CMA Timeline – August 16 – 31,2008

SAT, August 16, 2008 – G & C Anthony appoints Larry Garrison, president of production company Silver Creek Entertainment, as their official spokesperson.

SUN, August 17, 2008 – Bail Bondsman Tony Padilla, Bounty Hunters Leonard Padilla, Tracy McLaughlin and Rob Dick arrived in Orlando, FL. They attended the candlelight vigil at the Anthony home. After the vigil, they agreed to meet  in an office complex located on Orange Blossom Trail, Orland, FL. Atty. José Baez was not there.

MON, August 18, 2008 – G & C Anthony’s scheduled jail house visit for 9:00 a.m.

Keith W. claims he showed a “Fathers Day” balloon, stuffed animals and items of clothing he found near the Hidden Oak Elementary School to Cindy Anthony. She claimed no recognition of the items and stated Caylee was alive. Deputy Richard Cain investigated the find and did not believe these items were related to the Casey Anthony case.  He filed no incident report and only mentioned it via e-mail.

TUE, August 19, 2008 – Tony Padilla, Bondsman and Leonard Padilla, Bounty Hunter signed a Privacy Agreement which was written by the José Baez Law Firm. This agreement applies to all associates, employees, etc. acting on their [Tony & Leonard Padillas’s] behalf. The Padillas et al are acting as surety posting the bond for Casey Anthony.

WED, August 20, 2008Tropical Storm Fay threatens Central Florida.  There is a potential for heavy rainfall resulting in extensive flooding over the course of 2 or 3 days. [Note: Tropical Storm Fay is the first storm in recorded history to make landfall in FL 4 times.

A secret meeting took place at the I-Hop located next door to the OC Corrections Center. Atty. Baez met with members of Al Estes (a bonding agent from Clearwater, FL) It was stated that they were working through some paperwork issues. Leonard Padilla and Rob Dick waited on the corner for about 20 mins. while this meeting took place.

4:00 p.m. – Behind the scenes, Bail Bondsman, Tony Padilla covered the $500,200 Bond and his uncle, Leonard Padilla, Bounty Hunter paid the $50,200 bail for Casey Anthony.  LP says he believes she will be instrumental in finding her daughter. He understands that he and his team can not ask her questions, but LP hopes Casey will volunteer information that will help him find Caylee.

On the Record with Greta: Atty. José Baez said, “First of all, they [LP Team] will not have access to her. They just have one person who’ll be staying in the home. They are not to question her. I have specific instructions for the bondsman and the bounty hunters, and they are not to question her in any shape or form. And my client knows. My client is not a fool. She knows that she is not to speak with these people.”

THU, August 21, 2008 – The pre-trial hearing for the criminal case was set for 11/5/08 and the trial date was set for 11/17/08.

Casey was given a psychological evaluation and she was fitted with an electronic monitoring device in preparation for Home Confinement.

 **** CASEY RELEASED FROM JAIL 10:30 a.m. ****  VIDEO

THU, August 21, 2008 thru FRI, August 29, 2008 – Tracy M. of the Leonard Padilla Bounty Hunter team was assigned to be with Casey 24/7. She was the only one on LP’s team who was allowed to stay overnight in the Anthony home. Noted below are some highlights of her observations and conversations with Casey:

  •  Casey’s demeanor was happy-go-lucky and personable – greeting Tracy M. with a big hug and smile. Casey mentioned that OC Correctional officers were nice to her and “they love me.”
  • Casey never mentioned Caylee. Tracy M. talked about Caylee pics, Casey gets out her photo album and just talked about herself
  • George kept his distance from Casey after a shouting match with her. He demanding that she stop telling LIES!
  • Tracy was stunned by Casey’s stone-cold reaction to a finding that air sample test results from her car trunk showed signs of human decomposition. Casey’s response was “A lot of people had access to that car,”
  • Tracy mentioned the death band on the hair found in the trunk. Casey replied, “Well I’m alive.”
  • Casey’s comment about “they haven’t found her clothes” was strange
  • Casey said, “They didn’t get the timeline right” as she watch media coverage of her case.
  • Cindy & Casey’s comments about the shovel and ladder conflicted. Casey said she was using the shovel to knock the bamboo down and to get the ladder out of the pool. Cindy gives Casey a shut your mouth look. Later Cindy explained to Tracy why Casey was using the shovel to remove the bamboo shoots.
  • Casey says, “If it goes to court it’s going to be a mistrial & change of venue – there are so many discrepancies in the discovery…. everybody is lying….there’s too much publicity….”  
  • Casey’s comment about chloroform. Tracy mentioned GHB – commonly called the date-rape drug. Tracy asked Casey if she knew what the drug was and its effects. Casey said, “Like roofies or chloroform,” [Note: Roofies is slang for Rohypnol – aka: date-rape drug.]
  • Casey listened obsessively (13 times) to a song called ♪ ♫ ♪  “The Past” ♪ ♫ ♪ by Sevendust w/Chris Daughtry

FRI, August 22, 2008 – Casey has an approved scheduled meeting (10 a.m. to 4 p.m.) with her Attorney José Baez, at his office in Kissimmee, FL.

While en route to José Baez’s office Casey tells Rob D. and Tracy M. how Zenaida kidnapped Caylee at J Blanchard Park… around 2 p.m…. they were playing with Samantha’s kids and all of a sudden she saw them getting into the car…. Casey says, “what’s going on?”  Zenaida pushed her down…. gave her a script….

4 p.m. Casey was still at her attorney’s office.  Atty. Baez called requesting extensions due to rain and traffic conditions to 5:30. Casey arrived home at 6 p.m. “We won’t be doing this again,” OC Corrections Department spokesperson Allen Moore said. This is a 1-time reprieve.

SUN, August 24, 2008 – The Anthony family was asked not to attend church today due to concerns about turning the service into a media circus.  A Baptist Pastor and a church sister went to the Anthony home instead.

MON, August 25, 2008 – ASA, Linda Drane-Burdick sent Atty. Jose Baez a reminder notice via e-mail regarding the previously offered Limited Use Immunity for his client Casey to participate in locating her child, Caylee Marie.

The GLOBE Feature Story: “Caylee Died in Family Pool & Mom’s To Blame” – this article displays a picture of Caylee and Casey sitting on a couch. Caylee is wearing a pink BIG TROUBLE T-Shirt.  Casey is playing a white guitar. The pictures of them on the couch were taken on 19 March 2008 –  Casey’s Birthday.

DCF interviewed Casey at the Anthony home.  Cindy also participated in the 1 ½ hr. session. Casey gave the name “Eric” as Caylee’s father. She said Eric was killed in a car crash and he was buried in KY. [LIE] She used an excuse of Eric’s family privacy to explain why she would not provide a last name. Casey told the DCF personnel the family now lives in Italy.

Casey claimed Eric had set up a Trust Fund for Caylee. [LIE] Caylee had insurance with Cigna (previously the insurance was with Blue Cross & Blue Shield), according to Casey. [discovery doc p. 2253]

Procknow asked about the court ordered psychology testing.  Casey stated she completed a MMPI [The results of this test were sealed by the court] and she was told everything was normal.  She has never been diagnosed with any mental health condition and does not take any meds. [discovery doc p. 2254]

Casey told the DCF counselors Caylee had been missing since 6/15/08. [discovery doc p. 2257]

Annie D. visits with Casey at the Anthony home. She claims C & G Anthony picked her up at a Publix and took her to their home.  This visit was approx. 2 hrs. in duration. Annie D. said, Casey told her that everything she has been saying about Caylee missing was because she was told to say those things.

Casey also told Anne D. that when this was all over, she had so much to tell her. Annie D. claims she told Casey she didn’t want to know. Annie said she did not want to be the one person that knew everything, yet she inquired about the chloroform in the trunk of Casey’s car.

TUE, August 26, 2008 – Prosecutors released 400+ pages of documents from their investigation into Caylee’s disappearance. The documents reveal, among other items of interest, that Cindy Anthony called her daughter, Casey, “a sociopath and a “mooch.”

WED, August 27, 2008 – Anthony R. (rookie cop) was terminated after he lied about having an intimate relationship with Casey Anthony.

Casey offers to work with the FBI to make a composite sketch of Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez.

Preliminary test results from the TN’s Body Farm on air samples taken from the trunk of Casey’s vehicle shows the odor in her car is from human decomposition. Officials say air samples prove a body was in Casey Anthony’s car.

The SAO confirms an offer of LIMITED IMMUNITY to Casey Anthony for statements she would make if it would help investigators find Caylee.  The offer was due to expire tomorrow at noon.  However, in response to Mr. Baez’s request, Ms. Drane Burdick agreed to an extension until 9/2/08.

THU, August 28, 2008 – Amy H. voluntarily took a polygraph test which was administered by the FBI.

3:00 – 4:00 p.m. Cindy Anthony and Tim Miller, founder of Texas EquuSearch (TES) had a one hour meeting at the OCSO. Cindy had contacted TES asking for help with finding Caylee. Tim Miller’s 25 member team is en route to Orlando, FL in a mobile command center – a big RV hauling ATVs. They are expected to arrive tomorrow.

FRI, August 29, 2008 – Tim Miller and Lisa Hoffman of Texas EquuSearch (TES) went to the Anthony home to solicit input from Casey regarding where to start searching for Caylee. Tim and George attempted to coax Casey into placing an ‘X’ on a map. Casey bolted and retreated to her bedroom. Tim Campbell (George’s friend from OH) said the only one who knows where Caylee is just went into her bedroom and the “Bioatch ain’t talking!” Cindy went ballistic about them wanting to look for a “body” versus Caylee alive, so she told them all to get the hell out of her house.

8:30 p.m. OCSO LE arrested Casey Anthony, again. In the middle of the CCN/Nancy Grace Show, Jane Velez-Mitchell (show host sitting in for NG) captured live video footage of this event – BREAKING NEWS!  Protesters were in the streets in front of the Anthony home cheering. 


Casey Anthony was arraigned. Her bail was set for a total of $3,000. Breakdown as follows: Uttering a Forged Instrument – $1,500; Fraudulent use of Personal Information – $$1,000 and Petit Theft – $500

Tony and Leonard Padilla were seriously considering revoking the $500,200 bond.  Casey’s rearrest today presented the opportunity for them to reclaim the bond. In order for Casey to be released now , she must be able to come up with 10% of her new bond amount of $503,200.

OCSO receives detailed phone records on an Erica Gonzalez in Oviedo, FL.  Deputies serve Casey, George, Cindy and Lee Anthony with criminal witness subpoenas to appear in court sometime in November.

Local 6 News exclusively obtained e-mails from Casey to Dakota S. who believes Caylee is still alive.  Dakota S. was hospitalized with a severe stress-related medical issue after hearing that sources recently said DNA results and air sample tests from Casey’s car suggest that Caylee is likely dead, according to what Lois P. (Dakota’s grandmother) told Local 6 News.

Dakota S. received a bracelet with the words “my friend, my sister” from Casey.  She also received a hand-written note from Casey that said:

Hey Sweetie! I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for my family. I am really looking forward to seeing you. We will schedule something very soon, I promise. I would love to have you spend the night, and spend time getting to know each other. You are such an amazing girl and already a true friend. We are so blessed to have you and your Mom in our lives. I love you. Thank you for my gift (a stuffed animal), I named him after you. I will see you soon. Love, Casey

SAT, August 30, 2008 – Tony L. and roommate, Nate L. moved into their new apartment at Crane’s Landing, Winter Park, FL.

SUN, August 31, 2008 – Sgt. John Allen from the OCSO said, “There’s evidence to suggest there was a body in the trunk of Casey’s car and that body was Caylee’s.”  

Approx. 150 volunteers came out to help Texas Equusearch, an organization using computer mapping and other high-tech means to try to find the remains of Caylee Marie Anthony.  “We’ve come across a lot of areas. We’ve ruled out a lot of areas she’s not, so that’s progress,” said Mandy Albritton of TES.