Jessica McCarty calls 911, killed children



Here we go again…Florida!  This is Jessica McCarty. She called 911 on Friday 20 March 2015 and said she killed her 3 children.  Laci McCarty, 7 years old was drowned and strangled, Philip McCarty, 6 years old, was strangled and 5 month old Christopher Swist was strangled.


Laci and Phillip died on Friday night (20th) at the hospital, and Christopher died Sunday the 22nd at the hospital.

According to reports, Jessica text pictures to Christophers father Friday night of the bloody house.  When police arrived, they found him outside the house giving his son CPR.  Apparently, McCarty tried to slit her wrists.


On 8 April McCarty was indicted by a Grand jury on 3 Counts of Premeditated first-degree murder.

McCarty had a complaint back in 2009 for child neglect.  More to come!



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