CMA Timeline – July 20 – 31, 2008


SUN, July 20, 2008 – A video taken by Eyewitness News shows the HENKEL brand duct tape on the Anthonys’ CAYLEE POSTER display at a Command Center, in the parking lot of Publix at Lake Underhill Road & Chickasaw Trail, has the same unique markings as the duct tape on the Anthonys’ red gas canand the duct tape found over Caylee’s mouth. 

After the vigil, Cindy entertained several of Casey’s friends. This was the 1st meeting.  In attendance were Annie D., Chris S., Dante S., Kristina C., Sean D., Lauren G., Stephanie K. and a couple of other people.  Chris S. gave Cindy some of Caylee’s things which included a bag with Caylee’s “scuba-style” swim suit with a life-vest sewn into it; inflatable swimming armbands; hair accessories and other items.

Cindy called Tony in an attempt to get information from him regarding what Casey had been doing for those 31 days after Caylee was last seen.  On the advice of LE, Tony declined the invitation to meet with Cindy alone and he opted out of this group session, as well.

Annie D. volunteered to set up a 2nd meeting with Cindy Anthony to include more of Casey’s friends.

MON, July 21, 2008 – Megyn Kelly, news reporter on Fox News conducted a phone interview with Cindy. Cindy was combative and highly unresponsive to questions. VIDEO 

Cindy called Sgt. John Allen and left a voice-mail message, in part, requesting LE to show the recent picture taken of Caylee in a “blue dress” with the reddish colored curtains in the background to Casey’s friends to see if anyone would confirm her (Cindy’s) belief that this was Zany’s apartment. [Note: She later learned from a jail visit with Casey that this apt. was Ricardo M’s]

José Baez holds a presser in which he states the denial of bond for Casey Anthony was an “Incorrect Ruling.” He motioned the court for an emergency bond hearing (scheduled for 7/22/08) with Judge Stan Strickland presiding.

LE takes strands of hair, of which one was plucked from Casey’s head and 4 buccal swabs to use for DNA testing.

Investigators collect items from the Anthony home including a toothbrush, hairbrush, comb, and thermometer Caylee used to name a few. [Larry Garrison later exposes Cindy for giving LE a hairbrush that was used by Casey and Caylee, NOT JUST FOR CAYLEE] The evidence collected for DNA testing was tagged and reported by the OCSO Forensic Section. [discovery doc p. 2793]

TUES, July 22, 2008 – A 2nd Bond Hearing was held for Casey Anthony as a result of Atty. José Baez challenging the constitutionality of her being held w/out bond.

During the court proceeding, Corporal Yuri Melich testifies about the search of Casey’s vehicle. “Briefly, just before I came into the Child Abuse Division, I was a homicide detective for two years with the OCSO and in my experience, the smell that I smelled in that car was the smell of decomposition,” Corporal Melich stated.

Cindy, George, and Lee Anthony testified. When Cindy was on the witness stand, she looked directly at Casey and made the comment…… “there is no evidence…”

While under cross examination, Corporal Yuri Melich testified that there was no direct evidence that proved Casey had anything to do with Caylee’s disappearance.

HH Judge Stan Strickland rules:  Judge Stan Strickland set Casey Anthony’s bond at $500,000 and ordered Home Confinement. She must wear a GPS monitoring device; complete a psychological evaluation w/in 30 days and turn over her passport prior to being released on bond. “Not a bit of useful information has been provided by Ms. Anthony as to the whereabouts of her daughter,” Judge Strickland said. “And I would add that the truth and Ms. Anthony are strangers.”

WED, July 23, 2008 – A new court order was issued changing the conditions of Casey Anthony’s release. She will be released on home confinement w/electronic monitoring set up by the OC County Corrections System and she would only be able to leave the home with permission. She must also hand over her passport and have a psychological evaluation by 2 separate doctors within 30 days of her release.

Casey Anthony will be monitored at the Anthony home by an electronic device strapped to her ankle. This has a transmitter (proximity device) that lets authorities know if sjhe leaves home. It operates on a radio frequency which is linked to a device on the home phone. She must stay within 150 feet of the receiving unit to be considered in range. 

A $225,000 reward is being offered for information leading to Caylee’s safe return. In the recording broadcast arranged by the Never Lose Hope Foundation, George Anthony tells listeners that the reward for information leading to Caylee’s whereabouts is now $225,000 — a $100,000 increase thanks to local businessman Peter Benevides, according to MyFOX Orlando.

Cindy invites approx. 13 new and old friends of Casey’s to the Anthony home as part of her own investigation and to share information.  Annie D. made the contacts with Casey’s friends for this meeting. Amy H. got a text from Annie D. stating Ms. Anthony wants everyone to meet at her house tonight at 8 p.m. Amy H. invited Ricardo M.  Cindy stated, Ricardo M. was the only one who did not participate in the discussion and appeared very uncomfortable.

Jesse G. sent text to Amy H. that Tony L. will not be going to the meeting at the Anthony home. He will only talk with detectives.

THU, July 24, 2008 – Atty. José Baez, files a Writ of Habeas Corpus, asking that Casey be released from jail so that she can aid in the search for her daughter.

In a 75 min. interview conducted by LE, Sgt. John Allen told George there are 1200 pictures in Casey’s Photobucket account. [This account was opened on 4/2/2007]

Someone attached a link which will allow anyone to see the pictures.  He also pointed out the fact that NOT ONE PICTURE was of a ZENAIDA! George also mentioned Casey’s story about being robbed at gunpoint when she worked at the Sports Authority located at SR 436 {Semoran BV} and RT 50 {Colonial DR}. [LIE]

FRI, July 25, 2008 – Atty. José Baez mentioned to members of OCSO his interest in pursuing Limited Immunity for Casey if she were to make another statement to LE.

LE interviewed Ricardo M. He claimed Casey called Caylee’s Nanny Zany.  When he inquired about Zany’s real name, Ricardo M. said Casey told him it was ‘Zenita.’ [discovery doc p. 1282] When asked about a pic of Caylee with a bruise under her eye, he stated it was due to an accident – Caylee ran into a table in his apartment on 1/23/08.

Ricardo M. recalled a time (not the specific date) during the period when they were dating between Feb – April 2008 when Casey and Caylee were there at night but when he woke up the next morning Caylee was not there. Casey told him that her mom called during the night and wanted her to bring Caylee home.

Casey’s family visits her in jail.  She admitted to feeling “extremely guilty” about stealing Amy’s money. Casey provided G & C Anthony with a description of Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez’s car.  Cindy questioned why it appeared that none of Caylee’s clothes and things were missing from her room.  Casey’s response was ZFG had a “lot of money” and had everything Caylee needed like clothes, socks, toys, etc. [LIE]

Cindy asked Casey about LE showing her a photo line-up…Casey did not recognize anyone….Casey said police did not show her a “picture of that girl down in Kissimmee, FL.”

Cindy asked Casey, does Zany have a sister named Josefina that she may be living with in Miami?  Casey’s response was, “NO.” She also asked Casey if there was a specific date to backtrack to….Casey asked for clarification(she didn’t understand the question). Cindy said, “the last time you saw Caylee?”….then Casey’s response was , “June 16th.” Cindy asked, “has anyone been in our house?”  …..It was possible because “a long time ago I told you she had a key,” Casey said. [discovery doc p. 2297]

Lee writes an email to LE. In the email Lee quotes Casey regarding her employment which LE was later unable to confirm.

SAT, July 26, 2008 – Casey phones her brother from jail. During the conversation she states that she believes “Caylee is still OK.”

12:33 p.m. Lee sent an e-mail to Detective Yuri Melich, et al with detailed description of Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez; some of her relatives’ names; the type of car she drove; and other information Cindy, George and he were able to extract from Casey. [discovery doc p. 388]

Casey offers to work with the FBI to make a composite sketch of Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez. “She’s [Casey] been wanting to cooperate with authorities; she just doesn’t trust the local authorities. She would be willing to speak with the FBI,” Cindy Anthony tells

SUN, July 27, 2008 – The Anthonys held a prayer vigil with the community.  Nearly 200 people gathered at the Anthony family home to honor the missing toddler, Caylee Marie Anthony.  Despite the rain, the Anthony’s front yard was filled with people who showed up for the prayer vigil. After standing in the rain for about an hour at the vigil, Richard and his wife Debbie Grund were invited into the house.

10:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. While waiting to speak with George, Richard G. talks with Lee. Below are some interesting insights from Richard G. (Jesse G.’s father).

  • Geo. had originally invited Richard G. to come to the house so they could talk
  • Richard G. asked George why he wasn’t doing what an ex-cop would do
  • George admitted to Richard G. that he knew Casey had no job – he spoke of the time he went to Sports Authority and learned she did not work there
  • Richard G. pressed Casey about making new baby-sitter arrangements in the April 2006 timeframe. She proceeded to tell him the whole ZFG story as we know it today.
  • Jesse G. paid a cell phone bill for Casey. She paid him back with a $250 bad check. Cindy’s reply according to Richard G. was, “well she only did it once.”
  • When Richard G. mentioned that even though Jesse was not Caylee’s bio-dad he was willing to accept her as his own. Cindy’s response according to Richard G. was, “nobody put a gun to his head.”
  • When Richard G. asked Lee about a Kyle K. it was at that point Lee blocked Richard G. out of Casey’s MySpace and discontinued contact with him
  • Richard G. said, Lee told Jesse that Cindy wrapped her hands around Casey’s throat the night of 6/15/08. He was not sure if Lee was telling the truth.
  • Stephanie K. showed up at the vigil wearing an AMSCOT shirt.

MON, July 28, 2008 – an inmate at the OC Correctional Center claims he had a 2 or 3 minute conversation with Casey as she walked by at approximately 8:30 – 9 a.m. Travis N. thinks she was on her way “downtown.” He wanted to know where the baby was. Travis N. said, “I asked her through a holding cell, what’d you do with your baby?” He said Casey replied while smiling as she said, “I didn’t do nothing to the kid. My ex-boyfriend has the kid.” Investigators were unable to corroborate this story.

9 a.m. – 9:45 a.m. Lee Anthony speaks with Casey on the phone at the OC visitation center.

TUE, July 29, 2008 – Atty. José Baez, asks a judge to stay the release of visitor jail house recorded conversations, 911 tapes and visitor logs to the media.  DENIED!

9:00 a.m. and 9:45 a.m. C & G Anthony visit Casey in the OC Jail

1:00 p.m. ASA Linda Drane Burdick sent e-mail to Atty. José Baez about the possible use of immunity for his client, Casey Anthony if she were to make another statement to LE regarding her daughter, Caylee Anthony. Ms. Burdick was open to discuss this matter with Mr. Baez in the interest of finding Caylee, but she pointed out he would need to proffer anticipated testimony before any further discussions of immunity would take place.

5:56 p.m. – 7:40 p.m. Tony L. met with Lee Anthony in his car in the parking lot of a local Subway restaurant.  LE detectives installed 4 cameras in Tony L.’s car and strapped a wire to him in order to secretly record this conversation.

Lee Anthony didn’t seem to have any inside information about what happened to Caylee, but he questioned Casey’s honesty. “I just don’t know if I can believe what she’s saying, you know,” Lee told Lazarro. “Obviously it seems like; it seems like, number one, she wasn’t looking for Caylee. She says that she was.

Atty. José Baez Subpoenaed Casey’s MySpace and f/b records.

Cindy appeared on the M & J Show. She claimed there were no doubts for 30 days about where Caylee was because she was with her mother until 7/15/08.  Cindy said she spoke to Casey everyday.  Cindy told the hosts of the show that Casey has always been a “responsible and excellent mother.”

However, Cindy failed to mention that Casey stopped by the Anthony home on 6/24/08 (the day George retrieved his gas cans from the trunk of her car).

Cindy also stated that the lead cadaver dog [K-9 Gerus] hit inconsistently in their backyard (i.e., playhouse and sandbox)….the dog never hit in the same place twice.

WED, July 30, 2008 – The Fifth District Court of Appeals (3-Judge Panel) in Daytona Beach reviewed Atty. Baez’s appeal of the $500k bond, asking that it be reduced to $10k. DENIED!  The State Attorney General supported this decision. Later this afternoon, Atty. Baez was in the process of filing the appeal with the FL Supreme Court.

2:02 p.m. FBI SA Duke receives call from Corporal Yuri Melich who said Tony L. had been cleaning his vehicle and discovered a piece of paper in Casey’s handwriting, between the front seat and console.  It contained directions to 501 Sparrow Hawk Cove, Chuluota, FL.

Cindy Anthony video-taped interview by the FBI.

  • She came to this session with Nick Savage (Lead interviewer) with her notebook full of documents.
  • Cindy started in airing her grievances about the way OCSO was handling the investigation; the excessive $500k bond; concerns about how Casey was being treated and loading them up on her own theories based on clues she believed Casey was trying to give her.
  •  She also complained about clerical errors and misstatements in the discovery docs and how the news media were leading the public to believe this information was evidence.
  • Cindy talked about looking into her address book – found a yellow sticky with “Zany’s phone number” (a phone # given to her by Casey) written on it and gave it to a ‘Black’ OCSO Detective.
  • Cindy said there was a “bag” [handbag] that Casey took to work sitting on the front seat of the car, which she found suspicious because most women do not leave their handbags anywhere.
  • Cindy claims there was a lanyard (green shamrocks and white beads) with her Universaal ID on it hanging on the rearview mirror in Casey’s car. She strongly suggested that the OCSO Detetives took it without accounting for it.  [Note:  In her Depo by Prosecution – 7/29/09 Cindy admitted to finding the lanyard in her bedroom in the Aug./Sept 2008timeframe.  She claims to have turned it over to Atty. Baez].
  • Cindy provided some background information that may not appear anywhere else in this timeline of events.
  • Cindy and George were separated for 6 mos. Timeframe:  November of 2005 to EO June of 2006. George moved in with his family living in Ft. Myers, FL.
  • Cindy claims Casey told Lee about Caylee being taken from her at J. Blanchard Park. [LIE] Cindy nervously described how Zany and Zany’s sister took Caylee at J. Blanchard Park….She said, Casey claimed Zany knocked her to the ground and said, “listen B!tch I’m going to teach you a lesson… you’re not getting Caylee back.[Note: video tape 4 of 11 @ 17:45 mark] Lee claims Casey told him the J Blanchard Park scenario a couple of days after Casey was bailed out of jail. Casey was released from jail and placed on home confinement starting 8/20/2008.
  • Amy and Ricardo told Cindy that Casey actually planned the trip for Puerto Rico and made the reservations.
  • Back in December 2007 or January 2008, Cindy said Casey told her Zany and some of her friends lost a lot money in the stock market. She also reflected on Amy H.’s mail being sent to the Anthony home. While exploring possibilities of people who may have had a motive to take Caylee, Cindy arrive at these conclusions – Zany=Amy or Jesse or Ricardo. [discovery doc p. 7603]
  • Cindy claimed during the 3 – 4 yr. period of Casey knowing Zany, her address has changed at least 3 times and phone number also changed frequently.  The address Cindy found in her kitchen and gave to LE was 232 N. Glenwood AV.  Initially, she strongly suggested this was Zany’s apt. She showed Nick Savage a picture of Caylee in a blue dress sitting near drums. [This is the apt. where Amy H., Ricardo M., and JP Chatt live]

THU, July 31, 2008 – During an interview with Cindy by the media, she stated the OCSO had informed her that the story by the inmate [Travis N.] was FALSE because Casey was never near male inmates during the whole processing procedure. She also told the media they need to check their facts and to do more responsible journalism. Cindy emphasized the need for the media to keep the focus on finding Caylee Marie.

Corp. Eric Edwards & Yuri Melich interviewed Cindy.  Among other things, Cindy spoke about Caylee’s father who was only known to her as “Eric”. Cindy claims their Atty. Paul Kelley helped them draw up paperwork for custody of Caylee.  Cindy never met or spoke with Eric and knew only that he died based on what Casey told her. [discovery doc p. 2302]

Cindy told investigators that they could get Eric’s last name from the custody papers, which she promised to submit, but never did.

Atty. Paul Kelley claims he has no file created for this request and he had no further information regarding who “Eric” was.

George Anthony’s video-taped interview by FBI.  Typed transcript [discovery doc pp. 7878 – 8000] George provided some background information that may not appear anywhere else in this timeline of events.

  • Casey DID NOT GRADUATE with her Colonial High School Class of 2004.  According to C & G Anthony, Casey came up ½ – 1 credit short. She did not go to summer school to make it up nor did she get a G.E.D.
  • G & C Anthony separated in 11/2005 – 6/2006.  He moved into his parents’ home in Ft. Myers, FL.  He claims the separation was due to him getting involved in an on-line gambling scam. Sold his 1989 Camry in 8/2006 for $4,000.
  • George said Casey took money from Cindy’s account on-line, from her purse, and using her credit cards.  Casey also imaged a deposit slip in the amount of $4,400. This bogus deposit slip caused the mortgage ($700) payment to bounce.  George also mentioned that Casey had borrowed about $400 or $500 from Ryan P. and probably never paid him back.
  • Casey stole money from Caylee’s savings account that George had set up for her.  She also stole money out of Caylee’s piggy bank. George talked about his suspicion that Casey had not worked in 2 years and that she was being very irresponsible with money.  She did not contribute to the household in a financial way and never kept gas in the car.
  • George found a resume for Casey showing she was employed 2004 – 2006 at Kodak/Colorvision at Universal Studios.  Casey typed “NANNY” as her occupation starting in 2006.  George told her she could not do that because she had not actually worked as a nanny and people would ask her for references.
  • George said Caylee did not ever mention Zany and she did not respond when the name was called.  She did not recognize the names Zack, Annabelle, Jeff either.  However, she did recognize Uncle Lee (“E”) and his girlfriend Mallory (“Mowy”) P.