CMA Timeline – August 1 – 15, 2008


FRI, August 1, 2008– The OCSO deputies take several bags of evidence from the Anthony home, including but not limited to, 2 gas cans from the shed.

Atty. José Baez tells Local 6 news that he is angry with the OCSO, specifically Deputy Carlos Padilla, who reportedly told Nancy Grace that Baez had asked for immunity for Casey Anthony. “The police have just leaked one thing after another,” Atty. Baez said.

FBI Agent Nick Savage informed Detective Yuri Melich that the FBI Lab determined the hair collected from the trunk of Casey’s 1998 WHT Pontiac SUNFIRE exhibited stages of decomposition. The hair would be sent to another FBI Lab for Mitochondria DNA testing.

A fundraiser was held at Speed Park from 4 p.m. to midnight in Daytona Beach, FL to aid the search for Caylee Anthony and other missing children. George, Cindy & Lee Anthony were present.  Also present were members of the Kid Finders Network.

Casey submitted a jail list to only include Cindy, George and Lee Anthony as visitors.

SAT, August 2, 2008 – At 1:39 p.m. Casey placed a call to Lee from jail.   Casey said, “Can you get a hold of José and have him come see me as soon as he can, like today umm at some point?

SUN, August 3, 2008 – George spoke with Casey about how different there lives are and will continue to be because Caylee was missing. He proclaimed that they [the Anthony Family] have joined a life club ….a Club of Missing Children (not by choice) and that when Casey gets out of jail and Caylee is home, they would “all work proactively to search for missing children.”

George visits one-on-one with Casey at the OC Jail. He asked Casey if she would be willing to talk to someone named Scott who works with an agency[FBI]. George attempted to encourage Casey to cooperate with the authorities either with or without Atty. Baez.  Casey’s main focus was, she wants to go home.

A heads-up from Lee:

  • 1:17:25 p.m. Lee text message to Cindy:  “do u guys need me at the house prior to tonights vigil at 830? I was planning on being a little early. BTW – we should not speak of any letters from Casey.”
  • 1:45:39 p.m. Lee text message to Cindy:  Jose has individual messages to us from Casey that he wants to give to us tonight after the vigil. Would u guys be up for going to his office?”

MON, August 4, 2008 – Officials confirm that they have Caylee’s DNA

Corporal Edwards and Detective Mark Hussey of OCSO interviewed C & G Anthony separately.

George Anthony interview w/LE: describes in detail what Casey and Caylee were wearing on 6/16/08 as they were leaving the Anthony home at 12:50 p.m. [discovery doc pp. 2013 – 2016]

Caylee was wearing a pinkish color top; blue jean skirt; white tennis shoes and white rimmed sunglasses. She was carrying a white backpack with little brown monkeys on it. Her hair was in a ponytail.

Casey was wearing dress slacks (charcoal grey pin stripe); beige color (almost like an off white color) top. She was carrying a brown or black backpack.

No mention of what Casey & Caylee did prior to leaving home.  George only spoke in general terms about their morning routines. George said he was usually up at 7:30 a.m. or 8:00 a.m. after Cindy left for work. Casey and Caylee usually came out of their rooms around 9:00 a.m. or 10:00 a.m.

Cindy complained about the lack of follow-up on Caylee sightings in GA, NY and about the way Sgt John Allen handled the interview with Ms. Wanda W. (claimed she and her son Nicholas saw Caylee on 7/2/08 at the Orlando International Airport).

Cindy admitted that she had removed Casey’s gray slacks from her car and washed them prior to making the 911 calls on 7/15/08.

When the discussion turned to Jeffrey Michael Hopkins, Cindy mentioned that she saw a picture of him approximately 2 yrs. ago in Casey’s phone and the contact entry name in her cell phone address book was “boyfriend.” Cindy’s theory is that Casey refers to her current boyfriend(s) – whoever her boyfriend is at the time as Jeff.

TUE, August 5, 2008 – Casey Anthony formally charged with Felony Child Neglect of A Child (F3-L6) and a MisdemeanorFalse Statements to LE Authorities (M1). An Obstruction of Justice charge WAS NOT filed at this time because it would be hard to prove.

The SAO released the following statement:  “While the State understands the importance of this information to the community, this office does not want to create the type of publicity that would lead to a change of venue. Therefore, we will not comment further on the case itself.”

Cindy skipped her scheduled visitation with Casey at the OC Jail.  George was seen carting bags of stuffed animals to the curb.

On the Record with Greta Van Susteren – C & G Anthony gives Interview in the Anthony home. Cindy also gave Greta the grand tour of the house and backyard. In Caylee’s bedroom, you can clearly see the Winnie-the-Pooh (bedding) motifVIDEO Part 1 & Part 2

Cindy told Greta the cadaver dog hit inconsistently in two areas in the backyard – area near the sandbox and at the corner of the house near the pool. When Greta asked if they believed Casey’s story, Cindy answered “yes, 100%” and George responded, “yes, 100%+)

The Anthony family posted an unusual help-wanted ad Tuesday. They’re looking for two volunteers willing to work without pay as personal assistants for George and Lee Anthony.

Your work wouldn’t be limited only to Caylee’s search if you apply. Lee’s listing says, “This is a jack-of-all trades position that may be cross-utilized in all aspects of the search for Caylee as well as any personal need of the Anthony family.”

Special Agent Anthony Ojeda, FBI interviewed Ms. Zenaida F. O’Rear regarding tip #399 stating that Casey said, “Zen” – Zenaida Flores Gonzalez was the alleged Nanny for Caylee Anthony.  Ms. Rear stated she did not know Casey or Caylee Anthony and had not been in the Orlando area for 3 to 4 years.  She has lived in her current residence in N. Miami Beach, FL since 1984 with her sister Josefina Flores, Maria Rouse and her seventeen year old son, Zachary. [discovery doc pp. 4793 & 4794]

WED, August 6, 2008 – LE follow-up at Sawgrass from initial contact on 7/16/08 and after a follow-up contact with the Sawgrass Apt. Manager Ms. Macklin on 7/22/08. She found a Zenaida Gonzalez on the guest visitor log in their computer system. ZG visited the apartment complex in June 2008.

11:50 a.m. Harry Garcia singed (typed narrative) statement –  “I recognized my handwriting on the Guest Card for ZG… we fill out a Guest Card for every person who visits the property….. I told him [the detective]  I filled out the Guest Card for Ms. Gonzalez.  [discover doc pp. 55 – 56]

Detective Mark Hussey, OCSO contacted Brionne C. Thomas, Tampa Police Dept. for assistance in following up on a lead in case #OCSO 08-074777 (missing Caylee Anthony case).  Officer Thomas went to the Security office of Tampa General Hospital and provided the staff with the name Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez; age range mid to late 20’s; involved in a car crash between 6/23 – 6/26/08. They also attempted alternate spellings of the name. No hits were found in their database.

In a TV interview, Cindy attempts to explain away the stolen gas cans incident.  Casey stole the gas cans because she needed them for her car “Plain and simple….she ran out of gas.”  She had a faulty gas gauge …. “Simple as that…. It’s irrelevant to this case,” said Cindy Anthony. [WRONG]

A reporter from WESH also questioned Cindy about the gas can incident. Cindy said this would be the last time she’d talk about this subject. Cindy admitted to telling Casey about George filing a police report for the missing gas cans. Casey confessed about taking them and told Cindy she would drop them off at the house and leave George a note apologizing for taking them. Casey did not expect George to be home. VIDEO

As an authorized representative of Bank of America, I would like to request that all subjects responsible for this fraud be prosecuted….. At this time BofA has sustained a total loss of $ 664.25 with an exposure of $ 1,331.47 for the above stated forged instruments.” Per letter written by Sandi Greene, VP, Senior Investigator, Bank of America Corporate Security. BofA also requests restitution for these forged checks since they have  reimbursed the customer, Amy H.

THU, August 7, 2008 – Armed with a search warrant, a team of forensic investigators show up at the Anthony family home and removed several articles of clothing .  Cindy said these items had been in Casey’s car. They collected three pairs of pants, six shirts and two skirts from a closet in Casey Anthony’s room. Some of them have been washed by Cindy because they had a foul odor.  Cindy completed and signed a sworn statement for LE as she submitted some items that she believed the baby-sitter would have likely touched. [discovery doc pp. 6609 – 6610] The OCSO tested the items for fingerprints.

  • Hair straightener – Casey claims Zanny gave her one
  • Home videos – Casey claims Zanny gave her a few DVD’s
  • Rubber football & soccer ball – Casey told Cindy these were Annabelle’s.
  • Bambi Movies on DVD – Movies taken to Zanny’s  for Caylee to watch.
  • Air bed – Cindy claims this inflatable bed was usually kept in the trunk of Casey’s car, but has been in the house for at least 2 months.

Local 6 news locates and interviews Zenaida Gonzalez.  Zenaida told the reporter that by Casey Anthony using her name in the story of Caylee being kidnapped; it has caused horrible things to happen in her life. Zenaida said she went to Sawgrass Apts. because they looked nice.  She did not know why Casey used her name and could not understand how Casey knew her.

Cindy Anthony told Local 6 news the wrong Zenaida Gonzalez was found. “This Zenaida is not the Zenaida,” She also said. “It was ruled out by the authorities. It was in the police report.”

Although she admitted to not having ever met Zenaida Gonzalez, Cindy told Local 6’s reporter, Erik von Ancken she would be willing to take a polygraph test to prove she is telling the truth about hearing the name Zenaida Gonzalez from her daughter [Casey] about two years ago.

FRI, August 8, 2008 –  A smiling Cindy pokes her head out the storm door and told the reporters that she had a “good feeling about Caylee coming home.”  Although she would not comment on the specific items taken from the home via a search warrant, she stated that some of those items were things she wanted them to have.  VIDEO

Casey refuses to see her brother when he arrives for a previously schedule jail visit. P.I. Dominic Casey visits Casey in jail.

Although Cindy said she had never met ZFG, she heard the name from her daughter Casey two years ago. [Local 6 news reports]  Cindy said the wrong woman was found. “This Zenaida is not the Zenaida,”  …. It was ruled out by the authorities….. It was in the police report… there are nine other people named Zenaida Gonzalez in the area” Cindy Anthony said.

OCSO said Zenaida Gonzalez has no involvement in the case. “We don’t know how exactly how it is her name came up,” Deputy Carlos Padilla of OCSO said. “Was it a coincidence? We don’t think she is involved at all.”

Dakota S. a 12 year old girl (lived with her grandmother, Lois P. in St. Cloud) helped organize a Prayer Vigil for Caylee in St. Cloud, FL. George, Cindy and Lee Anthony attended.


SUN, August 10, 2008 – Casey cancels a scheduled meeting with her parents, the second time in three days she has refused to meet with her family.

MON, August 11, 2008 –Roy K. was assigned to read water meters in the Chickasaw Trail area.  He had a theory about Caylee based on Casey’s statement, “she’s close.”  He went into the wooded area on Suburban DR down the road from Hidden Oaks Elementary School. He makes a 9-1-1 call to report seeing “something that looks white and like a gray bag down there.”

Gale St. John and her Psychic Team joined in the search for Caylee.  They searched and cleared the Suburban Drive scene and the area near Lake Conway with cadaver dogs.

OCSO Deputies searched a wooded area near Lee Vista Boulevard and Narcoossee RD.

TUE, August 12, 2008 – For the second time in two days, Orange County sheriff’s deputies and K-9 units performed a search for Caylee Anthony. OCSO Deputies requested the assistance of Osceola County’s K-9 unit to search a wooded area near the Anthony home.

George took a mobile billboard on the road in hopes of finding someone who’s seen his missing granddaughter. George believes he’s in contact with people who claim they’ve seen her kidnappers. “These people know they are being watched. They know it,” George told Eyewitness News. VIDEO

9:11 p.m. Roy K. places a 2nd call to OCSO to report a suspicious bag in the 8900 block wooded area of Suburban Drive. He was told to call the Crimeline and to make arrangements with LE to meet him at the sight in the daytime the next day.

WED, August 13, 2008 – Roy K. called OCSO for the 3rd consecutive day.  Deputy Richard Cain was the 1st responding officer on the scene.  Roy pointed in the direction of the object in the woods and told Deputy Cain, “It’s right over there. It’s white. It’s a dome-shaped object. It appeared to me to be a skull.”

Deputy Kethlin Cutcher was dispatched at 3:32 p.m. to a suspicious bag on Suburban DR.  A white male [Roy K.] who looked concerned told Cutcher… “she told them she was very close.”  Cutcher did not go into the wooded area, but Deputy Cain told her it was “just trash.”

THU, August 14, 2008 – Upon arriving at the OC Jail Visitation Center parking lot, G & C Anthony were swarmed by reports. When asked by one reporter about the theory that Caylee may have died from an accident, George lost it! He yelled….. “shut up, shut up!…. if you don’t want to get knocked down, don’t come past here.” Cindy calmed George down as they entered the visitation waiting area.

George & Cindy visit with Casey at OC Jail. VIDEO It was an emotional jailhouse visit.  Casey said the visit with her parents made her the angriest she had ever been since the case started.

She was highly agitated and spent most of the time whining about how her life had been taken away from her….lots of me….me….me….I…I…I messages. “I’m not in control of this because I don’t know what the hell is going on……. my entire life has been taken from me. ….everything has been taken from me.”  Today Casey appears to be having an emotional meltdown!

C & G Anthony were on a mission to get answers about Caylee’s disappearance, which enhanced Casey’s frustration. She cried and threatened to walk away from the visitation unless her parents let her speak.  Casey’s message for Zanny was, “we forgive you.”

After the visitation, the Anthonys did not speak to reporters no matter what was asked. Casey took George’s suggestion about writing a letter to request a meeting with him ONLY. Casey addressed this letter to Sheriff Kevin Beary. The letter was stapled and given to an OC Corrections officer, then it was went up the OC Corrections chain of command and forwarded to Sheriff Beary, OCSO unopened. Upon reading the letter in the presence of Sgt. John Allen, Sheriff Kevin Beary gave the order to arrange the meeting between Casey and George.

6:59 p.m. George was picked up and taken to the OC Jail by OCSO deputies. In the partol car were Detective Yuri Melich, Sgt. John Allen, OCSO and Spc. Agent Scott Bolin, FBI.  Detective Melich turned on the audio recorder prior to George getting into the vehicle.  Surrepticious Recording of George en route to visit Casey upon her request. AUDIO – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 (Casey wrote a letter to Sheriff Beary to set this meeting up with her father: Letter)

George waited about 1 1/2 to meet with Casey, but SHE DID NOT SHOW. The meeting was canceled. Atty. Gabriel Adams of the José Baez Law Firm was with Casey at this time. [Note: It is believed that Atty. Baez and/or Atty. Adams may have advised Casey to not have this meeting with George]

Atty. José Baez files a subpoena to obtain information about the cadaver dogs that were used by OCSO deputies.

FRI, August 15, 2008 – Two Private Investigators Edward Phlegar and Dominic Casey meet with Casey. Both work for the José Baez Law Firm.

ON THE RECORD W/GRETA/FOX NEWS: Leonard Padilla, Bounty Hunter from Sacramento, CA arrives in Orlando, FL. LP announces that he and his nephew Tony Padilla are prepared to post Casey Anthony’s $500,000 bond.