The Caylee page and updates

Add updates about the murderer, the defense team and the infamous Anthony’s here!  No matter what they do or say, or if they make BLOOD money, it is still all about Caylee!  REST IN PEACE CAYLEE!   They all are STILL USING YOU!

If you have a petition page or link, PLEASE post them here:  Caylee Petitions

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  1. TickTock says:

    Hahah humble u not a cooked goose, u a knucklehead :D (from prev caylee post)

  2. Justme66 says:

    If we don’t do something, we’re not going to make it…. We’re going to need 90 signatures or more every day for the next 16 days in order to reach our goal… Let’s get pushing!! Even if it doesn’t help, we’ll know we tried for CAYLEE… This may be our last hope!!! Please sign this petition and pass it along!!!/petition/try-casey-anthony-federal-court-lying-fbi-investigators/KCkZwXSD

  3. lynda says:

    GM Humble and Friends, Just we’re at 3478, not enough to make the deadline. I really hope we get there. How else can we push this. I’ll be back tonight after work. I’ll see if I can pass the word there. Have a good day.

  4. midget48 says:

    GM everyone! i am going to put the petition site on my fb. hopefully, that will help. hope everyone has a great day!

  5. Midget good idea! I will do that also!

  6. TickTock says:

    if each person that has signed gets 1 other family member to sign the # would double in no time? gonna get hubbys ok & do that tonight, son too :)

  7. OJ KARMA (AKA) Curious in Orlando says:

    Hey Y’all! Signing both my dad and husband to sign petition! My son is willing to get involved because of the tears I shed day of verdict. that’s 3 by tonight. Forward message to friends and got messages of “I thought this was over” ummmmm NO not done with Justice for CAYLEE! IT IS GUILTY FOREVER AND A DAY!

  8. eyspy says:

    Im betting Cindy and George try to elbow their way into the ZFG depo on Saturday….at least will sit in the office area someplace to get a glimpse of the murderess…I can only hope the tape will be released.There is a two hour cap on the questioning, unlike the droning of G&C depo.

  9. bignosycat says:

    not being a us citizen I cannot sign petition. I tweeted and Facebooked it. Twitter is good for this purpose please tweet as it reaches more people faster. You can tweet more than once just add something to the tweet like HELP sign Petition URGENT

  10. lynda says:

    GM Humble and Friends, 3602 as of 8:04 AM ET. We’re chuggin along 1398 to go. 88 a day is needed. Power of positve thinking. We will make it. Justice for Caylee!!

  11. eyespy says:

    This is a couple weeks old, but haven’t seen it posted…Looks like the Caylee Fund has really pizzed people off!!!

  12. maze says:

    lets hope more people realize this is a fraudation.

    Go drew Kesse

  13. eyespy says:

    I had read where she lives alone, also she put n/a on acquired debt.Guess she doesn’t think owing the state almost 200,000 dollars a debt.

  14. lynda says:

    Goodevening Humble and Friends, 3670 as of 7:26 PM ET. Not a bad day. 1330 to go. Let’s keep on praying for this to work. Justice for Caylee,

  15. maze says:

    “Casey Anthony is behaving herself,” WKMG-Channel 6 anchor Lauren Rowe started a report tonight.

    It was an unusual beginning to the latest Anthony update.

    Anthony filled out a monthly report for her probation officer shortly before 6 p.m. Monday, WKMG’s Tony Pipitone reported. In August, Anthony started serving a year’s probation for check fraud somewhere in Florida.

    “She is unemployed, she is living alone,” Rowe said. “She did reveal she had consumed alcoholic beverages, though she said never to excess. She also reported she had not attended any classes, therapy or self-improvement programs.”

    Pipitone reported: “She reported using no drugs, having no contact with law enforcement during the last month, so she’s in good standing.”

    WOFL-Channel 35 legal analyst Hal Uhrig agreed Anthony was within bounds. “The business about working or going to school, we have over a 10 percent unemployment rate in the state,” Uhrig said. “I’d say probably most probationers don’t have jobs.”

    Uhrig added that Anthony has to show some effort about getting a job or going to school. “If she’s got no money, she can’t go to school ’cause she can’t pay tuition,” Uhrig said. “I can’t imagine what employer would want the distraction of actually hiring her.”

    Uhrig was struck by a discrepancy: Defense attorney Jose Baez has said Anthony was going to therapy but Anthony said she isn’t. “The difference is she’s required to tell the truth,” Uhrig said.

    Anthony was acquitted in July of first-degree murder in the death of her daughter, Caylee.

  16. maze says:

    has no money but can drink booze.I quess its whomever house she is living in,proabaly clearing out the booze cabinet

  17. TickTock says:

    Hahaha funny image… WF clutching bottle of rotgut liquor & chugging while cruising Internet looking for companionship and wonder why everyone hates her!!!


    OKAY FRIENDS! JUST SIGNED 7 PEOPLE FOR THE PETITION! I have the day off today until TUESDAY soooooooo that means I will be texting the bejeesus out my friends and family! I will not give up! Never give up! KARMA FOR CAYLEE!

  19. TickTock says:

    Way to Gooooo OJ KARMA !!!!!!!!!!!

  20. midget48 says:

    we are proud of you, OJ KARMA! i posted the petition on my facebook. we have got to reach our goal!

  21. lynda says:

    Goodevening Humble and everyone, 3746 as of 6:44 PM ET, 1254 to go. Go OJ. Justice for Caylee.

  22. lynda says:

    GM Humble and everyone, 3810 as of 10:20 AM ET. Caylee Marie, we will not let you down, we will not forget thee. Let’s keep on signing the petition.

  23. Toasty on 8 October 2011 at 10:58
    Guess Killer “plead the 5th”Anthony will be in court today! Hope judge requires her to ANSWER all questions! Morgan said he has some “good one”!

  24. Janet says:

    Humble here’s the story,0,6946795.story

    Casey Anthony case: Casey answers few questions, takes Fifth in civil-suit deposition

    Casey wore a Philadelphia Philllies baseball cap, “gigantic sunglasses” and what appeared to be a long, dark-haired wig during the deposition, Morgan said.

    Didn’t Casey have long hair and she use to wear big sunglasses?
    Only thing is probably new is the Philly cap.

  25. mikka says:

    hi friends,hope everybody is allright!

    this krack me up ! hahahahahaahahahhahahahaha
    According to Gonzalez’ attorney John Morgan, Anthony was wearing a Phillies baseball cap, large sunglasses and what appeared to be a dark, black wig. hahhahhahhahhahahaahhahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahha

  26. Eyespy says:

    Mikka good to see ya! How funny that WF dresses as herself… Long hair, ball cap and big Amy sunglasses. Moron. The article said her nose was flaring, boy do I remember that look from the trial.

  27. maze says:

    I see her Mo has not changed.

  28. bakedbread says:

    The cogs in the wheels of Justice are turning slowly, but they are turning…Caylee’s day is right around the corner

  29. Colhere says:

    Hey folks..

    I guess I should point out that this petition is probably meaningless… I am from a foreign country and I just signed it.. How is it that I can influence policy in a foreign country by anonymously signing a petition?

  30. Janet says:

    A snipet from the link
    It was her costume for the legal proceeding that really got Morgan’s attention.

    PHOTOS: Casey Anthony’s Secret Wild Life

    “She was wearing a Phillies baseball hat. It looked like a wig — I don’t know if it was — very thick black hair, long ponytail around her shoulder. She had these Dolce & Gabbana big, huge sunglasses on and a T-shirt. The court reporter kinda gasped,” he said.

    A pair of sunglasses that is said as the brand is expensive

    From Nordstroms Dolce&Gabbana Oversized Square Sunglasses
    All of the brand name at Nordstroms is over $100

  31. GM everyone!

    Col, that is interesting, but there is no anonymous signature on the page that I can find.

  32. lynda says:

    GM Humble and Friends, 3877 as of 7:16 AM ET. Have to leave for work, but we’re getting there. God Bless you all. Please guide these people who you have entrusted with the special gift of life. Keep the babies safe.

  33. Just to make sure everyone is clear on that petition, it says to:

    TRY the MURDERER in FEDERAL COURT for lying to the FBI
    nothing more than lying to FBI…not to try her in Federal Court for the murder!

  34. Eyespy says:

    Hi All… Just read where Morgan will file a motion with the court as early as Tuesday, in order to get WF to answer his questions in court. The tape of the depo will be included with the filing and will prolly be released on that same day.

  35. Eyespy says:

    Eyespy on 9 October 2011 at 19:02
    Hi All… Just read where Morgan will file a motion with the court as early as Tuesday, in order to get WF to answer his questions in court. The tape of the depo will be included with the filing and will prolly be released on that same day.

  36. TickTock says:

    Good Evening all..looks like petition has made considerable progress today :D . as of 745pm est only need 1030 to go!!!

  37. TickTock says:

    Wow! 2 hours later petition number needed to reach goal 993!!! almost 40 signatures since 745 tonight!!

  38. Steph says:

    So glad for this forum! Thank you for pushing for justice for innocent victims. Prayers that justice will be served for little Caylee!

  39. lynda says:

    GM Humble and Friends, right now there are 4029 signatures as of 8;23 AM EST. 971 to go before 10/22. 88 a day will do it. Please get the word out. Justice for Caylee!

  40. lee says:

    how can i post the federal website voting page on FB? I will do it today but not sure how to post the link…let me know

  41. TickTock says:

    Ok Bozo has really lost his mind… Trying to latch WF onto Amanda Knox’s coattails to keep her in spotlight..saying “they are both all American Girls”. When is his license gonna get revoked??

  42. lynda says:

    Hey Humble and Humblettes, 4109 as of 10:03 PM ET, but whose counting :lol: Justice For Caylee, the only Victim! Be Flab, be Proud. Goodnight Knight Owl, I’ll always be Flab and Proud, and I miss your wisdom. We will keep on fighting for justice for the innocent victims in all this madness.

  43. Colhere says:

    @humble.. I signed under an assumed name.. didn’t even have to enter a ZIP code (which we don’t have here).

  44. Indianadiane says:

    I pray that c has to answer Morgan’s questions at the civil trial…not that she would tell the truth… the truth and c are strangers! Thanks Judge Strickland for those truthful words!

  45. Indianadiane says:

    The civil trial video deposition maybe released to the public tomorrow. Accordingly to news reports, during the deposition she had a disguise on – wig, baseball cap and designer glasses. Besides being a murderer, that girl is creepy!

  46. Justme66 says:

    lee, just go to this page…!/petition/try-casey-anthony-federal-court-lying-fbi-investigators/KCkZwXSD
    Once you get there, go to the url and click it until it all turns blue… Once it turns blue, right click and click on copy…. Then go to your FB, right click and click on paste… That will paste the link to your fb… Just hit submit and you’re done..
    875 signatures to go as of 2:39 am… Yeah, I know… I’m up late… Slept all evening and now I have the big eye!!!
    I’m posting an update on Watson on his page… :)

  47. jbnsa says:

    in response to the shut down of the anthonys fraudulent foundation.

    i was under the impression,that george and cindy were also drawing disability….. if it’s social security,, than any money they make,, they have to declare….how can 2 people become disabled at approx.. the same time,, and still draw wages from employment,,?? after they claimed they could not work….??? low life scammers… dr. phil is going down hill fast,, and he just got a big push,,from the anthony’s.i guess this means that mallory won’t have a job,, when she graduates from event coordinating school.. lol..

    i thought that if you didn’t have a job,, that was in violation of your paroll..or did new rules get written for is skank living if she has no income ?? i think she has hidden assets now,, via bozo. and zg legal team will find them.and i don’t believe she is living alone…that B CH loves to shop,, and she can only sit in front of a computer,, and window shop for just so long,,and it will be a matter of time,, before she is seen,, doing the clubs.and you can bet she has gotten her sex fix.bozo’s team is doing a good job, of keeping her incognito,,,but whose footing the bill…?? she has turned out,,NOT,,, to be the cash cow they all hoped for. so what good is she ..??

    did brother lee get married? was skank maid of honor ?

  48. jbnsa says:

    and i posted the link on my fb page for petition signatures… i hope anonymous signatures count…i’m a little worried about that.. bozo could claim,, the same person signed over and over again,, to get the needed amount of signatures..this has got to be done right to work…

  49. TickTock says:

    GM all, bet as long as email addresses are legit and person that “signed” petition can b verified thru that address than should count. I think petition is just vehicle to show that a good cross section of the country believes WF should b tried in federal court and hopefully will push the Feds to look into new trial. Bozo can’t argue against how it came about if the facts warrant the Feds to look; probably thinks “whoopee more publicity for me”.

  50. Justme66 says:

    I just saw this on Hal’s blog…. :woot::woot:
    Copied and pasted….
    bob kealing #fla bar confirms two complaints re #josebaez and his rep of #caseyanthony now with Grievance Committee. The Bar’s version of a grand jury.

  51. Justme66 says:

    Obama has a fundraiser-meeting with Attorney John Morgan today…. Saw that at OS too… :lol:

  52. Janet says:,0,921628.story

    Jose Baez faces two Bar complaints stemming from Casey Anthony trial
    Two complaints against Jose Baez have gone to a grievance committee, Florida Bar confirms.

  53. Janet says:

    Regarding Richard Grund

    Orlando pastor sues ‘Enquirer’ over Casey Anthony story, alleging defamation

    “The National Enquirer story is calling out an ordained minister as a child killer – and in a ritual sacrifice murder no less, of which there is not one shred of evidence to support or even credible speculation,” attorney Douglas Roberts, who represents Grund, wrote in a letter that accompanied the lawsuit he filed last week in Palm Beach County Circuit Court.

    He is seeking an unspecified amount in damages for Grund.

    “The actions taken by the National Enquirer were at a minimum negligent or grossly negligent and at worst were done with malice to injure (Grund’s) reputation and defame him in a national publication,” Roberts wrote in the lawsuit.

  54. Justme66 says:

    Richard Grund sues Rag Mag! It just keeps getting better and better…. now if we’d just get that JUSTICE FOR CAYLEE MARIE, we’d have it made….. That’s ALL I’m wrorried about… JUSTICE FOR CAYLEE MARIE, THE ONLY VICTIM…. :)

  55. mikka says:

    hi friends,
    jessie grund files lawsuit against teh antional E,i wish he filed against cindy &co!
    janet thats good newssssssssssssssssssssss about bozo,he get slapped HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAH

  56. mikka says:

    SORRY RICHARD FILED THE LAWSUIT! Richard Grund’s attorney Doug Roberts and he confirms that a Defamation law suit was indeed filed and served last friday over an article published on Oct/12 2009 by the National Inq@irer.

  57. mikka says:

    If probable cause is found in either complaint in the coming weeks and months, Baez would face a trial handled by a “referee.”
    :lol: :lol: :lol: I WANT TO BE THE REFEREE! :lol:

  58. mikka says:

    justmee ,bozo is GUILTY!!!!

  59. blessedknox says:

    TRY the MURDERER in FEDERAL COURT for lying to the FBI – 739 votes NOW NEEDED…

  60. TickTock says:

    ok now that bozo is finally in cross hairs need to get flipper for his unprofessionalism!!

  61. blessedknox says:

    AMEN – TickTock….Hopefully, flipper will be the next infamous ‘lawyer’ in the cross hairs!

  62. DJR says:

    I love to see Bozo get slapped!I bet IT was primping that wig and chewing gum like a cow!

  63. Eyespy says:

    Wowzers! Lots of news and fallout today….I hope Bozo gets drop kicked back to Puerto Rico. With no license to practice law.

  64. OJ KARMA (AKA) Curious in Orlando says:

    Good Evening friends! Bozo will get his KARMA that is due. LIARS don’t get far in life. Just look at all these dictators who had the power to do good for their country and GREED won for a short time and KARMA finished them off. IT knows she is better in prison than out on the streets and her GREED will win her a place back in jail. Sindy will follow. George? Lee?

    John Morgan and family are having dinner with President Obama tonight! Wish I was there! My big mouth would most likely talk about the verdict and ask the President what is he going to do make verdict right? Probably kick me out! But I would say it!


  65. lynda says:

    GM Humble and Friends, 4357, 643 to go. It’s going strong, 65 a day and we’ll see what happens. Justice for Caylee!

  66. lynda says:

    I would love to see bozo get slapped really hard for all his lies and deceit that he used to get cma, a murderer off. That would MAKE MY DAY!!! Let’s hope that this petition gets cma, at least for lieing to the Feds. She really needs to be punished in some way.Justice needs to be served, and if this is the only way, I’ll take it. I think anyone else who lies to Feds gets punished. Why not it. These a’s all need to be punished. Time to go to work, see y’all later.

  67. blessedknox says:

    Houston…we have a problem!

    I have tried all morning and last night to go to the website to see how many petition signatures are still needed to reach the 5,000 needed. The petition area of the web site will not load…

    GOOD MORNING and BLESSINGS to you Humble Friends.

  68. blessedknox says:

    I FINALLY got on the petition web section…633 signatures still needed!

  69. blessedknox says:

    OKAY Humble Friends…622 signatures still needed!

    Keep those signatures coming…post to Facebook, Twitter, etc…whatever you have!

  70. bakedbread says:

    Hey, all! This is good news about the signatures. I’ma prayin’! My daughter has facebook and I know she will post that link. It WILL happen.

    No doubt the legal community does not like the Bozo stain on them and are doing what they can on their end to bleach it out. Good for them.
    Hoping for a chit chat page, Humble! I know it’s a lot what you do, but I enjoy hearing about everyone’s lives. It’s the good stuff life is made of!
    We’re the people no one wants to hear from, hear about, but keep things moving in life–strong, goodwilled, caring people, who believe and fight for justice one breath at a time.
    take care all, and pray for me as I pray for you

  71. blessedknox says:

    OKAY Humble Friends…566 signatures still needed!

    Keep those signatures coming…post to Facebook, Twitter, etc…whatever you have!

  72. blessedknox says:

    OKAY Humble Friends…549 signatures still needed!

    Keep those signatures coming…post to Facebook, Twitter, etc…whatever you have!

  73. TickTock says:

    Wahoooo!!! the petition 5000 magic number is in sight :D

  74. blessedknox says:

    OKAY Humble Friends…543 signatures still needed!

    Keep those signatures coming…post to Facebook, Twitter, etc…whatever you have!

  75. blessedknox says:

    I just re-posted for the 4th time on Facebook…the October 22nd DEADLINE is fast approaching!

    Go here:!/petition/try-casey-anthony-federal-court-lying-fbi-investigators/KCkZwXSD

    And, you can post to Facebook or Twitter directly from the site.

  76. Jayl says:

    Jose Angel Baez birthday on Monday 17th – just a reminder for Casey to bake a cake (since she’s not so busy right now…)

  77. blessedknox says:

    OKAY Humble Friends…472 signatures still needed!

    Keep those signatures coming…post to Facebook, Twitter, etc…whatever you have!

  78. Janet says:

    Casey Anthony gets ‘E! True Hollywood Story’

    Does Casey Anthony rate an “E! True Hollywood Story”? Well, she’s getting one at 10 p.m. Wednesday on E!, of course.

    Those interviewed include journalists, former Anthony boyfriends, a former high school friend, former defense attorneys and Zenaida Gonzalez, who is suing Anthony for defamation. Gonzalez says her life was ruined when Anthony linked her to the disappearance of Caylee Anthony. Casey Anthony was acquitted of murder in July in the 2008 death of her daughter.

    You want quotes? E! supplied a few. Take a look:

    “If you wanted to hang out [or] go party she was always down.” — Brandon Snow, Anthony’s former boyfriend

    “Casey was very smart and very popular. She was someone that everyone pretty much kind of knew.” — Angel Rivera, former classmate

    “You follow someone around, let’s say 24/7, and then you only play one or two hours of their most difficult time, that does not define who that individual is. That was an unfair portrayal of her.” — Dorothy Clay Sims, defense attorney for Anthony

    “She didn’t take off any clothes; she wasn’t up on the stage stripping or anything. It was just her you know, standing around and dancing in a blue dress.” — Clint House, Anthony’s friend in response to the uproar over pictures of Anthony taking part in a “hot body contest” while her daughter was missing





    Sorry about CAPS I just can’t stand the B.S.

    KARMA FOR CAYLEE………………………………

  80. Justme66 says:

    OJ KARMA, don’t fret quite yet… I don’t think this whole E! thing will be positive for she whose name shall not be mentioned…. Remember, Clint House is behind Michelle Crowder on the Caylee’s Law thing…. I read about it over on the OS earlier…. So maybe that little quote has been shortened and isn’t everything that he said in the interview… If you go over to the OS blog you will see the links that were left pertaining to this…. Those links about him sounded pretty positive that he was for Caylee… I guess we will see….

  81. blessedknox says:

    OKAY Humble Friends…435 signatures still needed!

    Keep those signatures coming…post to Facebook, Twitter, etc…whatever you have!


  82. eyespy says:

    I miss Mikka!!

  83. blessedknox says:

    OKAY Humble Friends…428 signatures still needed!

  84. Justme66 says:

    Come on people, get the word out…. The petition is STUCK…. 428 still needed… We can’t come this far and fall short…. Work work work… :lol:

  85. blessedknox says:

    Thank you Justme…we needed a cheerleader!

  86. lynda says:

    GM Humble and Friends, Justme, we have 8 days to go, we need 54 a day. WE CAN DO IT!!!!!!! Caylee needs some kind of justice. I’ll again get the word out at work.

  87. Justme66 says:

    No problem blessed… Caylee is the driving force…. We can’t let HER DOWN!! :)
    I don’t know that it will work…. But I do know that even if it doesn’t, I didn’t set on my azz and not try….. She’s worth it…. PLUS so much more…. I’m tired of these innocent children being hurt, and I’m not sitting back and taking it ANYMORE!! Just not gonna happen… If WE don’t do something, it will continue… I know I’ve been more aware of the kids around me since Caylee….

  88. Justme66 says:

    Thank you all… FOR EVERYTHING!!! :)

  89. blessedknox says:

    OKAY Humble Friends…399 signatures still needed!

    Keep those signatures coming…post to Facebook, Twitter, etc…whatever you have!


  90. blessedknox says:

    OKAY Humble Friends…382 signatures still needed!

    Keep those signatures coming…post to Facebook, Twitter, etc…whatever you have!


  91. blessedknox says:

    I re-posted the link on Facebook (for the 8th time) asking people to go to the site and sign the petition. PLEASE DO THE SAME. You can go to the petition page and post it to facebook from that page.

    This was my petition via Facebook:(feel free to copy it)

    382 signatures are still needed to reach the goal. FRIENDS, WE ARE CLOSE ENOUGH TO REACH THE NUMBER NEEDED IF YOU WILL PARTICIPATE.

    Please take time and go to the Whitehouse link – click on the “We the People” link below – and sign in and sign the petition so that the Federal Government will investigate Casey Anthony and the murder of Caylee. Please be sure that every adult in your household signs the petition.

    Keep those signatures coming…re-post to Facebook, Twitter, etc…whatever you have! THANK YOU!

    DEADLINE: SIGNATURES NEEDED BY OCTOBER 22, 2011 TO REACH GOAL OF 5,000!/petition/try-casey-anthony-federal-court-lying-fbi-investigators/KCkZwXSD


  92. blessedknox says:

    Hopefully it will produce a full blown investigation and they’ll try her for felony offenses…there are plenty of them she can be tried for – AND CONVICTED!

    The misdemeanor is just to get the door open!

  93. blessedknox says:

    BABY MURDERER!!!!!!!

  94. blessedknox says:

    338 signatures are still needed to reach the goal.

  95. bakedbread says:

    RK, bigger fish to fry? That’s what everyone always says. But our innocent children are our future and all we have that’s good anymore–we have to keep trying to show that it matters. Because of what happened to Caylee more and more innocents will disappear unless people see that they will be held accountable one way or another.
    People can’t just sit on their hands and hope for things to change. It’s about awareness even if it never gets anywhere.

    Hey, Humblers, great work! It’s gonna happen, I just know it! I’m trying too!

  96. blessedknox says:

    We can not FORCE the FBI to do anything. We merely saw this WhiteHouse petition as a way to hopefully get the attention of the FBI in attempt and hope that they would look into this travesty of INJUSTICE and reopen the case.

    I do not know why the FBI does anything that it does…much less why evidence was given back to the Anthony’s to be destroyed (what little evidence they did not already destroy and cover up as soon as they realized that Casey ,murdered Caylee). Especially since there was already a civil suite ‘waiting in the wing’ for the murder trial to end.

    I do not know the answer to that any more than I know or understand why Casey Anthony walked free after killing her child; nor why her family perjured themselves, destroyed evidence, lied….

    There is no argument. Many people, including me, believe that Casey got off with no consequences for murdering her precious child. We still hope that somehow and someway she will be given severe consequences for the murder and PRAY that she does not kill again while walking a free woman. That is all there is to this.

    Murdering is a serious crime to most people…especially murdering helpless, defenseless children.


    The right to petition your government is guaranteed by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. We the People provides a new way to petition the Obama Administration to take action on a range of important issues facing our country. We created We the People because we want to hear from you. If a petition gets enough support, White House staff will review it, ensure it’s sent to the appropriate policy experts, and issue an official response.


    The idea of petitioning the White House or the government isn’t new, but this online platform is. Since the White House has never featured anything like this, we expect to make some adjustments to improve the platform based on how people use the system and your feedback. We may change the signature threshold so that the workload for responding to petitions in a timely fashion is manageable. You can always view the current signature thresholds on the Terms of Participation page.

    As we make adjustments to how the system works, we’ll keep you posted on those changes using the White House blog, and you can see all blog posts related to We the People. And if you have any specific suggestions to improve We the People please let us know.

  97. blessedknox says:

    I do not understand the whys and wherefores…I just know that right beside the spot you click to sign the petition it reads:

    TO REACH GOAL OF 5,000 – 337

    The number of signatures needed decreases by 1 each time a signature is entered.

    YOU MAY BE RIGHT….they may put the whole matter in file 13.

  98. blessedknox says:

    All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.
    Edmund Burke

  99. blessedknox says:

    Good night RK and the rest of my Humble Friends…
    God Bless and Keep You!

  100. blessedknox says:

    RK on 14 October 2011 at 23:36
    My question AGAIN……I’m not trying to argue, I’m just asking.

    Discussion closed…trying or not, YOU ARE ATTACKING ME AND ARGUING. Go Beat up someone else.

  101. blessedknox says:

    TO REACH GOAL OF 5,000 4,669

    Humble Friends…
    I believe I located the main discrepancy “RK” argued about while trying to bully me. The “Terms of Participation” in a petition on changed effective October 3, 2011. The inception of this petition was September 22, 2011. “Created: Sep 22, 201”

    Quoted from the ‘Terms of Participation’
    “AS OF OCTOBER 3, 2011:
    To cross the first threshold and be searchable within, a petition must reach 150 signatures within 30 days.

    To cross the second threshold and require a response, a petition must reach 25,000 signatures within 30 days.”

    I believe we all agree that: “It is better that we try and fail rather than fail to try.”

    My Humble Opinion: RK sounds like one of the Anthony’s trying to shut the mouths and actions of ‘good people’ so that evil can flourish and get by with murder’!)

  102. blessedknox says:

    OOPS! I’ll try that again..

    TO REACH GOAL OF 5,000 4,669

    Humble Friends…
    I believe I located the main discrepancy “RK” argued about while trying to bully me. The “Terms of Participation” in a petition on changed effective October 3, 2011. The inception of this petition was September 22, 2011. “Created: Sep 22, 201″

    Quoted from the ‘Terms of Participation’
    “AS OF OCTOBER 3, 2011:
    To cross the first threshold and be searchable within, a petition must reach 150 signatures within 30 days.

    To cross the second threshold and require a response, a petition must reach 25,000 signatures within 30 days.”

    I believe we all agree that: “It is better that we try and fail rather than fail to try.”

    My Humble Opinion: RK sounds like one of the Anthony’s trying to shut the mouths and actions of ‘good people’ so that evil can flourish and get by with murder’!)

  103. blessedknox says:

    Sorry the top ran together BOTH times…


  104. lynda says:

    Blessed, 327 needed as of 6:30 AM ET. Justice for Caylee. We want Justice for Caylee. Time for work, bbl, have a beautiful day. We must keep pusing the petition.

  105. lynda says:

    Blessed, if this fails and 25,000 are needed, we must be patient because since cma is a psychopath she will offend again, no doubt about it. She will not be able to live a life without criminal activity. I really hope only 5000 are needed and that’s that. But if it’s 25,000, then we must all just be patient and stay together and stay strong. If you look up psychopath and it’s manifestations, you’ll see it fits cma2 like a glove. bbl.

  106. TickTock says:

    GM all- Blessed I looked up fine print too… the 25000 threshold was implimented 10/3/11 (after our original 9/22 date) and so will apply only to petitions started after 10/3 (also why ticker hasn’t changed). From “The White House reserves the right to change the time limits and signature thresholds and apply them to petitions created after the change has been published to this “Current thresholds” section”
    funny how this whitehouse works… this petition proves that a 5000 signatures could be met within 30 days so 1/2 way thru our time frame they multiply the requirement
    5 FOLD???

  107. Justme66 says:

    Good morning all…. I found this posted on my facebook this morning and thought I’d bring it over… I don’t know how much truth there is to it… No verification listed…. However, we do know that they’re getting desperate so it may be the truth… Can never tell….

    by Boycott Casey Anthonys Future Earnings – No Money For Murder on Friday, October 14, 2011 at 3:50pm


    I have just been told by a very inside little birdie that the NBC Today Show has worked out a deal to interview Casey Anthony. The details are to be finalized on Monday October 17, 2011, so we MUST ACT FAST!

    According to this little birdie NBC WILL BE PAYING FOR THIS INTERVIEW. The payment will be handled through a third party. The third party will pay Casey and then in turn NBC will pay the third party. This way they figure they can honestly say they indeed did not pay her. Semantics people. A payment is a payment.

    While NBC admits they are afraid of backlash, they want to continue on to do this by making it a two part interview. The first part would be written, and the party that writes the story would also help shoulder the payment and the backlash. The second half of the interview would be the televised portion. Just in time for November sweeps.

    This insider also told me that Jose Baez is very anxious to make a deal, because he is shouldering much of her living expenses. While it was not said directly, I got the impression that Mr Baez may be running out of funding money.. this is why the desperation to secure an interview and some money.

    We cannot let this happen. Please act NOW. Get online. Letters, emails, FB wall posts… anything that you can do to let them know that we will not watch and will make sure those we know will not watch.
    ** Please when writing, be calm and respectful. We need to let them know how disappointed we are in them AND be taken serious at the sametime. They will simply ignore name calling and rants. We MUST STOP THIS!!

    This link will take you to the contact section – just copy and paste –

    This is their website address –

    This is their Facebook page –

    And these are all the contacts/ numbers, etc I can find :

    NBC Headquarters
    30 Rockefeller Plaza
    New York, NY 10112
    Tel 212-664-4444
    Fax 212-664-4426

    NBC Washington Bureau
    4001 Nebraska Ave NW
    Washington, DC 20016
    Tel 202-885-4200
    Fax 202-362-2009
    DC Bureau Chief
    Tim Russert 202-885-4548

    Nightly News
    30 Rockefeller Plaza
    New York, NY 10112
    Tel 212-664-4971/4691 or 202-885-4259
    Fax 201-583-5453
    Executive Producer
    David Corvo 212-664-4850

    Meet the Press
    4001 Nebraska Ave NW
    Washington DC 20016
    Tel 202-885-4598
    Fax 202-966-4544
    Executive Producer
    Nancy Nathan

    Today Show
    30 Rockefeller Plaza
    New York, NY 10112
    Tel 212-664-4249
    Fax 212-664-2914
    Executive Producer Jeff Zucker 212-664-2830

    Dateline NBC
    30 Rockefeller Plz
    New York NY 10112
    Tel 212-664-7501
    Fax 212-664-7864/7073

    One MSNBC Plaza
    Secaucus NJ 07094
    Tel (201) 583-5000
    Fax (201) 583-5453/5584
    (Steven Capus, exec producer 201-583-5102)

    Hardball w Chris Matthews 202-783-2615

    2200 Fletcher Ave
    Fort Lee NJ 07024
    Tel 201-585-2622
    Fax 201-585-6244
    DC Bureau Chief
    Alan Murray 201-585-2622
    Tim Russert Show 202-885-4548
    Barbara Fant, sr producer 202-885-4646)

  108. blessedknox says:

    I shared the link on my Facebook Wall again just now and posted:

    319 signatures ARE still needed on this web page. PLEASE SIGN IN AND VOTE, The deadline for the 5000 signatures is October 22nd – IN ONE WEEK!/petition/try-casey-anthony-federal-court-lying-fbi-investigators/KCkZwXSD

    Humble Friends, please post on Facebook, tweet, or whatever you can do…AGAIN AND AGAIN

  109. blessedknox says:

    282 signatures are STILL NEEDED on this web page. PLEASE SIGN IN AND VOTE, The deadline for the 5000 signatures is October 22nd – IN ONE WEEK!/petition/try-casey-anthony-federal-court-lying-fbi-investigators/KCkZwXSD

  110. lynda says:

    Goodevening Humble and Friends, Blessed, I too am praying that this works. It’s 281 now. Like I said this morning, if for some reason fails, we just need to be patient because cma will offend again and she’ll be back in jail. I feel it in my heart. I am praying that this petition works. Justice for Caylee, the only victim.

  111. lynda says:

    Justme, thanks for the info on the interview. That’s another task that we. as concerned citizens looking for justice for an innocent murdered child, Caylee, must get invloved with. We must show these media networks, and baez, that we will not stand for this woman profitting from her heinous crime, even if she got away with murder.

  112. TickTock says:

    Ding Ding Ding…. proof that RK is part of the Scamthony’s!!! Why on earth would any rational person donate their time or money to the foundation he/she referenced above? A website that has NO real person listed with contact information, no posted tax exempt ID, and my personal favorite: only a 1 Sentance Mission Statement??
    Won’t be long before IRS goes after this fraudation and puts it out of business just as the scamthony’s previous fund they milked 80% out of for their own personal use.

  113. lynda says:

    GM Humble and Friends, Tic I’m with you. How could any intelligent person even conceive the notion of donating to such a scam. What about the boat that George got fron Kidfinders, so he could search the ocean for missing kids. Give me a break. These two, GA and CA should take the example of Laci Petersons parents and move on into the real world, ie: get jods and pay your bills,instead of living off the blood of their murdered grandaughter. It’s didgusting to say the least, and I’ll say no more.
    RK if you’re there, get a job!

  114. lynda says:

    And one more thing RK, We here at Humbles are for justice for missing, exploited and yes, Murdered kids. Many of us here ARE involved with such things in our real lives. There are many professional people here, and loving parents too, who can see through the lies and deceit that this family has thrown at the public. That is where the outrage begins that is where we begin. If you feel that the perjuror and the child molester are worthy to run a foundation for missing kids, then all power to you. Contribute all your time and money to it so they can all live the Bella Vita. Meanwhile, their grandaughter Caylee, who was murdered by their own daughter,( and there’s no doubt in my mind about that), and thrown into a dark, creepy swamp, to rot away and be eaten by animals, while she lived it up with her boyfriend, will never get that chance. Justice for Caylee, the only Victim!

  115. lynda says:

    One more thing before I go, 242 is the number. Justice for Caylee.

  116. blessedknox says:


    242 signatures are still needed to reach the goal of 5000 by 10/22/2011.
    An average of “35” per day will put us OVER 5000…


  117. blessedknox says:

    Sorry lynda…I overlooked your “242” post…

    I guess we can’t say it enough! lol

  118. blessedknox says:

    I JUST posted this message on Facebook AGAIN…with the link to

    242 signatures ARE still needed on this web page. PLEASE SIGN IN AND VOTE, The deadline for the 5000 signatures is October 22nd – IN ONE WEEK

    Humble Friends – please do the same… (ACTUALLY WE ARE NOW DOWN TO “241” NEEDED)!/petition/try-casey-anthony-federal-court-lying-fbi-investigators/KCkZwXSD

  119. blessedknox says:

    UPDATE: 235 signatures ARE still needed on this web page.

  120. baked bread says:

    It’ll happen. Even if it doesn’t. There’s not a record that no one cared. There are voices that people cared. People who knew the truth as you’ve said. We all pay our taxes and sometimes people forget when we work for the government, we serve the people as best we can. At least I try to.
    Whenever people try to do the right thing, we have to take our beatings as we go, just as Our Lord did on the way to Calvary. You know Team Burdick-Ashton did! All those efforts eventually pay off in God’s time. When He rectifies things, it’s for good!!
    Are they releasing the Dumbo 12 here pretty soon? What’s the news with that?

    The networks will definitely get a backlash, but they’re desperate for ratings, so…
    sometimes these things can work in the good guys favor. We do what we can, and then, as my mom says, “stand back, as the parting of the Red Sea, and witness the power of God.”
    Blessed Sunday to all

  121. blessedknox says:

    Morning Baked…and other Humble Friends

    UPDATE: 229 signatures ARE still needed on this web page.

    Yes, everything is in God’s timing…and it is hard to remember sometimes that He is in control and it is He who makes things happen (opens and shuts doors); I often want to ‘help Him’ – Yeah right! Like, GOD needs help! lol

    More signatures are coming in – 52 more have come in today (since my last count late last night. Praise God…hopefully we will make it!

  122. OJ KARMA (AKA) Curious in Orlando says:

    221 left! I got 4 people to sign this afternoon! Come on!

    As I am typing 2 more are going to click on link to register!

    John Morgan is Barak Obama friend so Zenaida will get justice but not Caylee :(

  123. blessedknox says:


    WOO WHOO! 215 left! Everybody, keep them coming…

  124. blessedknox says:

    WOO WHOO AGAIN! 206 left! Everybody, keep them coming…

  125. OJ KARMA (AKA) Curious in Orlando says:

    7 people just signed on! I don’t know who else to ask! I am getting the feelins when verdict was about to b heard. My nephew (bless him) after I rambled on about what happened to Caylee and signed the petition is going to gathering with his army friends and he will throw the word in about the petition. Hopefully he can get the whole crew to sign tonight :/ well friends gotta get ready for my Sunday shows but I will check to see what the numbers are.


  126. blessedknox says:

    YES-YES-YES! I looked about an hour ago and we were down to 198 –
    NOW 186 left!

    Everybody, keep them coming… GREAT JOB OJ KARMA

  127. OJ KARMA (AKA) Curious in Orlando says:

    186! Yes! All for CAYLEE!

  128. blessedknox says:

    179! Yes! All for CAYLEE!

  129. lynda says:

    GM Humble and Friends, Team Caylee is on a winning streak. 178 as of 7:41 am ET. The day is young. Justice For Caylee!

  130. blessedknox says:

    Don’t wait, don’t Hesitate,
    for the battle has just begun!
    Intimidate and dominate,
    for TEAM CAYLEE continues to run!

    Let’s drum up those votes today – Humble Friends…

  131. blessedknox says:

    GM Humble and Friends,

    Team Caylee is on a winning streak.
    164 SIGNATURES NEEDED AS OF 8:47 am Central Time.

    Justice For Caylee!


  132. blessedknox says:

    Yes mikka — sick-sick-sick

    The good news is that they have not had the “fame and fortune ($$$) that they all expected; and these future interviews may not draw the audience crowds that they are hoping for. It may still all backfire, which would shut the media presentations down. HOPING!

    Don’t wait, don’t Hesitate,
    for the battle has just begun!
    Intimidate and dominate,
    for TEAM CAYLEE continues to run!

    Let’s drum up those votes today – Humble Friends…

  133. blessedknox says:


  134. blessedknox says:


  135. Justme66 says:

    123 needed!! GO US!!! :woot: :woot:

  136. blessedknox says:

    Justme — Still going down….122 now!


  137. Justme66 says:


  138. blessedknox says:

    Still going down… 118 now!

  139. blessedknox says:


    Still going down… 116 now!

  140. eyespy says:

    Well it wont be long now….Bozo out canoodling with Ms.Wa Wa,wonder if WF will wear the baseball cap during that interview.

  141. lynda says:

    Hi everyone,112 as of 6:28 PM ET, but whose counting. Justice is coming, one way or the other.

  142. blessedknox says:

    Still going down… 105 now!

  143. wow it’s going down! Good thing….

  144. Ya know I still laugh when Simms was on tv and wouldn’t have the murderess watch her grand children. I wonder why that would be? She believe her to be innocent of murderer but wouldn’t let her grandchildren be babysat by her! Wonder what Simms really thinks? :lol:

  145. Justme66 says:

    Humble, I’d say Sims KNOWS that IT is guilty… Why wouldn’t she??? It’s using common sense…. Well, never mind…. Maybe she doesn’t know she’s guilty… That common sense thing seems to escape that D Team…. They don’t have an inkling of a brain between all of them… IT included… :lol:
    As far as the petition goes, it’s down to 102 now…. Three away from double digits… WHOOO HOOOOO!!! I’d like to be able to expand all of the signatures and print them out… Then after the jurors names are released look and see if there’s any hint that any of them signed it… It makes one wonder… :sick:

  146. Justme, yea she knows she is guilty! Gotta love the truth from the mouth of the ‘hair’ attorney! Glad she is gone and out of the limelight!

  147. Justme66 says:

    I just don’t get it…. How does anyone, especially a woman and a mother, defend someone that they know more than likely killed their own child???? How morally bankrupt do you have to be to do that???? We know it wasn’t for the money…. Maybe for the fame, (pfft)… Definitely not the money though…. How can any woman stoop that low???

  148. Justme, she was in it for the media aspect. She now thinks she is someone. She is a mother and grandmother who defended a murderer of her own child. Pure sick if you ask me!

  149. Justme66 says:

    I know Humble… It’s just beyond comprehension HOW someone could defend someone like IT…. What kind of spell does she have on everyone that keeps allowing her this luck, special treatment, or whatever it is that’s going on??? Something is just not right when a killer walks away free and clear, and then is handed all of the luxuries she’s been handed thus far… If it were one of us, they’d have BURIED us under the jail…. It just makes me sick…

  150. Justme66 says:

    I have to go for now… Time to cook… I’m getting a LATE start tonight…. I picked the last of my beans from the garden this evening… Just got finished breaking them and am now going to cook them… So sad that it’s over for this year… Phooey!!! I hate winter… Can’t stand the thoughts of it… BLAH!!!
    Cya’ll ASAP!! Justice for Caylee Marie!! The ONLY victim!!

  151. Justme66 says:

    One last thing… The petition now sits in DOUBLE DIGITS!!! Way to Go Caylee Warriors!!! We’re on the downside of it now… :)

  152. 97 left! Gosh maybe we should start one for child neglect, abuse, and abandonment!

  153. TickTock says:

    Hahaha just saw the tmz video of baba wawa giving bozo the slapdown when he comes in toward her for the hug goodbye at other nights “birthday dinner” that involved baba, bozo, frank langella (huh?), mr/mrs baden… bozo started to come into babas space and she could be clearly heard saying something like “stop, don’t do it”. Guess bozo doesn’t get the coveted photo op with baba as hoped… camera panned back to him after & boy did he look pi$$ed and embaressed!!!!
    lolololol poooor bozo….see not everyone falls for ur bs.

  154. Hi Tick…Haven’t watched anything on this sick case anymore.
    Bozo has always thought he was and is someone. Yea he is someone alright, worst attorney in the world

  155. Justme66 says:

    The bottom is dropping out of it as of right now…. We’re down to SIXTY NEEDED!!! AMAZING… Yes, if this one doesn’t work, we should start another one on the whitehouse webpage… Show them we ARE NOT GOING TO GIVE UP ON JUSTICE FOR CAYLEE!!!! We’ll aggravate them so bad they’ll have to do something…. :lol:

  156. TickTock says:

    Ya Humble… Worst lawyer award Runner Up goes to mumbles(aka flipper) too ;)

  157. Justme…it’s a matter of time! ;)

    Tick, I agree! Then Simms!

  158. TickTock says:

    Wow! 10:48pm est and petition signatures needed down to 38!!!! gonna hit 5000 mark sometime in next 24 hours!!! whoopie!! Great work all :D
    Justice for Caylee!

  159. GN everyone! Long day here! I still pray for Caylee. Seeing my grandson this past week makes me wonder…how can parents do this and how can Cindy Anthony be such a fool? She is by far the worst grandparent in the world, also. She even tops the grandmother who threw the child off the balcony! RIP! [don’t get me wrong, BOTH deceived their grandchildren! Cindy Anthony acted for publicity for her stupid self]

  160. Justme66 says:

    Humble and everyone… I have already started brainstorming the next petition, JUST IN CASE… I’m not going to sit here with my fingers still and let Caylee be forgotten, and I KNOW IN MY HEART you all won’t either… I won’t forget, and I dang sure won’t hush… I’m not going to be satisfied until Caylee gets the justice she deserves… Along with other murdered and abused children… I’m sick of it… Not going to sit back and watch it happen anymore… We have to do SOMETHING… I’m not quite sure what exactly at this time, but SOMETHING.. :)

  161. maze says:

    well isnt it nice that good ole boy jose was with babera walters..seeing a play in ny with walters,baden,langella

  162. Justme66 says:

    I just checked on the petition before heading off to bed… I’m amazed… We’re down to needing 28 signatures… BEAUTIFUL!!! I LOVE IT!!!
    I’ll see you all tomorrow… Hopefully this week will bring some news on the Watson case as well…. Cya’ll soon!! *HUGS*

  163. blessedknox says:

    Twenty-One (21) signatures needed to reach 5000.

    Did you hear me??? 21

    Yes!!!! 21


  164. blessedknox says:

    Yes!!!! 20

    I might have to stay awake and watch the number reach “0” signatures needed!

  165. blessedknox says:

    16 more signatures needed…ALMOST THERE!

  166. lynda says:

    GM Team Caylee, 12 more needed and we’re on our way. Keep the faith, and we’ll see where this takes us. Justice for Caylee!

  167. OJ KARMA (AKA) Curious in Orlando says:

    Good Morning! I heard the good news that we are down to 12 signatures needed! Also heard that Judge Strictland has called it quits hopefully to start a talk show or something cool like that!

    Well friends I am waiting on video of IT in cognito so I can have a good laugh……….Have a GREAT DAY!


  168. blessedknox says:

    Down to a need of “10” signatures on the petition!!!


  169. blessedknox says:

    Down to a need of “2″ signatures on the petition!!!


  170. blessedknox says:

    4,999 SIGNATURES!!!!!!!!

  171. jbnsa says:

    way to go… i was hoping like hell there would be enough signatures……i think the majority of the population of the USA,, knows shes guilty…but didn’t know there was something that could be done… and even if this doesn’t work… there’s always something else to be tried.

  172. mikka says:

    gm friends,judge stricky reseign,nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :sad:

  173. Justme66 says:

    5004 signatures and going strong it seems… :woot: :woot: :woot:

  174. Justme66 says:

    Nope, it stopped… But by golly WE MADE IT with almost 4 days to spare…. WHOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

  175. Hi Mikka, yea I read he was stepping down. I guess he is done. I wish some of these attorney’s would go away, Bozo, Flipper, Simms…….they are the losers of the century!

  176. Just me that is great news! hopefully more will click the email and bring the numbers up!

    I am curious how the BAD doctor donated to the Caylee Fund fraudation without a TAX ID number? hummmm! Or did the bad dr not donate yet?

  177. Eyespy says:

    If it wasn’t for Strickland, WF would be free and clear without probation. At least he followed through and got her some punishment….great job on the petition everyone. Let’s see if this will come to fruition, I hope so, would be nice to see her nasty arse in court again.

  178. TickTock says:

    Haha 5022 signed petition still chugging along despite hitting threshold of 5000!!
    Justice for Caylee :)

  179. Eyespy says:

    Eyespy on 18 October 2011 at 19:27
    Humble…. Michelle Bart, another loser that hopped on the Caylee bandwagon until she realized she was over her head. That’s one that didn’t want the attention drawn to her and her slug husband. They sure faded out fast, although I hear she’s on the “E” interview tomorrow night!

  180. lynda says:

    Goodevening Humble and Friends, 5037, and they said it couldn’t be done. Judge Strickland kept his integrity. He followed the law. I respect him greatly. He really was about Justice for Caylee. I wish him well.
    I wonder if and when this petition outcome will do the right thing and punish the guilty for her lies and deceit. She made a mockery of our legal system as did her lieing attorneys. They laughed at the truth in front of the judge and people. It’s time she pays for her crimes, even if they can’t get her for murdering our beloved Caylee.She deserves some harsh punishment, not interviews with BW.
    Justice for Caylee.

  181. baked bread says:

    EEEEEE!! Hey, all!!! My eyes welled with tears as I read down the countdown!! I started reading the posts from the top and as I scrolled down I thought to myself, “this will exceed 5,000” and when it did I felt a gush of emotion!! It’s like WE gave Caylee a gift!

    There’s so much fighting and bickering at work that when I see people come together and work for something good, like the baby, it restores my faith in humanity! I don’t ever see that.

    OH, Humble, just remembering Simms and those disgusting lawyers partying without shame makes me ill. They could’ve done it privately. Whatev. We’ll get justice. It’s happening. “things fall apart the center cannot hold” Wm. Blake, i think. Well, anyway, once this unravels,it will not stop.

    Oh, friends!! Lynda and Blessed and Maze and JustMe and Tick and OJ and jbnsa and mikka and all of you—you rocked it!!!

    Gotta get back to my not so cheerful life now. I’m grateful. God’s good to me. It’s just these rough patches s*uck, don’t they?

  182. Janet says:,0,6981287.story

    Casey Anthony: Texas EquuSearch wants Anthony to pay for Caylee searches
    Casey Anthony attorneys will continue to fight search group’s request for payment during a hearing today

    A hearing is set for this afternoon in the civil case filed against Casey Anthony by the mounted search-and-recovery group Texas EquuSearch.

    Anthony wants the lawsuit dismissed. Texas EquuSearch wants Anthony to answer tough questions about what happened to her daughter.

    The hearing is set for 2:30 p.m. in front of Circuit Judge Lisa Munyon.

  183. jbnsa says:

    skank needs to pay back every dime spent looking for a dead baby girl…maybe skank can get her benefactor to pay everyone she owes…she’s living off of someone… maybe even cindy and george and their fraudulent schemes. or maybe brother lee will foot the bill.. i’m sure he’s dried his tears by now.or maybe kidfinders,or other anthony scum buddies.

  184. Eyespy says:

    It seems to me the case will go forward. It’s the same time frame that the state used in order to slam WF with the states repayment. I don’t think there could ever be enough lawsuits against her, keep making her life miserable…..

  185. wondering when Circuit Judge Lisa Munyon will get a clue!

  186. Casey Anthony loses appeal; legal woes to continue

    ORLANDO, Fla. — There were new developments Wednesday in the ongoing Casey Anthony legal saga.

    Anthony lost her appeal to throw out a lawsuit against her by Texas EquuSearch. The nonprofit group that searched for Caylee is suing Anthony for fraud. It claims Casey lied during the search because she knew Caylee was already dead.

    Casey’s lawyers will now have 20 days to respond to the EquuSearch lawsuit.

    “Casey Anthony committed a fraud in two ways, one by omission and one by misrepresentation,” said EquuSearch attorney, Mark Wites.

  187. blessedknox says:

    YES!!! Casey lied during the search because she knew Caylee was already dead.

    Thank you Humble….

  188. eyespy says:

    This is good news….BUT, since she has her 4 charges of lying to LE under appeal,she will hide behind the fifth until that is resolved.I guess it could be said that she could incriminate herself with the two depos, ZFG and TES.So the only solution to that is to get the appeal from the murder trial to a judge ASAP.THEN, she will have to answer in the civil cases….

  189. TickTock says:

    Hahaha poor WF….loses another appeal. Wahwahwah probably wondering why people won’t leave her alone. wonder how she is keeping all the stories straight in her head? Does she have to make notes? wonder how the wildlife photography going? She should head over to Ohio for dome pics and with any luck a lion or tiger escapee would eat her ;)

  190. eyespy says:

    I dont get how these lawyers keep representing her pro bono…nobody in their right mind would continue her legal entanglements at no cost.There has to be some agreement for them all to get payment from her when she produces a book or whatever.And then its get in line, because she will owe soooo many people.Mabey she will get popped, or all of them when they attempt to launder money through the fraudation….

  191. maze says:

    good news Humble..

  192. maze says:

    Casey Anthony’s civil attorney says if a video deposition of his client is released, it would only further inflame public opinion against her. A hearing on the objection is now scheduled for Thursday at 3:30 p.m.

  193. eyespy says:

    Maze…I know the Philys would be inflamed….ha ha

  194. TickTock says:

    Puhleeze did team WF really think she was gonna b released and everything was going to b hunky dory? That scenario might possibly have happened had she admitted her guilt & thrown herself on the mercy of the court. She will never get a moments piece because of her behavior and DT attitude of the “woes me she’s so misunderstood”. Anything she does from now to the end of her days should be released to the public thanks to thr freedom of information act… Tuff sh$t WF you reap what you sew.





  196. Mystymiss says:

    so OJ you’ve put on your happy caps!!!!

  197. Did you all see E! went through the video footage from before the case and after and made a little show for E!? I was flipping channels and saw that Geo was in the LE rooms talking. guess E!’s rating are down and thought that the Caylee case would up their ratings! Sorry, as soon as I saw what it was…seconds after I got to the channel, I flipped it. NOT WORTH THE TIME!

  198. Donna says:

    they should be looking at Deborah and Jeremy AND HER??? BROTHERIF THEY PUT ALL THREE OF THEM

  199. eyespy says:

    I read that if the WF video of her depo is released today, it will be put up on Morgan & Morgan’s website.

  200. Donna, the Lisa page is here:

    Eye I hope they put it up. I also hope that the d-team loses everything! I hope the murderer can’t leave the US until she pays all the money she owes.

  201. I am sure hoping alot today! :)

  202. eyespy says:

    In the above story, Morgan says WF “may have had some work done” while talking about her depo disguise….

  203. eyespy says:

    A bit of court video….Im done now, hee hee

  204. Thanks eye…….didn’t read anything on this case, but guess if she makes herself think she is pretty with surgery no one will notice it is her. My gosh, the face needs to be done, the soul, the mind [she’ll murder again, just like vandersloot and get caught]…she needs to be all redone! In all reality, nothing can make her anything but a murderer!

  205. TickTock says:

    Uhm, with all the getup/disguise WF supposedly had on are they sure the person they say in the deposition was indeed her? I mean she does favor disguises and red herrings… Member the woman running along the Tarmac after release? The woman under the coat arriving back at FL airport and also time the ragmag had her just walking on the street in similar shirt from release night sporting bball cap?also understand she did it by close cicuit tv, not actually in same room? Did they fingerprint her? How exactly do they know for sure it is WF? If I was Morgan I would DEMAND that she do depo without disguise!!!!

  206. Justme66 says:

    As of 9:00 AM ET, the petition has 5095 signatures… I wanted it to go 10,000 plus, but oh well…. Like I said, if this one doesn’t work, we’ll just have to push another one… I’m not willing to give up on Justice for Caylee Marie…. Not quite yet!!! :)

  207. lynda says:

    Justme, I agree, we will not give up on Caylee. Seems to me that her blood kin gave up on her from day one. This innocent baby needs someone to fight for her justice. I wish that some of her family, Uncle Rick and others had come out after the verdict and gotten on board with something. JMHO.

  208. Indianadiane says:

    Hunble, sad thing is that c will kill again and another human being has to pay the price for those 12 stupid jurors verdict!

  209. Indianadiane says:

    Eyespy, thanks for the website. Great quote from Morgan:

    ‘Morgan said Anthony is “recognizable” in the video, although she appeared to wear a wig, may “have had some work done,” and wore a Phillies cap along with large “Jackie O. sunglasses.”‘

    Besides being a murder, she is tasteless!!!

  210. lynda says:

    GM Humble and Friends, 5108, today is the deadline. We did it and then some. I wonder when it will be looked at. Hopefully soon.

  211. TickTock says:

    GM all: just read this, proof that a jury foreperson can try to slant fellow jurors:
    “Forewoman dismissed from deadlocked jury 10/22/2011 2:16 AM
    BRIDGEPORT — Eleven jurors deliberating a murder case here told the judge Friday that not only was their forewoman refusing to deliberate, but she told them witnesses in the case had been bribed.” the 11 other juors complained to the judge and he questioned all juors including forewoman and ultimately didn’t believe her so had her replaced by alternate. Jury will begin deliberations all over.
    I don’t remember, did the PT request poll of the jurors immediately after the verdict was read? If JP had concern why didn’t he immediately question each juror individually to b sure they had not been influenced? I will never understand this verdict nor ever respect this jury. Hope Ashtons book will answer questions.

  212. lynda says:

    Hi Tic Toc, I will never understand this verdict either. I cannot really understand why the evidence wasn’t enough for these 12 losers. I’ve tried to put myself in the position of not knowing anything about the case. which we know wasn’t the case with this jury, and looking at the evidence presented, guilty was the only verdict I could have come up with. Something smells with this case. I think the Prosecutors did what they could, but quite honestly I think they should have been more aggressive with the evidence that they had. The DT just flat out lied and lied, and it worked. cma2 and the whole disgusting a clan lied and lied, and it worked. Strange!
    Now watching the Baby Lisa case, with the cadaver dogs hitting on the parents bedroom, the media is validating how important these dogs are to LE. With the Caylee case, media downplayed their validity. I really would just like to step back from all this craziness, but I can’t because it was such a miscarriage of Justice to an innocent baby girl. I hope cma never has a peaceful day for the rest of her life, and the a’s too. But the blood money they are all receiving from the murder of innocent Caylee seems to make them all euphoric living the Bella Vita.
    I hope this petition does something to punish this monster for lieing. Her life needs to be a living He!!.
    Justice for Caylee, the only victim.

  213. So today there are 5,119 signatures. pretty impressive!

  214. Tick, yes the Judge did the asking of the verdict of each juror.

  215. TickTock says:

    thx Humble….so either the 12 are all bonified idiots or the fix was in.

  216. Justme66 says:

    Well well well… I wonder how much truth there is to this one…. Makes me :sick: :sick: :sick:

  217. OJ KARMA (AKA) Curious in Orlando says:

    I will Forever believe jury was paid by networks. IT writing a book more bozo BS. Won’t buy it won’t watch it. I have total will power Because I haven’t watched anything Anthony unless I read it here. Dang I can keep a promise! I promised Caylee never to give that monster nor her crappy family one dime. Again won’t buy it won’t watch it! :)-

    TMZ are horrible people. I even stopped watching the people’s court because of Harvey levin can’t stand that man. One day he will fall! One day the networks will pay for their greed. Why print book of ITs lies so it can be used against her! Dumb dumb! The bigger they are the harder they fall!

    Have a great day!


  218. GM! So what will she write about? ALL her sl#tty ways with the men? Or her life with a p3nis in her mouth? Or all her lies about everything else? Something i won’t be watching! She and her attorney need to run a way together.

  219. Mike41 says:

    The Bill of Rights states in Article One that (Congress shall make no law respecting) the right of the people to petition the government for a redress of grievances.
    Since Congress makes the law, and cannot make a law respecting the peoples right to redress of grievance, just who in the heck says you have to have so many signatures to have the government listen to your petition?
    More chicanery and usurpation by the entrenched bench bar association of lawyers and judges.
    Luke 11:46. Woe unto you lawyers, for you laden men with burdens grievous to be borne, and ye yourselves touch not the burdens with one of your fingers.

  220. OJ KARMA (AKA) Curious in Orlando says:

    Hello Y’all!

    If IT writes about Lee or George supposed molestation then Lee and George can sue IT for being a LIAR! Funny they all lie so it will be interesting seeing all of them fight over blood $$$$$$. Animals!

    Had a cousin who passed this Saturday. Complicated individual. A major problem for my aunt and uncle since I can remember. Sad to say that the whole family is resting now.

    IT will never give her entire family peace. She will torment them all for all eternity. Sad……..


  221. What time with the jurors names be released? I say late evening! :lol:

  222. Bozo says the complaints have no merit…then why did Judge Perry chastised you idiot? He just doesn’t go out of the blue to slap you in the head!

    Fla. Bar shares more details on Baez complaints

    1-Bar spokeswoman Francine Walker confirmed Tuesday that one of the complaints relates to Baez failing to turn over information to prosecutors during the pretrial discovery period

    2-Another is related to Baez not informing the court that Anthony was serving a year of probation for a check fraud conviction while in jail awaiting the start of her murder case.

  223. TickTock says:

    Yah Humble the jurors names made public… get the popcorn folks, the circus continues. On bright side only couple weeks to go before ashtons book is released :)…. wish Yuri went on tour, sigh :kiss:

  224. Colhere says:

    The NBC loophole.. the latest in the saga of paying it for an interview.. it seems the offers are to find a publisher to pay it for a book deal in exchange for an interview..

  225. Justme66 says:

    I hope this keeps up…. No money for baby killer from three of the biggies… :)

  226. nancy says:

    the first cent paid by ANYONE to casey & her creep lawyers, parents, will never see a dime of my money ever again

    . . . especially any sponsors

  227. Justme66 says:

    Jurors names released:
    The jurors are Joan Meier, Raymond Screen, Linda Bills, Harriet White, Brian Berling, Kimberly Kimball, Kathleen Nighland, James Kearns, Ronald Robertson, David Angelo, Mary Fuhr and Jennifer Ford.

    Alternate jurors whose names were not previously released are Elizabeth Jones and Heather Feuerhake.

    Alternate jurors Dean Edward Eckstadt and Russell William Huekler already voluntarily revealed their identities publicly.,0,6186508.story

  228. TickTock says:

    Wasn’t Juror #10 the foreman? The gym teacher? I’d start investigating him for corrupting the verdict if I was media!!!

  229. Justme66 says:

    I’m not sure which one was the foreman…. I thought it was Jennifer Ford, but not sure…. I bet Humble knows… :)

  230. eyespy says:

    Well we will see what comes of this….Mabey we will get a new perspective from one of the jurors.At least WF has names to attach to her thank you cards…

  231. TickTock says:

    Humble for Sheriff :star:

  232. Justme66 says:

    She noted Juror 11 — a male juror now identified as David W. Angelo — who works as a high school physical education teacher and appeared engaged throughout the trial, will likely speak because he was probably the most expressive of the jurors — through his body language—during the trial.

    Was this the one WF was making googly eyes at so much during the trial??? I wonder if this is her new prospect??? Now she can seek him out… That POS TRAMP!!!!!

  233. Here is a post on these ‘idiots of jurors’

    I will start adding info in a few!

  234. TickTock says:

    Justme66:: bingo u r right!! I remember, WF was making googly eyes at him, I remember someone on HLN noticed that too, he was young & not so bad loooking. But for WF as long as he as a pe@is that’s all she needs!!
    there’s the connection folks, he had her life in his hands… wonder what she or Bozo gave him?

  235. lee says:

    still and forever praying for Justice for Caylee…

  236. lynda says:

    Amen Lee, I am praying for Justice for Caylee too! Good afternoon Humble and Friends. 5141 signatures. I hope it does something.

  237. maze says:

    For 12 straight weekends, Wally and Jeanine Goodnough say they traveled from their Sarasota home to Orlando for Caylee Anthony.

    Along with a small group of similarly devoted volunteers, they maintained the wooded area where the girl’s remains were discovered. They talked to, and cried with, people who flowed to the site. They struggled to clean what is essentially a swamp.

    And they fielded questions about Bring Kids Home, the little-known charity that made a splash in August by announcing plans to build a $200,000 memorial on the spot where Caylee’s body was found.

    People asked the Goodnoughs: What other endeavors has the nonprofit been involved in? How much money has it collected?

    But they weren’t able to answer those questions, and when they asked for basic tax information from the charity’s executive director, the Goodnoughs say they were cut loose and asked not to return to the woods off Suburban Drive.

    “It hurts,” says Wally Goodnough, 49, who works at a glass company in Sarasota. “If we didn’t love being out there, we wouldn’t have spent our days out there talking to people.”

    Long before the charity arrived in Orlando, people from across the globe had invested their time and emotions in those woods. But it was Bring Kids Home that solicited ordinary people to donate their money.

    Now, the Goodnoughs and other volunteers say they wonder whether the charity can accomplish its ambitious goals.

    Memorial coming?

    The volunteers in Orlando say they don’t know much about the origins of Bring Kids Home, or the history of its New Jersey-based executive director, whose full name is Timothy Eric Segura.

    The charity’s fundraising efforts before the Caylee memorial announcement appear to be minimal, according to tax records. In 2009, its first year, BKH reported $4,000 in charitable contributions, but only $340 remained after expenses.

    In 2010, the charity reported $200 in revenue and $13,585 in expenses.

    The BKH website says the group is involved in “software, education and awareness materials, family counseling, cold case investigations, coaching and mentoring, [and] development of new technologies.”

    Requests for more specific details were rebuffed by Segura. The site says BKH, which is registered as 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, has about 100 volunteers.

    On Aug. 9, what would have been Caylee Marie Anthony’s 6th birthday, plans for an elaborate memorial in her honor were announced at the site off Suburban Drive. More than 100 people, including Caylee’s grandparents, George and Cindy Anthony, were present as the design’s renderings were unveiled.

    The charity’s Orlando organizer, Eddie DelValle, announced plans to buy the land and fund a $200,000 memorial through donations and partnerships with other charities. No such partnerships have been announced publicly.

    Months after the memorial was announced, the wooded area where Caylee Anthony’s body was found still doesn’t belong to Bring Kids Home. The longtime owner of the property couldn’t be reached. A real estate agent handling the property did not respond to messages about the status of discussions with BKH regarding its purchase.

    It’s also unclear how much money the charity has collected for the project. With the announcement of the memorial, the group began selling reservations for personalized bricks for about $80 each on its website.

    Segura told the Sentinel that he only planned to sell 100, and the site now says they are sold out.

  238. maze says:

    part 2

    Request leads to ouster

    Wally Goodnough said he was working to forge partnerships on the charity’s behalf, but kept getting questions from potential donors that he couldn’t answer. So on Oct. 11, he sent an email to Segura, asking to see public tax documents for the charity.

    Segura agreed — with a caveat. If Goodnough made his request official, Segura wrote in an email, “we would have to end your volunteer status with BKH and go our separate ways.”

    “I hate to lose you, but it’s really your choice because I don’t think you can be effective as both a volunteer and a charity auditor,” Segura wrote in that email, which Goodnough shared with the Orlando Sentinel.

    Raw Video: Drunk, topless woman arrested

    It was the last straw for Goodnough, who reasserted his request, and Segura accepted it as his resignation. Segura said he would provide the documents within 30 days and Goodnough says he has not yet received them.

    Asked about the exchange, Segura told the Sentinel that Goodnough was “unstable,” said people had complained about him and that he had “resigned… prior to being dismissed.” Segura also accused the Sentinel of “quoting of private emails,” among other claims, and threatened a lawsuit.

    The Goodnoughs were among the group’s most involved local volunteers. As were Dorothy and James Bunton of Orlando, who routinely washed and returned stuffed animals left at the site. They, too, have left the charity.

    “We were friends and we became family,” Dorothy Bunton said of the Goodnoughs, “and what [Segura] did to Jeanine and Wally, that just got under my skin.”

    In a lengthy interview with the Sentinel, the Buntons also said they have serious questions about whether the charity can come through with its plans for the memorial.

    DelValle, the local man organizing the group’s Orlando efforts, said he understands volunteers’ frustrations with Segura.

    “I haven’t met Eric either,” DelValle said, adding that “with me, he’s been very open.” DelValle said he has put his faith in the charity’s legitimacy, and hopes Segura will make his first Orlando appearance at a BKH event Saturday. The “First Annual Family Run/Walk” is scheduled for noon at Suburban Drive.

    Though he had denied any partnership with the Anthonys, Segura listed their foundation, Caylee’s Fund, on a Run/Walk flier as a partner for the event.

    Repeated attempts to arrange an interview with George and Cindy Anthony’s attorney, Mark Lippman, were unsuccessful. But George Anthony told the Sentinel in a text message Thursday that Caylee’s Fund is donating shirts for the event and that is the extent of its involvement.

    Caylee’s mother, Casey Anthony, was charged with her murder but acquitted of that charge in July.

    Artist has concerns

    Orlando artist Jefrë, who designed the elaborate, Winnie The Pooh-themed plan for the Caylee memorial unveiled in August, said he has never met Segura in person and is not sure where the $200,000 estimate for the project came from.

    The artist said he wanted to participate in the memorial after seeing the seemingly endless flow of visitors to the site. He has numerous successful projects under his belt, including the memorial to fallen law enforcement officers in the courtyard of the Orange County Courthouse.

    His design for the Caylee memorial centers on a reflecting pond with a glass ring — intended to provide the effect of a floating halo — hanging above it. Leading to the pond would be a walkway, walled with cubbyholes for visitors to leave stuffed animals, flowers and other mementos that would be collected, Jefrë said, and given to children’s charities.

    Though he remains committed to the project, Jefrë said he wants to work directly with someone who owns the property. He expressed concerns over whether Bring Kids Home could see the memorial through.

    “It’s difficult to invest my efforts in a client that doesn’t exist,” he said.

    Copyright © 2011, Orlando Sentinel

  239. maze says:

    WKMG-Channel 6 anchor Lauren Rowe introduced the station’s report on Mason: “Tonight he says he’ll be cashing in … with his own tell-all book.”

    Mason said the book should be out by year’s end and will reveal many behind-the-scenes secrets, WKMG’s Mike DeForest reported. “My intentions are to, in fact, let the world know about things that they don’t know and that many of you don’t know,” he told reporters who covered the case.

    Mason said he is writing the book by himself without help from any defense team members, DeForest added. “He has repeatedly said that he worked on this case for free,” DeForest noted.

    Mason also criticized the defense attorneys who left the team before the trial. ”I’m saying, ‘Huh? You do this now? Three weeks before trial,’ ” Mason said.

    In response to a question from WOFL-Channel 35’s Holly Bristow, Mason said the underlying motive for their departure could be they felt the defense would lose.

    Mason cited death threats against his family in explaining why Anthony remains in hiding somewhere in Florida. She is serving a year’s probation for check fraud.

  240. Thanks Maze…a book that I won’t be buying. He isn’t worth it!

  241. maze says:

    a few things….the os reporters are in pienellas county looking for jurors..tonite law and order is like this case…and richard morales is talking

    CaseyAnthony Ex-Boyfriend Ricardo Morales Gives FIRST Interview to #Reddit I’m not sure why I chose to do this now….

  242. TickTock says:

    No special privileges my butt, what about Zenaida Fernandez rights and freedom of the press? WF made her bed of infamy with all her lies and deceit with her criminal behavior. Baby Caylee continues to pay the price. Is Florida ever gonna hold WF accountable for her actions or is it gonna continue to give her free reign of their legal system??

  243. baked bread says:

    You’re right Maze. Who else would get this special privilege? What a bunch a hooey. I can’t even get started. I posted a rant at the end of the dumbo 12 names getting released. They didn’t deserve their names frozen for that long either. Everyone totally forgot about the little victim and Zenaida’s problems too.

  244. Colhere says:

    It looks as though Jeff Ashton has joined a law firm as a defense expert..

  245. Justme66 says:

    Hello everyone…. Did you all see this???? WONDERFUL NEWS!!! FINALLY a show about Caylee…. YAY!!!

  246. maze says:

    I’m always baffled by George and Cindy Anthony, the parents of Casey Anthony.

    Just when you think we might get a break from the couple, up they pop.

    They made headlines Saturday by attending the “Family Unity Walk and Run,” an event in their neighborhood to honor their late granddaughter, Caylee. I’m not sure the footage was flattering: Cindy wore stylish sunglasses and smiled broadly as she took pictures. Oh, the strange vibes.

    But George and Cindy have kept me scratching my head for the last three years. I thought they were foolish to make those TV appearances before Casey’s murder trial. They seemed to make matters worse for Casey, and the turnover in their lawyers suggested they didn’t follow public-relations advice.

    Then Casey was acquitted, and now I wonder: Were George and Cindy savvy with those TV appearances? Could it be they helped Casey ultimately by taking the focus off her? (Oh, and the couple got a lot of trips to New York, too.)

    In retrospect, I wonder about the memorial service for Caylee. That strange event wasn’t a conventional funeral, but it sure raised questions about the clan, which could have helped Casey. George, Cindy and Lee Anthony confirmed their strangeness on the stand at the murder trial.

    The post-trial interview with Dr. Phil McGraw seemed wrongheaded at first. Why not just fade into the background and let people move on?

    But, no, the Anthonys got a contribution for their foundation from McGraw’s show, and the couple took the focus off their daughter again by serving up confounding and self-serving comments.

    Now comes news from their website for Caylee’s Fund. The website lists “products to come.” It’s as if George and Cindy have become entrepreneurs of their granddaughter’s death.

    This latest development comes shortly after Casey Anthony was named one of the creepiest celebrities. Well, by George, Cindy and George seem determined to keep up with their daughter in the creepy department.

    Which makes me wonder about the couple: Is this all by design or do they bungle into these things?

  247. maze says:

    A transcript of the deposition was released, but Anthony refused to answer most questions. WESH highlighted that Anthony said she had not spoken to her mother, Cindy Anthony, since 2008 or to her brother, Lee, for six months. WFTV said that Casey Anthony said she had not talked to her parents for three years and had no contact with her brother in six months.

    oh she was talking to her brother interesting

  248. maze says:

    The special is tentatively titled “The True Story of Caylee Anthony.” It will premiere at 8 p.m. Jan. 1 on TLC and repeat Jan. 6 on Discovery Fit & Health. The series “Dr. G: Medical Examiner” returns with new episodes at 10 p.m. Dec. 30 on Discovery Fit & Health.


    Hello Friends! How can any of us stomach reading any more BS from these monsters is beyond me! YUCK! They all turn my stomach. Regarding the True Story of CAYLEE well we ALL know the TRUTH! IT is GUILTY! KILLING CAYLEE AND ACTING LIKE BABY DIDN’T EXIST! YUCK YUCK YUCK!


  250. I can’t beleive Hal still keeps the worthless grandparents in the limelight! I thought Hal was a TV expert blogger!

    As for the depo, waste of time and paper. She should have to pay through her nose to ZFG. I think they judge needs to get a clue!

  251. I think the judge needs to get a clue!

  252. Hi OJ Karma! I can’t believe Hal the blog pal still posts on that crap. Guess he is all about ratings and hits on his site. What a waste he is starting to be.
    He loves the hits and keeps the Scumanthony’s in the headlines. Wonder if he would stop if people quite going there.

    The next thing to watch is Dr. G [I always watch her]! I hope January comes quick and she throws the OLD Doca Spitz under the bus and runs him down!

  253. maze says:



    Hello Humble! I am happy to announce that I am LOYAL to CAYLEE and I don’t read anything Scamthony unless it’s here sooooooo they still can’t get any money or ratings from me :)-

    Hal and Company are thirsty for ratings…….Of course he will write anything Scamthony. I mean OJ Simpson is still a hot topic on the internet.

    Example: Kris Kardashian/Jenner is writing a book about her life…..Brawhaha……and the article mentioned how she will always believe OJ killed Nicole and that Nicole told her that OJ was stalking her and that a few weeks before she died that Nicole said that someone was looking through her window. Ummmmmm DUH! OJ wrote a book on how if he killed Nicole and Ron that is how he would do it! It was a crazy read! I didn’t buy the book…..I took 4 hours of my life (which I can’t take back) and went to Barnes and Nobles, took the book, ordered a large Frappachino and read the confession. He wrote what the Prosecution said! DUH! He got away with slicing Nicoles neck. Unbenounced to OJ he left just 6 iches of flesh of the back of her neck that’s why her head didn’t roll away from her body.

    OJ just like IT will always dream of what they did and how the UNIVERSE will see them as KILLERS! Poor is me look on their face because NO ONE believes their LIES! YUCK YUCK YUCK!

    Sorry for the rant but IT and OJ’s verdict bothers me……………


    One more thing! Robert Kardashian wrote a book and he states that OJ killed Nicole. It was a book before he died of cancer. Guilty Conscience? Yeah Major Guilty Conscience. All the sneaky things they all did to protect OJ………Where are the Dream Team now?

  256. amethystme says:

    Hi everyone. Haven’t posted in awhile, but I check in all the time. Hope everyone is well.
    I will watch Dr. G as I watched her before she got involved in the trial. Maybe some people who haven’t followed the case will learn something.
    The other thing, been watching some of the Conrad Murray trial, because I actually miss watching trials, but I have to say, all parties involved in that case are so professional. I love that judge, he runs a tight ship. The prosecution and the defense are tough but professional. I am not here to talk about the trial, just how different the trial is being handled.
    So I am watching some of the pre-trial and trial videos of this trial, (God only knows why I want to drive myself crazy), and the difference is amazing to me. The way these people ramble on the stand wouldn’t happen in the other trial. And listening to it after so much time, my opinion hasn’t changed.

  257. OJ KARMA (AKA) Curious in Orlando says:

    Hello Friends!

    I was talking to a friend about IT and I remembered Caylees death certificate states Homicide not accidental death by drowning….right?

  258. TickTock says:

    Hi OJ Karma- yes I remember that’s what Dr G/Coroner stated in that press conference she held shortly afte the autopsy the manner of death was homicide due to the state of remains and also how they were found bagged and duc-taped. Stupid jurors… just based on the factual determination of a government official the jurors should have found WF guilty at some level of Caylees death. They did not deliberate!!!

  259. Dr. G called it homicide by undetermined means!

    Here is the video:

  260. Indianadiane says:

    Hi everyone!

    Does anyone know when the ZFG civil trial begins? I thought it was supposed to start in November.

  261. OJ KARMA says:

    Thanks! I know I am not crazy! The friend said that the death certificate can get change to accidental death I almost fell out of my chair! No one can change the matter of death unless Dr G changes her mind and that WILL NEVER HAPPEN! It will be a cold day in H before that happens!


  262. GM Diane, I beleive it was changed to next year! Either February or April can’t remember when!

    OJ, Dr G won’t change it to accidental…..she knows the truth!

  263. Indianadiane says:

    Thanks Humble for the answer. This sure disappoints me, but everthing has disappointed me in this case!

  264. Was just checking out Jeff Ashton’s book on Amazon..Ordered! :)

    Looking down the page, I see that Steve Helling wrote a book! OUTRAGE The murderers story! What the heck? this guy sits through the trial then writes a book? Oh wait he talked the media circuit. I read the comments on his book..inaccurate, stuff left out…don’t waste your money! AND one mentions it came out on the day the liars did their Dr. FILL interview. Here are the reviews…make me laugh:

  265. blessedknox says:

    Try Casey Anthony in Federal Court for Lying to the FBI Investigators
    Why We Can’t Comment
    Thank you for signing the petition “Try Casey Anthony in Federal Court for Lying to the FBI Investigators.” We appreciate your participation in the We the People platform on

    The We the People Terms of Participation explains that “the White House may decline to address certain procurement, law enforcement, adjudicatory, or similar matters properly within the jurisdiction of federal departments or agencies, federal courts, or state and local government.” To avoid the appearance of improper influence, this category includes specific law enforcement matters. The Department of Justice is charged with investigating federal crimes and enforcing federal criminal laws, and the White House declines to comment on the specific law enforcement matter raised in this petition.

  266. blessedknox says:

    Hello Humble friends…

    This really does not surprise me. The petition ONLY addressed “IT” telling lies to Law Enforcement. That is not an offense the Federal Government would probably get involved in and overrule local government or supersede local authority. WHEN I FIRST READ THE PETITION I wished it had been written to look into other crimes “IT” was not charged with – disposing of body; destroying evidense; etc…

    I am HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED; but, I am not surprised.

  267. Blessed…guess we need to go to the Department of Justice!
    Lying to the Federal Bureau of Investigation is a FEDERAL crime!

  268. baked bread says:

    Just when I thought I could come up for air..problems at work again. It’s too much…
    I’ve been reading, peeping, but not able to comment. Glad to hear about Dr. G. special. It won’t be long before others follow. I hope.

    Of course, the Dream Team all knew he was guilty. I got my hands on (and still have) a German publication with the photos of the crime scene that they never showed here. It was a gruesome murder!

    Who’s Hal?

    Yep, the depo has been moved to April.Everyone just coddles her too much now. I want this to be a good ending for ZFG.

    At least the White House petition is a RECORD that people TRIED!

    Hey, Amethyst, I can’t follow another trial either. It makes me sick just to watch snippits on crime shows of how badly Caylee was failed compared to other court cases. Do you want to share what you think? When the news first broke about MJ, I tended to believe the Dr. was at fault for giving into MJ. I heard MJ got whatever he wanted and would get it at all costs and assumed the Dr. needed the cash and did what MJ wanted figuring it may as well be him and not someone else getting MJ’s money. The poor man couldn’t sleep and admitted he’d give a million bucks just to have a good night’s sleep. I guessed he was already trying too many medications to do so, and it all caught up with him. I didn’t even think this would really go to trial. How naive I am… not anymore. Not after the CA trial. What an eye-opener. I thought OJ got off ‘cuz of his big bucks. Now, anything goes!

    Take care all, will check in again soon. Thanks, Humble. I’m also patiently awaiting my book to read over Thanksgiving break!

  269. blessedknox says:

    HUMBLE…you are right! Lying to the Federal Bureau of Investigation is a FEDERAL crime!

    I somehow overlooked that “small” detail…..Perhaps we should give a response to their “refusal to comment” ~ as they stated:
    “White House declines to comment on the specific law
    enforcement matter raised in this petition.”

    I STILL hate to just let it fade away into the ‘injustice sunset’ because Caylee deserves justice for “it’s” heinous murder of Caylee! JUSTICE FOR CAYLEE

  270. Colhere says:

    H3llo folks!!

    Well, another report to the probation officer and apparently IT is surviving on nothing.. This time around, she can’t afford alcohol (yeah right).. On this whole petition thing, and let it be known that I added my name to the list, however what I know, it would never see fruition and the reason is that, in particular the white house will more likely seek to free an individual prosecuted of a crime where there is large public outcry. The opposite is true when there is a large base of victims in a case and a monster has gotten off scot free, while a large group of victims rally behind the crime. In this case, it has been likened in circles to reality TV, where a large group is upset at the outcome.. The mistake that I understand is that we are all stakeholders in justice in society and that there is a serious imbalance in the delivery of justice.
    the variety of factors in the original verdict..

    1 – The CSI effect that there has to be an iron clad smoking gun.. People have seen so many scenarios on television where circumstance points at one person, where DNA and security video frees that person and the real person is delivered justice.. It’s not real life. Jurors have to know how to fill gaps with what is reasonable and they just didn’t do that in this case.

    2 – Lengthy sequestration.. If the tilt is toward NG during deliberation, then those convinced of guilt are more likely to ‘give up’.. they wanna go home, play farmville or whatever they did prior to this.. Some are paying for their apathy and that is really good. They were tasked with the delivery of justice and they failed miserably.

    3 – White woman.. That is a perceived imbalance and not likely as much impact as some groups would have you believe.. but still there nonetheless.

  271. Indianadiane says:

    Good Morning! :sun:

    Blessedknox, yes it sure is a Federal crime to lie to the FBI, but it seems c will get away with that crime too, unfortunately. Somewhere I read c being refered to as “The Teflon Murderer”. Sadly that fits her.

    There was, and is NO JUSTICE FOR CAYLEE! :sad:

  272. maze says:

    Homeowners association wants investigation of Caylee memorial charity
    HOA expresses “great apprehension and alarm” about proposed memorial to Caylee Marie Anthony.

    As plans for a Caylee Anthony memorial remain in flux, a homeowners association representing many residents nearest to the proposed site says it’s asking authorities to investigate the project.

    In a letter addressed to the state Attorney General, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office and the Sentinel, an attorney for the Chickasaw Oaks Phase Three Homeowners Association expresses “great apprehension and alarm” about the proposal.

    Anthonys attend event at Caylee memorial site; charity’s director still absent
    Exiled volunteers wonder if charity’s plans for Caylee memorial will fizzle
    Casey Anthony news
    Pictures: Casey Anthony trial, reaction, release from jail
    Editorial cartoons: Dana Summers cartoons about Casey Anthony
    Casey Anthony is not guilty of first degree murder
    Orlando reacts to Casey Anthony verdict
    Residents react to Casey Anthony verdict
    Justice System
    See more topics »
    XCaylee Anthony
    Clubs and Associations
    Orange County Sheriff’s Office
    Casey Anthony Maps
    Suburban Dr, Orlando, FL, USA
    Memorial plans were announced in August by Bring Kids Home, a 501(c)(3) charity based in New Jersey. The project was initially described as an intricate, $200,000 memorial walkway and reflecting pool in a wooded area off Suburban Drive, where 2-year-old Caylee Marie’s remains were found in 2008.

    In the letter, Karen Wonsetler, the HOA’s attorney, writes that the charity is soliciting, though “they do not own the land on which the memorial would be built, nor have they shown proof of the permitting or approval of the project.”

  273. maze says:

    quess it was another scam outfit..getting money donations off a dead girl

  274. maze says:

    Lawyer Keith Mitnik could have a big career in TV if he wants one. His fiery presence certainly enlivens Casey Anthony reports. Mitnik, an attorney for Zenaida Gonzalez in her defamation suit against Anthony, turned up the heat today.

    In a report on WFTV-Channel 9, Mitnik fiercely defended Gonzalez: “She has been sucked into it. She’s the one police came to and questioned about kidnapping and murder, for goodness sake.”

    Anthony ruined her life, Gonzalez claims, by linking her to the disappearance of Caylee Anthony. Anthony was acquitted in July of murder in the 2008 death of her daughter.

    Gonzalez’s lawyers want Anthony to answer questions in the suit before Gonzalez is questioned. That motion was argued briefly this morning in court.

    “This morning’s hearing was fairly quick, but those attorneys sure got fired up,” WESH-Channel 2’s Amanda Ober said at noon. “Afterward, each attorney was arguing that it’s the other attorney’s client who is trying to dodge questions.”

    In a video-conference deposition last month, a disguised Anthony repeatedly took the Fifth Amendment. She is serving a year’s probation for check fraud somewhere in Florida.

    “Since Anthony is appealing her conviction for lying to police, she refused to answer most of Gonzalez’s questions,” WKMG-Channel 6’s Mike DeForest said.

    Anthony’s attorney Charles Greene told WKMG: “My client has Fifth Amendment rights. She sat for a deposition.” Greene added that the burden of proof was on Gonzalez.

    “Miss Gonzalez, you can run, but you can’t hide. We will be asking you questions. You will have to answer them,”

  275. maze says:

    WFTV’s Steve Barrett said that one of Gonzalez’s lawyers “seemed furious that Casey Anthony continues to refuse to answer questions.”

    That attorney is Mitnik, who told WFTV: “There’s one hot seat here, and it’s going to be on Casey Anthony when she answers the questions.”

    WESH showed Mitnik saying: “I’m sick and tired of Casey Anthony getting special treatment.”

    WKMG showed Mitnik saying, passionately, in court: “My client has some rights in this process. It’s not all about Casey Anthony.”

    WKMG’s DeForest explained, “Attorneys representing Zenaida Gonzalez say the Kissimmee woman is still demanding to know why Casey Anthony used her name as the imaginary babysitter who Anthony originally claimed had kidnapped her daughter. They believe they have a right to fully question Anthony before Anthony gets to depose Gonzalez.”

  276. The Judge looks really bad on this WF case. Wish she would get a clue…
    Thanks Maze!

  277. maze says:

    your welcome Humble.

  278. Indianadiane says:

    Good Morning! :sun:

    Love these two statements by ZFG’s lawyer:

    WESH showed Mitnik saying: “I’m sick and tired of Casey Anthony getting special treatment.”

    WKMG showed Mitnik saying, passionately, in court: “My client has some rights in this process. It’s not all about Casey Anthony.”

  279. Indianadiane says:

    Thanks, Maze, for the article I quoted above.

  280. lynda says:

    Hi everyone, cma is a murderer. She needs to be held accountable for it. Seems like she’s never been held accountable for anything in her entire miserable life. It makes no sense. She is a teflon murderer. It makes me sick!
    NO JUSTICE FOR CAYLEE, THE ONLY VICTIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  281. amethystme says:

    good afternoon!
    I am with Mitnik, tired of kc getting special treatment! there is no charge against her I still don’t understand how she can plead the 5th. Unless she is going to try to get the ‘lying’ charges dropped or taken off her record. But seriously, she lied we all know that.


    To us it’s never about IT……We all know the truth! She killed Caylee with three pieces of duct tape and threw her baby girl in the trunk of her parents car and went on with life until the smell of her decomposing daughter’s body became a problem so she went home and got garbage bags and the laundry bag and stuffed her daughter in the bags back in the trunk Caylee went(I bet you IT picked up some frozen foods from the refrigerator to take back to Tony’s apartment so she could play house) after loading up her car with what she needed she drove around the block of her parents house and chose the first place she thought of when thinking where she would hide Caylee forever and ever……..

    KARMA will work his magic soon I can sense it…….Caylee will have the last laugh………


  283. OJ KARMA says:

    Cheney Mason Taken To Hospital After Emergency as of 29 minutes ago……I don’t want to think badly of someone and since loosing my cousin a few weeks ago I am sensitive…. I hope old mason jar is okay……..but Karma needs to get paid…….

    Mixed Emotions……..


  284. maze says:

    oj..someone left a commnent on wesh that says looks like karmas coming for you mason…someone else thinking like you do.

  285. TickTock says:

    WF Lawyers shouldve remembered the fates of OJ’s primary lawyers…all within 10 years of aquittal.

    shapiro- son that OD

    you dance with the devil he eventually comes back for his pay :devil:

  286. Justme66 says:

    Nicole and Ron weren’t kids either…. I think Karma for Caylee may come faster than it did for OJ’s lawyers…. I don’t wish ill on anyone, but I didn’t wish for a murderer to walk the streets free either…. The way I see it, God has control… Not a thing any of us can do to stop whatever he decides anyway… :)

  287. mikka says:

    hi friends,sorry i was a long time not here,i am so busy till my hubby goes to iraq!
    i hear the GOOD NEWS about mason,yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :lol: :lol:
    teh news what i want to hear now is
    1.bozo drowned in pool
    2.cindy choked to death on dr.phil money died on the COWARD ill :lol:
    4.cma was found in the woods!

  288. mikka says:

    mason will talk,oh hell noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    this krack me up! :lol:

  289. Justme66 says:

    Oh mikka, so sorry to hear your hubby has to go to Iraq… I have a good friend who is a newlywed and thought her hubby’s time was over with the whole traveling thing… He got transferred back for his 3rd tour… She is so upset…. I wish they’d just get it settled and get it over with… Bring our guys and gals home….
    I love what you said about the news you want to hear…. I’d like to hear that too… Especially the cma found in the woods part…. Not from someone killing her and putting her there though… NO ONE ELSE needs their life ruined because of her… Maybe she’ll take a walk in the woods, have a heart attack and just fall over… Of course I hope she suffers just a little before she kicks the old bucket… She’d deserve at least some suffering… :)

  290. Justme66 says:

    Yeah Mikka… GOD has ways of shutting them up doesn’t he??? Now hopefully he’ll carry on with the rest of them… cma included… Hopefully every time one of them is scheduled to speak, God will say, “NO YOU DON’T”… :D

  291. TickTock says:

    Miss u!!! God bless ur hubby :)

  292. baked bread says:

    If nothing else, Mason was prevented from poisoning the minds of those young journalists. It’s true regarding OJ’s people. We should tread carefully in life! I wonder if he’s thinking about that. I doubt it; some people never get it.

  293. baked bread says:

    Hey, Tick, my mom always uses that saying too!! Devil eventually dupes everyone who’s willing to make a deal with him.

  294. maze says:

    another thing to be mad about……….

    News in the Casey Anthony defamation case: Judge Lisa Munyon has ruled against a motion by lawyers for Zenaida Gonzalez, who is suing Anthony.

    Gonzalez’s lawyers had wanted to delay her deposition until Anthony completes hers, anchor Jackie Brockington explained on Central Florida News 13.

    “The ruling now enables Casey to hear what Zenaida has to say before she [Anthony] gives her statement,” Brockington added. “Another hearing is set for next month to decide if Casey will have to answer questions she refused to answer in her initial deposition.”

    What do you say to that?

    Gonzalez says her life was ruined when she was linked by Anthony to the disappearance of Caylee Anthony. Anthony was acquitted in July of murder in the 2008 death of her 2-year-old daughter.

  295. Mike NV says:

    Scene I would like to see.
    Cheney Mason told he hasn’t long to live. CM comes clean and gives all the details. Bozo is prosecuted on CM’s charges. KC is prosecuted, the Ants are prosecuted. But then a miracle happens. CM pulls thru. CM is prosecuted and they are all sent to jail. Amen.

  296. OhioSheryl says:

    Casey Anthony currently ranked 5th in the Time magazine poll for “Person of the Year”.
    How does that happen? I do not understand.,28804,2098471_2098928,00.html

  297. mikka says:

    from a blogger,this krack me up!

    They’re doing toxicology tests on Mason. It won’t look good for swampy if they find chloroform.

    :lol: :lol:

  298. mikka says:

    justmeeee,my hubby is now 4 month in iraq,he doing allright! :kiss:

  299. mikka says:

    tickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk :kiss:

  300. mikka says:

    ohio about your link,when you roll down it says ,

    Least Popular



    Total Votes not in favor of this candidate


    The 1%



    Casey Anthony

  301. mikka says:

    thats from a blogger too about mason,

    Was that Baez chasing the ambulance? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  302. TickTock says:

    Hahahaha Mikka, “Cheney & Bozo rushed to hospital in same ambulence they were chasing!”
    story at 11

  303. mikka says:

    from hal,
    He said he was feeling something he hadn’t felt before,” Pipitone said. “He seemed a little unsteady, as I said, a little bit weak, but he seemed to be his old self, swearing mildly when they lifted up the gurney.”

    Central Florida News 13 headlined the story “Cheney Mason collapses.” Jacqueline Fell of News 13 reported that Mason would stay in the hospital over night for observation and that his wife was with him.

    “His family has directed staff here not to release any information about his medical condition,” WESH-Channel 2’s Claire Metz reported.

    Mason was feeling faint, and people around him tried to steady him and sat him down, journalism Professor Jim Brosemer told Metz.

    “Staffers say Mason didn’t seem to be in pain, but it was clear he didn’t feel well, so they immediately called 911,” Metz said.

    WFTV-Channel 9’s Blaine Tolison reported that students and university officials said Mason “was sick from the moment he arrived.” They added that Mason “appeared disoriented, he had slurred speech and he looked physically ill.”

  304. mikka says:

    tick :lol: :lol: :LOL:

    mason had slurred speech sign of diabetes,coming stroke OR DRUNK! HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAH

  305. mikka says:

    i read an OLD report on hinky meter ,and she write mason battle prostata cancer!

  306. mikka says:

    friends i go to bed,will be back soon, :kiss: for my friends!

  307. TickTock says:

    Nite Mikka…Nite Humble, Baked, Toasty, Maze, JustMe, OJKarma, Mike, John Boy, Mary Ellen… :sleep:

  308. OJ KARMA says:

    Morning! Y’all!

    Mikka – I didn’t know old mason jar was battling prostate cancer?! My dad had that and it’s been one year of him being cancer free! So darn I can’t talk bad about mason and his illness :( but I will say the following if mason was rude and crude in the hospital like he was throughout the IT drama then I can fairly say that had that man on some happy pills. My dad whom I thought growing up was made out of stone, freaked the heck out! Had to give him a Valium and adavan to keep him from becoming a crazy squirrel! I mean he woke up 3 times on the operating table, he was stronger than the anesthesia!

    Does anyone know when Karma will collect of these Monsters? IT? With the years we all had we need to see them all pay!


  309. I just can’t stand Dr. Fill. I won’t watch him no matter who is on after the $500,000 he gave to the greedy parents of the murderer!

  310. TickTock says:

    Hi Humble, I’m surprised Ashton would lower himself to dr frauds level? Missing/dead babies by parents hands is getting to b an epidemic and until laws are passed to give LE more access in questioning parents in order to rule them out as suspects these tragedies will continue to multiply.

  311. hvf says:

    Just to let everyone know…..I still hate the guilty B***, casey.


    Tick Tock – I agree! Why reduce yourself to some dr who paid 2 liars/enablers/wrost grandparents in the WORLD to speak their nonsense! Sorry dr fool won’t watch! If anyone is going to stomach the dr long enough to hear Jeff Ashton please let us know what he says. I won’t give dr fool any ratings….. :) Promise to CAYLEE!


  313. Janet says:

    Lifetime eyes telepic on Casey Anthony case
    Fox TV Studios options memoir by prosecutor Jeff Ashton

  314. Janet says:,0,7059313.story

    Ashton comes out swinging in book about prosecuting Casey Anthony

    Soon before her murder trial began, Casey Anthony told two mental health experts that not only had her daughter Caylee drowned in the family pool, but that her father deliberately killed the child, retired prosecutor Jeff Ashton writes in his new book released today.

    Anthony also told the doctors she had been sexually abused by her father George and was worried about him molesting Caylee.

  315. nannab says:

    Read thu parts of Jeff Ashton’s book..released on my iPhone account tonite.. Not much we didn’t already know after following it her on Humble’s every day..

  316. nannab says:

    *here on Humble’s.. :smile:

  317. TickTock says:

    Good Morning All: thx Janet for link. My question now for PT…if they obviously knew which way the wind was blowing on spindy & jojo in thr depos, why o why did they not fight more vigorously to keep the scamparents OUT of the courtroom during trial? They were able to modify/refine their future testimony day after day. I mean how many times did they testify? 10? 15? They were clearly biased to WF, that shouldve perhaps been legitimate reasoning for mistrial especially when spindy claimed she was the one doing the computer searches when she was proven to be logged on a computer at work same time. Never will understand how PT/JP allowed them to stay in court during the whole trial.

  318. Mike NV says:

    Lawyers need to be sworn in before they give hearsay testimony. Then they can be cross examined and the truth will out. As it stands these lawyers have insulated themselves from any truth to be told and they lie like the serpent in Genesis. If a court is looking for the truth then why do they allow lies to be told?
    The entrenched bench bar association has taken over the courts of We the People.

  319. muesli says:

    We all know, from reading thousands of documents regarding this case, what was allowed to be disclosed at trial. I am certainly more interested in reading about the behind the scene’s facts, which we were not privy to. So, from what I have read so far this morning, there actually was a plea deal offered. It was not just rumor. Just love how Mr. Ashton doesn’t hold back his true feelings for Mr. Biaz. Guess Mr. Ashton felt the same as we all did from the beginning. I think this book will be fascinating, and can hardly wait for my copy to arrive. Also, obviously Mr. Mason felt Casey was guilty by trying to cop a plea for her. We all knew he knew he was guilty. He even said so on TV before he became involved in this case. Boy, can these people lie with straight faces. Unbelievable.

  320. muesli says:

    That should read: We all knew that he knew SHE was guilty.

  321. mikka says:

    love what ashton write about bozo and cr@pp :lol::lol:

    Ashton calls the trial arguments of Casey Anthony’s defense team, which resulted in an acquittal for the accused murderer, “a complete crock of crap” in a new book published Tuesday.

    “I’ve written a book to let people know the truth about the case from my perspective,” Ashton tells the Orlando Sentinel of Imperfect Justice, Prosecuting Casey Anthony.

    In the 322-page book, the paper reports, the lawyer writes that once her trial was underway Casey told two mental health professionals that her 2-year-old daughter Caylee had drowned in the family swimming pool – deliberately killed by Casey’s father, George.

    She also told the experts that her father molested her and she feared a similar fate awaited Caylee.

    “I have seen my share of liars, but never one quite like this,” Ashton writes in the book, according to the Sentinel. Later he states, “In many ways, I think the defense came to mirror the client they represented.”

    In its report on the book, Central Florida’s News 13 quotes Ashton as saying that the introduction of the death penalty in the case was not a good idea, because the jury would never go for it.

    Of Anthony’s defense attorney, Jose Baez, Ashton writes, as quoted by the Associated Press: “There is an unearned air of arrogance about the man that is incredibly frustrating to witness. The word I used in describing Jose is smarmy: somebody who is slick, underhanded and doesn’t shoot straight.”

    Ashton writes that he felt numb when the verdict was delivered, and he dedicates his book to Caylee, “so no one forgets.”

  322. mikka says:

    hope ashton write something about this 12 idi@ts from the village!

  323. mikka says:

    from hal,
    Former prosecutor Jeff Ashton has a string of media appearances to promote his book, “Imperfect Justice,” about the Casey Anthony case.

    First top Tuesday: NBC’s “Today,” where he is scheduled to talk to Matt Lauer in the 7:30 a.m. half-hour.

    Also on Tuesday, Ashton will visit “The Insider,” which airs at 5:30 p.m. on WKMG-Channel 6.

    Later Tuesday, Ashton visits two HLN programs: “Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell” at 7 p.m. and “The Joy Behar
    Show” at 10 p.m.

    On Wednesday, Ashton will be a guest on “Fox & Friends” on Fox News Channel. Then he talks to Dr. Phil McGraw on “Dr. Phil” at 3 p.m. on WOFL-Channel 35

  324. mikka says:

    i wish people dont call phil Doctor,we had in our staate a radio show,and this people was very upset,because phil is NOT a doctor!

  325. TickTock says:

    I’m glad he dedicated to Caylee….. only one that mattered in this case.

  326. muesli says:

    I hope Cindy and George and all the rest of this sick group of people enjoy reading what Casey said to complete strangers about them. Wonder how George feels about what Casey accused him. And, Cindy, you are one sick woman. Does she believe the things Casey accused her husband of doing? I doubt it, but, everything and anything for her precious Casey. Wouldn’t you all love to be a fly on the wall of their house. It is just that. A house, not a home. George should just take his 50% of the money they made off Caylee’s murder, and run for his life, away from Cindy. Boy, he could even make more money if he did that, what with all the interviews which would come his way. Sick, sick people.

    By the way, I hope I am keeping within the framework of the correct posts to post. If I make an error, I apologize beforehand.

  327. muesli says:

    Hi Mikka. Do you know who gave this Phil guy the title of doctor? Was it Oprah?

  328. muesli says:

    I’m anxiously awaiting the delivery of my book. Then, you won’t hear from me till I have read it from beginning to end. And, I have promised myself I will read it slowly, and digest what Mr. Ashton has written.

  329. lynda says:

    GM Humble and Friends, I’m happy that JA wrote this book and told the story before the baez could cash in on the lies from cma. I want the world to see just what this monster was all about, and from these words, I hope ca and ga are shunned by society, becuse if the jury aquitted this monster of murdering innocent Caylee, then they must beleive that ga is a pedophile and murderer.
    The dedication to Caylee is sweet, for JA knows the truth, as do we.


    Hello Friends! Well I downloaded the book to my iPad and I started to read the first few pages and I started to get nauseated…..Anyone feel the same way? I see Bozo’s name and I just get irritated. Then IT on front cover just YUCK! I don’t think that is the book I will ever finish……..Only got part I read so far was that Jeff Ashton said that he started to hate IT when he saw the skeleton of Caylee and knowing that IT put baby in laundry bag and tossed aside. I LOVE JEFF ASHTON!


  331. maze says:

    Casey Anthony

    Red Huber/Orlando Sentinel/Polaris


    Casey Anthony was acquitted of murdering her 2-year-old daughter Caylee, but a new movie is set to examine the case through the eyes of a man who believes she escaped justice.

    Lifetime is gearing up for a possible TV movie based on the new book Imperfect Justice, Prosecuting Casey Anthony by retired Florida prosecutor Jeff Ashton, Variety is reporting.

    The film would tell the story of the three years Ashton and his team spent preparing and prosecuting the Florida woman in a high-profile case that left Ashton feeling Anthony got away with murder.

  332. maze says:

    jeff will be on jvm tonite

  333. mikka says:

    maze saw it,love to would see this movie,its about the prosecution team!,,20545577,00.html

  334. mikka says:

    maze ,i will watch him

    “Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell” at 7 p.m. and “The Joy Behar
    Show” at 10 p.m.

    On Wednesday, Ashton will be a guest on “Fox & Friends” on Fox News Channel. Then he talks to Dr. Phil McGraw on “Dr. Phil” at 3 p.m. on WOFL-Channel 35

  335. mikka says:

    muesli guess phil gave himself the doctor titel,you can call me dr.mikka! :lol:

  336. mikka says:

    from teh book from orlando news!

    How could anyone just throw Caylee away like that, with a laundry bag as her coffin?” he writes of first seeing Caylee’s skeletal remains. “For a moment, I allowed myself to hate Casey Anthony…there was no doubt in my mind that Casey had killed this beautiful little girl.”

    Ashton writes that he was sickened by the “checkbook journalism” employed by ABC in buying videos and photos of Caylee. But he was more bothered by Casey’s decision to sell those things. “What kind of mother would sell pictures of her dead child for a profit?”

    Casey explained her Bella Vita — beautiful life — tattoo not as an expression of youthful, freedom, but as “an ironic comment on the fact that her life hadn’t been beautiful.”

    As for bounty hunter Leonard Padilla, Ashton writes, “Of all the opportunistic clowns I came across in this case, he was the most offensive to me.”

    Ashton quotes Cindy Anthony’s brother, who suspected Casey was pregnant when she showed up for his wedding in 2005. Cindy denied it, and he said she was “in complete denial.” The brother, Rick Plesea, said Cindy had told them, “Casey told us that she’d have to have sex in order to have a baby and that she did not have sex with anyone.”

    Ashton notes that Jesse Grund, Casey’s ex-fiance, said, “When Caylee was born, Casey wasn’t the first one to get to hold Caylee. It was Cindy…Casey’s even voiced to me in the past that Cindy has actually called herself ‘Mommy’ to Caylee in front of Casey,” Grund also said.

    Ashton writes that defense death-penalty expert Ann Finnell “regretted getting involved” in the case and Jose Baez and Cheney Mason treated the other main attorney, Dorothy Sims, “very disrespectfully” relegating her to “the role of hand-holder.”

    The Orange County Sheriff’s Office “totally botched” the calls by Roy Kronk in August 2008 reporting what turned out to be Caylee’s remains, which were not discovered until that December. “Everybody ended up looking like an ass and a nation spent an extra four months searching around the country for a lost little girl who was a quarter mile from home,” he writes.

    After prosecutor Linda Drane Burdick’s opening, Ashton said, the jurors appeared “unmoved. How was this possible?” Of Baez’s opening, Ashton writes, “It’s mind blowing how effective you can be when you’re not limited by the truth.”

  337. mikka says:

    from ashton book,i love it! :lol: :lol:

    Still, I was confident in the case we’d put together and how we’d presented it. My mind was ahead of the verdict, already planning how to work the dates for the penalty phase. I thought, with the first-degree murder conviction, we could start the arguments on Thursday. That would give the defense thirty-six hours to prepare their mitigating factors. With the death penalty on the table, they might need more time.

  338. mikka says:


    Casey agrees with us,” Ashton told the Sentinel. “Caylee did not die by accident.”

    But they did not agree about who was responsible.

    One of Casey Anthony’s mental health experts, Dr. Jeffrey Danziger, was very concerned about sharing what Casey had told him about her father, worried he was becoming a mouthpiece for “very, very serious allegations against someone in a situation where there is no other evidence he actually did anything.”

    Casey later told another defense expert, Dr. William Weitz, that she was concerned George might be Caylee’s father until DNA testing by the FBI ruled that out. Casey told Weitz “Caylee could not have died by accident and that George had murdered her,” Ashton wrote in the book.

    When the prosecution wanted Casey interviewed by its mental health expert, the defense pulled their two experts from their witness list, meaning Danziger and Weitz would not testify at trial. Ashton claims Baez had wanted those two “to get Casey’s story in front of the jury without having Casey actually testify.”

    The depositions of those experts were sealed because they were “too sensational” Ashton wrote. “Until now their contents have never been discussed publicly.”

    The prosecution detailed the depositions for George and Cindy out of a sense of “moral obligation,” and George told them “none of this is true,” the book states.

    Today, the Anthonys’ attorney Mark Lippman said George Anthony continues to deny all of the allegations that surfaced in the book. He said George and Cindy hope the book doesn’t “rekindle” anything concerning them. They have not read the book yet.

    “The fear of molestation statement is belied by the fact that she [Casey] would leave Caylee alone with her father [George] all the time,” Lippman said.

    And when considering the overall statements she gave the doctors regarding abuse and George’s connection to a drowning, Lippman said, “It just doesn’t make sense when she’s saying [in jail videos], ‘You’re the best father in the world.'”

    If Cindy Anthony had chosen Caylee over Casey, Ashton wrote, the prosecution might have been able to make a better case that Casey was a bad parent and had a motive to kill her daughter. Cindy Anthony “was in denial about her daughter on a colossal scale.” Ashton called her and Casey’s a “lethally toxic co-dependent relationship.”

    On Monday he called Cindy’s denial “very significant” in its impact on the state’s case. He acknowledged that her reluctance to explain a volatile relationship with her daughter before Caylee’s death “might have involved some feelings of guilt on her part.”

    “Cindy believed in Casey no matter what the evidence was,” Ashton said Monday.

    Lippman responded today that Ashton’s statement saying Cindy Anthony chose Casey over Caylee was “probably one of the harshest ones in the book.”

    “No one chose one over the other, and no grandmother expects to be in that position,” Lippman said. “I don’t know that she [Cindy] did anything wrong.”

    In the end, Ashton wrote, the verdict reflected the work of a jury that didn’t believe Casey Anthony deserved to be punished at all.

    “What I find truly baffling is that somehow they did not see proof enough to convict her of a lesser murder charge or even manslaughter,” Ashton wrote. The biggest legacy of the case won’t be that she failed to be convicted of first-degree murder, but that “she got away scot-free,” he said.

  339. mikka says:

    bozo talks HAHAHAHAHAHAAH yeah we know what happens with him and cma behind close doors! :lol:

    The book is especially critical of Baez, and late today his new PR agent Michael Wright issued the following statement from Baez:

    “Having read several of the comments Mr. Ashton makes in his new book, I am both surprised and somewhat disappointed he has chosen to attack me on a personal level,” Baez stated. “Without going into specific detail, I will say only that many of his accusations are absolutely false. I take my responsibilities to the court very seriously and I have been careful to always conduct myself in a professional manner.”

    He added, “This was an extraordinarily complicated case and so much of what happened behind the scenes has not yet been made public. When I decide to tell my story, you can be certain I will not be personally attacking Mr. Ashton.”

  340. maze says:

    Mikka glad to see you…Why didnt the prosecution adjust thier strategy when they found out what road they were going down!I also wonder if ahston had to pay killer for her photo being on the book!!I wouold never have put her face on there.

  341. TickTock says:

    Dr Mikka!!!!! Dr Tick Tock glad to see uuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!! Lol

  342. baked bread says:

    Hi, Humblers!! Great to read all of your comments! Wow! Busy day with all this WF stuff!
    Haven’t seen you in awhile Muesli, good to hear from you. I will try to do like you and refrain from commenting until I read my copy (which I’m anxiously awaiting too), but I don’t think I can hold back!! Because…
    Like you OJ, I get sick just seeing their pix and hearing their voices, ugh! Gag! I just got sick over the whole thing, but I hope it’s remedial in reading the book to get over that disgusting jury, and Mikka, I wish someone’d write about those Dumbo 12 too! How could they just sit there blankly after listening to our Queen of the courtroom, Miss Lynda! She totally rocked it. What idiots. Seriously.

    Humble, I can’t take the Phil man either, but the type of people who watch him NEED to hear the truth!! He’s in enemy territory on some of these shows. I’ll be working and can’t watch it, but I hope some people see as someone commented earlier, it was always about CAYLEE!!

    I think his book and his presence will catch some fire and maybe regenerate enough interest to get that federal trial thing going, who knows?

    I’m so glad you have this place here, Humble, thanks, I don’t think I’ve ever been more outraged at a court decision in my life like this!! I expected OJ had money and could by justice, but this ska*K?
    I’ll try to catch Joy Behar but I have so much to do. I feel like I work around the clock, and I really enjoy this part of my day to share with you all.

  343. nannab says:

    Bozo with his defense..what a puke of a clown he remains.. How could he attack Jeff Ashton without a bunch a lies anyway? Also, Bozo is gonna hafta get a good fiction ghost writer to do his fantasy fiction book.. and only his jury will buy it.. He still makes me sick.. :w00t:

  344. lynda says:

    GM Humble and Friends, I’m so glad that J Ashton got his book out to expose the lies that were told by the disgusting dt and cma. I think shunning them all is good advice. Just give them no attention at all. cma deserves nothing but a horrible life.
    Liars hate to be exposed, narcissits hate to be exposed. That’s what all of them are, and if they want to be beleived, then why hasn’t ga been indicted for murder and child molesting. These crimes can still be brought against him.
    No Justice for Caylee, the only victim.

  345. MeMa52 says:

    Morning Humble and Friends…can’t wait to get my copy of the book but loved that Bozo took offense about being called “smarmy” and that Ashton said that he thought when FogHorn came on board that Bozo would come up to his level but instead it was the other way around…loved that “smarmy” word to describe him (meaning of low sleazy taste)…we all had several other words describing Bozo and his circus..never thought of smarmy.. :heart: Ashton….wish we could read the transcripts of the psyche doctors that she told not only that George killed Caylee but molested her too….and drowned her…even claiming the upper half of his body was wet not the bottom..indicating that he held her under the water…she sure one upped George with that statement…I still really think she was so mad about his grand jury testimony that this was her pay back to him….
    I’m like Museli….want to savor every word in this book…at least there will be nothing but the truth in his words…still lurking every day….love ya Humble for all you do

  346. Justme66 says:

    My two cents… Baez can’t personally attack Ashton… What Ashton wrote is the TRUTH… Baez attacks Ashton and he’s going to have to PROVE what he says is true… Like someone else said, it can’t be done… If Baez speaks the George theory out of court, the whole killing Caylee, hiding the body, molesting IT is going to come back and bite him… If he speaks that, with NO PROTECTION like he had in court, then he is open for lawsuits from George… He can’t go there, which is why IMO he hasn’t muttered a word outside of the confines of his protected courtroom and opening statement… George would be a fool not to sue him and make him prove it if he does travel that path, IT included… Then again, maybe she’ll think old pops won’t sue her, so she’ll be the one blabbing it… Again, George would be a fool to sit back and not sue her as well… Unless of course it’s true, and I don’t think that for a second…

  347. amethystme says:

    I have to get this book!

  348. maze says:

    george is a fool

  349. muesli says:

    Where’s my book? It feels like Christmas, and I’m awaiting my big surprise from Santa. Morning to you all. Has anyone else who ordered the book at the beginning received it as yet? Signed: Anxious

  350. TickTock says:

    My book according to amazon order is to b delivered fri… I had no special delivery marked so sounds like 3 business days.
    hope JA ripped the “jurors” apart aka 12 village idiots.

  351. OJ KARMA says:

    Hello Friends!

    I can’t get passed the first chapter! I get nauseated when I read ITs name! YUCK! I have read that Jeff Ashton has sympathy for George and Sindy but I don’t! NO SYMPATHY FOR THE SCAMTHONYS! For all they have said and done……KARMA can’t come soon enough!


  352. TickTock says:

    Hey Muesli- Surprise, Surprise, my book was in todays mail! on amazon said was to b delivered Friday. I must b near a warehouse. Hope u & everyone else get book today too :)

  353. lynda says:

    Hi Humble and Friends, there is no statute of limitations on murder and child molestation. Why hasn’t ga been arrested for the crimes. It was put out in open court that this is what happened.HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

  354. maze says:

    what a bunch of bs..hitmen do not leave notes on a door!!!! probaly jose trying to garner some sympathy for killer,cause of ashtons book..she hasnt been in the spotlight lately.

  355. TickTock says:

    Hahaha hitman leaving notes on a door? The link originated from united kingdom so hardly think it is credible.
    Another try for sympathy vote for tge swarmy bozo?
    Bodyguards? lol

  356. baked bread says:

    I got an email that mine has shipped from B&N today. It will be my treat for Thanksgiving vaca next week!

  357. TickTock says:

    Partial Repost from Tyler page….. My hope is that theS camthonys are reading this & other blogs to realize what average person thinks of them.
    1/2 way thru Ashtons book and can’t wait to discuss but will wait till others have had chance to read; don’t want to give anything away. Hope scamthony’s are reading “Imperfect Justice” and so mortified that the truth is finally out that they never leave their houses again. Prisoners of their own making all because they couldn’t stand up for their Grandaughter or Niece. they loved Caylee….yeah right. If that is what they call Love what is their version of Hate…murder and dumping ductaped remains in trash bag in a bug, snake, animal infested swamp. Karma is at their door, coming for them..

    Humble can we set date like week after thanksgiving maybe for book discussion?

  358. OJ KARMA says:

    I am waiting for a phone call from the republican or democratic party regarding donations. Well whoever is on the other line Boy oh Boy they will get it in full! I have commissions side aside to donate (yeah I take my presidential vote seriously) and I will not be comfortable voting for a candidate who is not addressing the horrible ways that babies are dying and criminals have more rights than the victims!

    Waiting for the phone call!


  359. DJR says:

    I find this funny comingout at the same time Jeff Ashton book comes out! Bozo hates the facts that Jeff is telling the truth.So Bozo has to find away to get IT in the spotlight!

  360. baked bread says:

    AMEN I say to that Tick and OJ!!They will never have any peace living with all the lies they told! And thanks, Tick for holding back–oh gosh it must be hard!!

    OJ-I’m with you! I will only vote for a right to life president! It means caring for every person from the womb to the tomb! I don’t like those that don’t worry about Medicare, SSI for our aged and disabled. There’s always money for what people in power want to spend it on. The money is there. The people (most, anyway) know what’s fair. It’s just gotta come down to those in charge doing the right thing.

  361. TickTock says:

    Awwww baked it is hard not talking bout book, stayed up late last night & finished it earlier. Ya’ll better b speed readers when ur books arrive!!!! :0

  362. I haven’t read my book, haven’t even opened it yet. I guess I am just sick and tired of this case, but what I have been reading here, i wonder if any of the jurors will read the book? Oh yea they can’t read, and they can’t look at the truth. They are all about lies!

  363. amethystme says:

    After the smarmy comment from mr. ashton, I did the unthinkable and am watching parts of the trial. and I still come to the conclusion that baez is unprofessional and is too big for his britches. and smarmy.

  364. blessedknox says:

    Good evening Humble friends…HAS ANYONE ELSE SEEN THIS?

    Posted on Wednesday, November 16th, 2011
    By Frank Lake

    ORLANDO, FL – Sources close to Casey Anthony’s attorney confirmed today that Casey Anthony has adopted a baby girl from Romania.

    Reports are that Orange County authorities confirmed that Casey Anthony applied to adopt a baby girl (2 years old) from Eastern Europe in early 2010. Sources say she was accepted by the Romanian government – pending the conclusion of her trial.

    It is expensive to adopt a baby from Romania. Some say legal costs run in excess of $25,000 to adopt, but Casey has reportedly offered the Romanians three times that amount.

    Casey has plenty of money rolling in now with book deals, movie deals and a porn video that she is slated to shoot in early August. She is already worth over $8 million dollars because of her book deal. READ about it here.

    Sources close to friends of Casey say she offered the Romanian adoption agency $75,000 for the baby.

    Casey will reportedly fly to Bucharest on July 25th to pick up the baby. Her adoption attorney will not say where Casey and the baby will live, but many are speculating that she will return to the U.S. and live with her aunt in Texas.

    Romanians are appalled about the adoption and are trying to stop it from going forward. “We do not want one of our babies being adopted by that monster,” said Flaviu Trasicu. “We have standards here that citizens of the United States do not. As a society, we cherish our children and punish child abusers.”

    Casey Anthony reportedly wants to prove to the world that she is a good mother and sources say she told corrections officers in the Orange County Jail last summer that she plans on adopting 3-4 babies and having 3-4 of her own. “She thinks she can handle a lot of kids,” said Tommy Kimplin of the Orange County Jail. “She feels like she’s changed.”

    Casey has not chosen a name for the baby girl she is going to adopt, “but it’s not going to begin with a ‘C’, that’s for sure.”

    Americans are already outraged about the verdict… and now this! Some feel that maybe she should stay in Romania…

  365. blessedknox says:

    As I ‘figured’ – the sensationalism of the above story about “IT” adopting a baby is totally FALSE….You can read more on snopes at the above link.

  366. lynda says:

    GM Humble and Friends, thanks for clearing that up Blessed. I think it’s just bozo’s way of keeping his meal ticket in the news. Ashton wasright, nobody should give her any attention. She needs to be shunned by society.
    No Justice for Caylee, the only victim!

  367. OJ KARMA says:

    IT being a changed person HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa! This is funnier than the pink bubble gum car With pink spinners i saw this morning! Bozo your an idiot! Your meal ticket is decomposing in front of your eyes! Karma!


  368. maze says:

    another bunch of bs….baez said the other dstory was false about the hitmen…we know she cant get a passport!!

  369. baked bread says:

    Hi, All! So ready for a break. A whole ten days away from the job! Talk about being thankful at Thanksgiving! If it wasn’t a violation of confidentiality, (and I had the energy) I’d start a page like Humble on all the really, sad, issues kids are facing today. It’s unbelievable. Some of these kids are, well…need our prayers.

    How funny, TickTock, that was a big LOL for me. I’m hoping it gets here while I’m off.

    Humble, you could write your own book! I would say it’s enough to write about IT on here all the time and not feel totally drained. It was a very draining decision with no closure.
    I hope the book helps with that.

    OH, BOzo and IT =just a bunch a kooks!! How could anyone believe those two? well, 12 did.

    Gotta run for today–hope all of you all are well

  370. TickTock says:

    Here’s interesting excerpt found from article on another blog in regard to bozos opening statement and now the current civil cases against WF:
    “….Charles Rose, the professor of Excellence in Trial Advocacy at Stetson University College of Law, said most trial lawyers looking at the case never thought Anthony would testify. And if she told Baez the drowning and abuse stories, based on her history of lies, he had an obligation to fully investigate those accounts and find evidence to support them.”
    Bozo never investigated her supposed version of the “truth” so his whole opening shouldve been struck but since it wasnt, she now should face ZG civil case without ability to hide behind 5th because those lies she told are proven in opening statement when bozo (according to her statements) claimed drowning & child abuse.

  371. Justme66 says:

    I brought you guys and gals something to fluff your feathers really good… It’s such a cold dreary Sunday morning, I figured you could use a good feather fluffing…. :D

    Garavaglia scoffed at hearing that Baez plans to address the American Academy of Forensic Sciences’ annual meeting in Atlanta in February.

    “I found it outrageous,” Garavaglia said. “I know what we said was scientifically based from this office. I find it disturbing they would invite Jose Baez to a scientific meeting.”

    Baez will speak at three sessions, according to the group’s website. One is called “Fantasy of Forensics: How Junk Science Failed to Persuade the Jury in the Casey Anthony Case.” Another session is titled “Flawed Forensics: Recognizing and Challenging Misleading Forensic Evidence and Disingenuous Expert Testimony.”

    As for her special, Garavaglia said she was taking a low-key approach to the program and plans to make it her last word on the Anthony case.

    “I just want to set the record straight about what happened.”,0,3346894.story

  372. Victoria says:

    ~Greetings Humble and Humbletts~ I find that I am still trying to move beyond the verdict but at times find myself back at that moment when all our jaws dropped when the not guilty was read. Jeff Ashton related in his book that when the images of Caylee’s skull with the duct tape were up on the screen that he looked towards the jury to gauge their reaction and was surprised to see that the images appeared to have no effect on the twelve sitting in the jury box. Now I know that one should try and keep ones emotions in check but really??? You would think at the very least viewing what was up on that screen would cause at the very least a small shudder or tiny wince. The jury will have to live with their verdict and I need to let go and let god take it from here. When such an injustice has been rendered, getting to that letting go place is easier said then done. Miss all you fine folk and I still drop by to read. Humble, you continue to keep that torch burning brightly and lighting the way. God bless you for all you do.

  373. TickTock says:

    Good Morning All-
    geez can’t get away from bozo, unfortunatrly just turned on tube and saw repeat of GerNotO…bozo saying PT approached them in regard to plea (ok now why would they make the approach?, by all accounts their case was going well and bozo looked like the fumbling highschool 9th grade dropout he was). Defense made approach.
    Such a liar,hope he & wf live miserably ever after.

  374. amethystme says:

    Good morning all.
    I hope the link works. AAFS is having a whole session on the Caylee case. check out the speakers. How much money are these people making off of this. Linda Kenny bodin; kobilinsky etc etc
    I am a little disappointed at the American Academy of Forensic Sciences using this case, these people and baez! BAEZ, to actually speak on forensics! Seriously? seriously? baez and forensics. speaking about it a the AAFS conference?
    I am speechless

  375. TickTock says:

    Hahahaha, sorry all couldn’t resist the phony story !!! Think WF crack security team could spring for a new shirt? Looks like same shirt from
    July! What a joke

    [link removed]

  376. Tick sorry had to delete the link. I don’t contribute to the ratings of a trash mag! Sorry!

  377. maze says:

    When might Casey Anthony surface and appear on television?

    “That I don’t know. It’s completely and totally up to her,” defense attorney Jose Baez said on Geraldo Rivera’s Fox News Channel show last night.

    Baez took to “Geraldo At Large” to answer claims by former prosecutor Jeff Ashton in a book about the Casey Anthony trial.

    In “Imperfect Justice,” Ashton reveals comments that Anthony made to two mental-health experts, including accusing her father of killing her child.

    But Baez said, “All of those things are sealed. I can’t even go anywhere near there and I won’t. I think I have a professional obligation to follow the rules.”

    Baez said he did not desperately seek a plea deal during the trial, but prosecutor Linda Drane Burdick did approach him about one.

    “We spoke about it. It was basically her pleading to count three,” Baez said, which was aggravated manslaughter of a child.

    “We would have a conference with the judge, and he would tell us what he would sentence her to,” Baez said. ” All she had to do was consider it, and Casey looked us all in the eye, and basically said, ‘I’m innocent. I’m not pleading to anything and I won’t consider it.’ That’s why we had to stop trial to ensure she was competent to proceed.”

    Anthony was later acquitted of murder in the 2008 death of her daughter, Caylee. She is serving a year’s probation somewhere in Florida for check fraud.

    Baez dismissed Ashton’s claim that Baez had been sadistic in telling Cindy Anthony that the state was investigating her husband, George, in Caylee’s death and disappearance. Ashton said saying there was an investigation was “100 percent false” and “a huge lie that just cruel.”

    Baez responded: “I don’t know how it could be a cruel lie when it was absolutely true. … They were clearly investigating him.”

    Baez said he might write a book, if the situation was right, to share unknown facets of the trial.

  378. maze says:

    ORLANDO, Fla. — The woman who filed a lawsuit against Casey Anthony for defamation will be deposed Tuesday despite attempts to keep her from answering questions.

    Attorneys for Zenaida Gonzalez wanted her deposition pushed back until Anthony answered questions without invoking her Fifth Amendment right.
    A judge denied that request.
    Gonzalez claims Anthony ruined her reputation by claiming a woman with the same name kidnapped her daughter, Caylee Anthony.

    Copyright 2011 by WESH.COM. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

    Read more:

  379. Bozo might write a book…oh that is funny! A book of lies! ALL his facts are fiction and made up lies by himself and his murderer buddy!

  380. I am not impressed with the Judge on the ZFG case. She is a loser!!!!!

  381. TickTock says:

    Sorry my bad, Humble :( completely understand removing link. I really thought the picture of the girl in the pink top (taken from behind, natch) was the funniest part of ridiculous article. Smoke & mirrors, never will end, smoke & mirrors…

  382. maze says:

    Attorneys on both sides of this case said they expect the deposition could go on for hours. It started at 9 a.m. at the offices of Morgan and Morgan.
    Zenaida Gonzalez became a key figure in the disappearance of Caylee Anthony when she was labeled Zanny the Nanny, a baby sitter of the 2-year-old.
    Despite information that later proved that was not the case, Gonzalez said the infamy surrounding that description caused her to lose her job and has caused her a great deal of personal grief.
    But Anthony’s primary attorney on the case, Charles Greene, hinted that Gonzalez’s financial motives in the claim would be revealed in her testimony.
    “We’re going to find out Ms. Gonzalez’s story, and then the world will know what she has to say under oath,” Greene said.
    Greene has indicated that he believes Gonzalez’s attorney is paying her to continue the case.
    “I’m not going to get into specifics. I don’t think it will be appropriate, but I believe the video will be available to you after the deposition is complete,” Greene said.
    Anthony gave her deposition in the case in October, but she refused to answer many questions. She is currently serving probation in Florida on a prior conviction for check fraud. She was acquitted in July of murder.
    A hearing on Anthony’s refusal to answer questions is scheduled for Dec. 8. Anthony’s deposition was sealed by the court and was not made available to the public.

  383. baked bread says:

    Howdy, all!
    I GOT MY BOOK TODAY!!!! Just in time for my time off! I wished Caylee’s pic would’ve been on the front instead of the back!

    I”m thinking of you Tick Tock, I will be up all night reading!

    I haven’t had a chance to read the posts/comments for today but I was so excited I just had to share.

  384. TickTock says:

    I’m sorry but if WF doesn’t have to provide her video to the public ZF should not have to either. All this preferential treatment toward WF (given to her despite the circumstances were of her own making!!!) is now beyond ridiculous. I feel sorry for anyone that becomes a victim in Florida coz this case is just solid proof that the state doesn’t give a rats a$$ for them. High time that Florida judges get scrutinzed for ethic violations because sure obvious to average bystander that Florida only supports the Guilty!

  385. TickTock says:

    Ok guess dr ablow (great name) should be considered the new dr phil, out promoting new book where hes only interviewed “friends” of WF. Book essentially blames spindy for everything that happened. said WF could gef better under therapy and staying away from the “soul stealers”. You shoulda seen the interviewers face… surprised. She did manage to get in last word that he did say WF was responsible for Caylees death.
    ugh, won’t b buying this book!!!

  386. TickTock says:

    Yah BBread…. enjoy your time off!
    Happy Thanksgiving all :kiss:

  387. Justme66 says:

    I had a chance to thumb through Ablow’s book… I read a few passages, and looked at the pictures he put in the book…. Not a one of Caylee that I saw… All of WF, Bozo, Cindy, George, and I think there was one of Lee, but ZERO OF CAYLEE… Tells me that he’s not interested at all in what happened to this little beautiful girl… Only interested in the money he can make from WF….. There were several copies of his book there…. None of Ashton’s though….

  388. Now who wrote a book?

  389. Justme66 says:

    Keith Ablow…. It’s called “inside the mind of WF” (Insert name instead of WF)… From the excerpts I’ve seen, he blames everyone but WF for Caylee’s demise… Said pretty much that it was the way that WF was raised that caused it… Blames Cindy mostly, from what I have seen… I won’t be buying the book… I was reading at OS a few days ago, and someone else wrote a book called something like Prosecuting the beautiful WF… Again not exact wording, insert name… This book was written by someone named C. Rich who is a blogger… It’s a whole 93 pages long, and you can get your copy for only $16.95… :lol:

  390. Thanks Justme. I won’t buy anything except the one by Jeff Ashton, and that is still not opened! I am just sick and tired of this mess. Now Bozo is clowning with the idiot Her-aldo…2 pieces of real chit! Bozo lies and he has proved that numerous times! And he will until the day he meets the devil!

  391. amethystme says:

    Happy Thanksgiving all!

    did anyone notice that Zenaida’s deposition was two hours longer than it took for the jury to come back with Not guilty on a murder trial?
    something is wrong there

  392. baked bread says:

    Yeah, thanks, Just Me, what a bunch of horse’s apples! All kinds of people were used and abused when they were raised, and they turned it around–so sick of the bleeding heart bs.
    he just wanted to make a buck.

    who in the heck would put money in his pocket, anyway?

    I agree, Humble, it’s exhausting-the whole mess. I can’t even read Ashton’s book that fast (and I read fast) b/c I get upset all over again and have to stop. I began kinda hyperventilating even, I hated that damn verdict.

    and the devil ALWAYS dupes all his minions, and he will dupe them all one day!!!

  393. maze says:

    On WESH-Channel 2, Anthony’s attorney Charles Greene said doing Gonzalez’s deposition in a day worked for his client. “As time went on, Mrs. Gonzalez’s memory became dimmer and her deception became clearer,” Greene said.

    On WFTV, Greene said that this Zenaida Gonzalez wasn’t the same one that Anthony cited. “She doesn’t have the same name, she’s not the same age, she’s not the same height, she’s not from the same state,” Greene said.

    WFTV’s Alvarez noted that Gonzalez’s lawyers wouldn’t specify how much they are seeking in damages.

    When might the public see the 12-hour deposition? Possibly as early as Friday, WFTV and WKMG reported.

  394. ladylawson says:

    OK guys… has anyone seen these pics of Casey Anthony chatting online toppless??? This can not be real! I was reading posts on another website and a lot of people think it could be real. I just don’t know. Take a look. Found it here.

  395. lynda says:

    GM Humble and Friends, I will never, as long as I live accept or understand the travesty of justice that happened in this case. I too am having a hard time reading JA’s book due to this.
    It’s all about the death of a beautiful baby girl, her murder. The murderer got away with murder. No matter how you look at it, this monster got away with murdering Caylee. She sits there like a victim, but everyone in her path were victims, victims of her sociopathy, her twisted mind. I know that she will offend again becuase she can’t change. cma uses people to get what she wants, then discards them when they expose her,
    and as soon as this media frenzy dies down and real life takes over she will be back to her old criminal ways. We just have to wait. It will happen. Justice For Caylee, it’ll come.

  396. Here is the direct link to that photo:

    pretty sad that the skank tracker would stoop so low as to put a pic up that isn’t even proof it is her. The articles says they receive an email from a guy claiming to have a picture of skank topless. They said they wanted the picture to post it. So he sent it. Funny, I would beleive it is NOT her only because this guy could be getting money from the top media bruisers for licensing fees…..?

  397. maze says:

    and if it was her show her face!!!!

  398. maze says:

    just looked at the picture again …look at the mole on her neck.match to another pic same MOLE!!!!

  399. ladylawson says:

    @humbleOpinion kinda interesting though. It says the “Tipster” or whoever has the original (Uncensored) photo he is trying to sell. Wouldn’t be surprised if we see a news story about it. Media is dying for a new CA story!

  400. Thanks Lady, I assume he has more to his picture then. I am curious how he got it, and why is she in front of her computer nuked?

  401. Maze, that judge should have been on the jury. She is the same as they were. lousy!

  402. maze says:

    I agree Humble.

  403. ladylawson says:

    @humbleOpinion Well if you have no outside contact…. guess you do what you have to. Lol!

  404. Lady, so true! Wonder if those are skype pic’s? Or maybe getting ready for her nude spread? :lol:

  405. lee says:

    my stomach still churns and burns with this case. I can’t watch anything that has anything to do with her. I am waiting for that karma that is sure to come her way to hurry up and get here. It is so sad that she is going to “school” when Caylee is the one who should be in school!! i still have such a visceral reaction to anything casey anthony…gotta keep the faith to keep my anger at bay

  406. Justme66 says:

    EWWWWWWWWWWW!!! If that is indeed a picture of Swampy, (as she is called at Hal’s), then she DEFINITELY was wearing a push up bra….. Those things are droopier than mine, and I’m OLD… :lol:

  407. Indianadiane says:

    You are so right Lee. Caylee sure didn’t get her right to be in school!

    Too funny Justme66! :smile:

  408. nannab says:

    A lot of us still have churning stomachs….not much more left to say.. :(

  409. lynda says:

    GM Humble and Friends, I also have a burnin churnin feelin re: anything cma or anthony. I don’t think that icky feeling is going anywhere soon. Caylee had a right to live her life. She had the right to go to school and have friends and go dancing school and do everything else little girls do growing up. I cannot and will not watch or read anything the media puts out on this sociopathc monster. I purchased Jeff Ashtons book and I just can’t seem to get into it. However, discussing this case here at Humbles is my therapy, as it has been for over three years. I love Humble and all my friends here. No Justice for Caylee, the only Victim. I do feel that Karma is coming though. I know this monster will be back in the slammer because she can’t be anything but the monster she is.


    Hello Y’all! I bought the National Enquirer last night for the whole who shot JFK article (My Nana’s favorite topic) and I was turning the pages and I saw IT! Ahhhhhhh! I came home and tore the page she was on – shredded IT so that she can not come back again (well not really) but I just can’t stand looking at her face! I will forever BoyCott anything IT and Scamanthonys forever and a day! I have with Roman Polanski! I will not forgive nor forget IT killed her kid and that the jury was paid off! Just like OJ…….But we know how KARMA took care of that murderer and how if OJ gets out of jail that KARMA is not done with him YET! Has anyone finished Jeff Ashton’s book? I can’t seem to finish Chapter 1…….My stomach will turn…….

  411. baked bread says:

    Hi, all!! Been peeping in but no chance enough to collect my thoughts enough to leave a decent comment.
    Justme66, that was hilarious b/c I thought the same thing! HA1
    Good for you OJ KARMA–keep rippin’ those pages up.

    I’m nearly done with the book, and I want to share a couple of things–with your blessing!

    It was hard starting the book, and I’m an avid reader.

    It took about a hundred pages to not feel sick. I really struggled to relive the whole nasty business.

    But I realized, like Lynda said, and all of us feel, we can come here to get the closure we need from it.

    I think b/c I’m so busy I can’t read it fast, just a couple of pages a night (need about a hundred more pages to go), and I can deal with it more as I go through it.

    Here’s the thing: this sounds obvious or whatever, but unlike other cases where we saw there was a strong family/friend support for the victim, there was NO ONE there for Caylee but us!!! She had so many millions of us supporting her, but we were a kind of invisible presence in a way, for the exception of the justice system.

    Who’s voice was for Caylee? Mr. Ashton. Melich. Burdick and Mr. George. They spoke and fought powerfully for her, and re-visiting it in the book is a consolation.

    I recall, I was blogging every single day almost on WFTV (i’d only get a comment or two in), that many posts disliked Team Ashton very much (yes, I know Linda was Lead Pros., but anyway). They thought he was too abrasive and assertive. I worried the jurors would not like him being to straightforward and knowledgeable but I thought common sense would prevail.

    I once posted he needed to be aggressive for Caylee’s sake, and someone posted “not aggressive, but assertive”. Yeah, right!! I’m assertive at MY job–not defending a blessed murdered two-yr. old from a bunch of piranhas! He was not there to be politically correct.

    Anyway, we are all the victim’s family. Not the scams. We are doing what we need to cope with it too. I truly believe many people were DEEPLY affected by it and coming here proves it! Like I said I was so relieved that I wasn’t crazy b/c others were as heartbroken as my daughter and I were.

    Thanks Humble.

    Thanks and God Bless you all.

  412. Janet says:


    George and Cindy sure look like they are having the time of their life now, no worries in the world and not having to work for a living must be nice.

    Did Cindy like chili??

  413. nannab says:

    Janet.. all a political type thing..David Deese gave money from Quinico to to help WF’s defense. He is a big Anthony supporter.. sick sick..

  414. TickTock says:

    Janet, nannab: yeah looks like this guy is a real prize and right down the scamthony alley. Someone even started a petition against him:

  415. lynda says:

    GM Humble and Friends, We can only hope that the a’s choke on the blood money that they seem to be enjoying. These people are the lowest of the low, and anyone who is sympathetic to their cause can choke on the cma koolade that they’ve been fed.
    No Justice for Caylee, THE ONLY VICTIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  416. Mike NV says:

    United States Code Title 18 sec. 241 Conspiracy against rights of citizens.
    If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten,or intimidate any citizen in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or because of his having exercised the same; or if two or more persons go in disguise on the highway, or on the premises of another, with the intent to prevent or hinder his free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege so secured-
    They shall be fined not more than $10,000 or 9imprisoned not more than ten years, or both, and if death results, they shall be subject to imprisonment for any term of years to life.

    Again I ask….where is the US Attorney on this matter? Caylee’s rights were violated and this law can be used against the Anthony’s.

  417. Mike NV says:

    Sorry for the long post. I just want to add that we always wonder about the victim’s rights. This law I posted can be used against every criminal who violates someones righta, and we all know the criminal do this.

  418. Hi Mike, well you know that the victim has no rights in this case! Apparently in this case the grandparents have rights..the rights to use a dead child’s name for fraud, a right perjure ones self under oath and not charged, right to licensing fees from the media ho’s….etc

    Caylee had no rights in this case.

    Now the murderer runs around Fl thinking people should treat her as a celebrity, when in all reality anyone who read any of the documents in this case know she killed her own child!

  419. It all makes sense [your post], but I guess the US Attorney doesn’t have time!

  420. maze says:

    bs….Florida Department of Corrections officials said in a statement Friday that Anthony is not currently employed or participating in any educational or vocational programs.

    Officials also released a redacted copy of her monthly check-in form. On it, Anthony’s probation officer noted no violations, and wrote that Anthony is “[t]aking time to relax.”

    For the second month in a row, the check-in form released Friday by the DOC seems to indicate that Anthony may be participating in therapy of some kind.

    Anthony again checked a box on her probation form indicating that she is attending “educational, vocational… mental health, drug, alcohol, therapy or self-improvement” classes.

    The form says to circle “which one,” but no circle appears on the copy released Friday. However, the word “therapy,” and the area around it, were redacted from that report.

    A DOC spokesman said last month the redaction was due to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, which limits public access to personal medical information.

    For the second consecutive month, Anthony said she has not consumed alcohol. The most recent report indicates she hasn’t used drugs or had contact with law enforcement.

  421. maze says:

    to relax thats all this killer has done all her life….

  422. baked bread says:

    back at ya, Humble. The baby girl had no rights. I’d rather call Ashton’s book Perfect Injustice instead of Imperfect Justice.

  423. DJR says:

    She is capable of doing commutity service,at least once a week.They do that here,if they are not working!As for school,she is doing that online and do that anytime.Also if this is for GED,she has to go to the center to take the test!!!Enough of the special treatments!!!!!!!!!!!!

  424. nannab says:

    the man who went wild and killed his wife after he saw she killed their 4 year old son got 30 years.. wife was also going to kill their daughter. Something doesn’t seem right. Is it okay to kill a child. The father was so upset when he saw his murdered son he lost control. Andrea Yates..was let off.. So was the woman who shot her preacher husband in the back.. Just sayin.

  425. lynda says:

    Hi umble and Friends, Nammab, that speaks volumes re: our judicial system and their warped way of doling out justice. I do believe that men are looked at diferently especially when it comes to sexual preditors, ie: good looking women teachers who sexually abuse young male students given really light sentences such as house arrest. Children are de- humanized in the judicial system plain and simple, and alot of women are excused for thier actions.

  426. lynda says:

    OOPS! Nannab, :lol:

  427. amethytme says:

    good morning all. I’ve been lurking lately and realized I missed you all. Like you, this case still makes me crazy. Hubby taped some show about “how did we get here” which talked about the case. It was just so obvious to me that Casey had something to do with Caylee’s death. If the jury didn’t like Ashton and voted the way that they did because of that, they didn’t follow the law. If they took into account baez’s opening statement as reasonable doubt, they didn’t follow the law. They didn’t look at one piece of evidence or listen to one tape, like the phone call from jail, or the jail house recordings. They didn’t ask one question, like can we take baez’s statements into account or reasonable doubt or what is the extent of circumstantial evidence. Did they look at a picture of the ductape on her skull, the hair in the car, where did the chloroform come from. Even if they would have come to the same conclusion I think it would have taken more than 11 hours to decide that. Maybe that is why I am still upset, if they had come to the same conclusion but took some time to figure it out, maybe I would be better with it. But 11 hours is nothing when the case took so long to plan and to actually do. okay my rant is over. whew, feel a little better now. sorry so long

  428. blessedknox says:

    amethytme: AMEN…I believe all of us Humble “die-hards for children’s safety” feel the same way you do; and, elapsing time and the unlawful acquittal of “IT” and lack of prosecution for the rest of “IT’s” family and “IT’s” defense team will never change our belief and feelings.

    Caylee did not get justice for her murder; and Just Consequences were not given to “IT” for murdering sweet Caylee…not did her family and defense team reap the consequences they should have all reaped by both their actions and inaction throughout the before-during-after murder of Caylee.


    Have a Blessed Day Humble Friends….

  429. baked bread says:

    Amethyst and Blessed, I can’t believe HOW MUCH I rant on this. I usually let a LOT OF things go, but this….?

    Nearly done with the book. Re-living it completely justifies to me that this case rose and fell on jury selection and the jurors–another way IT copped a break–like the hurricane–etc.

    I know somehow, somewhere, some way, God will vindicate Caylee for His own purposes–just can’t see what it is right now. As i’ve said, HIS justice–now that’s something to fear!

  430. blessedknox says:


  431. Lost In NJ says:

    I’ve always found it strange that during the trial, no one was there for the Anthony family – no relatives, no “friends” of Casey’s, no one from the family to support them.

    Very telling, and I wonder just what Casey’s relatives think of this whole mess that she got herself into!

  432. Lost In NJ says:

    So you guys also feel the jury was paid to render that verdict?

    That whole thing stinks – how could those 12 idiots find this creature guilty of only lying to LE? Four charges, no less & then fail to follow through with charging her for Caylee’s death? Why would she lie about Caylee’s death if she wasn’t guilty? And then the 12 nitwits went running, refusing to talk to the media or anyone, which shows they were afraid because they knew they were wrong, I guess Bozo got to them.

  433. zenmama says:

    Hi Lost!! I miss you guys on the other MB…But maybe we can make a new “home” here…!! Is this site “troll-free”?

  434. Lost In NJ says:

    Hi Zen! I sure hope so!

  435. Nicole says:

    Wow, NJ, I never thought of that! The Scamthony’s had not one person there for them, other than their lawyer. Speaks volumes about the kind of people they are.

  436. zenmama says:

    And there’s my homie, Nic!!! How’s it goin’, girl? (My apologies to the other HumbleOpinion posters…we are having a reunion of sorts, from another MB)!! We are all Caylee lovers…no worries :-)

  437. lynda says:

    Hi Humble nd Friends the real sad part in this tradgic case is the victim, Caylee Marie Anthony had no blood kin in the courtroom to stand up for her Justice. We all expected that the a’s and their evil spawn would have no one. The lies and the deceit that went on in the trail by the a’s and the defense team was the most despicable thing I’ve ever seen in a trail, and was the most disrepectful action thrown at an innocent little 2 year old murder victim. I don’t know how they can sleep at night.
    BTW, Hi Lost and Nicole, Humbles house is the best house in town.

  438. lynda says:

    Goodnight everyone, long day.

  439. Lost In NJ says:

    This Casey person is nothing more than a creepy child murderer, with a nutso family. Unbelievable that she weaved a fantasy life full of imaginary friends, complete with nanny (who had her own family!), did not work for years, continued stealing and writing checks from Sindy’s checking accounts for years, and no one questioned any of this, so the creep thought she could get away with murder. And she did!

    Thank you Lynda!

  440. stuckinri says:

    Hello fellow Caylee supporters! It’s obvious the extended family of CA didn’t believe a word from her. After stealing from the grandfather’s account and Cindy telling the grandmother she would never speak to her again if she reported Casey to the authorities, the family didn’t have anything else to do with her. After years and years of them watching how Casey was allowed to behave they washed their hands of it. Caylee probably didn’t have much interraction with the rest of the family either because of Cindy’s obnoxiousness.

  441. Nicole says:

    I love this site, it seems we are with like minded people regarding our Caylee!
    Sindy, that horrible mother, should have had her daughter in a psychiatrist’s office when she ‘changed’ after the birth of Caylee (she said so on Dr. Fool).
    She knew her spawn was a spiteful, lying, ticking time bomb! If she cared about Caylee, she would have seen the red flags and involved the courts to have her daughter removed and taken custody of Caylee, for safety reasons.
    Instead she covered up for her!
    She is just as guilty as her daughter, IMO.

  442. Nicole says:

    Hi zenmama! Hi stuckinri and Lost in Jersey…and a special shout-out to Lynda! Thank you!

  443. Lost In NJ says:

    Hi Nic, Stuck, Zen & Everybody! This site is like a breath of fresh air! If you have some time, check this out:

    It is absolutely mind-boggling when you actually see what this evil woman was up to, all the details are there, with the creature stealing money from her mother’s accounts, shopping each day, cell phone calls, everything. I just started reading this page, it’s very long and detailed, but a real shock, when you realize that Sindy HAD to know what was going on, she KNEW the creature wasn’t working because she was shopping all day long & cashing Sindy’s checks while she was supposedly working. Paying her huge cell phone bills using Sindy’s accounts, texting all day long, you have to ask the question: How could Sindy NOT know what this idiot was up to??

  444. Lost In NJ says:

    Personally I think poor little Caylee was shuffled around like the family pet, they paid attention to her when and if they had time, I know Sindy & George took care of her, but they really didn’t keep tabs on where she was. And if Sindy knew psycho wasn’t working, why did she believe that there was actually a nanny watching Caylee, why would psycho need a nanny? And we all know that Caylee’s speech ability was very poor, I know she could sing a few songs, but she didn’t speak clearly at all, except for a couple of words here & there. No one took the time to sit with Caylee and teach her language skills, what a crime.

    I blame Sindy for so much of Caylee’s suffering, the psycho didn’t care what happened to her, so someone needed to step in and take care of that situation – Sindy and George failed to, little Caylee wound up dead. And there are people who actually believe this monster to be completely innocent.

  445. Justme66 says:

    I just wanted to say WELCOME to all of the new posters!!! Humble’s is a great place to be… You won’t find a lot of trolls here, although they do stagger in from time to time… Humble usually gets right on it though, and takes care of it… This is pretty much a peaceful place to be, and you won’t find a more compassionate bunch of people who love Caylee ANYWHERE else on the web… (Not in a peaceful setting anyway)… So welcome to all of you, sit down, relax, and enjoy your time here at Humble’s… :)

  446. zenmama says:

    @Justme66– Thank you for the warm welcome…us gals from the OS MB sure appreciate it, and look forward to reading the posts & sharing our thoughts on this important topic…and hopefully without the antagonistic attacks by vicious trolls, who love to incite others…Thanks again, & have a great weekend!!

  447. Hi everyone and Welcome zenmama, stuckinri, Lost in NJ and Nicole! i really haven’t posted on Caylee, it broke my heart that the murderer is running the streets but I do believe it is a matter of time before she gets hers! :)

  448. Lost In NJ says:

    Thank You Just Me!

  449. Lost In NJ says:

    Thank you so much Humble! We really do appreciate it, like Zenmama just posted, the OS is getting crazy and it seems comfortable here, some interesting posts too. Thanks again!

  450. Lost In NJ says:

    Beautiful little Caylee deserved better, she has been forgotten in this whole mess. It’s really tough to see Sindy out and about, smiling from one ear to the other, raking in money with that foundation of hers, the whole thing just seems so wrong.

    Anyone who looks at the videos of Casey being interrogated by LE, has to notice how strange she is – laughing and acting like she’s at a party being chatted up by some new guys, fixing her clothes and arranging her hair (while handcuffed), as if nothing whatsoever is wrong, not one thought of little Caylee. Didn’t that jury see those videos?

  451. Nicole says:

    Thank you, Humbleopinion! Great place you have here!!
    I wanted to share this little poem from ‘sez’ on Hals page:

    There once was a skanky named KC

    Whose life was a blast, sometimes racy

    Until she got caught in the lies no one bought

    And now she can’t show her horse facey

    No beautiful life for a skanky

    No parties or sweet hanky panky

    She’ll never be rid of the thing that she did

    And that you can take to the banky

  452. Nicole says:

    Thank you Justme66! zenmama said it all! We appreciate having a place where we can talk about the outrageous verdict and our feelings about this with new and old friends.

  453. lynda says:

    Hi Humble and Friends, just got home from work but just wanted to say that I don’t think
    I’ll ever get over the verdict. The fact that there was not one consequence to pay for the murder of precious Caylee makes me so sick. These people perjured, obstructed justice and made a mockery of our judicial system and they’re strutting around like nothing happened. cma has the audacity to write on her parole report that she’s not working, but relaxing. What’s wrong with this picture. You murdered your child and you’re just relaxing. Also, why has ga not been charged with a crime. The defense said he molested cma and got rid of Caylee’s body. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!! Why then has he not been charged with something. ca should have been charged with perjury. They all got away with murder.

    Time to rest, God Bless you all, and sleep tight.

  454. Janet says:

    Three years ago today, the skeletal remains of Caylee Anthony were found.

    It was a traumatic day, one that crushed hopes that the 2-year-old might be found alive.

  455. baked bread says:

    Hi! All! Miss everyone, and welcome new and those re-visiting! It’s like we have to keep the vigil for the little Caylee as she represents many others like her. As a matter of fact, Humble, do you need donations to keep the site running? I’d hate to think you’re footin’ the bill for all of it on top of keeping it up.

    I finally finished Ashton’s book. I don’t want to say too much in order to give all a chance to peruse it for themselves.

    It helped me make a little more peace with the verdict. Not much. But some.

    One thing he mentioned, repeatedly, in various ways, and I’m paraphrasing, is that KC is/was the perpetual pathological liar, while Sindy was/is the perpetual denier of that very fact, and it made for the dysFUNKtional tie and other ties in that family.

    I have a very similar situation in my family, so it hits home. It is VERY destructive of anyone else wanting to help or be there for either the aggressor or the victim. There’s like serious undertow associated with it–if you catch my metaphor.

    It was strangers, like the Pros. and team who turned out to love her as she deserved, even if only in death.

    Ya’ll that know me by now, know I try to live faithfully, or religiously to serve God. Either we glorify Him in justice or in His mercy. In this case, those that are practicing true mercy (not misguided compassion) for the innocent by trying to do as Ashton mentioned, to help in a positive way in Caylee’s name for others, are glorifying God’s mercy.

    Those that go against His Mercy will have to respond to His Justice. We all know how that ends up, and woe to them!

    Ashton was also amazed at Sindy’s constant denial of her daughter and as he said, (paraphrasing) chose her over Caylee. I guess it’s survival mode. who knows. I know survival is not enough for some of us. There’s more to life than just surviving…supposedly, that’s what separates us as humans…

    Like I said, I have family members like this, and I love and miss them everyday, but can’t bear the pain of the lies and denial with them. I don’t know if anyone can really be around it and not get tangled in the web without long term effects.

    Not defending the jurors by any stretch–I’m still trying not to resent their lack of empathy and overflowing apathy. But it’s possible they sensed they didn’t want it to destroy their lives either–even if it did.
    That’s when we decide either to fight for right or walk away in cowardice–no fence-sitting on this one.

    Busy time of year! Gotta run but please keep sharing what you know!

  456. Nicole says:

    Very sad day, indeed! Poor little Angel Caylee.

  457. lynda says:

    Three years with the Lord. Caylee has a new life now, in Christ. Baked said it best ” Those who go against His mercy will have to respond to His Justice”. We need to find comfort in those words. It’s really not for us to judge, only He has that power.
    Still I feel that the Lord gave Caylee a life, entrusted her to her mother, and her mother took that life from her. She will have to answer for that.
    All these lost children, all these little souls who are out there somewhere need to be found. Pray that they are found. There are so many.

  458. TLC, Dr. G examine Caylee Anthony case

    U.S. network TLC is to air a one-hour special, Dr. G: Inside the Caylee Anthony Case, looking at the controversial death of the two-year-old girl and the subsequent trial of her mother Casey, while sister network Discovery Fit & Health is premiering the latest season of Dr G: Medical Examiner.

  459. baked bread says:

    Thanks, Humble, I’ll make a note of it. I want to hear what “Docta G.” has to say! It’s ridiculous out there. I’m not usu. a fearful person to be out and about, but the more lurid the headlines, the more panicky I get about it! It’s not just missing babies, it’s all the other things going on around us. If I can barely defend myself, I can’t imagine these poor tiny babies.

    Yes, Lynda, what’s the old saying, “the heart of a mother is His best reflection of His own heart.” or something like that. It’s the most noble thing we do as a woman! I’m sure there’s been perfectly good reasons how a child can and does wander off momentarily and they either are gone or give us a good scare, but most of this are mother’s who don’t want their babies. They can’t answer the call.

    The call to protect and love their babies. What can be more rewarding? I don’t get it.

    Anyway, KC missed a beautiful opportunity to receive many blessings from Caylee. It won’t be presented to her again. Or any of these others. Sorry to get so preachy. It’s just such an abomination what happened to Caylee.

  460. GM everyone!

    Many are emailing me asking when I will be posting on Jeff Ashtons book. Well, i have not read it yet nor have I opened the package it was sent to me in. BUT I will be reading it soon and be posting on it for the New Year! I will love to slam dunked the Bozo and his company and start the year off right~

    I hope the murderer has a terrible Christmas and an even worse New Year! She deserves the very best! :lol:

  461. Lost In NJ says:

    Good Morning All!
    I also have not read Jeff Ashton’s book yet, but plan to.
    Think he and Linda did a dynamite job prosecuting Casey,
    it wasn’t his fault those jurors were dimwits & couldn’t
    see the forest for the trees!
    On the OS, someone posted that Casey was put into rehab
    one year after Caylee’s birth – anyone know anything about that?

  462. GM Lost in NJ, I had not heard that, but seems alot of rumors are rolling and have rolled through this whole case. Some people like to think that when they make up a story that everyone will beleive it. Had she been in rehab, it would have been out before. She needed to be in a rubber room in a straight jacket.

    I still blame Caylee’s death on the murderer and Cindy. For claiming to be a nurse, she is one of the dumbest ones I have ever seen. She is and always be to me a nurse impersonator!

  463. I see Hal still writes on the Caylee case…guess his TV blog doesn’t get enough hits. As long as he posts on the story, he won’t lose his job! :lol:

  464. OJ KARMA says:

    Good Morning Guys and Gals!

    Humble Good Luck reading Jeff Ashton’s book! I don’t have the stomach to read the IT BS! I still haven’t gotten over the verdict :( I still can’t get over the jurors verdict. Also $indys look and crooked smile to the jury when we all heard the verdict. Something fishy happened, they all got paid off! The jurors are crap human beings and I hope they see Caylees eyes everyday of their lives! I hope they will forever know that they let IT go free with No Justice for CAYLEE!

    The media help pay for ITs freedom. May they always be haunted by their actions!

  465. DJR says:

    Couple of days ago,I was reading on yahoo news.A man was charged with murder will be getting a news trial.Someone reported one of the jurors posted on twitter and another juror was sleeping.I still think something happen with these idiots in IT trial!I’m suprised the FEDS haven’t said anything.To be they are telling us its alright to take a child life!

  466. baked bread says:

    LOVE your strategy Humble! Ha! Great idea for New Year’s page. Laughed right outloud! They wouldn’t know truly happy Christmas if they fell over it.

    I’ve seen cases thrown out on that nonsense with the jury.

    I know how you feel OJ, there won’t be much satisfaction for any of us with the verdict for a very long time…if ever.

    But we have each other! We have Humble, our champion.

    I think I’m going to replace the pix of IT in the book and on the jacked with Caylee. I can’t stand pix of her in my home.


  467. muesli says:

    Good, good morning dear old Humble friends. Guess what I am doing this afternoon. Give up? I am going to the Selby library in Sarasota to hear a presentation by Jeff Ashton. He will give a presentation, followed by questions and answer period, and then book signing. I am going to have him sign mine to “Muesli”, not my real name, as this is who I’ve been for the past 3 years. I am so excited.

    Do any of you have any questions you would like for me to try to ask him? Please let me know ASAP.

  468. Justme66 says:

    For your entertainment…. Bozo’s blurbs, at least the funniest of them, all in one spot… Hehehehehe…

  469. TickTock says:

    Justme66; that was hilarious, thx so much for link
    I vote #5, Yuri :heart:

  470. baked bread says:

    ooooooohh, Muesli, I envy you. I hope you spoke on our behalf!!!Too late for questions, but I have a slew of ’em! Mostly stuff that’s a nunya ( none of my business). I’d get mine signed to BB, too. And you’d better let us know alllll about it.

    Me, too, TT! JustMe, can you imagine being that big of a joke in your own professional community? I’d be mortified.

  471. OJ KARMA (AKA) Curious in Orlando says:

    Good Evening!
    Muesli – how did the book signing go? Did you ask for a hug? I would!

  472. Dierdra says:

    Hi all! So glad I found this little place to talk. I still can’t get over this whole thing myself. I was watching Babwa Walters tonight because so many thought the “Skank” might be, or Bozo might be her person of the year. Well thank goodness she wasn’t even mentioned. Steve Jobs was the #1 person. I was holding my breath because A. Knox was one one of the people. I think KC “Swamp MOM” will have a hard time with an interview for a bunch of reasons. No Big money for her, She will have to lie, and SHE is a COWARD who is Skeeeeeerd to come forward. She is a Puss and a scared liar now that she was caught. Yeah. Gone you witch, be gone.

  473. GM everyone!

    Muesli, ask Mr. Jeff why he wasn’t as dramatic with the duct tape as he was in the hearing? One pieces of tape, 2 pieces of tape….that hearing was heart wrenching!

  474. muesli says:

    Good morning Humble. He did cover the topic of the duct tape in detail. It made me shiver the way he described it. Please see my email to you this morning, before I go into any other detail.

  475. amethystme says:

    Love the Baez quotes, they are classic!


    Good Morning! Did you all hear about IT wanting 750k for her half truths and mistruths! BS I will not watch and will boycott any advertiser to the third power! Facebook get ready for the boycotting we will do!

  477. TickTock says:

    Hello all- Regarding the 3/4 million dollar interview: if there is ever a reason why to heed the old saying:
    “fool me once, shame on you…fool me twice shame on me”
    Puhleeze you think she’s gonna start telling the truth now??? Anyone that pays her a dime would b a fool and his money. As Judge Stricky said along the lines once, the truth and ms anthony are strangers.

  478. Hi everyone! :lol: I broke down and posted on the money!

    Why would anyone pay a dime for lies? How sad is the USA media?

  479. maze says:

    @ticktock …a fool and his money is soon parted

  480. Dierdra says:

    I think they come up with all this crap just to keep her name in the news. It is all BS

  481. OJ KARMA says:

    Hello Folks!

    I didn’t read the article because it had ITs name and Bozos so my stomach started to turn but Orlando Sentinel has an article stating will IT confirm Bozos drowning theory? YUCK! IT might get her interview……….I AM NOT WATCHING! I WILL STICK TO MY WORD!


  482. maze says:

    deposition this morning.

    Texas EquuSearch is suing Anthony for more than $100,000 in costs when the group searched for Anthony’sdaughter, Caylee, in 2008. EquuSearch wants Anthony to answer questions first in the suit, and Marc Wites, the group’s attorney, told reporters on Monday that Miller wouldn’t appear for the deposition.

    The reaction from Anthony’s attorney?

    “From my perspective, if you’re suing, who should have to answer questions first?” Anthony attorney Charles Greene asked WKMG-Channel 6. “The defendant or the person claiming they have some sort of legitimate case?”

    WFTV-Channel 9 anchor Vanessa Echols fleshed out the disagreement. ”EquuSearch attorneys told us Miller filed a motion yesterday for a protective order and that both sides agreed Miller could give his deposition in January,” Echols said. “Casey’s attorneys said that wasn’t true. They told us they were forced to go forward today because of Miller’s subpoena date and that they said they never got another date for his deposition.”

    WESH-Channel 2’s Cara Moore added, “The EquuSearch attorney says a judge will take up Tim Miller’s deposition next month, not today.”

    Echols said that date is Jan. 9.

  483. maze says:

    The Orlando Sentinel has filed a motion to unseal two key depositions from the Casey Anthony criminal case that have never surfaced publicly.

    The motion to intervene filed in Orange Circuit Court seeks to unseal the depositions of two mental health experts — Dr. Jeffrey Danziger and Dr. William Weitz. Casey Anthony’s defense team in March wanted to use both as witnesses at Anthony’s murder trial to rebut “rulings related to the defendant’s state of mind and consciousness of guilt.”

    But neither Danziger nor Weitz ever was called as a witness. Their depositions are significant because they recount how Casey Anthony explained the disappearance of her daughter Caylee Marie in the summer of 2008 to the two mental health experts.

    Former Assistant State Attorney Jeff Ashton wrote about the depositions in his recently-released book about the case, “Imperfect Justice: Prosecuting Casey Anthony.”

    According to Ashton’s book, Danziger said that Anthony told him she “believed that her father drowned Caylee deliberately or drowned her while he was molesting her, even though she had no evidence that George [Anthony] had ever molested Caylee in the past

  484. lynda says:

    GM Humble and Friends, Maze, they can bring on all the health experts in the world and the story just doesn’t add up. If they really think people will beleive that cra& that cma told those psychiatrists they are mistaken. Just look at the case lgically. First, if this were true why wouldn’t cma have told this story to LE. If this were true, why wouldn’t have cma told the world. If this were true why would the creature make up a babysitter story. Why didn’t she just tell LE this story from the beginning, and not sit in jail for almost 3 years. This is preposterous. She had three years to create this lie, three years to perfect the bs. She wouldn’t have sat in the jailhouse videos and tell ga what a wonderful dad he was and an amazing grandfather. She would have had HIM arrested and he would have been charged, she wouldn’t have sat in jail for something her child molesting amazing dad did. Good Grief, are people that stupid, but then again she had a jury that found her not guilty.
    Caylee will never get the justice that she deserves. IMHO, everytime that this b.s. comes into the media, it needs to be refuted by intelligent people who are outraged. Publicly refuted. I can’t take this too much longer. I’ve never seen anything like it.

  485. OJ KARMA says:

    Only 15k? There has to be something brewing in near future!


  486. Thanks DJR….the defense needs more publicity? Mason needs to just flip it!

  487. baked bread says:

    I hope and doubt IT will ever see a dime of any monies being offered right now with all the lawsuits. These producers/networks better tread carefully before airing anything of hers. I only hope she gets the money so that those that are suing her will get their share.

    I happened to be channel surfing a while ago and saw a snippit of Napolitano interviewing J. Ashton, and it was uncomfortable for me to see if it was a maneuver to get ratings. It seemed straight up about his book and wanting the truth out. It’s a good strategy…small wonder Baez wants to hold him in contempt…dummy (of course, it is always about ratings)

    I think if we DON’T have a type of Caylee’s Law in place soon, DJR, these cuckoo moms are going to continue to abuse their duties as mothers and find easy ways out of it.

  488. blessedknox says:

    LATE Merry CHRISTmas and a Blessed New Year to YOU, my Humble Friends…

    I pray we see some MAJOR JUSTICE FOR CAYLEE in 2012!

  489. baked bread says:

    In HER mind, it’s worked well not to say anything. She beat a murder rap, so why speak? I hope they make her speak, of course, we know it’s all a lie anyway.

  490. baked bread says:

    I meant to give Vinnie his TV last name, Politan, the previous comment, sorry, folks. I just can’t help but think it’s more Italian.

  491. caroly says:

    Just popped in to wish all of you the best for 2012. Humble, thanks for keeping this update page going. It is nice to talk to old friends about a little girl we loved so much. Casey may have evaded the justice system for now, but she will never be free. She is and always will be the most hated woman in America and many people will always believe she killed her child in cold blood and with premeditation.

    That is on form of Justice for Caylee.

  492. Hi everyone! No matter what happens, the murderer will plead the 5th until the cows come home! I wish there was ONE judge in FL with guts to make her talk. This latest Judge is a big media hog!

  493. OJ KARMA says:

    Hello Humble! I thought IT can stay quiet for now. Something will happen to IT and her lying crew in 2012. KARMA never takes a vacation! All who support IT will always stay ugly inside and out! :)-

  494. Ho OJ Karma I agree! Murderer will blab to someone and something will happen…and she will come crushing down! It’s just a matter of time!

  495. maze says:

    need a laugh check this out.>>>>>>>

  496. Colhere says:

    Finished the book.. some new information.. and some well known.. what wasn’t a surprise was Ashton’s opinion of Baez.. “Oozing charm from every pore, he oiled himself across the floor”..

  497. caroly says:

    Colhere – lol. Thanks.

    This has probably been posted somewhere but Dr. Garavaglia is doing a special on Caylee on January 1st, 2012 on TLC at 8:00 pm.

  498. caroly says:

    I thought Ashton’s description of Baez as smarmy was perfect!

  499. caroly says:

    OJ – I do not live in Florida but I hope he goes for it if only to make mason and baez squirm.

  500. caroly says:

    baked bread – have you noticed the sudden increase in mothers and fathers who claim their child was snatched from their rooms or carjacked or simply vanished between a and b or were given away. Has it really come to the point where parents are so confident that they cannot be convicted without a body that they do not think twice about killing their children? I truly believe CA will kill again when it suits her.

  501. lee says:

    Caylee we all still love you and still want to find justice somehow and someway and definitely someday the truth will prevail. This case still makes my stomach churn and seeing anything anthony makes me sick: All of them!! am sure they are seeing her somewhere. did her tube sock brother get married? how how how do they live through christmases? Hope we all have a great new year and that this is the year that Caylee finds her justice.

    Hi to Humble, thanks for always being here

  502. TickTock says:

    Dr G’s 1/1/12 show is repeated here again on east coast at 1am

  503. TickTock says:

    Good Morning All!
    As far as I could tell, in her show Dr Gs only new information was Caylees teeth were intact in the the jawbone because the ductape around lower portion of face kept everything attached to skull!!! as she pointed out baby teeth have no roots so the fact they were still attached speak volumes to the premeditated murder charge of suffocation.
    Why wasn’t that brought up at the trial???

  504. maze says:

    Judge rules that Casey Anthony WON’T have to answer questions about Caylee’s death

  505. Jan says:

    Casey won’t have to answer Morgan’s questions until after her appeal on the “lying to law enforcement” is ruled on. Why did she appeal those convictions? She lied, plain and simple.

  506. Offside says:

    Good morning Humble & friends
    It’s been months since my last post but I check in at least once daily! I have had my own trials and tribulations but I swear nothing has effected me like the death of sweet Caylee and the lack of ownership and responsibility for this death and the holier than thou attitude by the whole family.
    I, like many, many others will just have to wait and see what evolves and pray that justice is served. Unfortunately the courts of FLA seem to steer away from what is right and just in this case but I will wait.
    I did watch Dr. G and once again it saddened me but what is the saying, hope springs eternal. I hope each and every member of that dastardly clan finally suffers from their involvement in not helping in find justice for a innocent child but most for the one that took her life.
    Just one more thought – I truly believe that this “case” has caused more children to leave this life early at the hands of family. A precedence was set by Biaz & Co. and now these low lifes feel secure in lying being a way to commit murder without consequence.
    I can’t say I’ve missed you all because I visit daily but I pray for the day we can rejoice instead of having to console each other.
    Happy New Year all and it feels good to have popped back in at ya! :)

  507. maze says:

    Retired prosecutor Jeff Ashton is expected to formally announce his candidacy for the office of Orange-Osceola State Attorney on Tuesday.

    Ashton has called a press conference for 11 a.m. on the steps of the Orange County Courthouse.

    While many had speculated about Ashton’s intentions to run for the area’s top elected law enforcement job against his former boss, Lawson Lamar, Ashton confirmed his plans in an exclusive interview with the Orlando Sentinel. Portions of that interview ran in the Sentinel and on its web site Sunday.

    Ashton also has put up a website called, featuring ways for supporters to get email updates and news about the campaign and a link for campaign contributions.

  508. OJ KARMA says:

    Humble and friends! I am so excited to sign up to volunteer for Jeff Ashton. Maybe my hubby will endorse Mr. Ashton and host a party for him too! So happy that 2012 will be full of happiness and nothing IT or her monsters can do that can ruin this year!

  509. baked bread says:

    Hi, all, only have a sec (back to work and already inundated). I was wondering about Ashton, thanks, Maze, and OJ! I would definitely support him too!
    The man has a backbone.

    I often feel the same way, Offside, I don’t think I’ll ever quite get over this case. It has a way of staying with me.
    I found a link from my neighboring state which is good and I hope I can post Humble.
    NM is trying to get Caylee’s law! We have to stop all this senseless bloodshed somehow.

    Gotta run! Love you all

  510. baked bread says:

    This judge is a chicken sh*t

  511. jbnsa says:

    this might upset some of you……….i have a problem with anyone making money off of this little girls death,,, this includes jeff the guy got this big following for doing his job… the job he is paid to do..IMO.. i believe jeff ashton had his eye on the prize,, before the trial even started. i was wondering what was behind his retirement….now i know…he will use the death of caylee to further his goals… so take a closer look at jeff ashton. do you really want this guy for state atty?? the guy bozo out smarted…..mark my words,,, jeff ashton will use caylee m anthonys death to his advantage…….

  512. lynda says:

    Goodevening Humble and Friends, jbnsa, I also have trouble with anyone making money off of the death of anyone. A child is even more despicable. The only consolation I have in JA’s book is that it came out before cma or the baez had a chance to publish their book of lies. I would feel better if JA donated the proceeds all or part, to a charity for missing and exploited children.
    The a clan are the lowest of the low. They have no souls and will pay the piper at some time. Ying and Yang. There is always some balance and just because Caylee was murdered by their evil spawn, who will also pay dearly, and mark my words, she will at some time in the future commit a crime and land in jail, ca and ga use their loss of Caylee to live their Bella Vita, so they are as disgusting as cma. I have never seen anything like the whole evil bunch of them.
    No Justice for Caylee, but Caylee Angel, it will happen. You are always in our hearts.

  513. baked bread says:

    Hey, JBNSA, we’re entitled to speak freely here as Humble allows. I get more upset if people CAN’T voice what they wish in a respectful way. I hate when I try to give comments elsewhere and then am attacked personally with all kind of curse words and accusations over nothing.
    It would be naive to think JA is not ambitious. He didn’t get to where he’s at by being namby pamby. He knows who he is and what he’s worth, no doubt, after three wives…

    I’ve given it a lot of thought, too.

    I just remember thinking he and Burdick and F. George fought HARD for Caylee. He knew what he was up against and loved the challenge, but it was a lot of self-sacrifice and it was a cr*p shoot, a toss of the dice, not a shoe-in, as to who would win.

    We all have mixed motives. I think he’s putting it to good use. He lost and isn’t moping around, which is what I’d prolly do.

    He wants to make changes. Maybe this case changed him like it changed the rest of us. Nowadays, it takes money and influence to make those changes (writing books, campaigning). God knows the regular routes of the system aren’t working–something’s gotta change.

    We all see how government complacency and bureaucracy ruin what this great country was once about…the world loves our justice system.

    Maybe he does donate to charity, who knows? He certainly doesn’t seem to be making a buck off of it like the Ants or Bozo–now there’s complete self-interest. I don’t see JA as a hero or a saint, the good God is my All, and s it is written, “by their fruits you shall know them.” Let’s see if the fruit is bitter or not…

  514. lee says:

    just saw a video diary of “casey” but i dont believe it is her bc my stomach didn’t naturally, viscerally churn and it just didn’t ring true to be her. If it was her i know my reaction would have made my stomach turn so…somebody is doing a rip of her and am not buying this video. Supposed to be on the Today show this morning too. It’s not her

  515. OJ KARMA says:

    Just had a big fight with my hubby regarding IT and NBC confirming that IT is going to make money by blogging about her feelings and that it’s to get back at us for blogging about her. What we say is true what this thing says are lies. I watched the video and probably she got paid by that but this thing saying that it’s her diary and talks about blah blah bah is crap. IT talks as if she is in total control of everyone’s mind not this chick. We have to do something!

  516. TickTock says:

    Ugh, just saw video on ABC, kinda shocked me. Thought she was gonna “lay low”; video just another point to her lack of character (again). No mention of Caylee, all about IT. my advice to ignore at sll costs, don’t give her a platform. She’s already on the OJ path. Narcisism will come back to bite her soon enough; she will find herself back in jail or dead.

  517. lee says:

    i dont think its her at all !!

  518. OJ KARMA (AKA) Curious in Orlando says:

    IT is not her. IT is a mini Cindy with her attitude of me me me in a nasty way with her funky face features. I thought precious IT was scared for her life and had to disguise herself with stupid dark glasses and in a fugly wig because she was afraid. Satan go away!


  519. maze says:

    looks like her front teeth have been redone..can anyone blow up the picture of the picture behind her with two people looks like simms????

  520. jbnsa says:

    could not believe what i was seeing….puke…. the media needs to do the taxpayers a favor,, and find out if skank is living off of their hard earned dollars. if bozo is supporting her ,,, fine…if the taxpayers are,, thats a load of crap. she has a new computer bought by who and with what?? and somebody better save that dog…. i’ll bet she has changed her name. and i’ll bet she talks with mommy and daddy every day…..she had better watch out,,,, someone might cut her tongue out.

  521. maze says:

    someone wrote this >>>>>>
    Pesky Vrmt · Top Commenter


    You are hereby given public notice that we, a Nation of your Peers, being steady in our investigation of the evidence, do find you Guilty of the murder of Caylee Marie Anthony.

    The sentence you will serve is that you will never live outside the locked confinements of whatever home you have found.

    The sentence also includes but is not limited to the following:

    You will not be allowed to shop at Walmart. You will not be able to pick up those feminine items at the Dollar Store. You will not be able to go have your nails done. You will not be attending any sporting event. You will not be allowed to drive a car. You will not be allowed to go to a movie.

    You are sentenced to serve “Social Sterilization” for the rest of your life.

    Enjoy your Bella Vita!

  522. maze says:

    I love that some call her the MONSTER OF ORLANDO

  523. Jnetk0828 says:

    Haven’t blogged in a long time. Do continue to ready you guys stuff. However, I am sticking true to my original decision. I will not watch this video (if it is her) or anything that resembles her or any of the dead beats. She is not going to sneak back into my blogosphere.

  524. Colhere says:

    Some notes folks!! (I know I am seldom here any more, but I thought I would put in my 2c)..

    The video and pictures are more than something to reinsert them in the limelight.. They are generating hits and views to be used as demonstrative purposes.. it tells media that she is still marketable. She generates X amount of hits and a media outlet might take a chance on her..

    The picture of her sitting in gumboots and long underwear looks a LOT like the room of the infamous topless pic featured in Caseytrackers.. look at the floor coverings and the door??? (yes, I noticed the doorswing is not correct, but webcammers often flip the image so their own image appears like a mirror).

  525. Thanks Maze, I have one for you will post it!

    The probation ends late next month. according to online! Wait it is one year, and she just started…how can that be?

  526. No matter what she does, she is as ugly as ugly is!

    she is pure murder ugly

  527. maze says:

    ahhh yes it is the MOnster of Orlando im sure more crap will be out tommorrow..I think she heard about jodi!

  528. maze says:

    so she is getting off early for good behavoir?

  529. OJ KARMA (AKA) Curious in Orlando says:

    Just read that grandparents of the year are concerned about IT and having this video out showing people what she looks like. They are concerned? Why? IT can take care of herself! She has killed before she can kill again NO problem thinking IT is not safe. Everybody in the universe is in danger! When her medication that controls her serial killing mentality wears out Watch Out!
    These crappy grandparents should keep their big traps shut! Concerned for IT NOT CAYLEE but IT come on CAYLEE went missing for 31 days and you both took that like well it happens. IT can explain. YUCK YUCK YUCK!


  530. maze says:

    They say a leopard never changes their spots, and it seems Casey Anthony isn’t any different.

    The 25-year-old ‘Tot Mom’ is secretly dating a new man, is frequently out in public and has even been attending church, has exclusively learned from a pal close to Casey.

    “She isn’t in hiding…she is out in public all the time…she attends church throughout the week to [sic],” a man who claims to have a “friend that is friends with her” posted on Facebook.

    “She is doing good…she is dating someone and does work for his company.”

    According to the pal, despite video surfacing of Casey with blonde hair, she now has red hair and is also sporting a nose ring.

  531. OJ KARMA says:

    The guy that is with her is a POS just like her! No sympathy of what happens to him nor her family or friends if she kills them too bad so sad!

  532. Who is Jodi?
    Anywho, you can bet that Annie ‘xanax’ Downing is her friend. Annie is the drug supplier! Sure she only gives out one xanax, at a time! She just doesn’t tell you how many times she gives one!

    As for murderer attending Church, yea we saw what it did to the liars parents, made them bigger liars. She attends church, my rump! She too lies, and always has and will.

  533. maze says:

    12:52 p.m. EST, January 6, 2012
    Flanked by dozens of his subordinates and supporters, Orange-Osceola State Attorney Lawson Lamar came out punching today and blasted his primary opponent for office — former employee Jeff Ashton.

    Lamar called Ashton, who announced his candidacy for the office earlier this week, “infantile” and “elementary,” adding, “He doesn’t know what’s going on.”

    He condemned Ashton for being the only one on the Casey Anthony prosecution and investigative teams to have “cashed in on the case” by publishing a book. He said Ashton “exploited” his public service “for personal gain.”

    Lamar also defended his office’s record of putting a high number of defendants in prison, while downplaying the significance of his office’s low conviction rates.

  534. baked bread says:

    OH OH Let the battles begin–
    Obviously, I’m no Floridian–but wonder what they make of it-if they even care.

    Does skank think she can get back at the whole world? She’ll never stop the negative blogging. We’re the ones speaking the truth…the truth always survives beyond the lies.

    Ugly is right Humble! Ugh! I am SO NOT PREPARED TO SEE HER FACE ALL OVER THE PLACE again, I only tolerated it in hopes that she would get convicted!!

    My daughter says she’s reinvented herself and wants to show she’s in control now…not the doe-eyed nervous girl in court…boo hoo… all grown up…as if

    She has no life and she never really will!!! Her “life” was with her child and it’s dead and gone by her own hand.

    A box of peroxide and cheap glasses is not cutting it with me…prolly only the horn dogs after her

  535. maze says:

    there is a new video here aare some pics from it…….

  536. So according to this Amelia, murderer got 50 thou for a video of her saying she owns things, they are hers? I can’t believe I even read what she was going in that video…as long as people watch, the media is paying. I say STOP watching, it’s the only way she will be a loser.

  537. Tonight is another showing of Caylee on Dr. G! I missed the first night, so I am watching!
    DR. G: Inside the Caylee case! Discovery Fit & Health: Friday, 6 January at 10/9c TLC: 7 January, 10:00; 8 January, 1:00 am

  538. maze says:

    the cd has pics of monster and the boyfriend.and it also says she will be off probation next

  539. maze says:

    forgot to add that the pics were taken on dec 31 in ohio….

  540. That Amelia is a nut. Her obsession with the monster murder from orlando is out of whack!

    Watching the Dr. G show! I just get mad watching anything about the murderer. I can’t stand her phony bser attorney’s. It just makes me so pizzed off!

  541. maze says:

    humble what do you know about her getting off probation early??? also i bet she gets knocked up very soon

  542. maze says:

    that amelia I read also worked for vivid XXX interesting

  543. Maze I know nothing about her. I could careless about her, but will do some checking.

  544. Had to post:

    Monster Murder from Orlando, what a HUGE WASTE

  545. jbnsa says:

    skank is plump,,lol,,,but not pleasantly…someone is feeding her well. i wouldn’t doubt that she is living with mommy and daddy or brother…..i don’t think the rest of the family would take her in..i wonder what name she is going by now????maybe the court let her change her name legally,,, everything seems to go her way…well it did as long as wealthy bored individuals played the skank they have probably took their money and moved on to other sick baby lisa irwins skank and bozo are on their own. lol,,,bozo still thinks skank is his cash cow….i predict,, that all the anthonys will leave the state of florida ,, when she is done with probation.
    does anyone know how to find out if she is getting welfare or social security,, or any state or federal assistance???

  546. maze says:

    Lawyers in one of the civil cases against Casey Anthony head back to court Monday.

    Texas EquuSearch is suing Anthony for the money it cost to search for her daughter, Caylee, back in 2008. The search group says Anthony knew where her daughter was the whole time.

    But, lawyers for Equusearch will be on the defensive, arguing why group founder Tim Miller shouldn’t be held in contempt of court.

    Miller was a no-show for a scheduled deposition last month. His attorney says it’s because Miller wasn’t properly served.

  547. Offside says:

    I hope there is some sense of sanity used between Tim Miller and IT’s lawyers. Actually we don’t need sanity, just plain old common sense. Of course she knew where Caylee was and if you stretch it and believe anything said in course by her so called lawyers even George had to have known she was not missing but dead!!!!!!
    Any way you cut it, either she was dead from drowning (choke, choke)or from the chloroform &/or duct tape but, bless her little heart, she was dead.
    Does anyone remember when she was arrested and left the house with the Tee shirt that read “Have you seen me”?
    All I can do is shake my head and think – these lawyers going on the defensive – give me a blankity blank break!!!
    Anything Anthony is such a total waste – there, got that off my chest – thanks Humble :)

  548. Offside says:

    Sorry folks, first para I said anything said in course by her so called….. – it should have read court :(

  549. maze says:

    Casey Anthony is planning to fire her lawyer Jose Baez, who defended her in the 2011 murder trial involving her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee. She’s angry over how he’s handling the media circus around her first sit-down interview.

    Sources tell us Anthony is furious that Baez has been basking in the limelight and rubbing shoulders with top TV talent, but hasn’t nailed down a big interview deal for her.

    Anthony’s original attorney, Cheney Mason, will take over as her representative to the media, and sources say an announcement is imminent.

    “Casey doesn’t want to be reading that Jose’s working on all of these deals on her behalf,” a source said, adding that Anthony avidly pores over online reports about herself and her camera-hogging lawyer. “She thinks he’s using her name as a meal

    Read more:

  550. OJ KARMA says:

    Bozo quit! Can he write a book about BS? Leonard Padilla will be on Jane Velez should be interesting!

  551. TickTock says:

    Just read also that poodle/Sims filed papers to be released as representation of the fraud case… Rats fleeing the sinking ship coz she’s obviously out of control? so if killer isn’t staying with bozo or poodle bet she’s hanging over at mumbles.
    Hope he’s hidden his checkbook & small valuables!.

  552. Jan says:

    In Session
    Just In: Despite reports, Jose Baez is still representing Casey Anthony. Nothing has been filed by Baez thus far. However, Dorothy Clay Sims did file a Notice of Termination of Representation yesterday.

  553. hootie says:

    Wow! Casey may have been passed out at a party when Caylee was conceived? WHO WUDDA THUNK?

    I’m betting that she passed out from exhaustion from too many partners that night.

  554. lynda says:

    Hootie, you’re still a hoot. :lol:

  555. TickTock says:

    Glad u came back from the roof Hootie!!

  556. TickTock says:

    Ok all here is the laugh of the day but also sad when you think about it.
    from last nights SNL, Daniel Radcliffe as IT’s dog

  557. OJ KARMA says:

    Karma works slow but for sure collects what it is due! OJ Simpson home in Kendall Florida is being foreclosed. Too bad so sad! IT she too will have nothing because we all will to let her. Dr. Phil SUCK IT!

  558. maze says:

    just saw on the news some bar in florida called bodytalk is offering the monster of orlnado a job..its legit

  559. maze says:

    A Port St. Lucie strip bar wants to put Casey Anthony to work.

    The Body Talk bar made the offer over the weekend through a sign, “Hey Casey We Are Hiring,” WPBF in West Palm Beach reports. The TV station called the bar, and the manager said, “We’re hiring dancers, and she seems to be qualified.”

    It sounds like a Carl Hiaasen novel, doesn’t it?

    People magazine has reported that Anthony is living in Port St. Lucie. Tatsha Robertson, a senior editor at People Magazine, told CNN’s “Early Start” this morning how writer Steve Helling figured out Anthony’s whereabouts. She is serving a year’s probation for check fraud somewhere in Florida.

    “He has good sources. He’s been covering Casey since the very beginning,” Robertson told CNN. “We got a strong idea where she is. We think she’s living by herself. And she’s doing a lot. She’s talking to counselors, to pastors…so I think our sources are pretty tight.”

  560. OJ KARMA says:

    Maze you beat me! I was going to paste the link! Hahaha! Well friends when I read this article I threw up in my mouth a little. YUCK BACK ACNE NIGHT!

  561. TickTock says:

    Well I don’t believe for a second that she’s been speaking with pastors or counselors. If so she wouldn’t b picking up where she left off or trying to sell photos & videos.
    She is a killer that got away with the murder of her 2 year old baby and she will kill again. No doubt….but this time the murder will be on the judge, jury & her pathetic lawyers.

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