Jerice Hunter ARRESTED for murder and child abuse of Jhessye Shockley

Well it’s about time!  Jerice Hunter, another monster mother, has been arrested for the murder and child abuse of Jhessye Shockley.

Jerice Hunter Arrested for the murder of Jhessye Shockley

Hunter was arrested yesterday at 1:30 by Glendale Detectives.  She was indicted by a grand jury on murder.  Glendale police believe that Jhessye is in her final resting place in the Butterfield Landfill.

More info to follow!

Rest In Peace Jhessye, JUSTICE is on it’s way!

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16 Responses to Jerice Hunter ARRESTED for murder and child abuse of Jhessye Shockley

  1. Toasty says:

    This is great news! This evil woman deserves the death penalty!

  2. GM Toasty! Great to see you! It is great news! I am so happy they finally arrested her and charged her. Jhessye needs Justice!

  3. Melissa the Cat says:

    It’s still so terribly sad.

    Thanks for the update, Humble.

  4. maze says:

    A judge imposed a $500,000 bond on Jerice Hunter, the Glendale woman accused of murdering her 5-year-old daughter.

    Hunter, who was arrested Thursday without incident in an apartment complex near Broadway Road and Horne in Mesa, is scheduled to be arraigned at 8:30 a.m. on Thursday by Commissioner Brian Reesin the murder case of Jhessye Shockley.

    A grand jury handed up an indictment Thursday on charges of first-degree murder and child abuse against Hunter in the disappearance of Shockley.

    Read more:

  5. amethystme says:

    Justice for Jhessye.

  6. This is very good news and i’m glad that she will be on trial for her crime. The thought of her walking around free and having more babies made me deathly sick. It’s apparent that Jhessye died at the hans of her wicked mother. But the justice system is at fault for allowing her to serve serious time for child abuse and then return her children to her. What did they think was going to happen?? I hope this case proves as a wake up call for the nation and making the justice system aware of how we handle crimes against children.

  7. Tasha says:

    I wonder if all the people posting these comments feel as strongly about Elizabeth Johnson, mother of baby Gabriel. I have noticed that people display far more hatred and/or name calling toward Jerice than Elizabeth. Although most of the facts are not known to the public, as both cases are awaiting trial, here are just a few comparisons that have me confused to the publics reaction. Elizabeth was recorded saying she killed Gabriel; Jerice has maintained her innocence not once claiming she harmed Jhessye in any way. There is no body in either case and yet Jerice is charged with murder, Elizabeth is only charged with kidnapping and custodial interference. What is the difference between these two women? Both women’s children disappeared and have not been recovered, one admitted to killing her child later recanting her story. The only difference I see, unfortunately is their skin color….oh and again the fact that Elizabeth SAID SHE KILLED HER CHILD. I am not saying Jerice is a angel. I don’t know her but it seems she was doing less than positive things that a mother wouldn’t, shouldn’t, and couldn’t do but does that mean she should be charged with murder and the person who verbally and via text admitted to killing her child not be. If your going to dish out negative comments, distaste and opinions do so equally and without prejudice please.

  8. Hi Tasha, welcome! I have no idea why Elizabeth isn’t being charged with murder like Jerice Hunter is. The only difference I see is that the other children of Hunter’s know more about Jhessye. As for Elizabeth, I wish there was more information about Baby Gabriel, but I believe she did murder him. I don’t know why she isn’t being charged with murder, BUT maybe because if Gabriel is ever found, they can charge her with his murder. There is no statue of limitations on murder!

  9. Toasty says:

    Hi Humble!
    I wish that you would write about that 1000 lb. woman from Houston that is accused of killing her sister’s 2 yr. old son. It sounds so sad, and so brutal. Not sure who did it…the sister or the boy’s mother. They are both evil sadist! Hope u will write about it! T.

  10. Hi Toasty, as soon as I get my part 4 of the murderer completed I sure will! I should be home tonight!

  11. maze says:

    Police report released on Jhessye Shockley’s murder.. 13 pages

  12. Heather says:

    I totally agree Tasha…

  13. maze says:

    we always wondered how they came up with her being in the landfill…
    Hunter is facing charges of first-degree murder and child abuse in Jhessye’s disappearance.

    Up to this point, the public never really knew why police believed with certainty that Jhessye was killed and her remains at the Butterfield Landfill.

    The crucial tip that lead them in that direction is reflected on page 925 of the report. There it is revealed that on Nov. 23, about six weeks after Jhessye was reported missing, a woman contacted investigators.

    That woman said that seven to 15 days before Hunter reported her daughter missing, she gave Hunter a ride to Tempe. At the time, Hunter put a large, heavy suitcase in the woman’s trunk. When they got to Tempe, Hunter put it in a Dumpster. Hunter even apologized to the woman for the smell of the suitcase. Police tested the trunk of that car and it tested positive for blood.

    Jhessye’s body has never been found. Glendale police said they believe she was killed last fall and her body was thrown in a trash can in Tempe.

    Investigators have been working on the case since Oct. 11, 2011, when Hunter reported her daughter missing.

    Click on the links below to read the full report:

    Oh come on this friend of Jerice’s needs to be arrested as well, how do you drive a suitcase from Jerice’s home to Tempe smelling that bad, seriously it didn’t make you ask questions or curious as to why she didn’t dump it in a dumpster near home, come on how stupid can you be, I think your just covering your own **** because you got scared, GPD should arrest you for helping and why did you wait till November to report this, if you said something sooner her body could of been found. Your just as guikty as Jerice.

  14. Thanks Maze! I agree, she is as guilty as the mother!

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