Sky Metalwala still missing 3 ½ years later

sky metalwalaRemember this handsome guy? Sky Metalwala went missing from his mother’s car when she claims she ran out of gas.  Julia Biryukova, the mother, left him in the car and walked with her 4 year old daughter Maile for help and when she returned [about an hour later] Sky was gone.  Julia Biryukova stated the car was NOT locked, but that the child was left in the car, but was [not really] cooperating with Bellevue police.

A woman driving in that area about 9:10 on Sunday [6 Nov. 2011] morning, said she saw the car but no one with it, so she just drove on.

Solomon Metalwala is still hopeful that Sky will come home.  Below is a flier put out by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.  NCMEC has made a age progressed of what Sky might look like today!


At first Julia Biryukova cooperated with police, but shortly after obtained an attorney and has hide behind her attorney.

Solomon has full custody of the now 7 year old sister, Maile. It would be nice as she grows older if she had some recollection of what happened to Sky! AND I always wonder why Julia Biryukova was never charged with child neglect, leaving a child unattended, lying to police and anything else they can charge her with!

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2 Responses to Sky Metalwala still missing 3 ½ years later

  1. Oh Humble, it’s so sad that Sky is still missing. (I used to post as ChrissyBK) I miss you all, I guess everyone has drifted apart doing their own things these days. I remember the days we all spent together with happy memories but still feel bittersweet that you all aren’t a part of my daily lives anymore.

  2. Hi Christina, How are you! We have all drifted but some are still around! I hear from some of them from time to time! As for Skye, I wonder when they will charge the nutty mother with his murder!!!

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