Zinah Jennings Guilty, sentenced to 10 years!

The jury in the case of Zinah Jennings has found her guilty of unlawful conduct toward a child.  The jury deliberated less than 3 hours.  The Judge sentenced her to 10 years in prison.





Before the sentencing, the Judge heard from Jocelyn Nelson, Jennings mother who begged the judge to show mercy on the child… She begged the judge to show mercy on her child, recognizing that her daughter is troubled. Jennings attorney plead with the Judge and asked that he not sentence her to 10 years, claiming she has no prior criminal record. [Of course if you omit the prostitution and drugs charges she was arrested on 2 weeks before Amir was reported missing] The Judge said he wasn’t swayed and ‘doesn’t take into account what family members have to say when sentencing’.

Jennings did not take the stand during the trial, but friends did say saw Jennings kick Amir and squeeze his hand when he wouldn’t say ‘mama’. It has been said in the trial that Jennings wanted to throw Amir out the window on the highway, selling him, or even giving him away. Her mother said on the stand that Jennings was stressed and needed a break from Amir, but DIDN’T believe that she would harm him. She also said that she had gone from agency to agency trying to get help for Jennings.

Jenning has 9 month credit towards her 10 year sentence, and believes that Amir is alive.
I hope this SETS the stage for Elizabeth Johnson whose trial starts 19 September 2012!

9 September 2012:  As many of you know, the trial against Zinah Jennings is underway.  The trial started 27 August 2012, and Friday morning [31 August] Jennings was taken to the hospital and gave birth to a baby girl.

Yesterday the defense tried to get a mistrial in the case, stating that Jennings may not be physically fit for trial. The Judge denied the motion for a mistrial.

It is unknown who will be taking care of the baby, but Jennings mother said she was preparing. After the birth, the state DSS [Department of Social Services] will determine with the family who will take care of the baby.

I do hope that Jennings never gets custody of this child!  I have a feeling that she could somewhere down the line get custody, and we will have another Jerice Hunter on the loose!

Rest in Peace Amir Jennings!

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8 Responses to Zinah Jennings Guilty, sentenced to 10 years!

  1. whitney says:

    This just sad. Why is her family allowed to keep her new baby? If they did’nt protect Amir why would the courts think this baby would be safe? The justice system fails these poor children. In an abusive situation why take a risk?

  2. GM Whitney! I agree! These poor children suffer at the hand of the parent, and the justice system is a failure!
    I bet we will hear about Jennings in years to come as another one of her children goes missing, again!

  3. maze says:

    Other parents of ‘missing’ children should take careful notice of this court case. “Unlawful conduct toward a child” may be the answer to the question of prosecution where no body is found.

    Think of the others who refuse to tell where the child is after making a fake kidnapping claim, and then add in all the circumstantial evidence.

    A South Carolina mother was convicted Friday of breaking the law by refusing to tell authorities where her missing toddler son has gone and was sentenced to the maximum of 10 years in prison.

    After the delivery of a unanimous guilty verdict in the charge of unlawful conduct toward a child, the judge has sentenced Zinah Jennings to 10 years in prison.


  4. Mystymiss says:

    Only 10 yrs!!! She should be held until the child is found alive. If the child is found dead, then that parent better have a good explaination of how that child got out of his/her site.

  5. GM everyone! Yes only 10 years, I guess that is the maximum she could be sentenced too! BUT if they find Amir dead or even at all, I am sure she will be charged with murder. At least this way murder charges can be filed against her. I honestly don’t know who the grandmother thinks she is fooling, if Amir is alive you can bet this mother would say so, at least now! But I don’t believe he is alive!

  6. I’m glad to hear that she is going to serve time for this crime. Something did happen to Amir and she know what she did. It amazes me how these women can have more babies (like Jerice Hunter) and have a child or children who are missing or dead. I hope the Grandmother doesn’t get the new baby because if couldn’t keep Amir safe from crazy nut bag of a daugther, who’s to say that she will protect the new baby from harm?

    But my question is why haven’t other states taken this judgement of unlawful conduct toward a child into consideration for other missing child cases? There are so many more children who have died at the hands of their parents or family members, and because there was no physical “body” they haven’t prosecuted the people in question. I hope this judgement is adopted by other courts because this would curb alot of crimes against children.

  7. Baked Bread says:

    Hey, All,
    Not sure I remember this case, but ten years seems unjust to me. What does that say about what happens to these children? Maybe she’ll rehabilitate in prison….yeah, right

  8. Toasty says:

    At least she won’t have another baby while she’s locked up! Of course she will make up for that after she is released!

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