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Add updates about the murderer, the defense team and the infamous Anthony’s here!  No matter what they do or say, or if they make BLOOD money, it is still all about Caylee!  REST IN PEACE CAYLEE!   They all are STILL USING YOU!

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POSTS:  24-30 July 2011

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  1. Indianadiane says:

    Rest in Peace, sweet baby girl, Caylee!

  2. bakedbread says:

    Not sure where this comment goes but oh well, just wanna say the ants don’t look that happy on their restful vaca. thanx for the pic and update. I was also completely disgusted by JC on NG last night. They also had a Biography on this case on Lifetime. I did not watch it. Maybe the networks are feeling it out. Do they think we’re stupid? NO amount of time or distance can make us forget what happened to the precious baby girl and that Killer got away w/it. They prolly miss the $$ they were making while we were watching awaiting the verdict.
    I will continue to boycott all of it even if we get bombarded w/it as i’m sure we may soon enough one day.

  3. Toasty says:

    Killer is now demanding that the State of Fla. pays all of her taxes! Read Senital! Beyond brazen!

  4. Hi everyone! ALL the pages of the Caylee case are still on the site. I have moved them to a page, so they are not all over the place:

  5. Victoria says:

    ~Caylee Marie~ We cried, we prayed and kept you close in our hearts where you will always remain. In the arms of angels may you rest against their heavenly breast.

  6. Hi everyone! just an FYI, if there is news during the week, I will post a weekend post with all the info. Caylee isn’t totally gone from the site, and it is very hard for me to move on because I have so MANY choice words for them, I just want to post all the time! But we must move on as there are many children out there that need to be found! :)

  7. maze says:

    found this old report interesting..just like geo said the smell in that car is not my grandaughter.or jsut like cindy saying she wasnt in the woods.

    “If I have to go out myself door-to-door and look for this child until the day I die, I will walk every inch of this earth and open every door and knock on every door and I will look in every nook and cranny until I find her,” Cindy Anthony said.”cindy never got off her a$$ to look anywhere”

    The Anthonys said they never believed investigators would find Caylee’s body in their back yard, where the search was focused Thursday and early Friday.
    “I got sick initially because you get that thought of, ‘What if?’ but we knew deep inside there can’t be anything wrong here,” George Anthony said.

  8. maze says:

    and they come back for thier trip today

  9. muesli says:

    Just a quick note. Yesterday, Msteal posted the Youtube link to “Small Sacrifices”. As I watch it, I am sometimes just dropping my jaw. OMG, did Casey model herself after Farrah Focett. So, so many similarities to Diana Downs that it is scary. So many lines in this older movie which are so similar to statements and actions of Casey Anthony.

    Humble, hopefully I don’t get mixed up and post this subject in the future on the wrong blog, as I am sure we will be hearing much more before it ever goes completely away.

  10. Puckmomma says:

    I hope biez rotts but got too much other things to do than worry about how the Anth. used the public for fame and did I mention money.I will never forget the verdict and I hope that the jury members are very happy with themselves knowing that hell is just around the corner for them.

  11. muesli says:

    Well, I just finished watching “Small Sacrifices”. Now, I am convinced Mr. Biaz watched this movie and copied the defense’s argument right down to father’s alleged abuse and not everyone reacts the same, etc., etc.. If you haven’t seen this movie, just go to youtube and download it. It is scary because it seems like watching another Casey Anthony. Guess there must be a mold for this type of person.

  12. Janet says:

    A man who violated court rules by passing out pamphlets outside designated “free-speech zones” during the Casey Anthony trial violated two of Chief Judge Belvin Perry’s orders, the judge said this afternoon.

    Perry found Mark Schmidter in “indirect criminal contempt.”

    Perry ordered him 141 days in the Orange County Jail for violating his first order, regarding jury pamphlets, and 151 days for his second order, regarding free-speech zones. These sentences are concurrent. Perry also gives him $250 fine for each violation.

  13. PamaGram says:

    Wish he,d slap the A’s LIARS that they are with contempt…

  14. PamaGram says:

    For perjury!

  15. Victoria says:

    TMZ reporting that the parents of Casey Anthony laughed at a $250.000 offer for an interview. Yuck, Yuck, Yuck!!! Guess they think their a$$ is golden as that is the orifice from which they speak best.

  16. Martha says:


    Well Said…

  17. lynda says:

    Funny how tough JP is to some, but really let the dt get away with murder, literally. I think he rushed this whole trail starting with jury selection, and making promises to potential jurors who had time issues.
    This case was tainted from day one. How could a potential juror in a death penalty case who says they can’t judge, and others who said they didn’t beleive in the dp get on that jury, A person who is against the dp, IMHO, can’t be rehabilitated. That’s where I think $$$$$ got somehow planted in these people minds.

  18. lynda says:

    Forgot to say hello to Humble and my friends, Victoria, these chumbuckets need to be exposed for what they are, lyin pos, and I will applaud any media outlet who have the guts to do it.

  19. Halfspot says:

    Hi, if anyones here? Yes Lynda I also think the jury after the dt got their ?Q in had ask them if they would want to do any media sit downs for money after trail?? That right there had them thinking, if you ask me?!!

  20. Halfspot says:

    If you ask me? The 12 mindless just wanted to get home and start making their blood money also!! To mindless to understand the law also, seems they think Skank would die no matter what they give her?? Yeah right, they just did not have the mind to do the job!! But had the blood $$$ in their mind maybe the only thing going on during the trail was blood $$$ in their mindless mind!!!

  21. Halfspot says:


  22. lynda says:

    Hi Halfspot, I think it was a tainted trail with a tainted jury. There’s no way cma got off by not having enough evidence. There was more evidence against cma than Scott

  23. Halfspot says:

    Your so right,Lynda my Hubby thinks that also!!

  24. Janet says:

    Casey Anthony’s Former Roommates Speak Out
    Two Men Say They Taught Caylee A Few Words

    “I taught her words,” House said. “I taught her how to say alligator and what an alligator was. We liked Caylee coming over more than we liked Casey coming over.”

  25. Halfspot says:

    I think that jury went in there and knew that was going to be the out come befor trail even started!!

  26. bignosycat says:

    THe Anthony’s want to meet the singer of the Rascall Flatts song. This song was made when the dude heard the verdict. So they want to brush shoulders with celebrities now. This song was made due to verdict what do they expect to hear?

    I have referred to the Diana Downs story many times in the past. This women is just like Casey. Her daughter that was born during her jail jail time was featured on a show like 48 hours I cannot remember the name. She wanted to know who her birth parents were. Diana Downs also escaped from jail I cannot recall if it was in the movie which was made many years ago. There is a also a book by Rule? cannot recall the Authors name she is a famous writer.

    Lynda I agree this is what makes my blood boil. I wonder if Judge Perry sleeps well over this verdict he knew Caylee was murdered. You do not fast track jury selection and a trial to obligate one (juror) that is going on vacation. This was the problem a bunch of sheep and a BAD FOREMAN.

    Asking for a hand vote 1.5 hours into deliberation is wrong. People may not put up hands due to scrutiny or fear of being bullied to go with the flow. I think juror 2 said it was mad in that room? I hope someone is taking the jurors words that have spoken and using it for the Federal Petition case.

  27. bignosycat says:

    The state needs to charge Cindy with perjury she was caught red handed. Enough with the kid gloves they suckered the prosecution like they did me for sympathy. Cindy with the hide her face crying winning the jury only to cross sides i now think it was planned.

  28. bignosycat says:

    The drunk drug induced women that drove down the highway killing many people husband’ is suing state. I wonder how the jurors of Tot mom would vote on this?

    Husband of Taconic Crash Sues N.Y. State
    Two years after catastrophic crash, HBO film says

  29. TickTock says:

    Hi all- this case continues to make me mad… now HLN reporting that JP will seal jurors names until October!
    Baby Killer, Spamthony’s, DT, stupid jurors..seems everyone living has “Rights” and the justice system will do anything to cater to the living despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary(murder, perjury, obstruction, and non deliberation of a trial)
    Where on earth is CAYLEE’s rights? How come the deceased rights never seem to matter???
    The VICTIM’s rights whould be met FIRST!!!!

  30. Janet says:

    Casey Anthony’s lawyer, Jose Baez, eyes book deal

    MEDIA hot property Jose Baez, the defense lawyer for Casey Anthony, met with top literary agent Richard Pine of Inkwell Management last week.

    Sources said Mr Baez, who is in talks to become a TV legal expert, is working with Pine on landing a book deal. Pine’s authors include Arianna Huffington and James Patterson, the New York Post reported today.

    Read more:

  31. Janet says:

    Casey Anthony’s lawyer, Jose Baez, eyes book deal

    MEDIA hot property Jose Baez, the defense lawyer for Casey Anthony, met with top literary agent Richard Pine of Inkwell Management last week.

    Sources said Mr Baez, who is in talks to become a TV legal expert, is working with Pine on landing a book deal. Pine’s authors include Arianna Huffington and James Patterson, the New York Post reported today.

  32. PamaGram says:

    Bozos book will be filled with lies too,lying client and lying attorney-I appreciated that link to RF I posted a request to not meet with the A’s,or donate to any org, they present, frauds the A’s are, and have asked friends too also, and family… hope they listen to the fan base….

  33. Martha says:

    If Bozo is the one getting money offers…where does that leave the Big She/It…. maybe she will do him in ….LOL

    Does anyone still have the link for ITs big brother’s gift registry …want to see how any 500.00 laundry baskets they have been gifted with….

  34. PamaGram says:

    Country- Those A’s will NEVER scrap that car if theres any $$$ to be made, …

  35. maze says:

    you are abosolutey right pam…if there is money to be made thats all they think about..they should have to park taht car in the driveway..forevr.

    im pissed about perry giving that guy so much time,I think it is a disgrace.

  36. maze says:

    Not only does she want taxpayers to pay for her fight against charges she’s already admitted to, but if she wins that fight she will not have to pay back the hundreds of thousands of dollars that law enforcement spent searching for her daughter Caylee, if she cashes in on Caylee’s death.
    Casey, 25, was found not guilty of killing her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee Marie Anthony, but convicted of lying to investigators. With credit for the nearly three years she’d spent in jail since August 2008 and good behavior, she had only days remaining when she was sentenced to four years on July 7. She was released from the Orange County jail on July 17.
    Now some taxpayers believe she’s trying to get the last laugh by asking them to foot the bill for her appeal.
    “She admitted to lying to the police so, you know, that’s the evidence right there against her,” said taxpayer George Wilder.
    Casey apparently wants to keep her private lawyers for her appeal too, but have taxpayers pay for her legal expenses as they did for her trial. And, she’s asked for transcripts for seven days of court proceedings, plus additional transcripts that could cost thousands more.

  37. maze says:

    big thats another peice that jerk..

  38. PamaGram says:

    It pizzez me off too, those no goods get away with their LIES and the entire world knows it,and they don’t even get a fine! Thats not justice, and I DO NOT feel sorry for them, I did during the trial a bit but as it went on I changed my opinion very fast, they and Bozo planned this entire farce of a defense, threw HOHO under the bus and he was willing to do it because he was probably told all they can cash in on afterwards, why would any woman stay with a man that molested her own child?! It defies logic, they also threw CayLee Under the bus, shame on them for eternity….

  39. Aliz says:


  40. Aliz says:


  41. PamaGram says:

    Aliz- I saw Richard Pine if that helps

  42. blessedknox says:

    Good afternoon Humble and Friends…

    We already know what we should do about Casey and the Defense Team and the Anthony Clan and all who support their lies and cover-ups and tampering with evidence. And, we know that the BOYCOTT was/is working against them.

    Proverbs 3:7 Do not be wise in your own eyes; fear the LORD and SHUN EVIL.

    shun ~ definition of shun ~ meaning of shun – 1) ( verb ) shun, eschew ~ avoid and stay away from deliberately; stay clear of 2) ( verb ) banish, ban, ostracize, ostracise, shun, cast out, blackball expel from a community or group 3) ( verb ) shun to avoid; to keep clear of; to get out of the way of; to escape from; to eschew; Verb1 . shun – avoid and stay away from deliberately; stay clear of eschew avoid – stay clear from; keep away from; keep out of the way of someone or something; “Her former friends now avoid her” 4) . shun – expel from a community or groupbanish, blackball, cast out, ostracise, ostracize, banexpel, kick out, throw out – force to leave or move out; “He was expelled from his native country”
    shun verb avoid, steer clear of, keep away from, snub, evade, eschew, shy away from, brush off, cold-shoulder, have no part in, fight shy of, give ( someone or something ) a wide berth, body-swerve ( Scot . ) , give ( someone ) the brush-off, keep your distance from From that time forward everybody shunned him.

  43. Aliz says:

    Here is INKWELL email and phone #> I am boycotting anybook by them and will call them tomarrow to let them know this

  44. Aliz says:


  45. Aliz says:


  46. AuntieMadder says:

    Hi, Humble & Friends.

    If she stays the course she’s on, Casey Anthony will end up dead soon, at a young age. This is, by no means, a threat; I won’t do anything to her nor will anyone I know. Someone out there in this world – some stranger to you and to me – most likely a Floridian, will say “enough!” and do what s/he feels is necessary to stop Casey’s circus.

    Mark my words.

  47. jnetk says:


    I agree. It’s almost like Judge Perry is taking his revence out on this young man for the Casey verdict. I don’t think as much of him as I did in the beginning of the trial. I think the first Judge (can’t remember his name) would have been more of a stickler to the defense.

  48. Toasty says:

    WOW! JUST WOW! Mr. Deese of Deese Electric SENT ME AN EMAIL!
    I forwarded it to Humble. He mainly said that he and his wife went with the Anthonys to the Bahamas..that they were friends. They think Casey is innocent, and feel sorry for the Anthonys. etc….

  49. Toasty says:

    The horrid, heinous way little Caylee was murdered is something I will never forget! Then being dumped in a filthy snake infested swamp! ONLY an evil monster could
    do such a thing! Now that same Monster wants the State of
    Fla. to pay her taxes!! I just hope the tax payers of Fla.
    will raise h$ll over this!

  50. Martha says:

    Then Mr and Mrs Deese have Sh*t for brains…

  51. Toasty says:

    jnetk: Judge Strickland (a great judge!)

  52. Toasty says:

    Martha, for sure!

  53. Eyespy says:

    Aunti… I agree. Some nutball will pull some vigalante justice on her sooner rather than later.Then we will have to root for her murderer.

  54. Colhere says:

    Yeah, you see when you are rich and have this fascination with pseudo celebs, you can actually buy time with them.

    On another note.. it seems ABC is doing it’s best to redeem it’s reputation.. now, if we can convince the rest to turn their bidding war into ‘who can give the most to a legitimate charity in exchange for an interview’, that would be good.. that would redeem all the chequebook agencies and because we KNOW that none of the Ants would bite, it would certainly demonstrate to the world what these people are REALLY after..

  55. eyespy says:

    Colehere…how to put that out there? Sure as shootin the Ants will put in in there foundation, only to be drawn back again by themselves tax free.I blame Lippman also for contributing to their grifter ways, and hes drawing from it to…

  56. knight owl says:

    Hi Humble and Humblettes, the juror’s were so babied by Judge Perry it was ridiculous. It was like Perry thought he had too in order to get these 12 monkey’s to even perform at all. Hence Perry smiling big at them and saying did the dessert cart come around and i think you will enjoy the festivities i have for you tonite etc. Everyone knows going in on a jury deliberation if your an agressive type that will stand your ground or your the type that with a little agression pointed your way you fold like a piece of paper. The aggressor’s in my humble opinion was the foreman juror #11 and semi- aggressor juror #3 the wannabe nurse Ford. I think these two juror’s saw dollars signs from the get go if they turned what was an easy guilty verdict on it’s head and said Not Guilty in order to bring in more attention to them and get more interviews. The rest of the juror’s were just were the folding paper ones and went along with them to get the heck back home and the one on her vacation. There was a mountain of circumstantial evidence that all went back to Casey’s door step. I was annoyed at Perry allowing a juror to be on death penalty case that said she cannot judge and made Ashton and Linda use up three of their strikes trying to get rid of her. Something is totally amiss here as why did Baez buy these juror’s gifts and what were the gifts? would he want to give them gifts had they said GUILTY?.

  57. knight owl says:

    ”IT” will make big money but ”IT” will end up getting with the wrong crowd, end up broke, most likely on drugs,and alcohol and end up like Amy Winehouse sooner or later.

  58. knight owl says:

    I don’t buy ABC’S Story and i sure do not trust them. They in my opinion most likely have already made the deal.

  59. knight owl says:

    nite humblettes. As Humble says, be flab, be proud~~ lol.

  60. eyespy says:

    Knight…Dont forget the ballgame replacement ticket for the one juror…AND the fact that one juror had been on a previous felony trial and should have known the ropes.I really think Perry figured this was a wrap..that the prosecution had it in the bag, so he was placating the 12 and showing favoritism to the D team, just for the books..

  61. PamaGram says:

    I heard some talking heads & Mike Walker of that ragmag National Enq. saying KC will rake in loads of money because she likes to party and shes HOT! And like it or not that her youth and looks will sell! Oh please, only one smart comment came from another quest who stated the sad thing is CayLee being lost in all this hype,, so true…and sad…

  62. eyespy says:

    Somewhere out there WF is catching up on everything ever blogged about her.She cant help herself…three years of video, blogs,and news reports all about HER.Thats what it was allways about..her.Caylee was just a blip on the radar, the means to an end.And the sad pat is we will never know…and WF will never care, about the little girl lost.

  63. Toasty says:

    The money hungry Anthonys turn down an offer of $250,000!! Before little Caylee was murdered they couldn’t even make house payments!! Guess it does Pay TO MURDER in Orlando!

  64. TickTock says:

    Gm… Hahaha Eyespy….baby killer catching up on Internet and reviewing how to make chloroform, neck breaking, etc. Watch out Bozo & Mumbles she’s gonna get u in ur sleep to cut u out of any $ on interview deals.
    Can u imagine? Everyone associated with her now should sleep with 1 eye open.

  65. lee says:

    everytime i see a picture, hear her name, see her face, or any of the anthonys, i feel sick and turn the channel. Just a horrible story. I still cant believe it. boycott all things anthony.

  66. TickTock says:

    Toasty@#50.., maybe reply back to Deese and ask who picked up all the cost everytime they go out and who has asked to borrow $, better yet he better count his checks. That’s what a friendship with the Spamthonys will b like. Oh and don’t expect them to go out of their way for him & his family
    coz the Spamthonys are TAKERS and USERS!!!

  67. Indianadiane says:

    Good Morning Friends! :sun:

    I just don’t see C becoming a “star” in her future. Ok, someone will pay her $$$ but in the long run she is done, a rotten life ahead of her. (Again I was wrong about her being convicted of killing Caylee!)

    I believe the public wants someone to pay for the death of Caylee. Casey is off and George (if the DT story were true) gets to go on a vacation to the islands. The public hates the Anthonys!

  68. Eyespy says:

    Morning All
    I think those WF masks will be big for Halloween this year.. She could wear one out and nobody would be the wiser.Wish they would make one of Cindy with her gremlin mug…

  69. bakedbread says:

    Good Day. Muesli, I watched Small Sacrifices. I knew about the Diane Downes case but it felt cathartic to hear the words, “GUILTY” and the judges sentence as well. It was what I had wanted to hear in this case. I’m always going on and on about the jurors too. BigNosyCat, I agree. I think we need to change how jurors deliberate–some type of guidelines, something,to see this doesn’t happen again. Yes, Halfspot, I’m beginning to believe it was rigged from the beginning now too. Even the court room setup was made special in this case, wasn’t it? Didn’t Baez complain about being heard and moved the team further away? Half the time their view blocked IT.

    Jury selection did go too fast and I thought JP was fair at first too. I thought he was just trying to save more tax money and delays. Should anyone in FLA have had to pay one more red cent on her?

    I kinda thought this case was like the Lizzie Borden case. Has anyone seen the film made w/ Elizabeth Montgomery? I heard it’s good but have yet to see it.
    The media will be SORRY if they touch this.

  70. maze says:

    An eBay bidding war drove the price of a Casey Anthony mask up by more than $24,000 since Tuesday afternoon.
    It may be the scariest Halloween costume for 2011 — a life-like Casey Anthony latex mask.
    On Tuesday afternoon, the mask was fetching just under $200. By Wednesday morning, the highest bid stood at $24,300.

  71. eyespy says:

    Sorry to keep posting this…Little girl beaten to death the same month/year as Caylee.How did we miss this?A house full of adults with no suspect.Please view.

  72. bakedbread says:

    it’s hard to believe ppl have money to burn on stupid things like this. i could live on that for 2 yrs. good grief

  73. Martha says:

    If you are familiar with Ebay…

    there are some people who register with a phony name and bid offensive items up to an outrageous level….and of course…don’t pay up…

    have seen it done frequently with fur coats by animal’s rights folks…

    sellers are stuck with the Ebay fees….

  74. Janet says:

    Casey Anthony: FDLE, MBI report what it cost to investigate Caylee’s disappearance, Casey Anthony,0,7666341.story

  75. Whisky Mike says:

    So, the dishonorable judge violates another persons Rights under the law. What is it? 3 total so far.
    The DJ must have forgot the portion of law that says DUE PROCESS!
    Bill of Rights Article 5
    In ALL criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right….(read the rest)
    The DJ is the mans accuser, witness against, prosecutor, judge, and jury. Quite a feat.
    The man never had assistance of counsel in his defense, he was railroaded in JP’s kangaroo court.
    The Man needs to file a Writ of Habeas Corpus and then file an Action At Law against the DJ.
    The entrenched bench bar association has taken over the rights of the sovereign citizen.
    That is the problem, DJ is a hireling of the people and needs to know who the hell pays his salary.
    Of course now DJ has the distinction of sitting in the most costly trial in Fla. and a child killer walks the streets.
    Fla. should vote him out of office.

  76. Martha says:

    And so…

    Let’s remind ourselves that all humanity is not bad…

    Think of all the people who did …(and will again)… put their hearts…hands… money… tears…and time into looking to save one small child…

    Compared to the creeps who messed up this one… it’s a very small percentage….

    Peace Love Happiness

  77. bignosycat says:

    Martha, Sellers are not stuck with eBay fees they get money back. I am a veteran eBay seller know how it works. I am not selling right now until the USA dollar goes up, as it is not worth it now due to many variables. I have only seen this on TV I will check eBay. If there are newbies bidders they may be related to the defense pushing up prices to make her more sellable. Baez does not really care as long as he gets his paycheck. The Seller may be pushing up the price using another account or one of the sellers friends. I bet when it is sold the seller will list another one. Or the seller may now have the funds to mass market the mask.

    The Casey mask is horrid like her. Casey is not that hot I do not get this she is NOT beautiful. She has a great smile that is it. The long hair does not suit her and her figure is very middle aged looking. I guess if you have big boobbbies you are hot. Look at the way she wore the clothing with knots tied in it. One day she had a top that was wrapped around under the boobbbies over another top it was the weirdest fashion statement. (sp on purpose to avoid moderation) It is the men that want to see.

    On Judgement DAY she flirted with both her male and female attorneys. She winked to Mason turned to Simms and winked at her. She was on stage. At one point she was a foot away from Baez they stared into each other’s eyes while she told him something. I found this repugnant behaviour.

    The only person I would like to see interview her is Mark Eiglash without any preset questions or Baez for free. I want her exposed, her confession on TV so she is treated like Charles Manson and does not get any future pay-checks. He does not like her at all and he will ask the questions she would have been asked on the stand. Not sure if he would interview her but know if he did she would not charm him. This is the only type of interview I would watch done by a lawyer that rakes her over the coals. That puts her in her place which is very HOT.

  78. bignosycat says:

    When is Perry addressing Baez about the rules he purposely broke? He was to rule after. Perry does not deserve to sleep well due to how he fast tracked the case and how he babied Baez along.

  79. LVSusie says:

    Looks like Barbara Walters is getting the first interview

  80. Victoria says:

    ~Bignostcat @ 15:48~ Now that is a question I see everywhere I go out in the blogosphere. When will HHJP address the contempt??? I am also surprised that no issues have thus far come out from the parallel criminal investigation. It’s been disheartening to say the least. Makes the verdict even less palletable.
    ~Caylee Marie, We will not forget thee~
    09 August 2005
    16 June 2008

  81. lynda says:

    Big nosy, I too wonder when the baez issue will be addressed. I think the whole trail was a sham starting with jury selection. I sat and wondered as these jurors were being voire dired, and they said that they didn’t beleive in the dp, couldn’t judge, had expensive vacations planned, how in the world did these people get seated. How could a judge in a very big dp case, fast tract the process and make promises that they, the jurors, would be home in time to go on their vacation. It was doomed to fail, and then JP let baez and co get away with all the bs that they pulled. Something is very wrong. Until jury selection, I had high hopes for JP to do the right thing, but as jury selection progressed, I really began to lose faith.

  82. lynda says:

    Victoria, that is the new phrase, thank you,
    Caylee Marie, We will not forget thee.
    I wish some wealthy business man in Orlando would put that on a billboard instead of giving the chumbuckets a vacation to the Bahamas.

  83. Countrybump says:

    bozo no longer in foreclosure if anyone cares..
    2011083614 4143/567 2
    Land Record Search (actual record)
    06/21/2011 08:25:53 AM (has received FULL payment of said indebtedness)
    XXXX Woodstream Circle, Kissimmee, FL

    paid on 6/21!
    an advance perhaps from his lying a$$ book ?



  85. Halfspot says:

    Halfspot – 26 July 2011 00:32

    Hi all, such great post and always great peeps here!! What my daughter calls friends, peeps!! While we are free to talk about other things. I will tell you all about one I have!! We talk about how long when a child is missing befor you call for help. When my daughter started kindergarden, we lived in Richmond VA. big place. We did live out aways, and there were 3 little girls that were alittle older, then mine and they lived right across the street and the bus would pick them up at our drive way and also drop them right back home. While I would always be outside in the am to see her off and in the afternoon waiting for her. One day the bus comes to bring them home and drops the other little girls off but not my Kristi and boy was I scared!! Our road is a dead end so the bus as to turn around, so I’m just yelling and the bus driver stops and she says no they did not bring her to the bus this afternoon!! See the school would have someone from the office put the little ones on the bus in the afternoon! So she as noway of getting a hold of anyone at the school, by then I’m running in to the house for the phone don’t think I said anything to her I was so scared my heart was in my throat and I just knew I was going to be sick!! I call school,they tell me to sit right there and they would call me right back!! They had no way of knowing where she was? Yeah right, I will just sit right here!! I call 911, then my Hubbys work and then my friend next door!!! While Hubbys work closed their door and ran to the school with my Hubby, friend had the whole street out running all over looking for her!! I know it did not take along time when everyone was out looking and the cops were at my door. But it did feel like forever!! Cops told me not to go any where just in case they needed me or she came home!! Right like how is she going to come home just drive up??!! No cell phone then and I was just so scared and crying, thinking what on earth someone may be doing to my baby!! Hubbys work friends and boss was scared and also to scared to let my Hubby go alone to that school to see what may have happened!! They said they did not know what he may have done!! So after everyone is all out looking her comes the call, I want the phone to ring so bad. Yet I’m also so scared to pick-up cuz what if its the worst ever! While some dumb person at the school, put my daughter on the wrong bus!! The school is calling me to tell me that I need to go outside that the bus she was on has droped all his kids off and he should be at my home now!! And how sorry they are and that they are now calling the cops and trying to call off the search!!While I’m running out the door and just yelling with joy to all and just a crying!! While my daughter THANK GOD knew not to get off at any where but home!! She tells me it was someone new and she tried to tell them that she did not know anyone and maybe it is not her bus!! That bus driver says he did not know cuz some people work and sometime little ones go home with others!! But his radio was working on his bus and the school was calling the bus that had radio on them and he saw Kristi and she was not talking with anyone!! And looked alittle scared just looking out the window, so on his next stop he ask her what your name and where do you live? Are you going home with anyone? And he tell them by radio that he has the child!! You can bet we made sure that did not happen to anyone again, and thinks to the cops they made sure all bus had working radio on them!! But my daughter never looked so good, I did not want to let go and she tells me don’t cry mommy I know where I live and I told him how and what roads to take, also she tried to tell who was putting her on that bus but they would not listen! Then she tells me I was not getting off any where but here!! She said she just had to wait tell the bus driver had let everyone else go home frist and then she was going to tell him!! Out of the mouth of babes!! Happy ending to a very scary time. And thank God everyday for everyone that did not let anytime go by! But ran out to help that day, they dropped everything and there was no time wasted!!

  86. Halfspot says:

    Hi all, I know the above is long but,we had talked about how long it would take for one to call 911 when and if their child went missing!! So I don’t know if I have told this befor being we all have been here what 3yrs!! I did post it late the other night,not sure all have read it so I moved it!!!

  87. PamaGram says:

    bakedbread- The Lizzie Borden movie is very well done.. seen it many times

  88. Halfspot says:

    For the real Mommys and Daddys out there, that some nut has taken their child away!! And would give their life to bring that child home! I can say I do know what they must feel, the things one thinks about and the sick feeling!! You just want to die you feel helpless!!

  89. PamaGram says:

    bignosycat-I agree with all you’ve stated, the flirting was so obvious and silly, I still can’t figure out that weird thing “IT” does with her eyebrows!! and then the wink always follows, like “I’m a star’or “So Important”. YUCK! She and DT and the jury are all DUMB AZZ..

  90. PamaGram says:

    The A’s give Ohio a bad rap and now Fld. too! I live in Ohio, one of my closest friends lives in the same town they did…the A’s were working stiffs like the rest of us, the ONLY thing thats made them celebs of any kind is the precious CayLee who they denied the justice she deserved, I got a quote from Our Daily Bread which read, true Love is shown by JUSTICE, I got it by email just this A.M. pretty profound I thought,,,They could have made a HUGE dif in the out come of this entire suraid if they’d stepped forward and told the honest truth….

  91. maze says:

    ORLANDO — Casey Anthony wants to be released from attending a deposition scheduled in her civil case for Oct. 8.
    This involves the defamation case brought by Zenaida Gonzalez.

    Attorneys for both sides had a short hearing with Judge Lisa Munyon on July 15.

    Late Monday afternoon, Anthony’s attorney Charles Greene filed court papers asking the judge to strike the deposition.

    Greene said he doesn’t want the time and place of the deposition to be released.

    He wants the deposition to take place wherever Anthony ends up living.

  92. bignosycat says:

    Halfspot my heart fell out of my chest reading your post. I can imagine how you felt it would have been a nightmare. I had a missing cat for 5 days I did not eat sleep I was out daily looked in alleys at night times for Muggy. I contacted psychics I was desperate. If I had a missing child I would end up committing suicide I could not live with the grief. I have no children but know myself from grieving in the past. My kitty was found it was a good ending.

    Casey supporters make me sick. I wonder if they are parents that have had issues with the state over their children. How can they defend her for any reason? They believe all the lies she told Baez. Cherry pick lies they like the incest story. There are many folks on twitter that think George murdered Caylee. Even though Baez said she was a pathalogical liar. How can people buy this line?

    I am off to a tattoo consultation. It will be my first in remembrance of my kitty. I am having her face with roses not sure yet will post it when I get it.

  93. Hi everyone! PLEASE stick to the Caylee case on this page. :) There is an off topic:

  94. Carroll, Hi! She is in God’s arms. the Anthony’s need to stop trying to make BLOOD money off their granddaughter! What a sad, sick bunch they are!

  95. Halfspot says:

    Sorry Humble, I just posted this due to us all asking how long one would wait or even why on letting others know your child was missing!! Its been yrs ago with my true story!! My daughter is 22yrs old now!! Sorry it won’t happen again!! And nice seeing you Humble as always nice place you give us all just like home!!

  96. Halfspot says:

    BBL must feed dogs.

  97. grandma+4 says:

    hi everyone, don’t post often but when i read about Halfspots horrible , drama send chills up my back because years and years ago my 5 year old son went missing for 5 hours on a beach in San Diego. as was Halfspot, we were more than frantic.its a long story and my ex-husbands fault but he was found 5 miles down the beach on a street corner, by the grace of God. police where everywhere, and a helicopter was going up and down with his description on a loud speaker. my daughter and i were starting a house to house search with the police, when he was found. my ex fell asleep and i was sick so i was resting, woke and he was gone. WORST feeling you can ever have!!!!!!!!! never let him out of my sight again and was over protective with his three sisters. God bless you Halfspot and your family!!!!!!

  98. grandma+4 says:

    oops, sorry Humble so sorry, was relating to having a child missing and how long normal people would wait to report. poor Caylee, if i was Cindy i would of hired a private det. or started walking the streets to look for Caylee. sorry, i wasn’t paying attention, sorry!

  99. All is good! I was just making sure we were on the Caylee Case! :)

  100. Halfspot says:

    Yes it is the most sick feeling just don’t get the ones that don’t yell out for help if there child is missing!! But just as I said on day one of Caylee missing for what 31days, I knew why she was not reparted missing cuz she was all ready dead as Bozo said at trail. Caylee was never missing and anyone that child is missing and they don’t call 911 then their child is gone and more then likeliy a throw away baby just like Caylee was!! She was a throw away baby and her it of a mommy even planed it that way!! Then the family saw blood money and ran with the sick plan!! Thats that then no more Caylee!!!

  101. Halfspot says:

    While good night all, nice talking be back if I can’t sleep!!

  102. Colhere says:

    The mask closed at 990,000.00??

    No one will ever pay that for it.. I am thinking the Antholes drove up the number.. I am sure they will look for the last legit bidder.

  103. Martha says:

    Perhaps it’s ABC and Barbara Walters “paying” for her interview…

  104. Toasty says:

    It’s so shameful, so disrespectful how Baez and the Anthonys have made a MOCKERY out of Caylee’s murder! Oh, how they are loving the money they are raking in! Completely
    SHAMEFUL! SUCH GREED…off of a murdered little child! It will come back and slap them in the face!!

  105. nannab says:

    Wonder if the Antholes and the Clowns are proud of WF for doing the perfect crime and making a living off it.. I can’t watch any of it even if I wanted to..It makes me so sick.

  106. Victoria says:

    I was reading this morning that the Casey Anthony mask reportedly sold for more then a cool million on eBay. As I drank my morning injection of caffeine, all I could envision was Casey running to the nearest WalMart to buy out their entire stock of play-dough to slam her ugly mug into. There is a real sickness out there folks when a hunk of molded plastic in the image of a monster can be peddled to the highest bidder and sell for that astounding sum when their is a drought in Africa and children are dying from the lack of water let alone not being able to find a grain of rice to sustain them.

  107. Whisky Mike says:

    Well now maybe Florida can pay the KC twot mom for all bills incurred during the clown posse get together ringmastered by Perry.
    Florida govenor sells drivers license data to global corporation for $62 million dollars. I’ll bet the citizens of Fla. didn’t ok this.
    Did you ever wonder why it was so easy to have your identity stolen? Now you know.

  108. bakedbread says:

    Hi, all. It can’t be someone actually bought and paid for that mask! It is scary-looking but missing that horse jutting jaw. I recall during the live blog someone called her a type of dinosaur that was the shape of her head exactly! wish I could remember it–it was a hoot.

    BigNosyCat, everything you say about her appearance is so true. I HATED the long hair, and she looked so middle school wrapping her shirt around her chest like that. My daughter hates the eyebrow thingie too. It was disgusting how she’d suck in her gut and stick out her chest everytime she stood for the jurors-like look at me I’m a natural 44DD! She’s so gross. My daughter never thought she was pretty, but I said if she was 220 lbs, brown or black or male, she would have been convicted on more. looks do matter. sex appeal is big. women like her that i work with get everything they want w/out working hard for it.

    Sponsors drive the media. They’re the ones who miss us watching Killer et al on TV all the time and will find a way to hook everyone back on it. We only watched b/c we wanted justice. We have no closure and it will only fuel the fire for us to allow it continue under the circumstances. This cooling off period and pretending to not know where she’s at while she gets a makeover for the big interview is BS.

    The little precious baby’s pictures w/those who want justice for her should be all over the place, not the Killer. They’re so worried about political correctness, they’re being unjustly correct. We won’t be contributing to it here, and I hope any lies she tells will get her in even more trouble.

  109. maze says:

    Casey Anthony Celebrates Release With Beer

    Updated: Thursday, 28 Jul 2011, 8:13 AM EDT
    Published : Thursday, 28 Jul 2011, 8:02 AM EDT

    (NewsCore) – ORLANDO, Fla. — Casey Anthony started drinking hours after being released from jail, TMZ reported Thursday.

    In video footage viewed by the website, Anthony can be seen holding a half-empty Corona beer bottle as she gets off a private jet in Florida, soon after she was freed from jail on July 17.

    Anthony, who was found not guilty on July 5 of murdering her two-year-old daughter Caylee, was sentenced to four years for lying to police, but walked free from a Florida jail thanks to the time she had already served since her incarceration in October 2008.

    Anthony, who was smiling as she deplaned, was on the jet with her former lawyer, Todd Macaluso. At one point she can be heard saying, “I concur” and laughter can be heard as someone screams, “Deplane, deplane.”

    TMZ claimed that the video was being shopped around by Anthony’s representatives.

    The 25 year old, whose whereabouts are currently unknown, still has to pay a $4,000 fine and is facing several civil compensation suits, prompting speculation that she may be preparing for a lucrative book or TV interview deal.

    Her lawyer, Jose Baez, defended his client’s rights on FOX News Channel’s “Geraldo at Large,” earlier this month.

    “She has certain rights as an individual in his country, and we will labor hard to make sure she has the ability to exercise those rights,” he said. “If she decides she wants to speak publicly about it, she’ll make that decision.”

    Anthony’s trial gained such notoriety in America that Wednesday a latex mask of her face attracted a winning bid of $999,900.00 on eBay — but the auction site still has to verify if the bid was genuine or not.

    Read more:

  110. lynda says:

    Hi Humble and my friends, cma is so sickening. she is the lowest of the low. Her parents are in the same category. Subhuman creatures who are celebrating the murder of Caylee, reveling in it. You know eventually the tide will turn and they will have nothing. No jobs, no prospects, no money. The house of a will crumble, cma thinks she can ride this murder gravy train forever. It’s already starting to dry up.

  111. nannab says:

    Hoping and prying the Boogie Man gets her… :smile:

  112. Indianadiane says:

    I hope justice is done somehow for this sweet baby girl! Celebrate all you want C, but your life won’t be a great party. Some way she will be punished!

  113. OJ KARMA says:

    Does anyone think that Bozo or Anthonys have something to do with this hideous mask? I do! One million dollars for that! Some network has bought this to cover the fact they paid for the interview for IT!

    Still disgusted since July 5, 2011!

    IT’s money will go to a trust fund where the trustee Bozo or Malcuso will rob her blind! Hahaha! I can wish! Money will dry up, offers will stop and them what will IT do then?

  114. Countrybump says: And I’m sure Bozo will get off scott free as well.

  115. lynda says:

    OJ Karma, we really only have to wait. The gravy train will dry up. Not one of these losers wants to work, we all know cma never wanted to work, money will go away. She’ll be back stealing, check forging, and God knows what else. She’ll be back in the slammer, mark my word. Right now all seems good in the a’s twisted world. Pseudo celebs. Real celebs hate them and are just as outraged about the verdict. Caylee’s Justice will come in one way or the other. Caylee is just these horrible creatures cash cow. how truly repulsive.
    Caylee Marie, WE will not forget Thee.

  116. bakedbread says:

    Well, Country, this lack of professionalism abounds. I recall a principal made the gesture during a faculty meeting to the faculty in my attendance. while it wasn’t also condoned, nothing was done about it. yet, i think no one wants to deal w/any of C-word and her associates at all. They may as all well be the swine flu virus–no one wants to get near them unless it’s to make a buck!

  117. blessedknox says:

    This is the same destination as in #120; without going through Facebook…

  118. PamaGram says:

    OJ Karma- I wondered that same thing, I went to ebay to take a gander, what a likeness! Hideous–LOL Caught her INNER being, Bunch of jerky people out there, somebodys will buy and sell again, they’d be better off donating that cash for a GOOD cause, like TES or Missing childrens foundations.. Not to the leaches ..

  119. Countrybump says:

    NG…Larry Flint just offered Casey $500,000 to pose nude. That’s right up her alley!

  120. cale says:

    wow………larry offered casey for posing…darn…i cannot beleve he would—all i would see is caylee, in her “gut” as she would say. tell larry, please no, shes ugly in and out

  121. cale says:

    why would any one want a interview and is amazed by her personality by lying lying, to law inforcement…she was buying time so caylee would , rot , minus evidence against her…why do we the public get suckered in..when we know she implemented stalling tactics,,?????

  122. cale says:

    Larry; Please do not offer..she murdered and dumped a cute little girl, and a conniving individual. You don’t make it your business to put that in your hustler magazine before; it may do more harm then good.

  123. Countrybump says:

    Larry Flint said they are in talks to get her in Hustler. $500 K, plus 10% of the profits. He says she’ll make more money with him than anywhere else. Sounds like the hog is entertaining the idea.

  124. nannab says:

    all the dogs want her

  125. I have to :lol: ! Remember when the infamous A’s were mad that no amber alert went out? And they were mad at LE because they didn’t put one out. Amber Alert, Missing child in an unknown silver car, car seat in the back, lady looking like a nanny driving. Mother is a chronic liar! Child has been missing, or deceased for 31 days while momma of the year was out partying!

  126. cale says:

    hi humble, luv u..please read my posts ok

  127. Cale, Hi and welcome! sorry I am all over the place tonight, I have some free time! :)
    I have no clue why anyone/network/magazine would want the murderer. Her actions speak louder than words, and she is still in my book a murderer. The internet plays a big part in all of this. One post of Boycott, it is all over the place. Right now the big thing is to boycott all of them, and let them know they have made enough money off a dead child!

  128. Janet says:

    Humble, I remember that and George even mentioned that at a pretrial hearing that he did not understand why an amber alert was not put out.

  129. As for FFFFFF-Lint he is just a poor excuse for a person. He can offer what he wants, but she is still a murderer no matter what she wears.

  130. Janet, I have read the amber alert page and many links [alot of reading too], and there is a specific time each one goes out. the sooner the better, 31 days, well one won’t be going out. Lucky too, it was a lie we all knew that!

  131. Halfspot says:

    I really think I maybe sick now if they put her in there with her murdering skin!! Won’t its daddy be so happy!! :lol:

  132. Half, well if its the FFFF-lint crappy mag then she won’t be new to having a p3nis in her mouth. She grew up that way, just ask the Bozo and company

  133. Janet says:

    Reasonable doubts in the Casey Anthony trial?

    This is a good article

  134. Janet says:

    Where’s Casey Anthony? A judge had ordered she serve probation in Orange County
    Acquitted mom was supposed to serve a year’s probation on check-fraud case after her release from jail

    When Circuit Judge Stan Strickland sentenced Anthony on check fraud and related charges in early 2010, he intended for her to serve a one-year probation sentence after her release from jail.,0,5450887.story

  135. grandma+4 says:

    hi everyone!! hope everyone is doing well. Humble you and i were thinking along the same lines. what in the world is she going to say in an interview or book for that matter.????????? what ever she comes up with will it all be lies!!!!! will it be the nanny or pool accident? i just can’t imagine what she could say that hasn’t already been said! is she going us tell how Caylee’s body ended up in the swamp . did she put the body there or was it daddy dearest. it is beyond me what kind of crap she will come up with. what a horrible mess. we love you Caylee and always will!!!!!!

  136. AuntieMadder says:

    @ Janet #137 – That is a very good article. Especially informing are the paragraphs about attorney-client privilege and tribunals. Also, I found myself nodding in agreement while reading most of it.

    “Don’t get me wrong. I respect the jury system and, in some philosophical sense, respect the verdict although I disagree with it. But part of that “respect” is respect for the system that I understand is designed to sometimes yield inexplicable verdicts, and is based on the fact that the verdict is unimpeachable — and speaks, or should speak, for itself.”

    That reflects my position of the verdict, as wrong as it was, must be respected in the sense that it is final. It also reflects my belief in our jury system, which, although not completely idiot-proof, most times results in verdicts appropriate to and based upon the quality and quantity of evidence presented.

    “What other reasonable possibilities were there? If Casey didn’t intentionally kill her daughter, could she have done so accidentally with a dose of chloroform? Either way, she should have been convicted of some form of homicide that had been charged.

    The prosecution can be criticized for both overcharging and undercharging the case. They overcharged in the sense they went “all in” for a premeditated capital murder theory. They undercharged in the sense they chose to forgo other alternative theories of lesser criminal liability — maybe some lesser manslaughter charge or some obstruction counts. Perhaps they were not comfortable with alternative theories — some prosecutors think it tacitly shows a sign of weakness in the most serious charges. ”

    Mr. Kurland contradicted himself in those two paragraphs because alternative theories is exactly what the prosecution presented: Either the murderer intentionally killed Caylee with duct tape or she accidentally killed her with chloroform. During the trial, I commented that the prosecution should mention the chloroform evidence and then let it go, focusing on the duct tape as cause of death. (In retrospect, they could have gone the other way, making mention of the duct tape while focusing on the chloroform as cause of death, although I still think the duct tape evidence is stronger.) Then, I brushed that thought aside, assuming the jurors would be of average intelligence and, so, would come to the same conclusion as the prosecution and us. As it turned out, presenting both as possible cause of death did, indeed, confuse the jury by making the prosecution appear, in their 12 sets of eyes, unsure of their charges. And because The 12 Nitwits believe, for reasons only they know, that cause of death had to be proved in order to convict, they found her not guilty.

    Anyway, that was a very good article. Thanks for sharing the link.

  137. Martha says:

    Just took a look at Ebay… I doubt the Anthonys are selling that ugly mask… they would probably make her prettier…LOL …don’t think the auction was for real amyway… but who knows what those people would do for money….

    I liked the Florida Casey Anthony Hunting License….and the Casey Anthony doo-doo face in the toilet… very appropriate….

  138. brad says:

    Hello all. I am nauseated by Judge Perry. I really think he is a disgrace and embarrassment to the judiciary. He has NO business pushing for laws, he is not in that branch of government. He wants secret trials w/ secret juries?? Do we even need to consider what an absolutely horrible idea that is? He knows we live in the USA, right??

    He was likeable at first, but his favoritism towards Baez pretty much ruined the trial. Yes, Bozo was slapped down on a hundred little things, but the BIG things, like rushing jury selection, allowing the “I can’t judge people” lady on the jury, allowing the filth about molestation in, he blew it. He could have at least held a fair trial.

  139. Martha says:

    BRAd…Judge Perry went quickly from being a hero…to being a JERK…….

  140. Colhere says:

    Oh brother… now the face of modern art…

  141. Colhere says:

    I think I have to jump to the defense of HHJP for a moment..

    Perry has the issue that himself as a judge can clearly see that there should have been at the very least a judgement of guilty of aggrivated child abuse. To say it’s not his branch of government is not completely true Brad.. Judges make judgements that impact and change law as we know it.. it’s the foundation of case law.. now in defense of your remark, it’s far reaching to alter what we know as constitutional rights and that I can understand your frustration, but fundamentally, I believe his objective is more to ensure justice is done and not to hinder the course of justice..

  142. AuntieMadder says:

    Unless I’m mistaken, Judge Perry has presented legislation that would require a 270 day wait until disclosing the names of jurors. Waiting approximately nine months hardly means secret trials with secret juries.

    I do think his proposal is his knee-jerk reaction to his fears of The 12 Nitwits being served a heaping helping of vigilante justice. I mean, it’s not often that a jury ticks off the entire nation like this one has. The last was the jurors of the OJ trial, which was a decade ago. Does anyone remember a jury verdict that so angered the public prior to the OJ murder trial verdict? I don’t.

    Better legislation would be a 270 day waiting period before jury members could sell their stories, whether by way of interviews with news reporters or journalists, or written accounts such as books or magazine pieces, or any other way. No tell now, get paid 270 days later, either. If they want to speak to the press or whatever without pay during those first 270 days, then no problem. But no paid telling of their experience as a juror for 270 days, at which time the trial they sat on is old news and therefore their telling of it is worthless in terms of dollars. This would help prevent ridiculous verdicts being handed down by money-hungry, unethical, and dishonorable jurors who know that news reporters and tv magazine interviewers are only interested enough in jurors’ accounts to pay for interviews when those jurors handed down ridiculous verdicts.

  143. Penny says:

    OMG, :lol: While I think the picture is disgusting I can’t help but laugh at the irony of the duct tape. Actually this should blow hustler’s deal down the tubes, after all he has already admitted that she will be airbrushed so it won’t “really” be her, same thing as this painting, :lol:

  144. blessedknox says:


    The Casey Anthony Jurors: Hardly the Sharpest Noggins in the Courtroom
    By Karen Norling, on July 30th, 2011

    “Beyond a shadow of a doubt” means beyond any doubt whatsoever. On the other hand, “beyond a reasonable doubt” means beyond any doubt arrived at through-say it with me now–reasoning. Quite a difference between the two.

    Before the outrage over the Casey Anthony verdict dwindles down to the proverbial “flickering ember,” I’d like to do what members of the mainstream media apparently don’t have the courage to do: talk honestly about the jurors who reached that inexplicable verdict. In a word, the jurors are: pinheads. Worse yet–they are exceedingly-arrogant pinheads. You know as well as I that when they say, “there wasn’t enough evidence to convict Casey,” what they’re really saying is: “We’re smarter than those of you who would have sent Casey to prison–or death row–based on nothing more than raw emotion or pre-conceived conclusions. Yes, it takes an awful lot to convince us of someone’s guilt. Don’t hate us because we’re so extraordinarily insightful.”

    Well, as far as I’m concerned, these self-avowed Einsteins can blame the prosecution for “failing to provide sufficient evidence” all they want. But what they really should be doing is blaming themselves for failing to use the brains God gave them. What dumbfounds me, in all of this, is how the 12 of them ended up on the same jury-devoid as they are of common sense, incapable as they are of the slightest bit of reasoning. Because they assume the phrase “beyond a reasonable doubt” is synonymous with the phrase “beyond a shadow of a doubt,” we now have a full-fledged narcissistic, toddler-asphyxiating sociopath lurking somewhere within our midst.

    Let’s break it down. “Beyond a shadow of a doubt” means beyond any doubt whatsoever. On the other hand, “beyond a reasonable doubt” means beyond any doubt arrived at through-say it with me now–reasoning. Quite a difference between the two, no? If only we could teach prospective jurors how to recognize (rather than run away from) reasonable doubt. But I digress.

    Evidently, it never occurred to this uppity bunch–as they sat listening to several weeks’ worth of testimony–to ask themselves a few questions. Questions like: would it be more reasonable for a mother–or a murderer–to go out drinking and dancing with friends (at parties and nightclubs) when she believes her little girl has been kidnapped by the “nanny”? Would it be more reasonable for a mother–or a murderer–to go on shopping sprees (with checks she stole from a friend) knowing full well she might never see her dear, sweet daughter alive again? Would it be more reasonable for a mother–or a murderer–to enter a “hot body” contest while everyone else in her family is wondering why they haven’t seen her two-year-old daughter for weeks on end? Would it be more reasonable for a mother–or a murderer–to relentlessly mislead (and withhold information from) the detectives who are trying to help her find her child? Would it be more reasonable for a mother–or a murderer–to get a “Bella Vita” (“Beautiful Life”) tattoo just days after her child goes missing? Would it be more reasonable for a mother–or a murderer–to wait 31 days to tell anyone (including her own mother) that her daughter has disappeared? Would it be more reasonable for a mother–or a murderer–to suddenly change her story from “the nanny did it” to “the swimming pool did it, and my father covered it up”? Would it be more reasonable for a mother–or a murderer–to drive around town, for two to four days, with her little girl’s decomposing body in the trunk of her car? (Let’s not be stupid here: one trunk + the fetid stench of rotting flesh + the detection of remarkably-high levels of an exceedingly-toxic anesthetic + one missing little girl = one deceased missing little girl.)

    Further, would it be more reasonable to believe a pathological liar* when she tells you–via her defense attorney–that her father never even attempted to perform CPR or call 911 after he retrieved his granddaughter’s dead body from the pool? Or would it be more reasonable to believe the pathological liar’s father–a former police officer–when he tells you he never heard anything about his granddaughter drowning until his daughter’s defense attorney introduced that preposterous idea on the first day of the trial? Would it be more reasonable to believe a pathological liar* when she tells you–via her defense attorney–that her father helped her dispose of his granddaughter’s lifeless body in a swampy, wooded area near his home? Or would it be more reasonable to believe what the pathological liar’s father said on the stand: 1) no drowning ever took place, and 2) had a drowning taken place, he would have done anything he could to save his beloved granddaughter.

    Just a thought: I don’t know one mother who would worry, even for a moment, that she might be implicated in her child’s accidental death. By and large, mothers who lose one of their children to an accident–or an illness, or anything else–are far too distraught over the fact that they’ve lost their precious child to contemplate whether or not they could be implicated in the death of that child.

    I could go on and on with similar questions, but what would be the point? Any fairly-reasonable human being would doubtless convict Ms. Anthony of first-degree murder based upon fewer questions than the ones I just posed. Indeed, take one or two–even three–out of the mix, and you’ll still be left with a mother who ruthlessly took the life of the daughter she’d given birth to two years earlier.

    A little advice for all you jurors who fancy yourselves so much more intelligent than everyone else: go back to school and learn what you should have started learning in first grade-i.e., that specific words have specific meanings. The sooner you comprehend the fact that “beyond a reasonable doubt” has essentially nothing to do with “beyond a shadow of a doubt,” the safer the rest of us (adults and tykes alike) will be.

    *Here are just a handful of the lies Casey told detectives during their interviews with her in 2008:

    That she last saw Caylee on June 9, 2008, when she dropped her off with “Zenaida Hernandez Gonzalez,” who lived in apartment #210 on 2863 S. Conway Rd. In truth: 1) no one by the name of “Zenaida Gonzalez” had ever lived in that apartment complex, and 2) Casey already knew Caylee was dead, as well as how she had died.

    That Zenaida had lived in another apartment complex at 301 N. Hillside Drive. In truth: that “apartment complex” turned out to be a seniors-only facility.

    That Zenaida had lived with her mother, “Gloria,” in a condo at the “Crossings at Conway” townhouse complex. In truth: Zenaida had never lived at any of those locations because Zenaida never existed. Likewise, Zenaida’s mother never lived in that “Crossings at Conway” condo because she was as much a figment of Casey’s deranged imagination as was Zenaida.

    That Caylee called her (Casey) on July 15 and described, in detail, what was said during their conversation: “She said ‘Hi, Mommy.’ She started telling me a story about her shoes and books. I tried to ask her where she was, and she just kept talking about the book that she was reading. When I asked her to give the phone to another adult–she was fine; she was willing to do it, but the phone hung up.” In truth: there was no record of Caylee calling Casey’s phone at the time Casey had claimed she called.
    That she was currently working as an “event coordinator” at Universal Studios. In truth: she was fired from Universal two years prior.

    That she had a friend named “Juliette Lewis” who also worked at Universal. In truth: Universal had absolutely no record of a “Juliette Lewis” ever having worked there. (Hmmm. Where have I heard that name before? Juliette Lewis. Oh, that’s right.

    She’s starred in movies like Cape Fear, Conviction, Due Date, Cold Creek Manor, et al.) That Zenaida currently worked at Universal. In truth: Universal had absolutely no record of a “Zenaida Gonzalez” ever having worked there. (Of course, Universal had no record of her–because, again, she did not exist.)

    That a woman named Raquel Farrell, who worked as a hostess at TGI Friday’s, was Zenaida’s roommate. In truth, detectives confirmed that no one by the name of “Raquel Farrell” ever worked at any TGI Friday’s–let alone the one Casey alleged she did. Further, they confirmed that “Raquel” never even existed. (This stands to reason, doesn’t it? If Zenaida never existed–and we know that she did not–how could she have had a roommate?)

    That she had been desperately searching for Caylee and had not called police because she feared Caylee’s life would be in danger if law enforcement became involved. In truth, as stated before, Casey already knew that Caylee was dead and how she had died. (You can’t really “look” for a person when you already know precisely where that person is–can you?)

    And here–in Casey’s very own words–are the three most reprehensible lies she told detectives (and various family members): “My heart is aching.” “I don’t know where . . . [Caylee] is, and that is the God’s honest truth.” “I just want my daughter back.”

  145. Toasty says:

    I just read on another blog that the State of Fla. is not going to challange Killer’s probation status! I sent it to Humble, I’m sure she will post it! I wonder how Linda and Jeff feel? This is unbelievable!

  146. KD in OR says:

    just found this!!!!!!n the news, the FBI said for the public to write letters to them. Then they could take action, but they need actual letters written to them. So, lets start writing!
    Re: Letters for Petition to file a lawsuit in federal court-posted on another page:

    Here’s the Jax office & D.C.:
    6061 Gate Parkway
    Jacksonville, FL 32256
    Phone (904) 248-7000
    Fax: (904) 248-7404

    FBI Headquarters
    935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
    Washington, D.C. 20535-0001
    (202) 324-3000
    Please everyone start writing!!!!!!!! Love you guys KD

  147. Countrybump says: This is just a ploy to say she wasn’t in her right mind at the time of Caylee’s death. Thinks she’ll get more money after she’s treated. The only problem with that is the shrinks that evaluated her said there were no mental conditions.

  148. Penny says:

    CB~~I think the light bulb finally went off and they realize she’s going to make Zilch. They thought after a week or so things would quiet down. I think it’s more of a sympathy ploy and thinking that once they say she’s “better” that they will be able to get somebody to “pay” for an interview and the public outcry will have calmed down.

    “We’re told Anthony’s attorney, Jose Baez, will continue to field offers on behalf of Casey”.

  149. blessedknox says:

    We the public should NEVER stop crying for JUSTICE FOR CAYLEE!

    I believe we will not stop yelling loudly for Justice for Caylee; and I pray hundred’s of thousands of other Americans will continue to do the same!!!

  150. Colhere says:

    Country – specifically on WF’s mental conditions… the few that the defense hired and the prosecution ultimately added to the list of state witnesses, they never properly evaluated her. The ones assigned to evaluate her during trial found her fit to stand trial.. calling a spade a spade, she does have severe mental issues, however she KNOWS right from wrong, therefor is criminally responsible for her actions.. I do however think it’s a ploy to sway public opinion more to a sympathetic position.. They are counting on America’s habit of forgiveness. In the OJ case, he had to contend with the Browns and the Goldmans.. in this case, the only people that can be counted on really are folks like us. . People have already begun to forget what this is about.

  151. Toasty says:

    KD, could u put together a sample letter to the FBI. I want to make sure that I include everthing I need to. Tks.!

  152. OJ KARMA (AKA) Curious in Orlando says:

    If IT has to pay the court fees (please let total be at least 31 million) then if IT files bankruptcy it would be useless because court fees can not be erased. Right? Anyone?

  153. lynda says:

    Goodmorning Humble and my friends, We the public will not forget Caylee. We need to keep this thing going in the quest for getting justice for a murdered 2 year old innocent. We need to keep the pressure on the system and keep Caylee out in front, and cma and the chumbucket a’s in the background, exposing them for the murder, liars and frauds that they are. I will definatly write a letter on Caylee’s behalf. A sample letter will be helpful. bbl, work. :smile:

  154. lynda says:

    One more thought before I leave, The fact that cma is having mental issues firstly is laughable. Being the nacisstic sociopath that she is, her mental issues are not from the fact that she murdered her baby, it’s due to the fact that she’s the most hated woman in America, and that, in her twisted world is too much to bare.

  155. Countrybump says: Let’s pray this happens. Any punishment is better than nothing.

  156. Colhere says:

    Yeah.. thank you Strickland!

  157. Colhere says:

    Oooh.. that means the video of her getting off the plane, presumably intoxicated might be interpreted as a violation of her probation.. I wonder if this mysterious video disappears now?

  158. lee says:

    KD please let me see a sample i will begin writing immediately, whatever it is that we need to be asking for. please let me know. [email removed]

  159. PamaGram says:

    Too bad that dolphine didn’t snap Sinndy on the nose, they have turned on people before, can be aggressive, too bad it didn’t sense her her evilness…also anyone catch Mumbbles on interview trutv aired about Kc, he’s growing a horn, had a huge ZIT right on his forehaed almost between his lying EYES, NO kidding, I saw it on Show Biz Tonight, stress must be causing a breakout LOL

  160. Countrybump says: I can’t believe the defense has recourse on this! This whole case has been wrong, wrong, wrong!

  161. beth says:

    Is she at Menninger clinic in Houston? Read that somewhere, and that her parents were flying there-makes me sick..

  162. Funny, TMZ hasn’t posted on this case for how long? 3 years and now they are all about the case? Guess they are wanting ratings to go up.

  163. Countrybump says:

    FYI… Jeff Aston and his wife have a Facebook page. He has set up a Discussion page too! (On the left side of the site) Such nice people, pics, and he answers our questions!, type in the “Official Jeff Ashton Page” in the search box.

  164. Colhere says:

    Another motion… this time from the media to release the ‘sealed’ transcripts relative to where the $200,000.00 went..

  165. blessedknox says:

    There has been a motion/petition made for Casey to be tried in Federal Court for the murder of Caylee……

    IF BY A MIRACLE (and I believe in miracles) Casey is tried in Federal Court for the murder of Caylee…I truly believe Justice will be served AND, if mommy dearest and daddy dearest and brother dearest and mallory dearest lie for her, I do not believe they will go unpunished without severe consequences.

    And no defense team will be allowed the illegal and unethical liberties that were taken by BOZO and Company!

    Dear Lord…please let justice prevail for ALL who are involved in the evil surrounding this murder case…Just perhaps you already planned to have justice served through Federal Court so that everyone would be held accountable.

  166. Toasty says:

    Beth, I don’t believe they have a Menninger’s Clinic in Texas. I lived in Texas for a long time, and never heard of it being there.

  167. maze says:

    toasty they do have one…..

    .Menninger – CachedSimilar
    Menninger provides quality psychiatric and behavioral healthcare with specialty … The Menninger Clinic | 800-351-9058 | 713-275-5000 | Houston, Texas …

  168. maze says:

    Amen blessed….yes hear that the ants are there with the lawyer and flew first class..

  169. maze says:

    ORLANDO, Fla. — Casey Anthony’s parents, George and Cindy Anthony, were spotted boarding on a flight at Orlando International Airport Monday morning.

  170. Colhere says:

    It’s assumed that wherever they are going, they will announce their presence loudly to the media in order to take the focus away from Orlando while WF attends her first probation visit.

  171. Indianadiane says:

    If that is her, she’s putting on a few pounds!

  172. PamaGram says:

    GM Everyone,I don’t think it looks like her, I don’t believe she could put on that much weight in a short amount of time this girl looks 20 lbs. heavier, I recall when Karen Carpenter died she was in treatment and had gained 30 pounds in a 3 week period it was reported that the sudden weight gain was too much stress on her heart, thats what helped cause her death , anyway she’s getting too much media attention again, CayLees dead the trials over the verdict was unjust, who cares what this I’d say” loser” does but in this case she’s the winner,CayLee Lost! And this ONE walks free, breathing ,eating, drinking and living! She should be behind bars……instead she’s still being remembered and they hardly ever mention the VICTIM, I’m getting tired of it, TMZ is even horing after this idiotic hype, I’m done….I need to move on ,Thanks Bye

  173. lynda says:

    Pama, I’m with you. The media is just a corrupt demon who will do anything to get ratings. They don’t give a rats patouty about the death of an innocent baby. Caylee is the only victim here, and you’re right, her name is never even mentioned. It makes me sick to think that any attention is given to this lieing, murdering, evil monster is getting any attention at all.
    If anyone here can post the link for the petition to get a federal court to indict this murderer I’ll gladly sign it.
    Have a great day.

  174. GM everyone!

    I don’t believe it is her. she for sure wouldn’t be walking the streets ALONE! No way!
    TMZ, out of control. Like I said before they haven’t posted on this case until now. It’s all about the rating and the clicks, and MAKING MONEY off a dead child!

  175. AuntieMadder says:

    2 August 2011 at 13:45

    Another motion… this time from the media to release the ‘sealed’ transcripts relative to where the $200,000.00 went..

    About danged time.

  176. AuntieMadder says:

    As long as she’s not within my sight, I don’t give a crap where Casey Anthony is.

  177. OJ KARMA (AKA) Curious in Orlando says:

    I concur AuntiMadder! I don’t give a squirrels A– where IT is at either! Don’t care if she shops at Target or Old Navy just as long as I am not in the same store as her because I will make an F-ing Scene! I have had friends who tell me about their stomachs turning when they see George and Cindy at Walmart!


  178. maze says:

    I believe it is her…

  179. maze says:

    look at these still pics..the one on right..evil eys

  180. maze says:

    thought it funny that she walks in store and goes right to front oft store so she can be visisble

  181. OJ KARMA (AKA) Curious in Orlando says:

    Good Afternoon Friends!

    Judge Strickland just recused himself from probation case against IT and guess who has the honor?

    Judge Perry.

    I don’t have any faith for this Judge to do right. IT will continue shopping and act stupid because it’s been allowed but then KARMA shows up and BAM back to prison!

  182. maze says: we go again..

  183. OJ KARMA (AKA) Curious in Orlando says:

    maze – yes the disappointment is never ending………

    Major Eyeroll!

  184. paminny says:

    HI all. Just checking in to say hi. I am still sick to my stomache over this. Wish it would all end.

  185. maze says:

    ok I just compared 2 pics on her right arm she has 2 moles…it is her

    compare this pic with the one on tmz on right..see the moles?

  186. Countrybump says: Dis-bar this guy and cut his middle fingers off! Geesh!

  187. muesli says:

    I’d like to see Mr. Mason flip the finger at a passing car without the protection of the media surrounding him. One of these days, he is going to pi$$ someone off. Have we ever seen a lawyer act in this manner? I think the man has mental issues. It is said the Florida Bar is looking into this. As usual, I doubt they will do anything about this crude behavior. Also, I believe Casey, as usual, will beat this probation situation.

  188. Toasty says:

    It will be SO WONDERFUL when we FINALLY hear the last of Casey Anthony! I think most of America is truly SICK OF HER, and wants her to BE GONE! I no longer care what she does, or who she does it with. Just relly tired of reading about her every move. BE GONE, KILLER!

  189. Toasty says:

    oops really tired of her!

  190. blessedknox says:

    Florida dangerous for Casey Anthony, lawyer says…
    (Judge who ordered Anthony probation leaves case)

    Read more:

  191. blessedknox says:

    The only news about “C” that I want to read or hear is that she is being retired for MURDER in FEDERAL COURT!!!

    Bring it on!!!

  192. Toasty says:

    Maze: Tks. that’s news to me. Good for Houston!

  193. bakedbread says:

    there’s something about the pix that don’t make me think it’s her, but,who knows for sure. Mason needs to control himself in view of the public eye. I figure if I have to be a professional, so does everyone else, what are we teaching our children? Good grief. I feel badly for the citizens of Orlando, who want this all to go away, but I don’t think it will, and none of it can be blamed on any one source.

    She’ll wiggle her way out of it, I’m sure, but I feel a little satisfied that she’s still on some kind of a string.

  194. blessedknox says:


    lol – sorry

  195. OJ KARMA (AKA) Curious in Orlando says:

    maze – you must have a strong stomach to look at IT again. I wanted to see other pictures of ITs arm to make sure of the two moles but I wanted to have a nice day, so I waited for someone here to bring it up and viola! You did! Again, as long as IT is not in store that I am at she will not be cussed out! I will not be classy about my disgust.

    Blessedknox – all I want to hear is that IT is being retried in federal court and that she is waiting for trial in general population. Also, the media will check on her well being in 31 days!

  196. maze says:

    I think everyone should be very aware of where she is,people need to protect themselves should they find themselves in her vicinity.soon she will have found her next victim (male) he will no doubt belive everything she says,or will try to change is just a matter of time till the next victim gets scammed..

  197. KD in OR says:

    Hello Humblers!
    Sorry it has taken me so long to write this and I am going to wait to send it until you all let me know if there is anything else that should be said. Also please excuse any spelling errors. I don’t have spell check on this computer but will check it before sending. Love you guys! KD

    FBI Headquarters
    935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
    Washington,D.C. 20535-0001


    To Whom it may concern:

    I am wrighting to you reguarding the recent aquittal of one Casey Marie Anthony in the case in Florida. I am sure you have heard of this case and wish to inform you I feel that justice was not served. I understand that this case may be able to be re-tried at the federal level and am asking that you do just that. A child named Caylee Marie Anthony was found in the woods on December 11, 2008 deceased, her face duct taped, in a laundry bag and 2 plastic bags. Her death was ruled a homicide by the medical examiner of Florida. The last person the baby was seen with was her mother, Casey Anthony, and I beleive that she was responsible for the childs well being. I am asking that you investigate this case and you will find that if nothing else, there is a case for child neglect and/or manslaughter charges. Thank you for your time reguarding this issue. I, along with thousands of other Americans, do want justice for this innocent baby!

    Respectfully yours,
    Your name here

  198. KD in OR says:

    ooopsss writing not wrighting. phhhhtttt!

  199. Hi Kd, sounds good. I am not sure if I had heard they are not going to try her at the federal level, or if someone posted it. I will follow suit and email it to them!

  200. Colhere says:

    Strickland once again recused.. Hearing Friday.. WF in Ohio.. yep, that is her.. I have no doubt. Now if only someone could get that good of a picture of Sasquatch..

  201. Colhere says:

    As much as there is critique of the folks at TMZ, so long as there is no money going back to the moneybag Ants in general, it’s actually a good thing.. media saturation of her images makes anything that the Ants or Bozo want to sell worth less.. Bring on more images! Put a few dollars in the pockets of the paps and keep it out of the Ant’s pockets!

  202. Colhere says:

    That is, unless it is a ruse.. She may have had someone snap the photos and split the profit.. I wouldn’t put it past.. Heck, I would do the same thing..

  203. KD in OR says:

    Hello Humble!
    I don’t know either but if so as many letters as possible couldn’t hurt. Wow look out Ohio…. oh and on the phone per usual. Who could she be talking to. Some poor sap. I am trying to ween myself of this whole 3 year fiasco but have to keep tabs on her. Thought about starting a recovery group! Bwahahahahhaha. I am a true beleiver of KARMA and that girl has a lifetime of dark clouds following her no matter where she is! Everyone take care, love you guys! KD

  204. OJ KARMA (AKA) Curious in Orlando says:

    No surprise that IT won’t be in Orlando on Friday to start her probation. Never accountable! Also, Judge Perry is the Judge for the probation so another NO surprise!

  205. Penny says:

    Hi everybody~~I think the only recourse we have of getting her SKANKY azz in jail is to get the IRS involved and lock her up for the taxes she owes. That’s another reason why we have to stay diligent on her and her defense team not making any money of this so that she can’t use that money to pay for those taxes.

  206. KD in OR says:

    You know what really burns me up is that you can’t violate probation while you are sitting in jail. That is what probation is for, to make sure while on the outside you stay out of trouble for a certain amount of time. So will she once again skate on the probation as well? I hope she continues to walk around by herself ( oh what no friends to shop with) She will have to call the media everytime she goes out just to keep from getting her a@@ kicked on camera. Love you guys! KD

  207. Penny says:

    I can’t believe Bozo just said that he lives in a country where a defendant has their day in court and when the defendant is found not guilty that’s it (paraphrasing). Well, I live in a country where lawyers shouldn’t be allowed to defy court orders and give an opening statement like he did without proof and not be held accountable, or be able to pimp out their client or use their client to make money or further their career.

  208. Penny says:

    Colhere~~the only thing is those pictures were a set up. I believe they are her but there is no way some paparazzi just “stumbled” upon her in Ohio, they were called. I heard somebody say that these pictures were taken on Sunday and were being shopped around Monday by Splash. Somebody got money for these and I hope somebody gets the invoices to see who go paid for these. I hope ZG’s lawyer is aware of this “money”. And they see she is NOT in any treatment and therapy place.

  209. OJ KARMA (AKA) Curious in Orlando says:

    KD in OR – The letter looks great. Thanks for writing it!

    You should add that IT drove around Orlando with the baby decomposing in her trunk of her car and then decided that the best thing for her daughter was to be dumped around the corner from CAYLEEs home so that animals and insects can eat her flesh and naw on her bones!

    31 days of fornicating and having a great old time and never stating that something horrible happened to her daughter. That CAYLEE was dead.

    —- side note: I read somewhere today that IT, Tony and Tonys friends were being investigated by LE and maybe that’s why Tony was being Evasive on his testimony at trial. That has bothered me since he Was on the stand. He looked like he was told to play cool or his drug use would be used against him. He was holding back. funny feeling with him. Also the girl who said that she was in ITs car during the time that CAYLEE was in trunk and didn’t smell anything rotten. She also was fishy to me. I don’t remember that she mentioned the car smell in her deposition. WTH!

  210. Penny says:

    They’re not showing the pictures of “supposedly” WF because they don’t have the licensing and hopefully they won’t be paying anybody any licensing fee either.

  211. KD in OR says:

    O J KARMA !
    WTH is right. I tried to keep it short and sweet but beleive me they don’t want to hear what I really think of this total and complete fiasco of a trial. If they investigate and go by what the SA had for evidence against her, there is no way that they, like us can add 1 + 1 = 2 ( like G said himself on the stand) and see that she and she alone was responsible for that beautiful baby’s death. I have always said it could go either way because once you geet into a court of law all bets are off. The jury did not do their job and I hope they are haunted by this for eternity!!! love you guys KD

  212. KD in OR says:

    opps get not geet! I get so upset I can’t type! KD

  213. KD in OR says:

    OJ KARMA :
    I thought they had her with the smell alone? How many people does it take before a jury beleives there was a dead body in a trunk. They absolutly should have let them smell for themselves, but I still think with this jury it would not have mattered one bit if they had a actual video of IT snuffing little Caylee’s life out…. There is a special place in HE@@ reserved for IT.! Love you guys KD

  214. OJ KARMA (AKA) Curious in Orlando says:

    KD in OR – you get upset with this case too! I have to chill out with my emotions because of my ulcer so WUSSA! As my husband says as nasty as Bozo is, he got TMZ to buy the photos because the idiot who owns TMZ is that degrading. That’s how they are making their money and the photo was total set up.

    Photos were a setup and it worked. People and TV are eating it up. Still IT has to pay who ever brokered the deal and bozo gets a cut and they have to pay taxes on it so really she probably isn’t making much. I’m glad. Money will run out and IT will think of something else.

    Side note: hopefully Bozo will not pay taxes and he will have to go to jail. :)

  215. KD in OR says:

    OJ KARMA :
    I seriously had to take a couple of weeks off after the trial. I had been lurking here at Humbles the entire 3 years. I am much better now but this case just sucked me in. I also watched the OJ trial from start to finish and lost all faith in our justice system when he was aquitted! It took this long for me to hope it would not happen again ( hense scott peterson) and many other cases that did produce a guilty verdict. The SA had a good case. The jury I beleive were complete idiots as in the OJ case. I beleive in KARMA 100% and it will come around when IT least expects it. I will wait patiently for that day!! love you guys KD

  216. maze says:

    Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) – A possible deal between Casey Anthony and Hustler Magazine has some Las Vegas residents very upset.

    There was a small demonstration outside Larry Flynt’s Hustler Strip Club Tuesday night.

    “Las Vegas is not going to stand for this guy’s name to be associated with that sign ‘Welcome to Las Vegas,’ and profiting over a dead baby,” said Marissa Kenzarini, one of the protesters. “It’s not going to happen, not here, boycott Casey. It’s wrong.”

    Larry Flynt, creator of Hustler Magazine, recently offered Anthony $500,000 to pose nude in Hustler Magazine.

  217. bakedbread says:

    reviewed the pix a little more closely today–yeah, i’m gonna say it’s her. She’s not the one who needs protection from others, it’s the other way around. her whereabouts to a certain extent matter and the probation would help do that, too bad JP isn’t going to enforce it. He knows the law too well and will figure something out that covers all the bases.

    JVM has lost all credibility in my eyes. I thought for a time she was a tireless journalist, but she just follows her paycheck and doesn’t care about really speaking up.

  218. jean says:

    i just want everyone to know tomorrow at 9:00am they plan on having kc and bozo on hln i think everyone should turn hln off . im personaly tired of all the bs their putting on there about the child killer. in session also is putting shtuff about her on .i turned them off too.

  219. Casey Anthony Rumors Bring Attention to Small Ohio Town Which Says It’s All a Hoax

    ………………………….So TV stations and action news vans and microphones descended, asking anyone and everyone how it feels to have Mom of the Year Casey Anthony living next door. The problem? Officials in Newbury say it’s all a hoax.

  220. Jean, thanks will add the boycott to tomorrows morning’s post

  221. And now that I think about it, that is why they wanted the hearing tomorrow and the murderer/felon not returned to Fl today, she has a money making opportunity other than a strip deal!

  222. Jean let me know where you found out they will be on hln tomorrow, please!

  223. beth says:

    Also,just because she has the Ohio hat on, doesnt mean she is in Ohio- leave it to Bozo to plant that one…

    Also Cheney Mason makes me sick!!!!! Flipping the bird anytime he wants- he will make someone mad one day and they will blow him away

  224. Beth he is packing ya know! So he claims. I think that is against the law to have a gun with a convicted felon hanging around. Cheney will get his, like Casey it is all about time!!!!


    KARMA HUMBLE KARMA! Waiting patiently for KARMA!

    My 12 year old is going to write a letter to the Federal Government. He considers it Homework before school starts but he is disgusted about the verdict and he has to let them know that the verdict ruined his summer and any faith he has in the United States Judicial System. So I will email Humble his final letter.

    Patience my friends……….Our voices are being heard and feared. The DUH-fense is running scared. IT realizes that her options are small and insignificant like her and her family and that their legal problems are just beginning. Hahaha!

  226. lynda says:

    Hi Humble and my friends, I just posted a comment on HLN saying that I’ve been a faithful viewer for a long time, but due to the fact that they are sympathetic to cma, her dt and her lieing family, i no longer will watch anything on their network. My comment is awaiting moderation now, but it should post at some time soon.

  227. lynda says:

    OJ Karma, your 12 year old is a very wise kid. He sees the injustice, and i applaud his action.

  228. maze says:

    I read that hln ratings went up 146% while they coverd casey..I think ng came in 2nd

  229. jean says:

    hi humbleopinion ,i cant remember if it was in session or HLN whom are both affiliated. they said it this morning that they will have the hearing live . ive been turning both on and off because they both put her on ALOT. i dont want to see the child killer anymore.

  230. Dittysmom says:


  231. muesli says:

    I was just wondering. Does anyone know the exact dates of the year of probation they are claiming while she was in jail. When she was writing letters and having contact with other felons in the jail? Was that during the probation time?

  232. maze says:

    museli…your onto something…

  233. maze says:

    from jan 25 2010 I believe is the day she was in court for the it would have ened in jan of this year..but she just got the letter saying she was off is all so confusing

  234. maze says:

    someone fax the court with musli observations…she was fratinnizing with the inmates..also the letters..we need to get this to judge perry by the morning!!!!!!asap!!!!!!!!!

  235. Jean thanks!

    Muesli, I was reading an article, can’t remember where, but the attorney said you can NOT serve your probation while in jail. Judge Strickland was correct with bringing this out. She needs to spend her time where people hate her most! ;)

  236. nannab says:

    Humble says, “She needs to spend her time where people hate her most!” Then they should make her come here and read all the posts from day 31 on….. :lol:

  237. Colhere says:

    Well, I am 50/50 on the whole matter.. The whole thing is disjointed how it was delivered and yep, she did serve probation while incarcerated.. Otoh, Bozo said she was well behaved.. well, you can’t misbehave in 23hr a day lockup. She may have special conditions, like remaining in an undisclosed state-county and reporting to a local one.. IF she has to serve it (if any)

    If you look at the film (particularly the video) it is her, but looks completely fabricated and staged.. she saw the likelyhood of eventually being found out, got a photog and did the whole thing for a split.. some are reporting 500k but I call BS on that.. I think MAYBE 30k at the most. enough to keep her in sandwich meat and velveeta for a while. There is no way anyone would have got the footage from the front that they did without being detected..

  238. blessedknox says:


    Parole and probation are different forms of supervision AFTER sentencing.

    PAROLE is supervision that begins AFTER a person’s release from prison or jail after serving part of a sentence. Parole is a privilege, not a right. While only a judge can sentence someone to a jail term, the judge doesn’t decide how much of that jail sentence the person will have to serve before being released back into the community. This decision is usually determined by the state legislature. Most states have parole boards that decide whether to release an inmate once he’s eligible for parole. If a person violates the terms of his parole, he can be sent back to jail to finish serving his original sentence.

    PROBATION is a sentence that a judge can give instead of jail (or) IN ADDITION to jail or prison time. Like parole, it has conditions attached. If a person violates the terms of probation, the judge can give him any sentence the judge could have originally given him, including a jail term.

    In the FEDERAL SYSTEM, parole is no longer available, as federal sentencing guidelines apply instead. In federal cases, there’s something called “supervised release.” The length of a supervised release term is suggested by the sentencing guidelines, but in the end it’s decided by a judge. Probation is available only in limited circumstances.

  239. Whisky Mike says:

    Serving probation in jail is about as assinine as serving parole in jail.

  240. I AM SURE says:

    We know it’s all over & the defense “won” but this crock of lies just burned my a** –
    Where did this writer get their lobotomy? The allegation of sexual abuse is a crock – I AM SURE.

  241. bakedbread says:

    that issues article is a total crock. some people will write anything for attention. no doubt there’s idiots who will ignore the evidence and believe it.

    The FBI letter is great! Wouldn’t it be awesome if they did open a case to try her? it certainly might make states more accountable or deter some to avoid being tried on that level. it seems if anything gets done nowadays (just barely-i’m sayin’) it has to be done at a federal level.

    finally, I hope the lovely youtube video on Caylee’s eyes isn’t spindy’s, but i suspect it is.

  242. blessedknox says:


    I shared the FBI letter in case any of you wanted to copy it and email it on to the two email addresses.

    I emailed it to the two email addresses (FBI Florida and FBI Washington The letter and addresses are on the previous post:

    7 August 2011 at 23:38
    Date: August 7, 2009


  243. blessedknox says:

    Flynt Banned From Restaurants Over Casey Anthony Offer
    Restaurateur Ruby Angered Over Woman’s Murder Acquittal

    CINCINNATI — Restaurateur Jeff Ruby has taken out an ad in a Florida newspaper barring Hustler publisher Larry Flynt from his restaurants.
    Ruby made the decision after Flynt reportedly offered Casey Anthony $500,000 to pose nude in the magazine….

    …”While I have appreciated your many years of patronage, you have now been ‘OJayed,'” Ruby said. “We don’t want your blood money at any of our seven restaurants.”…

    …Ruby also used the ad to promote a petition asking federal authorities to try Anthony for murder under the dual sovereignty exception, which permits a defendant to be tried following an acquittal if their alleged actions violated both jurisdictions’ laws.
    Ruby said the petition had attracted about 5,000 signatures….

    Read more:

  244. maze says:

    ng not showing csaeys photos (she doesnt want to to have pay casey for her photos) she is supposed to be in ranncho santa fe…in tod macalooso 5.2 million dollar house..ouside of san diego…califorians unite

  245. bignosycat says:

    Hello friends

    I am not on that often only drop by when I can. Not feeling well hard to sit at the pc and type. I need a program which I can talk and it types for me as I am a 2 finger typist.

    Blessed I hope that happens as well but it will be a long shot. What I would like to see is change with the jury system. Prevent stealth jurors I cannot understand why this is not a major priority. In an another month we may see mr. 5 figures do an interview. Was told there is a 3 month wait before you can make money on a trial. This should NEVER happen it should be against the law. No one should profit when doing jury duty. You do this for your country not for paychecks. I bet my bottom dollar that some of these jurors used this trial for a paycheck. Much more money in not gulity. There is a lawyer that wants a waiting period of 9 months. If you are getting $50,000 YEA you can wait 9 months. One day this will happen to a person on trial that was proven guilty when innocent the opposite of the MURDERER. Then lawyers may start thinking about change, I may try to make this change by putting up a petition.

    Only thing is I am Canadian. Maybe I can write to the Big judges in Washington to tell them how wrong this system is. If anyone wants to help me draft a letter it would be a appreciated as I am not the greatest writer. You can always send me a message through eBay my name on there is BIGNOSYCAT. I do not know how to message people on the blog privately do not want to post my email for the world to see.

    I hope Perry brings us good news. The defense knew this was an error they let it be.

    Does any one know if Baez is getting a kick in the pants by Perry?

  246. OJ KARMA (AKA) Curious in Orlando says:

    Hey Y’all! Bozo was on some Spanish station earlier this evening. When the camera did a close up I swear his eyes went a little cross eyed! Not funny for people who have this problem but when it happens to Bozo well let’s just say it’s funny as H! I didn’t even stay long enough to hear the first words out of his pig lips! Bunch of lies! Oh sweet Jesus please let the Feds get IT, CAYLEE needs her justice.

    Oh also my son is coming home from vacation and he has a rough draft of the letter is he mailing to the federal government about IT. He doesn’t want to put ITs name down but I don’t think the Feds know who IT is so he has to put her name down on final draft. By the way he is 12. His birthday is today so CAYLEE is 6 years 2 days younger than him and when he was 6 he was scared about starting first grade now he is starting Junior High and CAYLEE never got to see a classroom, it’s all going to be on the letter. He is passionate about this letter. Talk to you guys later….

    P.S……. George was asked yesterday if he has talked to IT and he said that he didn’t want to talk about it. BS he and Cindy have talked to her the minute she was out of jail. I know George is lying because his EYEBROWS were moving! Hahahahaha

  247. bakedbread says:

    hey, OJ, we do know all the ants “tells” by now don’t we? too bad dumbo 12 didnt!

    congrats on your baby’s b-day! letter is great! i hope your child sees that something can be done about it, that our system will work in the end,

  248. Dierdra says:

    Caylee is what brought me here. I hope her murderess mother has an ugly hard road ahead of her just because her and her nasty team left our little Caylee to rot and never cared about this baby girl. I want this probation to make her mess up and slap her ugly ass back in the pokey!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pray people, pray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Justice for our Caylee

  249. the florids state jail sent miss anthoney a letter stating time served for probation what is so hard to understand about that, if miss anthoney even trys to go back to her parents house she will be in the news clipps nanny had a heart shape tatoo on her hand.?????????????

  250. caroly says:

    Humble – I am a bit confused. Should we be posting here even when you have a blog about Caylee? I posted there and noticed some people were here and some were there.

  251. caroly says:

    Why is everyone concerned about Casey’s safety. For heaven’s sake – she is the conscienceless killer who has no remorse. Orlando should be afraid for any of the citizens who might get in Casey’s way.

    Some people make death threats. Others kill. Which should you be more afraid of. Strickland knew what he was doing when he insisted on probation but some people cannot be rehabilitated and I fear she is one of them.

  252. KD in OR says:

    I saw that and I don’t ever watch Dr. Phil but think we should tell him how we really feel about the FRUADATION! WOW! They just don’t get it DO THEY? How dare they try to live off of money from their beautiful little grand daughters death. Everytime I think they can’t get any lower BAM right into the gutter they go. Oh and don’t get me started on Dr. Phil and Co. promoting those losers. love you guys KD

  253. KD in OR says:

    Ms Teal,
    That article about the navy seals refusing to protect the murderer made my day! I have NEWS for her. Noone wants her especially not Beverly Hills. Those nuts that want her there can protect her, let’s see how that goes. Bwaaa Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!
    Love you guys KD

  254. lee says:

    am writing dr phill today and expressing my distaste to promote these 2 enablers. Not only was Caylee not missing, but she was murdered and not only was george said to be involved but he is accused of being a child sexual abuser, not only did cindy lie on the stand and cross lines while working with Federal records and lying about her time sheet, they are simply money grubbing old people who have no granddaughter…i cant stand the thought of them making money on the back of Caylee. Will write dr phil today. anyone else ?

  255. muesli says:

    If “Dr. Phil” wants to maintain any credibility in this interview of the Anthonys, he would do the show live. No prerecording and editing. No advance notice to the Anthonys of the questions to be asked. They want their blood money–let them earn it with a live “tough” question session.

    “Dr. Phil”, I dare you to do it live.

    I only see that show when I am channel surfing. So far, it just seems like another one of those “hang out our dirty laundry” shows to earn money. People just don’t seem to have any shame these days. I have never watched an entire show of his. It’s not worth the electricity.

  256. Janet says:

    The father of Jennifer Kesse who went missing in 2006 is speaking out about the Anthonys and Dr Phil

    George and Cindy Anthony: Drew Kesse blasts ‘Dr. Phil,’ couple

    Drew Kesse complained that the Anthonys are “a disgrace and an insult to every missing person and their families.”

    ”Let’s get one thing straight right now, Dr. Phil, you are a pimp for this garbage,” Kesse wrote. ”The Anthonys and this new foundation are the biggest insults to every missing person in America today. Dr. Phil, after the show airs and you make a donation to their new scam, have on real families of the missing.”

    Kesse’s message to the Anthonys: “Go away, far away, please.”

  257. paljoey says:

    I just emailed Dr. Phil regarding the disgusting thought of him interviewing the LIARS~~

  258. glen says:

    hello all

    just emailed Dr. Phil and asked him not to do this show,and told him that his ratings would suffer more then he can afford….

    Humble and all thanks for keeping Caylee awarness alive
    and thanks for keeping all of us up to date

    I read that bozo is under investagation for the probation situation,,,lets hope they dig a little deeper

  259. Fighting the probation……guess Mason feels he can over turn this.

  260. KD in OR says:

    Hello Humble and Everyone!
    I just e-mailed DR. Phil as well. It won’t stop the interveiw but I will never watch anything about ANY Anthony and it made me feel better! Humble, they can try all they want to overturn her probation, but there is not a state in the union that has ever allowed someone to serve PROBATION or PAROLE while sitting in jail! It is not going to be allowed and if it is, then Florida has bigger problems than we know! Can’t wait to see how they handle this one. love you guys KD

  261. mary in michigan says:

    I just e-mailed Dr. Phil too about the ScamAnthonys………………why does he feel compelled to have them on??? Doesn’t he know the whole world is sick of their faces??? Apparently not, they are all losers. Boycott Dr. Phil!!!!!!

  262. eastcoastdeb says:

    Let’s not forget what Jennifer Kesse’s mother said as early as October of 2008. She had the Anthony’s number this far back. It must have devastated her to see Cindy instructing searchers to find a child who was not even missing -wasted time and resources for ‘grieving grandparents’ who were looking for financial gain and NOT their own grandchild.
    The message that is attributed to Joyce Kesse reads in part:

    “Please DO NOT pay one cent for this reported upcoming movie. This is the most bizarre of all missing person’s cases. The multitude of lies, mistruths etc is insulting to those of us with missing children, who do everything we can to find our children. Our daughter, Jennifer Kesse, age 24, abducted on January 24, 2006 from Orlando, with the Orlando Police Dept. as lead investigators, remains missing. This case will ultimately desensitize our communities when the next child goes missing due to this families actions or shall I say, lack of pro-activeness.”

  263. grandma+4 says:

    the poor Kesse family, i can’t even imagine what they have been through. i just e-mailed the Dr. Phil show also, i have never liked him. he must be dropping in ratings to have THEM on??????? how many families are out there tonight with real missing kids.??????? it just makes me sick and the money donated to them what a travesty!!!!!!!!! poor little Caylee, this all makes me so mad !!!!!!! Humble, please put this in moderation if you have to if off topic. it is a positive way to honor little Caylee. i heard on CNN that 1 in 4 children do not have enough to eat right here in the U.S. it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out, but i am going to have a food drive to help in a small way to put food in their tummies. more hospitals are seeing signs of starvation in er rooms. i just have to figure how get started. our state is good about providing services but it is overwhelming right now. to honor Caylee and all the murdered and abused kids maybe we can help the little ones struggling now!!!! sorry for going on , i really appreciate a wonderful place to discuss thing with all you great people!!!!!!!

  264. lee says:

    i wrote to the dr phil show but i am sure it will go forward but not w/my support and i want them to know that giving money to the fraudulent fund is just smoking mirrors…the anthonys will beneft from the death of Caylee and dr phll should be ashamed of himself

  265. Jamie says:

    Hi all,
    I too wrote Dr. Phil, stated everybody has been listening to the scumanthony’s lies for three years now, we know them all! Who in their right mind would sit and listen to anything these pigs have to say! The world wants them all to disappear forever. “WF IT” preferably 6 feet under!

  266. jbnsa says:

    this is the note i email the dr. phil show….i doubt he will read it….

    i cannot put into words,,the disgust i feel for the anthonys…now,, you,, dr. phil,, have jumped on the money making murder you really think this will give your ratings a boost ??? how hard up are you….??? well,, this is a note to let you know,, that i won’t be watching,, and i won’t be watching your show ever again,,, and i won’t watch any other show that you,, will be appearing on.

    i think a total boycott of dr. phil is in order.

  267. jbnsa says:

    i wonder if anyone on here, saw that program on tv,, a long time ago,, about selecting a jury for the casey anthony trial…. they had hired a jury expert… hard as i try,, i cannot remember what channel or when i watched it….. well i watched part of it… i would like to see it again….it starts out with 12 jurors and all but 3(?) say she is guilty,, within an hour,, they all said she was innocent…. i still believe there were a couple of plants on the jury,, who were trained to persuade others… when the jury showed up,, and some were dressed up,,, that was a sign,, they had decided…but when the verdict was read…. the reaction by bozo and team and sleazy,, was as if they all knew,, what the verdict was going to be…just as georges reaction,, to sleazys accusation,, of sexual misconduct and his involvement in caylee’s death. any normal person,, would have reacted to being acused of raping ones own daughter,, and pulling their dead grandchild out of the pool. and sleazy,, after being locked up with the death penalty hanging over her head,, her reaction was minimal…. i know judge perry tried to control the emotions of a whole courtroom, full of people….but something was just odd about that. any emotion was only allowed by the anthonys on the witness stand. it was like a faucet… all the boo hooing on the stand,,,, and complete composure,, while sitting and listening to other testimony about their dead grandchild.

    if someone knows what i am talking about,, and knows how to find it on the net,, please let me know…..

  268. Toasty says:

    The Fla. Bar is investigating Baez about the probation issue!

  269. TickTock says:

    should investigate the entire DT, Mumbles especially; he has been in legal world much longer of all & shouldve caught the error as well. Time for the court to give him the finger!

  270. jbnsa says:

    i don’t know if this link has been posted already,, i watched cindy and george during the memorial for caylee.. i had to turn it off.. the anthonys made me want to puke.and all those people hugging on them….yuck,, whats wrong with those idiots… anyway i didn’t watch it long enough to see if they passed the hat or handed out pamphlets on how to donate to them.

  271. Dierdra says:

    Hi all. There are a bunch of petitions at where you can go a signe nemerous petitions doing with justice for Caylee : 1) Boycott Dr. Phil Show 2) sign petition to prosecte Casey Anthony in Federal Court 3) sign petition to avoid money to be made from murdered children. They need votes so please spread the word and check this out! Thanks

  272. OJ KARMA (AKA) Curious in Orlando says:

    Good Evening y’all! I don’t watch Dr.Phil so I boycott without effort. But i will write a letter to Harpo Productions AKA Oprah. She controls whatever happens with his show. Hope his ratings suffer like they are now.

    BRB: dealing with college classes with my son.

  273. paljoey says:

    PLEASE Boycott Dr Phil……………..

  274. blessedknox says:

    Great “read” above is titled”

    JURY TAMPERING, GHOULS AND MEDIA WH0RES: The circus of evil that surrounds Casey Anthony… by Linda Paris

  275. blessedknox says:

    LOTS of links but they were all interesting…ignore them if you want.

    God Bless and good night to all…

  276. OJ KARMA (AKA) Curious in Orlando says:

    Good Morning! Just woke up to kids ready for school and I happen to get morning ruined because WDBO just had bozos voice and lies spew about IT and how she absolutely has has contact with her parents (even the child molester?) and that Cayees birthday was a difficult day………Federal Charges can’t come fast enough! IT and family needs to be put in there place. DJ was mentioned so was he referring to Probabtion or that Federal Charges represent DJ? Running Scared?

  277. GM everyone!

    New post: [have to post on good news]

  278. jbnsa says:

    whose paying for sleazys online education ??? tax payers i’ll bet.. those online classes can cost thousands of dollars… lol,, she might be just taking 1 class…might require her to study 1 hour a day,, with no supervision…that also means someone else could be doing the classes for her.

    i don’t think shes staying with her wimpy brother lee,,,nor at her old house..shes probably on a secluded beach in florida…cuddling with her lap top. or one of her dumbazz groupies.

  279. maze says:

    I for one do not understand why they are doing this…

    ORLANDO, Fla. — Purple balloons are expected to fill the downtown Orlando sky Friday to remember Caylee Anthony.

    Dozens of people will gather to honor Caylee and other children who have fallen victim to abuse.
    The balloons are scheduled to be released at 5 p.m. at the Orange County Courthouse.
    The celebration will be open to the public.
    Family members said purple was Caylee’s favorite color.
    MORE: Extended Coverage

    Copyright 2011 by WESH.COM. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

    Read more:

  280. maze says:

    oops I quess I should have read more…my bad

  281. MsTeal says:

    Imperfect Justice: Prosecuting Casey Anthony by Jeff Ashton (Hardcover – Nov 29 2011)

    Available for Pre-order. This item will be released on November 29 2011.
    Eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping.

    Here’s what Jeff has to say about the rumored book…
    The Official Jeffrey Ashton Page
    “Well I was hoping to let you all know before the public knew but this was a surprise to me. Yes that is what I have been working on..Just our secret (:”!/pages/The-Official-Jeffrey-Ashton-Page/167094923356300

  282. jbnsa says:

    i want to go on record as saying,, i will not buy any book,, written by anyone…….about caylee anthony… no one,, be it judge,prosecutor,defence lawyer,,killer skank,,,,grandparents,, brother,,juror…. any one.

    no one should make a dime off of this little girls death. it’s not ok

  283. bakedbread says:

    Mornin’ all!! Here’s where I come and check in for the REAL news! Did everyone who lives in the east coast survive ok? I prayed God would spare too much suffering although I know some did die as a result.

    Same here…submerged in work. well, not work, more like bs. Just like the justice system in Caylee’s case, where the corrupt are running everything, so it is here in education. I’m so sick of it, and I can’t fight it any more. No one’s listening.

    Speaking of listening, I want to hear what Mr. Ashton has to say!! We live in a capitalist society (for the most part) and he as the right to make a dollar. I do not see it as profit on the baby’s death. I thought about it carefully. I recall I followed the live blog all day everyday on WFTV along w/ the trial and did manage to get some comments in. I can say now what I said then, Mr. Ashton was Caylee’s main voice. Many commented that he was pushy and rude and not politically correct, etc., but I kept posting that he was the baby’s big guard dog trying to defend her now that she was voiceless.

    Apparently, the jurors didn’t like it or have the cojones to defend the baby either!

    The book may be a further defense of baby Caylee, and it might give us closure. Mr. Ashton has enough money and love in life. He couldn’t careless about the money. No one works for the govt that long for the money. Trust me, ’cause I don’t get paid enough either. I care about children.. the book may give us the answers we wanted or at least some closure. We, who followed the case closely, know who are the profiteers off of blood money and who were the players who wanted justice!!

    I’m pre-ordering mine today.

    Meanwhile, God love you and God Bless Humble and all!

  284. bakedbread says:

    oops meant to say ON the east coast–

  285. maze says:

    looks like geo still has to look to cindy to get answer…still no b@lls

  286. eastcoastdeb says:

    I’ll buy Jeff Ashton’s book in a heartbeat. I think that the first book published will generate the most revenue and that will therefore decrease the future value and profits off any book written by the A morons. Bearing in mind that this book will reflect truth and evidence, it certainly will be a refreshing change from the lies we know will be written by anyone in that family. I also feel that the timing may diminish the audience for the Dr.Filth show and reduce market appeal for the murderer and her parents.
    The only thing that bothers me is that the book title uses themurderer’s name rather than the victim’s.

  287. OJ KARMA (AKA) Curious in Orlando says:

    Hello Friends! Who’s going to watch Dr. Phil’s on 9/12? I know I won’t so hopefully Humble you will have the stomach to watch the lies! He asked the hard questions my foot! I can see it now, George looking for cindys approval, Cindy acting like IT is misunderstood blah blah blah…….

    Nothing anybody will say can changes millions of people’s minds about what happened to CAYLEE! Millions cannot have the truth Wrong! Flow on Fools!

    Okay so I will suffer through three hours of VMAs with the kids :( have a great night!

  288. jnetk says:

    I pre-ordered Jeff Ashton’s book today. I think when it hits the news stands, it will sell out quickly. Of all the people involved, his is the only person’s book I will read, unless some other prosecution and law enforcement write one. Then I’ll get that one.

  289. jbnsa says:

    i think jeff ashtons book,, might,,, help sell a book by skank… people will buy her book,,,just to read what she says about ashtons version…..thats why nothing should be bought,, pertaining to caylee’s death. no blood money to anyone….including ashton…….he has no right to make money off of caylee’s death.

  290. OJ KARMA (AKA) Curious in Orlando says:

    Good Morning Friends!

    IT will just write the opposite of ashtons version so really would what IT says really mean anything. We all know she lies. Just as long as IT Bozo and Scamthonys dont make any money that is important. Is he really donating some to charity? That’s what I heard! People don’t want anyone to write a book but I can accept the prosecutions version. Hopefully he writes about how the Feds can get her! I just won’t buy nor read anything IT Bozo nor Scamthonys write.

  291. maze says:

    phone number for dr.phil show

    Number to the Dr. Phil show : 1-866-437-7445

  292. OJ KARMA (AKA) Curious in Orlando says:


    Ohio is joining the list of states to propose laws that require prompt reporting of missing children in response to public outrage over the acquittal of IT

    OHIO showing IT that they don’t support the verdict!

  293. blessedknox says:

    Thank You – OHIO!

  294. Toasty says:

    Dominic Casey is writing a “tell all” book!

  295. blessedknox says:

    Even Dominic Casey can’t “Tell All” his lies in just one book…….BOYCOTT!!!


  296. Toasty says:

    I think the Zaneida G. trial is this morning…..someone said they read about it in the Sentinal!

  297. Toasty says:

    She won’t be deposed today….maybe Oct. She will pled the 5th, according to her attys.

  298. paljoey says:

    I still feel the jury was tampered with……..I cannot believe how messed up our legal system is!!!!! Lawyers lie and Judges let them……………..I believe this jury will pay for their actions!!!

  299. I hope Jesse writes a book. This will be the second one with TRUTHS in it. I will buy it!

  300. OJ KARMA (AKA) Curious in Orlando says:

    Good Morning Friends!

    Ashton and Jesses book is on my list of books to buy and display in my library (2 small book shelves but it’s mine!)

    By the way……I don’t care where IT is living, just as long as IT is not next to me!

  301. Toasty says:

    I’ll bet ‘ol Sagging Cindy would pose for Hustler in a heartbeat if they would have her! lol

  302. maze says:

    playboy is having audtions in orlando..wonder if she will go…on another note seems the ants are still travelling all over florida..

    lovin this link

  303. TickTock says:

    Toasty! Hahahahahaha! Thanks for the laugh ;)

  304. maze says:

    [link removed]
    These are the nuts that sent me the nasty email a while ago. they are looking for people to hit their site.

  305. Janet says:

    Report: Cindy Anthony to tell Dr. Phil that Casey suffers from seizures
    George and Cindy Anthony will reveal to Dr. Phil McGraw in an upcoming interview that daughter Casey suffers from seizures, according to a report.

    According to the report, Cindy tells McGraw in the taped interview the seizures are part of a mental health condition which makes it difficult for Casey to tell fact from fiction, possibly explaining Casey’s lies.

  306. TickTock says:

    GM all … just saw that news blurb about the gran mal seizures….hahahahahahaha it’s like the story about the “emporer with no clothes” think public will believe that??? just further proof Dr Phil is all about hype/ratings & certainly not worth a second of anyones time.
    He & Jerry Springer should get a room.

  307. maze says:

    did not know humble …sorry

    the ants always have annswer ….there is know way that is medical fact!


    UPDATE: Kaymania has been found in one of the lakes by her house.

  309. Maze it’s all good. No one would know, I didn’t link up to it. :)

  310. Toasty says:

    This is just MORE Anthony BS…I think people who have gran mal seizures have a really difficult time getting driver’s license.

  311. Toasty says:

    Just read that people who have these seizures lose control of their BOWELS! Sure hope she was sitting in Baez’s lap when “it hit”!

    (I emailed Humble article)

  312. glen says:

    hello all

    i do not care if she has seizures or brain farts,,,,i have never heard of a seizure causing you not knowing right from wronge…..lies or lies and this whole family tells them all the time..;.

    is this another way for her to try and win her appeal on her convictions????



    Hello Friends! I just read that IT suffered Gran Mal Seizures (Tonic–clonic seizures) from 2005-2008 according to Sindy. Ha! Does Sindy think by saying this that we will stop looking for Justice for CAYLEE and have sympathy for her rotten daughter! NO sympathy here! This is what people that have this go through: The seizure threshold can be altered by fatigue, malnutrition, lack of sleep or rest, hypertension, stress, diabetes, the presence of neon or xenon strobe-flashes, rapid motion or flight, blood sugar imbalances, anxiety, antihistamines and other factors. IT didn’t and doesn’t seem to have any problems. Sindy flow on with your lies. NEVER beliving a word you say even if your tongue came notarized!

    My cousin had seizures since she was little and she couldn’t get a license EVER and she pooped and peeded on herself plenty of times. But as a family we didn’t trip out and cleaned her up made sure she took her medication.

    Sindy and George make me sick when they think that we are going to excuse IT from killing her daughter with duct tape, riding around with baby’s dead body in her trunk (decompossing) tossing baby away like trash on the side of road, party like a broke off rock star, got caught and lied about fantasy Nanny, sit in jail for 3 YEARS and it was a seizures fault all along. NEVER buying it. They are trying to protect her and themselves because they know that it’s a possiblity that IT will get charged by the FEDS and they are getting ready just in case. THEY ALL MAKE ME SICK! YUCK!

  314. Toasty says:

    Cindy Anthony is THE biggest LIAR in America. The idiot thinks people BELIEVE her!! lol


    glen – I smell Bozo and Scamthonys getting ready to produce FAKE doctor notes on IT! I wonder if County Jail will release medical docs on IT when she graced their presence for 3 years if she had an attack in jail? Ummmmmm…….

  316. Toasty says:

    AMEN! OJ Karma. Wish WFTV Orlando could print what u just wrote! You nail it!


    Toasty – Sindy gives the devil himself a run for his position. This family are horrible humans! But then I think of all the dictators, politicians, etc. that were hot stuff back in the day and have fallen FLAT on their faces it just a matter of time when we get to have the last laugh of the Scamthonys!

  318. TickTock says:

    someone/show should do a “rebuttal” of what is spewed on Dr Phil aka as the “circus show” like they do after the annual state of the union address.
    Oh it had gran mal seizures? here r the medical reports: nope baby killer just tripped in elevator and chipped a tooth
    the scamthony’s r just pathetic, souless pieces of skin and someone needs to get in their faces and call them out on the carpet.

  319. maze says:

    15 most notorius woman was on again…anyway i do not rememebr the name of the girl but it was said on that show she had a grand mal seizure wonder if thats where cindy is getting her info…it was 3rd or 4th girl before casey ,cause as we know she is number 1

  320. Toasty says:

    The jail would know if she had a seizure…most, if not all people that have seizures take a daily medication. Just more Anthony BS….the pile is getting HIGHER AND HIGHER!

    The Anthonys have become JOKES! Even their LIES ARE JOKES! Maybe someone should call Kathy Belich and tell her about the “seizures”! Maybe she will contact OCPD and then talk about it on WFTV! LOL

  321. Toasty says:

    Bet Bill Shaeffer would like to know about the “seizures” too!

  322. maze says:

    oh here is a good story…

    There are new reports that Casey Anthony plans to run off to Mexico to marry her wealthy lover. The man, who is from California, reportedly exchanged letters with Anthony while she was still in jail.

  323. paljoey says:

    They are sooooo Sickening!!!!!!!!!!

  324. TickTock says:

    Hey, does anyone know when that video of IT’s reaction(when she learns that searchers found babys body in swamp near scamthony house) will b released? thought video was to have been out in the public eye by now.
    just another tell of “consciousness of guilt”… too bad FL had one of the stupidiest juries in US history sitting this case!

  325. From Mikka:

    cindy told dr.phil(its in the news) make up another story about what happens,she says cma had seizures yeahhhhh right ,when she had really seizured she would be on medications,cindy says she had 2 seizures in jail(hahahahahahahahahahahahah),i will slapp cindy ,cma is the product of BAD PARENTING!!!!cindy blame all now cma had a seizure and past out and caylee drowned in the pool!

    here from fox,

  326. From DJR:

    Sorry not buying into there lies.They are only going on something that Jessie reported.But Jessie called 911,why didn’t the parents call when it happened at home?Because it a lie!I truly believe IT had a seizure when she was with Jessie,may have been cause by drugs!

  327. Hi Joe, thanks! Wonder if the clown team is behind it making money??
    Too funny I looked at it not long after it was up, and there were many sightings…I assume they were wrong. :lol:

  328. OJ KARMA (AKA) Curious in Orlando says:

    Before I go night night I have to say:

    If the rumors of IT and that dumb rich California guy are true then I hope that IT does move to Mexico with her lover and drinks all the water in Mexico because the water there is so clean and healthy! Have a great time with your lover who might be a pimp and will sell you out to the highest bidder! So karma can come around collect one way or the other! Good Night y’all!

  329. Colhere says:

    well what next.. killed by martians? okay, let’s go back to the beginning..

    – Kidnapped by nanny at Sawgrass
    – Kidnapped by nanny at the park
    – Someone else’s body was in the trunk!
    – Pizza in the trunk..
    – Velveeta and other items in the trunk..
    – Dad and bro gave her the oreo love sandwich, resulting in her weirdness. Kid drowns and instead of calling the authorities, Dad risks jail and reputation by passing the kid off to the neighborhood meter reader who stored the body for a while before dumping it..
    – Now WF had a seizure.. this is hilarious!

    Rock on!! I need some more stories.. I will let the reputable media flush it out. won’t pay attention to the good Dr. Dufus.

  330. GM new post:

    Jesse Grund writing a book; Caylee’s Fraud Fund; Murderer has ONE seizure now it’s the EXCUSE for MURDER

  331. Toasty says:

    Took too many drugs trying to blot out murdering little Caylee. Got news for her, she will NEVER be able to forget that. It will haunt her until she takes her last breath! Oh, she has no remorse…but her dreams will scare her…big time! I hope she sees little Caylee’s face as she stuffed
    her in that bag…and then dumped her in a snake infested swamp! Dream on, Casey! Dream on, Anthonys! Is the Blood Money and cars worth it??

    Amy Winehouse had a seizure, and the stupid Anthonys are now COPYING them! Sick!

  332. maze says:

    That “Dr. Phil” interview with George and Cindy Anthony? Not airing Monday.

    The U.S. Open, which has been plagued by rain, will prompt many “Dr. Phil” pre-emptions on Monday on CBS affiliates. The Men’s Final is scheduled to be played that afternoon.

    So the distributor will not make the Anthony episode available until Tuesday.

    The two-part chat with the parents of Casey Anthony will continue Wednesday. “Dr. Phil” is moving to Fox-owned WOFL-Channel 35, where it will air at 3 p.m. weekdays, starting Monday.

  333. MsTeal says:

    It appears our Lovely (NOT!) Cindy ScamAnthony is now among us on Twitter. She is promoting Dr. Phil show and her new Fraudation as well as calling out several TV journalist. Her Twitter name is @CindyAnth0ny. Notice the “O” is a zero. She claims some hater stole her real name and is contacting Twitter to get it removed as well as CC-ing Lippman every hater she posts to. oh did I mention she is threatning to sue all the “haters” for slander?
    Oh! almost forgot, if you happen to check this evil person out, take a quick glance at her tweets and check out who she is following.. all are either ScamAnthony “Haters” or they are PR people, or journalist. Have some fun, check it out.. I’m on her “haters” List.

  334. New Caylee post:

    Boycott, boycott, boycott, boycott, DR PHIL, boycott, boycott, boycott, boycott

  335. dr. Phil post:

    Poor Caylee! Lies, lies and more lies, and the drama will continue next Monday

  336. MakeADiff says:

    I don’t quite know how to post this comment on the topic of the ‘Dr.’ Phil Show interviews with the A’s as I have not posted on this site before. There is a FB page (not mine) that is at (don’t know if you allow links or not: The page itself is called “Virtual Boycott of Dr. Phil’s 3rd Program With The Anthonys”). While being mostly symbolic in nature, other than not watching the program (which I definitely will NOT be doing), it would be helpful for people who believe in boycotting this to simply go onto the site and click that they will attend. We need to show our numbers and how we feel about this, and let them know what the internet can do and how many people still believe in Justice for Caylee, that she will not be forgotten, that the lies will not be supported, and that we don’t agree with this sham. Again, this is NOT my site — I just believe strongly in justice for Caylee and no more blood money being made on this case. For ‘Phil’ to say that he is not paying the A’s is to spit in our faces when he has made that huge donation to their new ‘foundation’. Thanks so much :)

  337. GM new post:

    DAY 3: boycott, boycott, DR PHIL & the Anthony’s

  338. TickTock says:

    Ok let’s have faith in FL to stay on top of scamthony fraudation(s) as just read that CA has begun investigation into Farrah Fawcetts foundation that was only established 2 years ago!!:

  339. lynda says:

    Hi Tick, there is no end to these blood money loving grifters. They have no shame. The petition is at 2647, Good News.

  340. TickTock says:

    Lynda Wow!! Number has gone up almost 400 since I signed yesterday!!! Kinda amazing in looking at all the names & hometowns/states listed. WF probably never in wildest imagination dreamed that despite death Baby Caylee could touch so many people and actually see the outpouring of love given back in return by complete strangers.
    Karma gonna get WF :ninja:

  341. blessedknox says:

    There are now 2,680 of the needed 5,000 signatures BY THE OCTOBER 22, 2011 deadline for the to ensure that THE WHITE HOUSE reviews this petition. PLEASE 1) GO TO THE LINK AT THE WHITE HOUSE PAGE, 2) Create an account and 3) sign this petition…THIS CASE MUST BE TRIED BY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT BECAUSE JUSTICE WAS NOT SERVED AT THE STATE LEVEL.

  342. lynda says:

    GM Humble and Friends, 2689 as of 7:15 AM ET. I think that this might just work. We need to just spread the word. Justice for Caylee, the only victim.

  343. DAR N MS on 27 September 2011 at 13:18

    Hey all sure have missed all you guys,been real busy,when is this going to stop?,its everyday these kids,and i swear it sseems like every since Caylee went missing it has been a epedemic.what the going on?.,I had to take a break from this Casey Skanks trial i am still upset about this,but guys let me tell you something i know Fla cant try again ,but i honestly feel in my heart it isnt over,i firmly believe the Feds are going to keep it opened to many unansweres questions,dont you find it weird that the FBI dont want to be reimbursed,and that Cindy wasnt held on perjury charges,just maybe when George said on Dr Phil he wants skank held accountable one way or the other if though she want found guilty,maybe just maybe they will keep the case opened,CINDY IS GOING TO GET HERS IN DUE TIME,EVERYBODY LET THEM ENJOY ALL THIS MONEY,because when it is all said and done they will pay and it is going to bring them to their knees,Cindy i hope you Rot in Hell!!!.I HAVE SOMETHING YOU WILL NEVER HAVE AND THAT IS MY 3 BEAUTIFUL GRANDCHIDREN THAT I LOVE AND WOULD DIE FOR,AND 1 OTHER THING I NEVER PROTECT MY GROWN CHILDREN IF THEY HARMED ANY OF MY GRANDCHILDREN,I SWEAR THEY WOULD PAY AND PAY DEARLY HUBBY AND I WOULD DISOWN THEM,GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOUR SOUL CINDY YOU WERE NEVER THERE FOR CAYLEE,HUMMM111,I FORGOT SHE IS YOUR MEAL TICKET,YOU ARE TRASH!!!!

    DAR N MS on 27 September 2011 at 13:23

    I swear i cant wrap my brain around it,it is like Cindy has slapped her on th wrist and told her it is okay she killed Caylee,i mean is she for real?,i will always believe Cindy and Lee and Casey are the culprits George i still on the fence about,but i think he was in the dark at first and they kept things from him,but he started back tracking after Cindy got a hold of him,Lee helped her no doubt in my mind that is why he is in hiding,you mark it and Cindy is the one who sent him out there.

  344. Justme66 says:

    I just checked in on the petition site… We’re on the up side of 2800 at 8:16 pm ET with 2802 signatures… We’ve gotta keep getting the word out there though… I’ve been posting everywhere.. I’m probably going to get ran off from some places…. :lol:!/petition/try-casey-anthony-federal-court-lying-fbi-investigators/KCkZwXSD

  345. Justme66 says:

    BTW, have you all seen this one??? :woot:

  346. lynda says:

    GM HUmble and Friends, 2843 as of 6:29 A.M. ET, it seems to be slowing down a bit.

  347. TickTock says:

    GM all- re Canadians trying to sign and denied…I’ve noticed a number of signers leaving off hometown and zip. Maybe just necessary to fill out name and email? If true maybe this way to get our Canadian & other country friends to get on board? Gooooo Caylee :)

  348. lynda says:

    Hi Humble and Friends, 2902, as of 5:06 P.M. ET, but whose counting :lol: Justice for Caylee, the only victim

  349. Janet says:,0,2870712.story

    Perry said today that the recording occurred in a waiting room. But, he said Casey Anthony defense attorney Jose Baez appeared to argue that since she was given a sedative after observing the coverage, the waiting room was transferred to a treatment room.

    Baez argued that Casey was being evaluated by medical staff while she was watching the TV coverage. He argued a “medical transaction” occurred at the time, therefore, the tape should not be released because of medical privacy laws..

    “Ms. Anthony had a right to privacy in the medical facility,” Baez said.

    He also called this video “some form of torture…her reactions were recorded.”

    At one point, one of the medical staffers said, “I think she’s had enough,” Baez said. “This wasn’t official photography done in the normal course of business.”

  350. maze says:

    Torture….what a bunch of bs. isnt lee and mallorys wedding sat?

  351. lynda says:

    Hi Humble and Friends, 2952 as of 6:24 AM ET. I hope we make it. I was watching something on TV, I forget what it was, but a man was in prison along with 2 others. They were accused of abducting 2 people, a married couple with health problems,. One of the 3 cracked and told what happened. they had buried the 2 alive and stolen their cc. It was horrific and one of the most evil crime I have seen on TV. But the point is, there was a jailhouse phone call from the ringleaders grandmother and the grandmother tells the ringleader that one of the 3 sang to the police and told where the bodies were. The ringleader started to hyperventilate and react in the same way cma did. It’s definatley a guilty response. She knew. She’s guilty!

  352. Molly says:

    2986 on the petition as of 4:00pm 9-29!

  353. lynda says:

    Molly, we just broke 3000, we’re at 3001. Justice for Caylee. the only victim. The guilty one needs to pay. 1999 moe to go by 10/22, 8:28 PM ET.

  354. Colhere says:

    Torture – No, not that.. it’s a response to a crisis.. Journalists thrive on this kind of reaction and capturing it on film.. the most compelling journalistic photography captures reactions such as this.. the difference is that it’s subjective as we know that her reaction is that of being caught.

  355. lynda says:

    GM Humble and everyone 3029 @ 7:16 AM ET, 1971 to go. It will be interesting to see what happens if we get the 5000. We need to keep the faith. Justice for Caylee, the only victim.

  356. MeMa52 says:

    Morning Humble and all….dont know if this has been posted already…hope it is true….maybe Caylee’s ghost will make her go mad…we can only hope

  357. Colhere says:

    TMZ is capitalizing on the Knox / Anthony thing now that A. Knox has been freed.. (I confess, I voted Knox)..

  358. lynda says:

    GM Humble and Friends, 3355 is the udated number on the petition. still need 1645 by 10/22. Justice for Caylee.

  359. TickTock says:

    Evening all- just saw this re WF probation excerpt:
    “Anthony’s defense attorney, Joe Baez, said last month on Fox News’ “Geraldo At Large” that Anthony was undergoing therapy and counseling. But Anthony checked “no” on the probation report form that asked her if she had attended mental health or therapy programs in the past month. Anthony said on the form released to the media that she hasn’t attended educational or vocational classes. Anthony also told the probation officer that she has not used any illegal drugs and that she has consumed alcohol but not to excess.”
    Same ol same ol…her and Bozo..lying sacks of SH*t

    Also White House petition is now at 3447!!! JUSTICE FOR CAYLEE is a coming!!!

  360. Funny tick! The probation office said she is not required to get a job…but the ORDER says she has to get a job. So if all of these probo’s are not working and suppose to, throw them in jail!

  361. I am surprised that they held a press conference. I watched it long enough to hear that she met with her probation officer last night..and thought, oh man she is still alive!

    i hope they are done doing pressers for this murderer!

  362. lynda says:

    Good evening Humble and Friends, Hopefully the petition will work. I really hope we reach 5000. We want Justice for Caylee, she was murdered and discarded and we know who did it. Just sayin Hi. Need to rest, so Hi and Bye. God Bless Humble and all the Humbelettes, past and present. We need to stick together as a team, so all these horrible injustices done to innocent children will be kept in the forefront. This all needs to end. The doers of these horrible deeds need to be punished to the full extent of the law. Childrens lives seem to be trivialized in our society today. A slap on the wrist, that’s about it. Justice for Caylee and all the innocents. Goodnight to all.

  363. TickTock says:

    ya Humble funny FL keeps saying WF doesnt receive special treatment re probation requirements but address still kept secret, unemployed (has she even tried to look for job-oh yeah wait does living off scams and sugar daddys count as jobs?)etc,
    can’t wait for the day she will self destruct..has all the makings of it in the works….

  364. eyespy says:

    Anybody have the link to that probation report? I didnt see any pressers, dont need to but would like to read a report if possible.Once again Bozo caught in his lies, just like all the rest of that bunch that caused US health problems…

  365. Janet says:

    Casey Anthony: ‘The View’ prefers Amanda Knox’s show of emotion

    snipet Joy Behar returned to Anthony. “I spoke to one of her defense attorneys who said, ’If you knew Casey, you would really like her.’ And I thought, ‘No, I wouldn’t.’ ”

  366. Janet says:

    Casey Anthony told her probation officer this week that she is unemployed and hasn’t used any illegal drugs, according to a report released Tuesday by authorities.

    Anthony reported to her probation officer Monday at an undisclosed location in Florida, the state Department of Corrections said in the report.

    She told the probation officer that she has had no source of income during the past 30 days. Her probation order requires her to “work diligently at a lawful occupation.”

  367. Janet says:

    Anthony’s defense attorney, Joe Baez, said last month on Fox News’ “Geraldo At Large” that Anthony was undergoing therapy and counseling. But Anthony checked “no” on the probation report form that asked her if she had attended mental health or therapy programs in the past month.

    Anthony said on the form released to the media that she hasn’t attended educational or vocational classes.

  368. Eye, I searched…no report online..YET! Only the presser! Waste of time and money.I only listened to the the first .5 seconds then read the site! I can’t watch anything about the murderer!

  369. Janet, thanks! I don’t like Joy Behar, but that comment she made could make me change my mind! Wonder why she isn’t working…can’t the bozo clown give her a job? And why not go to school on line? She wants to be an attorney, why not do it the same way clown did!

  370. TickTock says:

    Anybody know where Baby Caylee (ashes – I think) is now? Or has she even been collected from coroner? Surprised scamthony’s haven’t sold off bags of her.

  371. Tick, I think the NONgrandma has them. She had some put in Jewelry. One of the bloggers, Kim pointed out the Jewelry was for ashes… here is the link:

  372. TickTock says:

    Thx Humble, good idea but when’s the last time anyone saw spindy wearing jewelery. I have 3 pieces of jewlery I wear every day: wedding ring, baby birthstone ring and anniversary ring. Never take off ever. A deceased baby memorized in jewlery whether I’m a mom, grandma or god willing great grandma would never leave my body.

  373. TickTock says:

    Thanks for all u do Humble, ur a good egg :D

  374. Tick, I have no idea how much mouth piece murder mommy wear jewelry, but goes to show how much she didn’t care about Caylee! she used her, like everyone else!

    I hope I am not a cooked egg! :lol:

  375. TickTock says:

    Noooooo good egg means ur totally without question good person!!

  376. :lol: Just don’t call me a goose…I hate to have my goose cooked! :eek: [you know I was playing right?]

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