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Jennifer Beaver, aka Jennifer Carlson, Jennifer Ferrell, Jennifer Collins is the step mother of Barway Collins, and the EX-wife of Pierre Collins aka Pierre Collins Smith.  Boy it’s hard to follow when there are a bunch of aka’s involved.


She married Pierre Collins on December 17, 2009, and divorced him in 2013.  Beaver/Carlson/Ferrell has children from a previous relationship, if married I do not know but her children were born in 2006.  In 2009 before the marriage her and Pierre had the children’s names changed.  The twin boy was named Pierre Jr, and the girl was changed to Barleena.  Interesting that one would change the name of her kids to match the man she wasn’t married to yet.

I guess I’ll call her Jennifer, since that is a name she hadn’t changed, claims that Pierre had beaten Barway with a belt and hit him 10 times or more.  I can’t find any record of a call to 911 to report it, but according to Harding Smith, Pastor to Collins and the ‘I believe him’ guy called this ‘character assassination’.  I wonder if it is a coincident that the Pastor’s last name is ‘Smith’ an aka last name that Pierre Collins used?

Jennifer was Barways step mom, she even went out and handed out fliers to passerby’s outside the apartment building where Barway went missing.  While the news has talked to Jennifer she referred to Barway as ‘Edwin’.  She stated that Pierre made many threats to Edwin.  Threatened him, threatened to beat him, and threatened to kill him.  According to Jennifer who lives in Wisconsin and has custody of 4 children 2 which are Pierres, says that she helped bring Edwin from Liberia to Minnesota in 2011.  She also stated that Pierre was never charged with physically abusing the children, doesn’t mean that he isn’t guilty of it.  She wrote a letter to the Hennepin County attorney’s office and they never charged Pierre siting insufficient evidence.  I have also found an article where Jennifer says she tried to adopt Barway, but Pierre wouldn’t let her.

On 18 March 2015, Pierre was in court for a child support hearing. Jennifer was teleconferenced in to the hearing.  She stated the Judge was not lenient on Pierre and he was told he will pay child support!  Um, court on 18 March for child support and Barway went missing the same day!  Coincidence, I think not!

I am not saying I don’t believe Jennifer, but seems the consistency of information is all over the place.  All that matters now is that Barway has been found, and Pierre has been arrested.

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4 Responses to Pierre Collins ex-wife

  1. Jj says:

    Hi Humble. Not sure you rememberme, We exchanged emails a few times durning the Caylee case. This Barway Collins case is sad. I’m very impressed with how fast the police department got the cell phone records for the family.

  2. Hi JJ, I do remember you! Thanks for visiting! It was pretty quick for the police to get the warrant for the cell records. I do believe that Pierre wasn’t aware that the phone records told so much. I am also curious how he thought he could pull a fast one on the insurance company!

  3. millie62 says:

    I believe he has gotten away with the insurance “trick” in the past? Just saying.

  4. Hi Millie62, hes done something in the past. But what, we’ll have to wait for the trial!

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