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  1. blessedknox says:

    Crystal and Roy’s divorce documents. Roy is again referred to as: Roy MARTIN Kronk
    Can we say alias?

    Case Information
    Court System: Circuit Court for Charles County – Civil System
    Case Number: 08C91000791
    Title: Kronk vs Kronk
    Case Type: Divorce-AbsoluteFiling Date:04/29/1991
    Case Status: Closed/Inactive
    Case Disposition: Administrative CloseDisposition Date:03/12/2009

    Plaintiff/Petitioner Information
    (Each Plaintiff/Petitioner is displayed below) Party Type: PlaintiffParty No.:2
    Business or Organization Name: Charles County Child Sup Enf Adm
    Address: 200 Kent Avenue
    City: LaPlataState:MDZip Code:20646
    Attorney(s) for the Plaintiff/Petitioner
    Name: Dombrowski, Esq, Rachel A
    Practice Name: Office Of The State’s Attorney
    Address: PO Box 3065
    City: La PlataState:MDZip Code:20646

    Party Type: PlaintiffParty No.:1
    Name: Kronk, Crystal Ann
    Address: 12720 Bar Oak Drive
    City: WaldorfState:MDZip Code:20601
    Aliases Plaintiff/Petitioner
    Name: Sparks, Crystal Ann

    Defendant/Respondent Information
    (Each Defendant/Respondent is displayed below) Party Type: DefendantParty No.:1
    Name: Kronk, Roy Martin
    Address: 951 Fulton Lane
    City: Palm BayState:FLZip Code:32905

    Court Scheduling Information
    Event Type: Non-Support HearingNotice Date:
    Event Date: 03/09/2009Event Time:09:00 AM
    Result: Held/ConcludedResult Date:03/09/2009

    Document Tracking
    (Each Document listed. Documents are listed in Document No./Sequence No. order) Doc No./Seq No.: 1/0
    File Date: 08/01/2000Close Date:08/01/2000Decision:
    Document Name: See Docket Sheet for Previous Entries

    Doc No./Seq No.: 2/0
    File Date: 07/25/2000Close Date:08/01/2000Decision:
    Document Name: Correspondence from Master to State’s
    Attorney with attachment (letter from Plaintiff requesting increase in arrearage payment).

    Doc No./Seq No.: 3/0
    File Date: 07/25/2000Close Date:04/23/2002Decision:
    Document Name: 2+ ProSe Parties when Case Closed

    Doc No./Seq No.: 4/0
    File Date: 02/04/2009Close Date:03/12/2009Decision:
    Document Name: 4D Reopen for Enforcement

    Doc No./Seq No.: 5/0
    File Date: 02/03/2009Close Date:03/12/2009Decision:
    Document Name: 4D Petition for Contempt & Show Cause

    Doc No./Seq No.: 6/0
    File Date: 03/05/2009Close Date:03/12/2009Decision:
    Document Name: Copy of Petition for Constructive Criminal Contempt, filed in K09-157

    Doc No./Seq No.: 7/0
    File Date: 03/12/2009Close Date:03/12/2009Decision:
    Document Name: Correspondence from Deft regarding continuance (with Master’s note denying)

    Doc No./Seq No.: 8/0
    File Date: 03/12/2009Close Date:03/12/2009Decision:
    Document Name: 4D Report of the Master regarding hearing on 3-9-09 – deft excused.

    Doc No./Seq No.: 9/0
    File Date: 03/12/2009Close Date:03/12/2009Decision:
    Document Name: 2+ ProSe Parties when Case Closed

    Doc No./Seq No.: 10/0
    File Date: 05/01/2009Close Date:Decision:
    Document Name: 4D Open Court Proceedings. Case called in open court (Judge Nalley, C/S D).
    Def’s appearance waived. Court closes case statistically. Copy sent to SAO, DSS and Master.

  2. blessedknox says:

    FL Seminole Voter Detail

    County Seminole
    Voter ID 107946340
    Last Name WRAY

    First Name
    Middle Name
    Suppress Address (Y/N)N
    Residence Address Line 1
    Residence Address Line 2
    Residence City
    ALTAMONTE SPRINGS Residence State
    Residence ZIP Code 32701

    Gender Female
    Race White (not Hispanic)
    Date of Birth Jun 24 1979
    Registration Date Mar 10 2005
    Party Affiliation – Republican Party of Florida
    Precinct 034
    Precinct Group 0
    Precinct Split 034
    Precinct Suffix

    Voter Status
    Active Congressional District 7
    House District 37
    Senate District 22
    County Commission District 4
    School Board District 4
    Daytime Area Code
    Daytime Phone Number
    Daytime Phone Extension

    Above information as provided by state – Our annotations are below
    Address (click to find others)
    951 Blackwood St City/State/ZIP (click to find others)
    Altamonte Springs,FL 32701-7703

    Voter History
    County Seminole
    Voter ID 107946340
    Election Date 09/05/2006
    Election Type PRI
    Voted at Polls

  3. blessedknox says:

    Florida Driver Detail

    DL Number W600436797240
    Old DL Number
    Address 951 BLACKWOOD ST
    City/State/ZIP Code ALTAMONTE SPRINGS,17 32701
    Race W
    Type CLASS E
    FDLE County none found
    Gender F
    Date of Birth Jun 24 1979
    Age 029
    Height 505
    Issue Type – Address Changed Flag
    Name Changed Flag
    DOB Changed Flag

    Sex Changed Flag
    Deceased Date 00000000
    Attention Restriction 1 – none found
    Restriction 2 – none found
    Restriction 3 – none found
    Restriction 4 – none found
    Restriction 5 – none found
    Issue Date
    Jul 7 2006 Motorcycle
    Endorsement 1 none found
    Endorsement 2 none found
    Endorsement 3 none found
    Endorsement 4 none found
    Endorsement 5 none found
    Expire Date – Jun 24 2012

    Privacy Flag – T
    Original Issue Date May 12 2000
    Out of State Identifier

    Above information as provided by state – below are our annotations
    Address (click to find others here)
    951 BLACKWOOD ST City/State/ZIP Code (click to find others nearby)

  4. WOW Thanks Blessed for finding all this information!

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