Todd Macaluso, Casey Anthony attorney, guilty of Defrauding clients


Well, well!  Todd Macaluso, remember him?  He is one of the many attorney’s who came out to help Casey Anthony in the Caylee murder trial. He is also one that gave Bozo’s team $70,000.00 for the Caylee murder trial!


FROM 2010:  Todd Macaluso will not be allowed to to practice Law in the state of California.  And now with the courts saying he can’t practice in CA, he has decided not to practice in FL either!  Not sure it was his decision, or if it was stated he can’t practice at all!  According to a statement sent out by Macaluso, it states:  “I, like Casey, know how difficult it is to lose a family member. While I regret not being able to proceed in her case as her attorney, I know she is in good hands with her current defense team.” It is not news that he had misused his clients money. According to the State Bar: He misappropriated about $145,000 and misused nearly $61,000 in client money.

2015 From the FBI:  Todd Macaluso, whose practice included representing plaintiffs in personal injury lawsuits, pleaded guilty today to defrauding his clients and investors by entering into funding agreements that put his clients’ personal injury cases up as collateral without their knowledge or consent. As part of his guilty plea, Macaluso admitted that he forged the signatures of his clients, and used forged notary stamps and signatures, in order to convince potential investors to advance him millions of dollars.  READ MORE

His next court date is sentencing and will be on 13 July 2015 at 9:00 a.m. before U.S. District Court Judge Roger T. Benitez. He will also be ordered to pay restitution to his victims.

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