Part 4: Casey Anthony 31 days of parties, sex, drugs, lies and murder

Sunday 6 July 2008 View the week of July 6-July 12 2008 cell phone record

Of course she was with Tony, he had just returned from NY.  Cindy said that Casey was with Jeffrey Hopkins in Jacksonville. They were trying to work things out as a family.  Jeffrey might move back to Orlando.  According to Cindy’s deposition [deposition page 17-19] Casey woke up the car was gone, but Jeffrey took the car to his guy to get it fixed.  He was going to have the oil changed and the brakes done, and it took longer to get her car back because the GAS SENSOR needed to be replaced.  Also Jeff was going to follow her home on the 12th.

12:52 p.m. Troy attempted to contact Casey regarding the trip to Puerto Rico, but Casey texted Troy to let him know she was with Tony.  According to her cell records, Tony called Casey at 1:45 this day.  Page 15

At 5:38 pm Casey sent a text to Amy about the missing $400.00.  Remember Casey stole this money, she even plead ‘guilty’.  Immediately Amy said she cleaned everything and still couldn’t find the money. Amy was also looking for JP Chats car keys and didn’t find them.

Lee’s shopping receipts: 7/06 Publix 532pm cash $59.14; 7/06 Winn Dixie 554pm cash $11.61

Monday 7 July 2008  The Electronic Funds Transfer payment Casey issued on 5/8/2008 for $574.60 from Cindy’s BofA checking account to AT&T Cellular was returned back to Cindy’s checking account, marked Non-sufficient funds. The $574.60 was charged back to Casey’s AT&T cell phone account.  A $60.00 charge for NSF was made on the 8th of July.  Page 20 Financial statement

George started a new job with Andrews International. He is working day shift 9–6 p.m.

Around noon Matthew Crisp ran into Casey at Subway Sandwich Shop.  He noticed Casey was driving a dark color late 1990’s model SUV. She told him the SUV was her boyfriend; Tony who was out of town, remember he got back from NY on the 5th of July. They talked about what they did for their 4th of July Celebrations and he asked about the little the little “Munchkin,” Caylee. Casey told him Caylee was on a play date in Sanford, FL. Matthew Crisp [page 4]

Christopher Stutz was dining with a friend at Buffalo Wild Wings.  Casey texted him saying, “Hey I hope you’re enjoying your date.” She went over to their table to say hi and went back to her friends, Sean Daly and Iassen Donovan.  Stutz document page 7

5:16 p.m. Casey made a $4.18 cash purchase at Target.

6:50 p.m. caseomarie’s MySpace  posting: Diary of Days

Tuesday 8 July 2008  At 5:45 am, Amy stopped by 7-11 before going to Tony’s apartment, and filled her car up with gas so Casey had a full tank.  Casey took Amy to the Airport at around 6:30 for Amy’s flight at 8:10 am to Puerto Rico.  Casey went through Amy’s car, which Amy loaned to her and this is when she found the checkbook.  Checks and receipts of Casey using Amy’s checking account

At around 9:30 Casey posts:  “oh puerto rico….has stolen my friends. we shall be reunited shortly”

At 11:59 a.m. Casey wrote the first check #142 in the amount of $111.01 from Amy’s checking account payable to Target.

Ricardo Morales and Troy Brown go on vacation to Puerto Rico, they leave on different dates. Amy was on vacation from July 8 to July 15.

10:14 p.m. Anti-death penalty pic created on Casey’s Laptop computer. The image is of a young girl looking up at a teddy bear dangling from a noose around its neck. In the bottom right corner, there is a hand written note: Why do people kill people, who kill people to show people that to Kill People =is Bad?

Wednesday 9 July 2008 Casey starts getting phone calls from 800-947-5096, she has it stored in her phone as ‘Universal’. The number is from a collection service for AT&T/Cingular to inform of HER of a late payment and shut off procedures.

Casey didn’t do much this day, just a few texts to Amy, William Waters, Cindy, Gabe Flete, Sean Daly, Jeffrey Dale Hopkins, Jenna Prentice. Mark Hawkins called; she didn’t answer but checked her voice mail immediately.

Thursday 10 July 2008 Casey texted Amy at 8:47 am saying:  “So im looking at a couple more places today and finding a flight tonight :-)” Claiming she would be going to Puerto Rico.

Casey forged a check to Target Amy’s check #143 in the amount of $137.77.  She purchased a hoody, push-up bra, white sunglasses, and other items for herself, but nothing for Caylee.  She checked out around 10:33 am.

11:10 a.m Casey goes shopping at yet another Target store in Waterford Lakes wearing a different top and a pair of white sun glasses. Casey wrote the third check #144 in the amount of $155.47 from Amy checking account. Mark Hawkins mom, Ann Marie C. saw Casey in Target.  No Caylee.

Casey told Mark that she was planning a trip to CA….had to tell him something. She told Cindy and Lee, but was not sure how he would react to what she had to tell him.

Around 12:19 she called both Amy and Richard Morales in Puerto Rico, neither answered but Amy called her back at 12:20.

2:27:10 to 2:43:44 there were a series of text messages exchanged between Casey and a Frank McKeever/scam [what was in Casey’s phone].  Frank McKeever was said to be involved in some sort of car scamming in Orlando.

At 6:30 Casey was suppose to go with William Waters on a balloon ride.  She texted back at 6:30 saying she couldn’t make it that she was with ‘NaNaw’.  She did do a lot of texting with William this day, and a few phone calls.

At 7:42 pm Cindy Anthony recalled Casey told her that she and Jeffrey Hopkins were out to dinner, then picked up her car and that they would be home to Orlando on the 12th.

Friday 11 July 2008  A certified letters was left at the Casa da Anthony.  It was left on the front door.  Johnson’s Wrecker was on the notice.  [This notice wasn’t found until 15 July 2008 by George Anthony]

2:21:30 p.m. Casey uploaded an image of a quote by Tupac on her Laptop computer [file]

Troy Brown called Casey to see if she was going to Puerto Rico.  She said she couldn’t she had to find a place to live and was looking to buy a new car.

Casey texted William Waters about going out to Fusion, he declined.  He said:  “No. Why would I want to hang out with you and then Tony is supposed to be there at one o’clock.” Interview page 13-14

Later in the evening Casey goes to FusionJamie Realander confirms that Casey is at Fusion on this night doing her NO PAY Shot Girl Manager job. An incident ensued where a guy (patron) scratched Erica’s (fill-in “Shot Girl”) stomach. After this incident, all of the Shot Girls were asked to leave.

At 7:30 Casey texted Amy:  “Ill still call you later..but I don’t know if im going to be able to come out there at all. Im going to decide tonight and ill let you know either way. If I do ill be out there early tomorrow morning”  [About going to Puerto Rico]

Cindy said this is the only day she did not speak to Casey all day. Casey led her to believe that she and Caylee were coming home tomorrow on 12 July. Jeff and Zack were going to be in Jeff’s car following Casey home to make sure she got there okay.  BUT between 8- 9:00 p.m. Cindy claims Casey called wondering why she had not called her today. Cindy said she didn’t call because she was tired of getting excuses.  [Cindy interview page 19]  There is no evidence on Casey’s phone records that she called Cindy, and I highly doubt it since Casey was at Fusion that night, living the good life.

She did a lot of texting this day. With William Waters, Jenna Prentice, Jaime Realander, Cameron Campana, Mark Hawkins, Troy Brown, Sean Hickey, Andy France and Tony.

Saturday 12 July 2008

Iming:  Shawn Jarrett at 11:20am oo….i can dig it @ngel….how’d sat go at fusian
Casey Anthony at 11:28am i didn’t end up going last night. i hung out here with nate. it was better to smoke, eat, and watch horror movies. :) i did talk to ray though. he was expecting a good turn out.
Shawn Jarrett at 11:48am oh thats wat up….horror movie fanatic myself….wats up

From: [casey] Date: Jul 13, 2008 8:20 AM hey hun! are you heading out to jacksonville this week end?
From: [casey] Date: Jul 13, 2008 9:20 AM friday nigh t i really want to go. i’m thinking about it. how’ve you been?
From: Brett Date: Jul 13, 2008 12:05 PM I didn’t get a hotel yet, I can’t plan far ahead haha. What night is it?
From Casey:  Jul 13, 2008 12:30 PM I may be down to head over friday after work and head back saturday afternoon…

Both are from: Computer forensic report page 13

At 3:42 Cindy texted Casey ‘R u coming home 2day?’.  Cindy texted her again with ‘???’

According to Cindy:  He [Jeff Hopkins] was gonna follow her. He was gonna pack his stuff here and follow her home on the 12th from Jacksonville. And then on the 13th Casey made the excuse that her, his mom was getting married and that’s why they didn’t come home. Cindy interview page 19

At 4:57 David Cox texted Casey: What U Up 2 Babe’  Cox:  5:45pm  ‘F**k the BF I got a hotel in Cocoa. haha party up shawty’  CMA at 6:18:  ‘Was that Rude? Lol’  COX:  6:35 ‘LOL it was sarcastic chill out. What u up to tonight’ 

She has texted with William Waters, Jenna Prentice, Christopher Stutz, Sean Hickey, Tony, Cameron Campana, Nate L., Drew Heyman at Fusion, etc.  Of course she missed most the phone calls, but immediately checked her voice mail.

9:58 p.m. Casey writes the fourth check #145 in the amount of $92.62 from Amy checking account payable to Winn-Dixie Winter Park.

Fraud arrest affidavit 

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[Just want to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers while my dad was hospitalized  He is doing wonderful, thank you]

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33 Responses to Part 4: Casey Anthony 31 days of parties, sex, drugs, lies and murder

  1. Baked Bread says:

    Glad you got to Part 4! I assume your father is on the mend. I don’t think she saw a sleeping innocent when the baby slept like most of us would–filled with that love–when we see a babe sleeping. Twisted. Hope to God she doesn’t reproduce!

  2. Does anyone other than me think that it is weird that murderer uploaded that picture of the bear with the rope around it’s neck, and she also had a photo of Caylee with a bear…..sleeping?

  3. connie says:

    This is such a tragedy and to this day I am devestated that she got away with murder!!!! However, there are children that can still be saved and this blog is an amazing tool. Why not utilize this to hopefully save others? Your outreach and commitment are remarkable. I just feel that you have a calling … :)

  4. Lost In NJ says:

    So many details to look at in this case, I have so many questions:
    - Just how was this drip going to purchase a new car? Did she steal more money from someone? Remember she told Tony Lazzaro that she had $15,000 in the bank?
    - How did the notice from the impound lot go UNNOTICED for 4 days, when it was on the A’s front door??
    - Why did all the friends go to Puerto Rico on different dates?? What was really going on there?
    Absolutely none of this makes any sense at all to me, it seems that WAY MORE was going on, this woman was up to her neck in something!
    Best Wishes to Your Father, Humble!!

  5. Janet says:

    Hi Humble,
    I read about your Dad being ill, I am very happy to know that he is doing better.

    I agree with you about that picture that was uploaded of the bear with the rope around it’s neck
    and the little girl looking up at it. It gave me the chills to see it. Like the two videos that she and Tony rented the night that Caylee was suppose to be dead. One movie was “Untraceable,” about a kidnapper and killer. The other was “Jumper,” which features a character who is a mother who abandons her five-year-old child.

    By the way how is your Grandson doing??

  6. maze says:

    Casey Anthony will have to answer questions about what happened to audio recordings she made after her murder acquittal last year, a judge in her defamation suit ruled Tuesday.

    Anthony mentioned the recordings in a video diary she made which leaked online in January. Attorneys for Zenaida Gonzalez, who is suing Anthony, hope the audio may be relevant to their suit.,0,872357.story

  7. maze says:

    Zenaida Gonzalez witness list: Casey Anthony, the cops and TV reporters

    The new witness list identifies fewer than two dozen people, some of whom testified at Anthony’s murder trial in the death of her daughter, 2-year-old Caylee.

    That includes Yuri Melich, lead investigator in the criminal case, as well as Anthony’s parents, George and Cindy, and her brother, Lee.

    Casey Anthony, who did not testify in her murder trial, has been subpoenaed to appear at the civil trial and is listed as a witness by Gonzalez.

    Gonzalez is also listed as a witness, as are six of her children, whowho the paperwork says will testify about “damages.”

    Gonzalez’s team has also listed two local TV news reporters: Michelle Meredith of WESH-Channel 2 and Kathi Belich of WFTV-Channel 9.

    Asked whether his reporter would testify if subpoenaed, WESH news director Bob Longo said, “We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.”

    “First I’ve heard of this but we would fight that,” said Matt Parcell, news director at WFTV.

    Also listed are officials with Sawgrass Apartments, where Anthony said she’d left her daughter with a nanny in 2008.

    Investigators later determined the nanny didn’t exist and the girl was dead.

    But Gonzalez, who has a similar name to the fictional nanny, was interviewed by detectives and linked to the case in the media — upending her life, she says.,0,72294.story#tugs_story_display

  8. Baked Bread says:

    Thanks, Maze, that’s weird that I decided to check in today! Lies, lies, lies and more lies will spew, no doubt!

  9. maze says:

    Zenaida Gonzalez’s team filed the motion for postponement last week.

    The attorneys said they want to make sure Anthony cannot use the Fifth Amendment to avoid their questions.

    Gonzalez is suing Anthony for defamation after Anthony claimed a nanny named Zanny kidnapped her daughter.

    Anthony was acquitted in the death of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee Marie Anthony. She was released from the Orange County Jail in the summer of 2011 and then served one year of probation in a check

    Read more:

  10. maze says:

    I forgot the first part….ORLANDO, Fla. —
    The civil trial for Casey Anthony has been postponed to the summer or fall of 2013 after a hearing Friday.

  11. maze says:

    I always thought she suffoccated her…

    A highly promoted local television report set to air this evening will center on Internet searches that authorities didn’t know about during the high-profile trial of Casey Anthony, according to the lead prosecutor in the case.

    Prosecutor Linda Drane Burdick confirmed in an email to the Orlando Sentinel that someone used the Anthony family computer to search for “foolproof suffocation” on June 16, 2008, the day Casey Anthony’s father said she left the family’s home with Caylee for the last time.

    In the notorious 31 days which followed, Anthony’s parents repeatedly sought to see their granddaughter — and, authorities say, Casey Anthony repeatedly lied about her whereabou

    WKMG-Channel 6 has been promoting an expose by investigative reporter Tony Pipitone, advertised to contain evidence “that could have changed the jury’s mind” and “points right at Casey,” which is set to air tonight at 11 p.m.

    But if the segment centers on the computer searches mentioned in Baez’s book, Pipitone’s is not the first reporting done on that subject.

    ABC News’ Christina Ng, citing Baez’s book, reported on new “suicide-related searches, on terms including ‘foolproof suffocation’ and ‘venturing into the pro-suicide pit’” as long ago as July 5.

    In her report, Ng said that the searches were discovered by a defense expert, and were never disclosed by prosecutors.

    “I have a hard time believing that law enforcement wouldn’t check the Internet history of the day that the child went missing,” Baez said on “Good Morning America” in July. Other media outlets have also reported on the searches.

    After WKMG began promoting its report, the Sentinel began reaching out to key players in the murder case. Burdick’s fellow prosecutor Jeff Ashton said he could not comment until after the WKMG report aired, and Casey Anthony’s current attorneys, Charles Greene and Cheney Mason, said they didn’t know the subject of the report.

    Mason expressed doubt that any substantive evidence would have been missed by authorities, who conducted an exhaustive investigation.

    “I find it hard to imagine that there’s any evidence that they didn’t know about that would have been incriminating,” Mason said.

    Promotional materials for Pipitone’s report suggest that the evidence he’s unearthed would incriminate Casey Anthony, but the ABC News report quoted Baez’s book, in which he suggested it was her father George Anthony who was damaged by the evidence.

    Baez noted that, before the “foolproof suffocation” search, someone logged into an AOL Instant Messenger account on the computer. According to Baez’s writings, George Anthony had an AIM account, but Casey Anthony did not.

    “Then someone typed in ‘foolproof suffocation.’ It was misspelled, and George was a poor speller,” Baez wrote.

    This is a developing story. Check back for updates.

    Copyright © 2012, Orlando Sentinel

  12. maze says:

    just came across this…..Casey Anthony has been spotted eating out at a steak house in South Florida, it was claimed on Tuesday.

    A blurry cell phone photo shows a woman believed to be Anthony, 26, with a basket of hot wings and fries at Flanigan’s Seafood Bar and Grill in Lake Worth.

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  13. OJ KARMA (AKA) Curious in Orlando says:

    If this is IT she is pathetic! GO AWAY! LEAVE FLORIDA! I heard that there is a company who is charging 750k to a one way trip to the moon! IT please GO! No body wants you here!

  14. maze says:

    “it” is still in florida..I do not understand who keeps paying for her upkeep!can you imagine her chritmas list!!!!!

  15. caroly says:

    Hi humble and maze
    Glad to see some are still interested in justice for Caylee. I refuse to read bozo`s book but am horrified that the computer evidence was missed. I don`t think it would have made a difference. This stupid jury decided during opening statements that bozo was a truthteller. They discussed the case from day 1 despite the instructions and never looked at the case as a whole. Circumstancial. evidence must be looked at as a whole.

    Happy New Year to you both and to all your other readers.

  16. maze says:

    Caroly that news was unreal,how could they miss that???Happy New year

  17. OJ KARMA says:

    Won’t watch! He will fail! Only individuals who hate children will flock to him. YUCK!


  18. maze says:

    DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. —The Fifth District Court of Appeals has ruled to set aside two Casey Anthony’s four convictions from her 2011 murder trial

    Read more:

  19. maze says:

    PHOENIX (CBS5) –
    Casey Anthony, the young Florida mother acquitted of murdering her 2-year-old daughter, filed for bankruptcy protection late Friday night in Florida.

    This move brings all of Anthony’s civil cases currently under way in Florida state court to a complete halt.

    “This is the next step towards closure for me,” said Anthony in a phone conversation Friday evening.

    Anthony is listed as a defendant in three civil suits in Orange County, FL. The most notable of those being the suit brought by a woman named Zenaida Gonzalez. Gonzalez claims Anthony defamed her when Anthony told Orange County Sheriff’s Deputies in July 2008 that a fictitious nanny named “Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez” kidnapped her daughter Caylee.

    The Gonzalez lawsuit, brought on behalf of the Orlando-based Morgan and Morgan law firm seeks unspecified damages.

    “She needs closure in this matter in order to move on with her life,” said Anthony’s civil attorney, Charles Greene.

    In a brief conversation with Anthony on Friday night, she told CBS 5 she was hopeful the Gonzalez case would have been behind her at this point.

    The case was originally scheduled to go to trial earlier this month, but attorneys for Gonzalez were granted a continuance by the judge. No new trial date has been set.

    “These are the things holding me back,” said Anthony. “This is the key for me to move forward.”

    Shortly before the phone conversation with Anthony, Greene was adamant that Anthony would not discuss any of the details surrounding her open legal cases.

    The bankruptcy was filed in the Middle District of Florida because Anthony has lived somewhere in central Florida for 180 days. Her parents’ address is listed as her home address, though Greene says that she is not living with them. He says that address was listed because it was her most recent permanent address.

    CBS 5 broke the story in September that Anthony had moved out of Florida, but Greene says she left only for a short time and then returned because of logistic and financial reasons.

    The publication of this story marks the first time Anthony has spoken with a news reporter on the record since her daughter’s death in 2008.

    Despite a ruling from Florida’s 5th District Court of Appeals, Anthony’s 5th Amendment protections against self-incrimination still apply because her criminal team has yet to decide if they will file for a rehearing or appeal the outstanding issues to the Florida Supreme Court.

    The appeals court Friday tossed out two of the four misdemeanor convictions against Anthony. She was convicted in July 2011 of four counts of lying to law enforcement.

    “This (bankruptcy filing) has nothing to do with yesterday’s decision by the 5th Circuit (Court of Appeals),” said Greene. “This document took weeks to prepare. Casey’s legal team has deliberated over this since the trial was continued, and even before then.”

    The decision to file for bankruptcy does not mean Anthony’s state court legal issues go away immediately. Attorneys for Zenaida Gonzalez – and others making claims against Anthony – would have to prove to a federal judge the damages they seek are “nondischargeable,” meaning she would owe money despite the bankruptcy filing.

    Additionally, according to the bankruptcy documents filed, the possible financial claims against Anthony include:

    $500,000 – Attorney Jose Baez

    $60,505 – Florida Department of Law Enforcement

    $68,540 – Internal Revenue Service

    $10,283 – Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation

    $145,660 – Orange County Sheriff’s Office

    Anthony’s total assets, according to the 60-page filing are listed at less than $1,100 and her liabilities total more than $792,119.

    “All the civil cases and people making potential claims have put her (Casey) in a position where bankruptcy is the only option,” says Greene.

    The bankruptcy documents list nearly 100 names and organizations that could potentially pursue claims against Anthony. Many of the names included are the defense experts who testified on her behalf during her murder trial.

    “The public doesn’t know all the people who have come out of the crawl spaces attempting to make claims against Casey,” said Greene. “There are other lawsuits, other potential claims and her freedom is restricted.”

    Those individuals and organizations listed in the bankruptcy document would have to file a claim in federal court in order to get money from Casey Anthony.

    Ultimately, that means a bankruptcy judge could be the person who decides the merits of the civil cases against Anthony.

    “Casey hoped the (Zenaida Gonzalez) civil case would be over in January. This has been an ongoing battle for close to five years,” said Greene. “Emotionally and physically, she can’t go on for another year. She needs a clean slate from a financial perspective.”

    Anthony tells CBS 5 that although she values the close relationship she has with her attorneys, she does not like to be “joined at the hip” with them. She described her legal advisors to be “like family” to her.

    “She (Casey) feels it’s unfair for this process to drag on. We were ready to go to trial on Jan. 2, and there’s no new trial date. She wanted be vindicated in the civil (Gonzalez) case,” said Greene.

    Anthony will be required to give sworn testimony in the bankruptcy proceedings, but Greene says the scope of questioning is limited to financial matters.

    Greene says not to expect any surprises.

    “There are no contracts, no movie or book deals,” says Greene.

    The goal for anyone going through bankruptcy proceedings is to give a person a “fresh start.” The process from start to finish could take 90 to 120 days, or perhaps longer, depending on the number of people who bring claims against Anthony.

    This is a developing story. Stay with for updates.

  20. maze says:

    why isshe calling a PHOENIX news station??????????

  21. maze says:

    here is my ansewer……In breaking the news that Casey Anthony had filed for bankruptcy, Adam Longo highlighted that it was “the first time Anthony has spoken with a news reporter on the record since her daughter’s death in 2008.”
    Longo also broke the news in September that Anthony had left Florida, although her time out of state was brief.

    The Anthony camp obviously feels comfortable with Longo, who reported for WKMG-Channel 6 and later Central Florida News 13. He now works at KPHO, the CBS station in Phoenix. The Anthony team continues to reach out to him on the national story. (He will be featured on WKMG at 11 p.m. Saturday.)
    “I have had multiple ‘off the record’ conversations with Casey, dating back to 2008 when I worked for Local 6,” Longo said in an email Saturday. “More on that will unfold as the week goes on,” he teased.
    “It’s my understanding from both Cheney Mason and Casey Anthony personally that the conversation with Piers Morgan was off the record, and she told me she was upset when she saw the program air where everything she said to him was paraphrased,” Longo said. “Based upon that, I felt comfortable saying this was the first time she authorized herself to be quoted for a news story.”

    I asked Longo about getting the latest Anthony story.

    Q. How long did you have with Anthony on the phone?

    A. “I spoke to Anthony for less than five minutes. The majority of the conversation was off the record.”

    Q. How many questions were you able to ask?

    A. “It wasn’t an interrogation. I asked her a couple things about the bankruptcy and then made small talk. It had been made clear by her attorney she would not discuss anything to do with her active cases (including the criminal appeal). He, Chuck Greene, was adamant about that, and I respected that boundary.”

    Q. How did she sound?

    A. “She sounded eager to move on with her life. It’s clear that she has a fondness for her legal team, but at the same time she doesn’t want to be joined at the hip to them. She needs to be accessible to them constantly because of the multi-faceted legal problems she faces.”

    Q. How quickly did this story come together?

    A. “Attorney Charles Greene told me the process of getting this bankruptcy filing together took weeks. I wasn’t told about it until late Friday night.”

    Q. Why do you think you were able to break the story?

    A. “I think I’ve established a good rapport with all of the people involved in this story in some form or fashion, including with Casey Anthony herself. She and I have had multiple conversations over the years that helped to establish a trust and a mutual respect. I have been able to break multiple exclusive stories over the years because I stick to my word, and other sources trust me to quote them accurately and not break their confidentiality. There’s a lot of negativity directed toward the media in regards to this case, and that’s because certain ‘journalists’ have decided to make themselves the centerpiece of the story. Or they misrepresent someone’s intentions and actions. Or they break their word to sources who have trusted them. Attorneys and others, including Casey Anthony, know that I am completely objective, and I have no agenda other than presenting the facts in the most fair and straightforward manner.”

    Q. Could you get the first televised interview with her?

    A. “Who knows?”,0,7869039.story

  22. maze says:

    check out her new pics….

  23. Mystymiss says:

    Ah hahahahan the picture update.

    Maybe I’m wrong but I do not believe Casey can file bankruptcy against any money owed to the state… If the civil case hasn’t happend yet why file bankruptcy???

  24. maxineme says:

    The pics that maze published looks IDENTICAL to her in her sleeveless blue dress of 2008 at the fusion bar.. I think they photo shopped it and put it out there with bozo and others as if it is 2012
    …. This pic is HER in 2007, IMO

  25. maxineme says:

    She had the same white bra straps that show where there is no tan…. This is from 2007-2008. The attys are trying to put these pics out as 2012?? Give me a break..

  26. OJ KARMA (AKA) Curious in Orlando says:

    No matter what IT stills turns my stomach. YUCK!

  27. maze says:

    Casey Anthony was forced to come out of seclusion and publicly answer questions for the first time today when she appeared in Florida bankruptcy court.

    “I don’t pay rent. I don’t pay utilities,” Anthony said, according to the Associated Press. “I guess you could say I’m living free off the kindness of others.”

    Anthony, 26, has gone into hiding since 2011 when she was acquitted of murdering her toddler Caylee. She was the victim of a barrage of threats and was dubbed the most hated woman in America. Aside from a few stray photos, Anthony has succeeded in staying out of sight.

    Anthony has been unemployed for the past four years and filed for bankruptcy in January. She’s almost $800,000 in debt and has less than $1,100 worth of assets, according to her bankruptcy filing.

    She said at the meeting that she lives with friends. When a federal bankruptcy trustee asked her if she bought her own food, she said, “I try to contribute when I can.”

    Anthony also repeated what her lawyers have said since she was acquitted that she has not received any offers for book, movie or television deals.

    Anthony spoke calmly in court, the AP reported, and said she has been living off of money given to her by former attorney Jose Baez as well as unsolicited cash and gift cards.

    Baez denied that he personally supported Anthony.

    “All monies testified to at today’s hearing were obtained during the course of legal representation,” Baez told ABC News. “The media reports or interpretation that I personally provided financial support to Ms. Anthony are false.”

    It was the first time Anthony has been forced to answer questions in public. She never took the stand to testify in her own defense during her murder trial. And efforts to get her on the stand in a lawsuit by a woman named Zenaida Gonzales have been delayed be the bankruptcy hearing.

    Brian Blanco/AP Photo

    Casey Anthony leaves the federal courthouse… View Full Size

    Casey Anthony Bankruptcy Watch Video

    Casey Anthony Prosecutors Discuss Evidence ‘Oversight’ Watch Video

    Casey Anthony Lying Convictions Dropped Watch Video

    Anthony insisted for months that her daughter Caylee had been stolen by a fictitious nanny named Zenaida Gonzales. The real Zenaida Gonzales has sued claiming she lost her job and her home because of Anthony’s lies.

    A rattled Casey Anthony tried to hide her face today as she waded through a mob of photographers and reporters when she arrived at federal court in Tampa for a meeting in her bankruptcy case, her first public appearance since she was acquitted of killing her 2-year-old daughter Caylee in 2011.

    Anthony clung to attorney Cheney Mason who exited the car with her as someone shouted repeatedly, “Did you get away with murder?”
    She clutched a black floppy hat and a pair of sunglasses near her face and looked shaken up as she was surrounded. Her brown hair was loose, just below her shoulders and she wore a long black sweater, black pants and a printed blouse.

    The few glimpses of Anthony since her July 2011 release from jail have been a few leaked video diaries and some photos of her in Florida.

    Anthony was convicted on four counts of providing false information to law enforcement, stemming from her initial statements to detectives. Two of the lying convictions were overturned in January, the same day she filed for bankruptcy.
    The bankruptcy filing includes 15 pages of people who have made claims, including legal consultants, media consultants, authorities, the IRS and Anthony’s parents. The most sizeable claim is from Anthony’s former defense attorney Jose Baez who says she owes him $500,000.

    The filing details Anthony’s personal property, which includes some 10-year-old furniture at her family home, a laptop, some clothing, a pearl necklace, family photos, books, a sapphire and opal ring, two digital cameras and a bike. The total value of the items is just over $1,000.

    Anthony’s attorney Charles Greene did not immediately respond to request for comment today, but told in January that it will be a while before Anthony can take any kind of job, saying that life will “never be normal” for the woman who still breaks down in tears at times.

    “You don’t go from the most hated woman in the world, according to some media outlets, to being a normal person or being able to live a normal life,” Greene said. “I’m not saying she’s not a normal person, but people do not perceive her as a normal person.”

    Greene said that Anthony still receives threats and lives in hiding, despite the fact that both her prison time and probation have been served.

    She is the target of a number of civil lawsuits, which also prevents her from moving, Greene said.

    He will not comment on Anthony’s whereabouts, but her last known location was in Florida and it is likely she is still in the area, due to her ongoing legal matters.

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    Trustee wants to sell Casey Anthony’s life story

    Bankruptcy trustee wants to sell Casey Anthony’s life story so she can pay her debts

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