CMA Timeline – November 2008


FRI, November 1, 2008 – Detective Yuri Melich reprimanded for participation in blogging.

TUE, November 4, 2008 – TES is back in Orlando, FL getting ready for the BIG SEARCH for Caylee Marie Anthony.

Ricardo M. Interview by LE.  Follow-up questions regarding his computer content; Casey’s access to his computer; pics and e-mail he forwarded to the Globe; e-mail messages to and from Casey (only 1 from Casey appeared on computer today).  Ricardo’s computer was submitted to OCSO Forensic Unit for analysis. AUDIO

Motion to Compel Tips Gathered By Law Enforcement (2nd filing) – The Defense states they received one  CD containing approx. 450 tips (psychic in nature) from the Prosecution on 10/27/08. To date there have been approx. 5,000 tips of Caylee Marie Anthony sightings reported to LE.

WED, November 5, 2008 – Pre-trial Hearing:  Atty. Baez’s motioned the court for a continuance (Waiver of Right to a Speedy Trial) on the Grand Theft Charge. Judge Strickland GRANTED it for now. The Prosecution argued that the Grand Theft case was a “relatively simple case” and should not be held in abeyance until after the criminal trial. Atty. Baez’s argument of “judicial economy” would be taken under advisement and decide next month.  No ruling, at this time, on delaying the check fraud charges until after the 1st degree murder charge.

We all believe she’s alive,” Atty. José Baez said during a hearing at the OC Courthouse. However, Behind the scenes, the Defense Team sent 30 pages of documents to prosecutors. In those documents, Casey Anthony’s lawyers argued that if Caylee is dead that it was “almost certainly a tragic accident.”

The documents also said Caylee Marie Anthony could’ve been poisoned by chloroform or she could have died while she was sedated. They said the cause of death could have been an unwitting overdose of a sedative.  VIDEO

THU, November 6, 2008 –  Prosecution’s Motion Concerning Extra-Judicial Comments (i.e. request for a Gag Order)

FRI, November 7, 2008 – TES organizers are expecting up to possibly 5,000 volunteers, including expert searchers, marines and pilots, to help with the search for Caylee this weekend. The primary targeted areas for the search are as follows :

  1. Moss Park
  2. Jay Blanchard Park
  3. Woods [Suburban DR] near the Anthony home
  4. Land near Orlando International Airport (OIA)

Thousands of volunteers lead by 250 team captains will head out tomorrow morning in what TES representatives are calling the “largest search effort in U.S. history.” VIDEO

SAT, November 8, 2008 – TES leads group of volunteers in a search of a 25-acre area around the OIA for Caylee. They found nothing.

P.I. Jim Hoover claims he told Tim Miller to search in the wooded area off of Suburban DR near the Anthony home. He allegedly approached TES Volunteer, Bill Todd about a tip that someone saw Casey’s car parked near a patch of woods on Suburban DR, back in June 2008.

SUN, November 9, 2008 – Tim Miller of TES announces the search is OFF, Bounty Hunter, Leonard Padilla announces the search is ON.

LP said beads from a cross necklace found by a TES searcher in August resembled the beads Casey used to make jewelry.  The cross appeared to be placed on a tree in Jay Blanchard Park by the river as a memorial.  Divers are going in on Monday.

MON, November 10, 2008 – Tempers flare at Jay Blanchard Park after Leonard Padilla announced he would hold a Memorial Service for Caylee at the park tomorrow. G & C Anthony showed up at the park and created a scene.  Cindy stated that no one had the right to do a memorial for Caylee besides her family.  Dennis Milstead, founder of the Kid Finders Network (KFN) becomes confrontational with news reporters.

Tim Miller of TES announces he was disappointed with the volunteer turnout.  He also states that this is the final search for Caylee. TES will be leaving Orlando in the afternoon.  Tim said, “we are literally, because of this case, neglecting other families that really want our help.” TM also says Texas Equusearch is in debt. After the group’s two searches in Orlando, TES has spent more than $75,000 on equipment and staff.

Casey Anthony files a counter civil suit against ZFG for which she is seeking $15,000 in damages.

TUE, November 11, 2008 – LP and Minister Richard Grund lead a prayer vigil for Caylee at Jay Blanchard Park, Orlando, FL.  Joy W. holds a sign saying “Caylee Anthony is alive.”

Atty. Baez files a motion to allow the use of laptop computer in the OC Correctional Center.

WED, November 12, 2008 – Larry Garrison, the spokesperson for the Anthony family, resigned saying the Anthony family behavior is erratic. The Anthony’s said they fired him for accepting $6,500 from NBC without their approval.  Larry Garrison faxed Katherine Chan, NBC/Dateline billing them $6,500 for the use of pics on the Anthony story.

OC Clerk of Courts notifies Jonathan Kasen (Casey’s atty.) of need to pay court fees on the counter-suit.

THU, November 13, 2008– Blackwater Divers search for Caylee in the Little Econ River at Jay Blanchard Park.   A plastic bag with what appeared to be bones and toys weighed down with bricks, was recovered. However, authorities said the find had no evidentiary value to the investigation. VIDEO

Texas EquuSearch founder Tim Miller claims LP talked about how they both could make money if they found Caylee’s body. However, when the two men appeared on the Nancy Grace show, Padilla remembered the conversation very differently.

FRI, November 14, 2008 – Dr. Henry Lee on behalf of the Defense Atty. Baez examines Casey Anthony’s car. Police said they found evidence of human decomposition and a hair belonging to Caylee in the trunk.

P.I. Jim Hoover said P.I. Dominic Casey called him to request his presence at the KFN Meet & Greet which is being held tomorrow morning.  P.I. Casey instructed Hoover to meet him at his office in Longwood, FL.

SAT, November 15, 2008 – At 8:15 a.m.  P.I. James Hoover met with P.I. Dominic Casey at his office – D & A Investigations, Longwood, FL.  At that time P.I. Casey told P.I. Hoover that he knew where Caylee Anthony was…P.I. Hoover said, “ok, let’s go get her”…P.I. Casey then said, “she’s dead!”

According to P.I. Hoover, the only information P.I. Casey would disclose was he got the information about Caylee from a tip…. he did not name the tipster.   They drove to the wooded area in the 8900 block of Suburban DR, Orlando, FL in P.I. Hoover’s vehicle.  P.I. Hoover video taped P.I. Casey performing the search near the pavers in the woods.

10:00 a.m. – G & C Anthony attended a Meet & Greet at the KFN Command Center on Goldenrod near Colonial Drive, Orlando, FL.

11:30 a.m. P.I.’s Hoover & Casey arrived at event.   Lee joined them a little later.

4:00 p.m. – The Meet & Greet event ended and everyone left.

4:55 p.m. to 6:05 p.m. – Atty. José Baez visit with Casey at the OC jail.

SUN, November 16, 2008– P.I. James Hoover and Dominic Casey conducted a 2nd search of the wooded area of Suburban DR, Orlando, FL.

P.I. Jim Hoover video taped P.I. Dominic Casey in the yard of an abandoned house (previous residents were a Gonzales family). The mystery house address is 8718 Brackenwood DR, close to where Caylee’s remains were eventually found. P.I. Casey is there opening up trash bag, sifting, poking, slashing, seaming to searching for something.

Ginnette L. (psychic) claims she is the one who directed P.I. Dominic Casey there, but the P.I. Jim Hoover, who was actually shooting that video, said the directions she had given last night she claimed that she had given to Dominic Casey would not have gotten them to that house.

P.I. Hoover also says that P.I. Dominic Casey never mentioned anything about a psychic telling him anything. And P.I. Casey was very secretive about who he was on the phone with.

The other curious thing is that P.I. Dominic Casey, if he really thought he was going to find something there, he never called law enforcement to go to that house. And you see on the video how he went about his alleged search of that house – no gloves, digging and cutting things. He could have damaged fingerprints.

A Caylee sighting was reported at the FLORIDA MALL. A photo of a child was taken by a mall employee Halima S. according to  Sometime between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. this child was observed playing with other children.

MON, November 17, 2008– Atty. Jonathan Kasen, representing Casey Anthony in the ZFG Civil Case filed a counter-claim on November 10th.  Now the court fee has been paid by the defense atty., this civil case can proceed. Casey’s Atty. Baez called ZFG’s case “a frivolous lawsuit which was filed for no other reason but to harass and embarrass” Casey Anthony.

Atty. John Morgan responds to Casey Anthony’s counter-suit against Zenaida Gonzalez in an interview with a WFTV reporter.  He is preparing to depose Casey to ask her about her damages. He described how his client has suffered as a result of Casey’s accusation that ZFG was the person who kidnapped and possibly murdered her child. He also stated the reason for the ZFG defamation law suit, which is to clear Zenaida Gonzalez’s name.

The Anthony Family has hired a new PR Spokesperson, Michele Bart. Ms. Bart told News 13 they have legitimate tips and evidence that Caylee is still alive.  They plan to present this information in a presser later this week. Mark NeJame, atty. for the Anthonys, is also expected to be present at the presser, as well as members of the KFN and P.I. Dominic Casey.

LP is considering $200,000 offer to continue the search for Caylee. He has been contacted by a company that is willing to fund the search effort if Padilla is willing to give them exclusive rights to film his crew performing the search. At this time LP has not made a final decision to accept the offer.

KFN Founder Dennis Milstead gets physical with WFTV reporter Kathi Belich.  Caught on tape! VIDEO  Eyewitness News uncovered serious problems with Milstead’s criminal past and his non-profit group, including the fact KFN has never found any missing persons.

MON, November 19, 2008Leonard Padilla, Bounty Hunter  raised $50,000 to continue the search for Caylee in Jay Blanchard Park. 

THU, November 20, 2008 – The presser was canceled.  The Anthonys said they could prove Caylee was alive, and were supposed to release details on this evidence during the news conference.

Atty. Mark NeJame RESIGNS.  He was not able to effectively control or influence what the Anthonys were saying and doing, therefore in a graceful and respectable manner, Atty. NeJame stated he could no longer represent them.

FRI, November 21, 2008 – Defense Witness list released:  Lawrence Kobilinsky, Henry Lee and Larry E Daniel.

The Anthony family releases a picture of a little girl playing to Central FL News 13.  They believe she could be Caylee. This pic was taken Sunday 11/16/08 at the Florida Mall.

Everything we have: the evidence from the labs, the grand jury indictment, the FBI reports … they all say that Caylee is dead,” he explains. “It would be irresponsible for us to keep up false hope. The sheriff’s office will go with what the evidence indicates, and it indicates the child is dead.”

Officials at the OCSD issued a statement today that they will only follow tips leading to finding Caylee’s remains. They will no longer investigate Caylee Anthony sightings.  One of the other considerations, according to Carlos Padilla, is how a continued search for Caylee would affect the jury at Casey Anthony’s trail.

If we continue to look for a living child, when we have all the evidence to the contrary, it can be used as a way to cast doubt on the jury,” he says. “We can be accused of still following leads and tips — so, the defense can claim we must think the girl is alive. The Anthonys, apparently, are trying to keep the doubt going– in that way, they can help save their daughter.

George & Cindy Anthony Interview. Cindy looks deflated and she is absolutely speechless! VIDEO

SAT, November 22, 2008 – At 11:05:45 a.m. Larry Garrison sends e-mail to a friend with a reply message from Cindy attached. The subject is regarding Cindy giving Casey’s hairbrush instead of Caylee’s to the authorities.

MON, November 24, 2008 – The OC Jail announced a change in  its laptop policy. Starting next month private attorneys will be allowed to carry their laptop computers into the jail.

TUE, November 25, 2008  – Court Hearing: Judge Stan Strickland orders prosecutors to turn over all evidence to the defense. He also ruled that the defense can not test the hair found in Casey Anthony’s trunk because remaining portion of the sample is too small.

The ruling on the Prosecution’s request for a Gag Order to be issued against the Anthonys and Atty. Baez will be made (in writing) tomorrow after reviewing further arguments.

The FBI is investigating an email in which Cindy Anthony admits that the hairbrush she gave to LE was used by Casey and Caylee (NOT CAYLEE’S BRUSH ONLY!).

A controversial email dated 11/22/08 surfaced. It appears that the Anthonys’ former spokesperson, Larry Garrison, says he confronted Cindy by email about why she gave Casey’s hairbrush, instead of Caylee’s hairbrush, to investigators who wanted a DNA sample. Garrison said Cindy’s emailed response was: “I never lied. I just never went to my bathroom to get the hairbrush that I used only for Caylee.”

Judge Stan Strickland orders prosecutors to turn over all evidence to the defense. He also ruled that the defense can not test the hair found in Casey Anthony’s trunk because remaining portion of the sample is too small.

WED, November 26, 2008 – Judge Stan Strickland’s ruling on Prosecution’s request for a Gag Order. DENIED He wrote, “While this argument has some appeal, it does not rise to the level of being a serious and imminent threat to the administration of justice. Further, this court is confident that even with a ‘gag order’ the publicity and media attention would continue unabated.”

According to the discovery docs released today, someone performed Internet searches for “neck breaking,” “household weapons” and “chloroform” on the Anthony home computer.

On 3/17/08, someone used the Anthonys’ home computer to do Google searches for peroxide, shovels, acetone, alcohol and how to make chloroform. The search for how to make chloroform was performed between 1:43 p.m. and 1:55 p.m. VIDEO

Computer Forensic Report Case # 08-074777 [discovery doc pp. 2799-2800]

The Anthony’s Computers – March 17, 2008

– George and Cindy Anthony’s Computers – Summary of findings after August 20, 2008
– HP Desktop Computer user profile “owner” required password “rico23” set 05/14/08.
– HP Desktop Computer user profile “casey” required no logon password.
– Compaq Laptop user profile “bobby” required no logon password.

-HP Desktop forensics showed a user Google searches on the following dates:
– 03/17/2008 13:43:41 to 13:55:34 “chloraform”, “alchohol”, “acetone”, and “peroxide”
– 03/17/2008 13:53:25 to 13:58:38 Wikipedia searches: “inhalation”, “chloroform”, “alcohol”, “Acetone”, “peroxide”, “hydrogen peroxide”, and “death”

Discovery Doc pp. 2799-2800: Computer Forensic Report Case # 08-074777

 The Anthony’s Computers – March 21, 2008

-George and Cindy Anthony’s Computers – Summary of findings after August 20, 2008
-HP Desktop Computer user profile “owner” required password “rico23” set 05/14/08.
– HP Desktop Computer user profile “casey” required no logon password.
– Compaq Laptop user profile “bobby” required no logon password.
– Forensics on HP Desktop showed a user Google searches on the following dates:

-03/21/2008 14:16:30 to 14:28:18 “how to make chloraform”, “how to make chloroform” [spelled correctly], “self defense“, “household weapons“, “neck breaking“, and the word “shovel
– 03/21/2008 14:16:34 to 14:28:26 Wikipedia searches: “Shovel”
– 03/21/2008 web sources such as,, and for the words “making weapons out of the household products”, “chloroformhabit”, “chloroform”, “how to make chloroform”, and “chloro2”.

 A copy of Cindy’s timesheet showed she was scheduled for work on 3/17/08, but George was not employed at the time. [discovery doc p. 2561]

Some of the information found on Casey’s computer related to the chemicals peroxide, acetone and alcohol, which can be used to make chloroform. During this timeframe, Casey was also searching missing children web-sites (e.g. Get Involved, Inc.)

Traces of chloroform were found in the trunk of Casey’s car, along with DNA evidence that suggests the dead body of Caylee had also been in there.

THU, November 27, 2008 THANKSGIVING DAY!