CMA Timeline – March 2009


MON, March 2, 2009 – Casey Anthony appeared in an Orange County court.  Her Atty. José Baez motioned the court to stay the release of discovery for personal pictures on Photobucket of Casey and the jailhouse video-tape of her reaction to the news that human remains were found near the Anthony home on 12/11/08.

Judge Strickland ruled that the Photobucket pics would NOT be blocked from being released to the public.  However, the jailhouse video-tape would be blocked for now.  Atty. Baez has 20 days to view the video and to motion the court to seal.

The judge also set a tentative trial date for the 1st Degree Murder Charge case against Casey Anthony for 10/12/09.

C & G Anthony were in attendance at the 2 hr. hearing today. They had not seen Casey since 10/14/2008.  Atty. Brad Conway was also present.

A new Defense Atty. named Todd Macaluso joins the José Baez’s Defense Team.  He specializes in accident reconstruction.  Atty. Macaluso served as co-counsel in today’s hearing.

TUE, March 3, 2009 – Atty. Brad Conway filed a Motion to Stay the release of George Anthony’s suicide letter.  In the motion, Atty. Conway said a copy of George Anthony’s suicide notes were given to the police, who gave a copy to the SAO.  He also claims the suicide letter has no bearing on the criminal case against Casey Anthony.

WED, March 4, 2009 – News media released a copy of Casey Anthony’s response to the interrogatories.  John Morgan (ZFG’s Atty.) submitted 17 different topics, some with multiple related questions, for Casey to answer as part of her deposition in the ZFG civil case – Defamation.

Of the 29 total questions, Casey invokes her 5th Amendment Right* on all of the questions except her name. Casey signed the interrogatory doc on 2/25/09.

A court hearing is scheduled for 5/19/09 when Casey’s Attorney, Jonathan Kasen will attempt to get the lawsuit dismissed.

THU, March 5, 2009 – More discovery docs were released by the news media to the public:  Evidence Report

  • Casey Anthony Interview Transcript – after Grand Jury handed down indictment and a car chase on 10/14/08, LE arrested Casey.
  • See Photobucket Images ~ More Pics – 1 pic of Caylee w/heart sticker; images of skeletons and more.
  • Anthony Lazzaro Wiretap, Phone Record Investigation – Tony L. participates in LE sting op. with Lee Anthony via video/audio recording in an LE provided vehicle. He also agreed to a wire tap on his cell phone.
  • P.I. Jim Hoover Interview Transcript – exposes P.I. Dominic Casey for knowingly looking for Caylee’s remains back in mid November.
  • Anthony Lazzaro Interview Transcript – rides w/LE to show where Casey allegedly ran out of gas on 6/23/08. He recalled Casey crying one morning (prior to 6/30/08) while watching video of Caylee being held by Alex Plesea (Caylee’s GGF) at the Mt. Dora Nursing Home on 6/15/08.
  • Roy Kronk Interview Transcript – includes a hand-drawn map of the area where he found Caylee Anthony’s remains in December.
  • Deputy Jerold White Interview Transcript – made a note on the crimeline tip sheet that Corp. Yuri Melich informed him the area where Caylees remains were later found in the wooded area of the 8900 block of Suburban Drive had been searched. Tip closed w/note date of 8/14/08 by Deputy Jerold White.
  • More text messages Interview Transcript – Casey’s friends sharing info about seeing her on TV and aspects of the case. They also mention Cindy’s invitation for a meeting with them on 6/23/08 at 8:00 p.m.

FRI, March 6, 2009 – ORLANDO, Fla. (WOFL FOX 35) reports the following:

  • Casey Anthony may need to answer questions in a civil lawsuit deposition and a deputy who responded to a 911 call made by the meter reader who eventually found Caylee Anthony’s remains will be questioned by the state attorney’s office.
  •  Deputy Richard Cain, who responded to Orange County meter reader Roy K.’s 911 phone calls regarding a bag found in the woods in August, will be deposed by the SAO on 3/13/09.
  •  Zenaida Gonzalez’s atty. filed a motion with the court asking that Casey Anthony be required to answer their questions. In an earlier deposition, Morgan and Morgan attys. prepared written questions but Casey only answered one: her name. A hearing has been set for 3/18/09.
  •  An affidavit concerning DNA reports and procedures was also filed by Dr. Lawrence Kobilinsky, A forensic scientist consultant to the Defense Team.

TUE, March 10, 2009 – In response to the Prosecution’s motion to find out where the money is coming from to pay the Defense Dream Team, Atty. Baez files a motion to strike the Prosecution’s request to determine potential conflict of interest.  OBJECTION AND MOTION TO STRIKE 

Casey signed a Sworn Affidavit stating she had a Retention Agreement for legal services with Atty. Jose Baez and it did not include any arrangement to sell her story. On the affidavit Casey hand wrote an additional point #7 which reads, “I believe Mr. Ashton is angry because I have refused to take a plea agreement for a crime I did not commit.”

WED, March 11, 2009 – Attys. for ZFG filed a motion in court to force Lee Anthony to answer questions in a civil case against Casey.  Lee Anthony, under the advice of Atty. Luka, refused to answer the question regarding his knowledge of who Caylee’s father is and the one about his belief regarding Casey’s involvement in Caylee’s disappearance.

Atty. Baez stated that he has viewed the video tape showing Casey Anthony in jail when she found out a child’s remains were found near the Anthony home on 12/11/08. According to a source who has also seen the tape, it shows Baez sitting with Casey and he appears to be crying while she appears to be angry. Baez said that is not true.

THU, March 12, 2009  – COURT HEARING:  Motions presented by the Defense Attys. José Baez and Linda Baden-Kenny regarding evidence and proposed sanctions were heard by Circuit Court Judge Strickland.

  • The defense requested that state and LE release all DNA notes, reports and details about the standards used to collect evidence. NO RULING – Judge Strickland said he has no jurisdiction over the FBI outside of FL and he advised the defense to make this request of the FBI.
  •  The defense requested the court impose sanctions on the state for not telling a defense expert that trash and other items were removed from Casey’s car. DENIED
  •  The defense requested notes about how the search for the pic of interest – “Win her over with Chloroform” was performed on Ricardo M.’s computer; observations about any file deletions, etc.  The judge said IF there were notes taken, they should be turned over to the defense.

Atty. Brad Conway’s motion to keep George Anthony’s suicide notes a secret. That motion was put on hold pending objections that may be brought about by the media.

FRI, March 13, 2009– Deputy Richard Cain, OCSO was deposed by Casey Anthony’s defense team about his search at the Suburban Drive scene where Caylee Anthony’s remains were found.

Deputy Cain met meter reader Roy K. at the scene on 8/13/08 at 3:30 p.m.; however he reported finding trash only.  The internal investigation into this matter continues.

Atty. Mark Todd Macaluso is in some trouble with the CA State Bar Association.  He is accused of writing bad checks from one of his client’s accounts.  Atty. Macaluso joined the Baez’s Defense Team on 3/2/09 and signed a motion yesterday requesting to practice law in the state of FL.

OCSD personnel are being told, firmly, to STOP LEAKS TO THE MEDIA  Sheriff Jerry Demings issued an edict to the deputy sheriffs, investigators and supervisors. “If it’s active criminal information, don’t get caught leaking. If you get caught, it’s going to get treated seriously.”

Atty. José Baez has complained that the leaks are unfair and prejudicial to his defense.

SUN, March 15, 2009 – Today is SUNSHINE SUNDAY, the day designated by the Florida Society of News Editors to raise public awareness of the importance of open government in the state.

In the months since Anthony was arrested and eventually charged in the death of her daughter, Caylee Marie, thousands of pages of legal documents detailing the sweeping criminal investigation have been released in response to records requests.

Orlando lawyer Bill Sheaffer, a legal analyst for WFTV-Channel9, said he has never seen a case where public records have been requested, and churned out, to the degree they have been with the Anthony case.

MON, March 16, 2009  – Thomas Luka, Atty. for Lee Anthony, objected to John Morgan & Keith Mitnik, Attys. for ZFG asking Lee if he knew the identity of Caylee Marie Anthony’s father and if he thought his sister, Casey could be responsible for Caylee’s disappearance.

During Lee’s deposition on 2/27/09, Luka advised Lee to not answer those two questions, stating that they were not relevant to the civil lawsuit.

Atty. Luka filed a motion today objecting to Atty. Morgan’s motion to compel Lee to answer these questions.  Judge José Rodriguez will hear arguments regarding this matter on May 21.

Subpoena requesting deposition of Jim Hoover for ZFG civil suit was returned.

TUE, March 17, 2009  – A hearing on the ZFG civil case against Casey Anthony which was scheduled for tomorrow was canceled.

G & C Anthony will be disposed by Attys. Mitnik and Morgan on 4/9/2009.

CNN’s Nancy Grace obtained DNA lab reports proving Lee Anthony is not Caylee Anthony’s biological father. The FBI Lab report was dated 12/16/08.

THU, March 19, 2009 – Today is Casey Marie Anthony’s 23rd Birthday.  George deposited a $100 money order into her account for purchases at the jail commissary.

Jose Baez did not visit with Casey. However, attorney José Garcia spent most of the day with her and attorney Gabriel Adams joined them for a few hours. They left the jail at 3:30 p.m.

Marti Mackenzie, Atty. Baez’s spokesperson said the defense took items with Casey Anthony’s permission to do their own DNA testing during the month of September. When they heard the FBI was interested in the items, they said they proactively turned them over in December [exact date??] [discovery doc p. 6608]

Among the items included in a box were the following:

  • Umbilical Cord
  • Spiderman toothbrush, bed sheet & pillow case
  • Baby toys
  • Wood puzzle pieces
  • Three children’s books
  • Toy food and utensils
  • Pink hat
  • Tylenol drops and more >>>

FRI, March 20, 2009 – More discovery docs were released by the news media to the public included more LE interview transcripts; evidence forms; text records; investigative reports, etc.

During her interview, Shirley P. said to the investigators, “I just wondered if she hated her mom more than she loved her Caylee.”

Casey used money that she had stolen from her grandmother, Shirley P. to buy the birthday cake and other party favors for Caylee’s 2 y/o birthday celebration in August 2007.

MON, March 23, 2009 – Leonard Padilla’s deposition has been rescheduled from 3/24/09 to sometime in May 2009.  P.I.’s Jim Hoover and Dominic Casey’s depositions are scheduled for 3/25/09.

TUE, March 24, 2009 – Circuit Court Judge Stan Strickland will hear a motion from the state tomorrow to determine whether there is a conflict of interest regarding Casey’s financial arrangements to retain Atty. Baez. Prosecutors want to know if Baez has been selling the story of Casey and/or Caylee Anthony to raise money for Casey’s legal defense.

George solicited an interview with Holly Bristol, Reporter with Fox 35 to show what he described as “something special.” The Kid Finders Network raised about $30,000 in donations and purchased a search and rescue boat.  They named the boat – S.S. Caylee Marie.

WED, March 25, 2009  – COURT HEARING:  Judge Strickland heard the State’s motion regarding Casey having a potential conflict of interest in terms of funding her  legal defense. During a brief “in camera” session with Attys. & Casey, they discussed the intricacies of the attorney-client agreement.  Judge Stan Strickland ruled that there is no conflict. Although this meeting was not made available to the public, a court reporter transcribed what was discussed. [THIS TRANSCRIPT WAS SEALED]

A discussion – “side-bar” session that took place at the judge’s bench toward the end of the hearing was not transcribed.

P.I. Jim Hoover was deposed at the Morgan & Morgan Law Firm as scheduled, but P.I. Dominic Casey was not.  Instead, P.I. Casey opted to retain a criminal law atty. – J. Cheney Mason. The video-taped deposition of P.I. Hoover was filed with the clerk’s office and released to the media.

Atty. Jonathan Kasen (Casey’s atty. in the ZFG civil suit) filed a Protective Order as another means to keep Casey from having to answer questions from ZFG’s attys. about the identity of her mystery nanny.

FRI, March 27, 2009  – Atty. José Baez is in the process of scheduling depositions for P.I. Jim Hoover, Amy H., several OCSO Investigators, and four OC Corrections Center Officers to be held next week.  Two of the Corrections Officers observed Casey’s reaction the day Caylee’s remains were found.