CMA Timeline – June 2009


MON, June 1, 2009  – Lois P. from St. Cloud (Osceola County) went to the natural memorial site on Suburban Drive with her 13-year-old grand daughter, Dakota S. and two adult friends to leave a cross.  At approx. 10:30 p.m. they saw Cindy Anthony putting something into the trunk of a Black SUV, which was being driven by George Anthony.

The cross that they had placed earlier was gone, Lois P., said. They took a pic, and that is what appeared to have set off a high speed chase.

The Milsteads (founders of KFN) were in one truck and the Anthonys in another vehicle chasing Lois P.’s car around the neighborhood, boxing them in twice. Lois P. and the other 2 adult friends have filed complaints and this matter is under investigation by the OCSO.

Atty. José Baez filed another Motion to Stay the video tape of Casey taken on 12/11/08 as she watched a WFTV news report that a child’s remains were found. He filed the same motion last week, but it was filed to late for the judge to have time to read it.

Atty. Jonathen Kasen (Casey Anthony’s Lawyer for the ZFG civil suit) filed another “Motion to Stay” the civil case until resolution of the criminal case.

WED, June 3, 2009 – P.I. Dominic Casey has decided to prevent the Baez Defense Team from accessing all of his cell phone records.  P.I. Casey had previously posted his November 2008 phone records on his web-site.

FRI, June 5, 2009  –  Atty. José Baez  filed court documents today which outlined reasons for requesting phone records  for the individuals who objected to the subpoena.  The designated timeframes required are as follows:

Amy H. – March 2008 – February 2009

Jesse G. – March 2008 – February 2009

Roy K. – June 2008 – June 2009

MON, June 8, 2009 – Atty. José Baez has filed a new motion to delay the decision on the possible release of the 12/11/08 jail video tape.  He alleges the Prosecutors and LE have improperly leaked secret information about the criminal case against Casey to the media.

The media has filed motions objecting to the Baez Defense Team request to seal the 12/11/08 jailhouse video tape of Casey Anthony.  The Prosecution has no preference. Late in the afternoon, Atty. Baez asked the court to postpone the next hearing in regards to this tape.

G & C Anthony will not be charged over the incident of the alleged attempted attack and chasing of Lois P. and others at the natural memorial site for Caylee on Suburban Drive.

THU, June 11, 2009Atty. Brad Conway filed a motion today to block the release of the autopsy findings. The timing of the motion being filed did not give the media enough notice; therefore the judge delayed the release until all affected parties have an opportunity to argue their positions in a court hearing.

Approx. 1,000 discovery documents are expected to be released tomorrow. However, Judge Stan Strickland ordered a “Temporary Stay” on the release of Caylee Anthony’s Autopsy Report, which was originally included in the doc release.

Letter from the FBI addressed to Lawson Lamar, State Attorney regarding participation in Polygraph Testing.


  1. Amy H. – 8/28/08
  2. Tony L. – 9/2/08
  3. Ricardo M. – 9/5/08
  4. Jesse G. – 9/9/08
  5. Anthony R. – 9/10/08


  1. George Anthony
  2. Cindy Anthony
  3. Lee Anthony

Someone sent a screen print of *HumbleOpinion’s Weblog* with Q & A for Michelle Bart to P.I. Dominic Casey. Although it is noted that the answers were NOT provided by Michelle Bart, the person who sent this e-mail message to P.I. Casey took offense and strongly suggested the person responsible should be held accountable. [discovery doc pp. 8034 – 8039] Comments from other blogs were also forwarded to him.

FRI, June 12, 2009  – The State Attorney’s Office released 855 pages of documents. [Re: Case documents released]

Dr. Jan Garavaglia, Medical Examiner said the Autopsy Report on the remains of Caylee Marie Anthony draws no new conclusions as to her cause of death.

Dr. G. reported in December 2008 that the toddler’s death was a homicide of unknown origin. However, she added that she included a summary of conclusions drawn about what happened to Caylee based on tests and other evidence gathered since she made her initial findings.

P.I. Dominic Casey is the subject for a Contempt Motion after he failed to show up for deposition on 3/25/09 at the Morgan & Morgan Law Firm. Judge José Rodriguez has not ruled on the Contempt Motion.

TUE, June 15, 2009 One year ago today, Caylee was last seen alive by several people at a Mt. Dora Nursing Home. This visit with Cindy’s father, Alex P. was captured on video and camera.

Several news media wrote articles that included highlights of the Caylee Marie Anthony story.

TUE, June 16, 2009 – G & C Anthony appeared on CBS News: The Early Show. When George spoke about the last day he saw Caylee, he mentioned having breakfast with her at 7:30 a.m.  [In previous statements, George only mentions seeing Casey and Caylee leaving the house on 6/16/08 at 12:50 p.m.]

George is the only person who claimed to have seen Caylee on 6/16/08  Cindy responded to Ron Cummings’ comment about not wanting their help by saying he made a mistake. She said, no one should turn away help from anyone.

Atty. Brad Conway appeared on the ABC News: Good Morning America.  He stated that the Atty. Baez made the decision for the Anthony family to not visit Casey in jail because the visits would be video-taped. Atty. Conway also spoke about his and his clients’ efforts to get control over the information that the public gets to see.  They want to make sure Casey gets a fair trial.

Atty. Linda Kenny-Baden and her husband, Dr. Michael Baden appeared on the NBC News: Today Show.  She claimed they [Casey Anthony’s Criminal Defense Team of Lawyers] have an innocent client.  The Badens’ new criminal thriller “Skeleton Justice” debuts today. They answered questions about their book, but would not comment on the case against Casey.

Approximately 35 – 40 people attended the Caylee Anthony Memorial Vigil at J Blanchard Park. Rev. Richard Grund presided over the ceremony which started at 6 p.m. and concluded at 7 p.m.

TUE, June 17, 2009 – Circuit Court Judge Stan Strickland issued a 3-page order today to seal the jail house video tape (recorded on 12/11/08) of Casey Anthony’s reaction to news about the remains of a small child being found near the Anthony home.

The Orlando Sentinel filed a Motion to Intervene, which Judge Strickland GRANTED.

“Considering the matter and penalty at hand, it does seem too great a restraint to limit access to the video in question. Therefore, the defendant’s Motion to Seal the videotape is GRANTED, and it must not be released for viewing by the general public or media, until further order of the court.” – Judge Stan Strickland.

“While the court is loathed to shield any public record, an argument can certainly be made that the contents of the video are highly inflammatory,” Strickland wrote in his 3-page order.

FRI, June 19, 2009 – George Anthony delivered an emotional plea to Judge Stan Strickland asking that the results of Caylee Marie Anthony’s Autopsy Report be held until the Casey Anthony trial begins.

Atty. Brad Conway said he saw no reason for the autopsy results to be released, saying the information would cause needless additional pain and suffering to his clients – G & C Anthony.

Judge Stan Strickland ruled to allow the release of Caylee Anthony’s Autopsy Report (excluding x-rays) to the public. While he expressed compassion for the Anthony family, Judge Strickland’s decision was based on the fact that there was nothing in the Autopsy Report that would interfere with Casey Anthony’s ability to get a fair trial and the laws regarding public records accessibility are very clear, therefore the Motion to Stay the Release of the Autopsy Report was DENIED.   

After Judge Strickland’s ruling, Atty. José Baez, representing Casey Anthony, asked the judge for a 48-hour stay on the release of the documents. DENIED For the record Baez stated his objection.

Highlights from the Autopsy Report, Forensic Report and other related documents released today are as follows:

  • The Autopsy Report shows they collected an almost complete skeleton of a young child with only multiple small bones missing.
  • Dr. G noted that although there was “no trauma evident to the skeleton,” the duct tape on Caylee’s mouth “was clearly placed prior to decomposition.”
  • The full test results from air samples taken from Casey Anthony’s car concluded that compounds associated with HUMAN DECOMPOSITION were found. [not from pizza and not from squirrels]
  • There is duct tape over the lower facial region still attached to scalp hairs.  [Note: Three 2 1/2″ stips of duct tape covered the mouth and nose which kept the mandible in place]
  • Based on the fact that roots had begun to grow in the vertebrae of the skeleton, Dr. G concluded that Caylee’s body had been placed there a short time after 6/15/08.
  • Fragments of clothing and other items were also found with the remains

FRI, June 19, 2009 – The Prosecution filed a Motion to Compel Photographs of Casey Anthony’s tattoo – “Bella Vita”, which she obtained on 7/3/08 at the Cast Iron Tattoo Shop.

The Prosecution filed a Motion to Determine a New Trial Date for the Financial/Check Fraud charges.

SUN, June 21, 2009FATHER’S DAY!

MON, June 22, 2009 – Atty. Brad Conway was a guest on the Today Show. When Meredith asked the question, when was the last time they [George & Cindy Anthony] saw their daughter, he responded, “14 October 2008 was the last time they saw her [Casey] in person …but they do exchange letters with her through Mr. Baez.

FRI, June 26, 2009 – A court hearings are scheduled for 9/8/09 at 10 a.m.  and 9/9/09 at 3:15 p.m. to address pending motions (i.e., Motion to Dismiss; Compel George, Cindy and Lee Anthony to answer questions not answered in their depositions; and possibly to hold in Contempt P.I. Dominic Casey) in the ZFG civil case.