Jhessye Shockley reports released

The reports for the murder of Jhessye Shockley are out. I have not had a chance to read them yet. I will hopefully get to them this weekend.

Jerice Hunter Jhessye Shockley Report 1 pages 1-100

Part 2 pages 101-199
Part 3 pages 200-299
Part 4 pages 300-399
Part 5 pages 400-499
Part 6 pages 500-599
Part 7  pages 600-699
Part 8 pages 700-799
Part 9  pages 800-899
Part 10  pages 900-999
Part 11  pages 1000-1099
Part 12  pages 1100-1199
Part 13  pages 1200-1299
Part 14 pages 1300-1400+

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6 Responses to Jhessye Shockley reports released

  1. maze says:

    the part about the friend taking her to tempe with a stinky suitcase is on page 925

  2. Finally found all the files and straightened the ones above out. pages 1200-1299 were missing from the site!

  3. Thanks Maze, trying to get through these files…alot of reading and alot of blackouts in the files

  4. Mystymiss says:

    Wow Humble you and Maze did alot of work finding these and puting them in order bui I’m really mad at both of you because it took me many days of reading ( ecept for the blacked out narritive). Very interesting stuff. Besides murder I guess she wont be able to sell her food stamp card any more! Hope she gets convicted. Seems to me either her other kids are talking or police found more evidence…

  5. Nannab says:


  6. maze says:


    Posted: Saturday, March 9, 2013 5:59 am

    By Adam Slinger, ABC15.com | 0 comments

    The relatives of a 5-year-old Glendale girl who police believe was murdered are preparing to sue the agencies that were supposed to protect her.

    Jhessye Shockley was reported missing in October 2011 by her mother, Jerice Hunter.

    Glendale police believe Hunter, who was once convicted of child abuse, actually killed Jhessye and disposed of the body.

    Now, Jhessye’s family members are suing Child Protective Services and the Glendale Police Department claiming the agencies committed “gross negligence” when they failed to investigate possible abuse which ultimately led to the child’s “wrongful death.”

    “We really wish we could sue them and they’d give baby Jhessye back,” said their attorney Dwane Cates, “but they can’t.”

    Cates told ABC15 his clients, Tycora Cole, Mahogany Hightower and Ida Vance, are asking for money because that is their only means of recourse for Jhessye’s future estate. “The only thing that the law provides for is for money and so we have to ask for money,” he said.

    The relatives, who helped raise Jhessye before she was back in Hunter’s care, are asking for $3 million.

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