CMA Timeline – September 15 – 29, 2008


MON, September 15, 2008 – Casey Anthony [escorted by Atty. Baez] turned herself in to face more charges this afternoon.  The charges include petit theft, uttering a forged instrument and criminal use of personal information. This brings the total to 13 counts of economic fraud charges against Casey.


TUE, September 16, 2008 – A judge set Casey Anthony’s bond at $1,200 on new charges she faces related to allegedly stealing money from Amy H.’s checking account. Casey was released from jail for a 3rd time early this afternoon after posting bond.

 **** CASEY RELEASED FROM JAIL 10:13 a.m. ****

WED, September 17, 2008 – Corporal Eric Edwards called Katie Sue R. to obtain any additional information she may have regarding Casey’s connections to people at Sawgrass Apts. She committed to submit a list of names for Casey’s friends at Sawgrass during the time in question. The list was to be turned in to OCSO on 9/18/08 at 10 a.m.

THU, September 18, 2008 – The PROTESTERS are ramping up outside of the Anthony home.  Cindy and George are in a screaming match with them.  Casey calls 911 to report the situation as she monitored it on the home surveillance system.

10:00 a.m. Katie Sue R. was a NO SHOW…. NO CALL. It appears that she had a change of heart about supplying the names of Casey’s contacts at Sawgrass Apartments.

Sgt. Matthew Irwin, OCSO and FBI Special Agent Nick Savage conducted an audio-tape recorded interview with Leonard Padilla (LP) in Sacramento, CA.

Leonard Padilla’s interview:

  • LP said he spoke with Atty. Baez on the phone about 4 or 5 times before leaving CA to go to Orlando, FL There were no conditions discussed at the time.
  • He and his crew were hoping to speak with Casey to obtain information that might lead to finding Caylee.
  • And while LP said he truly thought he could find Caylee alive, one of the reasons he got involved was for an “ego trip;” he wanted to do something no one else could.
  • Jose Baez showed LP a birthday card Jesse G. had sent Caylee. “He’d [Jesse G.] would make a great suspect if he kidnapped a little girl,” the family told him.
  • LP and his nephew, Tony Padilla, Bondsman met with Atty. Baez and signed a Privacy Agreement. LP didn’t think the agreement was legally binding.
  • When LP first met Lee, he asked if Casey had a drug problem. Lee took offense to that and told LP he didn’t want him there if he was going to have preconceived ideas.
  • The day after Casey was bailed out, Atty. Baez went on TV and talked about some ground rules for LP and Team – not to question Casey and that he had advised Casey not to talk with them, etc.
  • When LP finally got to speak with Casey about ½ hr. after hearing the J. Blanchard Park story from Cindy. LP said the conversation with Casey was short, especially after he balked at her story about the babysitter, ZFG taking Caylee from J. Blachard Park. “She looked at me straight in the eye.” She said, “You gonna talk to me like a cop, you get out of my house.” LP thought G & C Anthony were going to contradict Casey’s statement by asking him to remain in the house, but they did not.
  • Up until the FBI Lab released forensic reports that indicated findings of human decomposition, LP believed Caylee was alive and that she was in hiding somewhere with one of Casey’s friends.
  • After being there for a few days, LP thought it was strange that Cindy had not asked him to help her go look for Caylee nor did he hear her discussing plans to go look for her.

Commander Matthew Irwin, OCSO and FBI Special Agent Nick Savage conducted an interview with Tracy McLaughlin in CA.

Tracy McLaughlin’s interview (re: audio-taped recordings 4 September 2009 under Case Documents Released section of this blog) provide insight as to what went on inside the Anthony home during the Leonard Padilla bonded period (8/21 – 8/29/08).

FRI, September 19, 2008 – Commander Matthew Irwin, OCSO and FBI Special Agent Nick Savage conducted an interview with Rob Dick in CA. AUDIO


SUN, September 21, 2008 – The Trust Fund associated with the was CLOSED. The law firm that administered the trust fund and the Suntrust Bank backed out in the wake of e-mails to the bank criticizing the account.

The SAO is reviewing a trust fund that was set up for Caylee Marie Anthony to assure there were no accounting irregularities.  The money was not for Casey Anthony or her family, but for search-related items, Atty. Paul Kelley of Bichler & Kelley PA said. He said the firm can account for all the money. Copy of the Trust Fund Agreement signed on 7/29/08.

MON, September 22, 2008 – P.I. Dominic Casey (an investigator for the Baez Law Firm) and Luke Phillips continue to float theories regarding the disappearance of Caylee Marie Anthony.

From: D&A Investigations, Dominic []
Sent: Monday, September 22, 2008 6:00 PM
To: Luke Phillips
RE: Regrouping and refocusing – trailer parks and flea markets Orlando

Here is copy/paste of email to Baez. I also attached the map … he will use this to get
money from the Geraldo show . . . Dominic

Ed & Jose

You wanted the goods) here it is) details on Puerto Rico including locations: Caylee WAS flown (private jet from Orlando Exec Airport) to San Juan PR and held there until plans were made to take her out of the country to Colombia. She was then taken across the border into Venezuela to Puerto Santa Rosa (near Puerto Cumarebo) knowing there will be no extradition or investigation possible due to the prevailing diplomatic situation.

No other details can be released until such time as Caylee positively identified and an extraction is in play.

TUE, September 23, 2008 – Nearly three weeks before deputies arrested Casey, she admitted to Amy H. that her car smelled like death.  Casey claimed her father, George, had possibly run over a squirrel when he borrowed her car that week. [discovery doc p. 591]

OCSO receives detailed phone records for a ‘Kevin Kirkland’ (this number was labeled as Kyle J. Kirkland (aka: The Animal) in Casey’s phone address book. And phone records for an ‘Erica Gonzalez.’

WED, September 24, 2008 – High-profile Orlando Atty. John Morgan filed a civil lawsuit on behalf of a Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzales, the same name as the so-called Nanny that Casey claims kidnapped Caylee.  Case # 08-CA-0024573-O This law suit alleges damages: defamation and infliction of emotional distress.

THU, September 25, 2008  – A “Help Find Caylee Marie Anthony Trust Agreement” with G & C Anthony as Donors and Jody A. Parker, Trustee was signed and sealed.  After the fund was closed at the SUNTRUST Bank, it reorganized and reopened at a new bank.  Funds will be deposited with WACHOVIA Bank. [Wells Fargo acquired Wachovia 2009]

On the HelpfindCaylee web-site, they are asking for the money for the T-shirts and bracelets to be mailed to George, not to any trust fund!

SAT, September 27, 2008 – A red dress with white dots (Disney Minnie Mouse) theme – size 6 was found by members of FL-3 Airboat Search & Rescue working for TES in a wooded area near Lake Glory and the railroad track south of Glen Rose AV.  The dress find was reported to Tim Miller and Sgt. John Allen and logged into evidence.  It was later determined this dress had no evidentiary value to this case. [discovery doc pp. 3253; 7313 & 7314]

SUN, September 28, 2008 – Investigators released images found on Casey’s computer they called “graphics of interest” as highlighted below:

  • Anti-death penalty image – Why do people kill people, who kill people, to show people that to kill people is bad?”
  • IM between Casey and Jesse G. “I can hit up my friend Annie for some Xanax” and promised “we’d be a good time.” Jesse G. seems to think this message occurred in 2007.
  • The computer records also revealed that on 6/12/08 and 7/16/08, Casey’s computer was used to search for Zenaida, the phantom nanny.
  • A quote from rapper Tupac that essentially said, don’t out think it, just move on

MON, September 29, 2008 – The prosecution has released a list of 85 names of possible witnesses in the Casey Anthony Criminal Case.

The Home Owner’s Association (HOA) for the Chickasaw Trail Development, where G & C Anthony’s home is located, received a DENIED ruling on its 2nd injunction request.  An Orange County Judge stated in the ruling that the HOA again failed to adequately notify the protesters of the pleading and failed to give them time to defend themselves against the allegations.