case concerning” Anthony’s highly publicized murder prosecution and trial.
    “The criminal proceedings are not relevant to any issue in this case,” Anthony’s defense argues in their motion. “Moreover, any evidence, comment, or reference to the criminal proceedings would inject collateral issues into this matter and would be unduly prejudicial to Ms. Anthony.”

    In July, Anthony, 26, was acquitted on all major charges in the death of her daughter, 2-year-old Caylee. Gonzalez is suing Anthony because Anthony initially told authorities in 2008 that a similarly named nanny had kidnapped Caylee.

    Authorities determined — and Anthony’s criminal defense team acknowledged at trial — that the girl was dead, and the nanny didn’t exist.

    The Anthony civil defense’s latest motion is based on a ruling by Munyon in April, which threw out part of Gonzalez’s lawsuit. The part that remains centers on a videotaped visit Anthony’s parents, George and Cindy Anthony, made while their daughter was in jail, in which Anthony denied that she had ruled Gonzalez out as a suspect.

    Cindy Anthony relayed that information to the media, Gonzalez’s lawyers say, linking her to the case in a defamatory manner.

    In their latest motion, Anthony’s defense argues that evidence in the civil suit must be “limited to evidence which is probative and admissible concerning” the issue of the videotaped visit — not the criminal allegations that landed Anthony in jail.

    Gonzalez, Anthony’s team argues, “should be barred from presenting any evidence or making any argument concerning the criminal proceedings.”

    Anthony’s defense team also filed a second motion asking the judge to compel Gonzalez’s lawyers to reduce the number of people on their witness list to “only those persons who might have knowledge of the facts relevant to the case.” The latest version of the list, Anthony’s team says, included 89 names, and failed to specify what each witness would testify about.

  10. Thanks Maze! I am not a fan of Circuit Judge Lisa Munyon. I will be mad if they don’t allow what was said in the murder trail in ZFG trial. Casey killing Caylee is how this all started!

  11. Hi Vicki! I am with you! But I think that karma is coming her way, just a matter of time! :)

    Maxi, Hi ya! Oh the Judge…..Strickland would have done such a great job! If only some people wouldn’t have gone and bragged……………

  12. maze says:

    It sounds like the most hated women in America has a soft spot in that black little heart of hers after all. Acquitted baby killer, Casey Anthony is said to be contemplating a return to the Florida home that she once shared with her parents Cindy Anthony and George Anthony, as well as her murdered daughter, Caylee Anthony. Casey’s estranged mother has been caring for Casey’s dying grandmother, Shirley Plesea, in the family’s home. The 85 year old is gravely ill with terminal cancer and is said to have maintained a close relationship with Casey.

    “Family members said Casey would want to say a final goodbye to her grandmother and would break cover to come out of hiding and pay her respects. Casey has been in hiding after receiving numerous death threats after walking free from court. Family members said she has been in contact with her mother and was aware of her grandmother’s illness. Dan Plesea, Casey’s uncle, told Mail Online: ‘Cindy does know Casey’s whereabouts. They are in contact. I am not saying anymore.’

    Casey may want to slink out of the shadows to see her grandmother but the thought of her returning to the neighborhood where she killed little Caylee sure isn’t sitting well with her neighbors. The thought of her being amongst them is bad enough but they also want nothing to do with the media circus that she will inevitably bring with her. A baby killer basically returning to the scene of the crime for any reason would be an unwelcome slap to the face for this quiet community.

    Will Casey put someone else first and make that trip back to Florida or will she wisely stay in hiding? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

  13. maze says:

    It appears as though Christopher Koulouris, a blogger based in the state of New York (though originally from the UK) who owns & operates the tabloid/gossip website Scallywag & Vagabond (that some have described as being similar to News of the World) may soon be wanted for questioning for falsely suggesting that another individual, Brianne Chantal, is wanted by the FBI in relation to Casey Anthony and the never-ending drama that surrounds the tot-mom.

    This comes after Koulouris’ teamed up with Holly Briley, friend & informant of Casey Anthony, after Briley came under much media and public scrutiny when she appeared on Nancy Grace claiming responsibility for leaking Anthony’s video diaries. It was quickly discovered that Briley’s various media appearances to promote the video diaries and her ‘Boycott Casey Anthony’ Facebook page was actually all an attempt to help Anthony profit after being acquitted in the murder of her daughter, Caylee Anthony. Briley first claimed that she and her husband came across the videos of Casey on a pay-per-view website. They later changed their story and said the video was “dropped off by someone” on their Facebook page. Since then, there story has changed on several different occasions.

    In an appearance on Jane Velez Mitchell, Radar Online contributor Amber Goodhand also found holes in Briley’s story. “With all the speculation that she’s (Casey) been trying to release the photos or maybe a TV special and had some hands in releasing this, I found a new web site today called CaseyCanSing. Now, when you go to that web site, it redirects you back to a YouTube page which, oddly enough, is the page of Holly Briley,” stated Goodhand. However, a few short hours after Goodhand went to air on Velez Mitchell’s show with this discovery, the web site disappeared.

    Briley also teamed up with Koulouris to create persona Amelia Sobel, a name whose LLC address linked back to that of a Sarah Zoraster – who happens to have a LinkedIn connection with Koulouris. The pair even used the alias to write a book about Anthony in mid-April. The book, however, much like the aforementioned website, has since disappeared from Amazon where it had been available for purchase.

    Along with Chantal coming under vicious attack by Briley and Koulouris, the two bloggers have also gone on the attack against NBC producer & correspondent Jim Lichtenstein (Briley has a long history of stalking Lichtenstein and his family) and another individual by the name Melissa Duprez.

    “Nothing Briley says is credible, nothing in the book was credible, and no one is “wanted” by the FBI,” says a source. (Of course we did our own search via the FBI’s Search Center, and sure enough, none of the aforementioned individuals are wanted by authorities.) Adds the source, “It’s all a bunch of sensationalism coming from people who simply want their fifteen minutes of fame. It might be a good idea for Briley to consider lawyering up, especially with how many lives she has ruined and how many names she is now starting to throw around.”

    Needless to say, there are many twists and turns in the Casey Anthony saga and it appears as though it won’t be coming to an end anytime soon.

    We reached out to all parties involved for statements but did not hear back by our deadline.

  14. daddyslilgirl says:

    I’m really tired of the energy and attention she is getting. I pray she hangs herself like OJ did. Let’s go Karma, its time to she ur beautiful face.

  15. lynda says:

    Hi Humble and Friends, Daddyslilgirl, it;s only a matter of time before she reverts back to her sociopathic pathology. She can’t change. Once the media stops giving her attention, which I think is starting to happen, and the money dries up, which still astounds me that her family is reaping the benifits of a crime of murdering their granddaughter Caylee by their own evil spawn,, she will be a nobody without a job and future. The fact that all of them are riding the gravy train of murder makes me sick beyond belief.
    Someday Caylee will get the justice she deserves. A murdered little innocent baby murdered by her psycho mother. I still can’t beleive the verdict.

  16. maze says:

    im also disgusted with blaiss who met up with geo and had a long talk..she has drinken of the koolaid and belives geo…I quess she forgot how he being former law enforcement did not call the police when he smelled that car..!!!

  17. maze says:

    she better not be in Phoenix!!!!!! She has departed the Sunshine State, reports Adam Longo, who now works for the CBS station in Phoenix

  18. Baked Bread says:

    Yeah, Maze, that’s a little to close to home for me. Thanks for the update

  19. maze says:

    baked are you in az???

  20. maze says:

    PLESEA, SHIRLEY MARIE, 85 of Mt. Dora, passed away Thursday September 6, 2012, after enduring metastatic breast cancer. Born Shirley Marie Giddings, a native of Warren, OH, she and her surviving husband of 66 years, Alexander retired to Florida in 1989. She leaves behind three sons, Daniel of Fort Meyers, Gary of Port St. Lucie, Rick of Murfreesboro, TN; a daughter Cynthia Anthony of Orlando; five grandchildren; and her sister Mary Lou Lillicotch of VA. She is preceded by her mother Velma
    Lucille Giddings; her brother
    Robert Giddings; her sister Anne Markle; and her great grand daughter Caylee Marie. Shirley was a devoted wife, loving mother and grandmother, a cherished sister and friend. She will be sadly missed. In lieu of flowers, the family is requesting a donation be made in her memory to Susan G. Koman for the Cure. Donations can be made online or mailed to Susan G. Koman, atten. Donor services, PO Box 650309, Dallas TX 752650309.

  21. Hi everyone! Thanks for the info! She moved…..without money? No way momma gave her $$$!

    Rest In Peace Shirley Plesea! How sad to die and know your granddaughter is the murder of your great granddaughter, and the murderer is walking around FREE!

  22. “Casey is surprised and hurt by the intensity of the hatred directed towards her,” said Greene.


  23. “None of the people who have profited from her case, the TV pundits and others, none of them have been looking for the truth. They’re all dwelling on the scandal.”

    Green needs to shut up. Casey already cashed in on the murder she committed when she received $200,000 PLUS for pics of Caylee! Why isn’t Casey searching for the truth? Everyone connected to the murderer is absolutely nuts!

  24. maze says:


    WFTV learned Monday Casey Anthony is asking for a change of venue in her civil case.

    Zenaida Gonzalez is suing Anthony for telling investigators a nanny by the same name kidnapped Anthony’s daughter Caylee in 2008.

    READ: Motion for Change of Venue

    Deputies later determined Caylee was dead and the nanny never existed.

    In the court motion WFTV obtained Thursday night, Anthony’s attorneys claim she can’t get a fair trial in Orange County, and that Gonzalez’s legal team admitted that on television.

    A hearing on the motion is set for Wednesday.

  25. Baked Bread says:

    Hi! All. Maze, let’s just say I’m not far; I live in the southwest. Maybe someone else gave her the money to move out here, Humble, there were ppl clueless enough donating to her jail fund.

    I don’t see how ppl can also be clueless to not get why there’s animosity towards IT. They just live in a parallel universe that doesn’t exist for me and prolly think the same of me.

  26. maze says:

    Baked im out here..I hope I never see her..she has motions coming up on the 4th…

    The defense also cites Gonzalez’s own lawyer, Matt Morgan, who told Vinnie Politan of InSession that “to think or believe that a resident of Orange County would not be aware of… the criminal trial is just not reasonable.”

    In that Sept. 12 interview, Morgan was responding to an earlier request by Anthony’s team to bar references to the criminal case from the civil trial. A hearing on that motion is set for Oct. 4.

    The defense also filed several affidavits in support of changing the trial’s venue, including that of a “media specialist” who writes that “news saturation of this case makes it impossible to find a jury in Central Florida.”

    Also in the paperwork is an order issued by Judge Belvin Perry, who oversaw the criminal case. Perry granted a change of venue in that case, but only for jury selection. Jurors in the murder case were selected in Pinellas County, but the trial was held in Orlando.

  27. maze says:

    hmmm dont know where my post went..try again..baked im out here..she has some motions on the 4th

    The defense also cites Gonzalez’s own lawyer, Matt Morgan, who told Vinnie Politan of InSession that “to think or believe that a resident of Orange County would not be aware of… the criminal trial is just not reasonable.”

    In that Sept. 12 interview, Morgan was responding to an earlier request by Anthony’s team to bar references to the criminal case from the civil trial. A hearing on that motion is set for Oct. 4.

    The defense also filed several affidavits in support of changing the trial’s venue, including that of a “media specialist” who writes that “news saturation of this case makes it impossible to find a jury in Central Florida.”

    Also in the paperwork is an order issued by Judge Belvin Perry, who oversaw the criminal case. Perry granted a change of venue in that case, but only for jury selection. Jurors in the murder case were selected in Pinellas County, but the trial was held in Orlando.

  28. maze says:

    well she gets her way again!!!!!! im so pissed……
    Casey Anthony’s lawyers were able to convince a judge to ban any mention of her criminal trial at her upcoming civil trial.

    Both sides agreed not to mention it at a hearing Thursday morning at the Orange County Courthouse. However, they said jury selection is “fair game.”


  29. Thanks Maze. I have not liked that judge from day one. She is a fool. I hope the murderer gets it!

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