Pierre Collins false insurance claim and fire in Brooklyn Center

Just when you thought that murder wasn’t enough, you wonder if a fire started in an apartment complex where Collins lived with his now wife and children, had been his doing?

fireriverglen Last year a fire ripped though the River Glen apartment complex. Collins lived on the bottom floor, and the fire spread to the second and roof.  The fire had been put out, but reignited again 6 hours later.  The fire was deemed accidental, but the cause of the fire remains open.  Now that has come to everyone’s attention, I am betting that this fire will be looked at and looked at again to see if there is a link to Collins.  Collins filed a renters claim after the fire.

Also last year Collins filed an insurance claim, claiming $27,000 in medical expenses and lost wages from a car accident.  The Automobile Club Insurance Association of Southfield Michigan felt that he had filed a false claim and took him to court.  Collins received $9,000 since Minnesota is a no fault state, Judge Susan Burke sent the case to arbitration.

In 2004, Collins was evicted from an apartment with his brother.

In 2009 Collins was taken to court to pay Capital one $1620.00.

The sad thing about all this is his other kids!  While this guy sits in jail, eating and having a roof over his head, the family has no income.

Collins next appearance in court will be 14 May!



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