CMA Timeline – September 1 – 12, 2008


MON, September 1, 2008“We have scientific evidence back from the FBI lab,” Commander Matthew Irwin with the OCSO said. “We have other evidence we have not yet released publicly, all of that evidence at this point in its totality leads us to believe Caylee is deceased.”

Commander Irwin made the most direct confirmation of the evidence and went on camera to clarify the evidence.

TUE, September 2, 2008 – At 9 a.m. today the Limited Immunity offer by OCSO to Casey Anthony EXPIRED Casey’s atty. Baez was non-responsive.

Tony L. voluntarily took a polygraph test which was administered by the FBI.

In spite of mounting evidence to the contrary, Cindy still insists Caylee is alive.  She stated on the NBC: Today Show, “Casey is only guilty of poor judgment and lying.”

WED, September 3, 2008 – Casey is charged with 2 counts of uttering a forged check, 2 counts of petit theft, and 2 counts of fraudulent use of personal identification.

Amy H. said, Casey stole several checks and cleaned out her bank account while she was vacationing in Puerto Rico. OCSO said they were able to connect Casey with the checks using video surveillance from Target store(s) and a Bank of America branch office.

The McDonald Bail Bonds agency posted the $2,700 bond.  However, Casey WILL NOT be released from jail because her more than $500k+ bond for child neglect charges has not been posted.

Sources told WESH 2 the level of chloroform in her car was “SUSPICIOUSLY HIGH.” Casey started searches for how to make chloroform back in March 2008.

G & C Anthony met with high profile Criminal Defense Atty. Mark NeJame today.

After Tim Miller clashed with Cindy, he was considering calling it quits. Orange County Sheriff Kevin Beary made a plea for searchers to stay. He pledged resources ($5,000, airboats and patrols, etc.) for TES  to stay and continue the search effort. Sheriff Beary also appealed for more volunteers to join the search for Caylee.  Tim Miller agreed to continue the search.

Today the lead investigator John Allen as well as several FBI agents, have been searching beside Texas EquuSearch.  The sheriff also announced more help  is coming – 80 alumni from the Civilian Police Academy, some civilian agency members and members of the Moose Lodge will all be coming out to help in the search.

THU, September 4, 2008 – Casey Anthony will be bonded out of jail Friday morning. Two bond agencies, Macdonald Bail Bonds, Kissimmee and Joe Von Waldner Bail Bonds, Orlando are working together to post the $500k+ bond.

George picked up a Taurus .38 revolver and a box of ammunition that he ordered on 8/29/08 from a local gun store. [discovery doc p. 2315]

Cindy has a dinner meeting with Commander Matthew Irwin in a restaurant. Their conversation is secretly recorded. Much of what Cindy says is based on her perception of how unfairly Casey has  been and continues to be treated by LE and the judicial system. Interesting to note Cindy complained about, among other things, a “missing zip drive[thumb drive] that was usually on Casey’s key chain was hidden in the Anthony home attic.

FRI, September 5, 2008 – Bond documents show that G & C Anthony put up the collateral to bail Casey out of the OC Jail. The paperwork did not explain the source of the collateral but said the couple signed off on a “promissory note indemnity agreement” — essentially a contract that requires the parents to repay the Bond Bailiff for any losses.

Press Corp. Media (a public relations firm) representing the Baez Law Firm issued a statement. “An individual who wishes to remain anonymous posted bond for Casey Anthony because of concern that her constitutional rights have been violated” says Todd Black (aka: Gil Cabot) founder of PCM.

Casey is prepped for home confinement just in time for GEORGE ANTHONY’S 57th BIRTHDAY! She is out of jail on bond again!

 ****CASEY RELEASED FROM JAIL 10:13 a.m. ****

Ricardo M. voluntarily took a polygraph test which was administered by the FBI.

SAT, September 6, 2008 – A spokesperson with the OC Corrections Department told News 13 they received a tip sometime between 12 midnight and 1 a.m. Saturday of a handgun present on the Anthonys’ property.

2:45 a.m. Investigators traveled to the Anthony home and removed evidence from a vehicle. OCSO deputies retrieve a handgun which was hidden in the wheel well in the trunk of George’s SUV. The weapon is being held by the OCSO for safe keeping.

Having a gun on the property is a violation of Casey’s bail, but since it seems Casey was unaware of the gun, she is not taken back into custody. Prior to her jail release, Casey signed a Condition of Home Confinement Agreement.

Later in the evening, a security company installed a surveillance system in the Anthony home.

SUN, September 7, 2008 – Apprrox. 1,200 volunteers search for Caylee over this weekend. However, about 1/3 of the targeted search area near the OIA was underwater after Tropical Storm Fay. Tim Miller said they needed to wait for the ground to dry before continuing the search.

 “If Caylee is out there and if we’re going through with four wheelers and horses, we may accidentally run over her cause she’s under the water or we don’t see her. We don’t want to push her in the mud or destroy something,” said Tim Miller. TES announced it was suspending its search for Caylee Anthony due to environmental conditions and concerns.

George freaked out on protesters! He pushed a young man and an older lady because they were standing in front of his house. The 65 y/o woman threatened to file charges on George. These two individuals were not standing on the Anthony property.

MON, September 8, 2008 – Lee drove Casey to the OC Jail for her scheduled meeting with her Home Confinement Case Manager. He shielded her like a bodyguard as they worked their way through the media crowd in front of the jail. Upon entering the jail (in view of the cameras), Casey gives Lee a HIGH 5!

Jesse Grund interview by Detective Edwards, OCSO. Nick Savage, FBI Agent witnessed the interview.

Jesse mentioned that in September 2005 Casey told him of an incident when Lee attempted to have sex with her in the Anthony home.  She said it happened “recently,” but would not expand upon how recent. She didn’t feel comfortable with Lee being around Caylee.

He repeated the story that Lee had told him, which was that Cindy, confided in Lee that she believes Casey ran off because they got into a  heated argument which turned physical – Cindy started choking Casey.  This altercation happened at night in mid-June 2008.

Rob Dick, CA Bounty Hunter Deputy on the Leonard Padilla team appeared as a guest on the Nancy Grace Show.  He talks about Casey’s new twist to the story about where she left Caylee on June 16, 2008….. NOT at Sawgrass Apartments….Zanny took Caylee from her at Jay Blanchard Park.

Casey said she met with Zenaida in Jay Blanchard Park. While Casey and Zanny were talking, Caylee got in the car with Samantha (Zanny’s sister) and her two kids.  According to Casey, when she asked, “Hey, where’s Caylee going,” Zenaida held her back and told her that she was going to have to read this script for about 30 days. Casey also claims the script given to her by Zanny was the reason she had to lead LE on a wild goose chase.

TUE, September 9, 2008 – Jesse G. voluntarily took a polygraph test which was administered by the FBI.

“The woman, identified only as Lorraine told Local 6 News that she can’t believe no one has been digging through the Anthonys’ trash to look for clues in the search for Caylee. VIDEO

WED, September 10, 2008 – Anthony R. voluntarily took a polygraph test which was administered by the FBI.

TVNewser received a tip that a news organization posted Casey Anthony’s $500,000 bond. Todd Black of Press Corps Media who is the Public Relations spokesperson for the Baez Law Firm made an announcement that the bond was posted by a single anonymous donor. “It is absolutely a bald-faced lie if anybody is saying a network paid for the bond,” said Black.

TVNewser contacted the broadcast and cable networks today and all denied posting the bond. However, the rumors were especially rampant regarding some sort of monetary transaction funded by ABC News. This network aired exclusive home video footage of the Anthony family on Good Morning America and on the 20/20 Show.

Hal Boedecker of the he Orlando Sentinel was first to report, “ABC News did not pay for interviews or the home video…but an ABC News insider tells TVNewser the network paid $200,000 to license “several hours worth of home videos and pictures.Todd Black claims the Anthony family did not receive any of the proceeds from this deal.

Another network TV insider told TVNewser that Atty. Jose Baez attempted to “sell an interview with Casey Anthony last week …. asking price of $500,000. Todd Black stated, Casey Anthony does not have any interviews scheduled at the “immediate time.”

Finally, the ABC News spokesperson commented that ABC did in fact licensed video footage from “rights holders,” but would not specify if they went through the family or the family’s attorneys.  

THU, September 11, 2008– The SAO filed formal charges against Casey Anthony today for allegedly stealing money from Amy H. This announcement simply formalizes charges already filed against Casey by the OCSO. 

FBI Agents, Nick Savage and John McElyea met with Lee Anthony and informed him of Casey’s allegations that he had abused her. Lee’s response was, “I’ll address that when the time is right.” Lee was also asked to take a polygraph and submit DNA and he replied that he would “take it under advisement.” [discovery doc p.13,093]

FRI, September 12, 2008 – Private Investigator Dominic Casey, D & A Investigations claims Casey Anthony signed a contract including a confidentiality agreement (Letter of Engagement) for his services – “to investigate the circumstance surrounding the disappearance of Caylee Marie Anthony,” [Note: confirmation of this signed contract is pending] 

The investigation #2008-436727 of abuse and/or neglect involving child Caylee Anthony is completed and closed by DCF.