OC Judicial System

Judge Belvin PerryChief Judge Belvin Perry, Jr. – Effective 4/20/10 Judge Perry will preside over the Casey Anthony 1st Degree Murder case. He has been the chief of the 9th Judicial Circuit serving  Orange & Osceola counties since 2001. Judge Perry leads one of the largest judicial circuits in the state with over 50 judges. Serves as the Chair of the Trial Court Budget Commission for the state court system.  He received a Juris Doctor from Thurgood Marshall School of Law, a Masters Degree in Education and a B.S. in History from Tuskegee University.


Circuit Court Judge Stan Strickland – presided over the 1st Degree Murder case against Casey Marie Anthony (7/22/2008 – 4/19/2010). He also presided over the Economic Check Fraud case against Casey Anthony – CLOSED. 4/19/10 In response to a Defense Team motion requesting the judge to remove himself from the case due to a perceived pro-prosecution bias, Judge Strickland recused himself from Ms. Anthony’s Criminal case. Motion GRANTED.

judgejrrodJudge José R Rodriguez – presiding over the Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez civil case against Casey Marie Anthony.


County Judge John E Jordan – Presided over the 1st Bond Hearing for Casey Anthony7/18/08 for the Child Neglect and Filing a False report charges.

Judge Ronald Legendre –Issued a search warrant for the Anthony home at 4937 Hopespring DR, Orlando, FL. The warrant authorized the OCSO detectives to search the home for trace evidence and to collect evidence regarding this case.

Honorable James Glatt – Special Magistrate (Retired Judge) appointed by Judge Perry for the purpose of supervising the Defense Team’s review of TES Volunteer Searchers’ records. The affected parties agreed on 10/4 & 10/5/2010 for the inspection of these records to take place. The Defense review process will occur under strict guidelines and stipulations as set forth in a Court Order issued by Judge Perry on 9/11/2010.



Lawson L. Lamar – State Attorney for the 9th Judicial Circuit. He attended the Univ. of FL and graduated with honors from the College of Law in 1972.

ldbLinda Drane Burdick – Assistant State Attorney. 19 years of experience as an attorney. Attended the University of Pittsburgh School of Law

Jeff Ashton – Assistant State Attorney has practiced law for 28 years. He attended Univ. of FL, Fredric G. Levin College of Law. In a Death Penalty Motion Hearing held on 12/11/2009 ASA, Jeff Ashton defended the State’s decision to seek the Death Penalty for Casey Anthony and explained how the law works in terms of Sentencing. Included in his presentation, Ashton used a theory of how Caylee may have died to demonstrate how a jury may apply the facts of the case and draw certain conclusions. VIDEO

Frank George – Assistant State Attorney requested at the court hearing held on 8/21/09 that a trial date be set for the Economic/Check Fraud charges against Casey Anthony.



James Cheney Mason – Criminal Defense Lawyer in Orlando, FL. He is one of the top Defense Attorney’s in the country with 40 years of law experience. He has tried 50 murder cases successfully. A founding father of the Central Florida Criminal Defense Association and he is affiliated with several Anti-Death Penalty organizations. On 3/18/10 Mason appeared in the Casey Anthony Indigency Hearing as the newest member to the Casey Anthony Defense Team. Pro Bono

 Ann Elizabeth Finnell Finnell, McGuinness, Nezami, & Andux P.A. Jacksonville, FL. Finnell said she met the defendant yesterday and is excited to be part of the team. On 9/13/10 Ms. Finnell met with Casey at the OC jail. She anticipates having a minor role during the guilt-innocence phase of the trial.  Conversely, should Casey be found guilty, Ms. Finnell would become more involved during the penalty phase.  On 9/14/10 Baez introduced her as a new member to the Defense Team (Replacement for Prof. Andrea Lyon). Ms. Finnell will serve as the Death Penalty expert. Pro Bono

 José Ángel Baez – Criminal Defense Attorney representing Casey Marie Anthony. José Baez, Esq. Law Firm Offices in Kissimmee & Orlando, FL.  Born in Puerto Rico in 1969. Baez earned a GED diploma and joined the Navy in 1986. He graduated in 1997 from St. Thomas University School of Law in Miami, FL. For 8 years after he graduated from law school (FL State Univ.), the FL Board of Bar Examiners would not approve him to practice law. This decision was supported by the FL Supreme Court. Baez was admitted to the FL Bar in 2005 after showing he had rehabilitated himself. However, he is still not qualified to try a Death Penalty case. (Received $89,500 legal service fee)


Dorothy Clay Sims – Founder of the law firm of Sims and Stakenborg, P.A. whose main office is in Marion County, Ocala, FL. Specializes in psychological issues. She wrote a book regarding legal and medical aspects of medical and psychiatric conditions. Although she has no formal training in medicine or psychology, she has several thousand hours of time invested in learning how some defense-oriented medical experts (DMEs) manipulate the data. Researches Defense Experts. Serves as consultant to the Defense attorneys providing assistance with cross examinations and in some cases she actually conducts the cross examination. On 7/30/10 she visited with Casey in jail. Announcement on 9/8/10 – Joining the José Baez Defense Team. Pro Bono

Linda Kenney Baden Criminal Defense Attorney, NY. Joined the José Baez Defense Team on 12/12/08. She specializes in forensic evidence. Baden has been doing forensic work since the 1980’s when she worked in the Prosecutor’s office in NJ. Baden has been involved in several “high-profile” cases, including the recent defense of music producer Phil Spector show. She went to school at Rutgers Univ. and is registered with the NY Bar Association until 2010. Pro Bono  On 10/22/10 Atty. Baden filed a Motion to Withdraw as Counsel.

Andrea D. Lyon – Death Penalty Qualified Defense Attorney. Clinical Professor of law at the DePaul University College of Law in Chicago, IL. She has tried 132 murder cases. As of 12/10/08 her record for the capital cases taken through the penalty phase is 19 for 19 wins (life sentences vs. DP). On 3/18/10 (CMA Indigency Hearing) Atty. Lyon testified under oath that she contributed $70k from fundraising by the DePaul Law Clinic. She was a member of the Baez Defense Team from 5/28/09 to 6/30/10. Pro Bono ($22,500 received for expenses) On 6/30/10 Atty. Lyon filed a Motion to Withdraw as Counsel.

Todd Edward Macaluso – Criminal Defense Attorney, CA and a member of the José Baez Defense Team [4/17/09 – 2/15/10]. His specialty is accident reconstruction. Contributed $70k to the Casey Anthony Defense Fund. The CA Bar ordered Macaluso’s participation in the Alternative Disciplinary Program (ADP) and his license to practice law in CA will become “inactive” effective 4/26/10. Pro Bono

Terence Michael Lenamon – Death Penalty Qualified Criminal Defense Attorney of Swartz & Lenamon Law Firm, Miami, FL. He joined the José Baez’s Defense Team 10/21/08. On 12/6/08 Atty. Lenamon notified Casey Anthony via letter of his withdrawal from her case.


Michael Walsh – Criminal Defense Lawyer in Miami, FL specializing in criminal appeals. He was a member of the Baez Defense Team (7/29/08 – 11/5/08). His contribution to the case focused primary on efforts to have Casey Anthony’s $500k bond appealed. He made guest appearances on national media networks (i.e., Today Show w/Dan Abrams; Fox News w/Megyn Kelly and Greta Van Susteren, etc). In a letter to Robyn Adams, Casey mentions Michael & Michelle Rodriguez Walsh (husband & wife team attys. who are friends of José Baez) as possible legal counsel for Robyn to consider hiring. M. Walsh represented Robyn for a brief period.


Michelle Madina – New attorney with the José Baez Law Firm. Her first appearance in court was on 5/6/10 and on 5/8/10 Atty. Madina visited Casey in jail.

Richard Alan Gabriel Attorney who met with Casey on 7/30/10. He was accompanied by Attys. José Baez, Dorothy Clay Sims, and Michelle Madina. Jeanene Barrett (Mitigation Specialist) also participated in this meeting.

Matthew Troccoli – An aspiring lawyer. Attended (FIU) – College of Law, Miami, FL. Interviewed Casey on 11/5/08 at the OC Jail.


ZFG vs. Casey Anthony Civil Case Attorneys

John B. Morgan – Founder of Morgan & Morgan Law Firm. Zenaida Gonzalez’s Lead Attorney for the civil (defamation) case against Casey Anthony. Pro Bono

Keith R. Mitnik – Attorney with Morgan & Morgan Law Firm. Co-council for the ZFG civil case against Casey Anthony. Pro Bono

John W. Dill – Attorney with Morgan & Morgan Law Firm. Assisted with taking C & G Anthony’s depositions on 4/9/09 for the ZFG civil suit against Casey Anthony. Pro Bono

Charles Michael Greene – Law Offices of Charles M. Greene, P.A. Orlando, FL representing Casey Anthony in the ZFG civil suit. Baez announced in a presser on 9/14/10 Mr. Greene replaced Atty. Jonathan B. Kasen. Pro Bono

Jonathan B. Kasen – Law Office Of Jonathan B Kasen P. A., Fort Lauderdale, FL. Filed Notice Of Appearance on 10/10/08 as Co-Counsel of José Baez in the criminal case. Legal counsel for Casey Anthony in the ZFG civil suit and Casey’s counter-suit filed against Zenaida Gonzalez. On 9/14/09 Kasen filed Notice of Unavailability with Clerk of Courts.

Tomasita D. Crowell – Crowell & Carmona, P.A., Maitland, FL. Atty. representing Casey Anthony in ZFG civil case. Case # 2008-CA-024573-O. Her name has appeared on the OC Clerk of Courts record since this case was filed. However, she has not appeared in court as the Defendant’s advocate/attorney.

José Luis Garcia – An Attorney and Associate w/the José Baez Law Firm. At the court hearing held on 1/8/2009, Garcia represented Casey Anthony because her civil attorney, Jonathan Kasen, had a prior commitment. He asked the court to stay the defendant’s deposition pending the conclusion of the criminal case. His last visited with Casey at OC Jail was between the hours of 10:30 p.m. and 11:04 p.m. on 4/12/2010.

Gabriel Adams – An Attorney and Associate w/ the José Baez Law Firm. Visited with Casey at the OC Jail.




Mark NeJame – C & G Anthony’s Criminal Defense Attorney & P.R. Spokesperson 9/4/08 – 11/20/08 [RESIGNED] Attorney for Tim Miller of Texas EquuSearch [HIRED – 1/15/09] Received $5,000 legal service fee from the NLH Foundation.  Awarded Roy K. $5,000 as a token of appreciation for finding Caylee. He is an ex-husband of former WESH-Channel 2 anchor Wendy Chioji.

Brad Bischoff – Attorney for the Justice Administrative Committee (JAC), Tallahassee, FL. On 5/6/2010 he presented JAC positions regarding applicable fee schedules and costs associated with taxpayer funding for a defense of an indigent client.

Rachel E. Fugate – Thomas & LoCicero PL Tampa, FL. Attorney representing the Orlando Sentinel Communications.

Gregg D. Thomas – Thomas & LoCicero PL Tampa, FL Attorney representing Orlando Sentinel Communications.

Tamara Lynn Gappen – Assitant County Attorney representing Orange County Corrections (OCC). Orange County’s Response to Defendants Motion for Reconsideration filed 10/26/10

Diana Michelle Tennis – Criminal Defense Lawyer in Orlando, FL representing P.I. Dominic Casey. Filed Notice of Conclusion 7 May 2010. No longer representing P.I. Dominic Casey.

Bradley A. Conway – (aka: Brad Conway) Graduated from the University Of Florida College Of Law. Has a private law practice in Orlando, FL. C & G Anthony’s Criminal Defense Attorney & P.R. Spokesperson [REPLACED Attorney Mark NeJame] in December 2008. Provided legal counsel for C & G Anthony Pro Bono[RESIGNED] 8/16/2010 Resignation letter

Mark R. LippmanLippman Law Offices, P.A., Orlando, FL. The firm focuses on Real Estate and Criminal Law. Retained by C & G Anthony to represent them in a civil case (foreclosure proceedings on the 4937 Hopespring Dr property). On 8/25/2010 a Notice of Appearance was filed for Mark Lippman, Esq. representing G & C Anthony in the criminal case against Casey Anthony. Pro Bono

Jennifer G. CraddockLippman Law Offices, P.A. Orlando, FL.  Experience in the Federal and State levels of criminal defense. On 8/25/2010 a Notice of Appearance was filed for Mark Lippman, Esq. representing George and Cynthia Anthony in the criminal case against Casey Anthony.  On 8/25/2010 a Notice of Appearance was filed for Jennifer G. Craddock, Esq. representing G & C Anthony in the criminal case against Casey Anthony. Pro Bono

Thomas B. Luka – Criminal Defense Lawyer in Orlando, FL representing Lee Anthony. The day after Lee was deposed (7/30/2008) by the Prosecution, Atty. Luka announced it is no longer necessary for him to be retained by Lee Anthony in the matter regarding Caylee’s homicide. However, he may represent Lee in the civil suit (if necessary).

Reginald Tony Moss, Jr. – (aka: Tony Moss) a sole practitioner who devotes his practice to criminal defense, at the trial, appellate and post conviction levels. On 7/2/2010 Atty. Moss visited Casey Anthony in jail. He is the atty. of record for potential witness Bradley J. Wright, who was scheduled for Depo by the Prosecution on 7/21/10. Notice of Cancellation of Depo

Kirk N. Kirkconnell – Kirkconnell, Lindsey, Snure & Yates, P.A. Criminal Defense Lawyer in Winter Park, FL representing Amy J. Huizenga.

Warren W. Lindsey Kirkconnell, Lindsey, Snure & Yates, P.A. Criminal Defense Lawyer in Winter Park, FL representing Annie Downing.

David L. Evans Attorney with Mateer & Harbert Law Firm (Orlando, FL) representing Roy Kronk.

Raymond M. Brown – Greenbaum, Rowe, Smith & Davis, LLP office in Iselin, NJ. Attorney representing Laura Buchanan.

Bernard M. Cassidy – Adams, Cassidy & Phillippi, P.A. Criminal Defense Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale, FL representing Laura Buchanan.

Darryl Cohen – Criminal Defense Lawyer in Orlando, FL representing Jesse Grund.

William R. Jay – Carsten & Ladan, P.A. Criminal Defense Lawyer in Orlando, FL representing Anthony Lazzaro.

Kelly Bryan Sims – Law Office of Kelly B. Sims, P.A. Criminal Defense Lawyer in Winter Park, FL representing Joseph S. Jordan.

Mark M. O’ Mara Criminal Defense Lawyer in Orlando, FL representing Joy R. Wray.

John Liguori – Criminal Defense Lawyer representing Jim Hoover.

Annmarie Delahunty – Attorney representing the OCSO

Eric Dunlap – Attorney representing the OCSO