Casey Anthony STILL living for FREE!


Casey Anthony has come out of seclusion to answer questions.  According to the hearing, she claims she met a Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez through Jessie Grund at Universal Studios.  We know that Anthony is a chronic liar, has been and always will be.

She also claims that she doesn’t pay rent or utilities, and she hasn’t received any offers for book, movie or TV deals. Anthony claims she was living off money given to her by her former attorney and through unsolicited gift cards and money. Money given by her FORMER attorney? Do attorney’s you owe money too give you money? It has been said that the monster mother owes Beaz $500,000. hmmmmm!

Anthony really is a problem. She still lies like a rug.  I can’t believe this POS is still living for free, you know she is stealing money somewhere like she did from her mother.

What I find odd is that Mason ‘Flipper‘ is still her attorney.  I would assume that she is living the good life?…. in his house, or some house he owns or even rents for her?  Mason has been her biggest ‘LOVE’ of all times!

In the deposition she says she was mad her mother was parading around on tv, claims that Zenaida is at fault for getting involved in the case…

Casey Anthonydepositionfeb2014.pdf

I guess the Anthony’s are back up to their old tricks of NOT paying their mortgage! They never seem to amaze me with what they do with their money, especially since they were given a 6 digit check for an ‘appearance’ on a show….

And for $16,000 you can own a car that George Anthony drove. Not sure I would want to own something they have owned, just because you never know who drove it and what was in the car:





Geo brother-in-law has it on his lot at Bob, Chuck & Eddy

Thanks for the info, you know who you are!!

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