Pierre Collins charged with Barways murder, $2 million bail

pierre collins Pierre Collins was arrested yesterday and charged today with the murder of Barway Collins. He was charged with 2nd degree murder with intend without premeditation.

Why murder such a handsome 10 year old, you ask? Well reading the criminal complaint, Pierre had a few life insurance policies on Barway. On was for $30,000 changed to $50,000 a few days before, and another one was for $20,000. Pierre had a $100,000 policy on himself and $20,000 for each dependent.

According to the complaint:
On the morning of March 18, 2015, Barway Collins a known juvenile male,  d.o.b. 11-10-2004, hereinafter “victim,” left the Crystal,  Hennepin County apartment he shared with his father,  defendant PIERRE BARLEE COLLINS, stepmother Yamah Collins, and two baby siblings and took the bus to school in Brooklyn Center.
At 4:17 pm, the victim’s school bus pulled into the parking lot and the victim said,  “There’s my dad.” Then he said, “Oh, my uncle’s here.” The bus dropped him off. Rather than go to the main door and call his unit to have his stepmother buzz him into the building as was their custom,  the victim stayed outside. The victim was captured on several different video cameras and had contact with at least one person not related to his
eventual disappearance in the parking lot. Investigation has determined that no one other than the
defendant ever saw the victim again. On April 11, 2015, the victim’s body was recovered in the Mississippi River in Minneapolis near the intersection of 53rd and Lyndale Avenues North. The condition of his body was consistent with that of a person who had been in the water for several weeks.
His feet were bound together with duct tape. A piece of duct tape was wrapped around his torso.

Read the full complaint:

Pierre Collins Criminal Complaint (size 191.3 KiB) (hits 202)

Mike Freeman Hennepin County Attorney believes they will get a Grand Jury to bring First Degree premeditated murder charges against Pierre Collins.

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