Barway Collins missing, now found dead

barway edwin collins This sweet looking guy is Barway Collins! HE went missing on March 18, 2015 from his home in Brooklyn Center Minnesota! Here is how the day went: He got up and left for school. After school he got off the bus, didn’t go into the apartment, but was heard saying “Uncle” outside to someone. That is the last time Barway was seen.

Many searches were done for Barway! People from all over were searching for Barway, of course never the family. Barways father, Pierre Collins had always been said to been a suspect.


Pierre Collins was seen by the Mississippi River the day that Barway went missing.

And now this:



Barways body was found, in the area where his father was seen.  The Crystal Police have electronic proof the father was in this area the day Barway went missing!

Pierre Collins was arrested today!

I’ll post more tomorrow.


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3 Responses to Barway Collins missing, now found dead

  1. Regina Lyle says:

    How sad-and it is happening every day. It seems there is no deterrent.

  2. Gap says:

    I saw this on the news. Just heart wrenching. Why would a dad do this??

  3. Hi Regina and Gap! This is very sad. There were a number of searches for him, and the family never helped! I believe the wife knew what happened. If you saw any of the footage of the father talking, the mother never said a word.

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