CMA Timeline – May 2009


FRI, May 1, 2009  – Hundreds of pages were released today in the case against Casey Anthony. No additional incriminating evidence was revealed.  Included in the document release were lab results from evidence found in the Anthony home, Casey’s car and in the woods on Suburban Drive where Caylee’s remains were found.

The detectives were trying to link evidence from all three locations, but based on the lab results so far, there is no conclusive scientific connection.

Scientists at the FBI lab examined Caylee’s hair for foreign chemicals, specifically muscle relaxants and Xanex, but no chemicals were found. However, there were textile fibers of various types found on the hair mass, debris from the skull and the tape.  They were saved for future comparisons.  Additional trace evidence examinations are continuing and will be in a separate report.

The released documents included FBI LAB Report of Examination [discovery doc pp. 5581 – 5604]; interviews and more. [re: Case Documents for May 2009]

MON, May 4, 2009 – Defense Atty. José Baez filed a motion for a change of venue to South FL. He is requesting that Casey Anthony’s 1st Degree Murder Trial be moved to Miami-Dade County.  In the 17-page motion, Baez listed several examples of media reports on the case — ranging from protesters staged outside the Anthony home to audio files of law-enforcement interviews.

Based on the volume of reporting on the case combined with the Orange County community reaction to Caylee’s death, Atty. Baez is making a case that a change of venue would improve Casey’s ability to get a fair trial. Motion For Change Of Venue

WED, May 5, 2009 – Atty. José Baez deposes Lt. Tammy Uncer and Deputy Phillip Graves both of OCCO.

Cynthia Marie Plesea ANTHONY, Registered Nurse [License Number: Rn2087282] RENEWED.  License Expiration Date:  4/30/2011.

THU, May 7, 2009 – The SAO Assistant State Attorney, Jeffrey Ashton filed a motion requesting a hearing to find out who will be the Lead Criminal Defense atty. – DP case qualified in the 1st Degree Murder Case against Casey Anthony.

Atty. José Baez is not qualified to defend a death penalty case and Terence Lenamon notified Casey Anthony of his withdrawal from her case effective 12/06/08.

The defense filed an objection to the motion, saying that it is not necessary because a qualified atty. will be announced at the next hearing scheduled for 5/28/09.

TUE, May 11, 2009 – Atty. José Baez deposes Tim Armstrong  & David Dean of OC Public Works and Deputy Adriana Acevedo, OCSO.

TUE, May 12, 2009 – Terence Lenamon on NG….. Atty. Terence Lenamon now says he stopped representing Casey because he did not agree with the legal strategy of her lead attorney Jose Baez.

We had a difference in what I believe should have been done with the approach that is mental health related,” per Lenamon’s interview on CNN’s Nancy Grace Show. VIDEO

In a report presented to prosecutors on 11/5/08, Lenamon explained why Anthony’s case didn’t fit the state’s criteria for the DP. Lenamon explored Anthony’s erratic behavior. “After Caylee was born, people noticed a different person…. her spending, bad-check writing and multiple unstable relationships “indicate episodes of extreme emotional disturbance,” he wrote.

OC Corrections Center officials are denying a report that Casey Anthony had to be restrained the day she found out the state was seeking the death penalty. Teri Thomas – aka: Teri Narsesian (inmate), claims she observed Casey in her cell pod on 4/13/09 when Casey learned the SAO was seeking the Death Penalty against her. Teri claimed she witnessed Casey saying, “I’m pissed, I’m pissed….and that Casey asked Teri to help her as she was being restrained by correctional officers.   The Orange County Correctional officials say this never happened! (According to WESH)

WED, May 13, 2009 – Bill Sheaffer, WFTV legal analysis called Lenamon’s statement a “BOMBSHELL.”  “In order to employ a mental-health defense, one has to admit the act,” Sheaffer said. “We must assume that prior to making this statement, that this attorney was fully apprised of all the facts in this case.”

G & C Anthony and Atty. Brad Conway are guests on CNN’s Larry King Live Show. Their last appearance on this show was on 12/10/08 (the day before Caylee’s remains were found).  Larry King kicked on the show by holding stacks of papers representing thousands of comments and questions from bloggers regarding the Anthonys. He warned that most of the comments were negative.


  • G & C Anthony say they are going to support their daughter, Casey no matter what.
  • G & C Anthony say they have not spoken with Casey since 10/14/08….media attention prevents them from visiting Casey  in the 33rd St Jail, so they communicate with her via letters
  • Cindy Anthony says the public especially the “bloggers” don’t understand their situation – they pick their actions apart
  • Cindy gets her pluck in for the Caylee Marie Anthony Foundation, Inc. of which she holds the title of President. George, Lee and other non-family members are Directors of this non-profit organization.
  • Atty. Bad Conway clearly stated the G & C Anthony are NOT under investigation for obstruction of justice.  However, he believes they still need legal representation.

MON, May 18, 2009 – Deputy Richard Cain’s hearing on the appeal of his termination – CANCELED.  He tendered his resignation  today.

MON, May 19, 2009 – Court hearing held with Judge José Rodriguez presiding.  Attys. Mitnik & Wells represented Zenaida Gonzalez in the civil suit against Casey Anthony.  Atty. Jonathan Kasen represented Casey Anthony.  Atty. Kasen’s motion to dismiss was DENIED.  Atty. Mitnik’s motion to amend civil suit to include punitive damages was GRANTED. ZFG now seeking more than $15,000 in damages.

MON, May 20, 2009  – The court hearing scheduled for today started late only to have on the record the reason it was being CANCELED.  Earlier today Atty. Brad Conway  called Atty. Keith Mitnik to inform him that he would not be able to attend court because he injured his back.  Atty. Mitnik asked about doing the process by phone, but Atty. Conway declined.

Three complaints against Atty. José A. Baez are being heard by a grievance committee.  These complaints were filed with the FL Bar by Judge Stan Strickland, P.I. Dominic Casey (claiming that Atty. Baez had told him not to call 911 if he found the body of Caylee Anthony) and 3rd person [not identified] .

THU, May 21, 2009  – Annie Downing arrived at the Morgan & Morgan Law Firm with her Criminal Atty. Warren W. Lindsey for her deposition.

Annie testified that she did not know anything about Casey having a Nanny, and she had not heard the name Zanny or Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez from Casey.  She only knew the ZFG name from on the news.

The first time Casey was released from jail on bond, Annie visited with her for a couple of hours.   The second visit was a sleep-over.  Annie claims Casey told her, when this is all over, I have a lot to tell you.  Casey told Annie “they” told her what to say and that she had a “gut feeling Caylee would be home by her 3rd birthday.”

Annie claimed she told Casey, I really don’t want to know.”.She didn’t want to be that person that knew everything.  However, Annie did inquire about the chloroform in Casey’s trunk.  She claims Casey told her it must have come from some of those cleaning supplies in the trunk.

Annie also spoke about the on-going friction between Cindy and Casey regarding parenting Caylee. Other arguments had to do with Cindy wanting Casey and Caylee to stay in the home and Casey wanting to move out.

FRI, May 22, 2009 – Orange County Court records show just over 100 pages of new documents were released to Atty. José Baez, this week. Since the beginning of the Casey Anthony case (July 2008), investigators have generated just under 6,500 pages of discovery docs, a/v taped interviews and other material.

MON, May 25, 2009MEMORIAL DAY! Speedpark Motorsports in Daytona along with Take 25, a program from The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children were the sponsors.  The events purpose was to remember and look for clues in some high profile missing children’s cases.  G & C Anthony attended. Cindy spent some time on the track drag racing [photo op].

THU, May 28, 2009  – Court Hearing with Judge Stan Strickland presiding.  The new DEATH PENALTY QUALIFIED Atty., Professor Andrea D. Lyon  from the state of IL joined the Baez Defense team.  Also present on the defense team were Attys. Linda Kenny-Baden and Todd E. Macaluso.

Atty. Macaluso told the judge that releasing the surveillance video would violate Anthony’s right to privacy since it was filmed while she was in a medical office at the OC Corrections Center, seeking medical treatment.

Casey’s attys. have alleged that her jailers worked with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office to have the television news on in the medical office so Anthony’s reaction could be recorded.  The OCSO said there was no orchestration with the jail.

The Prosecutors argued that they have not had enough time to review and response to the Atty. Baez’s new motion.  Judge Stan Strickland delayed a decision on whether to release the video of Casey’s reaction on 12/11/08, saying he also wanted input from lawyers representing the media organizations pursuant to the state’s public records law.  Media attys. have 7 days to weigh in on this issue.

The OC Corrections Center has 7 days to respond to allegations it violated Casey’s civil rights when it recorded her reaction to a child’s remains being found.

When Atty. Baez made his arguments to provide justification for requesting phone records for the named individuals, he singled out Jesse G. was a suspect at some point in time during the investigation into Caylee’s disappearance.  That comment is FALSE.

 Judge Strickland instructed Atty. Baez to narrow the scope of his request for phone records and to provide a statement of material relevance for Jesse G., Amy H., and Roy K. [These are the individuals who had attys. present at the hearing to object to the subpoena on their behalf].

For all of the others whose records were requested, the subpoena will be GRANTED. Those individuals who did not have legal counsel making objections on their behalf are as follows:

  1. Cindy Anthony
  2. George Anthony
  3. Lee Anthony
  4. Tony Lazzaro
  5. Ricardo Morales
  6. Keith Williams
  7. Richard Cain
  8. Dominic Casey
  9. Jim Hoover

Casey did not acknowledge G & C Anthony upon her entrance into or exit from the courtroom.

After the court hearing, the Baez Defense Team holds a presser. Prof. Andrea D. Lyon said her first priority is to thoroughly review the case, which could mean the trial may not start by October 2009. Prof. Lyon plans to file motions with the court that will challenge the prosecutions’ decision to make this a Death Penalty case.