Lonzie Barton case update

lonziePoor Lonzie Barton is assumed dead! Mommy is in jail, now without bail as she is charged with child neglect & providing false information to law enforcement, and the new recent multiple felony drug charges. Lonzie’s biological father, Chris is also in jail. He too is well, a drug dealer! BUT daddy Chris just had his bail dropped from $950,000 to $115,000!

Oh the web these people have weaved.

lonna_bartonLonna Lauramore Barton was arrested for false information and child neglect on 18 August 2015. Barton found a bruise on the back of Lonzie’s head that he received while Ebron was watching him.  She also found yellow fluid coming from Lonzie’s ears and the toddler kept vomiting, she still left Lonzie with Ebron while she went to work.


Chris Barton 41 year old drug dealer.  Lonzie’s dad and sitting in jail!  Yep his bail is high and he might not get the money to get out, but heck he’s a lifelong member of Baker County and has 5 other kids that he is responsible for!  It’s said he doesn’t have a a steady income…I guess drug dealing from jail isn’t working too good for him!

ebronjr - CopyWilliam Ruben Ebron Jr, Lonna’s boyfriend has deceived investigators ever since reporting his car stolen with Lonzie inside. Ebron faces charges ranging from child neglect to giving false information to police to attempted escape, criminal conspiracy, unlawful possession of a concealed handcuff key and introducing/smuggling contraband into a detention facility.  Ebron is scheduled to go on trial 7 December 2015.   Prosecutors want to try Lauramore Barton at the same time.

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