CMA Timeline – January 2009


THU, January 1, 2009 NEW YEAR’S DAY! Over the weekend, another search warrant was executed and investigators came back for Casey Anthony’s belongings. They took more of Caylee’s clothes, five to eight pairs of Casey’s shoes and her clothes as well.

Crime Scene Investigators (CSI) took evidentiary items, including but not limited to, soil samples; two pairs of sunglasses and a pink-zippered bag from the Anthony home.

Atty. José Baez sent his own team to the collect soil from the Anthony home for their forensic experts, as well.

FRI, January 2, 2009 – A videotape of the crime scene off Suburban Drive, shot by P.I. Jim Hoover on 11/15/08, reportedly shows P.I. Dominic Casey talking on his cell phone. That mystery caller could be a big clue that connects Casey Anthony to the crime scene.  P.I. Hoover is planning a newser on Monday, 1/5/09.

Dominic Casey told WFTV he was talking to his ill daughter on the phone that day and insists he was only there to rule out a tip from one of Casey’s friends – Kiomarie Torres Cruz.

MON, January 5, 2009 – The newser with the Private Investigators was CANCELED.

TUE, January 6, 2009 – José A. Baez’s submits emergency motion to the court:

Objection to the State’s request for an order staying the order for disposing of the Defense emergency motion to compel photographs and X-rays taken of remains.

WED, January 7, 2009 –  Pre-trial Court Hearing for Casey Anthony’s 1st Degree Murder case. The Prosecution argued that Casey had not formally waived her right attend today’s hearing; therefore Judge Strickland had her hauled out of the OC Jail and brought to the courtroom. Her attendance is mandatory. Judge Strickland explained to Casey, from now on, if she wants to waive her right to attend she must put it in writing and it will be under the court’s discretion.

The Defense wants the pictures of the remains, which were discovered last December, but Prosecutors are concerned the photos could be sold to media outlets for financial gain.

Prosecutors are refusing to hand over the autopsy photos and x-rays of Caylee Anthony’s remains until a judge imposes more restrictions. They are requesting the judge to issue an order stating that no copies of the pictures can be made or mailed and that they are only to be used by the defense.

The judge made several rulings:

  • Prosecutors have 20 days to make the strand of hair (death band – showing signs of decomposition) found in Casey’s car available for the defense to inspect.
  • The Prosecution will provide the forensics report on Casey’s car to the Defense within 30 days.
  • The Defense will receive unedited copies of Roy K.’s 911 phone call within 20 days.
  • NO COPIES of any type or replication will be made of the autopsy photos.

[Note: Atty. Baez agreed to set up a secure website on which his team of experts will view the autopsy photos]

P.I. Dominic Casey was interviewed by Sgt. John Allen in Atty. Brad Conway’s office. Atty. Conway and Special Agent Nick Savage, FBI were also present during the interview.

Eyewitness News obtained a copy of a videotaped recording of P.I. Dominic Casey on 11/15/08 in areas where he possibly believed he would find Caylee’s remains.

G & C Anthony’s Atty., Brad Conway meets with prosecutors at the SAO and investigators for about 1 hour.  Conway also told Eyewitness News that he’s been trying to get immunity for G & C Anthony.

Annie D.was directed to appear via a State Attorney Investigative Subpoena. She appeared with her lawyer, Warren Lindsey, Esq. for an interview with LE (Detectives Yuri Melich, Eric Edwards of OCSO) in the presence of Linda Drane Burdick, ASA.

Annie D. and Casey were best friends during the period between December 2006 – October 2007 (approx. timeframe). She moved out of Sawgrass apartments in March 2007.  Annie described Casey as more of a “home body;” they typically went shopping together and she was usually the designated driver on the few occasions (maybe once a month) that she joined friends at parties.  However, Casey did get drunk celebrating her 21st birthday.

LE asked Annie about Casey’s text message referring to hitting her friend Annie up for some Xanax….. Although Annie D. did have a prescription for Xanax (Alprazolam) while she was a junior in college, she denied giving any to Casey. Note: Point of interest here, it was the Baez Defense Team who reqested the release of the jail visitation of 8/14/08.

Atty. Baez files motions:

01/07/2009 Motion to Compel

Unedited 911 Calls Made by Roy Kronk and Any Reports Related to Calls
01/07/2009 Motion to Produce

Crime Scene Reports on Car Including Photos
01/07/2009 Motion to Compel

Search Warrant Affidavits for December 11, 2008 and December 20, 2008 Searches Including Inventory of Items Seized and Warrants Filed
01/07/2009 Application

for Subpoena Duces Tecum
01/07/2009 Motion to Compel

Release in Investigative Interviews of George, Cindy and Lee Anthony Filed
01/07/2009 Motion to Compel

Unedited Telephone Calls Made by Roy Kronk to Crime Line and any Reports Released to Calls Filed
01/07/2009 Motion to Compel

Release of Video Visitation of George and Cindy Anthony on August 14, 2008 Filed
01/07/2009 Motion

to Inspect Photographic Evidence and all items Seized at Crime Scene
01/07/2009 Motion to Compel

Maps, Photos and Reports of All Locations Searched by Law Enforcement for Caylee Marie Anthony Filed
01/07/2009 Motion to Produce

Hair for Inspection and Testing and All Related Notes and Reports
01/07/2009 Motion to Compel

Timeline, Communications and Related Notes of Law Enforcement’s Interview with Anthony Lazzaro Filed
01/07/2009 Motion to Compel

Fingerprint Report of George, Cindy and Lee Anthony Filed
01/07/2009 Motion to Compel

DNA Reports for George, Cindy and Lee Anthony Filed
01/07/2009 Motion to Compel

Investigative Reports on Zenaida Gonzalez Filed
01/07/2009 Demand for Discovery

and Inspection Relating to Digital Forensic Evidence Obtained from Ricardo Morales Filed
01/07/2009 Motion to Compel

Any and All Polygraphs Which the Defense has Previously Requested and Been Awarded Filed

THU, January 8, 2009 – There are two hearings scheduled today at the Orange County courthouse:

  • 11:00 a.m. – The Civil Case against Casey Anthony vs. ZFG
  •   1:30 p.m. – The Criminal Case against Casey Anthony vs. the State of FL

Atty. Keith Mitnik of Morgan & Morgan appeared in court before Judge José Rodriguez to present arguments for deposing Casey Anthony in the open CIVIL SUIT filed on behalf of ZFG.

Casey’s Atty. José Garcia presented arguments against a video-taped deposition of Casey prior to the criminal case because he believes anything she says will be held against her in the criminal proceedings and taint the jury pool, therefore hurting her right to a fair murder trial.

“The court will not allow the deposition to take place as it has been indicated at this time,” Judge José Rodriguez said in court.  However, the judge ruled that ZFG’s lawyers can submit a written interrogatory to Casey.

Atty. John Morgan is also working on scheduling depositions for Casey’s parents and brother, Lee Anthony.

Judge Stan Strickland forces Casey to appear in court. Casey was brought into the courtroom in shackles around 2:55 p.m.; approx. 1 ½ hrs. into the hearing. The state argues she has to attend all her pre-trial hearings. Since Casey did not submit a written waiver of her right to attend Thursday’s hearing, Judge Strickland explained to her, from now on, if she wants to waive her right to attend she must put it in writing and it will be under the court’s discretion.

Judge Strickland rules Jose Baez can set up a secure database for images of Caylee’s remains. Baez was told the photos cannot leave his office until he can prove that he has a secure Web site. He cannot make copies of the photos.

TUE, January 13, 2009– Roy K. did an exclusive TV interview with Good Morning America, saying he first saw a suspicious bag in August 2008 in the area where he eventually found Caylee’s remains in December 2008. Roy K. claimed the responding OCSO Deputy did not want to investigate further, because the area was under water and infested with snakes.

WED, January 14, 2009– Roy K., meter reader who found Caylee’s remains, said the deputy who first responded to his call on August 13th was rude to him and didn’t look thoroughly. OCSO Deputy Richard Cain is under investigation for the way he handled the call.

Dominic Casey was on a cell phone while he poked and prodded the ground and initially told Eyewitness News that he was on the phone with his ill daughter. P.I. Casey has since changed his story and now says that he was on the phone with Virginia psychic Ginnette Lucas.

Ginnette Lucas said she was the one directing P.I. Dominic Casey, on the cell phone on 11/15/08, but P.I. Jim Hoover said P.I.Casey never mentioned a psychic and was secretive about his numerous phone calls.  Additionally, Ms. Lucas claims she can not obtain her phone records from Verizon in order to show proof of the alleged phone calls to P.I. Casey.

THU, January 15, 2009 – the OC Corrections Center released a “LOST” video of Casey’s 8/14/08 jail house visit with her parents. At this time, C & G Anthony were still searching for an “alive” Caylee and they wanted answers from Casey.

Meter Reader, Roy K. (found Caylee Marie Anthony on 12/11/08) was presented with a $5,000 Reward check from Atty. Mark.

Tim Miller from Texas EquuSearch has hired Atty. Mark Nejame to represent him.  Miller wants to prevent the defense from getting all the records relating to the tips that EquuSearch received.

SAT, January 17, 2009 – Atty. Brad Conway appeared on Geraldo at Large Show.

GERALDO:  Do you have reason to believe that between August and December (those 4 months) this man – Roy Kronk revisited that crime scene in a way that has not been reported?

CONWAY:  We have very good source that says that Mr. Kronk was there between August 13th and December 11th when he discovered the remains.

GERALDO:  Do you think there’s more funky information to come out about him [Kronk]?

CONWAY:  I’m sure that there is, I know there is.

THU, January 19, 2009 – Atty. José Baez has repeatedly avoided all questions about who is paying for his services.

WED, January 21, 2009 – Discovery documents released detailing items detectives found at the crime scene where Caylee Anthony’s body was dumped.

Caylee Anthony’s mouth was duct taped. Adhesive residue from a heart-shaped sticker was found on the silver-colored duct tape that covered her mouth. The sticker appeared to have been “intentionally” placed on the duct tape, Melich wrote. The duct tape was attached to her skull and it held her mandible in place.  The adhesive residue impression left on the duct tape from the sticker indicated it was intentionally placed there while the tape was over Caylee’s mouth.   [Discovery doc p. 3168]

[Note: It was later reported that the adhesive residue impression left on the duct tape from the heart-shaped sticker was destroyed during a FBI testing process.]

Caylee’s remains were found on 12/11/08 stuffed into a cloth laundry hamper bag and then in a black trash bag with yellow ties. A t-shirt (size 3T) and white shorts with verticle pink, green & orange stripes (size 24 mos.) and a  Winnie-the-Pooh blanket were found with the remains .  Also found near the remains were a small toy horse, heart-shaped ♥ sticker and small cloth-type letters that appeared to be iron-ons.

Reports complied by OCSO of evidence that was collected from the search warrant of 12/11/08 for the Anthony residence and submitted same to FBI for examination. Also, evidence from the Suburban DR crime scene which was searched between 12/11/08 – 12/20/08 was submitted for examination. Evidence Reports For Submissions To FBI – [discovery doc pp 3536 – 3801]

THU, January 22, 2009 – George Anthony went missing in the morning and had not been seen all day.  According to officials, G & C Anthony had a scheduled meeting with Atty. Brad Conway at approx. 4:40 p.m., but George was a no show.  Atty. Conway called 911 and filed a Missing Person’s Report.

 FRI, January 23, 2009 – Judge Stan Strickland has ordered Casey Anthony to attend all future court proceedings.

The Florida Bar Association has confirmed it has two open investigations regarding Atty. José A. Baez and his PR firm, Press Corp Media – managed by Todd Black.  Mr. Black has released questionable statements to the media about State Atty. Lawson Lamar and prosecutors.

The second investigation deals with Atty. Baez possibly violating advertising rules, where he claimed to have more credentials and experience than he really did.

The two complaints are in addition to an informal complaint made to the SAO in reference to allegations that Atty. Baez may be using entertainment deals to fund his defense team.

Atty. José Baez has been hired by FAMU law school to teach upper-level classes on how to get ready for trial.  As an instructor Atty. Baez will earn $4,500 per semester at FAMU.

Daytona Beach (Volusia County) Police Chief Mike Chitwood says George Anthony sent “disturbing” text messages to family alluding to a desire to end his life. He also wrote a 6 – 8 page suicide letter.  George was found at the Hawaii Motel. He was Baker Acted and admitted to Halifax Medical Center.

MON, January 26, 2009 – The Prosecution Team released an updated witness list in the case against Casey Anthony. The list contains approx. 140 potential witnesses.

A Florida Bar investigation of a complaint against Atty. José Baez was dismissed.

Atty. José Baez filed a motion to obtain documents on Ricardo M.’s MySpace page. One had a picture with the phrase, Winning women over with chloroform.”

Showbiz Promotions plans to sell its Caylee Sunshine singing doll, which is named for Caylee Anthony, for $29.99.  Jaime Salcedo, the president of the company appeared on the NG Show and indicated that an UNDEFINED portion of the proceeds would be donated to UNDEFINED charities for missing children.

TUE, January 27, 2009 – Atty. José Baez filed an objection requesting the court to allow Casey to skip future court hearings with an attachment  a “Waiver of Defendant’s Appearance” signed by Casey Anthony on 1/26/09.  Judge Stan Strickland DECLINED to grant it. He cited the possibility of “future problems.”

NY Atty. Linda Kenney Baden, member of the Casey Anthony Defense Team signed the motion, which alleges improprieties and media leaks and asks for a “recusal of the Orange County Prosecutor’s Office.”

Atty. Brad Conway attempts to negotiate a private service for Caylee that includes a jailhouse family reunion with Casey .  The OC Corrections Center will not honor this request because it is against jail policy.

Public OUTCRY influenced the Showbiz Promotions Company’s suspension of the sale of the Caylee Sunshine Doll. An unidentified Artist has created Casey Anthony Voodoo Dolls (3 versions) and posted them on Ebay for sale.

WED, January 28, 2009 – Atty. Baez’s Defense Team filed motion requesting information, including but not limited to, all fingerprint-related evidence, any DNA reports that show Jesse G.  was not Caylee’s father, and materials regarding the decomposing hair found in Casey’s trunk.

The José Baez Law Firm faxed 11 pages of documents [motion and exhibits]: AMEND MOTION TO COMPEL DNA BENCH NOTES/REPORTS AND STARNDARDS

The Orange County Corrections Dept. filed a motion seeking clarification from the court on whether or not Casey has to attend all hearings and how the jail should handle it regarding notification and transportation.

Atty. José Baez teaches his 1st class at FAMU Law School in downtown Orlando. He will teach a pre-trial practice workshop once a week.

THU, January 29, 2009 – Judge Stan Strickland overruled a motion filed by Atty. José Baez to keep Casey out of court. The judge’s ruling means Casey will have to appear at a pretrial hearing on 1/30/09 at 8:30 a.m. and for every major hearing in her 1st DEGREE MURDER CASE.

Atty. Mark NeJame filed a motion to the court to dismiss a request to have Texas EquuSearch volunteers appear as defense witnesses.

Atty. Baez’s spokesperson to the Orlando Sentinel, there is no Todd Black, but he would not say what his real name is.  Eyewitness News questioned Black’s identity in August 2008, when no information could be found about his PR firm, Press Corp Media, his former clients or colleagues.

FRI, January 30, 2009 – Court Hearing. The OC Corrections officers had Casey at the courthouse at 8:00 a.m.  The hearing commenced at 8:35 a.m.   Brief description of Motions and Rulings:

  1. Defense’s motion to gain access to the scene where Caylee’s remains were found.  GRANTED
  2. Defense’s motion to seek more information from TES searches. DENIED [Order Denying Defendant’s Amended Application  For Subpoeona Duce Tecum Regarding Equusearch]
  3. Prosecution Team motion regarding the Defense Witness List was determined to be moot due to an amended witness list that was provided after the state had already filed their motion. DISMISSED
  4. Defense’s emergency motion to have Prosecutors recuse themselves from the case.  DENIED

The final matter of business Judge Stan Strickland dealt with during the 35 minute hearing was regarding a trial date. No trial date was set, but the judge stated a status hearing may be set for the end of February or early March 2009.

After the court hearing, Atty. Mark Nejame spoke to the media.  He commented that there is no conflict of interest with him representing Tim Miller of TES now and the fact that he use to work for G & C Anthony because the goal for all was to Caylee. He also stated that  none of the 4,000TES searchers were at the exact spot where Caylee’s remains were found. 

People’s Magazine features a cover story titled “Caylee’s Family Secrets.”  The article, written by Steve Helling, Bill Hewitt and Amy Green, delves into family issues – alleged marital issues between G & C Anthony, which go back several years. The article also discusses the strained relationship between Casey and her parents.

First Baptist Church of Orlando announced it will host a memorial service for CAYLEE MARIE ANTHONY. This Public Memorial Service will be held in the main Worship Center located at 3000 S. John Young PKWY, Orlando, FL. The service will be held on Tuesday, February 10, 2009 starting at 10:00 a.m.

Zenaida Gonzalez’s Attys, John Morgan and Keith Mitnik issued a Notice of Service of Interrogatories to Casey Anthony. Casey has 30 days to respond to this written deposition.

G & C Anthony’s depositions in the ZFG civil suit against Casey Anthony are scheduled for 2/26/09 and Lee’s deposition is scheduled for 2/27/09.