CMA Fantasy World:Lies! Lies! & More Lies!

Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez (aka: Zanny the Nanny, Zani, Zany) – The babysitter that Casey claims kidnapped her daughter, Caylee. Between April 2006 and June 2008 Zany babysat Caylee, according to Casey.

In Casey’s sworn statement signed 7/16/08, she mentions meeting Zenaida in 2004 around Christmas time.  Casey also claims Zany has lots of money, including investments in the stock market; therefore she provided clothes, shoes, toys, etc. for Caylee.  Zany took Caylee on trips to Disney, Universal, Sea World, Cocoa Beach, as well as, other places.  Zany had been a seasonal employee at Universal Studios.

Description: 25 y/o. Born: September 1, 1983. [Cindy disclosed the 9/1 date in her deposition on 4/9/09] ZFG is 5’6 – 5’ 7″ tall; weighs 140 pounds; slightly tan complexion; brown shoulder length curly hair (wears it straight); and brown eyes. No visible tattoos that can be seen when she is wearing a 2-pc. bathing suit. Single Puerto Rican/Black female with ‘0′ children.

Zany drives a 2008 Silver Ford Focus (4-Dr) with NY license plate. The car is very basic with no tinted windows. There was a pink flora car seat in the back of ZFG’s car that she used for Caylee. Although Zany grew up in NY, she moved to Miami, FL to attend the Univ. of FL and later moved to Orlando. She lived at 2863 S. Conway RD, #210, Sawgrass Apartments, Orlando, FL [last known address for 3 – 4 months, according to Casey]; Winter Park, FL as well as other states, including but not limited to, NY and NC. One of the phone contacts Casey gave Cindy for Zany was a version of B. Coop’s phone #. [Note: Cindy called this number on 7/3/08 and again on 7/15/08 just minutes before placing the third 9-1-1 call reporting Caylee as “missing.”

Cindy claims Casey told her about Zany in 2006. George stated he heard about Zany in the beginning of 2008.  Lee said he never heard Casey talk about Zany or Zenaida. Although C & G Anthony admitted to never having met the Nanny, they described Zany as a ’10’ with Black/Brown hair; straight white teeth. [Note: C & G Anthony obtained the detailed description of ZFG shown above from Casey during their jail house visit on 7/25/08]. Some of the details about Zany were noted in an e-mail from Lee Anthony which included input from George and Cindy Anthony. It was sent to Detective Yuri Melich, et al dated Saturday, July 26, 2008 12:33 p.m. [discovery doc p. 388]

Victor Fernandez – According to Casey, he is Zany’s ‘Black’ father or step-father, then in the same sentence she says, he legally adopted Zany, but she doesn’t know where adoption took place. Victor & Gloria are divorced. He paid for ZFG’s 2008 Silver Ford Focus to replace her Maroon Toyota Camry (car crash on I-75 Tampa on 6/23/08 left this car totaled). [Note: George sold his 1989 Red Toyota Camry (Casey’s 1st car) in 8/2006]

Gloria Fernandez Gonzalez – age: 55 y/o. Zany’s ‘Puerto Rican’ mother who owned a condo in the Crossing at Conway Townhome Community near Michigan AV and S. Conway RD. Gloria & Victor are divorced. She may be currently living in Miami, FL.

Hector [Last Name: Unknown] –  Zany’s 1/2 Brother lives in NY.

Samantha [Last Name: Unknown] –  Zany’s 1/2 sister [Victor is not Samantha’s father]. She helped kidnap Caylee at J. Blanchard Park. Samantha is a UCF student and a single parent of 2 children.

Samantha’s 2 Children – Zany’s nieces and/or nephews who were in the car at J. Blanchard Park when Caylee was abducted.

Puppy – Zany’s white dog that Caylee loved to play with, according to Cindy.

Raquel Ferrell – Zany’s roommate who worked as a hostess at TGI Friday’s

Jennifer Rosa – Zany’s roommate who worked at ABC Distribution in Orlando, FL

Jeffrey Michael Hopkins (aka: Jeff Hopkins) – alleged outcry witness and co-worker at Universal.  According to Casey, he referred Zany who watched his son for about 6 mos. – 1 yr. In the May – December 2006 timeframe. Casey met Jeff at “Nickelodeon” in Universal Studios where he worked as an IT Technician.   Jeff lived in a nice size house in Avalon Park, which is where Zany went to watch Zack (Jeff’s 4 y/o son) and Caylee.  Jeff paid Zany to watch both children until December 2007.  Jeff is an Ex-Boyfriend of Zany’s. Casey told Cindy she started dating Jeff after he broke up with Zany.  He moved to NC for a short period of time and then around April 2008 he moved to his current address in Jacksonville, FL.

Zachary Hopkins – (aka: Zack) Son of Jeff Hopkins. He was born in July 2004 which makes him about 4 y/o.  Zack’s Mom died when he was a 1 y/o.

Juliet Lewis – An alleged outcry witness and co-worker. An Event Coordinator (Universal Studio employee) who worked in the same department with Casey.  She has known Juliet for 2 ½ – 3 yrs.  Casey created a fake e-mail address for Juliet (jlewis84 @ and assigned her Brittany S.’s ph #.

Maria Lewis – Juliet Lewis’ mother.  Casey gave Cindy JP Chatt’s ph # 407-***-1759 as Maria’s ph #

Annabelle Lewis – Juliet Lewis’ daughter and Maria Lewis’ grand daughter.

Good Samaritans (2) – Two males who pushed Casey’s white Pontiac on the AMSCOT parking lot from the intersection of N. Goldenrod RD & Colonial DR, Orlando, FL.

Tom Manley – Fictitious name of Casey’s supervisor in Events, Universal Studios. The head of the Events Department is Tom Mattson.

Thomas Franck – Event Coordinator, East Coast Operations.  Not an employee of Universal Studios and the “” e-mail address does not exist

Cheryl Davis – East Coast VP, Marketing and Sales. The only employee by this name was found on a server for Pat O’Brien’s in CityWalk.  No person with this title at Universal Studios.

Casey’s “Customer History Report” at AMSCOT Application to cash checks completed and signed 11/15/2005 contained some bogus information.

  • Name of Spouse:  Jesse G.
  • Name of Relative:  Cynthia M. Anthony
  • Relative’s Ph. #: (407) 808-5172 [Lee’s cell ph# 407-808-5132]
  • Position:  Human Resources Assistant

Payroll Checks Cashed at AMSCOT

  • Event Imaging Solutions – 12/23/05 (chk date)
  • Ceridian 12/30/05, 1/13/06, 2/10/06, 2/24/06, & 3/10/06 (chk dates)

Note:  Casey’s employment record at Event Imaging. According to Delores Crawford, Director, HR at EVENT IMAGING SOLUTIONS GROUP (a Kodak co.) verified Casey’s employment record as 6/24/04 – 11/26/05.

According to Mike Kozak, Supv. Event Imaging Solutions, Casey went on maternity leave and did not return to work. Nor did she transfer to the new company, Colorvision (acquired Event Imaging from Kodak). Assuming she used the full 12 week under FMLA from August to November, the Event Imaging record may reflect the most accurate account of Casey’s employment history while working on-site at Universal Studios.

According to Universal Studio’s employment record as shown in PeopleSoft, Casey’s employment record ended 4/26/2006.

Casey’s bogus work schedule & bogus work ph#1-800-947-5096 In Casey’s cell phone address book UNIVERSAL will appear when she receives a call from a COLLECTION SERVICE for AT&T/Cingular late payment notification.

Katherine Hart – HR Manager, Universal Studios, FL. Not an employee of Universal Studios

Gabe Marsh – Universal Studios management.  Here is the fake e-mail address created by Casey: (

Michael Hamilton – Universal Studios management.  Here is the fake e-mail address created by Casey: (mike.hamilton @

Eric [Last name unknown] – Died in a car crash and was buried in KY. Prior to his death, Eric set up a Trust Fund for Caylee. Cindy has Power of Attorney over the “Trust Fund” in the event something happens to Casey. His parents moved to Italy.

Brandon [Last name unknown] – Lived in TN.  Casey told Ricardo M. she met Brandon when he was in Orlando, FL on vacation for Thanksgiving 2004. He was a friend of her brorher, Lee. Casey said he did not want anything to do with the baby.  Casey said, he died in a car crash just a few days before Caylee’s 2nd birthday in 2007. He ran off the road and he hit a tree.

Josh [Last name unknown] – he was a one-night stand who Casey met at Universal.  She told BFF Melina, Josh was Caylee’s father and that he was from GA. He had a girlfriend who he planned to marry and they had children together already. Casey claimed Josh died shortly after Caylee’s B-day in August 2007.

Mike or Matt [Last name unknown] – Casey told Tony R. she had plans to buy a home in Jacksonville, FL.  Mike/Matt was her boyfriend who was originally from Orlando but is currently living in Jacksonville, FL.  Their relationship timeframe was between February and May 2008, according to Casey .

Frank McKeever/scam – This is a name in Casey’s cell phone records. Not sure if this is a proper name at this time.  All of the contacts between them were from 7/10/08 – 7/12/08 via TEXT MESSAGING ONLY.