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Nathan Lezneiwicz (aka: Nate) – College student. He is one of Tony L.’s roommates at Sutton Place Apts. (6/2/08 – 8/30/08). Last saw Caylee 6/2/08 at pool in the complex. He and Tony L. moved into Cranes Landing at the end of AUG 2008.

Cameron Campana – Tony L’s roommate (Crystal Light drinker) who admitted to using Xanax but said he did not give any to Casey. Member of the “Fuzzy Red Balloons” Band.

Roy Clinton House (aka: Clint) – Met Casey on 5/24/08 at the “No Clothes Party.” He stayed at Tony L.’s apt. from October 2007 and moved out on 7/1/08. He & Tony were business partners in the entertainment business.  Clint’s girlfriend is Maria Kissh.

Maria Michelle Kissh – Clint’s (Tony L.’s room-mate) girlfriend. Witnessed Caylee playing on the balcony while Tony & Casey were taking a “nap.” She stated Caylee even opened the front door when someone rang the bell.

Ann Marie Chase – Mark Hawkins’ mother. She had conversation with Casey at Target on 7/10/08.

Lynn Aquino – Target Associate

Kimberly Garcia – Target Associate

Dolores Maldonado – Target Associate

John Phillip Chatt (aka:  JP) – Owner and dweller at 232 N. Glenwood AV. His roommates are Ricardo M. and Amy H. He is a student at UCF, Computer Science major.

Melissa England – Friend of Troy Brown’s from VA.  Visited Troy 7/2/08 – 7/5/08. Melissa spent the day – 7/3/08 with Casey and she never mentioned Caylee.

Rev. Richard Grund & Mrs. Deborah Grund – Jesse Grund’s parents. Jesse & his parents babysat Caylee. In Apr. 2006 Mr. Grund told Casey to find a regular baby-sitter.  Casey immediately informed him that she had one and her name was Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzales.

Danny Colamarino (aka: Danny Knight) – Owner of Cast Iron Tattoo Shop said Casey was a regular customer, yet she only had 2 tattoos. She got the 1st one at age 18 and 2nd at age 22.

Bobby Lee Williams – Tattoo Artist at Cast Iron Tattoos Shop. He designed the “Bella Vita” tatoo on Casey’s left shoulder – 7/3/08

Lance Charles White – Knows Casey because she frequents Cast Iron Tattoo

Matthew Allen Crisp – Community Mgr. at Cranes Landing Apartments & classmate. Graduated from Colonial High School.

Katie Sue Robinson – has same facebook friends in common w/Casey (Vicky Aleman and Matthew Crisp, etc). Lives in Sawgrass Apartments. She was unwilling to be interviewed by LE.

Victoria Aleman (aka: Vicky) – has friends in common w/Casey (Katie Sue Robinson, Matthew Crisp, etc.) Vicky lived at Sawgrass Apartments.

Jay Ferrell – friend of Katie Sue Robinson, Matthew Crisp and Victoria Aleman.

Jamie Lynn Realander – met Casey at Fusion Ultra Lounge on 5/23/08.  On 7/11/08 she filled in as a Shot Girl at Fusion.

William Ray Waters, Jr. (aka: Will) – A friend/co-worker of Amy H. Worked at Houlihan’s Restaurant with Amy. He met Casey at his house party 7/4/08. Scheduled a jail visit with Casey on 7/29/08. CANCELED

Laura Rose – 25 y/o MySpace friend of William Waters. Here is a message someone with this name posted on Will’s MySpace: “i feel she is close and she is ok” [it is unclear what her connection to others in the case may be].

Erica Gonzalez – Lives in Oviedo, FL. Friend of Jamie Realander. On 7/11/08 filled in as a Shot Girl at Fusion. A patron scratched her stomach. This incident resulted in the Fusion management releasing all of the Shot Girls early that night.

Tara Hawkins (aka: Tara Graff) – Mark Hawkins’ ex-wife. She re-married and is currently living in MI. On the Nancy Grace Show 7/24/08 she identified herself as a friend of Casey’s. She claims to have babysat Caylee a few times. She did not know about Casey using a nanny for 1 ½ – 2 years.

Jennifer Prentice (aka: Jenna) – 18 y/o.  Shot Girl at Club Voyage. Lives in Chuluota, FL.

Josh Alfonso – friend of Jesse Grund and former roommate (2007).

Rick Oswald – friend and roommate of Jesse Grund. He met Casey on 7/1/08 (the day she used Jesse’s shower)

Daniel Howard – Casey & Tony L. attended his B-Day party on 5/24/08.

Chris Kokkino – Daniel Howard’s B-Day party was held at his apt. on 5/24/08.

Ryan Lopez – Friend of Tony L.’s. Host of BBQ on June 1st @Pegasus Connection Apartment.

Delores Crawford (aka: Dee) – Director, HR at EVENT IMAGING SOLUTIONS GROUP (a Kodak co.) verified Casey’s employment record as 6/24/04 – 11/26/05.

Earl Meredith – Casey’s 1st Mgr. when she was employed by Event Imaging Solutions working on-site at Universal Studios.

Mike Kozak – Casey’s Supervisor at Event Imaging Solutions (This was a Kodak company which was acquired by Colorvision in 2006). Mike transferred to Colorvision, but he said Casey DID NOT.

Dianne Tighe – VP, Human Resources, Colorvision signed a sworn statement – Casey Anthony, Jeffrey Hopkins and Juliet Lewis were never employees of Colorvision International, Inc.

Heather McDonald – Colorvision (5/2006 – 5/2007). She was a former co-worker of Casey’s at Kodak claimed they did work with a Juliet (unsure of last name).  She also claims there was a Jeff (unsure of last name) who worked for Kodak as an IT guy until he went to work for Disney in 2004 or 2005.

Katherine Sanchez – Branch Manager at AMSCOT located at 7501 E. Colonial DR, Orlando, FL

Sandi Greene – VP, Senior Investigator, Bank of America Corporate Security. Wrote a letter requesting prosecution for all subjects responsible for fraud associated with Amy H.’s bank account.

Universal Studios, Orlando – Casey was never hired as an employee of Universal Studios . She was assigned to work at the Universal Studio location by a company named Event Imaging Solutions Group (a Kodak co.). When this company was acquired by Colorvision, Casey did not transfer to the new company. Other former employees of Event Imaging did transition to Colorvision.

Leonard Turtora – Universal Studios Security Gurard.  He determined that Thomas Franck is not a Univ. Studios employee and Univ. Studios has never used “” LE learned that domain is invalid. Employee name searches for other matches of co-workers Casey identified showed the following results:

  • Cheryl Davis – a server at Pat O’ Brien’s in City Walk (12/1998 – 3/1999)
  • Mike D. Hamilton – worked for Finnegan’s Bar & Grill in Universal (6/2004 – 10/2004)
  • Mike P. Hamilton – worked for Island of Adventure (7/2004 – 4/2007)
  • Mike J. Hamilton – worked for Hard Rock Corp. (2/1998 – 10/1999)

Sports Authority – In April 2006, Lauren Gibbs also found out Casey DID NOT WORK here. In April 2007, Casey told Chris S. this was her place of employment. George investigated Casey’s story about being robbed of $4,000 while working at the Sports Authority. He spoke with the manager only to learn Casey DID NOT WORK here and there was NO ROBBERY.

Wendy Gallant – Photobucket Corp. Address: 18th Street, Ste 770, Denver, CO 80202

John Dennis Bradley Expert Witness (Internet Cacheback)

John Azzilonna – owner of CD of photos taken of Casey at Fusion Ultra Lounge on 6/6, 6/13 & 6/20/08 with a few taken after midnight, therefore the date stamp would show 6/21/08.

Teddy Pieper – took photos at Fusion Ultra Lounge on 6/13/08 & 6/20/08

Bruce Lam – Owner of Fusion Ultra Lounge. He did not know Casey had a child.

Fusion Ultra Lounge – Sushi, Italian and Asian Cuisine Specialty Restaurant by day and entertainment/dance club by night @ 875 Woodbury Rd, (Avalon Park/Waterford Lakes) Orlando, FL.  Casey “worked” here Friday nights managing the Shooter Girls. She was self-appointed and received NO PAY for this role.

Andrew Stephan Heyman – (aka: Drew) friend and co-worker of Tony L. Employed by DBC Entertainment. Lived at Arden Villas.  During the week of 6/16/08 – 6/20/08 Shawn H., Tony L. and he looked into a 3-Bedroom rental home. Casey joined them even tough there was no plan for her to move in with them.

Shawn Maris Hickey – friend and co-worker of Tony L. Employed by DBC Entertainment. Lived at Arden Villas.  During the week of 6/16/08 – 6/20/08 Drew H., Tony L. and he looked into a 3-Bedroom rental home. Casey joined them even tough there was no plan for her to move in with them.

Frank Bourgeois – scheduled a jail visit with Casey for 7/24/08. No show.

Patrick Bourgeois – On 7/24/08 he visited Casey in jail to offer support.  She did not seem to recognize him.

Mike Willis – friend of Patrick Bourgeois (came to the jail visitation center to offer Casey morale support….yet Casey claims she had not seen him since high school days.


  • Michael Purtz – Target, Orlando, FL
  • Kari Siracusa – JC Penney, Orlando, FL
  • David McCollough – Ikea, Orlando, FL
  • Sheriece Soto-Flores – Ikea, Orlando, FL
  • Stacey Bechtol – Blockbuster, Dallas, TX
  • Cheryl Brown – Winn Dixie, Winter Park, FL
  • Mary Greene – Bank of America, Mount Dora, FL
  • Andy Jones – (Jail Phone Calls) OC Corrections
  • Cpl. Juan Santiago – (Video Jail Visits) OC Corrections


  • Custodian of Records, Blockbuster Video, Winter Park, FL
  • Custodian of Records, Gentiva Health
  • Custodian of Records, Security Forces, Inc
  • Custodian of 911 Records, OCSO
  • Custodian of Records, Johnson’s Wrecker Svc
  • Custodian of Records, Bank of America, Orlando, FL
  • Custodian of Records, MySpace, Beverly Hills
  • Custodian of Records, Photobucket
  • Custodian of Records, Brighthouse Networks (formerly Time Warner Cable)
  • Custodian of Records, BellSouth
  • Custodian of Records, AT&T Wireless
  • Custodian of Records, Cingular Wireless
  • Custodian of Records, Sprint
  • Custodian of Records, Nextel
  • Custodian of Records, T-Mobile
  • Custodian of Records, Verizon